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					                                                  U6 BOYS SCHEDULE

                       Team                                Coach                               Phone Number
                       U6B-1                                Spoon                                 939-0655
                       U6B-2                              McCarthy                                936-0254
                       U6B-3                            Dina Barnes                               939-0221
                       U6B-4                             Janet Clark                              677-9900
                       U6B-5                            Jared Ottley                              939-8261
                       U6B-6                          Patrick Sheppard                            939-4797

                                  Sat       Sat       Sat      Sat        Sat      Sat      Sat      Sat       Sat      Sat
                                11-Sep    18-Sep    25-Sep    02-Oct     09-Oct   16-Oct   23-Oct   30-Oct   06-Nov   13-Nov
Boys    U6 Fld A      9 AM        1v2       1v6       1v5       5v3       4v6      1v2      1v6      1v5       5v3      4v6
        U6 Fld B      9 AM        5v6       5v4       3v6       2v6       2v5      5v6      5v4      3v6       2v6      2v5
        U6 Fld B     10 AM        3v4       2v3       2v4       1v4       1v3      3v4      2v3      2v4       1v4      1v3

- No Goalkeeper
- Play four 7 ½ -minute periods. Play will stop for substitutions only. Players not being substituted cannot leave the field.
- Halftime breaks of 5-10 Minutes
- No child plays ¾ of the game until everyone has played ½ of the game. No child plays the whole game until everyone has played ¾
of the game.
- Games will start and end at the time scheduled.
- Last teams to play will need to pickup trash from the fields and dump garbage cans. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of
one of your games.
- Each team will have concession stand duty during the season.
- Each team will need a team parent. This person will pickup trophies at the end of the season and insure the PLAYER
ASSESSMENT Forms are turned in to the respective Regional Head Coach Administrator or his assistant; Hugo Garnier and Mike
Roberts. Note: No trophies will be given out without the finalized player assessment form.

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