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					July / August 2006
                                     Classic Motorcycle Club of Natal
                                           Committee Members
                         (Phone Number Area Code is 031 unless otherwise stated)
                                 JIM CRAMER
PATRON                                                                    (H) 466 2108
                                 62 HILLTOP RD
(Key Holder)                                                              Fax 466 2108
                                 BLUFF 4052
                                 ALAN YOUNG                               (H) 467 7294
                                 152 ORIEL RD                             (W) 902 3209
(Key Holder)
                                 BLUFF 4052                               CELL 082 653 8971
VICE CHAIRMAN                    MIKE MATHEWS                             (H) 467 8648
CLUBHOUSE MANAGER                600 MARINE DRIVE                         (W) 301 6422
(Key Holder)                     BLUFF 4052                               CELL 082 377 8580
                                                                          (H) 2013316 (W) 2653000
                                 RON DUKES
                                                                          (FAX) 2653011
                                 32 INVERNESS
TREASURER                                                                 CELL 082 4655839
                                 49 SOUTH RIDGE RD. GLENWOOD
(Key Holder)                                                              E mail:
                                 DURBAN. 4001
SECRETARY                                                                (H) 2013316
                                 HAVERLEY DUKES
                                                                         CELL 082 3967022
                                 As above
                                                                         (H) 563 7986 (W) 3002281
                                 ANDREW MATHER
                                                                         CELL 083 309 0233
                                 DURBAN NORTH 4051
                                 HOWARD SINK                             (W)5603172
EDITOR                           5 DELAMERE,5 NEWTON PLACE               CELL 083 3002388
                                 GLENWOOD 4001                           E-mail:
PIST ‘n BROKE MANAGER            LIZ MATHEWS                             (H) 467 8648
                                 ROD THOMAS
                                                                         (H) 7621509
DATING OFFICER                   P O Box 272
                                                                         CELL 073 3656494
                                 LINK HILLS 3652
                                                                         (H) 467 7209
CO-ORDINATOR                     96 WINCHELSEA AVE.
                                                                         CELL 082 202 2841
(Key Holder)                     BLUFF 4052

CATERING MANAGER                 SUE WELLBELOVED                         (H) 467 7209
                                 DEREK PIRIE                             (H) 2056844
OUTINGS CO-ORDINATOR             36 MYRTLE RD                            (W) 9104636
                                 GLENWOOD 4001                           CELL 082 673 1335
                                 MICHAEL BURDEN
                                                                         (W) 765 6012
SPARES MANAGER                   CLUSTERBOX 212
                                                                         CELL: 083 4141988
                                 CRESTHOLME. 3652
                                 SALOME VAN NIEKERK
                                                                         (H) 4655831
100 CLUB ORGANISER               P O BOX 41587
                                                                         (W) 3615184
                                 GEOFF ISACKS
                                                                         (W) 363 1629
                                                                         (H) 464 9121
                                 HILLARY 4094
                                 AUBREY CILLIERS                         (H) 708 5934
REGALIA OFFICER                  24 PASTOLL RD                           (W) 464 0900
                                 PINETOWN 3610                           CELL: - 083 922 0133
                                 KEN SINK                                (H) 563 2403
                                 11 LOVAT RD                   
                                 ROSEHILL 4051

SHOW                             BARBARA SINK                            (H) 563 2403
                                 ROBIN INGGS
                                                                         (H) 4648529
CHIEF STOREMAN                   627 STELLA ROAD
                                                                         CELL 083 3603899
                                 QUEENSBURGH 4093
                                 BOB WEST
                                                                         (H) 9036007
                                 15 PLANTATION GROVE
RACING CLERK OF COURSE                                                   (W) 4670382
                                 KISSIN LANE
                                 AMANZIMTOTI 4126
                                 DAVE STONE
LIBRARIAN                        18 LONGWOODS DRIVE. GLENHILLS           (H) 5645506
                             Classic Motorcycle Club of Natal
HEADQUARTERS                                                          POSTAL ADDRESS
137 TARA ROAD                                                         P.O.BOX 21759
BLUFF                                                                 BLUFF
DURBAN                                                                4036

                                   August/September 2006
Our Regularity Trial in late May at the Drakensville Resort was an outstanding success despite
a smaller than usual entry.

Snow on the Berg and parts of the route, coupled with biting winds, made the going tough but
everyone expressed their satisfaction with the organization and camaraderie of the event.
Congratulations to Gavin Lumley who was the overall winner, and to the winners of the other

Special mention must be made of Spider Wilbraham and Chris Cutler who traveled from the
Cape to take part, and Ginty and Kate Melvill who braved some wild weather in their travels all
the way from Zambia. Many thanks to all of you, your attendance was much appreciated. John
and Barbara Allison also deserve special mention for completing the rally in their
Messerschmitt KR201, a vehicle more suited to a gentle trip to the local supermarket.

The success of the event was once again largely due to the dedication and hard work put in by
Ken and Barbara Sink and Ron and Haverley Dukes. We are indeed fortunate to have them as
club members.

I owe an apology to Grant Vacy-Lyle whom I did not adequately acknowledge at the prize
giving for his generosity in organizing the magnificent Fragram Tool prizes.

On an unpleasant note I regret to report that our club has suffered theft of magazines from our
stock which was to be put on sale at our “Plums in May”. There was a similar occurrence at the
same time last year. It is extremely disappointing and annoying to think that there may be
individuals among our membership who could resort to this type of dishonesty.

And on a desperate note we are appealing for volunteers to take over the organization of our
rally from Ken and Barbara Sink. After 21 years they deserve a break and would like to
participate as entrants in future rallies. Ken and Barbara have more than earned that right. Ken
would fully train whoever is prepared to do the job and provide backup assistance but we need
an early response because planning starts many months prior to the event. Don‟t let our Rally

Elsewhere is this edition is a report on our Mercury Bike Show held on the 21, 22 and 23 July.

Safe and Trouble Free Riding.

Alan Young
We welcome Ken Jennings and Thomas Schubert who were successful at Ballot on 3.6.2006.
Enjoy the club guys.
Wednesday morning saw us setting off nice and early on our way to the rally. The weather
when we left Durban was not the greatest and slowly the sky grew greyer and darker, and the
temperature got lower and lower. A pit stop at Estcourt confirmed that Wimpy is still your
friend. Bacon and eggs and mega coffee certainly raised our spirits and, despite the odd drops
of rain, we were feeling good.
By the time we arrived at Drakensville it was pretty chilly, very cloudy and we couldn‟t even
see the mountains for mist and cloud. A braai was arranged at our house and when Big Ron
and Haverley Dukes arrived with a rather large bottle of Old Brown, things began to take on a
new light. A great braai was had by all and slowly the party unwound and everyone drifted off
to get an early night.
Next morning we awoke to see the mountains covered in snow. The Flat tank boys readied their
machines and after a leisurely breakfast they set out on their run, accompanied by a couple of
other bikers. We had a really pleasant although rather cool ride .By lunchtime we were back at
the resort and everyone agreed it had been great. After lunch the competitors started to arrive
and the rally atmosphere really began. After a quick competitors meeting it was off to supper
and the pub.
Friday we had an excellent run through Golden Gate and an equally good lunch at the
Fouriesburg Country Inn. The temperatures were a little on the low side for some riders but
nobody threw in the towel so it couldn‟t have been too bad.
Saturday warmed up quite nicely resulting in a great ride. The route as John Allison called it
was “A test of man and machine”. A nice change was that we returned to the resort for lunch.
Prize-giving went off well after an excellent dinner and the overall opinion was that this was
one of the best rallies ever.
Well done Ken and Barbara, Ron and Haverley, Alan, and the teams of marshals and all the
other people who contributed to the success of our 21st Natal Classic.
TROPHY WINNERS - 2006 Natal Classic.
1st Overall                Gavin Lumley
2 Overall                  Aubrey Cilliers/ Salome van Niekerk
3 Overall                  Roy Moore
1 Class A                  Ginty Melvill
1 Class B                  Jayson Anderson
1 Class C                  Gary Brown
1 British Bike             Chris Cutler
1 CMC Rider                Stuart Anderson
1 Day One                  Aubrey Cilliers/ Salome van Niekerk
1 Day Two                  Gavin Lumley
1 Two Up                   Hennie/Heather van Zyl
Best Youngest Rider        Graeme Leies
Best Oldest Rider          Fritz Kraehmer
1 BMW                      Kevin Solomon
Best Novice                Barry van der Merwe
Pre 1940                  Tony Beswick
Oldest Bike               Spider Wilbraham
Tiddlers Trophy           John/Barbara Allison
Best Norton/AJS           Bob/Jacqueline Baker
Best Oriental             Denis Pullon
Team Trophy               VMC Cape
Best Club Performance     CMC of Natal
Most Sporting Rider       Bruno Kausch
Hard luck Trophy          Jim Williamson
Stone Last                Dick Maizey

                             21st NATAL CLASSIC RALLY
                                (26 to 28 MAY 2006)
                             KR201 MESSERSCHMITT

The 21st running of this event was indeed a true classic with all the magical ingredients.
Majestic snow capped mountains, staggering mountain passes and some intriguing minor roads,
clever, but not tricky, route selection. Added to this, the bracing mountain air and the
challenging road surfaces, all the more tricky in the „Mighty Messerschmitt” with its 3
wheelbarrow sized wheels. We bestowed the title of “PHD”. (Pot Hole Dodger) upon it.
The willing little beast, to the astonishment of the other 45 venerable competitors, not only
conquered all that the demanding route pitted against it, but won its class in fine style, all the
more remarkable since we only completed its refurbishment the day before the rally.
My thanks to a brave wife/navigator, who sat in the tail gunner‟s seat. Well-done Barbara and
welcome back to rallying.
Those who had reservations about entering the event but came none-the-less were reassured by
the most efficient but yet relaxed manner of the revitalized team who obviously had taken care
of all the fine details and planning that goes into the making and preparation of a fine event,
from the moment we arrived at documentation to the final control. It went like „CLOCK
WORK‟. The Master Rally Clock, by the way, being a massive illuminated “DIGITAL L.E.D.
DISPLAY”, was totally accurate and foolproof.
I know I reflect the feelings of all who participated in this magnificent event. An event that will
silence those who may have been critical of previous events. The Natal Classic has achieved the
pinnacle of success. It is back on top where it belongs in the Calendar of the Classic and
Vintage Bike Calendar
My congratulations to the “Sinks and Dukes” and the whole team of Officials and Marshals
who deserve the highest accolade for a job well done and a rally well run. May our delight and
enjoyment serve as their reward.
Let us not forget they do it as they always have for the last 21 years. FOR US!
And the Love of our Sport.
I am reminded of the old Simon and Garfunkel song.
“Still crazy after all these Years”.
Aren‟t we all?
                                 DO NOT MISS IT NEXT YEAR!!!
                                        John and Barbara Allison
Dear Ken
How time flies – a week ago we were hard at work counting white lines in the Winterton area!
Of course Chris Cutler and I had plenty of time to reflect on the rally on our homeward journey
and we join in expressing our thanks and appreciation to you and Barbara, Ron and Hav and all
your team members for a well run and most enjoyable event.
What a pity you could not arrange Friday‟s wind for another day! However, I have no doubt it
added another dimension to the event in testing the skill of riders. The Fouriesburg legs were
great. We found your Saturday after lunch sojourn into the Berg an interesting and challenging
one with the absence of white lines, but would have welcomed a Marshal in the second bit.
However, we understand the difficulties of finding and leapfrogging these special people.
Interestingly, I have received a number of calls from fellows who chose not to take part and I
was pleased to give them a most positive report. Hopefully they will join us next year.
With kind regards.
Spider Wilbraham.

Actually it‟s all over and many of us can get
back to our normal routines.
Those members who helped prepare the
venue, put bikes on display or did guard
duty can give themselves a pat on the back
for a job well done,
Barbara can have a holiday in Spain at the
club‟s expense …… just kidding, but once
again she has done an outstanding job in
putting the whole show together.
If you are not at the sharp end you just can‟t
                                                 appreciate how much work she does to ensure
                                                 the success of the event.

                                                 Apart from Barbara there are a few others who
                                                 deserve mention.

                                                 Mike Mathews, who organized the guards for
                                                 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and did
                                                 duty himself. The guards – Dave Stone, Rod
                                                 Thomas, Howie Sink, Rob Wiles, Jock
                                                 Adamson, Gerald Hall, Bill Hill, Steve Horn, and
Marsh Page (all three nights!)

Our gatekeepers and treasurer, Sue Wellbeloved,
Hav Dukes and Ron Dukes. Bill Speight who
lent his uninsured bakkie to Doug Cruickshank to
transport bikes.
Ian Groat, a visitor who came all the way from
the Reef to put his Manx Nortons on display.
Mike Zalanckas (not a member) who loaned Fire
extinguishers for the Marquees.
Congratulations to Ken and Barbara Sink for the Best Classic Stand (and the judge was an
impartial outsider.)
One Trade exhibitor who shall remain nameless withdrew from the show because they did not
like the area allocated to them. their loss is greater than ours.
Everybody I spoke to, Trade, Club members and visitors expressed their satisfaction with the
Well done all!

Alan Young.

And a big “Thank You” to Alan for his assistance, support and video filming.

KEEPING IT UP by Hein Jonker
(This article is reproduced with the kind permission of Hein Jonker and Bike Talk Magazine)

Group Riding
Motorcycling is primarily a solo activity, but for many, riding as a group -- whether with
friends on a Sunday morning ride or with an organized motorcycle rally -- is the epitome of the
motorcycling experience. Here are some tips to help ensure a fun and safe group ride:
Arrive prepared. Arrive on time with a full gas tank.
Hold a riders' meeting. Discuss things like the route, rest and fuel stops, and hand signals.
Assign a lead and sweep (tail) rider. Both should be experienced riders who are well-versed in
group riding procedures. The leader should assess everyone's riding skills and the group's riding
Keep the group to a manageable size, ideally five to seven riders. If necessary, break the group
into smaller sub-groups, each with a lead and sweep rider.
Ride prepared. At least one rider in each group should pack a cell phone, first-aid kit, and full
tool kit, so the group is prepared for any problem that they might encounter.
Ride in formation. The staggered riding formation (see diagram below) allows a proper space
cushion between motorcycles so that each rider has enough time and space to maneuver and to
react to hazards. The leader rides in the right third of the lane, while the next rider stays at least
one second behind in the right third of the lane; the rest of the group follows the same pattern.
A single file formation is preferred on a curvy road, under conditions of poor visibility or poor
road surfaces, entering/leaving highways, or other situations where an increased space cushion
or maneuvering room is needed.
Avoid side-by-side formations, as they reduce the space cushion. If you suddenly needed to
swerve to avoid a hazard, you would not have room to do so. You don't want handlebars to get
Periodically check the riders following in your rear view mirror: If you see a rider falling
behind, slow down so they may catch up. If all the riders in the group use this technique, the
group should be able to maintain a fairly steady speed without pressure to ride too fast to catch
If you're separated from the group, don't panic. Your group should have a pre-planned
procedure in place to regroup, don't ride beyond your skills to catch up.
For mechanical or medical problems, use a cell phone to call for assistance as the situation

The club has been asked if about 6 to 8 members could display their bikes
and/or old cars at Athol Heights Primary School, 52 Methven Road, Westville
from 10h00 until 14h00 as part of a fund raiser. Please speak to Rod Thomas
if you can help. (phone 031 7621509 Cell 073 3656494

WORK PARTY 19 August at 09h00.
A work party will take place at 09h00 on 19.8.2006 to remove and sort all the items that are
stored in the Clubhouse ceiling.
Your help would be appreciated.
                                                                                July 2006 Newsletter
The latest sales figures for June are that 62,701 new cars and trucks were sold in South Africa.
This means that 2090 new vehicles will have taken to the roads every day during that month
alone. The worst part is that not all the drivers have legitimate licences. This is because the wait
for an appointment for learners is about 6 months and the same for the driving test, unless of
course a reasonable amount of cash changes hands. R2, 500 apparently can buy you the whole
lot as a package deal in a matter of days.
What has this to do with the old car movement, one may well ask. The answer is: safety of our
cars as well as ourselves. The modern driver does not take much notice of red robots, stop signs
or solid white lines. Modern cars have bright indicator lights front and back. Amber globes
have taken the place of amber glass or plastic in the lights in many cases.
Looking at the cars on the Milligan I was surprised to see how few actually had separate
indicators front or rear. The U.S. cars from the late 40‟s had indicators, but these were part of
the tail lights or front parking lights, and flashed red or white, which is not a satisfactory
situation. Also the stop light goes out when that side is flashing. The front lights could be made
a little safer if amber globes were used, but the rear really needs two new wires and separate
lights to make them more visible. Ideally new indicator lamps front and rear would be the
Sommige van die ouer motors het geen flikker ligte nie, en net een rooi agter lig. Ek weet ons
gebruik nie die motors in die aand, maar op die Milligan was daar een oggend baie mis, en
onvoldoende ligte maak dit „n onveilige rit.
Anders gestel, „n stel ligte, skakelaar en flikker sal nie meer as R300 kos nie. Wat se herstel kan
jy op enige voertuig vir daardie geld doen?
Ons is nog steeds gelukkig om ons motors op publieke paaie te mag gebruik. Laat ons nie die
noodlot tart sodat die owerhede ons voorreg wegneem, omdat ons motors nie basiese
veiligheids aspeckte soos ligte, het nie.
„n Paar jaar tevore het John Meeks voorgestel dat alle ou motors „n flicker lig in die agter
venster moet he. Ek dink hy het voorgestel die tipe lig wat gebruik word deur fiets ryers, wat
beskikbaar is vir „n minimale koste. Op daardie stadium het dit verkeerd geklink, maar in
retrospek sou dit van groot hulp gewees het in die Kaapse mis.
6th August 2006 is the old favourite, the POMC Cars in the Park, this time at a new venue,
Swartkops Raceway.
The Vaal Old Wheels Club is hosting a 3 day event on 1st, 2nd and 3rd September 2006 on the
banks of the Vaal River in Vanderbijlpark. This is a fun outing for the whole family. This is a
very ambitious endeavor. For most of us, organising a one day event is quite enough. Let‟s give
them every support.
October 2007 is the date for the Riley Rendezvous. Any Riley owners interested can get more
details from Michael Davies on or fax 031-705 4778.
The SAVVA AGM is being held on the 16th September 2006. If you are unhappy with
anything, now is the time to tell your club delegate so that the matter can be raised on the day.
Remember that the Piston Ring swop meet is on the next day, 17th September 2006.
Best regards and happy motoring from the Kingdom of the Zulu.
I have been busy for sometime restoring a 1938 BSA Empire Star 500cc OHV motorcycle.
Possibly because it is not eligible for the D.J. it does not evince much interest in Durban (or
South Africa.) This is puzzling because it is quite an historic machine.
A tuned up version was ridden at Brooklands by Wal Handley who was a top class racer in his
day. Although he had retired, he was enticed out of retirement for this one ride, and lapped
Brooklands at over 100 mph. In those days anyone lapping at over 100 mph was awarded the
Brooklands Gold Star. The BSA management was so impressed with this that the following
year the BSA Gold Star was introduced. Thus was the Gold Star born. Even today the family
resemblance of BSA‟s is very evident.

This is a case of ''write & be damned'', but the one incident in my motor cycling career that I
shall always remember even when all others are fading from my progressively befuddled brain,
will be one going back to 1962, when I was an apprentice fitter in the then, Royal Rhodesian
Air Force, stationed in Salisbury. I had a 1952, sprung hub, Triumph speed twin, my first form
of motorised transport ever, bought with savings, from an ex school chum in Bulawayo. Not an
ideal bike for some of the rather rough secondary ''strip'' roads at that time, being ''sprung'' hub,
but none the less, my P& Joy!!

Come one Friday with the rare chance of a week end off duty, my room mate Ken, also ex
Bulawayo, & I decided to take a trip there & ''check it out'' as they say today. How to get there?
On the boney of course. Oh, the exuberance of youth. So we set off, two up, minimum kit, at
about dusk.

Salisbury to Bulawayo was about 400 kms. & I well remember there were numerous bad, dusty
detours to contend with & as it would be, just to add to the fun, it was ''blerry cold‟‟. Well, the
corrugations & notorious Triumph vibrations put paid to the headlight before we‟d got very far.
What to do? No options now. We pressed on in the pitch dark, hoping ''night vision'' would
enable us to progress. It is amazing how ones eyes do adapt in the dark, but there are limitations
as we were to find out. Of course the odd car approaching ruins it all for a while.

Getting on near to Bulawayo now, early hours of the morning, frozen stiff, & just wanting to
get this hell over with, we were boring along when we passed very, VERY close to several grey
shapes in the middle of the road. What were those? We had miraculously just missed hitting
some donkeys!!

The memory of that ride still haunts me, especially the thought of how close I came to killing
the both of us. Needless to say I've never liked riding at night since, & should the headlamp
clock out, I'll walk thanks very much!!

LIBRARY – Dave Stone
Thanks to all who have donated books & magazines for the library recently. They are much
appreciated, & will expand our '' browsers'' section with some good reading. The w/shop
manuals have been included in the marques section for loan to aspiring restorers.
There are bundles of older, but good quality reading M/C magazines for sale at R20 bundle. See
me for details.
Dave Stone.
Think Biker Safety and join the national motorcycle safety awareness drive. The Think Bike
Campaign highlights some key safety concerns and urges riders and motorists to help reduce
motorcycle accidents through:

Increased awareness of, and alertness about, motorcycles on the road. Training and education
initiatives for bikers, and the wearing of proper protective gear.

Bikers and drivers across the country are encouraged to participate in the campaign‟s awareness
raising activities. Become involved and spread the message of safety. Put stickers on all your
vehicles, wear the campaign branded t-shirt, e-mail your friends and register for Think Bike

(The Think Bike Campaign is a registered non-profit organisation.).


I‟m sorry to report that Mike Butler‟s condition has worsened and he is seriously ill. Our
thoughts and prayers go to Jenny and family members.
Also in and out of hospital have been Barney and Phyllis Barnett and we wish them a speedy
recovery and look forward to seeing them at future club meetings.
Joan Meldrum has undergone surgery and we wish her a speedy recovery.
To all our other “Walking Wounded” we thank you for your dedication to attending club
functions despite your setbacks.

It is with regret that we record the passing of Len de Kramer. Len joined the Club in 1994 and
was a regular attendee at our monthly main meetings until he fell ill.
Our sympathy and condolences go to his wife and family members. He will be remembered on
our Roll of Honour.
Our sympathy and condolences go to Edwin White, Bianca and family on the loss of his father,
and to Chris James and family on the loss of his mother.
Eye of the Fish Eagle
On 3.6.2006 the eagle‟s eye saw 4 bikes on show, 13 in the Paddyfield and one sidecar.
Congratulations to John Paul for winning the Showbike Trophy.

The keen eye of the Fish eagle spotted 3 bikes on show, as well as 5 in the Classic Park, 1
sidecar and 22 bikes in the Paddyfield. Congratulations to Ray Nell whose BSA won the
Concours Trophy.
100 Club:
3.6.2006           1.    R500               Gerald Hall
                   2.    R20 Barcard        Wayne Bagley
                   3.    R10 Barcard        Shirley Jensen

Liz‟s Raffle was won by Gerald Hall

1.7.2006           1.    R500               Rob Wiles
                   2.    R20 Barcard        Raymond Meyer
                   3.    R10 Barcard        Bob Cogill

SPCA Raffle
1st Prize          Boswell (Des Pistorius‟ dog.)
2nd Prize          Graham Gain
3rd Prize          Rob Wiles
For Sale
Royal Enfield 1959 Clipper 250 - With original logbook and manual. R 7000.00
Call Tim - 039 -971 9219 or 083 626 9929

1981 BMW R100RS. 35000 kms. Panniers. Original condition. R25000.00
Phone Ashleigh Hamer .031 2660198 or Cell 082 5143054
1980 CBX 1000cc R25000.00 Phone Michael Timm 082 411 097
Camshaft for BSA 250 C15.
Call Hans - 039 - 695 0730 or 083 278 4697

Wanted - Honda 450 Black Bomber spares
- All the gauges -
-Silencer - even an old one so that I can get the correct shape to have them made up from
stainless steel.
-side covers
- A picture or pamphlet.
And last but not least a workshop manual.
Thanx - Ian Laight - Scottburgh 0835644347-0399761050
N.B: - VTBA =          Venue to be announced
      KZN / SCR =      KwaZulu Natal Short Circuit Racing
      VSCC =           Vintage Sports Car Club

                                              Main Meeting “Post Classic Trophy”.1981 to
Saturday 5                                    1995. SAVVA dating not required. Winner by
                                              popular vote.
                                              KZN /SCR at Masons Mill. Enquiries to Geoff
Sunday 6th
                                              Isaacs or Bob West.
Tuesday 8th                                   Committee meeting 19h30

Saturday 12th                                 Midlands Meeting VSCC clubhouse Oribi Pmb
                                              Club to Club Breakfast Run leaves the
Sunday 13th
                                              clubhouse at 07h30.
Thursday 17th/Friday 18th/Saturday 19th       Transvaal “Magnum Regularity Trial”
                                              WORK PARTY 09h00
Saturday 19th
                                              Social Meeting 12h30
Friday 25th                                   Braai night 18h30

                                              Main Meeting 12h30 “Best Sidecar Trophy”
Saturday 2                                    Outfits from any era. SAVVA dating not
                                              applicable. Winner by popular vote.
                                              WARTBURG ECONOMY RUN Enquiries to
Sunday 3rd
                                              Derek Pirie
Wednesday 6th                                 Committee meeting 19h30

Saturday 9th                                  Midlands Meeting VSCC clubhouse Oribi Pmb
                                              Pinetown Street Racing, enquiries to Bob West
Sunday 10th
                                              or Geoff Isaacs
Wednesday 14th                                Deadline for Shoptorque

Saturday 16th                                 SAVVA AGM

Saturday 16th                                 Social Meeting 12h30
                                              KZN / SCR at Masons Mill. Enquiries to Geoff
Sunday 17th
                                              Isaacs or Bob West
Friday 29th                                   Braai night 18h30
                            Main Meeting 12h30. Best AJS/Matchless
Saturday 7                  SAVVA dating not applicable. Winner by
                            popular vote.
Wednesday 11th              Committee Meeting 19h30

Saturday 14th               Midlands Meeting VSCC clubhouse Oribi Pmb
                            KZM / SCR at Masons Mill Enquiries to Bob
Sunday 15th
                            West or Geoff Isaacs
Saturday 21st               Social Meeting 12h30
                            Breakfast Run in aid of SOUTH COAST
Sunday 22                   HOSPICE. Departs clubhouse 07h30 All
                            members/family/friends welcome.
Friday 27th                 Braai night 18h30

                            Main Meeting 12h30 “Best Classic Racer”
Saturday 4th                Trophy. Any racer, any era.
                            Winner by popular vote.
                            KZN / SCR at Masons Mill enquiries to Geoff
Sunday 5th
                            Isaacs or Bob West
Wednesday 8th               Committee Meeting 19h30

Friday 10th/Saturday 11th   “Fairest Cape Regularity Trial”
                            Midlands Meeting 12h30 VSCC clubhouse
Saturday 11th
                            Oribi Pmb.
Wednesday 15th              Deadline for Shoptorque
                            “Strawberries in November” swap meet
Saturday 18th
                            12h00. Social meeting 12h30
                            Breakfast Run to Howick Falls leaves
Sunday 19th
                            clubhouse at 07h30.
Friday 24th                 Braai Night 18h30

Saturday 25th               ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 14H00
                                                Main Meeting 12h30 “Day of the Harley” No
Saturday 2nd
                                                voting. No trophy. Free lucky draw.
Saturday 2nd/Sunday 3rd                         Motorcycle festival at Masons Mill
                                                Breakfast Run to Masons Mill. Leaves
Sunday 3rd
                                                clubhouse at 07h30
                                                Year end Committee Meeting and Race
Wednesday 6th                                   Meeting 19h30 followed by snacks and
                                                Midlands Meeting 12h30 VSCC Clubhouse
Saturday 9th
                                                Oribi Pmb
                                                Social meeting 12h30
Saturday 16th
                                                Kiddies Xmas Party 14h00
Saturday 23rd                                   Xmas Eve traditional afternoon braai 12h00 on.

Sunday 31st                                     New Years Eve Social 19h00 on
NB. It is possible that one Masons Mill event
     could be swapped for an event at
     Richards Bay new track.
The following are dates and venues for CBR
 (150cc) events
Sunday 5th March                                Masons Mill

Saturday 25th March                             Phakisa

Saturday 29th April                             Kyalami

Sunday 14th May (Mothers Day)                   Sun Coast Casino

Saturday 10th June                              Pietersburg

Saturday 8th July                               Swartkops

Sunday 6th August                               Masons Mill

Sunday 10th September                           Pinetown Street Racing

Sunday 17th September                           Idube

Saturday 21st October                           Swartkops

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