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									What is homeopathy?                                    Additional Resources                                    CHICAGO AREA
 Homeopathy is a scientifically proven safe and                                                                HOMEOPATHY
 highly effective system of medicine used by people           Recommended intro and study reading:
                                                                                                               STUDY GROUP
 worldwide for over 200 years. Homeopathic
 remedies are prepared from natural resources                            WITH DR. RICHARD EZGUR
 (plants, minerals, and animal products). They are                    /serv_homeo_all.php
 manufactured in accordance with the very strict
 United States FDA and The Homeopathic                               Impossible Cure: The Promise of
 Pharmacopoeia of the United States guidelines.                       Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky,
 The term homeopathy was created from two
                                                                     The Complete Homeopathy Handbook
 Greek words, homoios, meaning “similar” or “like
                                                                      by Miranda Casto
                            treatment,” and pathos,
                            meaning “suffering” or                   Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic
                            “disease.” Homeopathy                     Medicines by Stephen Cummings,           Learn how to use this natural
                            was developed by                          MD, and Dana Ullman, MPH
                            German Dr. Samuel                                                                     system of healing everyday
                            Hahnemann, although
 the concept of “like cures like” dates back to
                                                               National Center for Homeopathy:                illnesses for yourself and your
 Hippocrates. In stead of suppressing symptoms                                                                              family
 when ill, homeopathy allows the whole person                  Courses on homeopathy:
 (mentally, emotionally, and physically) to be        
 treated with remedies that would cause similar       
 symptoms in a healthy person.
                                                               Manufacturers of homeopathic
Benefits of homeopathic remedies                                medicines
        Gentle, non-toxic remedies regulated by the  

        Effective and used to prevent illness and             Medical journals referencing
         maintain overall health                       ( UK)
                                                       (British Medical Journal)
        Inexpensive

                                                          Chicago Area Homeopathy Study Group
        No side effects
                                                        Dr. Richard Ezgur is available by phone or email for
                                                                      additional information:
        Does not interfere with OTC or                              Progressive Chiropractic
         prescriptions                                              2835 N. Sheffield, Suite 411
                                                                       Chicago, IL 60657
                                                                             Website:                           One of over 150 study groups nationwide
                                                                        affiliated with the National Center for
                                                                          (773) 525-9355                                  Homeopathy (NCH).

 Mission                                                 Affiliations                                            Which diseases can be
                                                         CAHSG is a study group affiliated with the
 The Study group’s goals include:
                                                         National Center for Homeopathy (NCH). NCH is          treated with homeopathy?
                                                         a non-profit, grassroots organization with the
    Learning proper use of homoeopathic
                                                         important mission of protecting and promoting
     medicine for acute illness*, such as fevers,
                                                         homeopathy in the U.S. They are the only national    In homeopathy we do not treat diseases; we treat
     headaches, colds, flu, minor injuries, etc.
                                                         organization dedicated to making homeopathy          the person with the disease. Whether a person
     (*Only a professional homeopath should
                                                         accessible to the public. The NCH is at the          has a chronic or an acute disease, all of the
     attempt to treat chronic illness.)
                                                         forefront of homeopathy in North America. We         symptoms represent a state of imbalance very
                                                         urge you to join NCH and CAHSG in learning           specific to this individual. When the imbalance is
                               Expanding our
                                                         about and promoting health through homeopathy.       treated with a well-chosen remedy, the healing
                                knowledge and use
                                of                                                                            reaction can be triggered, regardless of the
                                traditional/classical                                                         diagnosis.
                                homeopathy.              CAHSG Membership                                     Certain diseases and circumstances in particular
                                                         Our monthly study meetings last 1- 2 hours. Please   individuals may present unique obstacles to
                               Learning more
                                                         email us at: for     healing, but many people have experienced
                                effectively by sharing   our upcoming meeting and event information. The
                                experiences and                                                               excellent results with very stubborn, severe,
                                                         meetings are open to anyone interested in learning   acute, and chronic conditions including, but not
                                knowledge with each      more about homeopathy.
                                other                                                                         limited to: injuries, infections of all kinds
                                                                                                              including influenza, common colds, and even
    Empowering ourselves to take care of simple                                                              pneumonia; allergies and asthma, anxiety,
                                                                                                              depression, hay fever, eczema, psoriasis, many
     illnesses at home and avoid unnecessary
                                                                                                              types of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis,
     medical doctor visits.
                                                                                                              tension and migraine headaches, disc herniations
                                                                                                              and sciatica, back pain, chronic pain, carpal
    Increasing public awareness about homeopathy
                                                                                                              tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,
                                                                                                              epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, infertility, panic
                                                                                                              attacks, ADHD, reflux disease, heartburn, colitis,
      Special events
                                                                                                              irritable bowel, and cancer.
      Guest speakers

      Chicago Area Homeopath Referral

      Open monthly meetings

      Annual Homeopathy Awareness Week

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