G r A D u At e
                university of the incArnAte worD

the universe is yours.   tM
                                  It is my pleasure to welcome
                              you to the University of the
                              Incarnate Word, a Catholic
                              institution that strives to provide
                              students with a top-notch
                              educational experience by
                              fostering excellence in a context
                              of faith.
                                  We are grounded in the
                              strength of our heritage, which
we received from the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate
Word, the Congregation that founded the university in
    UIW welcomes people of diverse backgrounds in the
belief that their respectful interaction advances the
discovery of truth, mutual understanding, self-realization
and the common good in our increasingly complex society.
    Graduate school is an opportunity to enhance and
enrich your academic career and UIW is here to ensure
your success. UIW features small classes providing an
optimal learning environment; professors who know their
students by name; and most importantly, spiritual growth
and awareness by living the Mission of the university.
    The five tenets of the Incarnate Word Mission are faith,
truth, innovation, service and education. Through these
tenets UIW offers a personal touch to each student that
enters its doors and through this personal attention, close-
knit and supportive environment you too can discover your
gifts and truly realize that the “The Universe is Yours.TM”

Dr. Louis J. Agnese Jr.
UIW President
Why UIW?
    The UIW experience provides each graduate student the personal attention
    key to educational success. In addition, the Mission of the University
    provides guiding principles for all our graduate studies programs.

    UIW’s graduate programs:
    •	 create a learning environment of respect for each student and promote
       individual self-realization, cultural diversity and intellectual stimulation;
    •	 instill in each student a spirit of Christian service based upon ethical
       reflection,	social	justice	and	promotion	of	human	dignity;
    •	 develop concerned citizens and enlightened leaders who are prepared
       to meet future challenges with creativity and responsibility.
    Our goal is to instill, foster and encourage:
    •	 mastery of scholarly techniques;
    •	 intellectual curiosity expressed through research and independent
    •	 investigation,	both	in	breadth	and	depth,	of	advanced	subject	matter;
    •	 the ability to effectively communicate research results of intellectually
       creative work.

    Founded in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, UIW is
    the largest Catholic university, and the fourth largest private university,
    in Texas. With over 125 years of tradition, UIW is known not only for its
    academic excellence, but for its diversity and personal attention to the more
    than 6,000 students who call UIW home. Offering over 70 undergraduate
    and	graduate	programs	of	study	in	a	variety	of	fields,	UIW	is	rooted	in	the	
    Roman Catholic tradition and offers everything found in a larger university
    setting, but does so in an environment that values personal attention and
    individual dignity.

    The	 nature	 of	 the	 master’s	 degree	 varies	 according	 to	 the	 subject	 and	
    the discipline in which it is granted, and may be: (1) a research degree
    representing a step toward the doctorate; (2) a terminal degree meeting
    professional requirements; or, (3) intellectual preparation for personal
    enrichment and public service.

    For	the	convenience	of	employed	students	the	majority	of	graduate	courses	
    are offered in late afternoon or evening. Graduate students are responsible
    for	knowing	and	understanding	policies	governing	their	specific	program,	
    including those related to registration, change of schedule, withdrawal,
    and other policies and procedures of the Graduate Studies Program. For
    information about curriculum and graduate policies, students may call their
    advisor or the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research.

                School of Graduate Studies and Research
                      Dr. Kevin B. Vichcales, Dean
                                                           Graduate Programs Offered
                                       •	 Accounting                   •	 Education                     •	 Nutrition
                                       •	 Administration               •	 Kinesiology                   •	 Religious Studies
                                       •	 Biology                      •	 Mathematics                   •	 Research Statistics
                                       •	 Business Administration      •	 Multidisciplinary Sciences    •	 Sports Management
                                       •	 Communication Arts           •	 Multidisciplinary Studies     •	 Teaching
                                       •	 Community Psychology         •	 Nursing

                                           For more information about UIW’s Graduate Programs, visit our Web site or call:
                                                  Office	of	Admissions	(210)	829-6005,	toll	free	1-800-749-WORD.

H-E-B School of Business and                                        Dreeben School of Education
                                                                    Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)                          The Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Education (M.Ed.)
The Master of Business Administration provides students             degrees are designed for those wishing to increase academic
with a broad understanding of how the elements and                  and professional competence by improving research,
processes of business organizations relate to one another           writing, presentation and leadership skills. Concentrations
and to the external environment. Degree requirements                are offered in Adult Education, Cross-Cultural Education,
are	 designed	 to	 develop	 proficiency	 and	 confidence	           Early Childhood Literacy, Instructional Technology (online),
in all of the functional areas of business. The program             Kinesiology, Literacy (M.Ed.), Organizational Learning
offers concentrations in General Business, International            and Leadership, Special Education (M.Ed.), and Teacher
Business, Sports Management and International Business              Leadership.
                                                                    Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)
Master of Arts in Administration (M.A.A.)                           The Master of Arts in Teaching is designed for those
The Master of Arts in Administration is unique among                seeking	 certification	 while	 working	 towards	 the	 master’s	
graduate programs in South Texas in that it provides                degree with concentrations in elementary and secondary
participants with core competencies in administration as            education.
well as essential knowledge, skills and abilities in several
specialty areas. The curriculum is designed to develop              School of Interactive Media and
ethical and accountable administrators. The program
offers eight concentrations including Adult Education,              Design
Applied Administration (online), Communication Arts,
Healthcare Administration, Instructional Technology                 Master of Arts in Communication Arts (M.A.)
(online), Nutrition, Organizational Development, and                The Master of Arts in Communication Arts offers a
Sports Management.                                                  unique blend of theory-driven and experienced-based
                                                                    classes that focus on the critical knowledge and practical
Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A.)                            skills necessary to prepare students to enter the media
The Master of Science in Accounting offers a thirty-hour            industry in a variety of capacities including media studies,
graduate degree designed to provide the opportunity                 multimedia production, print media and public relations as
for concerned and enlightened persons to achieve the                well as to prepare students for further graduate studies.
professional competencies required for entrance to the
accounting profession, as well as to provide candidates
the credentials required by the Texas State Board of
Public Accountancy to sit for the national CPA licensing
College of Humanities, Arts and                                     School of Nursing and Health
Social Sciences                                                     Professions
Multidisciplinary Studies (M.A.)                                    Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)
The Master of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies allows a            The Master of Science in Nursing prepares Clinical Nurse
student, in consultation with advisors, to design a degree          Leaders (CNL) and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) for
plan that builds on personal interests, academic strengths          practice in a variety of settings. Additionally, the program
and career opportunities.                                           also offers additional training to prepare students for
                                                                    entry-level faculty roles as clinical instructors.
Religious Studies/Pastoral Inst. (M.A.)
The Master of Administration in Religious Studies/Pastoral          Master of Science in Kinesiology (M.S.)
Institute provides students with scriptural, theological and        The Master of Science in Kinesiology is designed for
pastoral preparation for careers in a variety of pastoral           those students interested in teaching physical education
ministries and religious education.                                 at the K-12 or college level, or working in a business-
                                                                    related area.
Master of Science in Community Psychology (M.S.)
The Master of Science in Community Psychology is a two-             (Note: this degree does not carry initial teacher
year full-time program (including summers) that features            certification).		For	teacher	certification,	see	the	Dreeben	
action research and practicum, and requires completion              School of Education.
of a master’s thesis. The program will prepare students
for both further scholarship and applied work in the                Master of Science in Nutrition (M.S.)
community and will focus on the application of psychology           The Master of Science in Nutrition serves employed
in the form of community-based interventions rather than            professionals pursuing an advanced degree and
traditional therapeutic interventions. The program also             those wishing registration with the American Dietetic
aims	to	develop	in	students	an	awareness	of	social	justice	         Association, by providing students with current theory
principles and their application to the community.                  and policy and practical and research skills in nutrition.
                                                                    The program offers concentrations in Nutrition Education
School of Mathematics, Science, and                                 and Health Promotion, and Administration.
Engineering                                                         Master of Science in Sport Management (M.S.)
                                                                    The Master of Science in Sport Management is designed
Biology (M.S./M.A.)                                                 for people working in a variety of sports organizations.
The Master of Science or Master of Arts in Biology                  These include National Governing Bodies of Amateur
provides a broad background in biology, including the               Sports, international organizations such as the
study of molecules, organisms and ecological systems.               International Olympic Committee and its subsidiaries,
                                                                    charitable institutions, professional and amateur sports
Master of Arts in Mathematics (M.A.)                                organizations, as well as college and university athletic
The Master of Arts in Mathematics with a concentration in           departments. Many graduates of sports management
Teaching provides students with expertise in the teaching           programs work in institutions of higher education for
and learning of mathematics and research in mathematics             student services where facilities are managed and
education. This degree is aimed at producing leaders in             physical activities such as intramurals are programmed
mathematics education for pre-college schools.                      and supervised.

Master of Science in Research Statistics (M.S.)
The Master of Science in Research Statistics is designed
for students seeking professional careers as research
statisticians in a variety of settings including, but not limited
to government, academia and industry. The program
provides for the comprehensive study of probability and
statistics	with	specific	emphasis	in	research	methodology,	
reporting, and consulting.

Master of Arts in Multidisciplinary Sciences (M.A.)
The Master of Arts in Multidisciplinary Sciences serves
to	deepen	scientific	comprehension	in	biology,	chemistry,	
environmental sciences and physics stressing their
interconnection and presents new ways of teaching
Research and Scholarship
As a community of scholars, UIW faculty and students contribute to the scholarship of discovery and teaching that seeks to
explore	and	advance	the	limits	of	knowledge	in	every	discipline,	and	to	define	“state	of	the	art”	in	every	field.	Our	purpose	is	
not	only	to	serve	the	needs	of	society	in	specific	technical	and	professional	ways,	but	to	serve	the	greater	human	need	for	
intellectual	expansion.	Graduate	education	is	the	major	source	of	society’s	future	intellectual	leaders	and	is	the	engine	of	
economic, social and intellectual advancement. UIW faculty and students are actively engaged in the pursuit of innovative
Mission-based	solutions	to	the	challenges	of	the	twenty-first	century	global	community.	A	small	sample	of	current	research	
topics include:

H-E-B School of Business and Administration:                     School of Interactive Media and Design: impact of media
international business relations and management;                  on society; the new media of the internet; technological
organizational operations; marketing strategies and               transformation of media production; and Second Life as a
techniques;	 international	 finance	 and	 rule	 making	 as	       learning and lived experience.
applied in developing nations; and accounting standards
and ethics.                                                       School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering:
                                                                  raising nutrition standards in developing countries; nearness
Dreeben School of Education: childhood obesity and how           spaces within mathematics; explorations in nanotechnology
it may be combated within the schools; new methods of             and science as related to human DNA; chemical analysis
teaching children mathematics and science; new methods            of medical plants; and the engineering of vehicles for un-
of leadership within the United States and abroad; and a          manned	flight.	
host of pedagogical issues.
                                                                  School of Nursing and Health Professions: impact of
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences:                 family history on health; educational practices in nursing
migration patterns in southeast Asia; cultural explorations       curriculums; cardiac disease in students; cardiac health in
of identity in border regions; pollution control in historical    athletes; hypertension within the Hispanic community; and
contexts; cultural exchanges within the Middle East; methods      effect of high-impact training on athletes.
of	Catholic	social	justice	teaching	techniques;	and	cultural	
identity scales within elements of the Hispanic community.
               General Requirements for Admission to Graduate Study
General Requirements                                           Admission of International Students
                                                               and International Exchange Students
•	 Evidence of an earned bachelor’s degree from an
   accredited institution of higher learning and an overall    An international student is one who holds citizenship in
   GPA of 2.5 or better.                                       a country other than the United States. To avoid delay in
•	 Official	transcripts	from	each	college	or	university	       acceptance and registration, international students should
   previously attended.                                        apply for admission no later than 60 days prior to the
•	 	At	least	one	of	the	following	[as	specified	by	the	        beginning of the semester in which they plan to attend.
   discipline’s program description]:                          A	 complete	 listing	 of	 credentials	 required	 by	 the	 Office	
   ❏ A	nationally	recognized	entrance	test	specified	by	       of Admissions is available at
       the discipline.                                         graduate.html
   ❏ Evaluation by one or more professionals from the
       intended	field	of	study.	                               Advising and Registration
   ❏ Professional	certification;	or	a	degree,	of	equal	or	
       higher level than that sought, from an accredited       Upon acceptance to a program, and before each term,
       institution of higher learning.                         graduate students must meet with their Academic Advisor
   ❏ Letters of recommendation.                                to discuss progress toward meeting degree requirements.
Other	admission	criteria	as	specified	by	the	discipline	may	   The Advisor’s formal approval is required to permit
include but are not limited to:                                registration. Students must make payment arrangements
•	 A	minimum	number	of	credit	hours	[with	a	specified	GPA	     with	 the	 Business	 Office	 no	 later	 than	 the	 end	 of	 the	
   minimum] in the discipline.                                 registration period.
•	 Other specialized test with acceptable performance.
•	 An interview with faculty or admissions personnel.          Financial Assistance
•	 A writing sample.
                                                               Financial assistance is available for students enrolling in
Application Procedures                                         UIW	graduate	programs.	We	understand	the	financial	aid	
                                                               process can be confusing. To help ease your anxiety and
                                                               provide assistance, information may be obtained from the
Prospective students must submit, or arrange for
                                                               Office	of	Financial	Assistance,	or	through	our	Web	site	at	
submission	of,	the	following	to	the	Admissions	Office:
•	 A completed application [obtained from the Admissions       Students should complete the Free Application for Federal
   Office]	along	with	a	$20	processing	fee.                    Student Aid (FAFSA), and any other documentation
•	 Official	transcripts	from	each	college	or	university	       required	by	the	Office	of	Financial	Aid.
   previously attended. Transcripts must be mailed directly
   to	the	Admissions	Office	from	the	college	or	university.    Financial aid programs for graduate students include:
•	 Results of any nationally recognized entrance test(s)       •	 Student Loans – must be enrolled at least half-time (at
   required	by	the	specific	program.	Results	must	be	             least	4	credit	hours	in	any	term	or	semester,	including	
   mailed	directly	to	the	Admissions	Office	from	the	             summer).
   test provider. Students should check with individual        •	 Grad PLUS Loan – must be a U.S. citizen or registered
   programs	for	specific	test	requirements.                       noncitizen and enrolled at least halftime in an eligible
•	 Evidence of consultation with the Program Advisor              post secondary program.
   regarding additional admissions requirements.               •	 Graduate Assistantships – must demonstrate need and
                                                                  be enrolled at least half-time.
Credentials submitted late may cause a delay in acceptance     •	 Endowed Scholarships – to qualify for consideration
and registration.                                                 students must have a GPA of 3.6 at time of application,
                                                                  be enrolled full-time and, if awarded, maintain a
Visit for complete           cumulative GPA of 3.0.
information regarding general requirements and application     •	 Outside Scholarships – must meet requirements of
                                                                  outside scholarship program(s).

                                                               By federal regulation, graduate students are not eligible for
                                                               the Pell Grant.

                                                               For	 more	 information,	 contact	 the	 Office	 of	 Financial	
                                                               Assistance at (210) 829-6008.
                                                                 Situated on 154 acres of well-tended
                                                                 grounds, trees, blooming flowers and
                                                                 classic architecture, the University of
                                                                 the Incarnate Word campus provides
                                                                 a comfortable environment in which to
                                                                 extend your studies. Located in Alamo
                                                                 Heights, just minutes from downtown
                                                                 San Antonio, the surrounding area
                                                                 is one of the most picturesque parts
                                                                 of the city and is filled with a variety
                                                                 of attractions including the Witte
                                                                 Museum, McNay Art Museum, San
                                                                 Antonio Botanical Gardens, and
                                                                 Brackenridge Park; which is home to
                                                                 the San Antonio Zoo, the Japanese
                                                                 Tea Gardens, and is filled with walking
                                                                 trails and other scenic areas in which to
                                                                 enjoy an afternoon. With outstanding
                                                                 educational offerings, a dedication
                                                                 to student centered services, and a
                                                                 campus of grace and beauty, UIW
                                                                 nourishes the mind, spirit, and soul.

       For further information regarding the University of the
       Incarnate Word graduate programs, contact:

       UIW	Admissions	Office                                          the universe is yours.                               tM

       (210) 829-6005
       1-800-749-WORD                       This publication available in alternate format by request.


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