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									                                           DEAN’S ADVISORY COMMITTEE

                                                       of the meeting held on
                                                           Friday 13 May 2011

Present: Stephen Thurgate (Chair), John Gorman, Kelsie Dadd, Trish Fanning, Barry
Quinn, Bernard Mans, David Coutts, Helena Nevalainen, Lesley Hughes, Mark Lackie,
Mike Poulsen, Paul Smith, Peter Bull, Martina Stiemer, Andrea Lerche, John ten Have
and Jane Edgson

The Dean welcomed to the meeting, Mr John Gorman, Chief Financial Officer.

1. Apologies: - Sharyn Eaton

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes:
Item 3, OH&S Phys – JtH agreed that there was a smell of gas at the NW corner of
E7B. He is still investigating.

3. Occupational Health and Safety
JtH gave a presentation to the committee, on his investigations into the fieldwork
incident reported in the Minutes of 11 March, item 5, where a Supervisor suffered
heat stroke whilst collecting samples. Following the presentation, the committee
agreed that the Fieldwork Committee should look at processes and equipment as the
incident highlighted the need to do better. AL reported that with the changes to
OH&S there will be a legal requirement for approvers of fieldwork to be diligent as
failure could incur a gaol sentence. As a priority, JtH to report back in a month with
proposed changes. The Dean recommended that the enormous contribution made
by the student involved should be recognised in some way.

Following a meeting of the Threat Assessment Team, attended by the Dean, ST
reported on a case involving a science student in a small exam where the student
made threatening actions with scissors. The Dean reminded the committee that this
was a criminal act and the correct behaviour in this instance is to call the police and
security. The university is currently developing a critical response message.

The Dean also advised that he and one of the HoDs had received abusive letters from
a student. No further action is currently being taken. However, if anyone receives
communication of this sort, they are asked to advise the Dean.

4. Feedback from Australian Higher Education Industrial Association Conference
Having attended the conference, AL reported there had been strong focus on the
uncapping of student places. As reported above, with the changes to the OH&S

Document1                                                                       2/12/2011
laws, training will be necessary for Supervisors. The conference also identified areas
of risk around the appointment of casual and fixed-term staff to on-going work. AL
and MS will be conducting analysis of risk to the Faculty.

5. Dean’s Report
The Dean spoke to the effects of the Federal Budget on higher education. As
announced earlier, places have been uncapped which will make them more
competitive. Universities have been given full-indexation at a more realistic 3.8%.
More money has been provided for regional universities. No further funding to
NCRIS or EIF and for students, the discount for up-front payment of fees has been

The Dean advised that Dominic Berry has received a Future Fellowship. Several
applications have been submitted this week including 3 which are external to the
university. If successful, these will come onto our books at the end of the
Fellowship. The Dean asked HoDs to look at future plans as to how they will be
accommodated. Irina Zakoshanski has prepared a business case to assess the

LH asked who would be funding the university’s commitment to DECRA’s. The Dean
advised that as far as he was aware, the $100,000 would be made up of a $25,000
start-up, plus $25,000 supplement per year for the 3-years with the first two years
paid by the RO and the final year by the department. The Dean will check whether
the $15,000 relocation costs can be part of the $25,000 start-up.

The Dean reported that the Strategic Plan and the supplementary Business Plan is
nearly complete.

6. Any Other Business
The Enterprise Agreement for Academic Staff is still to go to ballot. AL suggested she
ask a representative from Central HR to come and talk to DAC about the new EA.

It is expected that the university’s response to the FoS Review will be circulated next

A template for the Departmental Operational Plans will be provided. This should
include a clearly thought-out plan of changes to staffing needs. There had been a
meeting with FoHS regarding the service teaching of PSY122 and it was agreed that
the unit would be discontinued in 2012. This type of planning should be included in
the Operational Plan.

The meeting closed at 10:10.

Date of next meeting: Friday 20 May. Members of the Timetable Project Team to

Document1                                                                       2/12/2011

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