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									                                             N.E.W. Family Life Services c.p.c
                                                             Help, Hope, Healing

                                          Earn While You Learn

N.E.W. Family Life Services
144 W. %th Ave.
Colville, WA. 99114

Phone: 509-684-9895
Cell Hotline: 509-690-8107
E-mail: newfamilylifeservices@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.familylifeservices.net                             Tel: 509-684-9895
                                                                                         6.1—Parent-Child Relationship-25 min
                                               Available Earn While You Learn            6.2—Safe From the Start—10 min
                                                          Classes                        6.3—Self Esteem—15 min
       What is                                                                           6.4—Quality Child Care—40 min
                                            1.1—The First Trimester—10 min               6.5—Communication—30 min
       Earn While You Learn?                1.2—Prenatal Care—10 min
                                            1.3—Nutrition—10 min                         **************************************
                                            1.4—Going It Alone—40 min                    7.1—Emergency First Aid-Accidents
The Earn While You Learn program            1.5—You Developing Baby—10 min                      —45 min
(EWYL) is designed to help you expand                                                    7.2—Emergency Firs Aid-Illnesses
                                            *************************************               —55 min
your knowledge of pregnancy and par-
                                            2.1—Smoking—10 min                           7.3—Car Seat Safety—30 min
enting issues. Classes take between 10      2.2—Ultrasound, Window to the                7.4—Your Baby Can Sleep—40 min
to 45 minutes and are scheduled around             Womb—35 min                           7.5—Discipline-Teaching Limits With
you as an individual.                       2.3—What’s Safe, What Isn’t—15 min                  Love—40 min
                                            2.4—Bonding With Your Unborn
To start Earn While You Learn, you make            Baby—35 min                           **************************************
                                            2.5—Your Changing Body—10 min                8.1—Food for Growth-Feeding Your
an appointment to meet with your coun-
                                                                                                Baby—15 min
selor, one-on-one. If you keep that ap-     ******************************************   8.2—Breastfeeding Your Baby—20 min
pointment you EARN $5.00 of Boutique        3.1—The Second Trimester—35 min              8.3Your Baby’s Development—20 min
Bucks. Then you and your counselor go       3.2—Looking at Adoption—10 min               8.4—Mind That Child-Preventing Child
over that weeks lesson, which could be      3.3—Your Unborn Baby’s Secret                       Molestation—45 min
                                                   World—20 min                          8.5—Shaken Baby Syndrome—30 min
reading or watching a video and filling     3.4—Reducing the Risk of SIDS—35 min
out a worksheet. For participating in       3.5—The Amazing Talents of a New             ******************************************
the class you EARN $10.00 of Boutique              born—40 min                           9.1—It’ll Never Happen to Me
                                                                                         9.2—The Heart of the Matter
Bucks. Your counselor will then give you    ******************************************   9.3—What Does God Say?
a homework sheet to take home and fin-      4.1—The Third Trimester—40 min               9.4—Character Matters, What’s Yours
ish. If you return your completed home-     4.2—Getting Ready—25 min                     9.5—Making the Commitment-
work sheet, you EARN another $5.00 of       4.3—Eye Contact Means Love—20 min                   Abstinence Until Marriage
                                            4.4—Infant Temperament—20 min
Boutique Bucks. This makes each Earn                                                     ******************************************
                                            4.5—The Importance of Bonding—20 min
While You Learn Class worth a total of                                                      Extra Classes that are Available:
$20.00 Boutique Bucks.                      *****************************************
                                            5.1—Infant Massage—50 min                    E-Journey Into Life-35 min
You can then use you Boutique Bucks to      5.2—Newborn Care—40 min                      E-Teaching Children to be Kind-20 min
                                            5.3—Crying, Colic and Sleeping—15 min        E-Miracle Parenting Tools-10 min
shop in the Boutique or save it for a fu-
                                            5.4—Caring For Yourself—30 min               E-Healthy Pregnancy-15 min
ture purchase.                              5.5—The First Years Last Forever             E-Questions Parents Ask About
                                                   —10 min                                     Discipline-15 min

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