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CauseWay - Junior League of St


                                                            Volume 11, Issue 4
                                                                October 2008

    A Publication of the Junior League of St. Petersburg

                         Care Fair Committee 2008
                      COMMUNITY ADVISORY BOARD 2008 - 2009

Upcoming Events:                                           Inside this Issue:
General                                                    New Member Bios
Membership                                                 pg 6-7
Meeting Tues.
Oct.21st                                                   Margarita Mixer
                                                           pg 10
Glam Night / Gift
Gallery                                                    Gift Gallery shifts
Oct.23rd - 24th                                            pg 11
Resurrection House                                         Community Advisory
Nov. 15th                                                  Board Pg 15
Junior League of St. Petersburg
                                                                                                                               IN THIS ISSUE

                                                                                                 President’s Perspective                                                    3

                                                                                                 Community Council                                                       4-5

                                                                                                 Membership Council                                                      6-9

                                                                                                 Development Council                                                  10 - 11
                                                MISSION STATEMENT
                                     The Junior League of St. Petersburg is an
                                       organization of women committed to                        Sustainer Advisor feature                                                12
                                      promoting voluntarism, developing the
                                      potential of women and improving the                       Organizational Chart                                                     14
                                  community through the effective action and
                                  leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose
                                    is exclusively educational and charitable.                   “U Complete Us”                                                          15

                                                  OUR VISION                                     Board Reports                                                         16 -19
                                  The Junior League of St. Petersburg envisions
                                  a community where individuals and families
                                   have access to resources that assist in the                   Announcements                                                        22 - 23
                                        development of healthy life skills.
                                                                                                       THANK YOU TO OUR ADVISORS AND SPONSORS
                                           REACHING OUT STATEMENT
                                  The Junior League of St. Petersburg reaches
                                    out to women of all races, religions and                     AmericanKidz Adoption Services, Inc                                      17
                                  national origins who demonstrate an interest
                                      in and a commitment to voluntarism.                        Apple Photographics                                                      21

                                                                                                 Benedetti Cosmetic Surgery, P.A.                                         13
                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                    2008-2009                                    Kutler Kitchens                                                          20

                                  President ..................................... Jenn Maxwell   Loving Arms                                                              20
                                  President-Elect ....................... Chloe Firebaugh
                                  Community VP ................................... Lauri Lee     MyBuyerswin, Inc                                                         17
                                  Membership VP .......................... Mary Ann Will
                                                                                                 Nielsen                                                                  21
                                  Corresponding Secretary .......... Missy Everhart
                                  Recording Secretary ..................Allison Garrett          Red Cross                                                                  9
                                  Finance VP.................................... Erin Connors
                                  Development VP ........................ Linda Punzak
                                                                                                 Staci L. Price, D.C., P.A.                                               17

                                  Parliamentarian .................................Lisa Brody
                                                                                                 TradeWinds Island Resorts                                                13
                                  Communications VP ............. Maria Chapman
                                  Sustaining Advisor.................. Georgia Mattern           Your Home Editor                                                         20

                                                                                                                   The CauseWay is published 9 times per year
                                                  Contact us at:                                                      by the Junior League of St. Petersburg
                                      Junior League of St. Petersburg, Inc.
                                  500 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N., Suite 201                For deadlines, ad rates and information about advertising in the CauseWay,
                                           Saint Petersburg, FL 33705                              go to For questions, contact
                                      (727) 895-5018 (727) 894-8065 fax                                 Christine Casey at (727) 688-1460 or
                                              E-Mail:                                           The circulation is approximately 600 households.
                                                                                 The CauseWay is created by the Publications Committee:
                                                                                                             Christine Casey - CauseWay Editor / Publications Chair
                                                                                                                       Kristin Keenan - CauseWay Designer
                                              Headquarters Hours:                                                        Aleks Jagiella - Mail Coordinator
                                        Mon, Wed, Fri: 8:45 am - 12:15 pm                                               Amy Hammond - Editorial Assistant
                                         Tues, Thurs: 8:45 am - 1:00 pm                                       Katherine Franckle - Yearbook Archive Coordinator
                                                                                                                          Laura Tuleen - Editorial Assistant

                                      Page 2                                                                                                                          CauseWay
                                                                         By Jenn Maxwell

                                                                                                  President’s Perspective
                                 Sometimes the greatest perspective we can gain in life
                                comes from those who know us best! I have found this to
                                be true of my closest friends; friends I have made in my 8+
                                years as a member of the Junior League.

                                 Last spring, as President I was asked to write a welcome
                                letter to the New Member class who would be joining us in
                                June. When I thought about what I would say - what I
                                should say - what I could say about the Junior League of St.
                                Petersburg - I chose to emphasize the friendships I’ve made
                                with the women I’ve met. Successful women, smart
                                women, compassionate women and most of all, steadfast
                                women; all qualities we seek to find in those we call friends.
                                As I get older, I find that these traits are more important
                                than ever because they are the guide rails that keep me
                                focused when I need direction, they are my supportive
                                anchors when times are tough and they are unconditional
                                admiration when I succeed.

                                 Instead of paraphrasing my letter, I wanted to include it
                                here so each of you could read it and know how fortunate
                                you are to have the opportunity of belonging to an
                                organization that not only exemplifies these traits, but also
                                fosters and develops them through training and

                                       “Today is just the beginning of an experience that
                                       will offer you training opportunities to develop your
                                       individual potential as a volunteer while it opens
                                       doors to friendships that will last a lifetime. Some of
                                       my closest friends are women I have met over the
                                       years in the Junior League. Our lives are better for
                                       having met each other and we are better
                                       volunteers because of this bond. Sharing a genuine
                                       volunteer spirit is what makes our League 600
                                       women strong!

                                       Take a few minutes today to look around the room.
                                       From personal experience I can tell you that the
                                       woman in front of you will become a leader who
                                       shares your passion; the two women next to you will
                                       support and help you in ways you never imagined;
                                       and, the woman behind you will guide you through
                                       thick and thin. These women share your desire to
                                       serve our community so cherish this exclusive
                                       opportunity to bond throughout the year.”

                                U Complete Us!
                                - Jenn

               “Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly”

October 2008                                                                             Page 3
Community Council   Resurrection House

                                           RESURRECTION HOUSE
                                       Helping Families Help Themselves

                                        APARTMENT PAINT & DECORATE
                                        FOR A HOMELESS PROGRAM FAMILY IN NEED!

                    DATE: Saturday, NOVEMBER 15, 2008
                    TIME: 8:30 am- noon
                    ADDRESS: 800 11TH Street North St. Petersburg, Fl. 33705 APT # 103sburg,
                    Sign up on-line at

                             Paint: kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms then decorate
                    ADOPT AN ITEM!! Refer to list on page 5! Share the list with your family and friends.

                    Make this family feel right at home.
                     * You can bring donated item(s) to the October 21st, JLSP meeting
                     * You can donate a gift card and we can purchase items
                     * You can write a check: payable to: “JLSP” 500 MLK St. N. Suite # 201 St. Pete, 33705
                        (in the memo write: Resurrection House)
                     * You can also donate online - just click the Donate button on the right side of the
                    calendar event page
                    CONTACT: Karen Baybut # 727-578-5101
                                  Karen Krause # 518-852-5982

                    Page 4                                                                            CauseWay
                                                                            Resurrection House List

                                                                                                                 Community Council
KITCHEN ITEMS:                     Living Room con’t:                     BED con’t:
1 set of plates (microwavable)     lamp (no antique lighting)             2 plastic bins (storage containers)
1 set of pots and pans             1 student desk
1 set of silverware                desk lamp                              CLEANING SUPPLIES:
1 set of food storage containers                                          broom/dustpan
1 set of mixing bowls              BATH:                                  mop/bucket
4 coffee cups                      shower curtain                         multipurpose sponges
bakeware                           floor towel                            scrub brush
kitchen towels                     1 set of towels/washcloths             laundry detergent
hot mits/pads                      trash can                              Borax
trivettes                          soap dish                              dish soap
1 set of plastic glasses           under sink bin                         softscrub
1 pitcher                          Toilet paper                           vinegar
1 coffee maker                     Personal items:                        Murphy's Oil Soap
1 can opener                       Toothpaste/ Toothbrushes               paper towels
cooking utensils                   Shampoo                                Un-necessaries/Extras:
measuring cups and spoons          Conditioner                            notepad
dish drainer                       Soap                                   file folders
cutting board                      Deodorant                              artwork/decor
                                   Air Freshener                          dvd player
DINING ROOM:                                                              ziplock baggies
Dinette and chairs (no glass)      BED:                                   aluminum foil
Plastic placemats                  1 full bed (no headboards)             coffee filters
                                   2 dressers                             toaster oven
LIVING ROOM:                       2 side tables                          organizers/tools
sofa or loveseat (no futons/       twin bed                               blender
sofabeds)                          full & twin mattress covers, sheets,   antenna
end table                          and comforters
TV stand or entertainment center   2 pillows
(no glass doors)                   1 alarm clock
lowboy bookshelf                   hangers

                       Library Puppets

                     Every first and third
                     Monday at 10 a.m. from
                     October through April, 5
                     -7 members of the
Library Puppets committee perform the
puppet routine Horton Hatches an Egg at
the Main Library of St. Petersburg.
Puppeteers with no prior experience are
trained to work with the puppets and props.
A longstanding Junior League success, the
Library Puppet program is known for
entertaining children and parents alike.
This committee is ideal for stay-at-home
Junior League moms as well as members
with flexible work schedules. Practices are
fun and the joy brought to the children is
priceless. For more information about the
Library Puppet program, contact
Community Council member Mandy

October 2008                                                                                            Page 5
Membership Council   New Member Bios

                     Patricia Moser was born in Los Angeles and has lived          Ashley Najar has resided in St. Petersburg for 3 years.      Laura O'Kane was born in New Haven, Connecticut
                     in St. Petersburg for 6 years. A graduate of UF, Trish is a   She is a graduate of UF and received her J.D. from           and just recently became a resident of St. Petersburg.
                     Nurse Consultant with Aetna, managing individual's            Stetson University College of Law. Ashley recently           She attended American University and FSU. Laura
                     healthcare needs. Trish's interests include glass             joined the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit as an Assistant       works in sales and marketing for SeaLink International,
                     blowing, cooking, and kayaking.                               Public Defender. She enjoys golf, reading, and shar-         providing revenue growth, sales and marketing
                                                                                   ing time with family and friends.                            coordination, and customer service management.
                                                                                                                                                She enjoys scrap booking and cheering at the FSU

                     Carol Phelps is a long time resident of St. Petersburg.
                     She attended St. Petersburg High School, UF, and
                     received her Masters of Library Science from Villa-                                                                        Vanessa Rastberger, originally from Petersburg, Vir-
                     nova University. Carol spends full time volunteering,         Kelly Pruitt is from Radford, Virginia, but has resided in   ginia has lived in St. Petersburg for 2 years. She re-
                     gardening, reading, traveling, and supporting charity         St. Petersburg for several years. She attended St. Pete      ceived her BA from Randolph-Macon College and
                                                                                                                                                her Masters of Public Administration from Virginia
                     events. She is a member of the Women's Chamber of             College and USF. Kelly is a Mortgage Broker and is the       Commonwealth University. She has been married to
                     Commerce, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Stuart                 owner of Bayside Mortgage of Florida. She enjoys             her husband James for 1 year and enjoys outdoor
                     Society.                                                      golf, volleyball, and boating.                               activities, golf, photography, nature, reading, and
                                                                                                                                                spending time with family and friends. She is a mem-
                                                                                                                                                ber of CONA, Disston Heights Neighborhood Commit-
                                                                                                                                                tee, and First Baptist Church.

                                                                                   Fay Roussos moved to St. Petersburg 5 years ago. A
                                                                                   graduate of UF, Florida Gulf Coast University, and
                                                                                   Norman R. Wolford School of Nurse Anesthetists, Fay is
                     Courtney Rettew relocated to St. Petersburg 1 year            a Nurse Anesthetist with the Florida Gulf to Bay             Taylor Runyan is a native of St. Petersburg. She
                     ago from Washington, DC/Alexandria, Virginia. She             Anesthesiology Associates. Her hobbies and interests         attended Seminole High School and received her
                                                                                                                                                Bachelor's of Science from USF. She is currently the
                     attended the University of Alabama and earned her             include dance classes, volunteering, reading, and            Senior Events Coordinator at Stetson University
                     JD from Stetson College of Law. She is a Real Estate          walking.                                                     College of Law where she coordinates conferences,
                     attorney with Florida Default Law Group. She and her                                                                       student and campus events. She is a member of
                                                                                                                                                Make a Wish Foundation and the Susan G. Komen
                     husband of 2 ½ years, Mike, enjoy traveling and                                                                            Race for the Cure.
                     participating in triathlons.

                     Page 6                                                                                                                                                              CauseWay
                                                                                                                               New Member Bios

                                                                                                                                                                             Membership Council
                                                                                                                   Lindsey Shaw, a resident of St. Petersburg for 25 years
                                                                                                                   is a Florida native, born in Cocoa Florida. A graduate
                                                                                                                   of USF and St. Petersburg College, Lindsey is the
Elise Schreiner has been a resident of St. Petersburg   Megan Schultz, born in Forestburgh, NY, has lived in St.   Executive Director of Management Information
for 6 ½ years after moving here from Tampa with her     Petersburg for the past 5 years. Megan attended            Systems for Strategia Marketing. She has been
                                                        Ithaca College, Stetson University, where she earned
husband Kurt Schreiner. Elise attended the University   an MBA in Business Administration, and Stetson             married to Ryan Shaw for 2 ½ years and has a
of Arkansas and Arizona State University, earning a     University College of Law, where she earned her JD.        stepson, Will. Lindsey enjoys soccer, participating in
degree in Broadcast Journalism. She has her own         She serves as general counsel for Strategia Marketing.     triathlons, and tennis.
                                                        Her outside interests include running marathons,
business as a photographer. She and her husband         dancing, traveling to visit family and friends, wine,
have 2 children, Zane and Emerson.                      and kayaking.

Laura Topliffe and her husband Kevin made the move      Jennie Treby and her husband of 11 years, Brian,           Amy Walters, a St. Petersburg resident for 2 ½ years,
to St. Petersburg 2 years ago from Orange County        returned to St. Petersburg in 2002 from Delray Beach.      relocated here from Dallas, Texas. A Child and Family
California. Laura earned a Bachelor of Science in       A graduate of FSU, Jennie is President of Hidden           Consultant with Coordinated Child Care of Pinellas
Business and Management with an emphasis in             Resource Group, Inc., a marketing, advertising, and        County, Amy offers support and age appropriate
finance. She works as a Financial Advisor with Citi     public relations company. She enjoys writing,              educational activities and tools to parents and
Smith Barney in Tampa. She and her husband Kevin        exercising, travel, art, and cultural activities. Jennie   teachers of children with behavioral challenges. Her
have 2 children, Tabitha and Stephanie. Laura has a     serves as a volunteer for the St. Vincent de Paul          outside interests are Marine Biology and advanced
special interest in education and literacy as well as   Society, St. Paul's Catholic Church, and Temple            scuba diving. Amy serves as a volunteer with the
tennis, football, hockey, and golf.                     Bethel.                                                    Children's Dream Fund and serves as a spokesperson
                                                                                                                   for Tampa Bay Watch.

                                                                     Need new Junior League attire so you can look great?
                                                                        You can now buy JLSP items on our new CafePress
                                                                        Website. Simply go to:

                                                                                    *A portion of the proceeds will benefit JLSP
                                                                         *The items you purchase will be directly shipped to
                                                                           you so order now if you want a new shirt before
                                                                                            Gift Gallery!

October 2008                                                                                                                                                     Page 7
Membership Council   VSA: Volunteer Service Award

                     What is the Volunteer Service Award program?
                     Every year, thousands of Junior League volunteers across the Association contribute millions of
                     hours to building stronger communities. League members use their exceptional training, talents
                     and time to make a real difference in the lives of others. The AJLI Volunteer Service Awards
                     Program was created to recognize the outstanding efforts of these individuals who represent one
                     of the highest forms of civic participation.
                     League members who contribute at least 100 volunteer hours to League projects in a 12-month consecutive
                     period are eligible to receive the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award.
                     What type of service can be counted towards the VSA program?
                     For New Members, Actives and Sustainers, hours that count should represent the time
                     commitment that members make at community programs (working a Care Fair shift, reading with
                     Give A Book, etc.), working a fundraising shift, attending a committee meeting, attending a
                     general membership meeting, or any other activity that enables the JLSP to provide training and
                     volunteer support for programs that serve the St. Petersburg community. Social functions,
                     including fundraisers where the member is not working a shift, do not count towards the award
                     program. In addition, hours spent in non-League volunteer activities in which League members would customarily
                     participate to support their families, churches, schools, etc., or volunteer work on projects beyond the scope of
                     JLSP projects, do not count for the VSA program.
                     What do program participants receive?
                     Award recipients in the United States receive an official U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Award
                     pin, a personalized Certificate of Achievement, a congratulatory note from the President of the
                     United States and a letter of congratulations from the President’s Council on Service and Civic
                     Why would the JLSP need to track its volunteer hours?
                     The program is valuable for several reasons. It allows you to track your volunteer hours. It enables the JLSP to
                     accurately gauge the number of volunteer hours it provides to the St. Petersburg community. This information can
                     be used in our Public Relation’s efforts. Many grants ask for this information during the application process.

                     How do I get started?
                     The sign-up for the program is very easy. A step-by-step process is provided below.
                         Go to
                         Click on to register.
                         Fill in your email, username, password, your name, our JL name and which award you would
                         like to attempt. Press ENTER
                         Your Welcome/Home page of the Volunteer Service Award (VSA) Program will appear on screen. You can
                         choose to: track your hours, learn about the program or edit your registration profile.
                         Click on “To add service hours click here!”
                         Fill in the following information…
                         Committee/Project Name (i.e. Kid’s Create)
                         Type of League Activity (Pick one from the drop down box)
                         Date of Service (There is a calendar)
                         Hours of Service (Put in the number of hours of service)
                         Location of Service (St. Petersburg)
                         Description of Service (This is optional. It is suggested you put in a brief description, so hours can be verified.)
                         Click “Add this Activity”
                         Repeat to add additional hours.

                     What are you waiting for?? Log on today and start tracking your volunteer service! Any questions on the VSA
                     program or using the website, please contact Missy Everhart, Corresponding Secretary at (727) 823-6343 or

                     Page 8                                                                                                          CauseWay
                                                                            AJLI and the Junior League

                                                                                                                                Membership Council
The Association of Junior Leagues            members of the Junior Leagues in          meetings organized by local Leagues.
International Inc. exists to add value       their communities and serve 3-year        AJLI’s Nominating Committee
to the Junior Leagues and to aid in          terms. They govern on behalf of the       members, who serve 2-year terms,
the fulfillment of their Mission. But        whole organization, no matter which       nominate candidates for the Board of
where did it all begin? And how does         geographic area they represent,           Directors and Nominating Committee.
AJLI work to strengthen the Junior           assuring the viability of The Junior      Positions are open to any Active or
Leagues?                                     League Movement. The Board’s              Sustaining member in good standing
                                             overarching goals are to ensure that      in her League.
In 1901 Mary Harriman founded the            Junior Leagues effectively fulfill the
first Junior League, the Junior League       Mission and that The Junior League        AJLI is pleased to continue to serve
of the City of New York. The Junior          flourishes. The Board accomplishes this   Leagues with cross-Association
League movement spread and in                by guiding the strategy of the            programs, such as Junior Leagues’
1921, the Association of Junior              Association, linking with Leagues to      Kids in the Kitchen and the Board’s
Leagues of America “consolidated             ensure their work reflects the needs      current work on scenario planning to
the little group of local societies into a   and interests of the Leagues, and         assess the environment in which AJLI
national organization that doubled its       monitoring and providing oversight of     and Leagues may operate 10-20
size, power and potentiality in ten          AJLI headquarters through Executive       years from now and develop strategic
years.” Today, close to 164,000              Director, Susan Danish.                   plans focusing on the future. For more
women in 292 Junior Leagues in                                                         information on AJLI and the work of
Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom           Under Susan’s instruction, the AJLI staff your Board of Directors and
and the United States share the              members in New York provide services Nominating Committee, please visit
Mission of promoting voluntarism,            and resources to Junior Leagues by        the AJLI website at In
developing the potential of women            phone, through the AJLI website and addition, you will find member
and improving communities through            through League visits. They also          benefits, award-winning Junior
the effective action and leadership of       organize and provide training to          League programs, forums to
trained volunteers.                          League leaders at three leadership        communicate with other League
                                             conferences and four Organizational members and many other valuable
The 19 members of AJLI’s Board of            Development Institute meetings (ODIs) resources.
Directors are all Active or Sustaining       as well as training at regional

October 2008                                                                                                      Page 9
Development Council   Margarita Mixer

                                        We had our second annual Margarita Mixer
                                        on Saturday, September 6th at the St. Pete
                                        Yacht Club. We had about 30 people come
                                        out to kick off the year and enjoy the pool,
                                        great margaritas, and awesome raffle prizes.
                                        Big thank you’s to Marion's, BAMA Seafood,
                                        Fiberologie, Sylvan Learning Centers, Brax

                      Page 10                                                 CauseWay
                                                                          Gift Gallery Shifts

                                                                                                        Development Council
Thursday~October 23th   5pm – 8pm                9am-12noon con’t          6pm-9pm con’t
                        Lee Ann Biafora          Jennifer Dal Sasso        Crispin Williams
7am-10                  Jessica Lowe             Kilty Bryson              Tavie Peterson
April James             Lyndsey Shaw             Nancy Meyer               Athena Richardson
Linda Punzak            Christine Taylor         Jennifer Worden-Brooks    Trish Moser
Staci Price             Gina Pugh                Juliette Minutaglio       Christine Kirchner
Amy Hammond             Megan Schultz                                      Adrienne Forkois
                        Amy Mackay               11am - 2pm                Jennie Treby
9am - noon              Christine Casey          Judithanne McLauchlan
Cindy Parmentier                                 Jennifer Bond             8pm - 11pm
Kirby Meehan            7pm-10pm                 Brittany Black            Natalie Bauman
Georgia Naruns          Taylor Runyan            Shannon Downey            Stacy Brandenstein
Carol Phelps            Amy Jones                Eve Cline                 Melanie Humlicek
Alexis Walker           Courtney Rettew
                        Ashley Surdyk            3pm-6pm                   Gift Gallery shifts before
Noon – 3pm              Ashlyn Wier              Sara Higman               event:
                        Laura Topliffe           Victoria Rahall           Saturday, Oct 18th
Tanner Kennedy          Ashley Najar             Alyson Terrell            Assembling the
Helen Sourini           Kelly Pruitt             Amy Walters               program@HQ.
Andrea Winning          Gretchen Clearwater      Renee Burke
Laura O’Kane            Amber Brinkley                                     9am-12noon
                                                 5pm-8pm                   1. Tirrah Switzer
2pm- 5pm                                         Maria Chapman             2. Judy Cunniff
Megan Schultz           Friday,October 24th      Amy Walters               3. Trevor Smith
Liz Bradley                                      Carrie Johnson            4. Corrine Flanagan
Lindsay Summmer         8am – 11am               Laura O’Dell
Laura Shelton           Donna Mainguth           Tuesdi Dyer               12noon-3pm
                        Jennifer Worden-Brooks                             1. Nikki Capehart
3pm- 6pm                                         6pm-9pm                   2. Mardi Besselo
Sarah Walters           9am-12noon               Fotini Roussos
Vanessa Rastberger      Christina Shinsky        Gayle Freeland
Kristen Connell         Danielle Cartier         Stacy Brandenstein

October 2008                                                                                 Page 11
September Feature   Sustaining Advisor Feature: Lauri Lee and Ginny Sexton
                                                                            I wore hot pink, she wore electric blue. We met when
                                                                            we appeared together in an original musical
                                                                            production that played to thousands. We sat just 2
                                                                            chairs apart and we danced as we “stirred the pot.”
                                                                            Our hands moved to complex choreography as we
                                                                            sang like angels to hundreds and hundreds at a time.
                                                                            We know it sounds glamorous, but to be honest, we
                                                                            were both thrilled to hide behind those wigs and dark

                                                                      Ginny & I met while volunteering at All Children’s
                                                                      Hospital. For years, we were “Vocal Cords” in the
                                                                      play that is known to so many children and their
                                                                      parents, What’s So Good About Feeling Bad? So, you
                                                                      see that the thousands that we performed for were
                                                                      typically all under 8 years old, but we got the same
                                                                      feelings of satisfaction after volunteering to teach
                                                                      children about the body, as we do when
                    Ginny Sexton, Lauri Lee                           volunteering for a Junior League event. Through this
                    particular volunteer experience, Ginny & I realized that we had created a special bond and respect
                    for one another that has lasted for many years. I am thrilled and honored to work so closely with Ginny
                    this year.

                    She has already proven to be a valuable resource in suggestions of Community Advisory Board (CAB)
                    members, the revision of the CAB program and strategic planning issues. With every conversation, I
                    learn from Ginny’s experience both within the League and within the community at large. She is a
                    breath of fresh air with an optimistic attitude that is contagious. I value the collaboration and cannot
                    stress enough the importance of having a Sustainer mentor.

                    Thank you Ginny, we make a great team! We are off to a great start and I look forward to all the
                    league experiences we will share for the remainder of the year.

                    Each month the Causeway will feature a Board Member and her Sustaining Advisor to recognize and honor the value of the
                    women who have served before us. Sustainers, U Complete Us!

                                       Please join us as
                              The Junior League of St. Petersburg

                         Celebrate the Holidays. . . Southern Style!

                                   Sustainer Holiday Lunch
                                 Tuesday, December 2, 2008
                                          11:30 a.m.

                                       Savannah's Cafe
                                     1113 Central Avenue
                                        St. Petersburg

                                        Cost ~ $25.00
                              Please Respond by November 29th

                                   Checks are payable to:
                                   Junior League Sustainers
                                        and mailed to:

                                       Katherine Prescott
                                 890 Amelia Court Northeast
                                 St. Petersburg, Florida 33702
                                       Phone ~ 527-4896

                    Page 12                                                                                                     CauseWay
October 2008   Page 13
                           2008 - 2009 JLSP Organizational Structure
                                                                       PRESIDENT                                           RED/ALL CAPS = Board of Directors
                                                                    Jennifer Maxwell                                       Bold = Committees
                                                                                                                           Italics = Assistant Chair
                                                                                                                             *     = Double Placed
                                          PRESIDENT-ELECT                               PARLIAMENTARIAN
                                           Chloe Firebaugh                                   Lisa Brody
          COMMUNITY                     FINANCE                    COMMUNICATIONS                        MEMBERSHIP                       DEVELOPMENT
         VICE PRESIDENT              VICE-PRESIDENT                 VICE-PRESIDENT                      VICE-PRESIDENT                    VICE-PRESIDENT
             Lauri Lee                 Erin Connors                  Maria Chapman                        Mary Ann Will                     Linda Punzak
        Care Fair           Assistant Treasurer       RECORDING                   CORRESPONDING                             Resource and
                                                      SECRETARY                     SECRETARY
 Ann Hudock/Laura O’Dell      Christine Taylor         Allison Garrett                 Melissa Everhart                     Development
 Community Outreach                                     Marketing                 Leadership & Training                      Gift Market
      Tirrah Switzer                                    Shelby Burns*                    Liz Bradley*                        Tiffany Webb*
         CRPD                                         Media Relations                  Arrangements                         Special Events
     Robin Grabowski                                   Carey Reynolds*              Courtney Vandenberg                     Natalie Bauman*
      Give-A-Book                                      Publications               Membership Development                  Golf Tournament
      Jennifer Hobbs          Community                Christine Casey                 Donna Mainguth*                       Mindi Conrad
                             Advisory Board
      Kids Create!                                        Website                        Placement                         Endowment and
     Danielle Weitlauf                                   Kate Giglio                    Cathy McKyton                       Annual Giving
    Library Puppets                                                                    Nominations                        Primary Fundraiser
     Mandy Houston                                                                      Tiffany Webb                         Kristin Connell

                                                                                                                                                               Page 14
     Public Affairs
     Christina Rahija
Organizational Chart
                                           CAB: Community Advisory Board

                                                                                      U Complete Us
                   Community Advisory Board

               Lounell Britt, Sanderlin Family Service Center
               Donna Fletcher , Sustainer, The Arts Center
               Bill Foster, Foster & Foster Attorneys
               Maria Kadau, Blossom Montessori School for
               the Deaf
               Annica Keeler, St. Petersburg Times
               Danna Klemmer, Pinellas Education
               Paul Lackey, Pinellas Core Management
               Denise McCanless, Florida Bank
               Ross Preville, St. Petersburg Wealth
               Patty Robinson, Regions Bank
               Robert Sherman, St. Anthony’s Hospital

                      “U Complete Us”
                      Community Advisory Board, U Complete Us by offering
                      your professional insight and wisdom to our Board of
                      Directors in order to expand and refine our community
                      projects. You are the eyes and ears of the community we
                      serve. Because of your time and efforts, we are able to
                      increase our impact in the community. Your involvement
                      is invaluable to us in accomplishing our mission!

October 2008                                                                Page 15
Board Reports    September General Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                        JUNIOR LEAGUE OF ST. PETERSBURG, FL, INC.
                                                          General Membership Meeting Minutes
                                                                   September 16, 2008
                                       St. Petersburg Country Club¨ 2000 Country Club Way South¨ St. Petersburg, FL

                Jennifer Maxwell called meeting to order at 7:00 pm and recognized guests
                Jennifer appointed Lisa Brody as parliamentarian
                Jennifer called up Lydia Bennett to give the invocation
                Lydia then invited JLSP membership to a Florida Senate and House candidate forum on Oct. 2, 7:30-9:30am

                Consent Agenda Motion passed by voice vote to approve the consent agenda including the July General Membership
                Meeting Minutes

                Strategic Plan Presentation Jennifer reviewed the final version of the JLSP strategic plan with the membership

                Board of Directors
                A. Primary Fundraiser Collaborator (Jennifer Maxwell) – the charity ball will be held in February and the JLSP is
                collaborating with Academy Prep to host the ball and split the proceeds

                B. Ann Register Anderson Scholarship Fund (Jennifer Maxwell) – board has decided as a board to utilize the Pinellas
                Education Foundation to select recipient of this scholarship using their on-line application process.

                Committee Presentations
                Community Council:
                A. Community Outreach (Tirrah Switzer) Tirrah made an announcement about upcoming events. Working these events
                can count as a make-up for a missed Care Fair shift.
                       September 27 – Kids in the Kitchen with Academy Prep – 10am-1pm
                       Contact: Carrie Johnson (
                       November 15 – Resurrection House, Apartment Remodel
                       Contact: Karen Baybut (
                       December 25 – Ronald McDonald House, Breakfast on Christmas
                       Contact: Tirrah Switzer (

                B. Kids Create! – (Danielle Weitlauf – Chair) Danielle announced upcoming Kids Create! event opportunities. Working
                these events can count as a make-up shift for a missed Care Fair shift.
                         September 20 - Urban League Crime Run, Campbell Park (Shift 11:30 - 2pm)
                         Contact: Danielle Weitlauf (
                         October 25 – St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading 10am-5pm
                         Contact: Danielle Weitlauf (

                Development Council:
                A. Gift Market (Tiffany Webb – Chair)
                Gift market has a new look and will be called the “Gift Gallery” Oct. 23-24. The preview party will be Oct. 22 and will be
                called GLAM (5:30-9pm). Members can come and get a preview of merchants. Tiffany promised lots of food. Tickets are
                $25 in advance or $30 at the door. Merchant application is on the web site. Tonight – committee is selling GLAM tickets.
                First 350 people who buy tickets get a goody GLAM bag. JL sold out last year in early Sept. Committee is also selling 50/50
                raffle tickets. (73 booths to date).

                B. Special Events (Natalie Bauman – Chair) Natalie gave a recap of the Margarita Mixer and shared dates for the
                following upcoming special events:
                Sept. 28-Oct. 3 Practically Picasso – 2008 Community Days
                If JLSP members go to Practically Picasso JLSP will receive a portion of proceeds from sales – (20%)
                Sept. 29 5:30-7pm – There will be a special party for JLSP members – food and beverages will be served
                October/November (event date TBD) – Silpada jewelry event hosted by Liz Bradley

                Membership Council:
                A. Placement (Cathy McKyton – Chair)
                Placement Committee – Cathy explained what the committee does, and who the placement advisors are (Melissa
                Everhart, Stephanie Percifield, Julia Ann Scott, Shane Davis, Staci Price, Corinne Flanagan and Lindsay Summer)

                B. Nominating (Tiffany Webb – Chair)
                ODI (Organization Development Institute) announced 3 JLSP members selected to attend ODI conference in Orlando:
                (Christine Casey, Andrea Winning, Tirrah Switzer)

                C. Leadership and Training (Liz Bradley – Chair)
                League of Her Own Award for August was presented to: Co-Chairs and Asst. Chair of Care Fair. (Ann Hudock, Laura
                O’Dell, Samantha Nevins)

                 Page 16                                                                                                            CauseWay
                                       September General Membership Meeting Minutes

D. Membership Development – (Donna Mainguth – Chair)
Donna gave update as to what the new member class has been doing – attended community tour, meetings and near
perfect attendance at Care Fair
Donna announced that the class service project would be renovating 2 common rooms at Brookwood. (Project Chair-
Taylor Runyan, Asst. Chair - Jennifer Bond)

League Announcements
Kimberly Johnson – Asst. Chair of Public Affairs Committee – attended a conference in Orlando and discussed several
JLSP supported issues to present to legislature during upcoming session:

1. Gap Program (targets at risk women in juvenile detention and trying to get back on track)
2. Youth taking care of care givers
3. Sun awareness – bring attention to melanoma in school system
4. HPV – vaccination targeted to young girls 11-12 – Dept of Health provide info to these girls – sponsored by Senator Nan
5. Raising cigarette tax in Florida
*More details to come during next meeting

Chloe Firebaugh announced bylaws and standing rules are being revised right now – October we will be voting on –
need to be present to vote

Jennifer asked for introductions of transfers in attendance

Good of the Order –

Georgia Mattern recognized the JLSP Board of Directors for diligence on creating and completing the strategic plan

Jennifer Maxwell recognized Neilsen Media and their work to support Care Fair with funding and backpacks. Jennifer
recognized Amy Reddick as a League members and Neilsen representative.

Linda Punzak thanked arrangements for setting up the meeting and dinner

Jenna Walker had her quadruplets all healthy

Shane Davis announced that Heidi Hobbs – just made partner at her firm

Meeting adjourned at 7:52pm

October 2008                                                                                                      Page 17
Board Reports    September Corresponding Secretary’s Report
                YEARBOOK CHANGES - ACTIVES                            321-258-0270 (cell)
                Baybut, Karen - update email                
                                                                      Treby, Jennie - delete work phone number
                Clearwater, Gretchen - delete home phone
                                                                      YEARBOOK CHANGES - SUSTAINERS
                Firebaugh, Chloe - update cell phone number, delete   Addler, Cathy - update email address
                work phone and email 2                      
                                                                      Alford, Susan - delete home phone number
                Giglio, Katie - update home phone and email
                (850) 591-9888                                        Alman, Karrin - delete home phone number
       (email address 1)
       (email address 2)               Amundrud, Lise - update email address
                Heretick, Gina - update email
                                      Babb, Tiffany - new address
                                                                      3090 Walnut Street Northeast
                Jones, Amy - update cell phone number                 St. Petersburg, FL 33704
                                                                      Bedinghaus, Susan - delete home phone number
                Meehan, Tracey - update email address
                                      Bruce, Carolyn - delete home phone number

                Overbey, Mary Margaret (Peggy) - update email         Burke, Candace - delete home phone number
                                                                      Curtis, Michelle - new cell phone number
                Smith, Shane - update address                         727-481-6986
                175 2nd Street South Unit 907
                St. Petersburg, FL 33701                              Dobbs, Theodora (Tedi) - add home phone number
                Walker, Holly - update home phone and email
                813-230-0739                                          Evans, Deborah - delete home phone number
       (email address 1)
       (email address 2)                    Glisson-Doyle, Frances - update home phone number
                Bond, Jennifer - update zip code                      Heibner, Jeanne - delete home phone number
                33705 not 33701
                                                                      Hilton, Chris - add cell phone number
                Felton, Sonja - update work phone and fax number      (727) 204-0235
                727-864-8853 (work)
                727-866-2304 (fax)                                    Hobach, Dorothy - delete home phone number

                Humlicek, Melanie - update zip code                   McClanathan, Jeanne - delete home phone number
                33704 not 33702
                                                                      Mosby, Glenn - delete home phone number
                O'Kane, Laura - new address
                325 2nd Street North Unit 3                           O'Malley, Barbara A. - update home phone number
                St. Petersburg, FL 33701                              503-638-4517

                Overby, Amber - name change                           Parkinson, Doris - delete home phone number and
                                                                      update address
                Schreiner, Elise - update home phone and email        200 2nd Avenue South Unit 344
                727-323-4956                                          St. Petersburg, FL 33701
       (email address 2)
                                                                      Rahall - Cary - delete home phone number
                Stephenson, Leslie Ann - information
                1349 47th Avenue Northeast                            Reed, Jean Anne - delete home phone number
                St. Petersburg, FL 33703
                727-526-7642 (home)                                   Sewell, Joyce - delete home phone number

                 Page 18                                                                                           CauseWay
                                           September Corresponding Secretary’s Report

                                                        Hayes, Effie (SE)
Shallenburg, Deborah - update cell phone number         Shaver, Esther (S)
Stanfield, Elithia - update home phone and cell phone   Asher-Drouse, Crissy (NM)
727-572-8811 (home)                                     Carmona, Shannon (S)
727-348-0844 (cell)                                     McGilchrist, Laetitia (Tish) (A)
                                                        Tylicki, Renee (NM)
Stigleman, Michelle - delete home phone number          Wirth, Kristina (NM)

Tomko, Kim - new address and home phone
1345 Eden Isle Boulevard Northeast
St. Petersburg, FL 33704                                NOTICE to the Membership - Be sure to attend
727-289-9824 (Home)                                     October’s General Membership Meeting. A
                                                        quorum is needed to pass these motions.
Turville, Janet - delete home phone number
                                                        The Bylaws and Standing Rules Ad Hoc
Wedding, Audrey - delete home phone number              Committee is pleased to announce that their
                                                        revisions to both the Bylaws and the Standing
                                                        Rules are complete. The Board of Directors has
                                                        reviewed and approved these edits. The edited
Gandy, Kelley (A) from Tallahassee                      documents are available on the member’s only
332 6th Avenue North                                    section of the JLSP website under the Member
Tierra Verde, FL 33715                                  Area – Important Documents tab.
850-443-3086 (cell)                                     The following motions will be presented to the
727-866-3403 (home)                                     membership for vote at the October General
Birthdate: 07/31/1974                                   Membership Meeting. Please direct any questions
AJLI # 488063                                           you may have regarding these motions to a
First Year Active: 2003                                 member of the Ad Hoc Committee.

Barry, Jennifer St. Cin (A) from Los Angeles            Motion #1
273 Valencia Circle                                     The 2008 – 2009 Bylaws and Standing Rules Ad
St. Petersburg, FL 33716                                Hoc Committee moves that the JLSP membership                                          approve the edits to the Bylaws as posted on the
727-954-8635                                            JLSP website and noticed to the membership via
Birthdate: 11/23/1969                                   postcard mailed the week of October 6th and via
AJLI # 542832                                           e-blast sent the week of October 13th.
First Year Active: 2007
                                                        Motion #2
REINSTATEMENTS                                          The 2008 – 2009 Bylaws and Standing Rules Ad
Knowlton, Shannon (S)                                   Hoc Committee moves that the JLSP membership
535 17th Avenue Northeast                               approve the edits to the Standing Rules as posted
                                                        on the JLSP website and noticed to the
St. Petersburg, FL 33704
                                                        membership via postcard mailed the week of
                                                        October 6th and via e-blast sent the week of
AJLI # 163142                                           October 13th.
Lambrecht, Lee Ann (S)                                  Submitted by the members of the Bylaws and
1632 Brightwaters Boulevard Northeast                   Standing Rules Ad Hoc Committee:
St. Petersburg, FL 33704                                          Chloe Firebaugh – Chair
AJLI # 176324                                                   Melissa Everhart
                                                                Jane Graves
                                                                Janette McCurley
                                                                Heather O’Neill

October 2008                                                                                      Page 19
Page 20   CauseWay
October 2008   Page 21
                October Birthdays

                               OCTOBER                Condolences
                                 Brittany Black       Our deepest sympathy goes out to
                                 Marian McKee         friends and family of sustainer
                          1      Joan McMullen
                                                      Mrs. Thomas “Effie” Hayes
                                 Mary Stovall
                                 Doris Swope
                                 Gail Eggeman
                          2                                                        WE ALL KNOW
                                 Eva Herdegen
                                                                                  SOMEONE WHO
                          3      Anne Slocumb
                                                                                 GOES ABOVE AND
                                 Suzanne Babcock
                          5      Amanda "Mandy"
                                                                    SOMEONE WHO IS IN
                                 Melody Stang
                                 Kathy Mendelblatt              “A LEAGUE OF HER OWN!”
                                 Julie Ann Scott                       NOMINATE HER!
                                                             Award nominations should be submitted to
                                 Karrin Alman                 HQ for consideration. Please fill out the
                                 Cheryl Leary               following information & submit it by email to
                          9      Barbara Gross
                          10     Theresa DiVito                1. The name of the nominee,
                                                               2. Why she is being nominated (short,
                          11     Joyce Bobbitt                    detailed list),
                          12                                   3. Who nominated her
                                 Margaret Wood
                                 Elizabeth Cobin             The League of Her Own Award and special
                                                              recognition gift is presented to a league
                                 Leanne Lambrecht                   member each month at the
                                 Frances Weaver-                  General Membership Meeting !!
                          16     Mary Ann Will
                          17     Doris Dickson
                          18     Glenn Mosby
                                 Jennie Petagna

                                 Lea Newman                         University of JLSP
                                 Lynn Samardich
                                 Loretta Stitt
                                                                November 18th, 2008
                          20     Sarah Lyle Walters       Registration will be available
                                 Suzanne Hirsch              on-line early October
                                 Johanna Nekvasil
                                                          Please register for your course
                                 Heather Chisholm
                                 Ruth Kent
                          28     Robin Henderson
                          30     Amy Stiff
                                 Mary Moeller
                                 Ashlyn Wier

                Page 22                                                                                     CauseWay

     A HUGE thank you to Chloe Firebaugh and Missy Everhart for completely organizing
     Headquarters last month!

     Natalie Bauman, Jennie Petagna, Jillian Burns, Amy Jones, Jessica Lowe, Kirby Meehan,
     Georgia Naruns & Gina Pugh of Special Events deserve a hand for organizing a successful 2008
     Margarita Mixer!

     Thank you to Sustainer Carol Russell for hosting the New Member Social.

     Way to go Tirrah Switzer, Chair of Community Outreach, for putting together our first ever Kids in
     the Kitchen event with Academy Prep!

     Way to go, new members Taylor Runyon & Jennifer Bond for stepping up to lead the New
     Member service project at Brookwood!

     Congratulations to Tirrah Switzer, Christine Casey, & Andrea Winning for being selected as JLSP
     representatives to attend ODI in Orlando.

     Congrats to Sarah Lucas, Nikki Gaskin-Capehart, Barbara Mazer Gross, Lara Shelton, Katie
     Giglio, Ginger Reichl, Laura Tuleen & Jenn Maxwell for being nominated for the St. Petersburg
     Young Professionals Award.

     Hooray, Care Fair Committee for spending a Saturday cleaning out the storage unit and
     organizing supplies for next year!

     Nancy Meyer & Allison Skorewicz for coordinating and leading of Kids Create! At the Urban
     Crime Run event.

     Megan Gregory for using her creativity for making recipe books for our Kids in the Kitchen event.

     Nominating Committee for their dedication to the league and the countless hours spent on by-
     law changes and ODI delegates.

     Karen Baybut for recruiting a dietician from All Children’s for our Kids in the Kitchen event.

     Rachel Orsini for finding 73 amazing merchants for Gift Gallery.

     April James for taking over Gift Gallery shift sign up and Glam ticket sales.

     Meredith Granese and April James for finding a caterer for GLAM night so we will be
     guaranteed to have plenty of food for the party!

      Congratulations                      Congratulations
             to                                     to
  Allison & Andy Garrett                Jenna and Ryan Walker
          on the birth                    on the birth of their                      Do you have a birth to
                                              quadruplets:                                announce?
      of their daughter                                                                     Email:
                                           Jillian, Cameron,           
         Emma Tasch                           Cash & Jack

October 2008                                                                                          Page 23
                                 OCTOBER                                 NOVEMBER
     10/10 - CAB Meeting                               11/11 - New Member Meeting
     10/14 - New Member Meeting                        11/15 - Community Outreach Project:
     10/21 - General Membership Meeting                        Resurrection House
     10/23 - CTS / Glam Preview Night                  11/18 - General Membership Meeting
     10/24 - CTS (Celebrate The Season)                11/27 - Happy Thanksgiving
     10/25 - Kids Create at the St. Pete Times
                 Reading Festival                                        DECEMBER
                                                       12/02 - Sustainer Holliday Luncheon
                                                       12/16 - JLSP Holiday Party
                                                       12/25 - Christmas Breakfast at Ronald
                                                               McDonald House

CauseWay                                                                      NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
Junior League of St. Petersburg, Inc.                                         PERMIT NO. 616
500 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. St. N., Suite 201
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705                                                  ST. PETERSBURG, FL

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