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									New Site Reveals How To Increase Bench Press Fast

New muscle building website,, has just gone live. To celebrate
the launch the website has released a wealth of tips on how to increase bench press

The company believe that it is the sign of a man that can do a big bench press down at
the gym. It is a sign of strength and one of the main questions that fellow gym members
tend to ask each other just before a workout.

Here are the main points covered in the new site:

1. Proper warm up. Often, you will find that your bench press will suffer because your
muscles are not properly warmed up. They feel stiff and weak. It is essential to do a
warm up and stretches to get the blood pumping around your body. A short job on the
tread mill as a good way to get the blood flowing through those arms and chest muscles.

2. Workout without weights. Sometimes you can overtrain, so one suggestion is to take a
week or two off from the gym. Instead, do a daily workout of push ups. Do hundreds of
push-ups. Whilst this will only increase your muscle endurance and will not increase
bench press strength, you will find that when you get back to the gym you will be
refreshed and actually able to lift much heavier weights that you could do before.

3. Work those triceps. You may well find that the triceps reach failure before your chest
muscles. This can be very frustrating because your pecs are ready for more action, but
your triceps give out on you. One way to overcome this is to put extra attention on
building up your triceps. Alternatively you could make your chest muscles reach failure
before your triceps by pre-exhausting them. Do a few push-ups right before you start
your bench press and see what happens.

These 3 tips will help to increase bench press strength, and fast. The key thing to
remember is to use good form, a solid grip, and do each rep at a slow and steady pace.
Then apply the 3 tips. The triceps often get in the way of a powerful bench press and
working them extra hard is a way to overcome this. Keep working hard at the gym and
your results will surely come.

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