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					                                                                                                       Adopt-A-Stream Workshop
                                                         Aquascience Workshop
                                                                                                  The Mississippi Wildlife Federation, along
                                                  The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant               with the Mississippi Department of
                                                  Consortium is hosting a workshop at             Environmental Quality, will hold a 2-day
                                                  Gadsden State Community College on              Adopt-A-Stream workshop at Paul B.
                                                                                                  Johnson State Park near Hattiesburg, MS,

                                                  June 8 -12, 2009. Teachers interested in
                                                  using aquaculture or aquascience in their       on June 9 -10, 2009. Two CEU credits are
                                                  classrooms to teach math, science, or           available. The registration deadline is
                                                  vocational agriculture are invited to attend.   May 15, 2009. Visit or
                                                  No prior experience is necessary and            contact Debra Veeder, Adopt-A-Stream

 Science                                          there is no charge for the workshop.
                                                  Teachers are responsible for travel,
                                                  lodging, and food expenses. Contact PJ
                                                                                                  Coordinator at

                                                                                                      Educational Summer Camps
                                                  Waters at (251) 438-5690 or

  Spots                                  Visit                       The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
                                         for more                at MSU is offering four educational
                                                  information.                                    summer camps for students, parents and
                                                                                                  teachers. Each camp has a different
           April 2009                                                                             theme, including wetland ecology, insects
                                                        School Chemical Cleanout                  and plants, and upland ecology. CEU’s
                                                          Campaign (SC3) Video                    are available. Call 662-325-6686 or go to
                                                  Communities and school districts across
                                                                                                  ation_camp/.html for more information.
   Mississippi Department of                      the country are recognizing the risk that
           Education                              improperly stored, hazardous, and
                                                  outdated chemicals pose to students, and
                                                                                                        Base Pair/SOAR Program
                                                  are creating programs to help schools
Office of Curriculum and Instruction                                                              The Howard Hughes Medical Institute and
                                                  responsibly manage their chemicals. View
                                                                                                  the University of Mississippi Medical
                                                  the video at
             601-359-2586                                                                         Center program, Base Pair/SOAR, is
                                                                                                  offering concurrent workshops entitled,
                                                  /sc3/video/index.htm to learn more about
  Science Specialist: Mary Wroten                 what is being done to remove
                                                                                                  Biotechnology: The Future is Here! and
                                                                                                  Microbiology: What Microbes Can Teach
                                                  inappropriate, outdated, unknown, and                       unnecessary chemicals from K-12
                                                                                                  Us on June 8-12 and June 29-July 3,
                                                                                                  2009. A $425 stipend, laboratory supplies,
                                                  schools; raise awareness of chemical
                                                                                                  and CEU’s, are offered. Contact
                                                  issues in schools and promote sustainable
                                                                                                  Dr. Donna Sullivan at 601-984-5561 or
  This symbol indicates items that are            solutions; and prevent future chemical
                                                                                        , or visit
new in this issue of MS Science Spots.            mismanagement through training,
                                                  curriculum change and long-term
                                                  management solutions.

                                         Mississippi Science Spots, April 2009
   Advanced Placement Institutes                         requirements for the course will also            International Year of Astronomy
                                                         receive a $500 stipend. The registration                       2009
The University of Mississippi and Millsaps               deadline is May 15, 2009. Download an
College will offer Advanced Placement                    application at                                 The International Year of Astronomy 2009
Institutes from The College Board this                 (IYA2009) announces the Global
summer as follows:                                       eacherflyer04.pdf.                             Cornerstone Project, 100 Hours of
                                                                                                        Astronomy, scheduled to take place from
University of Mississippi (July 20-July 24)--                                                           April 2-5, 2009. This is a 100-hour,                                                               round-the-clock, round-the-globe event
eacher/apinstitute.html.                                                                                that includes live webcasts from research
                                                                                                        observatories, public observing events and
Millsaps College (July 12 - July 17) --.                                                                other activities around the world. The
                                                             A Message to Students from
                                                                                                        project invites amateur astronomers,
html or call 601-974-1130 for a complete                         President Obama                        professional astronomers, educators, etc.,
brochure.                                                                                               to arrange events around the world during
                                                         In a recent message about education            this 4-day period. Learn more at
                                                         President Obama included the following
              Project MAST                               comments directed specifically to              cts/cornerstones/100hoursofastronomy/.
The Mississippi Academy for Science
Teaching (Project MAST) provides                          "No matter how innovative our schools or
                                                                                                             Inspiring Invention Contest
professional development in science                      how effective our teachers, America
content for middle school teachers in                    cannot succeed unless our students take
                                                                                                        Students in grades K-8 and 9-12 are
Mississippi and has now been expanded                    responsibility for their own education. That
                                                                                                        invited to participate in the Inspiring
to include high school teachers. Summer                  means showing up for school on time,
                                                                                                        Invention Contest. Students in each
workshops will be hosted at Jackson State                paying attention in class, seeking out extra   category will create a thirty-second public
University, June 7-19, 2009. Contact                     tutoring if it's needed, and staying out of    service announcement designed to for more information.                  trouble.                                       motivate students to pursue inventing and
                                                                                                        innovating as part of their educations and,
      Teacher/Scientist Institute                        And to any student who's watching, I say       later, in their careers. The public service
                                                         this: don't even think about dropping out of   announcement topics shall be focused on
Nine teachers of grades 4-12 are invited to              school. As I said a couple of weeks ago,       ideas for an invention that improves a
join research scientists for the Central Gulf            dropping out is quitting on yourself, it's     sport, game, or hobby. Details may be
of Mexico - Center for Ocean Science                     quitting on your country, and it is not an     found at
Education Excellence CGOM-COSEE                          option - not anymore…Not when our high
Scientist-Teacher Institute, which includes              school dropout rate has tripled in the past    ention/contest.cfm. The application
five days in residence for field activities in           thirty years. Not when high school             deadline is March 15, 2009.
either Alabama or Louisiana, and 10 days                 dropouts earn about half as much as
of distance-learning during July. The                    college graduates. And not when Latino
content focus is coastal processes,                      students are dropping out faster than just        Third Annual Gravity-Driven
habitats and organisms, and marine                       about anyone else. It is time for all of us,    Catapult (Trebuchet) Competition
technology. The grant provides room and                  no matter what our backgrounds, to come        The University of Mississippi School of
board, a wealth of ocean sciences
                                                         together and solve this epidemic."             Engineering and the Mississippi Junior
education materials, and instruction.
Participants who satisfactorily complete                                                                Academy are inviting all students in
                                                                                                        grades 7-12 to participate in the Third   2

                                                 Mississippi Science Spots, April 2009
Annual Gravity-Driven Catapult                                                                                 Color Me Physics
(Trebuchet) Competition on April 21, 2009.
Registration forms, a list of participants,                                                         Color Me Physics is a series of books
and students’ t-shirt sizes must be                                                                 created to introduce children to physics in
submitted by April 7, 2009. For more                       New Free Google Resources                a fun, exciting way. Color Me Physics:
information, contact Maxine Woolsey at                                                              Coloring Book introduces children to or 662-915-1849.                  Google Inc. recently announced the           physics and some of its most famous
                                                       launch of “Ocean” in Google Earth, a new     characters. The book includes a coloring
      Project MAST Scholarship                         feature that enables users of Google Earth   page and short description for each of the
                                                       to dive beneath the water surface, explore   ten physicists featured. Color Me Physics:
A full scholarship for those interested in             3D underwater terrain, and browse ocean-     Activity Book contains games and puzzles.
becoming high school teachers of physics               related content contributed by leaders in    To learn more, go to
or physical science is available through               ocean science and advocacy. “Mars 3D,”
the Mississippi Science Partnership Office             Google's newest virtual tour of the galaxy   colormephysics/index.cfm.
at Jackson State University. E-mail                    enables travel to Mars with the click of a or call 601-                button. See high resolution imagery and         Free Science Lesson Plans and
979-2969 for more information.                         3D terrain, observe where various Mars           Samples from ETA/Cuisenaire
                                                       Rovers and Landers have touched down,
   2009 Thacher Scholars Award                         and much more. Google Earth can be           Key science concepts relate to fascinating
                                                       downloaded for free at                       environmental, historical, and cultural facts
The Institute for Global Environmental                            and offer a variety of opportunities to
Strategies (IGES) announces the 2009
                                                                                                    practice essential science skills, including
Thacher Scholars Award. This national
                                                                                                    organizing data, using classification
competition is for high school students to
                                                                                                    systems, designing experiments,
demonstrate the best use of geospatial                 Free "NanoLeap into New Science"             conducting investigations, identifying
technologies or data to study the Earth.
                                                                   Module                           ecosystems and species, and
Learn more at
                                                                                                    understanding and using scientific
                                                       Mid-continent Research for Education and     vocabulary. Visit the website at
                                                       Learning (McREL), and the Stanford 
                                                       Nanofabrication Facility (SNF) have          ssons/lessons.jsp or contact
                                                       released the first of two instructional to learn more.
          National EE Week,
                                                       modules from the "NanoLeap into New
           April 12-18, 2009
                                                       Science" project funded by the National               The Futures Channel
National Environmental Education (EE)                  Science Foundation (NSF). The new
Week, made possible by Canon USA, Inc.,                modules integrate real-world nanoscale       One of the main goals of The Futures
promotes understanding and protection of               science and engineering research into        Channel is to produce mini-documentaries
the natural world by creating a full week of           high school chemistry and physical           and multi-media content that educators
environmentally-themed lessons and                     science courses. Each standards-based        can use to enliven their curriculums and
activities in K-12 classrooms, nature                  module includes teacher guides,              connect mathematics, science,
centers, zoos, museums, and aquariums.                 assessments, student activities, and         technology, and engineering to the real
Register your school or organization for               experiments. Learn more at                   world. More information may be found at
National EE Week, April 12-18, 2009, by        

                                               Mississippi Science Spots, April 2009
        Do-It-Yourself Podcast                                Free Smithsonian Resources                              Teachers' Domain

NASA Education is excited to introduce                    The Smithsonian Center for Education and         “Teachers' Domain” is a free digital library
the Do-It-Yourself Podcast activity in the                Museum Studies offers a searchable               of multimedia resources for K–12
For Educators section of                    database of more than 1500 science               audiences, focusing primarily on life
Students can preview and download audio                   lessons on various topics. Lessons               sciences. Teachers and students can use
and video clips of astronauts performing                  include background information, detailed         classroom-ready streaming video clips,
work in space and on the ground. They                     descriptions of activities, and student          audio clips, and interactive activities.
can then use these clips to build their own               worksheets. Visit the website at                 There are over 150 resources from
podcast or audio/video project. To learn                 broadcast programs such as Nova, A
more and to start making podcasts, visit                  ators/index.html.                                Science Odyssey, and ZOOM. Teachers                                                                   can integrate Teachers' Domain content
s/diypodcast/index.html or contact                                   The Exploratorium                     into their existing curriculum. Learn more                                                                                at
                                                          The Exploratorium offers free hands-on
              Mop Top Shop                                activities for middle school students. The                Seeds Feed the World
                                                          activities, using easily obtained materials,
Mop Top Shop, an educational website for                  can be done at home and/or in the
                                                          classroom. Each is followed by an                “Seeds Feed the World” is a publication
children, profiles the contributions of                                                                    from the National Gardening Association.
African-Americans in the fields of science,               explanation of the scientific principles
                                                          utilized in the activity. Visit                  Teachers will discover the history of
mathematics, and technology. The site                                                                      people/seed partnerships and find ideas
provides educational games, activities,         
                                                          dson.html for more information.                  for classroom investigations. Download a
information and assessments. For more                                                                      copy from
information, visit                                                                                                                                                               d-news/seedsfeed-03.pdf.
                                                          Free Science and Our Food Supply
      Simple Machines Website                                      Curriculum Kits                               Forensics in the Classroom

Teaching simple machines is now SIMPLE                                                                     Court TV has developed, as part of a
                                                          The Science and our Food Supply
using the lesson plans, demonstrations,                                                                    continuing educational partnership with the
                                                          Curriculum, sponsored jointly by the             American Academy of Forensic Sciences,
experiments, and ideas found at                           National Science Teachers Association            “Forensics in the Classroom.” Download                 and the Food and Drug Administration,            this free standards-based curriculum
                                                          contains several useful components:              supplement at
                                                          separate guides for middle level and high
             Create A Graph
                                                          school science teachers; an interactive
Create A Graph is a free tool that allows                 video, "Dr. X and the Quest for Food
                                                          Safety"; and the comprehensive "Food              Subscribe to MS Science Spots
users to design a graph, enter data, and
generate five types of graphs. An online                  Safety A to Z Reference Guide." Visit
                                                      Administrators and educators who wish to
tutorial explains and illustrates the different
                                                                                                         subscribe to this newsletter may add their
types of graphs and provides a step-by-                   es/fda_nsta/fdacurriculum.php for more
                                                                                                         names to the mailing list by sending a blank
step guide to creating examples for                       information.
                                                                                                         email to with the
downloading and printing. Learn more at
                                                                                                         subject line, “Listserve.”

                                                  Mississippi Science Spots, April 2009

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