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									Knight Writer                                                                                      September 30, 2004

 Nita Deason – Principal 893-2181                              Lewis Williams – Area II Superintendent 893-2150
                                                               Bill Grey – Director of School Operations 893-2305

Principal’s Message
         In spite of our hurricane days, we have continued to follow our                        Mark Your
schedules as closely as possible. I am sorry that our Families Building
Better Readers Workshop had to be postponed, but we are planning to                             Calendars!
reschedule for October 11. Dr. Angela Martin, UWF professor, will be
flying down for the workshop as previously scheduled. Please mark your                 October 5 - PTA Board Mtg
calendars for a great evening of learning with your children. We will be               October 6 - Vision/Hearing
sending out flyers soon.                                                               Screenings ; Walk to School
         I hope you will join us for our Walk to School Day on October 6.              Day; Florida Orchestra - 4th
We have a great morning planned with several guests who will be joining us             and 5th grade
on our walk. Plan to meet in the parking lot behind the Northeast Publix               October 7 - Domino's Night
Shopping Center on 1st Street. We will be sending home a flyer with more               October 11 - 23 - PTA
                                                                                       Service Project
         We had a great CHOICE Discovery Night on September 21. We
have two more school tours scheduled for October 12 and 26. Please                     October 12 - CHOICE
encourage your friends and neighbors who are looking for a school for their            School Tour
incoming kindergartner or a change in placement to join us for a tour of               October 14 - Early Release
North Shore. We look forward to meeting prospective parents and sharing                Day
our great school with them. The CHOICE period ends November 1.                         October 15 - Hurricane Day
         For your information, the county has changed a couple of dates                Make up
regarding the first grading period. October 21 is now the end of the first             October 21 - Chick- fil-a
grading period, and reports cards go home on November 5. Many thanks to                Spirit Night
all our families who participated in the PTA fund raiser this fall. We had to          October 22 - I - Dent - A -
compete with the hurricanes which may have adversely affected our sales.               Kid
The PTA has planned a Service Project for October. More information will
                                                                                       October 23 - Fall Festival
be coming home soon from the PTA. Again thank you so much for your
support of all our school activities, the curriculum and our teachers and staff.       October 26 - CHOICE
                                                                                       School Tour
Sincerely,                                                                             October 28 - Fall Pictures

                                                 NATIONAL WALK TO SCHOOL DAY
Nita Deason                                         PARENTS AND CHILDREN!!

                       Don't forget to join the all the students, teachers and faculty of North Shore in our annual
                       Walk to School Day. This event starts at 7:45am on Wednesday October 6th. We will meet
                       at the BACK parking lot of Publix for juice and muffins and begin the walk at 8am to the
                       school. This walk is to promote safety among children and there will be many dignitaries
                       along with media coverage. We look forward to seeing you on October 6th .
                        Please call the school if you have any questions.

 The mission of North Shore Elementary School is to help students attain their highest achievement in a safe learning environment
 by using district expectations and resources so that they will become responsible, productive community members.
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Citizen of the Month
Kindergarten                     SUPER SPORT AWARDS
Lyubo Gospodinov                 August 23 - 27
Ann Martin                       K - Beverly Hurley, Jessica Durrin, Shakara Roundtree, Decker Laverly
Caitlyn Sondregger               1st Grade - Adam Vazquez, Kimberly Caceres, Kevin Monk, Conner Codol
Kira Spearman                    2nd Grade - Jesse Moeller, Austin Long, Zoran Kupusovic, Nikolina
1st Grade                        3rd Grade - Brad Bell, Darbi Kiernan, Alias Middleton, Justin Hassler, Kent
Ariel Brangers                   Dinwiddie
Johnathon Milete                 4th Grade - Saxton Davis, Sache’ Davis, David Greene, Adrian Jones
Riley Redington                  5th Grade - Christian Guerrero, Rachel Reed, Kay Ann Kennedy
Dzenajla Saldumovic
                                 August 16- 20
2nd Grade                        K - Arlacia Merus, Cameron Codol, Lyubo Guspodinov, Ethan Myott
Christopher Baldwin              1st Grade - Sierra DeSimone, Rebecca Ramic, Nicole Davis, Andre Fooks
Nikolina Kosanovic               2nd Grade - Gabby Crespo, Sarina Martins, Jessica Rummel, Auri Peterson
Sarina Martins                   3rd Grade - Kaycee Folwell, Allie Farnsworth, Mikenzie Kalmbach, Othnil
Jessica Rummel                   Lauriston, Kiahesia Davis
                                 4th Grade - Tanyelle Burns, Annelise Naftzger, Ileana Vernale, Hunter
3rd Grade                        Littman
Anthony Crompton                 5th Grade - Madison Meeks, Cynthia Villavicencio, Ruben Desousa
Tyler Daniels                    August 30 - September 3
Airyana Ferguson                 K - Thomas Fedikovich, Latrel Kato, Ruth Doedy, Taylor Reed
Othnil Lauriston                 1st Grade - Nakia Jones, Luke Boswell, Dzenajia Saldumovic, Erin Bennett
Daniel Nikens                    2nd Grade - Ya’Tajia Gilbert, Nadia Bangura, Sabrina Rivera, Demond Perry
                                 3rd Grade - Julia Harrell, Ashlee Green, Alexandria Peterson, Vanessa Oden,
4th Grade                        Bianca Ramanand
Lesley Arroyo                    4th Grade - Theresa Bell, Brandon Fong, Samantha Rivera, Erika Allen
James Michael                    5th Grade - Danielle Carter, Kyle Reau, Robert Torres
Enisa Rahimic
Ashlyn Tucker                    September 14 - 20
                                 K - Parkish Neal, Ezra Mohead, Mikayla Seyler, T’Keyah Masten
5th Grade                        1st Grade - Johathan Milete, Ariel Brangers, Sejla Icic, Jacob Girdler
Kristian Ormond                  2nd Grade - Drew Vimond, Sasha Oakley, Zachary Maher, Kaitlyn Bechler
Cole Peterson                    3rd Grade - Bryce Bond, Sara Garza, Trevon Thomas, Charles Bynum, Eric
Brittany Rummel                  Johnson
                                 4th Grade - Cameron Dorsey, Lesley Arroyo, Jarek Johnson, Amanda
                                 5th Grade - Erin Kiernan, Dragana Zekanovic, Halsey Chaplin
                                 September 20 - 24
                                 K - Conner Finehout, Dominic Rosado, Vanessa Reardon, Zachary Hansen
                                 1st Grade - Shayla Stanton, Kyle Green, Muhamed Ismajli, Caitlyn Teaney
                                 2nd Grade - Jamey Banks, Devin Johnson, Torrie Wert, Ernest Myrick
                                 3rd Grade - Erika Antaya, Krishauna Wright, Brittany Kelley, Leiah
                                 Chadwick, Tristan Tyler
                                 4th Grade - Kayla Glenn, Briana Silver, Ashlyn Tucker, Fortune Gamble
                                 5th Grade - Alexis Silver, Eric Witten, Simon Brandenburg

         Pinellas County Schools – an equal opportunity institution for education and employment.
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                               The Author Teleconference is Coming!
          This year's Author Teleconference will be held on October 11, from 10 - 11 AM on Channel
   14. Pinellas County's special guest will be Pam Munoz Ryan, author of Esperanza Rising, Riding
   Freedom and many more titles.
          Ms. Goodman, our Library Information Specia list, is looking for students to read at least one
   of Ms. Ryan's books and write down a detailed question for her. One lucky student will be chosen to
   represent North Shore. That student will meet the author and ask his/her question on Channel 14's
            To find out more about Pam Munoz Ryan, visit her Website at:

           It is wonderful starting out this new school year in a brand new classroom. We are located
   near the library. Everyone seems to really love all the S P A C E we have now. There are many
   exciting projects underway for this school year. The goals and challenges that lie ahead are keeping
   the motivation high! This year, the entire 5th grade class will participate in an extraordinary artistic
   opportunity. I will talk more about this as the project approaches. Also, there is another fabulous
   project that will take place this fall in only one 5th grade classroom. Those children will be
   introduced to this within the next couple weeks. And lastly, I am holding Art Club again this year
   for a select group of 4th grade students. Art Club is in addition to the 40 minutes per week of Art
   instruction. It takes place during the school day on Fridays. The students in the Club are given more
   one-on-one time with me, as the instructor, as well as, a more flexible and relaxed classroom
           As usual, the Art Studio is always ready to take donations for creating projects. Items such
   as the following can be used. Please drop it to us at your convenience: costume jewelry,
   cloth/fabrics, crafty supplies, ONLY long wrapping paper tubes, small boxes (like the kind you get
   when you purchase jewelry), cigar boxes, wood/wooden objects (let me know what it is), clean
   coffee cans w/ lid, and TUPPERWARE (like large yogurt or sherbet containers with lids if you have
   it). That size Tupperware is a safe way to keep water at our tables to wash brushes with, as well as,
   being great storage containers.
           Our classroom is always in need of tissues, liquid soap, hand sanitizer and Ziploc baggies
   which I usually purchase myself. If you can, please donate to our room!!
   Thank you very much in advance for the offerings. We will put them to creative use!!
   Artistically yours, Mrs. Szakacs
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Welcome back to school! We are off to a great start this year and hope all parents will get involved with our
school. Statistics show that children whose parents are involved in their child’s education perform at a higher
standard than those that do not. We have many things happening at school! I would like to inform you of the
programs we participate in as well as encourage you to take part in them. We are participating in several
fundraiser programs this year. I have Albertsons Food Cards for those families that shop at Albertson’s. A
portion of each purchase will go towards our school. Since we have a limited supply, please contact me if you
would like a card. Kash&Karry has also renewed their receipt program with us this year. If you shop at
Kash&Karry – please turn your receipts into the school for credit. This program runs through December only.
Did you know that your old used ink and printer cartridges can be turned in to our school for recycling? We
receive $1.00 for every cartridge turned in. Campbell’s soup and food labels are collected for Phys. Ed.
Equipment and computers. Box tops are also collected and turned in for funds for PTA use. Speaking of PTA
– have you joined yet this year??? PTA funds a whole host of events, programs and supplies for our school.
Your$5.00 membership also gets you a FREE Chick-Fil-a sandwich. We also are having our Chick-Fil-a
nights on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Domino’s school support nights are the 1st Thursday of every
month. Thank you for your support with our fall fundraiser. Delivery is scheduled for the last week of October.
We could use some parent volunteers to help with delivery to classrooms. Our Fall Festival is right around the
corner. PTA has worked very hard this year to make this festival a truly fun event for the whole family. We
will be having pony rides this year along with some other new events. We will need donations once again for
pumpkins and many parent helpers. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled day - Saturday, October 23rd.We would
also like to welcome our new corporate sponsor – First Advantage. We are fortunate to have a corporate
sponsor that is ready to come and work with us. They are very excited and have many ideas to share! We
encourage each of you to be part of our school! Please contact me if you can help us or have any questions.

To the world you might be one person . . . . but to one person you might be the world.”

Michelle Brake, CIA North Shore Elementary

                                            WNSE DAILY
        Each morning the WNSE Morning News crew report important school
announcements, the weather forecast, and the daily lunch menu. They also interview guest
speakers. In addition to being an anchor, they learn how to operate an audio mixer, video
mixer, PowerPoint slide shows, digital video cameras and the teleprompter. Congratulations
to our first news crew of the 2004-05 school year:
        Emily Bennett                           Kejdi Jahovaj
        LaShavia Bingham                        Cole Peterson
        Allie Coad                              Julie Stosh
        Rueben DeSousa
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   Parents! Teachers! Family and Community Members!
   You may nominate a deserving student for a Doorways College Scholarship for the 2004-2005 school year.

   The Doorways Scholarship Program is a partnership between the Pinellas Education Foundation and Pinellas
   County Schools to provide Florida Prepaid College Scholarships to deserving Pinellas County Public School

   A Doorways Scholarship is a Florida Prepaid College Scholarship for two years tuition at a Florida public
   community college and two years tuition at a Florida public university. Doorways Scholarships also may be
   used for technical schools such as the Pinellas Technical Education Centers (PTEC) in Clearwater and St.

   Pinellas County Public School students in grades 4 – 9 are eligible to be nominated. To be considered for a
   Doorways Scholarship, a student must:
       ?? Be eligible for the free and reduced lunch program.
       ?? Maintain a “C” average in school.
       ?? Follow the Code of Student Conduct and attend school regularly.

   To nominate a deserving student and to learn more about the Pinellas Education Foundation and the
   Doorways Scholarship Program, visit the Foundation web site at

                                              Essential Learnings

   In our elementary schools in Pinellas County, we have a clear and focused understanding of the Essential
   Learnings. The common assessments give us important information on a regular basis. Schools use this
   information to adjust their instruction and come together as a professional learning community to discuss a
   uniform set of standards and respond to the individual needs of our students.

   Each grade has a pacing calendar that has been designed to help assure that all standards are taught during a
   set time. This helps ensure that students who move to a different school won’t miss an essential learning,
   provides teachers with a road map for the week’s instruction and stimulates teacher conversations on
   focused essential learnings. It starts on the first day of school and goes until the very last day. The skills,
   concepts and strategies that the students work on reappear multiple times during the year. Students may
   not be expected to demonstrate mastery the first time the skill is presented because it will be retaught or
   reviewed many times during the year. It may seem fast-paced, each day there is a lesson in math or
   reading, but it is designed to present all of the essential learnings repeatedly with time for remediation or
   enrichment. The pacing calendar defines what must be taught. Teachers work together to determine how to
   teach it. Research-based practices, teacher expertise, ingenuity and experience define the creative
   instructional experiences in the classroom. Our school, the teachers and staff, with the support of our
   parents and community, are committed to doing whatever it takes for our children to be proficient and
   ready to meet the challenges and demands of each and every school year.
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 ?? Don’t miss the Nov. 1 deadline! ? The application period for choice attendance area schools and
    countywide magnet, fundamental and career academy programs ends Nov. 1, 2004. Parents of students
    entering the district for the first time next year must register their children at a Family Education and
    Information Center (FEIC) before an application can be accepted.
 ?? Who must apply for a choice attendance area school ?
    Parents must apply if their child:
    1. Will be entering kindergarten, coming to Pinellas County Schools for the first time or returning to the
         district in August 2005.
    2. Will be entering grade 6 or 9 next year and is not eligible for or does not want to use extended
         grandfathering. (Parents of 5th - and 8th -grade students were mailed information about the choice process
         in September.)
    3. Wants to apply for other schools in the attendance area. IMPORTANT - If you apply to other schools
         in the attendance area, your child will give up his or her seat in the current school and extended
         grandfathering to a middle or high school.
    Remember: If you want your child to stay at the same school next year, you do not have to apply.
 ?? Three ways to apply to choice attendance area schools -
    ? Parents may apply by paper, phone or Internet. However, not everyone can use each option. For parents
    requesting a family preference (for two or more students to attend the same choice attendance area school),
    the family preference paper application is the only way to apply.
    ? Applying by phone, (727) 501-0871, is not available to those students who require exceptional student
    education (ESE) or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services. Internet application
    ( is available only to currently enrolled 5th - and 8th -grade students who were
    mailed a PIN number.
    ? Detailed information about “how to apply” can be found in the School Choice Information Guide
    (available at FEICs and schools) and on the choice website at
 ?? How to apply for countywide magnet, fundamental and career academy programs -
    The only way to apply is the automated phone system, (727) 501-0871. There are no paper applications. A
    worksheet (to be used as a guide when applying) is available at the FEICs, the school program offices and
    on the magnet website at
 ?? Satellite sign up locations begin in October ?
    Still need to apply for school choice? Come to one of the convenient school locations listed below to fill
    out paperwork, turn in a choice application, get questions answered or begin the student registration process
    for a child entering a public school for the first time in August 2005 (including children starting
    All times are 4-8 p.m. Dates and locations are:
    Tuesdays in October (Oct. 5, 12, 19 and 26) Wednesdays in October (Oct. 6, 13, 20 and 27)
    Palm Harbor Elementary                               Eisenhower Elementary, Clearwater
    High Point Elementary, Clearwater                    Walsingham Elementary, Largo
    Blanton Elementary, St. Petersburg                   Bay Point Elementary, St. Petersburg
 ?? School tours and discovery nights ? To find the most recent list of dates and times visit and click on “school tours.”
 ?? Mark your calendar -
    Sept. 1       Application period begins.                      Dec. 10 Countywide acceptance period ends.
    Nov. 1        Application period ends.                        Feb. 1 Notification of school assignment.
    Dec. 1        Countywide acceptance period begins.
 ?? Family Education and Information Centers: 1101 Marshall St., Clearwater, (727) 298-2858; 3420
    Eighth Ave. S, St. Petersburg, (727) 552-1595.

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