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									Ricardo Uauy PhD MD
       Professor                 Affiliated to: NPHIRU.
       room 182, Keppel St,
       London WC1E HT, UK       Disciplines: Biochemistry,
       Tel: + 44 0 20 8144 1764 Nutrition.
       Fax: + 44 0 20 7958 8111
       Get email address        Research areas: Ageing, Child
                                health, Chronic diseases,
       vCard                    Malnutrition.

                                     Other keywords: population
                                     based interventions.


       Professor Ricardo Uauy was appointed Professor of Public
       Health Nutrition and took up his part-time post in July 2002 at
       the end of his 8-year tenure as Director of the Institute of
       Nutrition and Food Technology (INTA), Chile. His early career
       was in paediatrics and neonatology, later he studied nutritional
       biochemistry and metabolism, and international nutrition, at
       the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he gained his
       PhD. From 2006 -10 he is the President of the International
       Union of Nutrition Sciences. His research interests include
       essential fatty acid metabolism, childhood obesity, and
       nutritional needs of older people.


       MSc Public Health Nutrition


       He is one of the most distinguished scientists in international
       nutrition today and brings to the School exceptional strengths
       in leadership and nutrition research. Professor Uauy's influence
       is substantial and he is a highly respected advisor to the UN,
       WHO and FAO. His expertise is wide-ranging and includes
       basic nutritional science, applied biomedical research, and
       population-based intervention programmes. His areas of
       interest span the age spectrum from infants to the elderly, and
       the social spectrum from poverty to affluence. He was
       honoured with the Presidential Award (Chile) in Science for his
       research into the effects of essential fatty acids on gene
expression during retinal and brain development in 1997. He
received the E.V. McCollum Award from the American Society
of Nutritional Sciences USA in 2000 and was elected Member
of the Chilean Academy of Medicine in 2001. He received the
A. Horwitz award from PAHO/WHO in 2005 for leadership in
Public Health in the Americas and in 2006 the American
Society fpr Nutrition Kellog's award for International Nutrition.
He is the President of the International Union of Nutritional
Sciences IUNS 2006-10. He has edited/co-edited 8 books and
published over 200 original scientific publications.

Selected publications

      Lobstein, T.; Baur, L.; Uauy, R.; Obesity in children and
       young people: a crisis in public health. Obes Rev, 2004;
       5 Suppl 1:4-104
      Kain, J.; Uauy, R.; Albala; Vio, F.; Cerda, R.; Leyton, B.
       School-based obesity prevention in Chilean primary
       school children: methodology and evaluation of a
       controlled study International Journal of Obesity, 2004;
      Llanos, A.; Hertrampf, E.; Cortes, F.; Pardo, A.; Grosse,
       S.D.; Uauy, R. Cost-effectiveness of a folic acid
       fortification program in Chile Health Policy, 2007; 83(2-
      Morris, S.S.; Cogill, B.; Uauy, R.; for the Maternal and
       Child Undernutrition Study Group( inc Kirkwood, B.R.)
       Effective international action against undernutrition: why
       has it proven so difficult and what can be done to
       accelerate progress? Lancet, 2008; 371(9612):608-21
      Uauy, R.; Solomons, N.; Diet, nutrition, and the life-
       course approach to cancer prevention. J Nutr, 2005;
       135(12 Suppl):2934S-2945S
      Uauy, R.; Rojas, J.; Corvalan, C.; Lera, L.; Kain, J.
       Prevention and control of obesity in preschool children:
       Importance of normative standards Journal of Pediatric
       Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 2006; 43:S26-S37
      Dangour, A.D.; Moreno, X.; Albala, C.; Rivera-Marquez,
       A.; Lera, L.; Villalobos, A.; Morris, S.S.; Uauy, R.; Chile's
       national nutritional supplementation program for older
       people: lessons learned. Food Nutr Bull, 2005;
      Uauy, R.; Kain, J. The Epidemiologic transition: need to
       incorporate obesity prevention into nutrition programs
       Public Health Nutrition, 2002; 5(1A):223-229

                        Full publications listing (since 2001)

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