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									         GPON Monitor™
Centralized Passive GPON Performance Monitor
GPO N Monitor™ O verview
    GP O N Monitor ™ is a unique centralized performance analyzer and monitor for GP O N
    networks, designed for telecom operators and service providers engaged in the deployment of
    GP O N networks. GP O N Monitor ™ introduces a new concept for central testing solutions of
    GP O N networks by combining the functionalities of a performance monitoring tool with those of
    a troubleshooting tool.
    The innovative GP O N Monitor ™ constantly monitors the performance of GP O N networks,
    collects statistics and provides detailed reports of system and link efficiency, connections and
    disconnections, Q uality of Service ( Q oS) and Q uality of Experience ( Q oE) as well as potential
    problems in the network. In case a problem is identified, it allows manual override for analysis
    and troubleshooting of the problem.
    GP O N Monitor ™ is typically installed in a central office location and can connect to multiple
    O LTs and monitor a large number of GP O N networks. It performs quantitative measurements of
    various network parameters which indicate the network's performance and utilization for the
    whole network as well as for every user-port. In addition, it can provide customer support
    groups (Tier-1 and above) with clear indications of symptoms, along with easy-to-follow
    instructions for resolving them.
    Following the overwhelming industry acceptance and tremendous success of the company’s field
    proven systems, DSL Xpert ™ , VDSL Xpert ™ and GP O N Xpert ™ analyzers, GP O N Monitor ™
    defines a new category which constantly monitors the GPO N network and provides complete
    and accurate analysis of GP O N network performance, utilization and stability.
    GP O N Monitor ™ 's testing concept is based on passive monitoring and testing of the network.
    W ith its unique multi-layer probing capability, GP O N Monitor ™ provides comprehensive
    analysis of data from the physical layer up to the IP layer, with the ability to drill down and up
    through the layers as well as to export data for further analysis. GP O N Monitor ™
    simultaneously analyzes downstream and upstream data and the connection between the data
    transmitted by the O LT and O N Ts/ O N Us. A user-friendly software-based tool, GP O N
    Monitor ™ has a feature-rich G UI which presents multi-layer information in convenient displays,
    graphs and tables. Furthermore, its SNMP northbound interface allows its easy integration with
    the customer's O perations Support Systems ( O SS).
    Cutting significant time from GP O N network monitoring and troubleshooting, GP O N Monitor ™
    is a powerful tool which accelerates time to market and return on investment for telecom
    operators and service providers deploying GP O N networks.

                          GPO N Monitor™ OLT Site Typical Layout
                     GPO N Monitor™ User-Friendly GUI

      Real Time Performance Monitoring                    Real-Time Triggers and Events

             Performance Graphs                                  Sessions History

        Customer Support Test Results                   Customer Support Scenario Editor

M ain A p plic ations
      C onstant monitoring of the GPO N network for:
              System / Link Efficiency
              C onnections / Disconnections
              Q oS / Q oE
              Potential problems
      Manual override allows failure analysis, troubleshooting and diagnostics
    Fe atures and Benefits

            Features                                          Benefits
                                                              C ombines the functionalities of Performance
            Integrative Solution
                                                              Monitoring and Troubleshooting
                                                              A single test system covers multiple O LTs and
             C ost Effective
                                                              thousands of subscribers
                                                              C ollects data and statistics about network
             Data / Statistics C ollection
                                                              performance, utilization, efficiency and stability
                                                              Provides complete and accurate indications for quick
                                                              remote troubleshooting
                                                              Runs tests independently without relying on indications
             O bjective and Independent
                                                              from the tested equipment itself
            Proactive Fault Fixing                            Identifies problems before noticed by the end-user
                                                              Interface to O perations Support Systems ( O SS) and
            Standard Interfaces
                                                              export of data to external tools
            Fairness in N etwork                              Verifies that customer SLAs are met and assures
            Resource Allocation                               fairness to different ISPs and communications providers
            Increased N etwork Reliability                    Improved customer satisfaction

    Sp e cific ations

          GP O N ITU Standards                                G.984.2 – GPO N PMD
          Compatibility (Troubleshooting
                                                              G.984.3 – GPO N MA C
                                                              G.984.4, G.988 – GP O N O N T Management and C ontrol
                                                              Interface ( O MCI)
                                                              BBF TR-156

          Power Requirements                                  Input Voltage: -40.5 to -72 VD C
                                                              or 100 to 240 VA C, 50/60 Hz

          Safety Standard                                      CE

           C ertifications                                    FC C part 15

           O perating Environment                             Temperature: 0°- 40°C (32°-104°F)
                                                              Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing

     C onta ct Inform ation
    E-mail: info @ tracespan.com
     W eb: www.tracespan.com

C opyright © 2011 TraceSpan ™ C ommunications Ltd. All rights reserved. Product design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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