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									                                             Jonathan B. Kamien, Ph.D.
                                                      Califon, NJ 07830
   •      Analytical and well-rounded professional with over 20 years of combined medical education and academic
          experience in communicating clinical and scientific information. Extensive experience includes:
           Developing and guiding strategies and tactics for nonbranded market shaping initiatives for pre-approval
              products, branded programs for disseminating scientific findings and knowledge about disease states and
              medications, and activities supporting the launch of newly approved products. These strategies and tactics have
              included, but are not limited to, content development for speaker training, advisory boards, slide kits and
              enduring materials, including meeting abstracts, posters and podium presentations
           Shepherding projects through the medical and legal review process, including presenting and defending
              materials before publication review committees
           Notable skills in successful recruiting and interfacing with medical thought leaders
           Comprehensive management experience and excellent supervisory capabilities
           Being a strategic partner to clients as the medical lead in conceptualizing scientific stories for novel chemical
              entities early in their developmental process.
           Regular participation in conceiving responses to RFPs and delivering pitches for new business opportunities,
              both as the medical lead and as part of the onsite pitch team
           Diverse experience in multiple therapeutic areas
           Strong understanding of GPP, PHRMA Code of Conduct, FDA regulations, OIG, and related guidelines
           Medical and scientific direction, writing, editing, proofreading and publishing, including managing and
              developing medical writers and editors
           Exceptional proficiency in computers, computer programming, database design and data management.
           Seeking new challenges in promotional medical education and publishing

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.–Biology and Psychology Joint Major–Departmental Honors)                                    1978-1982
Middlebury College
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. - Biopsychology)                                                                      1982-1987
The University of Chicago
Work Experience

   Senior Medical Director                                              2008 to present
   Oglivy CommonHealth Medical Education, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
         Responsible for accuracy and integrity of scientific content of activities, including development and review of
          manuscripts, posters, abstracts, slides, etc. Identify new educational opportunities, participate in pitches (RFP
          responses, pitch material development and as part of on-site pitch teams), recommend and communicate with clients
          (marketing and medical affairs), KOLs and program faculty. Develop promotional activities that include publication
          development and scientific articles, meeting symposia and other educational activities, retrospective data collection
          and analysis, scientific advisory boards and consultant meetings. Supervise medical writers and editors.
         Diverse Medical Education experience spanning multiple therapeutic areas including CNS (addiction, pain,
          epilepsy, ADHD), infectious diseases, CKD anemia, dermatology, bariatric surgery, cystic fibrosis, and acne.

   Scientific Director                                                                                         2007 to 2008
   SynerMed Communications, Califon, NJ
         Duties and Responsibilities similar to above. Developed CME activities that included publication development,
          meeting symposia and other educational activities, learning objectives and needs assessments for CME grants.
          Responsible for peer-reviewed publication development and submission.

   President                                                                                                   1996 to 2008
   Biopsych Consulting
   Califon, NJ
         Software Development of custom-designed software for conducting clinical trials and human laboratory
          studies of pharmacological and behavioral therapies for drug dependence.
         Founded sole-proprietorship to fill the need for software for conducting my own and others‟ research studies.
         Programming skills (LabVIEW „G‟, Visual BASIC, FileMaker Pro database design, websites & applications).
      Customized software products include applications for data acquisition, data analysis and electronic case report
       forms (eCRFs). Client list and product descriptions are available at http://biopsych.com.

   Senior Scientist                                                                                         2000 to 2006
   Friends Research Institute, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
      Co-Investigator and Project Director for randomized clinical trials (Phase II/III) of behavioral therapies for drug
       dependence sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
      Protocol development: Designed, wrote and implemented research protocols.
      Supervisor for all research personnel, including training personnel in Good Clinical Practice, authoring Standard
       Operating Procedures, ensuring adherence to protocols and quality assurance (12 direct reports).
      Medical and scientific literature: Critical evaluation and summarization. Preparation, publication and presentation
       of research findings. Publication list available on request.
      Data analysis specification and supervision.
      Data Acquisition Software: Designed and authored custom-made software for collecting data and conducting
      Regulatory affairs: Responsible for all communication with regulatory and sponsoring entities.
      Negotiated contracts with clinics and vendors.
      Responsible for >$500K annual research budget.

   Co-Investigator and Research Associate                                                                         1998-2000
   University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO
      Duties and responsibilities similar to above.

   Scientist II                                                                                                   1994-1996
   Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      Principal Investigator for research evaluating possible antagonists of alcohol‟s subjective effects in human
       volunteers (Sponsor: Province of Ontario).
      Established human behavioral pharmacology laboratory and responsible for all aspects of research program.
      Created Addiction Research Foundation/Macintosh Excel for Operant Work (ARF/MEOW) software.
      Other duties and responsibilities similar to above.

   Research Fellow                                                                                                1991-1994
   University of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington, VT
      Directed the Human Drug Discrimination Laboratory.
      Established new human drug discrimination technique (“Novel Response Procedure”).
      Other duties and responsibilities similar to above.

   Research Associate and Instructor in Psychiatry                                                                1989-1991
   McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Belmont, MA
      Directed Non-human Primate Research Laboratory (rhesus monkeys).
      Supervised all aspects of research and research personnel (5 direct reports).
      Managed major renovation of laboratory, including design and vendor specifications, and supervision of
      Regulatory correspondence: responsible for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee interactions
      Member of IACUC.
      Other duties and responsibilities similar to above.

   Post-doctoral Fellow                                                                                           1987-1989
   Harvard Medical School
   New England Regional Primate Research Center
      Preclinical research with squirrel monkeys (drug discrimination, drug self-administration, rate effects)
      Demonstrated promise of dopamine antagonists as target drugs for cocaine addiction.
      Discovered behavioral interactions of buprenorphine and cocaine.

Clinical Research Experience
      Protocol Development for pharmacological and behavioral studies of drug dependence.
      Supervision of research personnel, including GCP, SOP adherence.
   Co-Investigator and Project Director for one of the initial Phase II evaluations of buprenorphine-naloxone for
    treating opioid dependence (Sponsor: NIH, NIDA Grant RO1 DA11160).
   Co-Investigator and Project Director for randomized clinical trials (Phase II/III) of behavioral therapies for drug
    dependence (Sponsor: NIH, NIDA Grant RO1 R01 DA13638).
   Principal Investigator for research evaluating possible antagonists of alcohol’s subjective effects in human
    volunteers (Sponsor: Province of Ontario, Addiction Research Foundation).
   Author of over 30 peer-reviewed publications.

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