War Crimes

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					Sr No. Newspaper    Title (of Article)
  1   Dawn          must truth be the first war casuality
  2   Dawn          justifying wars is nothing new
  3   The News      Are wars really so beneficial
  4   Daily Times   the hidden face of our modern warfare
  5   Daily Times   Rape used as weapon of war around world UN Told
  6   Dawn          Anthrax Crises
  7   The News      A New Cold War Shaping Up
  8   Dawm          Neo conservative contemplate world war IV
  9   The News      The Time of the bomb
 10   The Nation    US, Euro conflicts
 11   Dawn          wars of 21st century
 12   Dawn          exploring the moral thesis of hiroshima bombing

 13   Dawn          Dead certainties in wartime

 14   Dawn          The Haditha massacre

 15   Daily Times   Privatising war

 16   Daily Times   Remember contractors

 17   Dawn          Civilians most vulnerable in modern wars

 18   Daily Times   In its mania for jailing people, Britain has declared trivial offences crimes
Subject             Author/Writer           DOP
War Crimes          Nizamudin Siddiqui      9.12.02
War Crimes          Mubarak ali             25.5.03
War Crimes          Dr Tariq Rehman         5.09-03
War Crimes          Rajan Menon             29-07-03
War Crimes          United Nation           30-10-04
War Crimes          The Washington Post     19-12-04
War Crimes          M B Naqvi               22-12-04
War Crimes          Jim lobe                19-07-05
War Crimes          Zia Mian & A H Nayyar   06.08.05
War Crimes          Muhammad Mehdi          8.8.05
War Crimes          M P Bhandara            13.8.05
War Crimes          Max Hastings            31-07-05

War Crimes          Mahir Ali                  7/6/2006

War Crimes          Sami Ramadani              8/6/2006

War-Privatisation   Dr. Manzur Ejaz         26-09-07

War Crimes          Steven Schooner         26.05.2009

War Crimes          Geoffrey Wheatcroft     11.07.2009

Crimes              Simon Jenkins           12.12.2009
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..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\War Crimes\Neo conservatives contemplate World War IV By Jim Lobe Dawn 19-07-0

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..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\War Crimes\Exploring the moral thesis of hiroshima bombing By Max Hastings Dawn 31

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..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\War Crimes\Civilians most vulnerable in modern wars, Dawn, 11.07.2009.doc

..\NEWEPAPER CLIPPIGN'S TOPICS\War Crimes\Crimes\In its mania for jailing people,Britain by Simon Jenkins,Daily Times
muddin Siddiqui Dawn 9-12-02.pdf

Ali Dawn 25-5-03.pdf

 ehman The News 11-05-03.bmp

Rajan Menon Daily Times 29-07-03.pdf

 UN told Daily Times 13-10-04.bmp

he News 22-12-04.bmp

 IV By Jim Lobe Dawn 19-07-05.pdf

 yyer The News 6-08-05.bmp

e Nation 08-08-05.bmp

 Dawn 13-08-05.pdf

mbing By Max Hastings Dawn 31-07-05.pdf

hir Ali,Dawn,07-06-2006.doc



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Dawn, 11.07.2009.doc

 by Simon Jenkins,Daily Times,12.12.2009.doc

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