CSS by leanbean20


									CSS is Cascading Styles Sheet; it is used to more so decorate the web page. You can
change the color of text, move around widgets, and customize clip art and font. CSS
allows you to specify your own selectors called “ID” and “class.” You can style
backgrounds, text, links, and tables, as well as add photos and animations all by using
CSS. For instincts there are three websites that uses CSS in three unique ways: Adobe
Studios which uses CSS to help user create Photoshop picture with animations and etc,
ESPN uses CSS to upload videos of the latest sports games and give links so that you
can explore other parts of the site, and one website that actually lets you gets hands on
with CSS is MySpace, it allows users to edit font, background, pictures, colors,
animations, etc by editing the HTML codes within the users profile. You can best utilize
cascading style sheets for web development by making your website fun and easy to
use for users browsing your site.

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