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Fire Protection Degree .indd


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									          IT                                        forUM                                              This article is from the Spring 2004 ITforUM.
                                                                                                       Visit www.oit.umd.edu/ITforUM to view the
                                                                                                       newsletter in it’s entirety.
Spring 2004                                                    The Information Technology Newsletter for the University of Maryland

                                                           New Master of Fire Protection
                                                           Engineering Degree Available Online
Read ITforUM online at www.oit.umd.edu/ITforUM

                                                 A fire can swiftly destroy anything in its path,      own time, there is a real-time chat component that
                                                 leaving devastation, ruined homes, and even lost     could eventually allow instructors and students to
                                                 lives in its wake. Engineers in fire protection       communicate in the future.
                                                 work diligently to develop technology that
                                                 reduces loss of life and property. The University    The program is seeing success thus far. “We offered
                                                 of Maryland offers one of the oldest and highest     our first class in smoke detection and management
                                                 ranked fire protection engineering programs and       this fall and received positive feedback from our
                                                 busy engineering professionals can now take          students,” said Dr. James Milke, associate chair
                                                 advantage of its newest component: the online        of Fire Protection Engineering. “They submitted
                                                 master’s degree.                                     assignments electronically and even did some group
                                                                                                      work. Our spring semester class focuses on fire
                                                 “The Master of Engineering in Fire Protection        dynamics. We’re still in the process of seeing how
                                                 fits the needs of most adult learners,” said          we can best utilize this technology to our students’
                                                 Sharon Roushdy, lead instructional designer for      advantage.”
                                                 OIT teaching and learning support. “Because
                                                 it’s online, people with families and busy           The Master of Fire Protection Engineering program
                                                 work schedules can complete the courses and          is the second online advanced degree offered at the
                                                 assignments at a convenient time for them—yet        University of Maryland. Students can also earn
                                                 they still benefit from the credentials and           an online master’s degree in Biology or Chemistry
                                                 experience of Maryland faculty and outside           through the Department of Life Sciences.
                                                 experts. Additionally, students from all over the
                                                 world can be part of the Maryland community in       For more information on the Master of
                                                 this program.”                                       Fire Protection Engineering program, visit
                                                 The online program was created in conjunction
                                                 with the Office of Continuing Education and
                                                 the Department of Fire Protection Engineering.       Want More?
                                                 The two worked with Office of Information
                                                                                                      Read about these topics and more
                                                 Technology development teams of graphic artists,
                                                 instructional designers, and Web developers. The     in the Spring 2004 issue of ITforUM:
                                                 development teams assisted in thinking through
                                                                                                      • Meet a Professor
                                                 and creating the courses, offered advice on
                                                 negotiating technology, and crafted templates so     • Defeating a Deadly Virus
                                                 all online aspects of the program had a consistent   • Death Penalty Debates
                                                 look and feel. In addition to the asynchronous       • Kid-Friendly Sites
                                                 nature of the program, which allows students to
                                                 learn lessons and complete assignments on their

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