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									                         Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators
                                  2011 NAME Awards
Attention NAME Members!!!!!

It is time again to take a closer look at celebrating our profession, our work, our wisdom and our
accomplishments. What can be more gratifying then honoring a peer for his/her work in the profession
of aquatic and marine education. Please share the following information!

Do you know of any deserving souls who have put their hearts into aquatic and marine education?
Here is your chance to honor and recognize the work of your peers by sending in your nomination for
outstanding marine/aquatic educator and/or organization for one of NAME's Annual Awards.

Nominations are due Friday, June 10th, 2011

Awards will be presented at the NAME conference at
Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park ,Washington, July 13-16, 2011

Please use the following nomination categories:

1) Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (Classroom)
      For effective and innovative classroom teaching at any grade level.
      (Only NAME members are eligible)

2) Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (non-classroom)
       For distinguished performance in marine/aquatic education by professionals who are not
classroom teachers. (Only NAME members are eligible)

3) Organization Award
      This new award category will be given to a non-profit or local/state/regional agency for
      leadership in marine and aquatic education.

4) Presidents Award
      This award will be given by the current NAME President to a deserving NAME member.

              Please send your nomination, e-mail or the old fashion mail system to:

                      Award Committee
                      Attn: Patrick Willis
                      OSU Extension
                      18640 NW Walker Rd., #1400
                      Beaverton, OR 97006
                      Work phone: 503) 821-1120 Cell: (503) 679-1996 Fax: (503) 690-3142
                        Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators
                            2011 Awards Nomination Form
Please answer each question fully. Additional information, letters or other materials may accompany
the nomination.

Please check the appropriate nomination category. (Mark One Only)

       ____Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (Classroom)
       ____Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (non-classroom)
       ____Outstanding Organization of the Year

1) Briefly describe the nominee or organization background.

2) Describe the successful program for which the nominee or organization was responsible.

3) How does the nominee or organization accomplishments best reflect the designated award

Nominee:___________________________ Nominator:___________________________________
Affiliation:__________________________ Affiliation:___________________________________
Address (home):______________________ Address (home):_______________________________
Phone:_____________________________ Phone:_______________________________________
E-mail______________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________

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