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            PTEC: defined

   PTEC or Process Technology is the
    curriculum that prepares students for a
    career as a Process Operator by giving
    them the skills and knowledge needed to
    support the process industries of our area.
What does a Process
Operator do?
               Process Operators ensure
                productivity and
                efficiency within their
                plants by continually
                gathering and analyzing
                data and also monitoring
               They maintain safe
                operations by using their
                strong educational
                background to properly
                and effectively control
                the processes and
                equipment used within a
Why choose a career in
   Process Operators
    enjoy the advantages
    of shift work,
    teamwork and the
    opportunity to be part
    of a diverse workforce.
   Over the next five
    years, there will be an
    estimated 500 local
    jobs available for
    Process Operators.
             What’s the pay?
   Process Operators earn an annual salary between $50,000
    and $60,000. Salaries may exceed this amount depending on
    experience and overtime.
   Lake Area Industry Alliance (LAIA) member companies pride
    themselves in offering outstanding health, dental, educational
    reimbursement, retirement and 401K plans to their
Class of 2006 Starting Salaries
CNN Money 2/13/06
    Chemical Engineer         -   $55,600
    Electrical Engineer       -   $52,899
    Mechanical Engineer       -   $50,899
    Computer Science          -   $50,046
    Accounting                -   $45,723
    Economics/Finance         -   $45,191
    Civil Engineering         -   $44,999
    Business Administration   -   $39,850
    Marketing                 -   $36,260
    Liberal Arts Major        -   $30,828
What classes are required
for a PTEC degree?
              Core classes include:
               English, chemistry, math,
               physics and various
               technology courses.
              Courses may even include
               plant tours where you can
               observe plant operations at
               local LAIA member
What classes are required
for a PTEC degree?
   Courses dealing
    with health, safety
    and environmental
    responsibility are
    also required.
I’m interested! Where do
I sign up?
   PTEC programs are available
    locally at McNeese State
    University and Sowela Technical
    Community College. TOPS awards
    and other scholarships can be
    utilized in obtaining a process
    technology degree. PTEC
    programs are also available at
    other community and technical
    colleges around the state.
  Learn More About PTEC!
Lake Area Industry Alliance     Gulf Coast PTEC Alliance
P.O. Box 2225         
Lake Charles, LA 70605                    Center for the Advancement
                                of Process Technology
McNeese State University
P.O. Box 91780                  Career Builders
Lake Charles, LA 70609

Sowela Technical Community College
3820 Senator J. Bennett Johnston Avenue
Lake Charles, LA 70616

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