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					The Investigator is a Discipline inspired by the character Cassian          Investigators can’t always rely on witnesses, other authorities, or
from the EarthDawn novel, Shroud of Madness. I wanted it to                 the crime scene itself. Sometimes they must get into the nitty
be a hybrid discipline: One that blends the abilities of the Scout,         gritty of things. They will often scour for clues around the area
Thief, Troubadour, and Illusionist.                                         of the crime - be it talking to tavern customers who might have
                                                                            last seen the murder victim in the bar, or going to a seedy side of
“I’m here to solve a crime. I move in and out of the shadows to             town to get information from an informant.
bring you the light of truth. Who sent me? My employers are of
no concern. They hired me to help you.                                      Quick hands compliment a quick mind and quick wit. All the
                                                                            Investigator’s qualities are meant to work in concert with one
Any information not gleaned from the scene of the crime will be             another.
gotten through other means. However, I hope you will cooperate
and tell me what you know, and what I want to hear. Any                     Investigators are not limited to investigating cities and other
impedance by you prolongs the suffering caused by this vile act,            urban landscapes. They also need to be able to take care of
allowing the chance for it to happen again.                                 themselves in the wilderness as well as a city if they hope to
                                                                            survive. Many travel to find lost Kaers or downed airships. They
We are in a world where many things happen and what is on the               could be sent to find the cause of the Kaer’s Demise, or why an
surface is not always the truth of the matter. I will get in and            Airship, with a competent crew, crashed.
under the layers of this mystery to find the truth.”
                                                                            Important Attributes: Perception, Dexterity, & Charisma
         —Cassian Elf of House Medari; 9th Circle Investigator              Racial Restrictions: Obsidimen, Windlings, Trolls, and Orks
          of Thera *                                                        Karma Ritual: To perform their Karma Ritual the Investigator
                                                                            contemplates an existing case or makes up an imaginary one.
                                                                            They go through the routine of an opening investigation -
Discipline Description:                                                     looking for clues, asking questions to imaginary witnesses or
                                                                            suspects. As the Investigator’s line of questioning draws to
Investigators are those who work to solve the unsolvable. They              completion he reassures the imaginary witnesses the case will be
are the police, the private investigators, or the secret agents, sent       solved, and he sternly tells the imaginary suspect the truth will
to solve crimes and other mysteries. Ranging from the simple -              be revealed and they will be caught. With the Investigator
solving a theft, to the complex - infiltrating a known crime                feeling confident he will solve the real case, or any future
syndicate to ferret out information before action can be taken.             mysteries that come his way, the ritual ends.
Investigators serve as spies as well as official police for the             Recommended Artisan Skills: Wood Carving, Poetry, Acting,
powerful governments of Thera, Throal, The Elven Court, and                 Painting or Sketching.
even the T’Skrang Aropagoi. Their wide range of jurisdiction                Half-Magic: An investigator may use half-magic to help him
allows them to get into places normal authorities could not.                better detect falsehoods, illusions, and other things that make up
When their status is a hindrance, they rely on their talents to get         the core of his discipline. An investigator’s goal is to get past the
them information or into places where their title cannot take               lies and find the truth of any situation. If he does not have the
them.                                                                       skills or talents, the magic of his discipline will aid him to an
Oftentimes clues can be misleading and lead to a “solution” in              Ritual of Advancement: For the investigator advancing in
one direction when the truth really lies in the other. An                   circle can come from by two means. The first is for the
Investigator is required to understand the subtleties of a                  investigator desiring to advance to report to a mentor or trainer
situation. Investigation cannot be charged at headlong like a               all the mysteries she was involved in and helped solved. Because
Troll into battle. This path requires patience, intuition, and the          the investigator has proven her skills in the field through
ability to see things on different levels. Investigators need to be         adventuring, the more skilled investigator might deem her
able to see the many layers of the world around them. One                   worthy of advancement and train her.
should also be adept at perceiving through what is real and what
is not. Doing this allows them to follow the clues that will lead           The second method of advancement is for the investigator to
to a solution, not to a red herring.                                        seek out her mentor or an investigator of a higher circle. When
                                                                            asked to be trained, the teacher will describe a previously solved
Investigators must also be able to interact with others for the             mystery, leave out certain details that led to the case being
benefit of the case. Social skills are a must in gaining vital              solved, and then ask the young investigator to solve the mystery
information, be it from a street urchin in the know, or a powerful          on her own (this is done all through conversation, like solving a
aristocrat who knows what is gossip and what is truth amongst               riddle). Alternatively, the mentor could have the investigator
his fellows.                                                                work on an open case using his existing talents. If the
                                                                            investigator solves the mystery, the teacher will train her to the
                                                                            next circle.

First Circle                                                              Ninth Circle
Talents                                                                   Social and Spell Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Social and
        Melee Weapons                                                     Spell Defense by 1.
        Conversation (D) **                                               Talents
        Lock Pick                                                                 Sense Poison (D)
        Karma Ritual                                                              Detect Falsehood (D)
        Evidence Analysis (D)                                                     Spirit Strike
        Avoid Blow
                                                                          Tenth Circle
Second Circle                                                             Karma: The Investigator may spend a Karma Point on any
Talents                                                                   action using Charisma or Dexterity only.
        Speak Language (D)                                                Talents
        Durability (5/4)                                                           Lion Spirit
        Silent Walk                                                                Temper Self

Third Circle                                                              Eleventh Circle
Talents                                                                   Recovery Test: The Investigator gains an additional Recovery
        Parry                                                             Test per day.
        Disguise Self                                                     Karma: The Investigator may spend a Karma Point on a
                                                                          Recovery Test.
Fourth Circle                                                                      Safe Thought (D)
Karma: The Investigator may spend a Karma point on any                             Memorize Image
action using Perception only.
Talents                                                                   Twelfth Circle
         Thread Weaving (D)                                               Physical Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Physical Defense
         Trap Initiative (D)                                              by 1.
Fifth Circle                                                                      Thought Link
Replay: For 3 points of Strain, the Investigator may touch a                      Chameleon
witness, suspect, or victim (a live one) and “see” what has
occurred in the last 15 minutes through their eyes. The                   Thirteenth Circle
Investigator must be in contact with the target for the duration of       Accusation: An Investigator rolls their Half-Magic (Pg. 79 ED
the Replay, and the fifteen minutes is in real time.                      Companion 2nd Ed.) against the target’s Social Defense when
Talents                                                                   accusing them of a crime. If the target is affiliated and is
         Detect Trap (D)                                                  unaware of the Investigator's full knowledge of the crime, the
         Astral Sight                                                     accusation is successful. A successful accusation renders the
Sixth Circle                                                              target afraid, shocked, furious, or another fitting emotion for the
Social Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Social Defense by 1.          next 4 rounds. During this time any action taken against the
Talents                                                                   Investigator is done so at negative 5 steps. The use of this ability
         Disarm Trap                                                      causes 3 points of strain.
         Resist Taunt                                                     Karma: Increase the Investigator’s maximum Karma by 25.
                                                                          Social Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Social Defense by 1.
Seventh Circle                                                            Talents
Spell Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Spell Defense by 1.                      Detect Influence (D)
Talents                                                                             Blood Guilt Weapon (D)
        Streetwise (D)
        Conceal Weapon                                                    Fourteenth Circle
                                                                          Initiative: Increase the Investigator’s Initiative Dice by 2 Steps.
Eighth Circle                                                             Physical Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Physical Defense
Physical Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Physical Defense            by 1.
by 1.                                                                     Talents
Talents                                                                            Defense
        True Sight (D)                                                             Matrix Strike
        Detect Weapon (D)

Fifteenth Circle                                                           failure results in a backlash of magical energies that damages the
Spell Defense: Increase the Investigator’s Spell Defense by 1.             Investigator an amount equal to their rank in Reenactment and
Talents                                                                    one Wound.
        Aura Armor
        Reenactment (D) **                                                 A successful roll allows the Investigator to view a surreal play of
                                                                           events that has happened in the area. The duration is rank hours,
                                                                           meaning that an Investigator with a Rank 1 can only see the
* This spoken passage was not taken from the novel, Shroud of              events of the past hour whereas a Rank 12 allows the
Madness. The book does not provide any information in regards              Investigator to witness the past 12 hours of events. What the
to Cassian's chosen Discipline or what Circle he is. The passage           Investigator sees is in real time. The Investigator might not see
I wrote is my interpretation of his character and what he might            the crime being committed, but they may see tampering of
say.                                                                       evidence by witnesses, or the first person to enter the crime
** Denotes a New Talent (Described below)
(D) = Discipline Talent                                                    An Investigator must be completely undisturbed in the room or
                                                                           area in which they are performing this talent. As they are
                                                                           immersed in watching the “show” they are completely unaware
Conversation:                                                              of their surroundings. An Investigator suffers negative 5 steps to
Step: Rank + Charisma Step                                                 any perception tests when using Reenactment.
Action: Yes
Strain: 1                    Requires Karma: No                            When an Investigator successfully performs this talent the real
Conversation allows the Investigator to better interact with               world is phased out and is replaced with a hazy version of the
witnesses, suspects, or even victims (those still alive of course).        area or room they are in. Then events from Rank hours ago start
The Investigator makes a Conversation test against the highest             playing themselves out. Any namegivers in the reenactment
Social Defense in the group with which he is attempting to                 appear transparent. Conversations can be heard and understood
converse, modified by the number of people in the group. Add 1             but sound distant and quiet. The quality of what the Investigator
to the difficulty number for every person after the first. A               sees and hears depends on the success level of the roll. An
successful roll results in the target or targets acting more               Average success allows the character to see what is going on
compliant with the Investigator’s line of questions. The                   although hazy, clothes and faces seem to shift rather than be
Investigator gains a bonus equal to his rank in Conversation for           steady and conversations are spotty. A Heroic success allows the
all Charisma tests against that character(s). They are more                character to see and hear everything that transpired clearly.
cooperative and willing to assist in the investigation. The higher
the level of success, the more cooperative the target(s) become.

Conversation also allows the Investigator to better interact with
those of higher or lower status. For example, it reduces the fear a
peasant may have when talking to an Investigator who is an
agent of the Eye of Throal. At the same time it will allow an
Investigator to better question an aristocrat who’s attitude gets in
the way of talking to those of “lower” status. Conversation lasts
rank x 2 minutes.

Step: Rank + Perception Step
Action: Yes
Strain: Varies              Requires Karma: Yes
Reenactment allows an Investigator to replay events that
occurred in a certain area. He or she must go to the scene of the
crime and study it using the various Investigator talents for ten
minutes. Once the study period has finished, the Investigator
takes an amount of Strain equal to their rank in Reenactment.
Each Strain taken equals one hour that is reenacted. The
Investigator rolls their Reenactment dice and the result
determines how precise, or clear, the reenactment is. The Game
Master determines the target number needed to succeed. A poor


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