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					  PICC Resource Associates, LLC

  Venous Access Educators/Consultants


                                ADVANCE YOUR

Refresh                                  IV
              IV Insertion                        INSERTION

PICC CARE                               CL CARE

                                                  Phone Toll Free: 888-459-4913
               Phlebotomy                         Fax: (914) 885-1711
             PICC Resource Associates, LLC

              Venous Access Educators/Consultants

                                          2011-2012 Fall/Winter Schedule, update October 5th 2011
                                          There is no commercial support , sponsorship, or conflict of interest for the
                                          below education programs
                                                                                                                             Homewood Suites,
                                          PICC and Midline Insertion- 2 Day Program:                                         Stratford, CT
                                          (Session 1, Basics)                                                                Session 1:
                                          Education in the insertion and care of PICC & Midline catheters. Meets and         8:30 am– 5:35 pm
         PICC Insertion                   exceeds standards & guidelines for PICC insertion education.
                                                                                                                             Oct 15th, Nov 19th,
                                          (Session 2, Advanced)                                                              Jan 14th: $265.00
                                          Education in the insertion of PICC & Midline catheters using ultrasound and
                                          advanced access techniques in the upper arm.                                       Session 2:
                                          *15 .25 Contact hours will be earned upon program successful completion            8:30 am -4:30 pm
                                          Partial credit: Partial contact hour credit can be granted for attendance of one
                                          full session. To attend session 2: attendees must have recent PICC & Midline       Oct 16th, Nov 20th:
 Adv. PICC Insertion                      insertion experience, or complete Session 1. Contact us for details.               $265.00
                                                                                                                             Jan 15th: $365.00

                                          Refresher– Successful IV Insertion:                                                Date: To Be
                                          Short IV catheter insertion for "difficult sticks". Emphasis is                    Determined
                                          on techniques to improve success. Classes scheduled based                          Time: TBD
                                                                                                                             Location: TBD
                                          on demand. Call for class date or to schedule an onsite class
                                                                                                                             Price: $ 165.00
                                          for groups 4.5 class hours.
           Refresher IV
                                          Short IV Insertion:                                                                Homewood Suites,
                                          New to IV catheter insertion? Our expert instructors cover all of the basics:      Stratford, CT
                                          care, prep, venipuncture skills, and complication prevention and manage-           8:30 am - 2:00 pm
                                                                                                                             Dates: Nov 12th,
                                          ment. Call for details or to schedule an onsite class. 5.1 contact hours**
                                                                                                                             Jan 28th
                                          ONLINE AVAILABLE 24/7 accessed via our website: Approved to offer 4.0              Price: $165.00
                                          contact hours until 09/30/2013*                                                    Or Online $99.00
   Short IV Insertion
                                                             PICC and Midline Care and Maintenance:                          In-Person Dates:
                                                             Learn in depth how to assess and care for PICC and Midline      Scheduled by Group
                                                                                                                             Contract Call or
                                                             catheters. Scheduled by demand. Groups: call to schedule
                                                                                                                             email for details.
                                                             a class. 4.5 class hours.
                                                             Central Line Care and Maintenance:                              Central Line:
                                                             Detailed overview includes indications for catheter choice      Program Online
                                                             and instruction in care of central venous catheters.            $99.00
                                                             ONLINE AVAILABLE 24/7 accessed via our website. Central
                                                             Line Class Approved to offer 4.0 contact hours until
         PICC & CL Care                                      06/30/2013*
                                                                                                                             Phlebotomy for
                                          Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel:                                                  Nursing Personnel
                                          Training in phlebotomy principles, techniques and the preven-                      Online $99.00
                                              tion of sampling errors, and more. ONLINE AVAILABLE                            Offered until
                                              24/7 accessed via our website: Approved to offer 5.5 con-                      May 31, 2012
                                              tact hours until 05/31/2012**

                                          Phlebotomy Certification Class: Full phlebotomy program designed for               Phlebotomy
                                                                                                                             Certification Class
                                          healthcare professionals. Upon completion of requirements sit for the NHA          Online alone
                                          Phlebotomy Technician National Certification Exam. Online program can be           $365.00
          Phlebotomy                      completed entirely online for program attendees that submit proof of 25            Phlebotomy In-
                                                                                                                             Person Lab Class
                                          venipunctures & 10 capillary (skin) punctures completed at place of employ-        Session Dates:
                                          ment OR complete 4 Phlebotomy In-Person Lab Class sessions scheduled at            6:30 to 9:30 pm
                                          our site in Connecticut. Fill in our registration form and submit payment to       Nov. 8 ,15, 22, 26
                                                                                                                             2011 $225.00
                                          apply for the program. Individuals who are not allowed to perform phlebotomy
                                          as part of their profession may be declined registration. In these cases, the      Total Online plus
                                          program fee paid except for a $50.00 application processing fee will be re-        the 4 lab sessions
                                          funded. For info go to:           $590.00
                                          Online Or DVD ROM: IV Insertion, Central Line Care. & Phlebotomy                   Online Programs
                                                                                                                             run 24/7, Sign Up
                                          for Nursing Personnel: Enroll for 6 weeks online, or purchase a DVD ROM to         Anytime: $99.00
                                          keep the program! We use innovative, interactive formats to enhance learning.      DVD ROM Packages
                                          For details go to:              for individuals:

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by ANA-MAINE, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's COA.
                               PICC RESOURCE ASSOCIATES, LLC
                                               CLASS REGISTRATION

Date of Class                                   Name of Class(es)
Your Name                                                  Is this for a Group?
Billing Name                                                              (Needed if different and/or for credit card payments)

Billing Address
City/State/Zip                                                             Phone
Email                                        Fax
Class Site Address: Our in-person class sessions are held at the Home-
wood Suites Hotel located at 6905 Main Street, Stratford, Connecticut 06614
unless otherwise noted in this brochure. To book a room at the Homewood
Suites, call (203) 377-3322. To receive a discounted room rate, call the hotel
site directly and request the PICC Resource room rate at the time of reservation.
 Fill in Registrant(s) information below (copy & use back if needed)
   (If this is for a single attendee and information is the same as above, enter “Same” below.)
        Name               Position                Email              Home Address/City/Zip                         Phone

Total Registrants:             X Class Fee:             -(minus discount if applicable)        = Total Enclosed: $
                             Register 3 or more for discounted rates– contact us for details.
      (Exception– discount may not apply to already discounted classes, or programs with more than one instructor.)
Registration and payment can be completed by using this form and faxing or mailing it in.
Alternately; register by phone or online at our website. If you will register other than online;
please call or email us to confirm there is space available in the course(s) chosen (not nec-
essary for online sign ups). Next fill in registrant and payment information on this form to fax
or mail in. Make checks payable to: PICC Resource Associates, LLC
Mailing address:                          4 Research Drive, Suite 402
                                         Shelton, CT 06484
If faxing, fax to: (914) 885-1711. To pay by credit card fill in card information:
(Include card billing name and billing address above.)
Credit card #: _____________________ Expiration date: _________ Security Code: ____
To register online, go to: - from this page follow the directions to checkout and fill
in the online registration form.
Please include your email address if available. This will allow us to respond quickly to
confirm your registration, and follow up by sending you our travel/ hotel information file to
assist with travel arrangements .

**ACCREDITATION STATEMENT Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel Programs:
This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the New Your Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses
Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.
                                                                                                          Venous Access Educators
                                                                                                              and Consultants
Target Audience (as applicable to the course): Nurses,
advanced practitioners, and other health care professionals that
may insert IV catheters,, or insert PICC/ Midline catheters,, or
                                                                                               CLASS SCHEDULE
draw blood samples as part of their job.                                                      2011-2012 Fall/Winter
Overall Goals: PICC & Midline Insertion: The participant will
demonstrate an understanding of the principles and skills needed
to insert and care for PICC and Midline catheters..                                                Join us on our site or yours!
Short IV Insertion & Short IV Insertion-1 (Online): To instruct
nurses, and health care professionals in short IV catheter insertion
procedures, and in short IV catheter complication prevention and
management . Phlebotomy for Nursing & Phlebotomy for
Nursing –1 (Online): To instruct nurses and other health care
professionals in basic phlebotomy venipuncture, capillary puncture
procedures, and techniques for prevention of sampling errors.
About PICC Resource Associates: The company is operated
by Alice Cennamo RN, CRNI, CPI, VA-BC. Alice Cennamo started
PICC Resource Associates in 2003 with training programs for
individuals and facilities in Connecticut. In 2006 PICC Resource
Associates expanded to offering onsite programs throughout the
U.S. Alice has been a nurse since 1992 and has focused in the
specialty of infusion nursing since 1997. She has an extensive
background in IV care with clinical and leadership experience in
multiple inpatient and outpatient settings. Alice has been certi-                            Venous Access Education Programs
fied by the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation as a CRNI                                and Nurse Consulting Services
(Infusion Nurse Specialist), board certified (VA-BC) by the Vascu-
lar Access Certification Corporation, and certified as a Phlebotomy
Instructor by the National Phlebotomy Association. She is an
active member of the national Infusion Nurses Society (INS), the                                        Short IV Insertion
Association of Vascular Access,, the League of Intravenous Ther-                                   PICC & Midline Insertion
apy Education, the Connecticut League for Nursing,, the National
Nurses in Business Association, and a past President, Membership                               Phlebotomy for Nursing Personnel
Chair, and Board of Directors member of the INS Connecticut                                      Phlebotomy Certification Class
Chapter. Alice currently serves as the Internet Chairperson for                               Central Line Care and Maintenance
the INS Connecticut Chapter. In addition to Alice Cennamo, PICC

                                                                        Shelton, CT 06484
Resource Associates contracts with a few well qualified infusion                             Refresher- (for) Successful IV Insertions

                                                                        4 Research Drive
nurse specialists; who assist as Instructors and Clinical Consult-                          PICC and Midline Care and Maintenance
ants when needed.                               All of our Consult-

                                                                        Suite 402
ants are venous                                 access experts that
offer high quality                              education services to                       PICC RESOURCE ASSOCIATES, LLC
our clientele.
                                                                                                Phone Toll Free: 888-459-4913

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