Year End Reminder by docharv


									Sample Year-End Reminder

[Date] [First Name] [Last Name] [Business] [Address] [City] [State], [Zip] Dear [First Name], At this busy time of year, we’d like to drop you a quick reminder about the full range of services we can provide to individuals and small business owners. Our firm specializes in tax planning and consulting in conjunction with our standard tax preparation services. Now is the optimal time of year to take steps to reduce your taxable income and increase your annual deductions. In addition, there are several unique tax-saving opportunities this year under the newly enacted Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA). This may be especially important for investors and small business owners. We would be glad to schedule a private meeting to discuss your personal situation at the end of the year. Please be aware that it takes time to coordinate year-end planning techniques, so please give us a call as soon as possible, [Telephone Number]. Cordially,

[First Name] [Last Name] [Title] [Firm Name]

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