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					             XMSF for U.S.JFCOM

          Andreas Tolk, ODU VMASC

XDV – The Extensible Modeling and
Simulation Framework (XMSF)
Distributive Continuous Experimentation
Environment (DCEE) Viewer
DCEE has established a framework of common
terminology for the information to be exchanged
between components.
The DCEE concept is open for extensions to
emerging solutions. Use of XML, standardized
tag-sets, web services, and web technology is
part of the general concept of DCEE.
The integration of DCEE and XMSF seems to be
an obvious step.

 XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003         15 May 2003      2
Objective of XDV
XDV is intended to proof the feasibility of the
concept for a web-based, low-cost viewer using
open web-technology.
Every eligible stakeholder interested in observing
execution of the ongoing experiment can log into
the federation and use the viewer software to
follow the actual experiment.
The necessary software will be executed on a
commercial off-the-shelf PC.

 XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003          15 May 2003     3
Components of the proposed
XDV prototype
   (A) Web-enabled RTI services
 • (B) Entity based Viewer Component
      • 3D representations
      • based on the NPS Scenario Authoring and
        Visualization for Advanced Graphical
        Environments (SAVAGE)

   (C) Unit based Viewer Component
         2D/3D representations
         similar to the Naval Visualization Program (NVP)

 XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003                 15 May 2003      4
XDV in the DCEE Event


Participants               Web                     Unit
                          Enabled                 Based
                            RTI                   Viewer

  XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003             15 May 2003      5
Web-Enabled RTI Services

Katherine Morse
Entity Based Viewer Component

Don Brutzman
Unit Based Viewer Component

Andreas Tolk
Unit Based Viewer Component
Aggregated view of the battlesphere
C4I/Map like display
    Units
    Borders
    Control zones
    Control- and coordination features
Not limited to actually used U.S. military
    International configurations possible
    Experimentation with alternatives possible
 XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003                    15 May 2003   9
Example of a Unit Based Viewer:
The Naval Visualization Program

 XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003     15 May 2003   10
So what?

This section is traditionally called
summary and recommendations
XDV needs your input
Long term objectives
    J7 and J9 Requirements
      Requirements for JNTC
      Requirements for DCEE
    J6 Requirements for use within C4I
Short term objectives
    Support the 21.-25. July 2003 event
    Definition of the scenario or vignettes to be visualized
    Definition of weapon systems and units to be displayed
    Technical Parameters
XMSF is ready to roll, first technical meetings took place
Additional input this afternoon and via
 XMSF DCEE Viewer 2003                         15 May 2003      12

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