CARO EMERALD by liaoqinmei


									                                  CARO EMERALD
                                            The number 1 album
                                      Released on October 18th 2010
                                                ‘BACK IT UP’
                               Debut UK single released October 4th 2010
                                   On Dramatico Records / Grand Mono

“New Orleans… 1951… a bar full of genius players – double dealing, sweet talking players with more on their mind
 than numbers – converge where the hustlers lay on the sugar thicker than the cheap wine that flows in the back
rooms of the gambling halls. Eyes shift to the white girl who is obviously lost, or from out of town. And as soon as
the timpani plays and she grabs the microphone, her voice moves from pariah to Princess of the Pleasure Dome. A
                                           coincidence? No, not really…”

‘Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor’ has now spent a record breaking 27 weeks at number 1 in the
Dutch album chart. A winning, assured debut and one of the finest and most individual pop records of 2010
‘Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor’ draws from a rich pool of swing and jazz influences. Samba,
jazz, bossa nova and mambo all rub sepia-tinged shoulders on this neo-swing pop album with its recurring
theme of love and loyalty, flirtation and frustration.

First single ‘Back It Up’, with its feisty, sassy, Xylophone-infused Americano sound, is the sound of swapped
glances across a crowded dancefloor. It’s the sound of a party that begins late and carries on until the sun
rises. It’s a song about dancing, flirting and a declaration of independence. With her debut single, Caro
Emerald announces herself with the sort of sassy, whipsmart pop that will have the likes of Lily Allen and
Mark Ronson pricking up their ears. Her smouldering vocals update the classic Americano sound with a
contemporary sheen and suggestive lyrics over a melting pot of sounds and influences – yet the sound is
entirely, inimitably that of an exciting new artist.

The story of Caro Emerald and ‘Back It Up’ is a true example of how word-of-mouth can lead to an overnight
smash. An impromptu performance of the song on a local TV station in her native Holland led to an
overwhelming clamour to hear more of the phenomenally exciting new singer. Once a video – shot for next
to nothing – had been posted on Youtube, the response was deafening; Caro was being begged by people
she had never met to make the song available to own.

Yet with only one song to her name, Caro and her producers David Schreurs, Jan van Wieringen and Vince
Degiorgio first set about crafting a whole album of original material inspired by her love of 40’s and 50’s film
and music, with an emphasis on contemporary pop melodies and production. ‘Deleted Scenes From The
Cutting Room Floor’ was the result.

Caro Emerald has seen her stock rise with astonishing speed since ‘Back It Up’ first made waves back home a
little over a year ago. Since the Dutch release of ‘Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor’ in January,
she has spent over 6 months on top of the album chart, and is currently certified triple platinum. A new
signing to Dramatico Records in the UK, Caro and her accessible, dancefloor-inspired music are now in hot
demand all across Europe.

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