Petition on application for change of name by Blackbigcat2009


									Petition on application for change of name by husband and wife. In the Matter of the Application of _________ and _________ for themselves and on behalf of _________, an infant, asking for leave to change their names to _________, _________ and _________ To the Honorable _________, County Judge of _________ County: The petition of _________ and _________, respectfully alleges: 1. The petitioners are husband and wife, and reside at _________, in the city of _________, _________ county, _________, and have resided at that address for the past _________ years. 2. The petitioners were both born in the state of _________, and are both natural born citizens of the United States. 3. The petitioners were married on the _________ day of _________, _________ [date], at _________, _________ and _________ has been born to them and resides with them at the address described above. 4. Petitioner _________ is _________ years of age having been born at _________ on the _________ day of _________, _________ [date]. 5. Petitioner _________ is _________ years of age having been born at _________ on the _________ day of _________, _________ [date]. 6. The infant son of the petitioners is _________ years of age having been born at _________ on the _________ day of _________, _________ [date]. 7. Annexed to and made a part hereof are the birth certificates [or certified transcripts of birth, or certificates of the commissioner of local board of health and that no birth certificate is available] for each petitioner and for the infant son of the petitioners. 8. Petitioner _________ is in the _________ business and is presently employed by the _________. 9. Neither of the petitioners have ever been convicted of any crimes, or ever been adjudicated a bankrupt; and there are no judgments or liens of record against either of them; nor are there any claims, demands, liabilities, bonds, obligations or contracts of any kind whatsoever on any written instrument or otherwise against the petitioners, or to which the petitioners are a party. There are no actions or proceedings pending of any kind or nature to which petitioners are parties. No proceedings in bankruptcy have been instituted against either of the petitioners nor have either of them made an assignment for the benefit of creditors. The petitioners have no creditors who will be adversely affected or prejudiced in any way by the proposed change of names, and, to the best of the petitioners information and belief, there are no persons at all who will be adversely affected or prejudiced by the relief sought herein.

10. Petitioner _________ desires leave to assume the name of _________, and petitioner _________ leave to assume the name of _________. Petitioners desire to have the name of their child changed from _________ to _________. 11. The reasons for the desire of petitioners to request permission to change their names are that their present last name is difficult to spell and pronounce and has been a handicap to petitioner _________ in his business and social relationships; and petitioners feel that they do not want their infant son to have to labor under the handicap of going through life with so long and so foreign sounding a name. 12. No previous application for the relief sought herein has been made. Wherefore, the petitioners respectfully request that an order, in form and in substance as hereto annexed, be made and entered. _________ [date]. _________, Petitioner _________, Petitioner (Verification)

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