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									The Importance of Breakfast
             food preparation and technology

                             Made by: Karl Camilleri
                             Class: 5.1

                        St. Ignatius College Boys’
                        Secondary School Tal-
                        Handaq - Qormi.
          What is Breakfast ?

 Breakfast is the first
  meal of the day that
  people usually take.
  The word “Breakfast”
  means breaking the
  fast after one has not
  eaten since the night
 Why is Breakfast so important ?
 The breakfast is the most important meal of
  the day because it provides us with energy,
  makes us feel happier and enables us to do
  better work because we will concentrate more.
English Breakfast (full breakfast)

 A full breakfast (English Breakfast) is a
  traditional cooked breakfast, comprising at its
  heart bacon and eggs.

 Unfortunately it is the most
  popular breakfast because
  it is delicious in taste but it
  has many fats and oils.
          Healthy Breakfast
 To start the day in a good mood we suppose to
  eat a healthy breakfast and type of this is the
  light breakfast.

 It consists from a toast,
  breakfast cereal with milk
  and fresh orange juice.
        Continental Breakfast

 Continental breakfast
  is another type of

 It consists from a
  toast, juice or coffee
  and a croissant.
          Breakfast Cereals
 A breakfast cereal is a packaged food product
  made from natural ingredients intended to be
  consumed as part of a breakfast.

 It is usually eaten cold as a ready-to-eat meal
  and mixed with a liquid, such as milk, though
  occasionally nuts and fruit are also added.
  Healthy Breakfast Cereals
 Now a day we have many types of breakfast
  cereals, which are high in fibre and low in
  sugar. Examples of healthy breakfast cereals
  are: Fruit ‘n fibre, Special K, All bran and
 Unhealthy Breakfast Cereals
 The unhealthy breakfast cereals are low in fibre
  and high in sugar. Examples of unhealthy
  breakfast cereals are: Coco pops, Chocolate
  squares, Chocos and Cookie crisps.
Healthy Cereals VS Unhealthy Cereals
 Name of          Weight           Sugar           Fibre
 Breakfast                        content         content
  Cereal                          per 100g        per 100g
 Special K          500g            17g             2.5g
 Coco pops          500g             37g               2g
  Frosties          500g             37g               2g
  Cookie            500g            40.8g             0.6g
  Chocos            500g             36g               3g
   Choose the best, Choose the healthy breakfast Cereals !!!
                Cereal Bars
 It is very recommended that before we eat a
  cereal bar we can read the information there is
  at the back of the packaging. Not all the cereal
  bars are healthy because some of them will be
  full of sugar. The sugar is used to thick the
  ingredients to become solid.
Factors why people skip Breakfast

 Do not feel hungry in the morning.

 Wake up late.

 Cultural.

 To manage weight.
 Skipping Breakfast to manage
     weight, is a good way?
 Skipping breakfast to manage weight is not
  a good way.

 People who eat breakfast in the morning
  will have lower body weights and will
  consume less fat and cholesterol and
  higher intake of fibre than those who skip
How to prepare a table for Breakfast
Begin the day with a smile
    and choose to eat
   healthy Breakfast !!!

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