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					                                     Anne Frank and the Diary Investigator

Instructions: Using this existing Word document, you must answer each question completely, give the title and
the URL of the website where you found your answer. You may simple type your answers in the spaces below
each question. Be sure to save the file to you same the file to your personal drive prior to beginning your

1. Who was Anne Frank? What was she like? What kinds of things did she enjoy doing?

2. The Franks were originally from Germany but moved to Holland. Why did Otto Frank relocate his family?

3. What finally prompted Otto Frank to take the family into hiding?

4. It was dangerous to be a Jew during Hitler’s Third Reich. What were some of the dangers the Franks faced?

       How did Hitler limit the freedom of the Jewish population?

5. Who are the four “helpers” involved in assisting the Franks? Describe their relationship to Otto Frank. How
did each assist the Family?

6. The Frank family, along with another family and a dentist, hid for over two years. Discuss the problems the
inhabitants of the “secrete annex” faced during their hiding.

7. Describe Anne’s life after the family is betrayed and captured.

8. Anne Frank revised her diary. Why did she do this?

9. After the Gestapo comes for the Franks, Miep Gies saves Anne’s diary. Why?
10. Anne Frank’s diary has been translated into dozens of different languages and is read throughout the world.
Why has the diary had such and enormous impact?

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