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									OUR REDE EME R L UT HERA N CH UR CH                                                          Tracy Conrad, Editor

                                                                                         V O L U ME 3, I S SU E 4

Te Deum                                                                                  A P RI L 2005

                                                                                         INS IDE T HIS IS SU E:

What Is Nature Trying to Tell Us?                                  By Pastor Bucher      Time Management             3

                                                                                         Lines from LWML             3
As I write this, all the signs of spring    If you could read creation’s mind on
beckon to me outside my open win-           a day like this, you would learn that it     Can You Find It?            4
dow. The trees are budding, the flow-       is obsessed with something that you
ers blooming, and the grass is green-       never would have guessed. The crea-          K.I.D.S. Saving             4
ing under a cloudless sky of blue. All      tion, Scripture tells us, is eagerly         Stamps
of nature seems to be rejoicing as life     waiting with anxious longing for the         “ORLC, We Have a            4
returns anew.                               revealing of the sons of God, a refer-       Go!”
                                            ence to the resurrection on the last         Supporting Birthright       5
Which makes me wonder. If we                day. Don’t we know who are Chris-
could read the mind of nature, what         tians right now? No. Because we can-         Take Note                   5
would it say on a day such as this?         not look into each other’s hearts to
Actually we need not guess. Divine          see who truly has faith in Jesus. Only       ORLC Upcoming               6
revelation tells us plainly.                on the last day when our Lord returns        Events
                                            and Christians are raised from the
In one of the more remarkable pas-          dead will it be revealed who the
sages of Scripture, the apostle Paul        “sons of God,” the Christians, are.
tells us what the creation is thinking      And all of creation, Paul tells us, is
on a day such as this or on any day,        waiting with eager expectation for
rain, snow, or shine. In Romans 8, he       that glorious resurrection.
writes, “For the creation waits with
eager longing for the revealing of the      Why is creation so anxiously longing
sons of God. 20 For the creation was        for the resurrection? Because the
subjected to futility, not willingly, but   creation, despite its outward beauty
because of him who subjected it, in         and vitality, is in bondage—it has
hope 21 that the creation itself will be    fallen into the corruption of sin along
set free from its bondage to decay          with mankind. “The creation was
and obtain the freedom of the glory         subjected to futility,” Paul tells us.
of the children of God. 22 For we           When was this? When Adam and Eve
know that the whole creation has            fell into sin. As of a result of our first
been groaning together in the pains         parents’ disobedience, creation was
of childbirth until now (Romans             cursed: “And to Adam he said,                S PECI AL PO I NTS O F
8:19-23). Let’s take a brief look at        "Because you have listened to the                 INTE RES T :
this profound passage.                                           (Continued on page 2)
                                                                                         •     Daylight Savings Time
                                                                                               begins April 3 - spring
 Men’s Bible Study                                                                       •     Test your knowledge of
                                                                                               our website
It isn’t easy being a Christian man in      group studies a topic in God’s Word
today’s culture. With that in mind,         that is of interest to Christian men as      •     Preschool gets ap-
Pastor Bucher began a men’s Bible           well as enjoying breakfast and good                proval
study to encourage the men of ORLC          fellowship. Join us Saturday, April 9
to be the Christian men that God has        at 8:30 a.m. to continue the study
called them to be. Each month the           “Being a Man of God”.
P A GE 2                                                                                     V O L U ME 3, I S SU E 4

Creation and Resurrection
(Continued from page 1)                                    homes and they will tell you all about their inward
voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of           groaning, as they eagerly await their new resur-
which I commanded you, 'You shall not eat of it,'          rected bodies. Ask those saints who are chronically
cursed is the ground because of you; in pain you           ill, who deal with pain daily, and they will tell you
shall eat of it all the days of your life; 18 thorns and   all about how they inwardly groan as they wait for
thistles it shall bring forth for you . . ..” (Genesis     the redemption of their bodies. Talk to Christians
3:17-18).                                                  who are being brutally persecuted in places such as
                                                           China and Pakistan. They will tell you about their
The creation was cursed and subjected to futility,         groaning and longing for the resurrection.
but in the hope “that the creation itself will be set
free from its bondage to decay and obtain the free-        To other believers the groaning is not obvious or
dom of the glory of the children of God.” In other         even conscious on a daily basis. But the groaning is
words, the creation so eagerly looks forward to the        there nonetheless. And sometimes the groaning sur-
resurrection of believers because it also will be res-     faces and we feel it too. At times of severe sick-
urrected. And in its new resurrected “body,” it will       ness; at times of loss; or at times of debilitating in-
no longer be marked by the decay of sin and death          jury. Then we groan and look forward to the re-
but will obtain the same freedom and glory that res-       demption of our bodies on the last day.
urrected believers will.
                                                           I also think the groaning manifests itself in another
On that day all of creation will truly be free, but        subtle way: When we go through a time of discon-
only on that day. Until then, “the whole creation          tent. When we never seem to be satisfied, even
has been groaning together in the pains of child-          when we get what we want, but always feel unful-
birth [Greek text: “groans together and suffers ag-        filled or empty. This too is the groaning of which
ony together until now”] until now.” On a day like         Paul speaks. What is happening, in many cases,
today, it is only by faith that we could ever possibly     though we may not understand it, is that we are
know how miserable creation is. Judging by sight,          groaning because our bodies are in bondage to de-
we would have to conclude that nature is totally           cay. And are longing for the day when, we will be
happy and already free and glorious. Not so, says          raised up, and given brand new bodies, to know
God. It groans and struggles as it tries to patiently      perfect contentment forevermore.
wait for the day of the resurrection when it will fi-
nally be set free from the bondage of death and de-        Of this we can be certain! We the baptized know
cay.                                                       for certain that on the last day we will be raised up
                                                           with glorious new bodies, bodies free from the de-
But there is one thing more. In Romans 8:23-24,            cay of sin and death, and all its deformed children,
the apostle writes, “And not only the creation, but        such as illness, pain, and all the frailties of the
we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit,      body.
groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as
sons, the redemption of our bodies. 24 For in this         So the next time you look out your window and
hope we were saved.” What a beautiful passage!             take in the sights and sounds of nature, remember
Just as creation groans as it awaits the resurrection      that it may be trying to tell you something—
on the last day, so do we. We who have the                 something important: The revealing of the sons of
firstfruits of the Spirit (given to us at baptism), in-    God is coming, the redemption of our bodies, when
wardly groan as we eagerly wait for our resurrec-          creation itself will be raised up. And that is some-
tion, which Paul beautifully calls “the redemption         thing that we should eagerly look forward to. That
of our bodies.”                                            is something that should fill us with hope!

To some Christians this groaning is frequent and
palpable. Visit your elderly brethren in nursing
 T E D EU M                                                                                                P A GE 3

Time Management                                                                          Board of Stewardship

"Maturing stewards do the right things for the          actually do anything about it. And yet, good stew-
right reasons and strive for excellence in all they     ardship involves good planning. It is right and good
do!"                                                    to plan and prepare for the future but not to fret and
                                                        stew about it so much that we lose sight of the im-
On Sunday, April 3, we will be reminded to move         portance of living the present to its fullness.
our clocks one hour ahead as we begin daylight
savings time. Time is one of the most precious          Managing time wisely is one of the tensions of life
commodities that we have. In fact, as we begin day-     we all face. St. Paul had a good attitude toward the
light savings time some people bemoan the loss of       past, present and future. In Philippians 3:13b-14 he
an hour which is not regained until the end of Octo-    wrote: "One thing I do: Forgetting what is behind
ber when we switch back to standard time.               and straining toward what is ahead, I press on to-
                                                        ward the goal to win the prize for which God has
Time is a precious gift of God. The Bible teaches       called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Paul left
us that our times are in God's hand and he has allot-   the past in the past and focused his energy, efforts
ted the amount of time all of us will spend in this     and faith on living the present with clear direction
earthly life. The Bible also teaches us to use time     and purpose, because he was enabled to place his
wisely. Part of good management or stewardship of       future into the hands of his Lord Jesus Christ.
time involves letting go of the past which is done
and gone already. It is useless and wasteful to dwell   Christ's full and complete forgiveness frees us from
on the past, especially the mistakes of the past, and   our past and enables us to live fully in the present
be robbed of the opportunities to use the present to    while looking forward to the future with joy and
full advantage. Indeed, we should learn from the        confidence.
experiences of the past, but not try to relive it.
                                                        "When it comes to managing time well and living
Another part of good time management is to keep         life in its fullness, maturing stewards do the right
the future in its proper perspective. We have to wait   things for the right reasons and strive for excel-
for the future to become the present before we can      lence in all they do!"

Lines from LWML                                                                     by Christine Vanderhoof

Do you have fingers that work well? Welcome to          Jones and Darcy White. We ask that you prayer-
our April 12th meeting where we will be tacking         fully consider your gifts......offer to serve or at least
baby quilts. Donna Granderson has prepared a dis-       consider taking on one of these positions if asked.
play of several quilts and quite a few need finishing
touches. They will be donated to Birthright.                  Join us Saturday morning April 23rd for our
It would be great to work and share an eve-                   Bluegrass Zone Rally that will be held at Our
ning of fellowship. You should also plan to                   Redeemer. There will be an in-gathering for a
bring your craft projects for craft night and                back pack project in Winchester. Watch for
work on them after we have finished the baby             details from Allison Hale. Pastor Bucher will also
quilts!                                                 be leading a Bible study. We will be responsible
                                                        for serving lunch to the participants from St. John's,
We are also looking for a Vice-president and Treas-     Good Shepherd, Grace in Winchester and Our Sav-
urer. If you are interested or know of anyone,          ior in Danville. Gail Kohnle is coordinating.
please contact the Nominating Committee, Becky

                  Join us Tuesday, April 12 from 6 -10 p.m. for an evening of fellowship and crafting!
P A GE 4                                                                                V O L U ME 3, I S SU E 4

Can You Find It?                                         http://www.orlutheran.com
As part of learning more about our website and         6. When you search our site, who provides the
how to navigate around it, why not have a little           search engine?
fun? I’ve included some questions and all of the       7. What is the tagline for the preschool logo?
answers can be found on our website. (Answers on       8. Where can you find Pastor Bucher’s Easter ar-
the back page.)                                            ticle “Victory Over Death”?
                                                       9. What university did Pastor Bucher graduate
1. How many of Pastor Bucher’s sermons do not              from?
   include audio?                                      10. What is the web address for the Lutheran
2. What page contains the Te Deum and the cal-             Church Missouri Synod?
   endar?                                              11. If you need to give a friend printed directions
3. How many articles are listed in the Articles            to our church, what site would you visit from
   section of the Writings page?                           our map?
4. Where can you find our Mission Statement?           12. How old is Martin Luther in
5. How many pictures are posted in Martin Lu-              this picture?
   ther/Reformation Gallery 1?

K.I.D.S. Saving Stamps
                    The Lutheran Church Extension          •   Each child may receive an
                    Fund has developed the Kids                activity book on a regular basis that teaches
                    Into Discipleship and Steward-             a lesson about discipleship and steward-
                    ship (K.I.D.S.) Savings Stamp              ship.
                    Program to assist you in the           •   The program provides the base for mission
                    task of teaching young people              education as children learn about the King-
                    in your care. This program pro-            dom opportunities for which they are sav-
                    vides a fun and exciting way to            ing.
learn about discipleship, stewardship, and saving          •   The program presents you the opportunity
money, while helping to build God's Kingdom at                 to teach the basics of money management,
the same time. Here are a few highlights of the pro-           saving, and earning interest within a Bibli-
gram:                                                          cal context.

    •      Young people receive their own K.I.D.S.     The Board of Stewardship will be offering this pro-
           savings stamp book to start their LCEF      gram to the children at Our Redeemer with Pat
           savings program.                            Gruber as the coordinator. Watch for more infor-

“ORLC, We Have a Go!”
Our Redeemer Lutheran Preschool is now official        Please continue to pray that the children in this
with the city government of Lexington.                                  community will be brought to
One of the tasks on our list was to get ap-                             ORLP to fulfill our Mission State-
proval for conditional use of our facilities                            ment: “...to share the Good News
and as of Friday, March 25, we have been                                of salvation through faith in Jesus
approved.                                                               Christ, to teach the children the
                                                                        truths of God’s Word and to help
The next steps for the preschool involves
                                                                        them develop a strong positive
marketing and enrolling students. The
                                                                        self-worth as valued children of
committee will be sending letters to ORLC
members, other churches and preschools.
 T E D EU M                                                                                            P A GE 5

Supporting Birthright                                                     http://www.birthright.org
During the month of April, the Board of Human            •   Undershirts/T-shirts (small & medium)
Ministries will be collecting items to donate to         •   Sleepers (heavy & light, newborn or small)
Birthright of Lexington.                                 •   Diapers (newborn to Stage 3)
                                                         •   Booties, Bibs, & Socks
Birthright is a national organization that helps any     •   Infant towels and washcloths
girl or woman regardless of age, race, creed, mari-      •   Diaper ointment and wipes
tal, or economic status who feels distressed by an       •   Travel-size lotion, shampoo, powder, etc.
unplanned pregnancy. They offer support in many          •   Blankets (heavy & receiving)
ways from anonymous pregnancy tests to support           •   Snowsuits (0-6 months)
through delivery and beyond.

We ask that you show your support for this organi-
zation by donating any of the following items:
• Outfits (sizes 0-6 months)
• Onesies (sizes newborn, small & med.)

Take Note
ORLC has many activities planned for the coming               Pastor Bucher’s sermons are now be recorded
months. Below are highlights of some activities               and posted on our website at www.orlutheran.
and/or reminders.                                        com. Click the Sermons link and use Windows
                                                         Media Player to listen his sermons.
April 4 - Rev. Wally Becker from Concordia Semi-
nary, St. Louis will be at St. John’s Lutheran           Lisa Saylor has volunteered to maintain scrapbooks
Church between 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to meet           for ORLC as the Church Historian. If you have any
anyone interested in being a pastor or deaconess. It                  memorable events with ORLC that
is not necessary but you may schedule an appoint-                     you would like to include, please con-
ment by calling 859-277-6391.                                         tact Lisa.

                                                                    All council members now have e-mail
                                                                    addresses. You can e-mail them by vis-
                                                                    iting www.orlutheran.com then clicking
April 16 - Breakfast at Keeneland. Fellowship                       About Us then Our Lay Leaders page.
with us Saturday April 16 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.
m. for eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. at the Keeneland       We are looking into a group social at the Lexington
Track Kitchen. Directions will be given soon.                         Horsemen indoor arena football game
                                                                      for Sunday, May 15 at 4:00 p.m.
                       VBS - It’s time to start think-                Watch for more details!
                       ing about VBS again! The
                       Board of Education has ten-       Other social activities that are tentatively being
                       tatively set VBS for the week     planned include a bring-your-own-picnic lunch at
                       of June 6 - 10. This year the     the park on Sunday, May 1 for Ascension Day, a
                       kids will journey on a photo      family movie/game night at church, and a Lexing-
                       expedition of wild safari ani-                ton Legends baseball game. If you
mals to learn that Jesus is King!                                    have other ideas of social events you
                                                                     would like to do, please e-mail me at
 Our Redeemer Lutheran
         2255 Eastland Parkway
          Lexington, KY 40505

        Phone/Fax: 859-299-9615
  E-mail: churchoffice@orlutheran.com
     Website: www.orlutheran.com

Rev. Dr. Richard P. Bucher, ThD

   Sunday School ............ 9:00 a.m.

   Divine Service ............ 10:15 a.m.

   Wednesday Service ... 7:00 p.m.

                                            ORLC Upcoming Events
                                            •    April 4: ...............................Fayette Co. Spring Break begins
                                            •    April 7, 6:30 p.m.:...............Adult membership class begins
         www.                               •    April 12, 6:30 p.m.: .............LWML Meeting followed by Craft Night
    orlutheran.com                          •    April 16, 7:00 a.m.: .............Breakfast at Keeneland
                                            •    April 23, 9:30 a.m.: .............LWML Bluegrass Zone Rally @ ORLC
                                            •    April 26, 7:00 p.m.: .............Bible Study @ Trivisonnos studying New Age

                                            Website Scavenger Hunt Answers
                                            (from page 4):                                  7. “Growing children through God’s
                                            1.   6                                              Word”
                                            2.   Church News                                8. Lent/Easter page
                                            3.   40                                         9. Valparaiso University
                                            4.   About Us page                              10. www.lcms.org
                                            5.   12                                         11. MapQuest.com
                                            6.   Google                                     12. 50
“...For my Father's will is that
everyone who looks to the
Son and believes in him shall                                 Congratulations to Bernie, Kristin and Ellie Stevens for the birth
have eternal life, and I will                                 of their newest daughter and baby sister, Carrie Alice. She was
                                                              born February 19th weighing 9 lbs. 3 oz. and measuring 20
raise him up at the last day.”                                inches!
                               John 6:40

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