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					[00:01] <LaserJock> man, java wouldn't be so annoying if there weren't so
many stinkin' acronyms
[00:01] <imbrandon> err looks to be done now, only ntp.conf change and
restart the service right ?
[00:01] <LaserJock> JRE, JVM, JDK, JSE
[00:01] <imbrandon> strange how it wont let me manualy set it though
[00:03] <pwnguin> yea, they should use goofy names instead
[00:03] <joumetal> anyone intrested reviewing libqalculate. it's in revu
[00:03] <pwnguin> stdlib, stdio, boost, hibernate
[00:03] <LaserJock> well, I don't minde the names
[00:03] <pwnguin> actually, i think hibernate is a java thing
[00:03] <pwnguin> Spring
[00:03] <LaserJock> it's just that you never know what you're actually
supposed to get
[00:04] <pwnguin> pop quiz: what does turbogears do?
[00:04] <somerville32> Makes your gears go faster! :)
[00:04] <Kmos> lol
[00:05] <imbrandon> pwnguin, the python stuff?
[00:05] <pwnguin> imbrandon: right
[00:05] <imbrandon> its a framework for python we apps then in that case
[00:05] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: ntpdate won't run when ntpd is.
[00:05] <joumetal> It provides command line qalculator and is dependency
of scientific calculator qalculate.
[00:05] <imbrandon> web*
[00:05] <mok0> knights: Oh, I just uploaded the torque package to revu.
The one with the weird license
[00:05] <pwnguin> its a web scripting framework.
[00:06] <ajmitch> pwnguin: why?
[00:11] <knights> OK guys, I'm ready! Its took me all weekend, and thanks
to the patience of persia and friends I can now upload my Ubuntu xdtv
package which IMO is THE missing multimedia package from Debian and
Ubuntu as of this moment because its the only fully-featured, stable app
for analogue video capture capable of DVD+ quality capture under Linux.
Could someone kindly to re-sync the REVU uploaders keyring please?
[00:11] * ScottK2 looks over at imbrandon ^^^
[00:11] * imbrandon looks up
[00:12] <knights> Itza belter!
[00:12] <imbrandon> knights, sure give me a sec
[00:12] * Fujitsu wonders who uses analogue video these days.
[00:13] <imbrandon> knights, syncing now, i'lll announce when it
[00:13] <knights> He, it does DVB capture very well too AND streaming and
timed capture so its a DVR app too
[00:13] <LaserJock> what would consitute analogue video?
[00:13] <LaserJock> *consititue
[00:13] <LaserJock> bah, whatever
[00:13] <knights> v4l(2) capture devices, s-video or composite or aerial
[00:14] * mok0 looks at xdtv & thinks it looks cool
[00:14] <LaserJock> right, I think that would be me
[00:14] <knights> brooktree cards are good and popular for this use
[00:14] <LaserJock> although I don't capture it
[00:14] <LaserJock> except occasionally on a VCR
[00:14] * Fujitsu admits that he does need to digitise some old video
camera tapes, and hasn't found an app to do much about that before.
[00:14] <knights> thats what I've got anyway a bt878
[00:15] <knights> Well here you go Fujitsu- you use xdtv to capture it,
then DeVeDe to convery it to DVD or SVCD- dead easy now eh? :D
[00:15] * LaserJock just uses coax cable
[00:15] <LaserJock> I haven't upgraded to component cable just yet
[00:16] <LaserJock> I'm afraid they're going to shut down my TV here
pretty soon
[00:16] <knights> If you have a DV camera with s-video or comp input you
can go through firewire to do this too- but do you have both a firewire
card and a decent camera etc?
[00:17] <Fujitsu> knights: Right, and I need to convince my saa7134 that
it wants to capture audio.
[00:17] <knights> Yes, I think that should be great for it
[00:17] <LaserJock> anybody know when the US is supposed to go all
digital for TV?
[00:17] <knights> It is supported by v4l2 isn't it?
[00:18] <imbrandon> LaserJock, by the end of 08 iirc
[00:18] <LaserJock> imbrandon: yikes :(
[00:18] <LaserJock> I better save my pennies
[00:18] <LaserJock> my new TV is from 1991
[00:18] <imbrandon> hehe
[00:18] <ajmitch> it's started in NZ
[00:19] <pwnguin> LaserJock: i dont think cable companies are regulated
by that
[00:19] <pwnguin> just tv station over the air broadcasts
[00:19] <LaserJock> pwnguin: that's all I've got
[00:20] <imbrandon> yea no more 700mhz broadcasts for TV
[00:20] <LaserJock> so it's buy a new TV or switch to cable
[00:20] <LaserJock> ?
[00:20] <knights> imbrandon: How long does sync normally take?
[00:20] <LaserJock> or just don't bother ...
[00:20] <imbrandon> knights, 15 to 30 minutes, its about 3/4 done
[00:20] * knights dead excited!
[00:21] <knights> Thanks imbrandon!
[00:21] <Fujitsu> knights: It is V4L two, yes.
[00:21] <knights> or 1
[00:21] <Fujitsu> 2, bah.
[00:21] <pwnguin> LaserJock: or wait for congress to balk because you
havent bought a new tv
[00:21] <knights> 2 is pref
[00:22] <Fujitsu> knights: It is v4l2, as I see v4l1_compat stuff.
[00:22] <knights> Yes- despite me packaging this app I'd totally advocate
everybody binning their TVs
[00:22] <LaserJock> pwnguin: or have them buy me one! :-)
[00:23] <crimsun> joejaxx: we do (i.e., best effort)
[00:23] <knights> If there's one thing that would survive the apocalypse
it'll be the BBC
[00:23] <imbrandon> LaserJock, just get a tv capture card and watch cable
via the small window while python hacking
[00:23] <somerville32> imbrandon, Thats hawt.
[00:23] <LaserJock> imbrandon: cable? that's a bit ... pricey
[00:23] <pwnguin> 50 dollars a month!
[00:23] <somerville32> lol
[00:24] <somerville32> My internet costs me $50 a month
[00:24] <somerville32> Although I can get internet, cable, and phone for
$99 a month
[00:24] <imbrandon> i only have cable for 2 reasons, stargate atlantis on
scifi and Heroes
[00:24] <pwnguin> my internet costs me 25
[00:24] <LaserJock> yeah there's no way I could do $40/month
[00:24] <somerville32> pwnguin, What speed?
[00:24] <LaserJock> *$50
[00:24] <pwnguin> somerville32: crappy
[00:24] <pwnguin> like 1.5mbit
[00:24] <somerville32> pwnguin, Mine is 7mb/s
[00:24] <pwnguin> good for you
[00:24] <somerville32> I don't eat because of it
[00:24] <somerville32> :(
[00:24] <imbrandon> mine is ~140 a month, cable tv + hbo sho and max ,
phone, and internets
[00:25] <LaserJock> yikes
[00:25] <pwnguin> imbrandon is gainfully employed
[00:25] <pwnguin> not a phd candidate in chemistry
[00:25] <imbrandon> 33 each + taxes
[00:26] <LaserJock> I pay $100 for DSl, landline, and 2 cell phones
[00:26] <imbrandon> i dont think i could have a computer hobby if my wife
dident have the tube
[00:26] <imbrandon> so it works out
[00:26] <knights> Fujitsu: As I thought, your card should be perfect for
[00:26] <LaserJock> if I could get rid of the landline it'd be nice
[00:26] <nixternal> I pay $0 for Comcast, I pay $0 for cell phone, but I
pay a shitton for gasoline :)
[00:27] <imbrandon> knights, sync finished
[00:27] <LaserJock> nixternal: how much for gas?
[00:27] <knights> \o/
[00:27] <nixternal> 25gal tank, you do the math :)
[00:27] <Fujitsu> knights: Aha, thanks. I'll look into that.
[00:27] <LaserJock> nixternal: what's the price, is what I'm asking
[00:27] <nixternal> $3.10/gal today
[00:27] <pwnguin> so i have a licensing question: the sourcecode is
clearly labelled GPLv3, but it uses game data that may or may not be DFSG
[00:27] <pwnguin> multiverse appropriate?
[00:28] <Fujitsu> pwnguin: SoulFu?
[00:28] <pwnguin> Fujitsu: yea
[00:28] <Fujitsu> We need to know the license.
[00:28] <LaserJock> nixternal: yeah, that is steep, I think we're
averaging around $3.20 here
[00:28] <Fujitsu> Even for multiverse.
[00:28] <nixternal> on average, to fill up is anywhere from $70 to $80
depending on gas
[00:28] <nixternal> we will get up there...I just helped the gas station
run out of gas today I think
[00:28] <LaserJock> nixternal: yeah, I've got a big minivan. it takes
around that
[00:28] <somerville32> It is ~$0.98 here.
[00:28] <imbrandon> wha?
[00:29] <rexbron> hmm, I am getting an RTLD_NOW not declared in this
scope when trying to compile....
[00:29] <rexbron> error that is
[00:29] <somerville32> Sometimes it goes over the dollar.
[00:29] <somerville32> A few years ago it was 0.70 - 0.80
[00:29] <LaserJock> somerville32: /liter?
[00:29] <somerville32> Yeah
[00:30] <Fujitsu> ~1.40AUD per litre here.
[00:30] <crimsun> rexbron: so, a missing include.
[00:30] <Fujitsu> crimsun: What brings you to these parts so frequently
of late?
[00:31] <somerville32> Yea for different denominations and measuring
systems that mean nothing to me! :)
[00:31] <crimsun> Fujitsu: "the calm before the storm"
[00:31] <LaserJock> somerville32: it's ~ $0.85/liter here
[00:31] <rexbron> crimsun: emm, is dlopen and its lot declared in
[00:31] <somerville32> LaserJock, Yeah, it is pretty expensive here.
[00:32] <mok0> Here price of gas is ~1.37 euro/L (us$1.85/L)
[00:32] <LaserJock> I think you have to also take into account average
fuel efficency :-)
[00:33] <crimsun> rexbron: <dlfcn.h>
[00:33] <LaserJock> I've been to Paris and Sevilla and I'd have to say
the average car size is quite a bit smaller there ;-)
[00:33] <mok0> It's mostly a difference in tax on gas
[00:33] <rexbron> crimsun: cool
[00:33] <imbrandon> like my durango getting 11mi gal ? heh
[00:33] <LaserJock> yeah, I have one car that 15mpg and one that 17mpg
[00:34] <joejaxx> oh wow :\
[00:34] <LaserJock> yeah ... my wife likes big vehicles
[00:34] <LaserJock> she doesn't feel safe in anything that's not 4 wheel
drive and hefty
[00:35] <joejaxx> ah ok
[00:35] <somerville32> Poor planet Earth.
[00:35] <LaserJock> personally I'd be fine with a little car
[00:35] <LaserJock> but she doesn't like them at all
[00:35] <LaserJock> somerville32: it'll get over it ;-)
[00:36] * ajmitch doesn't understand these people that feel they need to
drive around in a tank
[00:36] <LaserJock> umm
[00:36] <somerville32> Can I ask a touchy question?
[00:37] <ajmitch> no
[00:37] <LaserJock> I see enough accidents on a daily basis
[00:37] <LaserJock> I'm not gonna drive a mini-coffin around ;-)
[00:37] <ajmitch> you know why those accidents are bad? because the other
guy is driving the tank :)
[00:37] <knights> well, dput said it successfully uploaded but then it
said `Not running dinstall.` - is that right?
[00:37] <ajmitch> it's like an arms race
[00:37] <Burgundavia> LaserJock: ironically, SUVs are among the least
safe vehicles around, due to high centre of balance
[00:37] <crimsun> knights: yes.
[00:37] <LaserJock> Burgundavia: it's not me I'm worried about ;-)
[00:37] <knights> Yay!
[00:37] <somerville32> The last accident I saw, someone drove into a
traffic light and knocked it over :/
[00:38] <LaserJock> ajmitch: yes, it is
[00:38] <somerville32> Poor traffic light
[00:38] <knights> xdtv arrives!
[00:38] <somerville32> :(
[00:39] <knights> damn! as if my announcement co-incided with irc talk of
a traffic accident :(
[00:39] <LaserJock> somerville32: yeah, I've seen a few of those too
[00:39] <knights> :)
[00:39] <LaserJock> heh
[00:39] <somerville32> Bye
[00:39] * ajmitch thinks that people should use bikes more
[00:39] <knights> wo!
[00:39] <knights> must've said something
[00:39] <LaserJock> ajmitch: yeah, I wish that worked more around here
[00:39] <LaserJock> my labmate bikes a lot
[00:40] <ajmitch> LaserJock: I can walk to work each day
[00:40] <knights> or some major server has collapsed
[00:40] <LaserJock> there's no parking around here
[00:40] <ajmitch> there's little parking around uni
[00:40] <LaserJock> ajmitch: I live 10 miles from school, it'd take a
[00:40] <knights> Fujitsu: xdtv should be in revu now
[00:40] <LaserJock> then I go to my grandparents which is 120 miles away
[00:41] <LaserJock> and my parents which is 900 miles away
[00:41] <Fujitsu> knights: I haven't got time today - another important
exam tomorrow.
[00:41] <somerville32> Anyhow, time to ask that touchy question. The
person who uploaded the package that caused the x-server mess, did they
lose upload privs?
[00:41] <Fujitsu> LaserJock: Walk there!
[00:41] <Fujitsu> Shouldn't take toooooooooo long.
[00:41] <Fujitsu> somerville32: What xserver mess?
[00:41] <LaserJock> rodrigo?
[00:41] * Fujitsu hasn't seen one... since that Dapper SRU.
[00:41] <LaserJock> that dapper update?
[00:42] <somerville32> Yeah
[00:42] <LaserJock> no, he didn't
[00:42] <Fujitsu> Nobody has ever lost upload privileges.
[00:42] <Fujitsu> (other than normal expiry when they've been inactive
[00:42] <imbrandon> unless they intentionaly deactivated themselfs
[00:42] <imbrandon> yes
[00:42] <Fujitsu> SRU processes are now improved.
[00:42] <ajmitch> somerville32: in that case, he did test, just not on a
wide enough range of hardware
[00:42] <LaserJock> the "/sh" syndrome
[00:42] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Which has happened once.
[00:42] <Fujitsu> It was a silly change to make in an SRU.
[00:43] <ajmitch> Fujitsu: silly change?
[00:43] <ajmitch> it was something meant to fix another bug
[00:43] <ajmitch> I can't remember details, it was to do with some PCI
[00:43] * Fujitsu checks.
[00:43] <Fujitsu> It sounded risky.
[00:43] <Fujitsu> (and obviously was)
[00:44] <LaserJock> I don't know why they made him do X anyway
[00:44] <ajmitch> and wasn't tested enough, as we know now
[00:44] <somerville32> Fujitsu, Can you post the ml post for the upload?
[00:44] <knights> Fujitsu: What exam is this?
[00:44] <ajmitch>    * Added 005_pci_domain.dpatch (Closes Malone #54880)
[00:44] <knights> How long will it take before my package shows up on ?
[00:45] <imbrandon> ok i'm off line for a bit, back in a few hours
[00:45] <Fujitsu> knights: At the next 10 minutely processing job.
[00:45] <crimsun> ah, so it's joejaxx who's filling my inbox
[00:45] <crimsun> joejaxx: keep up the good work!
[00:45] <imbrandon> knights, 10 min or so
[00:45] <knights> cool- I can hack that :)
[00:45] <joejaxx> crimsun: :D
[00:45] <ubotu_> Launchpad bug 54880 in xorg-server "Does not support
Linux PCI domains" [High,Confirmed]
[00:45] <ajmitch> what is joejaxx breaking?
[00:45] <ajmitch> thanks ubotu_
[00:45] <crimsun> merges
[00:45] <ajmitch> slow bot
[00:45] <Fujitsu> Ubotu is speedy as always.
[00:46] <somerville32> As about speedy as my computer, I'd say.
[00:46] <azeem> if somebody wants to try building opensync-0.34 packages:
deb-src ./
[00:46] <LaserJock> does anybody here know anything about how
translations/lang packs work?
[00:46] <azeem> slangasek: ^^
[00:46] <Fujitsu> LaserJock: I know a little. What do you want to know?
[00:46] <azeem> (I didn't get around setting up a hardy chroot yet)
[00:47] <somerville32> azeem, Is it like a puzzle?
[00:47] <somerville32> azeem, Why not use PPA?
[00:47] <azeem> somerville32: ?
[00:47] <ajmitch> somerville32: why use a PPA?
[00:47] <LaserJock> Fujitsu: well, I'm sort of tring to debug why
gcompris has bad translations
[00:47] <azeem> somerville32: because it's 1:50 AM and I fought cmake
[00:47] <Fujitsu> LaserJock: What's broken about them?
[00:47] <azeem> I'm not going to figure out hardy or ppa now
[00:47] <ajmitch> azeem: good work on getting it done then :)
[00:47] <ajmitch> are PPAs still restricted to beta users only?
[00:48] <somerville32> yes
[00:48] <somerville32> But who isn't a beta user?
[00:48] <ajmitch> many, many people
[00:48] <Fujitsu> It's well over 500 now, isn't it?
[00:49] <Fujitsu> 770, ouch.
[00:49] <ajmitch> even so, having to get PPA approval before being able
to upload & get things built is just another obstacle
[00:49] <Fujitsu> ajmitch: Is that a problem?
[00:50] <Fujitsu> I think we want more obstacles, not fewer.
[00:50] <LaserJock> Fujitsu: actually it looks like LP says that it's all
translated, but the UI doesn't show it
[00:50] <ajmitch> that's bureaucracy, not anything actually useful
[00:50] <LaserJock> Fujitsu: I was thinking maybe it was a packaging
thing, but maybe it's an LP thing
[00:51] <ajmitch> if you want more obstacles, you may as well ask people
to fill out forms in triplicate & bury them in a peat bog for a few
[00:51] <LaserJock> ajmitch: capital idea good fellow!
[00:51] * LaserJock looks around for a peat bog
[00:53] <somerville32> superm1, \o/
[00:53] <joejaxx> somerville32: \o/
[00:53] <somerville32> :D
[00:53] <joejaxx> :D
[00:54] <superm1_> hi
[00:54] <superm1_> what's up?
[00:54] <somerville32> superm1_, I noticed you joined xubuntu-team
[00:54] <superm1_> somerville32, :)
[00:54] <somerville32> superm1_, You should join us in #xubuntu-devel for
[00:54] <superm1_> yeah i uploaded two or three plugins too
[00:55] <somerville32> I'm merging xfce4-session at the moment
[00:55] <somerville32> Just building to see if it works :)
[00:55] <somerville32> and it does.
[00:56] <LaserJock> somerville32: heah .... you could help me with a bug
[00:56] <somerville32> LaserJock, Oh?
[00:57] <LaserJock> there's a bug about gcompris not working correctly
with Xfce
[00:57] <LaserJock> bug #41172
[00:57] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 41172 in gcompris "XUBUNTU panels in
Gcompris" [Medium,Confirmed]
[00:57] <LaserJock> think you could give it a test real quick?
[00:57] <somerville32> LaserJock, Sure.
[00:58] * Fujitsu wonders why lots of people ALLCAPS Ubuntu.
[00:58] <LaserJock> BECAUSE ITS FUN
[00:58] <somerville32> YEAH!
[00:59] <LaserJock> Fujitsu: I honestly have no idea
[00:59] <LaserJock> maybe they are an OS X users mostly
[00:59] <joejaxx> lol
[00:59] <superm1_> why would osx users do that?
[00:59] <superm1_> :)
[00:59] <joejaxx> TESTING :D
[01:00] <joejaxx> lol
[01:00] * Fujitsu attacks joejaxx with pointed sticks.
[01:00] <somerville32> LaserJock, I love the bug report description
[01:01] <joejaxx> Fujitsu: hey! i do not think Hobbsee licensed those out
[01:01] <joejaxx> lol
[01:01] <ajmitch> broken, plz fix?
[01:01] <joejaxx> :P
[01:01] <somerville32> close.
[01:01] <LaserJock> somerville32: yes, it's a bit difficult for me to
understand exactly
[01:01] <somerville32> "When i start de gcompris in XUBUNTU open the
gcompris, but the panels 1 and 2 stay with the program open.
[01:01] <somerville32> In other desktop no had panel with gcompris."
[01:01] <ajmitch> joejaxx: don't summon the hobbsee
[01:02] <crimsun> somerville32: xfwm4<->gcompris, probably
[01:03] <LaserJock> crimsun: when gcompris is opened fullscreen the xfce
panels apparently stay on top
[01:03] <joejaxx> ajmitch: :P
[01:03] <LaserJock> crimsun: I believe that's what the bug is
[01:05] <ajmitch> file a removal request for gcompris, problem solved
[01:05] <LaserJock> doh
[01:05] <joejaxx> ajmitch: :P
[01:05] <LaserJock> gcompris is arguable *the* top educational app in
[01:06] <joejaxx> i think MoM
[01:06] <joejaxx> is messing up
[01:06] <joejaxx>     + Build-Depend on libx11-dev | xlibs-dev, libxpm-
dev | xlibs-dev.
[01:06] <joejaxx> that is from the debian changelogs
[01:07] <Fujitsu> MoM does have some issues, but nothing critical.
[01:07] <Fujitsu> Saying there are conflicts where there aren't, etc.
[01:07] <joejaxx> Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5.0.0), cdbs, libx11-dev,
[01:07] <joejaxx> that is the debian modification
[01:07] <joejaxx> wth did those bild depends go?
[01:07] <joejaxx> build*
[01:07] <joejaxx> they are listed under the ubuntu modifications
[01:07] <TheMuso> joejaxx: Look at the patches that MoM generated.
[01:08] <LaserJock> joejaxx: don't look at MoM ...
[01:08] <ajmitch> merge without MoM
[01:08] <TheMuso> joejaxx: Were there any conflicts?
[01:08] <joejaxx> TheMuso: yes
[01:09] <ajmitch> there's your answer
[01:09] <LaserJock> MoM was boozing it up and got a little tipsy
[01:09] <joejaxx> ajmitch: yeah but that line is listed under the ubuntu
[01:09] <ajmitch> LaserJock: you were a bad influence
[01:09] <LaserJock> "hmmm, I can't remember what dep was supposed to go
here, ah well"
[01:09] <ajmitch> joejaxx: that's probably quite true - the same line
would have been changed in different ways
[01:09] <ajmitch> you do not need the xlibs-dev build dependency
[01:09] <LaserJock> ajmitch: so look at the debdiff
[01:10] <joejaxx> LOL
[01:10] <LaserJock> sorry joejaxx
[01:10] <ajmitch> LaserJock: don't tell me to, tell joejaxx to :)
[01:10] <crimsun> ah, I remember the X.Org b-d transition
[01:10] <joejaxx> i just stumbled across the canonical ldap directory
[01:10] <joejaxx> loool
[01:10] <ajmitch> crimsun: back in the day....
[01:10] <TheMuso> joejaxx: as I said, look at the patches, particularly
the patch that MoM gave you from the previous merge. That patch shows
what was changed.
[01:10] <Fujitsu> joejaxx: Er?
[01:11] <LaserJock> ajmitch: it wasn't that long ago was it? was it
before the GL transition?
[01:11] <ajmitch> LaserJock: it was long enough ago
[01:11] <LaserJock> sure
[01:11] <LaserJock> but I think I remember it
[01:11] * ajmitch feels old & washed up
[01:11] <LaserJock> I kinda came in at the middle of the GL transition
[01:12] <somerville32> crimsun, share some love?
[01:12] <somerville32> Bug #160314
[01:12] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160314 in xfce4-session "xfce4-session:
merge new Debian version" [Undecided,New]
[01:13] <crimsun> somerville32: after "MODPOST 1939 modules" completes.
[01:13] <ajmitch> sigh, I bought a new novel at lunchtime, I know what
I'll be doing until sometime in the morning
[01:13] <LaserJock> geeze
[01:13] <LaserJock> I wish I had time to read
[01:13] <LaserJock> instead I'm stuck wasting my day on IRC ;-)
[01:14] <ajmitch> oh I do things like reading instead of wasting my time
on ubuntu :)
[01:14] <LaserJock> shesh
[01:14] <joejaxx> ajmitch: lol
[01:14] <somerville32> lol
[01:14] <crimsun> LaserJock: I'm sticking jdong on you :p
[01:15] <ajmitch> LaserJock: run now
[01:15] <jdong> LaserJock: hey, you provide chem homework help for Ubuntu
members, right? :D
[01:15] <LaserJock> lol
[01:15] <LaserJock> what kind of chem homework?
[01:15] <jdong> LaserJock: really basic
[01:15] <joejaxx> wow
[01:15] <jdong> no pun intended.
[01:15] <ajmitch> LaserJock: here's your chance to put him off chemistry
[01:15] <joejaxx> so i found out
[01:15] <joejaxx> it was a debian regression
[01:15] * jdong hits himself for that pun actually
[01:15] <LaserJock> I used to tutor for $30/hr
[01:15] <joejaxx> lol
[01:15] <ajmitch> someone please ban jdong
[01:16] <jdong> LaserJock: what's the dissociation equation for K3PO4 in
water? I'm assuming it's a base
[01:16] <LaserJock> geeze, I don't give away answers ;-)
[01:16] <jdong> LaserJock: I'm guessing K3PO4 + H2O <--> K+ + K2HPO4 +
[01:16] <LaserJock> what do you take me for, an MIT student?!?! ;-)
[01:16] <Fujitsu> jdong: You know how we have the FTBFS issues because of
Sun Java wanting EULA acceptance on the buildds? Can we modify them to
dep on icedtea instead?
[01:17] * joejaxx misses Chemistry
[01:17] <jdong> Fujitsu: assuming that they aren't broken by the changes
in Java 7, yes. It's worth a try definitely
[01:17] <joejaxx> i should have majored in that instead of
[01:17] <joejaxx> jdong: lol java7
[01:17] <jdong> LaserJock: haha well I put in a good attempt, help the
poor kid :)
[01:18] <jdong> joejaxx: hmm?
[01:18] <LaserJock> jdong: that doesn't look right
[01:18] <Fujitsu> jdong: If it builds, is it OK?
[01:18] <jdong> LaserJock: or does it take --> HK3PO4+ + OH-? That looks
even more awkward.
[01:19] <LaserJock> jdong: oh, it's the K+ OH- that looked odd
[01:19] <ajmitch> LaserJock: I suppose you've forgotten all that early
chemistry stuff? :)
[01:19] <joejaxx> gnomefreak: :D
[01:19] <jdong> LaserJock: I'm really tempted to think it would go down
the K(n-1)H(n+1)PO4 path as far as the salt on the other side goes,
[01:19] <LaserJock> ajmitch: quite, it was about 9 years ago now
[01:20] <jdong> Fujitsu: I'd assume so :) it's better than not building
at all, right?
[01:20] <Fujitsu> jdong: True, true.
[01:20] <gnomefreak> sorry having ~/.irssi/config issues
[01:20] <LaserJock> jdong: that seems logical to me
[01:20] <LaserJock> jdong: you *could* lose the O and get a PO3 but I'm
thinking not
[01:21] <jdong> LaserJock: hmm it's the first problem set on acid-bases
so I doubt they'd pull something that unexpected on us
[01:21] <LaserJock> unless you had something that wanted Os
[01:21] <jdong> LaserJock: I get the feeling like it's supposed to be a
really basic question
[01:21] <azeem> jdong: keep hydrogen tunelling in mind!!
[01:21] <azeem> tunnelling*
[01:21] <jdong> LaserJock: it's simply classifying this huge list of
compounds into acids or bases or neither
[01:22] <jdong> and then of course dissociation equation
[01:22] <LaserJock> jdong: I guess I would have done KOH + H2HPO4 but
other than that
[01:22] <jdong> LaserJock: agreed, but wouldn't KOH in turn readily
dissociate into K+ and OH-?
[01:23] <LaserJock> well, K2HPO4 would too
[01:23] <azeem> the question is whether H2KPO4 will stay around, or
whether everything will be ionized
[01:23] <LaserJock> you'd get down to 3K+ + PO43- ,etc.
[01:23] <jdong> all, all forms of K*H*PO4 are used as buffers
[01:23] <jdong> so yeah I guess ultimately it'd ionize down even more
[01:23] <LaserJock> that might depend on the ionic strength or some such
[01:24] <jdong> ok, well that answer is good enough for me then.
[01:24] <LaserJock> jdong: I would guess your answer was probably OK
[01:24] <jdong> LaserJock: would you be willing to tackle one of them
amine ones? :)
[01:24] <LaserJock> jdong: but if you get it wrong don't blame me
[01:24] <LaserJock> my chemistry answers are "use at your own risk" ;-)
[01:24] <somerville32> What is the compound again?
[01:24] <LaserJock> jdong: what is it?
[01:25] <jdong> somerville32: K3PO4, tribasic potassium phosphate
[01:25] <jdong> methylamine hydrocholride.....
[01:25] <jdong> which I'm guessing is CH3NH2*HCL?
[01:25] <jdong> it's tempting to say the HCL part screams acid, but I
don't have good reason to suspect that
[01:26] <somerville32> H means acid :P
[01:26] <jdong> somerville32: haha :)
[01:26] <jdong> somerville32: I wish for those times again ;-)
[01:26] <somerville32> States of matter matter!
[01:26] <somerville32> Where are your states of matter!!
[01:27] <joejaxx> lolol
[01:27] <somerville32> Isn't it ionic how we forget such things?
[01:28] * Fujitsu sets Hobbsee on somerville32.
[01:28] <LaserJock> jdong: hehe, found something on it on a webpage about
[01:28] <jdong> LaserJock: ROFL
[01:28] <Fujitsu> Hahahah.
[01:29] <joejaxx> Fujitsu: you better be careful she might make you pay
royalties for using the pointed sticks on me without permission :P
[01:29] * ajmitch is shocked
[01:29] * Fujitsu sneaks up behind ajmitch with some alligator clips.
[01:30] <LaserJock> jdong: well, it looks to me like it's CH2NH*HCl
[01:30] <LaserJock> jdong: in which case I might expect it to go to
CH3NH+ + Cl-
[01:31] <jdong> LaserJock:
[01:31] <somerville32> Where did the Cl come from with K3(PO4)?
[01:31] <jdong> LaserJock: either way, whatever the extension, I think
you're right with the NHx+ + Cl-
[01:31] * jdong checks if these have to be written a la bronsted-
[01:31] <jdong> somerville32: different question now :)
[01:31] <somerville32> What was the answer to that one and what are we on
[01:33] <jdong> somerville32: I'm gonna go with K3PO4 + H2O <--> K+ +
K2HPO4 + OH-
[01:33] <LaserJock> jdong: it actually might depend on if its CH3NH2*HCl
or CH3NH*HCl
[01:34] <jdong> somerville32: we are now working on CH3NH3C
[01:34] <jdong> err stupid network
[01:34] <LaserJock> I guess the former would be a hydrogen bond via the
lonepair on the N
[01:34] <jdong> CH3NH3Cl ,l   [B[B[A[A[A[A[A[A[A~.
[01:34] <jdong> that should be
[01:34] <jdong> ok, that looks good then
[01:35] <LaserJock> in which case it'd end up as perhaps H3CNH2 + H+ +
[01:36] <jdong> ok, cool, that's what I have down currently
[01:36] <jdong> LaserJock: any guesses on C5H5NHCl?
[01:36] <jdong> it looks extremely similar :D
[01:36] <LaserJock> jdong: heh, that's funny, I actually got some Gen
Chem lectures from MIT off of iTunes U
[01:36] <jdong> sweet
[01:37] * jdong just wants to fulfill the institute requirement on chem
and run away from that subject :D
[01:37] <LaserJock> I wanted to see how the "big guns" teach
[01:37] <minghua> jdong: Do I need to do anything else for bug 160361, or
can you already approve it?
[01:37] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160361 in gutsy-backports "Please backport
scim-hangul 0.3.1-1ubuntu1 from hardy" [Undecided,New]
=== chuck__ is now known as zul
[01:37] <zul> evening
[01:37] <LaserJock> jdong: is that really C5?
[01:37] <jdong> minghua: that one sounds good for backporting
[01:37] <joejaxx> hello zul
[01:37] <jdong> LaserJock: yes, according to the worksheet it is
[01:37] <zul> hi joejaxx
[01:38] <ajmitch> welcome to chemistry class, zul
[01:38] <jdong> LaserJock: pyridinium chloride, one of those ring
structure thingies
[01:38] <zul> ajmitch: lovely i never had chemistry
[01:38] <jdong> with an N+-H tail
[01:38] <jdong> these molecular biology-ish topics scare me.
[01:38] <LaserJock> jdong: k, I was just wondering if it was a typo and
was really a benzene
[01:38] <minghua> jdong: I'll leave it in your hands then, thanks.
[01:39] <elkbuntu> ... -motu has become -chemistry-homework?
[01:39] <zul> i like doughnuts
[01:39] <ajmitch> elkbuntu: apparantly so
[01:39] <joejaxx> elkbuntu: hello! :D
[01:39] <joejaxx> zul: lool
[01:39] <jdong> minghua: sounds good, I'll approve it shortly
[01:40] <elkbuntu> joejaxx, hi! :D
[01:40] <joejaxx> elkbuntu: :D
[01:40] <jdong> minghua: on the condition that LaserJock finishes my chem
homework ;-)
[01:40] <elkbuntu> joejaxx, no texan bus driver incidents from last week?
[01:40] <joejaxx> elkbuntu: LOL! nope
[01:40] * ajmitch wonders what story elkbuntu is referring to now
[01:40] <cyberix> Does anybody know the correct package for this?
[01:40] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160362 in ubuntu ""Ubuntu has some
information for you."" [Undecided,New]
[01:41] <minghua> ... that's a strange bug title.
[01:41] <elkbuntu> ajmitch, maah wayuf wahz ah may-uhn
[01:41] <LaserJock> elkbuntu: orly?
[01:41] <knights> mayan?
[01:41] <joejaxx> elkbuntu: LMAO
[01:41] <elkbuntu> LaserJock, surely you remember the texan bus driver
from mt view?
[01:41] <jdong> cyberix: I think that's a functionality of update-manager
[01:42] <LaserJock> elkbuntu: hmm, no, I wasn't on the bus much
[01:42] <jdong> cyberix: and if I recall, the description in the balloon
popup does say what you said it should say
[01:42] <joejaxx> hello persia ! :D
[01:42] <persia> hey joejaxx
[01:42] <jdong> cyberix: i.e. the title is information available, but the
bubble says "Something might require your attention, etc"
[01:42] <cyberix> oh
[01:42] <cyberix> Well the user didn't seem tonotice that.
[01:43] <zul> maybe the notification should be something like "you have
reached an invalid number, if you think this is a bug please try again
later this has been a recording"
[01:43] <jdong> cyberix: well would blinking red text and text-to-speech
in a sexy female announcer voice help? ;-)
[01:43] <somerville32> K2PO4 + H20.. would you not just do double
[01:44] <somerville32> Otherwise it is just K2 + PO4 - since K2PO4 has
high solubility
[01:44] <elkbuntu> LaserJock, he started on with racist stuff with
joejaxx on board. i wasnt on the bus either, but mneptok's reenactment
was quite humorous
[01:44] <ajmitch> elkbuntu: I don't recall that
[01:44] <LaserJock> somerville32: it's K3PO4
[01:44] <somerville32> w/e
[01:44] <jdong> somerville32: K3, and considering that the topic is acid-
base reactions I'm expecting them to readily follow the stereotypical
bronstead-lowry forms
[01:44] <ajmitch> maybe I was asleep :)
[01:44] <joejaxx> elkbuntu: LOL
[01:44] <zul> elkbuntu: he was hilarious
[01:44] <jdong> somerville32: at least I need to dissociate it enough to
demonstrate that it's indeed a base; past that I honestly don't care ;-)
[01:45] <somerville32> jdong: Does the reaction occur after the
[01:45] <zul> elkbuntu: minus the racist stuff
[01:45] <LaserJock> jdong: can you check C5H5NHCl again? that just seems
[01:45] <elkbuntu> zul, the other bus driver was just as humorous. he
couldnt figure the way between the hotel and the googleplex
[01:45] <joejaxx> i had a question for you all :P
[01:45] <somerville32> joejaxx, Good for you :P
[01:45] <elkbuntu> !ask | joejaxx
[01:45] <ubotu> joejaxx: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your
question :)
[01:45] <LaserJock> joejaxx: that's y'all
[01:45] <joejaxx> has anyone ever thought about using package deltas for
the updates repository?
[01:46] * elkbuntu ducks
[01:46] <persia> joejaxx: Yes, and it's an annoying problem to which
there is no clear solution.
[01:46] <jdong> LaserJock: verified, it's C5H5N (pyridine) protonated to
C5H5NH+ (pyridinium ion), and the chloride salt of that
[01:46] <LaserJock> joejaxx: sure
[01:46] <joejaxx> instead of an entire new package
[01:46] <joejaxx> persia: oh?
[01:46] <joejaxx> elkbuntu: lol :P
[01:46] <jdong> LaserJock: so I'm guessing a C5N5N + H3O+ + CL- type form
on the right.
[01:46] * somerville32 points jdong and LaserJock to #ubuntu-science
[01:47] <LaserJock> jdong: oh freaking heck, right. I was thinking a 5-
memebered ring ... it's been a while
[01:47] <zul> whoosh...
[01:47] <zul> straight over my head
[01:47] <jdong> LaserJock: hehe, no worries, it's stuff that you wish to
shove out of your memory as soon as possible ;-)
[01:47] <persia> joejaxx: 1) You have to be able to generate a package
diff against whatever version the user happens to have installed (which
may not be the latest previous), 2) you have to do this without
downloading the entire thing to the user workation, 3) you have to do
this without bloating the archives, and 4) you have to do this without
requiring more processing power from the mirror hosts.
[01:48] <LaserJock> jdong: well, supposedly next fall I could be teaching
gen chem so I'm gonna have to "refresh"
[01:48] <ajmitch> LaserJock: you won't have graduated by then?
[01:48] <LaserJock> ajmitch: yes, and hopefully with a job
[01:48] <joejaxx> persia: oh ok
[01:49] <joejaxx> yeah
[01:49] <jdong> LaserJock: sounds awesome :)
[01:49] <zul> LaserJock: you could work for canonical ;)
[01:49] <jdong> LaserJock: you gonna accept MOTU merges as a form of
extra credit? ;-)
[01:49] <LaserJock> zul: yes, but I'd like to think I'd do something with
my PhD ;-)
[01:49] <LaserJock> jdong: hehe, yeah
[01:50] <LaserJock> I wonder if I could get away with that
[01:50] <zul> LaserJock: you could also drive a taxi
[01:50] <ajmitch> or work at mcdonalds
[01:50] <LaserJock> merge all chemistry software for 50 extra points
[01:50] <LaserJock> zul, ajmitch : no, I think I'd be working for
Canonical before that
[01:50] <zul> ajmitch: that would be beneath him
[01:50] * persia thinks driving taxis is fun
[01:51] <ajmitch> LaserJock: what, canonical is barely above mcdonalds?
[01:51] <LaserJock> zul: I don't know, people at McDonalds in San
Fransisco make about as much as me
[01:51] <LaserJock> ajmitch: pretty much ;-)
[01:51] <zul> heh
[01:51] <joejaxx> LaserJock: i am about to do a science one does that
count? :P
[01:51] <LaserJock> yep
[01:51] <joejaxx> :D
[01:51] * LaserJock gives joejaxx a gold star for the day
[01:52] <joejaxx> :D
[01:52] <LaserJock> oh stink!!!
[01:52] <LaserJock> the Golden Ponies!
[01:52] <LaserJock> I totally forgot
[01:52] <gene6482> could somebody help me try to patch a kernel?
[01:52] <joejaxx> i am working on gcx at the moment
[01:52] <gene6482> i asked in the main channel but was told to come here
[01:53] <ajmitch> LaserJock: how could you forget?
[01:53] <LaserJock> ajmitch: I don't know. I remember around RC but
[01:53] <ajmitch> truly sad
[01:53] <ajmitch> Hobbsee!
[01:53] <LaserJock> *remembered
[01:53] <superm1_> gene6482,
[01:53] <zul> hey Hobbsee
[01:54] <gene6482> superm1: thanks
[01:54] * somerville32 screams!
[01:54] <bddebian> Heya gang
[01:54] <LaserJock> k, I'm off for home
[01:54] <superm1_> gene6482, and then after you go through that, you may
end up here:
[01:55] <LaserJock> bbiab and I'll work on the Golden Ponies
[01:55] <joejaxx> LaserJock: :D :P
[01:55] <bddebian> Later LaserJock
[01:55] <joejaxx> hello bddebian
[01:55] <bddebian> Heya joejaxx
[01:55] <Hobbsee> hiya!
[01:55] <joejaxx> Hobbsee: :D
[01:55] <bddebian> Hi Hobbsee
[01:55] <ScottK2> Heya Hobbsee
[01:56] <bddebian> Heya ScottK2
[01:56] <gene6482> superm1: i've compiled the kernel, and it works, but
it's related to an open bug report and i wasn't sure how to go about
getting it implemented (so everyone with my problem won't have to
manually compile the kernel themselves
[01:57] <gene6482>
[01:57] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 136469 in linux-source-2.6.22 "toshiba p100
series dsdt acpi error no sound, works with acpi turned off."
[01:57] <jdong> LaserJock: thanks for all your help man :) you're the
[01:57] <bddebian> Bah, LaserJock can't leave, I need python help :-)
[01:58] <ScottK2> Heya bddebian
[01:58] <persia> gene6482: Is the patch put in the bug an hour ago
[01:58] <StevenK> bddebian: More people than LaserJock know Python
[01:58] <ScottK2> bddebian: What is it?
[01:58] <ajmitch> bddebian: I'm sure you'll figure it out :)
[01:58] * StevenK chuckles
[01:58] <superm1_> gene6482, /j #ubuntu-kernel
[01:58] <bddebian> This is from scratch though :-(
[01:59] <superm1_> gene6482, they are the ones that will be making the
final call about what's included in StableReleaseUpdates for kernels
[01:59] <bddebian> ScottK2: I'm trying to package up all the Thousand
Parsec crap
[01:59] <persia> StevenK: Speaking of Python: what is your opinion of a
dictionary in which some definitions are tuples and other definitions are
embedded dictionaries?
[01:59] <ajmitch> bddebian: if it's crap, why are you trying to package
[01:59] <ScottK2> OK. Dunow what that is.
[01:59] <bddebian> I already did libtpproto but I did the C++ lib and I
need the python lib :-(
[01:59] <ScottK2> Dunno even
[01:59] <gene6482> persia: it's a little bit up from there, it's a change
in a specific file that unbreaks our sound
[01:59] <bddebian> ajmitch: It's for the Debian games team. I was asked
for assistance :)
[02:00] <ScottK2> bddebian: You might ask on #debian-python on OFTC.
They're reasonably nice there.
[02:00] <persia> gene6482: The kernel team is subscribed. If you can
post your specific experience, the patch used to address the bug, and
your testing to ensure there isn't a regression somewhere else, the
kernel team will see it. If you want to discuss it, #ubuntu-kernel is
indeed the best place for discussion.
[02:00] <ScottK2> bddebian: You might even get POX_ to upload it for you.
[02:01] <gene6482> thanks persia
[02:02] <bddebian> ScottK2: I guess I'll try that, thanks
[02:02] <Fujitsu> jdong: Yay, the two things work fine when built with
icedtea, and run with icedtea. However, they die horribly (abort) when
run with Java 6... should I remove the Sun Java option from the
[02:03] <Fujitsu> Or am I doing something wrong when building?
[02:03] <gene6482> on a side note, i'd like to help contribute more, but
i don't really know all that much, is there any sort of motu mentoring
[02:03] <somerville32> gene6482, Sure is! :)
[02:03] <persia> gene6482: There is, but the queue is a bit long. I'd
suggest just jumping in, and asking questions here or via email to
ubuntu-motu-mentors@l.u.c if you get stuck.
[02:03] <joejaxx> bddebian: do you remember what the Makefile in the docs
directory is for?
[02:04] <jdong> Fujitsu: eep that sounds nasty... is it using a java
compatibility level?
[02:04] <Fujitsu> jdong: Noo idea.
[02:05] <somerville32> crimsun, How is the love coming?
[02:05] <jdong> Fujitsu: (and I'm not comfortable with just saying
icedtea only this time... it's demonstrating faulty bytecode if ti
doesn't run with the java 6 runtime)
[02:05] <bddebian> joejaxx: I don't think I touched that
[02:05] <joejaxx> bddebian: ok
[02:06] <joejaxx> because it is in the ubuntu modified patch for .8
[02:07] <somerville32> LaserJock, Can you do bug 160314 for me?
[02:07] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160314 in xfce4-session "xfce4-session:
merge new Debian version" [Undecided,New]
[02:07] <somerville32> gpocentek, You around? :)
[02:07] <Hobbsee> somerville32: the sponsors are subscribed, no?
[02:08] <somerville32> Hobbsee, yup.
[02:08] <Fujitsu> jdong: java: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion
`c->xlib.lock' failed.
[02:08] <Fujitsu> Seen anything like that before?
[02:09] <superm1_> somerville32, there is a canonical all hands meeting
going on this week so i suspect finding archive admins will be a
[02:09] <jdong> Fujitsu: oh god not the whole xlib locking thing again.
[02:09] <persia> gene6482: If you're having difficultly knowing where to
start, just ask here: generally we've some extra work we're happy to
point at, or can guide you in finding bugs if you know what you want to
[02:09] <jdong> Fujitsu: yeah, seen it widespread ot just on Java
[02:09] <jdong> Fujitsu: has something to do with how agressively X
enforices some lock, I guess ask an X guru what it really means :)
[02:09] <Fujitsu> Works fine on icedtea 7, and I'm trying Java 5 now.
[02:09] <somerville32> superm1_, It just needs a sponsor, no?
[02:10] * superm1_ looks closer at the bug.
[02:10] <superm1_> for some reason i thought you were asking someone to
release it from NEW. my bad
[02:10] <persia> somerville32: If it just needs a sponsor, sticking it
queue should be sufficient. It might take a little while, but will get
uploaded. Asking for specific sponsorship just elevates the channel
[02:11] <somerville32> persia, And disturb the chemistry tutoring and
discussion of car accidents? :P
[02:11] <persia> somerville32: Right. The channel is for discussion of
things currently in the mind of those interested in the universe
component. The queue is for upload requests.
[02:12] <Fujitsu> jdong: So it's probably not an icedtea bug?
[02:14] <jdong> Fujitsu: hmm I wouldn't think it's an icedtea bug....
[02:14] <minghua> Fujitsu: That's a well know bug -- Java doesn't work
well with XCB-based xlib.
[02:14] <jdong> Fujitsu: it might technically be a bug (sloppy locking of
some sort) in binary java?
[02:14] <minghua> s/know/known/
[02:14] <Fujitsu> jdong: That's what I thought.
[02:14] <Fujitsu> I don't think the bytecode could cause that.
[02:14] <Fujitsu> And with Java 5 I get a class version error, but I
presume that's intended behaviour.
[02:15] <jdong> Fujitsu: yeah, the java stack is likely too old
[02:15] <jdong> Fujitsu: which means you should probably be alt-depping
on icedtea or java6 (but since java6 doesn't woork.....)
[02:15] <Fujitsu> Yep.
[02:16] <Fujitsu> I'll leave java6 in for now.
[02:16] <jdong> hmm well since java6 doesn't work, how about we dep on
icedtea and have the launcher explicitly ask for java7 with environment
override option?
[02:16] <jdong> like what I did to Azureus's launcher
[02:16] <Fujitsu> Ah.
[02:16] * Fujitsu looks at it.
[02:17] <Fujitsu> Ah, I see.
[02:18] <jdong> alt-depping on a nonfuntional java stack is a bit silly
[02:18] <jdong> and confusing to the user
[02:18] <Fujitsu> Probably.
[02:19] <jdong> I wish we had a HIG guideline of how to communicate to
the user alternatives-related problems like this
[02:20] <jdong> Ideally, it'd be nice if the "additional information"
type balloon messages were permanently stored and accesible via some
event viewer like UI
[02:20] <jdong> so users can refer back to the message if required later
[02:20] <jdong> for example, like iwth xserver-xgl, it tells the user
"you can disable it by touching ~/.config/blahblah" -- who's gonna
remember that? does the user have to get out a sticky note and write that
down? :)
[02:21] <Fujitsu> At the moment, it checks various Java-related
environment variables, then uses the one in $PATH otherwise. Should I
remove the $PATH check entirely, or just check for java7 beforehand?
[02:21] <Fujitsu> jdong: The update-notifier bubbles?
[02:21] <jdong> Fujitsu: yeah, like the lightbulb one that tells you to
restart firefox, or log out, etc.
[02:21] <jdong> it would be nice for communicating gotchas/post-install
config for packages
[02:21] <bddebian> StevenK: So were you offering to play pyhton packaging
mentor? :-)
[02:22] <StevenK> I was not. I was merely commenting that other people
besides LaserJock known Python
[02:22] <Fujitsu> jdong: Do I leave the attempt at using $PATH in?
[02:22] <somerville32> bddebian, I'm pretty okay with python packaging.
[02:22] <jdong> Fujitsu: I'd have it check for (1) PKGNAME_JAVA
environment variable (2) hardcoded icedtea7 path (3) $PATH
[02:22] <jdong> in that order
[02:22] <gene6482> could somebody help me get started with packaging, i'd
love to help get more software in to the distro
[02:23] <bddebian> Nah, we have too much already ;-)
[02:23] <gene6482> i'm reading the wiki right now
[02:23] <Fujitsu> jdong: It already checks for JAVACMD, JAVA_HOME, etc.
[02:23] <jdong> Fujitsu: ah, ok, then amke sure those checks get first
priority, then continue #2/#3 :)
[02:24] <Fujitsu> Oh, PKGNAME as in not literal, oops.
[02:24] <jdong> right
[02:24] <bddebian> somerville32: Great, you're it :-)
[02:24] <Fujitsu> I was thinking that was another thing like JAVACMD or
[02:24] <jdong> well, yeah, similar, but per-package override
[02:24] <somerville32> :D
[02:24] <jdong> so if a power user thinks he has a better Java stack for
the job, he can have a way to override, apart from editing the launcher
[02:24] <joejaxx>
[02:25] <joejaxx> can anyone tell me if i did that right?
[02:25] <jdong> aah my battery is gonna die any second, time for me to
disapear :)
[02:25] <Fujitsu> Bye jdong.
[02:25] <Fujitsu> Thanks.
[02:25] <somerville32> jdong, much love! ttyl
[02:25] <joejaxx> there was a nmu in debian so now the versioning has the
[02:25] <joejaxx> so i made my upload 1ubuntu4
[02:25] <jdong> no problem, you guys rock :)
[02:26] <s1024kb> persia: Good morning
[02:26] <ajmitch> joejaxx: no
[02:26] <ajmitch> -1.1ubuntu1
[02:26] <joejaxx> ajmitch: that is supposed to be like that?
[02:27] <ajmitch> yes, -1.1 is still greater than -1ubuntu4
[02:27] <somerville32> -1.1ubuntu is higher than -1ubuntu4
[02:27] <joejaxx> ajmitch: when are we supposed to do things like this?
[02:27] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160299 in ubuntu "Please merge carpaltunnel
0.0.9-0.1 from Debian Unstable" [Undecided,New]
[02:28] <joejaxx> ref: to the changelog on that bug
[02:28] <ajmitch> that's just a special case, due to the mix of evil
native & debian versioning
[02:29] <joejaxx> oh ok
[02:29] <bddebian> Damnit, I don't know what to name all these stupid
[02:29] * ajmitch isn't seeing what the merge is there, either
[02:29] <TheMuso> ajmitch: are you processing stuff in uus currently?
[02:29] <joejaxx> sajfor which?
[02:29] <joejaxx> gah
[02:29] <joejaxx> ajmitch: for which*
[02:29] <somerville32> Is there any motu teams that I could help out?
[02:30] <TheMuso> somerville32: The MOTU team? :p
[02:30] <somerville32> lol
[02:30] <ajmitch> TheMuso: no
[02:30] <TheMuso> ajmitch: Ok. I'm assuming joejaxx asked for some help
with something...
[02:30] <ajmitch> joejaxx: what new version of carpaltunnel was there to
merge, given that everything was based on the same version anyway?
[02:30] <somerville32> TheMuso, :P
[02:30] <bddebian> somerville32: Debian Games Team :)
[02:30] <ajmitch> TheMuso: I was just answering some version questions
[02:30] <somerville32> bddebian, Thats a ubuntu team?
[02:31] <joejaxx> ajmitch: it is on
[02:31] <bddebian> somerville32: Indirectly ;-)
[02:31] <ajmitch> joejaxx: you trust everything there?
[02:31] <TheMuso> ajmitch: ah ok
[02:31] <somerville32> bddebian, How do I get started?
[02:31] <joejaxx> ajmitch: that is what they said to use :)
[02:31] <joejaxx> as a list of need to be merged packages
[02:31] <ajmitch> joejaxx: carpaltunnel hasn't been touched for 18 months
in debian
[02:31] <joejaxx> needed*
[02:31] <ajmitch> there's nothing to merge there
[02:32] * TheMuso will process uus in a bit.
[02:32] <joejaxx> ok
[02:32] <ajmitch> all you did was add a changelog entry :)
[02:32] <somerville32> Gah. I have a million lp tabs open and they all
start with the letter B :(
[02:32] <somerville32> So many bugs, so little time
[02:32] <bddebian> somerville32: Check out
[02:32] <persia> somerville32: bddebian If you look on the wiki, you'll
find that the Debian Games Team officially supercedes the Ubuntu Games
Team, and so is a true merged team.
[02:33] <joejaxx> ajmitch: lol so i did that work for nothing?
[02:33] <bddebian> persia: Aye
[02:33] <joejaxx> fun
[02:33] <ajmitch> joejaxx: what work?
[02:33] <joejaxx> lol
[02:33] <joejaxx> ajmitch: working on the package :)
[02:33] <ajmitch> again, what work?
[02:33] <joejaxx> i hope the others i did are not like that
[02:33] <joejaxx> that is what i mean
[02:33] <joejaxx> :(
[02:33] <ajmitch> it's ok, TheMuso will take care of them
[02:34] * ajmitch isn't touching u-u-s
[02:34] <joejaxx> i just marked the bug invalid
[02:35] <TheMuso> ajmitch: Before, I could have just said, sure I will
when I get to it and left it at that. Now that I am an uus admin, I need
to actually care about the uus queue, and process it.
[02:35] <TheMuso> :)
[02:35] <ajmitch> TheMuso: exactly
[02:35] <ajmitch> at one point I was a uus admin for some reason
[02:35] <ajmitch> but never did anything, so removed myself
[02:35] <persia> ajmitch: You were active in sponsoring back then :)
[02:35] <ajmitch> persia: back when I knew what I was doing
[02:35] <somerville32> Drinking from a straw is fun.
[02:36] * persia suspects ajmitch has been drinking the water again
[02:36] <ajmitch> persia: actually I am drinking water right now
[02:36] <LaserJock> I used to do uus :/
[02:36] <somerville32> I would if I was a motu
[02:36] <Burgundavia> u-u-s?
[02:37] <LaserJock> Burgundavia: ubuntu-universe-sponsors
[02:37] <persia> Burgundavia: It's the list of fixed bugs that we need to
upload. Try some :)
[02:37] <Burgundavia> ahh, that
[02:37] <Burgundavia> persia: I am not MOTU
[02:37] <ajmitch> not yet, he means
[02:37] <ajmitch> even jono wants to go for MOTU
[02:38] <LaserJock> heh
[02:38] <LaserJock> *everybody* wants to go for MOTU
[02:38] <LaserJock> only the insane ones get ther ;-)
[02:38] <LaserJock> *there
[02:38] <ajmitch> s/get/stay/ ;)
[02:38] <slangasek> gibber gibber
[02:39] <LaserJock> ajmitch: hehe, so true
[02:39] <bddebian> heh
[02:39] <persia> Burgundavia: No? I thought you were from ages and ages
and ages ago. My apologies.
[02:39] <ajmitch> persia: he's been a long-time doc team person, and into
[02:40] <ajmitch> so you've heard plenty from Burgundavia
[02:40] <Burgundavia> persia: I have exactly one upload to the archive: a
sync of Inkscape from the hoary days
[02:40] * LaserJock jumps into a stack trace
[02:40] <Burgundavia> i have been around since the beginning of Ubuntu
(not, though)
[02:40] <ajmitch> back in the days of mataro
[02:41] <persia> Burgundavia: Right. it's that you seemed to be an
upload person back in Hoary days, and I just assumed that you'd kept at
it :)
[02:41] <Burgundavia> indeed, with bags of death and red red love
[02:41] <Burgundavia> I love watching kiko cringe at the thoughts of red
red love
[02:41] <ajmitch> sevilla was a good improvement then?
[02:42] <bddebian> red red love?
[02:42] <Burgundavia> barcelona was actually a nicer city and the
conferences were different
[02:42] <ScottK2> Would someone who is in UUS, please unsubscribe UUS
from Bug 159330
[02:42] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 159330 in courier "Merge courier 0.57.0
from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Fix committed]
[02:43] <persia> ScottK: Got it. Thanks for pointing it out.
[02:43] <LaserJock> ScottK2: you're not in UUS?
[02:43] <Burgundavia> bddebian: a yogurt drink. Red Red Love was one of
the flavours (and the only I remembered)
[02:44] <bddebian> Ah
[02:44] <bddebian> ScottK2: is awfully active for someone who wasn't
going to be so active.. ;-)
[02:44] <LaserJock> bddebian: yeah, well I'm on Ubuntu break so ...
[02:44] <bddebian> :-)
[02:44] <LaserJock> gone, but never absent
[02:45] * joejaxx wonders how many of his merges did not actually have
to be merged
[02:45] <ScottK2> bddebian: Not currently, no.
[02:46] <ScottK2> err LaserJock, not currently, no (part of the not so
[02:46] <ajmitch> LaserJock: you were leaving IRC as well, weren't you?
[02:46] <LaserJock> ScottK2: ah, right, I think I did that too
[02:46] <LaserJock> ajmitch: ummm, yeah ... sure ... um
[02:46] <bddebian> somerville32: Do you know offhand of a python package
that uses debhelper but uses
[02:47] <crimsun> well, b43 in 2.6.24-rc1-git14 certainly beats the pants
off bcm43xx, but it oopses if I attempt to reassociate :)
[02:47] <LaserJock> bddebian: that shouldn't be too bad
[02:47] <crimsun> err, -ECHANNEL
[02:47] <LaserJock> crimsun: no kidding, that's like real development
[02:47] <LaserJock> ;-)
[02:47] <ScottK2> bddebian: pysol might do it.
[02:47] <bddebian> LaserJock: Aye but I need an example :-)
[02:47] <LaserJock> bddebian: why?
[02:48] <ScottK2> LaserJock: Because this sincerest form of flattery is
[02:48] <bddebian> cause I'm doing one from scratch and I've never done
it with a python package before :)
[02:48] <LaserJock> you should just get rid of make and do python stuff
[02:48] <ScottK2> You're an academic, you should know that ;)
[02:48] <LaserJock> ScottK2: so true
[02:48] <LaserJock> except it doesn't work so well for PhDs
[02:49] <LaserJock> they get kind grumpy about that
[02:49] <bddebian> heh
[02:50] <ajmitch> LaserJock: they call it research
[02:50] <bddebian> ScottK2: Oh, yeah, pysol is nice and clean ;-P
[02:50] <ajmitch> you know, stealing from a few is plagiarism, stealing
from many is research
[02:51] <persia> ajmitch: The difference is that the synthesis is usually
considered creative.
[02:51] <LaserJock> ajmitch: not exactly
[02:52] <joejaxx> ajmitch: does this look correct now?
[02:53] <ajmitch> joejaxx: depends if the patch has been pushed to debian
[02:53] <joejaxx> ajmitch: would it not be in the new version if it was?
[02:53] <somerville32> bddebian, snowballz
[02:54] <persia> joejaxx: That looks correct, although as ajmitch says,
it's good to get the patch back. Also, there's an annoying issue with
Saitek controllers (the two-hand type) not being recognized correctly, if
you want to get deeper.
[02:54] <ajmitch> joejaxx: sure, depends on what got into -1.1
[02:54] <persia> ajmitch: The segfault patch can go back, but debian
doesn't split out inputattach, so the rest has to stay around for a
[02:55] <somerville32> bddebian, "Take command of your army of penguins
as you blaze your path to victory! March through snow laden forests to
conqueror new frontears and grow your small army."
[02:55] <ajmitch> persia: that's what I assumed
[02:55] <ajmitch> but I'm not in u-u-s, so it's not my position to
comment ;)
[02:55] <somerville32> bddebian, It's a snowy world you don't want to
[02:55] <persia> ajmitch: You're still in -dev, so it is your position to
comment: you're just not promising to upload stuff.
[02:56] <LaserJock> hmm, I've forgoten how much it sucks having to have a
[02:56] <ajmitch> persia: I'll have to correct that
[02:56] <TheMuso> LaserJock: yeah, you are lucky enough to have access to
the whole archive.
[02:56] <persia> LaserJock: It's not so bad when the queues are working
well. I remember one bit where the average time from my bug attach to
upload was <3 minutes (with the winner at 100 seconds)
[02:56] <joejaxx> LaserJock: lol
[02:57] * TheMuso thinks he knows what ajmitch means when he is going to
correct that.
[02:57] <crimsun> ah, yes. The magical poll(u-u-s) period.
[02:57] <LaserJock> persia: I was actually looking at Debian
[02:57] <ajmitch> TheMuso: you do?
[02:57] <LaserJock> I was pondering actually working on some
bugs/packages in Debian
[02:57] <TheMuso> ajmitch: I think I do, yes.
[02:57] <LaserJock> but then all the effort ... is it worth it?
[02:58] <persia> LaserJock: That's not a queue with a good answer. Send
bugs to the BTS, and join colaborative teams if they are open, but
sponsored NMUs are destined for a special purgatory.
[02:58] <bddebian> somerville32: :-)
[02:59] <LaserJock> persia: bug attach to upload was < 3 min. ?!?!
[02:59] <LaserJock> how they heck did you manage that?
[02:59] <LaserJock> *the
[02:59] <gene6482> ok, so i decided to grab a program that's been
requested to be packaged but i need some help with the rules file, can
anyone help?
[02:59] * somerville32 wants to make the top ten uploader list as a non-
motu member.
[02:59] <ajmitch> somerville32: well you've passed me already
[03:00] <persia> LaserJock: Average. During feisty one of the sponsors
wrote a LP poll for new attachments from a shortlist of contributors, and
was quick on the uploads for two or three days before finding something
better to do.
[03:00] <LaserJock> but how do you even do that
[03:00] <bddebian> somerville32: rules doesn't do in snowballz
[03:01] <persia> somerville32: Not hard. If you really want to boost,
take a look at the 639 packages not in Debian, update to latest upstream,
get them lintian/linda clean, and add watch files. Hard to compete with
statistics like that.
[03:01] <LaserJock> download source package, apply diff, build new source
package, pbuilder, test install, upload
[03:01] <LaserJock> all in < 3min?
[03:01] <persia> LaserJock: Well, no. Some things broke, and we had to
fix them. That's one of the reasons the poll script was stopped: it was
too efficient.
[03:01] <somerville32> bddebian, most don't
[03:01] <joejaxx> persia: where is that list at?
[03:02] <ajmitch> LaserJock: he didn't say they were *tested* uploads
[03:02] <ScottK2> bddebian: I don't recall if pysol is fully compliant
with current Python policy. I've just bugfixed it, not tried to upgrade
[03:02] <LaserJock> ajmitch: I *assumed* they were :-)
[03:02] <ajmitch> LaserJock: you're in MOTU here
[03:02] <joejaxx> lol
[03:02] <LaserJock> I'm pretty sure I've never uploaded anything I
haven't built
[03:02] <persia> joejaxx:,
in the "Not in Sid" section.
[03:03] <LaserJock> and fairly sure I've test installed them all as well
[03:03] <persia> Fujitsu: Help! I don't see what I expect.
[03:03] <joejaxx> persia: it says zero packages LOl
[03:04] <persia> LaserJock: I also do it that way. I'm very grateful to
the speed uploader, but I'm not sure it was best practice then, and I'm
sure it isn't now.
[03:04] <persia> joejaxx: Yeah, well, it's currently having a fit.
That's the URL that would normally show it.
[03:04] <ScottK2> LaserJock: The Debian Python Modules and Python
Application Packaging Teams are very open to Ubuntu contributors.
[03:04] <somerville32> crimsun, Are you still working on that other
[03:04] <gene6482> i'm working with
[03:04] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 95692 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Freenet"
[03:04] <crimsun> somerville32: err, which?
[03:04] <joejaxx> gene6482: freenet :D
[03:05] <crimsun> somerville32: I've been fighting b43 for a bit, but I
haven't been packaging tonight
[03:05] <persia> gene6482: You'll want to assign yourself then, so nobody
else tries to do it.
[03:05] <gene6482> persia: ok
[03:05] <somerville32> crimsun, ah. Do you have time to sponsor my upload
yet? :]
[03:05] <crimsun> somerville32: the xfce4-session one?
[03:05] <somerville32> crimsun, Aye.
[03:05] <persia> somerville32: There is also ubuntu-main-sponsors :)
[03:05] <somerville32> persia, crimsun is a u-m-s
[03:05] <crimsun> I'll take a look now, just have to update
[03:06] <somerville32> crimsun, k, thank you.
[03:06] <persia> somerville32: Right. Just not the only one. Best to
use the team.
[03:06] <somerville32> persia, I'm looking to get my packages uploaded
quickly as possible so that I'm not trying to get a million uploaded at
[03:07] <joejaxx> somerville32: that is why there is a queue :D
[03:07] <persia> somerville32: I understand. Still, it distracts people
who might be doing something else. Better to use the teams, and people
will upload 5-10 packages when they do a sweep. That way everyone can
organise their time well.
[03:07] <ajmitch> a queue is generally better than asking every core-dev
every 2 minutes
[03:08] <joejaxx> are there any other packaging i can do other than
[03:08] <joejaxx> :)
[03:08] <crimsun> unmetdeps, bitesize, etc.
[03:08] <crimsun> err, sorry, those being LP tags
[03:09] <joejaxx> all the bitesize ones have debdiffs already
[03:09] <persia> joejaxx: 'packaging' is also often good.
[03:09] <joejaxx> well the ones on /TODO
[03:09] <persia> joejaxx: You might also try 'patch' which often doesn't
mean debdiff
[03:11] <persia> joejaxx: /TODO isn't a complete list. Explore (change the last
word for different tags)
[03:11] <joejaxx> ok
[03:12] <gene6482> persia: from what i've read, it's just a java program
so is there really a makefile (again, sorry, i'm a noob)
[03:13] <crimsun> somerville32: the translation (*.po) hunks seem
[03:14] <somerville32> crimsun, ack
[03:14] <somerville32> crimsun, Do you want me to cut them out or will
[03:14] <crimsun> somerville32: I recommend using filterdiff(1)
[03:15] <crimsun> (part of the patchutils package if you don't have it
[03:15] <joejaxx> gene6482: you are packaging it?
[03:18] <gene6482> joejaxx: i'm trying to, but i'm pretty new to this
(this is my first packaging), so I downloaded the source, i'm following
the instructions in the wiki, but it says there really isn't an install
so to speak, just untar into a folder and then run the script to run the
program (java required)
[03:20] <pwnguin> gene6482: then the program should probably be modified
to run ala lsb if it doesnt already work
[03:21] <jdong> for your first package you chose something Java? :D
[03:22] <gene6482> i didn't know what to pick, if there's something that
would be easier to start with, i could take a look at that, i just want
to learn, and be able to contribute
[03:27] <jdong> hehe, that was a joke. Java tends to have this notoriety
around here of being a big tangled mess of voodoo magic.
[03:28] <ajmitch> that's because it is
[03:29] <Fujitsu> persia: Looking now.
[03:30] <Fujitsu> Ah, it's because ftp-master is down.
[03:30] <Fujitsu> Can't find the removals.
[03:30] <LaserJock> jdong: voodoo magic? I was thinking spawn of the
devil but I guess that works
[03:30] <gene6482> well it doesn't really need to be built, just
untarred, so would the rules file just tell it to untar and then change
the permissions, or am i way off
[03:30] <joejaxx> LaserJock: lol
[03:31] <jdong> so it's a binary?
[03:31] <jdong> by "binary" I mean compiled bytecode.
[03:31] * jdong can't wait for someone to say Java bytecode != binary so
I can punch him :)
[03:31] <Fujitsu> persia: Should be back to normal in a couple of
minutes, except for removals not being checked.
[03:32] <LaserJock> jdong: but Java bytecode != binary, what were you
thinking? :p
[03:32] <joejaxx> jdong: lol
[03:32] <jdong> haha
[03:32] <ajmitch> jdong: he's right, you know
[03:32] <jdong> ajmitch: lol yes he is, which is why I'm irritated ;-)
[03:33] <jdong> but for the point of the question I was raising, you guys
know what I meant ;-)
[03:33] <LaserJock> woah, only one merge with my name on it
[03:33] <jdong> only I get to point out superfluous technicalities!
[03:33] <gene6482> i downloaded the wrong thing (i'm an idiot) i'll try
something else i guess
[03:34] <crimsun> for computer geeks, there are no superfluous
[03:34] <imbrandon> wow the house is trying to impeach the vp ...
[03:34] <joejaxx> imbrandon: ? lol
[03:34] <joejaxx> imbrandon: link?
[03:34] <ajmitch> imbrandon: this is news? or something from about 3
years ago that's been dragged up on digg yet again?
[03:35] <imbrandon>
[03:35] <LaserJock> he hasn't even shot anybody lately ;-)
[03:35] <ajmitch> so the news from 3 years ago is going to a vote, fun
[03:35] <jdong> crimsun: amen to that :)
[03:36] <imbrandon> tomarrows the vote, i doubt it will fly , as much as
i would like to see the current administration out , 7 years into a term
isnt the time to start
[03:36] * LaserJock yells "4 more years!" and does a merge
[03:36] <imbrandon> lol
[03:38] <imbrandon> ouch debian archive problems too looks like, fun fun
fun day
[03:39] <tonyyarusso> Is there anything real being voted on this time
[03:39] <tonyyarusso> Only thing I've seen is school board....
[03:39] * ajmitch doesn't particularly care about it :)
[03:40] <nand`> hi!
[03:41] <joejaxx> hi
[03:41] <nand`> third straight REVU day!
[03:41] <nand`> (from my timezone point of view)
[03:42] <nand`> I request a review of my package ike please :
[03:43] <nand`> (apart the copyright notices issue)
[03:43] <bddebian> Ah ha, the POS builds. I have no idea if it is
actually "right" though :-)
[03:44] <somerville32> bddebian, Is that what you were trying to get and rules working together?
[03:44] <bddebian> somerville32: Aye
[03:45] <bddebian> With python-support
[03:45] <somerville32> bddebian, I'll have to take a look
[03:45] * LaserJock notes he has not a single cookie in the house
[03:45] <LaserJock> unless of course you count the virtual kind
[03:45] <LaserJock> which aren't any good to eat
[03:45] <crimsun> bug 160381
[03:45] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160381 in gnump3d "uh" [Undecided,New]
[03:45] <joejaxx> crimsun: lol
[03:46] <crimsun> /brilliant/ summary.
[03:46] <Fujitsu> crimsun: I agree.
[03:50] <gene6482> i'm going to try something else
[03:55] <imbrandon> anyone here got a quick and dirty for importing a svn
co into a bzr branch ? isnt there a bzr svn-import svn://......
[03:55] <persia> gene6482: Rather than starting with a new package, I'd
suggest starting with a bugfix. might have
some that are pretty good to start.
[03:56] <LaserJock> imbrandon: I thought bzr-svn did that
[03:56] <LaserJock> maybe not
[03:56] <imbrandon> it might, i havent tried it /me looks
[03:56] <LaserJock> anybody know if seb128 is ok with people merging
Gnome stuff?
[03:57] <persia> LaserJock: Ask in #ubuntu-desktop
[03:57] <persia> Fujitsu: Thanks. Will it start tracking removals again
once Debian is sorted again?
[03:58] <gene6482> well i'll have to try again later, i have to go now,
but thanks or the help, it certainly helps build even more respect for
you guys, i kind of took all the packaging for granted. I think i'll
have to learn more to get started, but it seems that with people like you
around i should be able to contribute
[03:59] <persia> joejaxx, somerville32: In case you didn't guess from
is back: the "Not in Sid" list is likely a good set of candidates for a
quick upstream update (although some should be dropped), if you want to
boost your upload count. Just make sure you get them lintian/linda clean
and add watch files if they are missing.
[03:59] <somerville32> persia, Thanks
[03:59] <joejaxx> persia: thanks
[04:01] <persia> Just remember to check the PTS entry: some of those were
once in Debian, or are in experimental, and so need special care: the
best targets are the ones that were never in Debian.
[04:01] <somerville32> Can someone please review my package (it is an
easy one to review and only needs one advocate):
[04:01] <joejaxx> lol
[04:01] <joejaxx> wait
[04:01] <persia> somerville32: Didn't that get in for gutsy? Why does it
need a REVU?
[04:02] <joejaxx> that application is not in gutsy?
[04:02] <joejaxx> somerville32: i thought that was in already
[04:02] <minghua> Hmm.
is empty for me.
[04:02] <somerville32> persia, ubuntu2
[04:02] <joejaxx> minghua: refresh
[04:02] <joejaxx> :)
[04:02] <somerville32> Hence why it only needs one advocate
[04:03] <persia> somerville32: That just looks like a patch to me: why
not stick a debdiff in a bug, and add it to the sponsors queue?
[04:03] <somerville32> persia, I suppose I could that but I figured
someone could do it real quick :P
[04:04] <TheMuso> somerville32: I would debdiff and add to queue. The
queue will be processed soon. I intend to get around to it.
[04:04] <persia> somerville32: REVU isn't the right place for it, and
it's harder to review and update from REVU, as one has to spend more time
to identify the differences. A bug is better.
[04:04] * persia archives pyneighborhood as not-for-REVU
[04:04] <somerville32> persia, thanks
[04:05] <persia> Err.. Rather, I can't archive right now, so I don't.
I'll hide it later if nobody else hides it first.
[04:05] <TheMuso> persia: I'll do it.
[04:05] <persia> TheMuso: Thanks.
[04:05] <somerville32> I hate using apt* - it brinngs my computer to a
halt :(
[04:07] <somerville32> bddebian, wb :)
[04:07] <TheMuso> persia: done
[04:08] <bddebian2> @#%#%
=== bddebian2 is now known as bddebian
[04:09] <persia> bddebian: What keyboard layout is that? I could
understand @#$%^ or "#$%&, but @#%#% just seems odd.
[04:10] <bddebian> persia: That was random qwerty swearing :-)
[04:10] <Fujitsu> persia: Only once I poke it, but I'll do so once I see
the email.
[04:11] * persia suspects US style pc-104
[04:11] <bddebian> OK, is section python-libs valid or should it be just
[04:11] <bddebian> persia: Oh, aye
[04:11] <persia> Fujitsu: OK. Thanks.
[04:11] <persia> bddebian: Ask lintian, but I'd suggest python
[04:11] <LaserJock> ajmitch: -desktop reminds me that I was working on a
MOTU logo
[04:12] <LaserJock> should have some sort of castle greyskull logo for MC
[04:12] <persia> LaserJock: Can we actually do anything with CG? I
thought that was extra-non-free., or would this be considered satire?
[04:13] <LaserJock> well, "similar"
[04:13] <LaserJock> for the MOTU I've got a sword thingy
[04:13] <LaserJock> trying to stick with the theme
[04:14] <Fujitsu> LaserJock: MOTU SWAT has a sword.
[04:14] * persia likes logos, and wants more LP badges
[04:15] <persia> Fujitsu: What does MOTU SWAT do? (e.g. what would I be
committing to if I wanted the badge)
[04:15] <joejaxx> persia: universe security
[04:16] <persia> Hmmm.... Now I need to do cost/benefit, as it's not
[04:16] <Fujitsu> Hahah.
[04:16] <joejaxx> persia: lol
[04:16] <superm1> persia, you could always steal their badge and make
your own team with the same badge :)
[04:16] <ajmitch> you have to do stuff to be in a team?
[04:17] <persia> superm1: I've seen a couple people do that, but I don't
approve of the practice.
[04:17] <persia> ajmitch: Only if your nick isn't "ajmitch"
[04:17] <superm1> woah really people actually do that?
[04:17] <superm1> i was just kidding, seems rather unethical
[04:17] <ajmitch> persia: it's really why I should leave some more teams
[04:17] <persia> superm1: Go trolling for people with > 20 badges - some
of the teams are rather poorly defined...
[04:17] * ajmitch cut down on a few
[04:18] * persia suspects ajmitch will end up in all the teams anyway
due to teams belonging to teams
[04:18] <ajmitch> it won't happen
[04:18] <imbrandon> heh
[04:18] * Hobbsee has lots of teams.
[04:19] * Hobbsee likes teams.
[04:19] <Hobbsee> oooh, shiny
[04:19] <joejaxx> Hobbsee: lololol
[04:19] <joejaxx> Hobbsee: Fujitsu need to pay you royalties
[04:19] <joejaxx> lol
[04:19] * ajmitch finds a shiny pocket watch & dangles it in front of
[04:19] <Fujitsu> joejaxx: So I do, so I do.
[04:19] <Hobbsee> oh exelent
[04:19] * Hobbsee puts her hand out
[04:19] * Fujitsu wonders why all the new ~motu members are eternal.
[04:19] <Hobbsee> hand 'em over, Fujitsu :)
[04:20] <joejaxx> Fujitsu: new ~motu members?
[04:20] <persia> Fujitsu: To prevent people from leaving, obviously...
[04:20] * ajmitch is an indirect motu member
[04:21] <superm1> Fujitsu, assumingly so that we are allowed to take
[04:21] <superm1> and come back without losing status
[04:21] * ajmitch thinks that everyone should just get an expiry date
[04:22] <persia> superm1: It's not about status, it's about activity. If
you take a break, and your memship expires, and you don't get around to
touching launchpad to restore it, a quick mail to MOTU Council should
have it back in a day or so.
[04:22] * persia agrees
[04:22] <superm1> well i am an eternal member, so i dont have to worry :)
[04:23] <Fujitsu> Shouldn't we be operating on the principle of least
[04:23] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: depends
[04:23] <persia> Fujitsu: Absolutely. I'd even suggest the timeframe
should be short: I would expect to need an ACK when I return from my
times away (and they don't tend to be that long, comparatively)
[04:24] <persia> Hobbsee: Depends on? Most privileges for you, and least
for everyone else (except ajmitch, who should be stapled to privileges)?
[04:24] <Hobbsee> :P
[04:24] <Hobbsee> dpeneds on how hard it is to get them back
[04:24] <Fujitsu> We have members of ~motu that I've never even heard
[04:24] <Hobbsee> see teh whole \sh fiasco.
[04:25] <joejaxx> is \sh around?
[04:25] <joejaxx> he has some merges i wanted to ask him about
[04:25] <Hobbsee> dont think so
[04:25] <persia> Hobbsee: Yes, I know, it's a repeating cycle. If
someone wants to help, and previously had access, MC will likely not
oppose without a good reason.
[04:25] <ajmitch> persia: why should I?
[04:25] <Hobbsee> persia: except if someone else has nicked the key,
gotten the passphrase, and is now pretending to be \sh
[04:26] <persia> Hobbsee: HRm. That's true, but I'd think unlikely.
[04:26] <Hobbsee> tech board thought that was quite a risk
[04:26] <LaserJock> so my first stab at a logo is at
[04:26] <Fujitsu> Did they?
[04:27] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: oh yes
[04:27] <persia> ajmitch: Because you've done lots of good work, and
despite your persistent claims that you do nothiing, you tend to provide
assistance to those who need it. Further, you are a repository of living
MOTU history, and an example to us all.
[04:27] <Fujitsu> Hobbsee: When did it come up?
[04:27] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: ages ago. dont remember exactly
[04:27] <ajmitch> persia: a repository of history is a nice way of saying
a fossil ;)
[04:27] <joejaxx> ajmitch: lol
[04:27] <imbrandon> lol
[04:27] <joejaxx> ajmitch: a prized fossil :D
[04:27] <persia> Hobbsee: I don't see how it's more of a risk with quick
expiry than with no expiry. With no expiry, we're inviting the same
issue without even the quick MC check.
[04:28] <Hobbsee> persia: true, that.
[04:28] <Fujitsu> persia: Right, that's what I thought.
[04:28] <superm1> joejaxx, as per discussion at UDS, are they
quick/shorter merges?
[04:28] <joejaxx> superm1: i am sorry?
[04:28] <superm1> \sh's merges
[04:28] <superm1> that you wanted to ask about
[04:28] <persia> ajmitch: Right. An extremely valuable item for which
people will queue for hours for the benefit of proximity.
[04:28] <Fujitsu> Having no expiry is just asking for trouble. The team
will grow indefinitely and who knows how many compromised people we might
[04:28] <joejaxx> oh i do not know
[04:28] <joejaxx> they just looked interesting
[04:29] <joejaxx> normally i do the merge then ask to upload to lp
[04:29] <ajmitch> persia: your attempts at flattery disturb me
[04:29] <superm1> joejaxx, well from the motu talk we had i thought the
consensus was that if its a shorter merge, that debian/changelog doesn't
appear to have someone tied down to, have at it
[04:29] <ajmitch> they have the whiff of sarcasm
[04:29] <persia> It's not just compromised members, but also people who
are completely not in touch, who may no longer have an interest, yet
remain in our developer count.
[04:29] <joejaxx> superm1: oh ok
[04:29] <persia> ajmitch: Sorry. I'm not very good at it.
[04:29] * ajmitch checks the team settings
[04:30] <Fujitsu> persia: Right, that too.
[04:30] <Fujitsu> I didn't see anybody making a decision that members
should no longer expire. It just... happened.
[04:30] * persia wants accurate counts of developers and contributors to
establish baseline metrics towards actually maintaining everything.
[04:30] <LaserJock> that's weird
[04:31] <ajmitch> it is strange
[04:31] <persia> Fujitsu: Didn't it happen around the time the new MOTU
Council procedure was started? Who is the first indefinite member?
[04:31] <Fujitsu> persia: It was at that time, yes.
[04:31] <Fujitsu> It's hard to say who it was, because LP sucks and the
joining dates are wrong.
[04:32] * persia suspects the TB, and the switch back & forth between -
dev and -motu
[04:32] <persia> Err. ~ubuntu-dev and ~motu
[04:32] <Fujitsu> It was late March that the eternal members started
being added.
[04:33] <Fujitsu> I guess it could just be that no default expiry date
was set, and they didn't bother to check.
[04:33] <Fujitsu> (they == TB)
[04:33] <TheMuso> So what was done when Jonathan Patric Davis was allowed
[04:33] <persia> Hmm... I was away then, so don't remember the
discussion, but was one of the team shifts associated with the same time
[04:34] <persia> TheMuso: "allowed"?
[04:34] <TheMuso> persia: i.e he was welcomed back into MOTU, with upload
rights, etc.
[04:34] <Fujitsu> persia: It was around that time - I suspect that nobody
ever set a default expiry on ~motu.
[04:34] <ajmitch> back in a bit
[04:34] <Fujitsu> Whereas ~ubuntu-dev always had it set to 2 years.
[04:34] <persia> TheMuso: Ah. Good. I like "welcomed". "allowed" made
me think there was an issue in the past. I thought that was a good
example of how things should be done.
[04:35] <TheMuso> persia: But I ask because I didn't know how he was
welcomed back, in that was he asked anything, etc.
[04:35] <persia> Fujitsu: I don't suppose you'd like to poke the MC to
poke the TB? I may lose indefinite status, but I think it would be
better for all.
[04:36] <persia> TheMuso: There was an email requesting access be
restored, presumably validated with private communication with MC
members, and access was granted.
[04:36] <TheMuso> persia: Right.
[04:36] <Fujitsu> persia: MC seems to have admin rights now, anyway
[04:37] <persia> TheMuso: As I understand it, the procedure is the same
as for anyone wanting to join MOTU, just easier if you've already been
[04:37] <Fujitsu> Nobody around to poke at the moment, it would seem.
[04:37] <persia> Fujitsu: That makes it easier (poking via email might
[04:37] <Fujitsu> persia: It probably would, yes.
[04:38] <persia> Fujitsu: Also raises the issue publically, etc. Also
makes the whole grumble about inactive developers reduce due to upcoming
[04:40] <joejaxx> grr
[04:40] <TheMuso> Netsplits galore.
[04:40] <joejaxx> i never get this
[04:40] <joejaxx> hth does freenode have so many netsplits?
[04:40] <somerville32> love.
[04:41] <persia> joejaxx: Lots of servers.
[04:41] <joejaxx> sure :)
[04:41] <joejaxx> but every 5-10 minutes at random times? lol
[04:41] <joejaxx> maybe it is a networking issue
[04:41] <pwnguin> who runs freenode?
[04:41] <Hobbsee> not usually this bad
[04:41] <LaserJock> hmm
[04:42] <LaserJock> ignoring joins/parts seems to work
[04:42] <imbrandon> pwnguin, pdpc
[04:42] <imbrandon> yea joins/parts on ignore works great
[04:43] <imbrandon> pwnguin,
[04:43] * persia notes that ignoring joins/parts means that you may not
know who is in your broadcast spce
[04:43] <Fujitsu> I never ignore them unless in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-
release-party, really.
[04:44] <imbrandon> persia, as long as you adhear to the CoC then i dont
mind whom hears what i have to type :)
[04:44] <imbrandon> and if i need someone specificly i use their name
[04:44] <LaserJock> I have to ignore them ATM cause I keep checking on
channels if I don't ;-)
[04:44] <persia> imbrandon: When the net is splitting, I tend to wait
until I have >70% before saying anything worthwhile. Perhaps this is the
opposite to your concern.
[04:44] <somerville32> As long as persia adheres to the COC, imbrandon
doesn't mind who hears what he has to type. hmm..
[04:44] <imbrandon> the only time i dont have them turned off is when i
wear +T
[04:45] * tonyyarusso looks that up
[04:45] <persia> LaserJock: Can you not set your channel status to ignore
joins/parts whilst still displaying them?
[04:45] <pwnguin> but, without join/parts, #ubuntu-laptop would be dead
[04:45] <Fujitsu> pwnguin: Hahah.
[04:45] <somerville32> lol
[04:45] <imbrandon> tonyyarusso, it makes me showup on /stats p , e.g.
Freenode Staffer
[04:45] <LaserJock> persia: I suppose so yes, I never thought of that
[04:45] <Fujitsu> Sounds like #ubuntu-science or #ubuntuwire or #ubuntu-
[04:45] <Fujitsu> Or #ubuntu-hardened
[04:46] <tonyyarusso> imbrandon: ... ANOTHER Ubuntu person that's FN
staff? nice.
[04:46] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, hehe ubuntuwire is used, only if rarely :)
[04:46] <imbrandon> tonyyarusso, i have been a year or so now, dunno whom
else you are speaking of
[04:47] <tonyyarusso> imbrandon: nalioth, jenda, ompaul, erm I think
there's another
[04:47] <imbrandon> ro*b
[04:47] <tonyyarusso> yeah
[04:47] <tonyyarusso> We kinda took over :P
[04:47] <pwnguin> well, debian ran for oftc
[04:48] <imbrandon> and i predate them cept nali*oth and ro*b
[04:48] <imbrandon> :)
[04:49] <somerville32> I hate how firefox steals focus
[04:50] <Hobbsee> in kde, you can tell it to stop
[04:50] <Hobbsee> you may bea ble to with compiz, too
[04:50] <Fujitsu> I hate how Firefox.
[04:50] <joejaxx> lol
[04:51] <pwnguin> pdpc operates freenode, but who hosts it?
[04:51] <LaserJock> hmm, odd, I just saw a prostate medicine commercial
that said women shouldn't take it ...
[04:51] <tonyyarusso> pwnguin: /motd
[04:51] <imbrandon> hosts what? each server is hosted by diffrent groups
all root controled by freenode
[04:52] <imbrandon> each one is in the motd
[04:52] <pwnguin> true
[04:52] <minghua> LaserJock: seems a sound advice to me. :-)
[04:52] <pwnguin> guess i cant blame it on lance then
[04:52] <StevenK> LaserJock: That isn't odd.
[04:52] <pwnguin> though he was willing to take credit
[04:53] <tritium> LaserJock: crap, I just gave my wife some...
[04:53] <imbrandon> lol
[04:53] <pwnguin> actually, i think his group runs zelazny and niven
[04:54] <LaserJock> tritium!!
[04:54] <imbrandon> well they are all "run" by freenode staff, if you
donate a server you give them root, you only provide hardware and
[04:54] <imbrandon> pwnguin, ^^
[04:54] <tritium> Hi LaserJock :)
[04:55] * TheMuso wonders what is now responsible for detecting an eject
button press from within gnome.
[04:59] * ajmitch returns
[05:06] <somerville32> Grr... this is making me angry
[05:06] <somerville32> pbuilder is looking for libgpg-error-dev_1.4-
2ubuntu2_i386.deb when only libgpg-error-dev_1.4-2ubuntu1_i386.deb
[05:06] <Fujitsu> somerville32: pbuilder update?
[05:07] <Fujitsu> pbuilder --kill-your-mirror-for-being-out-of-date?
[05:07] <somerville32> I use a.u.c
[05:08] <persia> somerville32: That's often not ideal, as it gets
refreshed far too often, and so is prone to skew. If you don't need the
updates from the last 10 minutes, using a normal daily or twice-daily
mirror tends to be more reliable.
[05:09] <persia> (for some value of 10 minutes which is actually close to
103 for complicated reasons, but related to an hourly queue)
[05:09] <somerville32> :]
[05:42] <TheMuso> somerville32: Any reason why you mentioned the bug more
than once in the changelog, and why did you create another bug just for
that? You should have added the debdiff to the existing bug, and
subscribed uus.
[05:43] <TheMuso> somerville32: So for now, I suggest you re-upload the
diff, with both bugs included in the changelog, so they both get closed.
[05:43] <TheMuso> Will document in the bug.
[05:43] <somerville32> TheMuso, Could you specify what you're talking
about? :]
[05:43] <TheMuso> bug 160388
[05:43] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160388 in pyneighborhood "RFS:
pyneighborhood (universe)" [Undecided,Confirmed]
[05:44] * persia agrees that it belongs in bug #107463: even just if
users want to test an update locally before the buildds are done
[05:44] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 107463 in pyneighborhood "Decription
appearing in Add/Remove applications is ridiculous" [Wishlist,In
[05:45] <somerville32> TheMuso, I always create a new bug. I don't want
people subscribed to the bug to get mail in their inbox about it.
[05:45] <persia> somerville32: That's the reason they subscribed to the
bug. They want to see the fix (often including patches)
[05:45] <minghua> somerville32: Why don't you want that?
[05:45] <somerville32> Because people have complained to me before
[05:46] <persia> somerville32: About adding a patch to a bug? Which bug?
[05:46] * persia prepares to complain back, only more so
[05:46] <somerville32> persia, I can't remember specifically - but I know
it has happened atleast twice.
[05:46] <somerville32> Once by an end-user and the other time by the
software maintainer
[05:46] * minghua complains too, if we are counting the numbers to make
[05:47] <persia> somerville32: Well, if it happens again, please let me
know. That's part of the purpose of bugs, and as long as your patch is
good, they should be relaxed. If they are complaining about the patch,
that's just normal feedback.
[05:47] <persia> minghua: Which are you complaining about?
[05:47] * Hobbsee complains in general
[05:48] <somerville32> persia, They were complaining about the e-mails
not the patch
[05:48] * persia grumbles at hobbsee
[05:48] <ajmitch> Hobbsee: how could you?
[05:48] <minghua> persia: Heh. Complaining about opening new bugs for
patches. I hope we are not really counting numbers.
[05:48] <persia> somerville32: Ah. That's just a misunderstanding on
their part then.
[05:48] <Hobbsee> ajmitch: easily.
[05:48] <ajmitch> aw
[05:48] <persia> minghua: Well, more people tends to indicate general
consensus, even in the presence of vocal dissenters.
[05:49] <somerville32> What is the correct syntax for closing bugs via
[05:49] * minghua has never been sure about the concept of "general
[05:50] <persia> somerville32: (LP: #nnnnnn) works, but I forget the
official rules.
[05:50] <Hobbsee> lp: #nnnn is the required part
[05:50] <TheMuso_> gah brownout.
[05:50] <Hobbsee> greetings, TheMuso_
=== TheMuso_ is now known as TheMuso
[05:51] <somerville32> TheMuso_, I'll remember to close them and noting
the bug number twice is rather trivial.
[05:51] <persia> somerville32: disagreeing with sponsors isn't the best
way to get more sponsored...
[05:52] <somerville32> persia, I think they should be mature enough to be
able to discuss their opinion.
[05:58] <bddebian> Gnight folks
[05:58] <persia> Good night bddebian
[05:58] <somerville32> night bdmurray
[05:59] <somerville32> erm
[05:59] * persia is slow
[05:59] <somerville32> persia, What does this mean?:
[05:59] <somerville32> W: cheese: copyright-lists-upstream-authors-with-
[06:00] <somerville32> nvm
[06:00] <somerville32> :)
[06:00] <minghua> lintian -i is always your friend.
[06:00] * somerville32 nods.
[06:00] <persia> somerville32: It means that you didn't change
"Author(s)" to either "Author" or "Authors" depending on the actual
facts. Calling with arguments -iIv will explain in detail.
[06:02] <imbrandon> StevenK, ping
[06:03] * persia thinks it's nighttime there
[06:03] <Hobbsee> likely asleep
[06:03] <imbrandon> yea i forgot he was in boston
[06:03] <TheMuso> Just after midnight.
[06:03] <TheMuso> in Boston.
[06:04] <imbrandon> err should be just after 1am there iirc
[06:04] <TheMuso> Yep.
[06:04] <imbrandon> midnight here
[06:05] <persia> imbrandon: Just out of curiosity (and feel free not to
answer), do you not sleep, or sleep days?
[06:06] <somerville32> How do I install man page with cdbs?
[06:06] <persia> somerville32: Use debian/package.manpages
[06:06] <persia> dh_installman gets called, so man that for details
[06:06] <imbrandon> persia, i normaly sleep 7am to midday localtime
[06:06] <imbrandon> or close to it
[06:07] <persia> imbrandon: That makes sense. You just seem to be much
closer to our timezone than most people in your geographical region :)
[06:07] <imbrandon> :)
[06:07] <somerville32> Shortly after 2am here
[06:11] * TheMuso thinks Joe's merges will be gotten through rather
quickly, due to him likely forgetting to do the same thing in all merges.
[06:12] <somerville32> TheMuso, Whats that?
[06:12] <imbrandon> ok color me stupid but what is the diff between ARM
ARMel ARM9 ARM12 XScale etc ? i've been googling for a few and dont seem
to have google-foo tonight
[06:13] <TheMuso> somerville32: I am processing the sponsors queue, and a
merge changelog entry does not have the maintainer field change mentioned
in the entry.
[06:14] <persia> imbrandon: ARMN (e.g. ARM7, ARM9, etc.) indicates the
ARM revision (kinda like Pentium 2 vs. Pentium 3, only not)
[06:15] <imbrandon> i'm guesssing the ARM{,el} is like MIPS{,el} and
something to do with endian's ?
[06:15] <persia> XScale was Intel's branding of their series of ARM cores
(now sold to Marvell?), which actually implemented several different ARM
designs, depending on the XScale model number, and the more recent
XScales are actually Intel designs that happen to execute the same
instruction set, rather than actually being ARM.
[06:17] <persia> ARMel is a little funny: most ARM cores can handle
either big-endian or little-endian, depending on the application code,
and some can switch while processing an instruction stream. ARMel is an
artificial architecture to indicate little-endian ARM code, but doesn't
really correspond to specific hardware in most cases (although it often
corresponds to external software)
[06:18] <persia> Of course, all that could be wrong, as I'm not actually
an expert on processor nomenclature.
[06:18] <imbrandon> persia, how compatable are these though, e.g. if i
setup a buildd on a ARM12 , could the resulting binary run on a ARM9 or
XScale ?
[06:19] <imbrandon> or will there have to be hella diffrent buildd env's
[06:19] <imbrandon> i mean like in x86 you can always go lowest common
denom, eg 386
[06:19] <imbrandon> or some such
[06:20] <persia> imbrandon: Depends on your compiler flags, and
optimisations. That's like asking me if you compile something on a Core
2 Duo, could the resulting binary run on a Pentium III or Athlon XP
[06:20] <imbrandon> true, i ment more so like compiling for a generic 386
on core2 would still run on a p2
[06:20] <imbrandon> e.g that there is some generic to it
[06:21] <persia> imbrandon: I wouldn't compile for less than ARM7, as
there's not much product left. A few ARM5 cores are around, but
increasingly less.
[06:21] <persia> imbrandon: Right. With the right set of flags, you can
create a portable binary. You just need to get the flags right (and I
can't really help with that)
[06:22] <imbrandon> np, i can get past the learning curve as long as i
know i'm not chasing a pipe dream
[06:23] <Fujitsu> TheMuso: Some people don't mention the change, which I
think is probably OK.
[06:23] <persia> imbrandon: I've a couple XScale machines around (PXA255
and PXA265), so would be happy to test for that side of things :)
[06:23] <Fujitsu> TheMuso: Like, we don't mention `updated changelog' in
the changelog, as it's an implied change.
[06:23] <imbrandon> persia, cool
[06:23] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: Hmm yeah I guess, but its done more often than
[06:23] <imbrandon> TheMuso, probably for filler :)
[06:24] * somerville32 nods
[06:24] <persia> Fujitsu: If we're not to keep it, we should have a
general statement to that effect, and drop them all. Having it be
inconsistent doesn't really appeal to me.
[06:24] * TheMuso agrees with persia
[06:24] <somerville32> We're ubuntu, not debian :P
[06:24] <Fujitsu> persia: Agreed.
[06:25] <imbrandon> debian is inconsistant? never
[06:25] <somerville32> lol
[06:25] * Hobbsee blogs.
[06:25] * imbrandon faints
[06:26] <Fujitsu> Hobbsee: Woah, what do you think you are doing?
[06:26] <Hobbsee> haha
[06:26] <Hobbsee>
[06:26] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: attempting to get rid of frustration before i
go in there, and deal with said coworker.
[06:28] <somerville32> hehe
[06:29] * Hobbsee will probably *also* mentoin said coworker to boss.
[06:30] <Hobbsee> (again)
[06:30] <somerville32> Hobbsee, Is it a he or she?
[06:30] <somerville32> You use two different pronouns
[06:30] <Hobbsee> she
[06:30] <somerville32> (or two different genders)
[06:30] <Hobbsee> first is a she, boss is a he
[06:31] <somerville32> So you're your bosses supervisor? lol
[06:31] * Hobbsee doesnt see where she makes a male reference.
[06:31] <somerville32> Point 5 under "If I'm your supervisor"
[06:31] <Hobbsee> sorry, s/boss/store manager/
[06:31] <somerville32> "Start chatting to your friend from another store,
on his break, for half an hour"
[06:31] <Hobbsee> 5. Start chatting to your friend from another store,
on his break, for half an hour
[06:31] <Hobbsee> the friend is mail
[06:31] * Hobbsee edits
[06:31] <Hobbsee> er,male
[06:31] <somerville32> Ah.
[06:33] <somerville32> Hobbsee, Use your pointy stick of doom.
[06:33] <imbrandon> wow looking at ARM Evaulation boards i found a place
that makes/sells ISA ( Yes ISA ) USB Cards
[06:33] <LaserJock> cool
[06:33] <persia> imbrandon: EISA just takes too much power :)
[06:33] <somerville32> I'm holding a USB thinger that has little ports
that apparently plug into the motherboard
[06:33] <LaserJock> my boss finally gave up like a year ago on insisting
that we got computers with ISA slots
[06:33] <imbrandon> lol
[06:34] <TheMuso> heh
[06:34] <imbrandon> hehe
[06:34] <imbrandon>
[06:34] <persia> LaserJock: What were you using them for? low-bandwidth
data collection? Vintage analog synthesizers?
[06:34] <LaserJock> when you have easily $10k invested in ISA boards it's
no fun to switch
[06:35] <LaserJock> persia: *all* of our data collection boards were ISA
[06:35] <LaserJock> then I told him we weren't going to be able to get
machines to run them
[06:35] <LaserJock> so we got one PCI
[06:35] * persia likes ISA for data collection: very easy protocol
(lousy for things like disk controllers, video controllers, etc.)
[06:35] <LaserJock> now everything is PCI-E
[06:35] <LaserJock> so I got a USB one last time
[06:36] <Hobbsee> somerville32: i wish.
[06:36] <LaserJock> but the USB is a bit slow for data collection it
[06:36] <LaserJock> took me $500 to figure that out though ;-)
[06:36] <somerville32> no!! My stupid build that took me 30 minutes dies
in the last phase :/
[06:37] <imbrandon> LaserJock, firewire ?
[06:37] <LaserJock> imbrandon: I've never used it
[06:37] <LaserJock> I've got a lab full of macs and we've never used
firewire :-)
[06:38] <imbrandon> heh
[06:38] <jdong> somerville32: ouch, for huge builds like that I liked to
first test in a pbuilder login and use dpkg-buildpackage -nc generously
[06:38] <ajmitch> somerville32: only 30 minutes?
[06:38] <imbrandon> LaserJock, i used it for the first time reciently to
get data ( recorded TV ) off my DVR from comcast :)
[06:38] <jdong> and do a final build once I'm confident it'll work in a
real pbuilder
[06:38] <somerville32> dh_installman -pcheese
[06:38] <somerville32> cheese.1: No such file or directory at
/usr/bin/dh_installman line 120.
[06:39] <somerville32> I don't understand why it failed.
[06:39] <somerville32> oh wait
[06:39] <somerville32> I do
[06:39] <somerville32> I only put cheese.1 in the manpages file. I should
have put debian/cheese.1
[06:39] <persia> imbrandon: firewire isn't good for data collection
unless you have a dedicated data collection box that then negotiates
packet transfer. It's fast, but lots of overhead.
[06:39] <imbrandon> somerville32, 30 minutes isnt a terrible build :)
[06:39] <somerville32> imbrandon, I have a 333mhz and building slows my
computer now pretty bad
[06:40] <somerville32> *down
[06:40] <imbrandon> somerville32, i'm on a p200 :)
[06:40] <somerville32> imbrandon, Right now?
[06:40] <imbrandon> my "fast" box is a powerpc 333 with 96mb ram
[06:40] <imbrandon> yes right now
[06:40] <LaserJock> persia: well, we use GPIB for all data collection
[06:40] <somerville32> What OS are you using?
[06:40] <imbrandon> gutsy
[06:41] <somerville32> gnome?
[06:41] <imbrandon> fluxbox
[06:41] <imbrandon> + kde apps
[06:41] <LaserJock> hehe, gnome ... hehe
[06:41] * somerville32 was hoping imbrandon has the magic codes to make
gnome run fast.
[06:41] <somerville32> *had
[06:41] <imbrandon> with an email address like i
dont use gnome terribly much
[06:42] <somerville32> I wish we had
[06:42] <somerville32> I filed a ticket months ago
[06:42] <somerville32> no reply
[06:42] <TheMuso> somerville32: I'll modify the changelog accordingly for
your upload now, but please take note of what I said earlier.
[06:42] <imbrandon> send a request to rt@
[06:42] <somerville32> imbrandon, I did.
[06:42] <somerville32> TheMuso, Ok. Thank you.
[06:42] <TheMuso> np
[06:43] <LaserJock> somerville32: yeah, sometimes things get lost in RT
[06:43] <somerville32> I'll poke someone sooner or later.
[06:43] <persia> LaserJock: And USB can't handle that?
[06:44] <LaserJock> persia: well, it seems to be slower than our PCI card
[06:44] <LaserJock> I don't know if it's too slow yet
[06:44] <somerville32> PCI has more bandwidth than USB, eh?
[06:44] <LaserJock> we're having to rewrite all the darn LabView crap
[06:44] <LaserJock> to see if it's software or hardware limited
[06:45] <LaserJock> but we have to do everything at 10Hz
[06:45] <LaserJock> and right now I think we're at about 5Hz
[06:45] <persia> LaserJock: I suspect you've got a funny implementation.
Most newer USB chips shouldn't have a problem with 8MB/sec (64Mbit/sec),
unless your're multiplexing your collection lines.
[06:46] <LaserJock> not sure
[06:46] <persia> somerville32: Doesn't matter too much: IEEE_488.1 isn't
that fast.
[06:46] * somerville32 nods.
[06:46] <LaserJock> persia: GPIB is da bomb ;-)
[06:46] <LaserJock> or so my boss says ;-)
[06:46] <LaserJock> personally I think it's a big pain in the butt
[06:47] <imbrandon> persia, the fastest ATX ARM board i seem to find is
233Mhz, any ideas on gettign something faster ?
[06:47] <LaserJock> our new oscilloscope has an ethernet card in it, I'm
somewhat tempted to see if I could run it that way
[06:47] <persia> LaserJock: It certainly looks nice. I've only every
played with limited pulls from DB25 and a special add-in card for an
Apple IIgs forever ago, but I like IEEE_488.1. Simple no the probe end,
and fairly fast.
[06:47] <persia> imbrandon: why do you want ATX?
[06:48] <LaserJock> persia: yeah, the big pain for me is that National
Instruments changed their driver so I can only use a 2.4 kernel
[06:48] <imbrandon> persia, i want a full desktop board, could be
smaller, but i want to be able to run it fully standalone with attached
drives and video out etc
[06:48] <LaserJock> well, that or somehow rewrite the data collection
[06:49] <persia> imbrandon: OK, so microATX and the like works for you as
well, as long as it has USB, video out, and a sane drive controller?
[06:49] <imbrandon> yup
[06:49] * persia wishes that all the robotics stores in Akihabara hadn't
switched to AMD
[06:50] <Fujitsu> Robotics stores!?
[06:50] <Fujitsu> You have *robotics* stores?
[06:50] <persia> Fujitsu: You know, stores that sell consumer robots,
parts, kits, controllers, etc.
[06:50] <LaserJock> you have stores!? like real stores? ;-)
[06:50] <imbrandon> cool, no i;ve never seen one either
[06:50] <persia> LaserJock: Yeah.
[06:51] <Fujitsu> persia: No, I don't know of them.
[06:51] <Fujitsu> Well, I do now, but..
[06:51] <imbrandon> most that kinda stuff here is mail order
[06:51] <persia> Well, actually the one that I used to visit that was
all-robotics closed, but major sections, like 1/2 a floor or a full floor
in a big store
[06:51] <imbrandon> or internet order
[06:51] * persia disdains the internet for delivery of material goods
[06:51] <LaserJock> imbrandon: pfft, who uses mail
[06:51] <imbrandon> LaserJock, lol
[06:51] <LaserJock> persia: that's the only way some of us get anything
[06:51] <Fujitsu> persia: Note that you live in a nation which doesn't
generally seem to be in the technological dark ages.
[06:52] <persia> Fujitsu: It's not that, it's that Japan is running out
of people, so we need to make more, or there won't be anybody to do the
work in 20 years.
[06:52] <Fujitsu> persia: Ahahah.
[06:53] <persia> Other countries (like Australia) have good robot tech,
but less of an economic incentive to push it into the market: people want
jobs, not robots to do the work.
[06:53] * Fujitsu decides to attempt to resolve the universe security
situation post-exams. ~motu-swat has quite a few open bugs subscribed,
and that's not nearly as many as there actually are.
[06:55] <imbrandon> persia, where are you ? jp ?
[06:55] <persia> imbrandon: Yep.
[06:55] <imbrandon> ahh /me never knew
[06:56] * persia suggests traceroute
[06:57] <somerville32> We can't see your ip
[06:57] <persia> somerville32: imbrandon can
[06:57] <somerville32> okay.
[06:57] <imbrandon> persia, heh yea but i tend not too unless needed
[06:57] <imbrandon> :)
[06:58] <imbrandon> pluss as soon as i use operserv tons of PM's come in
asking for cloaks etc :)
[06:58] <persia> imbrandon: The trick is to do it in a private channel,
[06:58] <imbrandon> that and ssh + screen + irssi , is quite common
[06:59] <imbrandon> persia, well yea but i would still have to wear a +T
which makes me show up on /stats p , e.g. "available" for Staff requests
[06:59] <persia> imbrandon: Ah. No help for that then.
[06:59] <imbrandon> even if its only for moments
[07:01] <imbrandon> hrm persia ever messed with these "full systems" that
seem to fit in a PCI slot ?
[07:01] <imbrandon> could 1 or 2 of those be added to an x86 and it just
use the HDD etc from the "host" ?
[07:01] <ajmitch> imbrandon: cn u pls giv me ops? :)
[07:01] <imbrandon> lol
[07:01] <persia> imbrandon: Only lightly. I once worked on a code
management system for a system that consisted of 8 PCI boards, each of
which ran a 486SX
[07:02] <Fujitsu> Haha.
[07:02] <ajmitch> yay!
[07:02] <imbrandon> heh
[07:02] <persia> imbrandon: How important is the video driver again?
Does this need to connect to a monitor, or will serial console do?
[07:02] <LaserJock> ajmitch: cn u pls giv me ops?
[07:02] <imbrandon> serial would do
[07:03] <LaserJock> lol, you nut
[07:03] * Fujitsu watches the virus spread.
[07:03] * imbrandon notes the access list in -motu ;)
[07:03] <LaserJock> my IRC foo is not so good
[07:03] * ajmitch looks at Fujitsu
[07:03] * Fujitsu is looked at.
[07:04] <imbrandon> LaserJock, e.g. anyone can op in here , kinda like
giving the whole town guns to prevent crimes ;)
[07:04] <imbrandon> one of the only *ubuntu* channels like that iirc
[07:04] * ajmitch thinks of the ramifications of kicking Hobbsee...
[07:04] <LaserJock> imbrandon: yeah
[07:05] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Only staffers seem to have a wildcard here.
[07:05] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, try to opup
[07:05] <somerville32> Not anyone can op in here
[07:05] <Fujitsu> Hahaha.
[07:05] <minghua> ajmitch: Entertaining for a bystander, I'm sure.
[07:05] <Hobbsee> muhahahahaha
[07:06] <persia> imbrandon: How about
8? It's pretty cheap, and well supported. You'll want to get
8301de13ae9dcd5750cc01e98473ec5e for NFS mounting, and the like, and for
[07:06] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, the staffer wild card is to "invite"
staffers to op when needed , they CAN in any channel but dont out of
principal except where the wildcard is
[07:06] <Hobbsee> who's next?
[07:06] <highvoltage> stop the violence!!!
[07:06] <highvoltage> :)
[07:06] <Fujitsu> Baaah.
[07:07] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, the staffer wild card is to "invite"
staffers to op when needed , they CAN in any channel but dont out of
principal except where the wildcard is
[07:07] <TheMuso> Stop all this distructive behavior. Do you want your
uus queue processed? :p
[07:07] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: I knew that, but couldn't see any others.
[07:07] * Fujitsu checks levels.
[07:07] <Fujitsu> (I note I couldn't unban myself :()
[07:07] * Hobbsee got the list changed
[07:07] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: no, you're not on the list :P
[07:07] * Hobbsee --> work
[07:08] <Fujitsu> Isn't it a bit silly to let anybody op?
[07:08] <Fujitsu> Maybe *!*@ubuntu/member/*, but...
[07:08] <minghua> As long as it's not abused, I think it's okay.
[07:08] <ajmitch> and hobbsee ran away...
[07:08] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, its been that way almost 3 years now :)
[07:08] <Fujitsu> She did.
[07:08] <LaserJock> we've never had a problem I don' think
[07:08] <minghua> Next time I won't need to ask for ops if a troll came
[07:08] <LaserJock> bah
[07:09] <persia> Fujitsu: It's not a problem until it's a problem. I
like to have it be open: we're generally well behaved (recent events
[07:09] <minghua> (although Hobbsee said that she has changed the
[07:09] <Fujitsu> persia: True, true.
[07:09] <Fujitsu> minghua: She hasn't.
[07:09] <minghua> Oh okay.
[07:09] <imbrandon> she dident
[07:09] <minghua> persia: I wouldn't really categorize the recent event
as "badly behaved"...
[07:10] <LaserJock> wahoo
[07:10] <persia> minghua: Would you categorise it as "well behaved"?
[07:10] <LaserJock> I was able to deop myself, phew
[07:10] <imbrandon> persia, i seem to get SQL errors on all those pages
[07:10] * persia grumbles.
[07:11] <imbrandon> persia, ahh fixed it
[07:11] <imbrandon> i had one too many ? in the url
[07:12] <persia> imbrandon: You want console-vx, netCF-vs,
and a Vestax. Should be ~250US for a 600MHz machine with console,
ethernet, and a CF card for up to 4GB of local disk space (use the USB
port for the actual build runs, etc.)
[07:12] <minghua> persia: Not really... But I was tempted to fool around
a bit, too. :-P
[07:12] <persia> minghua: Then we agree :)
[07:13] <imbrandon> persia, ahhh very nice, thanks for the links
[07:13] <LaserJock> "imbrandon's collection of ancient and unusable
[07:13] <imbrandon> hehe un-useable i wouldent say
[07:13] <persia> imbrandon: In ATX, I can also only find ~200MHz. I
found some 400MHz in miniITX, but this is 600MHz, much cheaper, and very
linux friendly (look at the wiki)
[07:14] <LaserJock> if I could only get my sparc machine running
[07:14] <LaserJock> I've still not even booted it up
[07:14] <imbrandon> LaserJock, just hook a serial console to it and boot
[07:14] * persia hands LaserJock a spool of solder
[07:14] <Fujitsu> Are we creating an ARM port or something?
[07:15] <persia> Fujitsu: Yep. I want ubuntu-mobile :)
[07:15] <Fujitsu> Aha, nice.
[07:15] <LaserJock> imbrandon: I don't think I have a serial console
[07:15] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, i'm sure there will be a need for ubuntu
[07:15] <Fujitsu> Just that seed for now?
[07:15] <persia> LaserJock: You can use a null-modem cable to your PC
[07:15] <minghua> What arch is the ARM port going to be? armeb?
[07:15] <LaserJock> imbrandon: we're going to be doing some stuff with
UME I think for Edubuntu
[07:15] <LaserJock> for the classmate
[07:15] <persia> minghua: I was thinking big-endian. Do you have a
[07:15] <imbrandon> sweet
[07:16] <LaserJock> persia: where do I get a null-modem cable?
[07:16] <imbrandon> preferably stuff that would run on the nokia's
[07:16] <pwnguin> LaserJock: radioshack?
[07:16] <imbrandon> LaserJock, you can make one super easy
[07:16] <pwnguin> LaserJock: or just switch like three wires around
[07:17] <persia> LaserJock: swap pins 2&3, and short 8&20, but they cost
less than a bottle of water at most electronics stores.
[07:17] <LaserJock> hmm, but that's rs232
[07:17] <LaserJock> what am I gonna stick that into
[07:18] <imbrandon> the back of the sparc and your laptop
[07:18] <Fujitsu> Laptops with RS232? hahaha.
[07:18] <imbrandon> then open a terminal on the lappy , and boot the
[07:18] <persia> Your SPARC has a serial connection (one of DB25, DB9, or
RJ-48). On the other side, you might need an older computer.
[07:18] <LaserJock> yeah, I'll have to check around
[07:18] <LaserJock> we mostly have iMacs these days
[07:18] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, his 1800+ probably has a serial port
[07:19] <imbrandon> LaserJock, if your really fancy get a db9 serial to
usb converter, they work too
[07:19] <imbrandon> then spark serial to cable to converter to laptop usb
[07:20] <LaserJock> hmm
[07:20] <LaserJock> I'll have to look into that
[07:20] <LaserJock> it's just gotta be cheap
[07:20] <LaserJock> I've already wasted $0 on this thing ;-)
[07:20] <persia> LaserJock: If you want to look extra cool, get a USB ->
RJ48 serial converter : then you can use the nifty colored network cables
to connect.
[07:21] <imbrandon> LaserJock, less than $20 total
[07:21] <imbrandon> even with a converter
[07:21] <Fujitsu> persia: You mean RJ45, or is there some other standard
I was previously unaware of?
[07:21] <Fujitsu> Anybody here run WordPress on Dapper or Edgy?
[07:22] <persia> Fujitsu: It's RJ45 + a key groove to prevent people
sticking in network cables.
[07:22] <Fujitsu> persia: Oh, that one, right.
[07:22] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, i DID at one time, i've since upgraded to
[07:22] <persia> (which is easy to fix with nearly any sharp implement
and a couple minutes)
[07:22] <imbrandon> ( for )
[07:23] * Fujitsu will attempt to get both (from 2.0.[23]) up to 2.0.11
in the next couple of weeks, as that security branch is being kept alive
for another few years.
[07:24] <persia> Fujitsu: That's a better answer. I was looking at
backports about five months ago, and the patches are just ugly :(
[07:25] <LaserJock> darn it, where'd nixternal go
[07:26] <imbrandon> dunno i've always run from source on it, 2.3.1 atm
[07:26] <imbrandon> webapp packages always seemed pointless to me,
[07:27] <Fujitsu> persia: I'll review the patches between versions to
make sure, but it all looks like it should be OK to do direct version
backports to -security.
[07:27] <Fujitsu> And once we're up to date, we just have to track etch.
[07:27] <LaserJock> imbrandon: yeah, I kinda go both ways on it
[07:28] <LaserJock> if we keep on top of the updates it's not too bad
[07:28] <Fujitsu> It's a lot easier when we have a Debian release fairly
well synchronised.
[07:29] <imbrandon> well personaly i hack on my webapps too much for an
automated update ever to work
[07:29] <imbrandon> thats why i dont
[07:29] <imbrandon> my wordpress install can hardly be called 2.3.1
[07:30] * Fujitsu recruits more people for ~motu-swat.
[07:30] <LaserJock> Fujitsu: if I was more reliable I'd love to help
[07:30] <LaserJock> but umm, right now I don't know if LaserJock and
QA/Security should go together
[07:33] <persia> Fujitsu: That seems sane to me, but last time I
suggested that a couple people weren't entirely happy about the idea.
[07:33] <persia> LaserJock: Perhaps you and I together could be almost as
reliable as one person?
[07:33] <LaserJock> hehe
[07:35] <Fujitsu> persia: It's the only way we're going to be able to
support it for any significant length of time.
[07:35] <persia> Fujitsu: I agree: since upstream has a "stable series",
it doesn't make sense to cherrypick.
[07:35] <Fujitsu> I'd really like to get some proper security tracking
(integrated with Debian's) for Hardy.
[07:36] <Fujitsu> persia: Right.
[07:36] <Fujitsu> There are some other bugfixes thrown into some of the
the earlier updates, I think.
[07:36] <minghua> persia: (about ARM port) No, I don't have any
preference, it's just that there are three different arches in Debian
that makes me curious.
[07:36] <Fujitsu> But they're minimal, so should be manageable.
[07:36] <persia> Fujitsu: I think that 6 months ago people were
considering Dapper to not be a good SRU candidate, but with hardy coming,
it's suddenly more important to make sure we meet our obligations.
[07:37] <white> Fujitsu: why not adjusting the security tracker?
[07:37] <Fujitsu> white: Well, I was hoping your people wouldn't be too
"aaaaargh it's ubuntu kill kill kill kill"
[07:37] <white> Fujitsu: where did you get that feeling?
[07:37] <Fujitsu> white: Some DDs are, so...
[07:37] <persia> minghua: little-ending, big-endian, and arbitrary-endian
(yes, ARM supports this)
[07:38] <Fujitsu> .... arbitrary-endian. Riiight.
[07:38] <Fujitsu> arm split in Debian recently, didn't it?
[07:38] <persia> Fujitsu: Really: there's a instruction that swaps the
endian-sense for some ARM chips.
[07:38] <white> Fujitsu: well i was offering cooperation between the
tesiting-security team and ubuntu for quite some time ;)
[07:38] <Fujitsu> That sounds really wrong.
[07:38] <white> Fujitsu: i am not convinced that the current people
maintaining the tracker would mind that much, if ubuntu is displayed as
[07:38] <Fujitsu> white: I'll be able to devote a lot of time after next
Friday, so will have a look and try to get something going soon.
[07:39] <persia> white: Please forgive our lack of organisation: we'll
try to be able to respond to you soon.
[07:39] <LaserJock> what is the proposal?
[07:39] <white> persia: no worries
[07:39] <white> LaserJock: track the unembargoed issues (and the
embargoed as far as it is possible) with the security tracker
[07:39] <persia> LaserJock: -security collaboration between Debian and
Ubuntu (especially for universe)
[07:40] <LaserJock> ok
[07:40] <white> LaserJock: and it should be able to adjust it, in order
to show the ubuntu releases as well
[07:40] <LaserJock> oh, that would be awesome
[07:40] <LaserJock> I love the Debian security tracker stuff
[07:40] <Fujitsu> I'm not sure what the security team will think of this,
but we can do it for universe at least.
[07:40] <Fujitsu> The security tracker rocks, yeah.
[07:40] * persia thinks Ubuntu just needs a semi-stable point of contact
to organise things
[07:40] <white> i did not discuss that with the rest of the testing-
security team or the stable sec team, but i personally do not see any
problem with that
[07:40] <Fujitsu> And it would be nice to keep Hardy in good shape for a
couple of years.
[07:41] <white> LaserJock: keep in mind that it still leaves the
embargoed issues though
[07:41] <persia> Fujitsu: If we propose for universe, I don't imagine
they will complain, although I'm not sure their workflow will change as
[07:41] <Fujitsu> Malone would actually be very good for tracking such
things, but I can't see that happening.
[07:41] <persia> white: That's OK. We currently sometimes take > 6
months for the unembargoed issues: so any bettter tracking would be a
vast improvement.
[07:42] <persia> Fujitsu: There's some stuff in there (at least for
CVEs), but the interface is not ideal.
[07:42] * Fujitsu has got to a couple of issues within a day or two, but
that's a vast minority.
[07:42] <Fujitsu> persia: Right.
[07:42] <white> well, i can answer questions if needed (last exam
tomorrow :) )
[07:42] <Fujitsu> Erm, s/vast/tiny/, I guess.
[07:42] <\sh> moins
[07:42] <pwnguin> whee
[07:42] <pwnguin>            *(vertex_data_start+14+(i<<6)) = (127 -
((*(vertex_data_start+14+(i<<6))) & 127)) |
((*(vertex_data_start+14+(i<<6))) & 128); // !!!ANCHOR!!!
[07:42] <Fujitsu> Hi \sh.
[07:42] <TheMuso> Can we sync from 3rd-party repos like debian multimedia
for example?
[07:42] <Fujitsu> TheMuso: We can, but it's not often done.
[07:42] <persia> ¥Sh Hi
[07:42] <\sh> at holiday is over
[07:43] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: Right...
[07:43] <persia> TheMuso: Yes, but it requires extra manual work by the
admins, so we usually don't
[07:43] <TheMuso> persia: makes sense.
[07:44] <persia> TheMuso: long, long ago the sync scripts were adjusted
to handle more other repos, but we didn't end up wanting everything from
any of them, and playing with blacklists got it all turned off, just as a
frame of reference for the current situation.
[07:44] <TheMuso> Right.
[07:45] * TheMuso has knocked down the uus queue a bit.
[07:45] <pkern> \sh: YAY!
[07:45] * pkern cheers \sh
[07:45] <pkern> Nightrose: ^
[07:46] * persia cheers, and promises pound on it when REVU day closes
[07:46] <persia> to^
[07:46] <Nightrose> morning \sh and pkern
[07:46] <Nightrose> ;)
[07:46] <TheMuso> I'd review, but I feel uus is just as important ATM.
[07:46] <pkern> Nightrose: Heh... I'm already in a "lecture" ;)
[07:46] <Nightrose> how are you?
[07:46] <Nightrose> hehe /me is getting ready for her lectures
[07:46] <Fujitsu> TheMuso: uus is more important. Always.
[07:47] <\sh> Nightrose, fine :) relaxed :)(
[07:47] <Nightrose> good :)
[07:47] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: I actually agree with that.
[07:47] <pkern> \sh: Complete resistance/reluctance to use the PC or any
modern mean of communication? :-P
[07:47] <persia> TheMuso: I think UUS is always more important, it's just
that the end of REVU day and my access to my key coincidentally happen
around the same time
[07:47] <Fujitsu> TheMuso: I don't see why anybody would think
[07:48] <TheMuso> persia: Right.
[07:48] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: I'm sure some people do.
[07:48] <Fujitsu> Bugfixes are going to be more beneficial than a random
new package.
[07:48] <persia> Random new packages tend to contribute negatively to the
bug closing efforts
[07:48] * pkern waits for his laptop to be repaired at IBM and return to
Ubuntu afterwards. They (tried to) call(ed) me yesterday because I
forgot to remove the BIOS password. Yuck.
[07:49] <Fujitsu> persia: That's the one.
[07:49] <pkern> persia: Synced or "new in Ubuntu"?
[07:49] <persia> pkern: Yes
[07:49] <Fujitsu> pkern: Those fetched from the pool of evil that lurks
in REVU.
[07:49] <persia> (Many new-in-Debian packages seem to take about 6 months
to get in good shape)
[07:49] <pkern> So both is evil I conclude.
[07:50] <imbrandon> shouldent all packages be imported by now ?
[07:50] <pkern> persia: Depends on the sponsor ;)
[07:50] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Not quite.
[07:50] <imbrandon> all non-merge packages
[07:50] <imbrandon> err ok
[07:50] <Fujitsu> I only saw up to m* in NEW yesterday.
[07:50] <persia> Fujitsu: You're not familiar with the random stuff that
ends up in Debian? At least everything in REVU goes in lintian/linda
clean, installs, and doesn't FTBFS
[07:50] <Fujitsu> persia: Really? Ew.
[07:50] <persia> pkern: Let's just say "self-sponsored" isn't as ideal as
I'd like.
[07:50] <pkern> persia: You're insulting Debian here.
[07:50] <Fujitsu> I wonder how they manage that.
[07:51] <pkern> persia: And it passes NEW?
[07:51] <pkern> persia: FTBFS on obscure architectures that Ubuntu
doesn't have?
[07:51] <persia> pkern: There are cases of self-sponsored software in
Ubuntu that are just as bad, if not worse, but I claim that the policy of
requiring REVU even for developers is superior than just allowing
[07:52] <pkern> I'd disagree, though.
[07:52] <persia> pkern: True, lots of it is caught in NEW, but not all.
[07:52] <TheMuso> when NEW is so long that they take shortcuts
just to get through it all? :p
[07:52] <pkern> persia: Do you have hard data to back that up?
[07:54] <persia> pkern: I don't have my search tools handy, but did I, I
would compare all software new-in-gutsy and all software new-in-Debian
during the gutsy cycle. I'd expect to see similar levels of cruft, with
Ubuntu more likely to not run properly, and Debian more likely to have
unimportant lintian/linda wanrings and informational notes.
[07:54] * TheMuso -> dinner
[07:55] <pkern> persia: Thanks. That relieves me.
[07:55] <\sh> pkern, right :)
[07:56] <persia> pkern: Good. I really don't mean to insult Debian, I
just think that peer review promotes quality. On the other hand, Debian
is very much more likely to follow up on getting the package in shape
once it's accepted, whereas much of new-in-Ubuntu rots.
[07:57] <Fujitsu> For certain, very large, values of much.
[07:58] * persia agrees with that definition of much
[07:58] <minghua> IMHO, there are plenty of bad packages that are rotting
in Debian as well, they just only rot in unstable and never get released,
because of the wonderful policy of RC bugs.
[07:58] <pkern> But Ubuntu syncs from unstable so it rots there, too.
[07:58] <pkern> That's a large QA issue IMHO.
[07:58] <persia> minghua: Well, someone has to file the RC bug: packages
without users can end up in stable and still be cruft.
[07:59] <Fujitsu> We really do need to trawl through the Ubuntu-new
packages and tag stuff that could probably be obliterated.
[07:59] <persia> pkern: The idea is that we're supposed to fix it up, but
not insult the person who has been ignoring it for the past couple years
by NMUing. It's not ideal, and needs QA attention, but it's not a bad
[08:00] <minghua> persia: If Ubuntu has a RC bug policy, I can probably
label about 10 bugs in MOTU-science world as RC right now.
[08:00] <persia> Fujitsu: I think we should push for as many Ubuntu-only
merges as we can get, and then investigate the rest.
[08:01] <persia> minghua: Sure. Doesn't help fix them, and doesn't get
the code to people who can (I'm here because my joystick didn't work in
vegastrike: nothing more)
[08:01] <pkern> "not insult [...] by NMUing"? wtf? NMUs aren't an insult
anymore for quite some people. But that's IMHO, though.
[08:01] <minghua> persia: While what you said is true, it's only true to
a certain extent -- our users do report bugs, it's just that we don't
triage them properly enough.
[08:01] <persia> pkern: For any sane maintainer, an NMU is helpful. For
some of the unstable cruft, that's not the case.
[08:01] <pkern> minghua: So it's all our fault. :-P
[08:02] <persia> minghua: Do you mean triage into a decision to remove
the package?
[08:02] * pkern is all for removing packages after import freeze.
[08:03] <minghua> pkern: In a sense, yes. For overseeing the whole
universe, we MOTU as a team pretty much fails.
[08:03] <persia> pkern: The problem is that we don't want to remove
anything we'll want back. We don't have a pocket into which we can stuff
things, so it ends up just gone.
[08:03] <persia> minghua: I wouldn't say we fail, but rather that we
succeed in narrowly defined ways.
[08:04] <minghua> persia: If necessary, yes. My position has always been
that no package is (much) better than bad package.
[08:04] <pkern> persia: You can't imagine how often I already heared
that. I'd guess LP has tobe improved apart from the fact that the
package still lives on somewhere in librarian.
[08:04] <minghua> persia: Sure. I am always the glass-half-empty guy.
[08:04] <pkern> persia: There is no morgue, that's right.
[08:04] <persia> minghua: Hrm. I'll agree for some values of "bad", but
suspect that is the core of the difference anyway.
[08:05] <pkern> persia: Could we please open a bug about that then?
[08:05] <persia> pkern: I don't even know if a not-to-be-released pocket
is on the roadmap.
[08:05] <persia> pkern: There may be one. If not, feel free to file.
[08:05] <pkern> What are "pockets" in Ubuntu newspeak?
[08:05] <Fujitsu> pkern: release, security, updates, backports.
[08:05] <persia> + -proposed
[08:05] <Fujitsu> True.
[08:05] <pkern> Fujitsu: ENOTADEFINITION
[08:06] <persia> So we'd be talking about -excised or something?
[08:06] <Fujitsu> persia: I presume so.
[08:06] <pkern> I don't want it to be apt-get'able.
[08:06] <Fujitsu> But I'm not sure that's an ideal modelling.
[08:06] <persia> pkern: Why not? How to grab the source and do something
if one can't apt-get? Most of it will probably FTBFS, so binaries are
less of a worry.
[08:07] <Fujitsu> We ideally want to run initialise-from-parent pre-
release, and then remove stuff from the old one. But we can't do that.
[08:07] <pkern> persia: Then a source-only apt-get source.
[08:07] <pkern> persia: I don't need apt-get to retrieve packages via
dget, but well.
[08:07] <persia> Fujitsu: That's a much better model. We could even
maintain a continuous import into some trunk, and branch each release.
As long as trunk was basically inaccessible, we'd be golden.
[08:08] <Fujitsu> persia: But that unfortunately means changing how Soyuz
and the rest of the distro works. Which hasn't got a chance of happening.
[08:08] <persia> ...within the next several years
[08:08] <pkern> Fujitsu: That's that @ initialise-from-parent?
[08:08] <pkern> Ah, I understand.
[08:09] <Fujitsu> pkern: initialise-from-parent is the script that is run
to copy an old release into a new one.
[08:09] <pkern> Yes, some kind of continous trunk would be nice.
[08:09] <pkern> But it's possible that we aren't focused enough on the
release then.
[08:09] <pkern> Like it's the case in Debian.
[08:09] <pkern> (Granted, all DDs want releases. :-P )
[08:10] <persia> pkern: That's why I wanted an inaccessible trunk
[08:10] <Fujitsu> We need an extra component or something that is never
published on release, and we can easily push stuff to/from... but I
really don't see how that can happen.
[08:10] <persia> Fujitsu: Could we create another distribution containing
only cruft?
[08:11] <Fujitsu> I guess with the new multiple archive work (used for
partner, and soon security), it wouldn't be too difficult to have an
extra pocket published to some hard-to-get-at location, and use Soyuz's
new copying feature to get stuff to/from it.
[08:11] <Fujitsu> That's probably the best solution, actually.
[08:11] <persia> That would be -excised
[08:11] <Fujitsu> Yeah, and it's possible now.
[08:12] <Fujitsu> Erm, sorry, that would be another *component*, not
[08:12] <Fujitsu> Like partner.
[08:12] <persia> Right. Galaxy? That takes us back to the discussion I
was unhappy with before.
[08:13] <persia> Err.. No, the container model is wrong: not "Galaxy"
[08:13] <Fujitsu> I was thinking that: galaxy would be smaller than
[08:13] <imbrandon> metaverse ?
[08:13] <persia> Fujitsu: Right.
[08:13] <Fujitsu> keepawayfromheremortalsiverse.
[08:13] <persia> imbrandon: That works
[08:14] <imbrandon> anyhow i personaly dont think we should seperate
main/universe only multiverse
[08:14] <mok0> blackhole
[08:14] <imbrandon> but thats just me
[08:14] <persia> So, at what point does a package go to metaverse? How
slippery is the slope?
[08:14] <persia> imbrandon: That's a demarcation for paid support -
arbitrary, but sanely present.
[08:14] <minghua> What is the difference between metaverse and
[08:15] <Fujitsu> metaverse doesn't have anything to do with licensing
[08:15] <Fujitsu> minghua: ^^
[08:15] <persia> minghua: metaverse is random stuff that shouldn't be
released. multiverse is random stuff that might be illegal
[08:15] <Fujitsu> It's just for broken stuff that should be in a release.
[08:15] <imbrandon> or we just continuealy sync to grumpy from sid and
snapshot from grump not sid
[08:15] <persia> ^not
[08:15] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Grumpy won't be like Sid, though.
[08:15] <minghua> Fujitsu: I understand the Ubuntu context, I was asking
the astronomy context. :-P
[08:15] <Fujitsu> minghua: Ah.
[08:16] <persia> imbrandon: snapshotting grumpy doesn't help, unless we
maintain filters for cruft.
[08:16] <imbrandon> persia, that would be the point i would think, and to
continualy keep the merges going , not just 3 or 4 months of 6
[08:16] <persia> minghua: metaverse doesn't actually mean anything in
[08:16] <minghua> I think I like blackhole better, maybe the-other-side-
of-event-horizon? :-P
[08:17] <persia> imbrandon: Ah, so nobody is allowed to work on grumpy,
and we pull from there every six months to start the next release,
removing all the broken stuff?
[08:18] <imbrandon> well work on it, but only in the contect of uploading
merges between sid <--> grumpy
[08:18] <imbrandon> context
[08:18] <Fujitsu> Isn't Grumpy meant to be integrated with bzr and all,
and build VCS snapshots, rather than pull from sid?
[08:18] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, yea i know thats not it was originaly
[08:18] <Fujitsu> (if it ever materialises, which is looking unlikely at
the moment)
[08:18] <imbrandon> i'm talking something feaseable
[08:19] <imbrandon> basicly it would be sid with all of ubuntus changes
all the time, and we could snapshot from it and filter there
[08:19] <persia> imbrandon: I don't like that: we're not staffed to
handle continuous integration without failing in the release efforts.
Debian has two rough phases: random new junk and prepare for release. We
mostly just do the latter, except for small six-week windows when we
[08:19] <Fujitsu> persia: Right.
[08:19] <Fujitsu> We don't have the resources to maintain a rolling-
release branch and a pre-release one.
[08:19] <persia> imbrandon: Hire 20 developers to work on it full time,
and I'm behind you all the way.
[08:19] <Fujitsu> We don't have the resources to do just one.
[08:20] <imbrandon> persia, i'm thinking if you had one continus life
cycle like that it would attract new developers
[08:20] <imbrandon> changing "modes" all the times puts off new people
[08:20] <imbrandon> and old alike
[08:20] <persia> Fujitsu: Right, although a staffed rollling release
might help the dev release, if the rolling release wasn't really
available for testing.
[08:20] <imbrandon> exactly
[08:21] <persia> imbrandon: It would attract developers, but it would
attract the same developers that Ubuntu attracts from Debian, which
doesn't help Ubuntu release. If you want lots more reasoning about the
value of phases, read the archives of debian-release@l.d.o
[08:21] <pkern> Hm, I could install Gutsy/ppc.
[08:21] <Fujitsu> Anyway, it's probably not useful to discuss things like
this, as Canonical will be the ones making any changes, and they're
unlikely to respect the ideas of 4 MOTU :P
[08:21] <pkern> Iff that works.
[08:22] <persia> imbrandon: paid developers can be paid to shut up and do
it, so semi-private is easier to do.
[08:22] <pkern> Fujitsu: We can lobby.
[08:22] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, you would be suprised, PPA's was 3 MOTU's
lobbying at first :)
[08:23] <imbrandon> even though it wasent what was originaly envisioned
it is 80% of it
[08:23] <persia> No, Fujitsu is right. If we have a good model, and want
to propose something, we can get it done. Random griping doesn't
necessarily help.
[08:23] <Fujitsu> Oh, die bhavi die.
[08:23] <persia> heh
[08:23] <Fujitsu> Don't need Ubuntu tasks on Launchpad bugs, go away go
away go away.
[08:23] <imbrandon> right but there is a distincy diffrence between
hashing out ideas and griping :)
[08:24] <imbrandon> i dont think in *this* session any one was "bitching"
more of a what if? nah but what if this? etc
[08:24] <imbrandon> anyhow yea, back to work ....
[08:25] <persia> imbrandon: Sure. I'm not certain that it was not
[08:26] <imbrandon> persia, do you have a debian env on those ARM's or
just *nix ?
[08:26] * persia points at bug #160409 for anyone who wants a quick
[08:26] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160409 in vzctl "Please apply upstream
OpenVZ patch for Upstart issue" [Undecided,New]
[08:26] <Fujitsu> We're not going to get any changes for Hardy, so we
might as well practice aggressive removal tactics.
[08:27] <persia> imbrandon: One's idle. The other runs a custom linux
ROM from Sharp. I can put Debian on the idle one.
[08:27] <Fujitsu> persia: Do you know how to bootstrap a new arch?
[08:27] <persia> Fujitsu: Well, for some definition of agressive. (on
which I refuse to agree with anyone prior to UVF)
[08:28] <persia> Fujitsu: No. That's why I'm looking forward to
imbrandon's buildd :)
[08:28] <Fujitsu> might
[08:28] <imbrandon> i do sorta, atleaste have a idea
[08:28] <imbrandon> an*
[08:29] <imbrandon> i have sb2 env for armel and powerpc setup
[08:29] <imbrandon> thus why i asked if you had a deb env
[08:29] <imbrandon> well almost setup, looking for a rootstrap other than
maemo for armel now
[08:29] <persia> That's not so bad: just loop and cycle. Would a qemu
ARM be sufficient?
[08:29] <Fujitsu> It would be slow, but certainly workable.
[08:29] <imbrandon> persia, qemu ARM is what maemo uses for dev :)
[08:29] <Fujitsu> I wonder how slow qemu's ARM emulation is, actually...
[08:30] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, not tooooo bad
[08:30] <persia> Fujitsu: It's not that bad. I get about 1/2 to 1/3 host
[08:30] <imbrandon> you all ever used sb2 ?
[08:30] <persia> never heard of it
[08:30] <Fujitsu> persia: That's not bad at all.
[08:31] <imbrandon> its the bomb for cross compiling debian packages,
seemelesss qemu or rshb cpu intercragtion, the package never knows its
being cross compiled
[08:31] <imbrandon>;a=blob;hb=HEAD;f=README
[08:31] <imbrandon>
[08:31] <imbrandon> ( its in sid )
[08:32] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Ah, nice.
[08:32] <imbrandon> basicly i setup a power cross env then ...
[08:32] <imbrandon> sb2 apt-get source fontconfig
[08:32] <imbrandon> cd fontconfig
[08:32] <imbrandon> sb2 debuild
[08:33] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: I can't see it in sid.
[08:33] <persia> nifty. I'll have to try that.
[08:33] <imbrandon> etc etc etc
[08:33] <Fujitsu> But that looks really nice.
[08:33] <persia> (of course, I'll have to go back to i386 first)
[08:33] <imbrandon> it works on other arches
[08:33] <imbrandon> its not i386 specific
[08:34] <persia> imbrandon: In the pages you listed, it said there were
issues with using it for ARM on amd64
[08:34] <Fujitsu> Let's rebuild i386 on m68k using that.
[08:34] <Fujitsu> That'd be fast.
[08:34] <imbrandon> Fujitsu,
[08:34] <persia> !info hardy scratchbox2
[08:34] <ubotu> Package hardy does not exist in gutsy
[08:35] <persia> !info scratchbox2
[08:35] <ubotu> Package scratchbox2 does not exist in gutsy
[08:35] <persia> Hrm.
[08:35] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Ah, I tried various combinations of
sb(ox)?2?, didn't think to try sratchbox.
[08:36] <imbrandon> yea only because they were using a xcompiler made by
codesoursey, if you make your own toolchain(s) thats not a problem
[08:36] <persia> Ah. It went in in July.
[08:36] <Fujitsu> Just too late :(
[08:36] <persia> imbrandon: If I make my own toolchain, am I safe to
later run on actual hardware?
[08:36] <imbrandon> persia, e.g. from
[08:37] <imbrandon> persia, yea, maemo uses this exclusevly to make the
nokia770 stuff
[08:37] <imbrandon> thats how i found out about it
[08:37] * persia plans to get ubuntu-mobile for christmas
[08:37] <imbrandon> they actualy started on sbox1 , but thats a pita and
has some limitations
[08:39] <imbrandon> infact i lost the link but someone was building
regualr packages for i386 to powerpc and arm and mips xcompilers
[08:39] <imbrandon> one of the debian gcc maintainers iirc
[08:39] <Fujitsu> persia: I can probably throw some mostly idle Core 2
Duos at it if you need more buildds.
[08:39] <imbrandon> Fujitsu, i could use a shell on one hehe beats my
p200 :)
[08:40] <Fujitsu> imbrandon: Can't do anything now, unfortunately :(
[08:40] <persia> Fujitsu: If you have cycles to spare, it'd be great.
I'd be building on-and-off on my heat challenged AMD64, and moving to the
PXA255 once I has something useful for continuous integration (as I can
run that 24 hours a day)
[08:41] <Fujitsu> persia: An extra 4 2.8GHz cores should help, then.
[08:42] <persia> Fujitsu: Very much so :)
[08:42] <mok0> A quick amd64 question: Is it necessary to include the -
m64 flag when compiling on that platform, or is it enabled by default?
[08:45] <persia> mok0: I've just taken a quick look at the gcc docs, and
have no idea what that flag would do. If you are asking if amd64 uses 8-
byte words for addresses, etc. by default, the answer is yes, although
the most significant 4-bytes are 0 by preference (as opposed to ia64)
[08:45] <pkern> mok0: Ever needed it.
[08:45] <pkern> *Never
[08:46] * persia echoes pkern, and has ported i386-only stuff to amd64
in C
[08:46] <pkern> mok0: If you use a native amd64 env you get -m64 by
default and could use -m32.
[08:46] <pkern> (For multilib stuff.)
[08:46] <mok0> ok, so you'd use -m32 if compiling for i386 on amd64
[08:47] <mok0> Great, thx guys
[08:48] * TheMuso returns.
[08:49] <Fujitsu> Hi TheMuso.
[08:55] <persia> pkern: Thanks for subscribing me, although as Fujitsu
said, a "component" may be more appropriate.
[08:56] <pkern> persia: I'm not sure.
[08:56] <pkern> I really don't want users to download stuff from that
[08:56] <Fujitsu> pkern: Components can be published to other places as
of a couple of months ago.
[08:56] <persia> pkern: Neither I. We'll wait for dev response, which
should make things more clear.
[08:56] <pkern> persia: ACK.
[08:57] <Fujitsu> A component is probably ideal, because it also means
that the autosync can be left on and things don't need to be blacklisted.
[08:57] <pkern> Fujitsu: And pockets can not?
[08:57] <pkern> Fujitsu: Well you could explain me why?
[08:57] <Fujitsu> pkern: I don't believe they can.
[08:57] * persia encourages Fuijtsu, who is knowledgeable about these
things, to alter the description of bug#160412
[08:57] * Fujitsu might in a minute.
[08:57] <pkern> Yeah I wanted to say that. Feel free to modify the
[08:58] <pkern> But well, I don't see how a component is better. And
which component is already published "to another place"?
[08:58] <Fujitsu> pkern: partner.
[08:58] <Fujitsu> A lot of work was put in to allow multiple archives.
[08:58] <Fujitsu> Firstly PPA.
[08:58] <Fujitsu> But now the old commercial pocket has been turned into
a component.
[08:59] <pkern> Fujitsu:, hm, k.
[08:59] <Fujitsu> Published on
[08:59] <Fujitsu> Yeah.
[08:59] <Fujitsu> That's now managed by Soyuz.
[08:59] <persia> Is that why "commercial" became "partner", to manage the
[08:59] <pkern> Well partner already looks like a suitable candidate for
a component.
[08:59] <Fujitsu> I don't think so.
[08:59] <Fujitsu> pkern: partner *is* a component now.
[09:00] <pkern> But gutsy-morgue with universe, multiverse wouldn't be
that wrong, too.
[09:00] <pkern> Fujitsu: Yeah I understood that. Sorry for not being a
native speaker. ;)
[09:00] <Fujitsu> persia: I suspect that partner is just a nicer term.
[09:00] <spacey> sounds less evil ;)
[09:01] <Fujitsu> spacey: That's right.
[09:01] <spacey> and is more accurate :) non open source is something
different then being commercial or non-commercial
[09:02] <persia> spacey: True. "non-open-source" is a better way to
describe it, and matches well with the model of multiverse as "open-but-
[09:07] * Fujitsu tries in vain to get a sid installer to boot on qemu
[09:08] <persia> Fujitsu: How badly is it failing?
[09:09] <Fujitsu> persia: It's just hanging and eating my CPU without
displaying anything.
[09:09] <spacey> persia: you also have commercial open source software ;)
[09:10] <Fujitsu> (I'm trying to boot a sid netinst)
[09:10] <minghua> Fujitsu: Probably the arm d-i doesn't support booting
in qemu.
[09:10] <Fujitsu> minghua: I get the same results if I specify an i386
kernel instead of an arm one, so I doubt it.
[09:11] <persia> Fujitsu: don't do that. Try lenny.
[09:11] <Fujitsu> persia: Erm, sorry, it was lenny.
[09:11] <persia> spacey: Sure. But that doesn't belong in an open repo,
[09:11] <persia> Fujitsu: lenny shouldn't be that broken. Hrm.
[09:12] <Fujitsu> Ah, I apparently need a different kernel.
[09:12] <persia> Fujitsu: different kernel?
[09:12] <minghua> Fujitsu: Ah. I don't know much about either d-i or
emulation. That was just a wild guess.
[09:12] <Fujitsu> persia: I Googled around and the Debian kernel
apparently doesn't work in qemu.
[09:12] <persia> Fujitsu: Ah. I wonder if ours does.
[09:12] <Fujitsu> persia: We don't have an arm kernel...
[09:13] <persia> ...yet
[09:13] <Fujitsu> And now qemu aborts. A bit of an improvement, I guess.
[09:14] <Fujitsu> Ah, got it.
[09:15] <persia> Fujitsu: You're using the arm-versatile kernel?
[09:15] <Fujitsu> persia: I am.
[09:15] <pkern> Why isn't there a tar.gz on
powerpc/current/images/powerpc/netboot/ *cough*
[09:16] <persia> pkern: Why do you want a tar.gz?
[09:16] <pkern> persia: To untar it in tftpboot?
[09:17] <pkern> Debian does that.
[09:17] <persia> pkern: Ah. Good use case. File a bug :)
[09:17] <pkern> Ok, off to install Gutsy/ppc.
[09:18] <huats> morning all
[09:19] <huats> TheMuso: hello
[09:19] <huats> sorry about bug 160337
[09:19] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160337 in dbmail "Merge dbmail (2.2.6) from
debian unstable" [Undecided,Incomplete]
[09:20] <TheMuso> huats: Thats ok. That sort of thing does happen from
time to time.
[09:20] <huats> (I mean about 'fix committed') it was way too late, and
I've made this mistake
[09:20] <huats> ...
[09:20] <huats> I gett the new debian one...
[09:20] <TheMuso> huats: Oh that, ok no problem.
[09:21] <TheMuso> I've looked at so many sponsor requests today, that I
couldn't remember which one that was for. :)
[09:21] <huats> :-)
[09:21] <huats> no pb
[09:21] <huats> I kind of imagine...
[09:32] <pkern> Now netboot used to work out-of-the-box with debian-
[09:33] * persia remembers those halcyon days...
[09:35] <pkern> I could UPGRADE to gutsy.
[09:35] <pkern> From the dapper installed.
[09:35] <pkern> Now that's news.
[09:35] <pkern> I'd guess I'll have to go through each and every
intermediate release or wait for hardy.
[09:36] <persia> pkern: Yep. Dapper -> Gutsy isn't supported. On the
other hand, that only means you might have a bit of manual transitioning:
nothing a few hours with aptitude shouldn't sort.
[09:36] <imbrandon> correct, i wouldent try to upgrade a machine directly
unless you plan on breaking it and fixing some upgrade bugs
[09:36] <pkern> persia: Gimme a gun :-P
[09:37] * persia gives pkern a very small empty water pistol
[09:37] <imbrandon> even dapper to edgy then to gutsy would be easier (
because of the upstart and python transitions )
=== blueyed_ is now known as blueyed
[09:37] <persia> imbrandon: Were the transition hooks dropped in feisty?
[09:38] <imbrandon> persia, no idea, but i know it was a pita and ended
up not working at all ( busybox promt )
[09:38] * pkern is curious if Linux still breaks his HDD.
[09:38] <imbrandon> took me 3 days 4+ hours each day
[09:38] <imbrandon> with aptitude
[09:38] <persia> Ah. That's right: you were trying that on your imac,
weren't you :)
[09:39] <imbrandon> yup
[09:39] <imbrandon> i ended up installing sid
[09:39] <imbrandon> lol
[09:40] <persia> imbrandon: So, how was sid -> gutsy? (or didn't you)
[09:40] <imbrandon> nope havent touched it since then
[09:40] <imbrandon> still sitting on sid
[09:40] <minghua> Hmm, I wasn't aware there were a automatix session in
[09:41] * persia doesn't really understand why a 200MHz Pentium is
preferable to a 233MHz PPC
[09:41] <imbrandon> 333 , and because i have my 160GB sata and 22in LCD
on my p200
[09:41] <imbrandon> the imac can use neither
[09:41] <imbrandon> so i would be on a 10GB hdd with 15in crt
[09:43] <imbrandon> plus nice things like flashplugin-nonfree still kinda
work :)
[09:45] <persia> minghua: Yep: automatix solved a real user need, so
there are strong efforts underway to address that need without the issues
that are automatic
[09:46] <minghua> persia: Yeah, hopefully something good can be gotten
out of it.
[09:47] <minghua> I do wish automatix can succeed, but definitely not in
the current form.
[09:48] <persia> minghua: Actually, we've gotten a few good things.
There are some better menu entries, a few altered defaults to make things
more likely to work out of the box, and some other things. I don't think
a big script running as root is the right answer, but the automatix team
has been working to integrate and that is of great benefit.
[09:49] <TheMuso> oooo/c
[09:49] <TheMuso> ugh
[09:49] <minghua> persia: Good to know. Are those changes new in hardy
or are they already in gutsy?
[09:50] <persia> minghua: I remember a few going into gutsy at the end,
but there were some things that couldn't be done at that point in the
cycle. I haven't seen much activity from hardy, but UDS sessions don't
usually generate much for two or three weeks while people rest, digest,
and build prototypes
[09:53] <minghua> persia: I understand that. I was just curious and
wanted to know if I can see anything that came from automatix team's
effort on my gutsy.
[09:55] <imbrandon> wifes up and wants me to come to bed, gnight all
[09:56] <mok0> imbrandon: what? at 11am??
[09:56] <imbrandon> 4am here
[09:56] <mok0> ;-)
[09:56] <mok0> gnight
[09:59] <s1024kb> minghua: nice to meet you again.
[10:00] <s1024kb> norsetto: hello my teacher, nice to meet you again.
[10:00] <norsetto> s1024kb: hi there!
[10:00] <huats> norsetto: hello pasta maker
[10:01] <norsetto> huats: hello garlic abuser
[10:01] <huats> :-)
[10:01] <huats> norsetto: the thing is that you are damn right
[10:01] <persia> minghua: The only one I can remember off the top of my
head is the improvement for the checkgmail icon. I think there were
more, but I wasn't very involved with the automatix efforts.
[10:01] <huats> I like garlic
[10:02] * norsetto has a rapid thought about what huats gf has to put up
with .....
[10:02] <huats> norsetto: :-)
[10:03] <huats> norsetto: my gf used to have a german roomate who once
said to another of their roomate : 'I don't know how she can do with
huats, he puts garlic on every plates he cooks'
[10:03] <huats> :-)
[10:03] <norsetto> huats: she is definetively too good for you ;-)
[10:04] <huats> ;)
[10:04] <s1024kb> norsetto: excuse me, how to install the latest
Debootstrap for my gusty? I use "sudo apt-get install Debootstrap" but
couldn't find the package
[10:04] <norsetto> s1024kb: mind the capitalisation
[10:05] <norsetto> s1024kb: it should be debootstrap, for linux D and d
are two different letters
[10:05] <minghua> s1024kb: Hello there.
[10:06] <s1024kb> norsetto: thanks, got it done.
[10:07] <s1024kb> norsetto: so when to use Debootstrap? when i want to
install a package for testing?
[10:08] <norsetto> s1024kb: debootstrap installs a minimum debian system
[10:08] <norsetto> s1024kb: for instance, you would need it when making a
[10:09] <pkern> I don't want to install Debian, but Ubuntu!
[10:09] <s1024kb> norsetto: thanks, i guessed so. :-)
[10:09] <pkern> Call it ubuntubootstrap!
[10:09] <norsetto> pkern: ubootstrap ....
[10:09] <pkern> Or that ;)
[10:09] <s1024kb> pkern: i could not agree more. :-)
[10:10] <pkern> Sarcasm in here is well received. :D
[10:10] <minghua> Awww. Bug 160424 is cute.
[10:10] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160424 in gperiodic "gPeriodic missreports
Lithium melting point" [Undecided,New]
[10:10] <norsetto> pkern: or u-bootstrap (for our german colleagues ;-))
[10:10] <pkern> Uh?
[10:10] <pkern> I don't get the connection between dash and German.
[10:10] <\sh> u-boot submarine
[10:10] <s1024kb> pkern: u-boogstrap for our chinese colleagues too. :-)
[10:11] <norsetto> pkern: u-boot .....
[10:11] <pkern> omg
[10:11] <Nafallo> hm
[10:12] <tepsipak1i> Seveas: hey, do you have an ETA for falcon-2.0beta3
[10:21] <norsetto> minghua: tell him gperiodic will be obsolete soon, we
have gelemental in hardy which is much better .....
[10:21] <norsetto> minghua: oh well, he knows it already ....
[10:24] <minghua> norsetto: Yeah, the reporter seems quite familiar with
the business.
[10:29] <tepsipak1i> Seveas: oh there is beta3.. I need to test that
[10:29] <tepsipak1i> err, debs only for beta2
=== tepsipak1i is now known as tepsipakki
=== huats is now known as huats_
=== persia changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Ubuntu Masters of the
Universe: | Hardy Heron is in active
development. | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? | -
TOP 10 Uploaders/Packages | Go Merging!
[11:06] * persia apologies for the tardy end to REVU Day. Thank you
[11:10] <norsetto> thank *YOU* persia
[11:17] * persia grumbles that it's too hard to find a link to
[11:22] <Fujitsu> persia: Soyuz navigation sucks - the only feasible way
to do anything is constructing URLs manually.
[11:22] <persia> Fujitsu: Yeah. I know. It's just sometimes frustrating
when I can't remember the magic sequence to collect any piece of
[11:24] <persia> How long should it take between a successful build and
the packages being listed under "Binary Packages" for a given package in
a given release?
[11:25] <DaveMorris> Hi guys. I'm building a package and it's giving me
a W: opensg-dev: old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file E: opensg-dev:
copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl however the licence
of the source code is the Library General Public Licence. (quite old)
Should I be updating the address on it still? And what about the lintian
[11:25] <TheMuso> DaveMorris: yes the FSF address should be updated.
[11:25] <persia> DaveMorris: You should update the address in
debian/copyright, but not in ./LICENSE.
[11:26] <DaveMorris> and the error?
[11:26] <persia> (or ./COPYING, or whatever)
[11:26] <DaveMorris> as I can't see the Library licence in
/usr/share/common-licenses only the lesser one
[11:26] <joejaxx> TheMuso: the maintainer field needs to be mentioned
more than once? if it is a merge? (i guess so since it is a change)
[11:26] <Fujitsu> persia: No time at all, as far as I know.
[11:26] <Fujitsu> It shouldn't even need to be published, particularly
with the new workflow.
[11:26] <persia> For the error, you want to link against something in
/usr/share/common-licenses/ : if there is no license there that matches
the package, then you should add an override.
[11:28] <persia> Fujitsu: OK. Here's a strange one. python-qt4 built on
i386 10 hours ago, but python-qt4-common doesn't show in the "Binary
Packages", although the build log shows it to be created. qtiplot just
FTBFS on powerpc (within the last hour) because python-qt4 couldn't be
installed, due to a lack of python-qt4-common. My local hardy apt-cache
also doesn't have python-qt4-common binary after update.
[11:28] <persia> To whom should I complain?
[11:28] <TheMuso> joejaxx: Yes, as it is a change that we introduce.
[11:28] <Fujitsu> persia: Binary NEW?
[11:29] <DaveMorris> I'm also getting E: opensg-dev: shlib-with-non-pic-
code usr/lib/ on i386 builds but not amd64 Although
they are been liked with the -shared flag
[11:29] <persia> Ah. Right. * persia looks
[11:29] <Fujitsu> hardy i386    Successfully built (NEW)
[11:29] <Fujitsu> (the binary publishing status appears next to
successful builds as of 1.1.9)
[11:30] <persia> No, it's not in binary NEW. Hrm.
[11:30] <Fujitsu> It is.
[11:30] * Fujitsu searches the queue.
[11:30] <persia> Ah. Yes. I was confused by the translations.
[11:30] <Fujitsu> Soyuz says it is, common sense says it is, but does the
other bit of Soyuz...
[11:30] <Fujitsu> Ah.
[11:31] <Fujitsu> Nice, it even notes which is NEW when one expands the
file list.
[11:31] <persia> It makes sense to group binary NEW by source package,
but it can be confusing if one is silly enough to search by binary
[11:31] <Fujitsu> Yeah, I would have initially tried by binary.
[11:31] <Fujitsu> It wouild be nice if it searched the child files.
[11:32] <persia> Yeah, well,
[11:32] <persia> Anyway, thank you for pointing me in the right
direction: I now have something I can watch to ask for a give-back :)
[11:32] <Fujitsu> MANUALDEPWAIT is a misnomer - it will be automatically
[11:33] * Hobbsee waves
[11:33] <Fujitsu> Hey Hobbsee.
[11:33] * pkern cheers Hobbsee
[11:33] <persia> Fujitsu: From FTBFS?
[11:33] <Fujitsu> persia: Oh, it failed? That sounds really wrong.
[11:33] * Fujitsu looks.
[11:33] <Hobbsee> persia: yeah, depwait is a subset of ftbfs
[11:34] * Hobbsee wonders why she's so sleepy
[11:34] <Fujitsu> Hobbsee: Not in Soyuz.
[11:34] <persia> Fujitsu: qtiplot failed because the dependencies
couldn't be installed for powerpc because python-qt4-common is in binary
[11:34] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: should be, anyway
[11:34] * persia waits for failures on the other architectures
[11:34] <Fujitsu> persia: That should throw it to MANUALDEPWAIT, not
[11:34] <Fujitsu> Yet fail it did.
[11:34] * Fujitsu files a bug.
[11:35] <Fujitsu> Ah, I guess it only goes into MANUALDEPWAIT if direct
dependencies cannot be satisfied.
[11:35] * Fujitsu files a bug.
[11:35] <persia> Fujitsu: It should, but the checker only checks
arch:any. It gets a little funny for arch-all build-deps, especially
when they are deps of build-deps, rather than direct build-deps
[11:38] <persia> Hobbsee: No, depwait shouldn't be a subset of FTBFS:
depwait means an automatic give-back has a chance of success. FTBFS
usually doesn't. There's no point bothering uploaders and admins for
[11:39] <Fujitsu> Oh, come on edge.
[11:39] <Hobbsee> well, it still failed to build,due to a missing dep :
[11:39] <Hobbsee> but, true
[11:39] <persia> Fujitsu: You know, there's always the tradional
[11:40] <persia> Hobbsee: Oh, sure, it's just nobody cares until the
release gets close, whereas with your standard FTBFS, someone should fix
[11:40] <Hobbsee> true
[11:41] <Hobbsee> persia: which you have to tell to redirect you every 2
[11:41] <Hobbsee> but the timeouts on edge are really getting ridiculous.
[11:41] <pkern> I don't get this netboot running.
[11:41] <Fujitsu> Hobbsee: Yep.
[11:41] <Fujitsu> I think they need some more appservers.
[11:41] <pkern> Any hints for OF netboot?
[11:42] <persia> Fujitsu: For edge? Even standard LP times out for me a
couple times a day.
[11:44] <pkern> Blah.
[11:44] <pkern> "Server host name not given" "Boot file name: pxelinux.0"
Thank you wireshark.
=== nikolas_ is now known as nikolas
[11:46] <Fujitsu> Bug #160439
[11:46] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 160439 in soyuz "Some builds fail when they
should depwait" [Undecided,New]
[11:46] <Fujitsu> (I finally got it to not time out!)
[11:46] <persia> \o/
[11:48] <Hobbsee> oh yay, ubuntu's mentioned in the sydney paper here
[11:48] <persia> URL?
[11:49] <Hobbsee>
[11:49] <Hobbsee> not much. but a bit :)
[11:49] <pkern> Ubucon was featured on TV here in Germany. With
evangelists featured telling the people how free Ubuntu is.
[11:50] <broonie> Ubuntu televangelists?
[11:50] <Hobbsee> nice
[11:50] <persia> Windows is only 125AUD? That's inexpensive
[11:51] <Hobbsee> that doesnt look right - but may be XP
[11:51] <Fujitsu> persia: Hahaha, bug #33700. The CLI queue manager has
the inverse problem.
[11:51] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 33700 in soyuz "could queue filters match
source as well as binaries?" [Low,Confirmed]
[11:51] <Hobbsee> or a very low version of vista
[11:52] <persia> Fujitsu: Three cheers for modular programming and
reusable components :)
[11:52] <pkern> I really don't get this bloody iBook to boot.
[11:52] * pkern cries.
[11:52] <Fujitsu> persia: See +queue non-mailing debacle.
[11:53] <persia> Fujitsu: 152400?
[11:54] <Fujitsu> Sounds about the right time.
[11:54] <Fujitsu> Bug #152400
[11:54] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 152400 in soyuz "accept from +queue UI does
not send mail to announcement list" [High,In progress]
[11:54] <Fujitsu> That's the one..
[11:55] <pkern> Is there an Ubuntu ppc support channel?
[11:55] <persia> Fujitsu: Right. I was hoping for a long diatribe in the
buglog :) Same problem: short timeframes for immediate results without
aggressive refactoring
[11:55] <Fujitsu> persia: Looks that way. Obviously they conform to DRY
fairly well - they don't repeat the code even though they need to!
[11:56] <persia> Fujitsu: While I see the humor there, I'm not sure
that's what DRY is intended to mean...
[11:56] <pkern> Don't repeat yourself
[11:56] <pkern> I see that applied here.
[11:56] <pkern> Now of course refactoring is "In progress".
[11:56] <persia> pkern: An an acronym expansion, sure, as an
architectural philosophy, it's a bit more complicated.
[11:57] <pkern> persia: Yeah I misread your line first and performed the
[11:57] <pkern> And then tried to get 'round the miscomprehension.
[11:57] <pkern> And I failed!
[11:57] <persia> pkern: No worries. You pass the Turing test.
[11:58] <Fujitsu> persia: I know that's not what it's meant to mean,
[11:58] <persia> Fujitsu: Yeah. My apologies if emotion didn't come
across well: it was both very funny and very sad
[11:59] <Fujitsu> persia: Yeah.
[12:00] <Fujitsu> When I saw that bug, I really wondered how they managed
to do it. The Soyuz code must be really ungood...
[12:00] <Hobbsee> Fujitsu: news at 11.
[12:00] <persia> Fujitsu: As I understand it, they started with a web-
front-end for DAK
[12:01] <Fujitsu> persia: I doubt it - there's no web frontend now...
[12:01] <Fujitsu> (other than basic, dodgy viewing)
[12:01] <Fujitsu> And very dodgy queue accepting, I guess.
[12:01] <persia> Fujitsu: I don't disagree, but nonetheless, I stand by
my understanding of how it started.
[12:02] <Fujitsu> I hadn't heard that, but you've likely been around it
longer than I.
[12:02] <persia> Fujitsu: I've been around longer, but I don't pay nearly
as much attention.
[12:02] * Fujitsu curses Hobbsee for stuffing up his window numbering.
[12:03] <blueyed> When I've updated a package (new upstream version),
should I put it on REVU or attach it to the upgrade bug?
[12:04] <persia> blueyed: That's a matter of some debate, and neither
solution is very good. When reviewing, I like to see an interdiff of the
entire package, and a unified diff of the debian directories, so I like
to get them as bugs. Others like to review the package as a whole, and
they like to get them on REVU.
[12:04] <persia> For a while we did both, but that was very broken: we've
agreed not to do both, but the correct solution isn't currently clear.
[12:05] * Hobbsee curses Fujitsu
[12:05] <persia> Hobbsee: Just on general principles?
[12:06] <Hobbsee> persia: yup
[12:08] <blueyed> persia: I'll attach the package then to the bug. I
could add an interdiff and debian-diff there for convenience, too. The
package is ~300kb.
[12:08] <persia> blueyed: Please don't attach the package to the bug: it
just makes for a big attachment.
[12:09] <persia> blueyed: The diff.gz might be useful, but I'm supposed
to compare the md5sum with upstream anyway, so I may as well download the
orig.tar.gz only once.
[12:11] <blueyed> persia: Ok, what about attaching dsc and diff.gz then?
I've added a watch file, so you can download the orig.tar.gz using
[12:11] <persia> (and I should be able to construct the diff.gz from the
interdiff anyway
[12:11] <persia> )
[12:12] * persia realises that only the interdiff is interesting, and
proposes an item for the next agenda
[12:13] <deadwill> yo!
[12:13] <deadwill> mornin' ubunteros
[12:14] <blueyed> persia: even
mentions using interdiff, but then uploading to REVU.
[12:14] <persia> blueyed: Yeah, well, I just had my realisation now: I
was less enlightened when I wrote that.
[12:15] <blueyed> persia: Great. So attaching an interdiff to the upgrade
bug is enough (currently)?
[12:16] <persia> blueyed: Well, the procedure needs to be approved and
confirmed, but it's enough for me, and I'm one of the sponsors, so for at
least this bug it should do.
[12:19] <TheMuso> Night folks.
[12:19] <Fujitsu> Night TheMuso.
[12:22] <Hobbsee> TheMuso: darn. and i was going to speak to you, too.
ah well.
[12:23] <TheMuso> Hobbsee: I'm still around for a bit...
[12:23] <TheMuso> Waiting for an upload to finish..
[12:24] <joejaxx> TheMuso: i fixed them :)
[12:24] <TheMuso> .c
[12:24] <TheMuso> argh
[12:25] <TheMuso> joejaxx: If someone else doesn't do them before the
morning, I'll do them tomorrow.
[12:25] <Fujitsu> TheMuso: What is /c actually meant to do?
[12:25] <joejaxx> TheMuso: ok
[12:25] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: clear the current window of channel content.
[12:26] <Fujitsu> Ah, so it reads more sanely next time?
[12:26] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: yeah.
[12:27] <TheMuso> And if the screen gets too full, orca has a fit and
reads everything in the channel window.
[12:27] <Fujitsu> Haha.
[12:55] <Hobbsee> darn. rexbron is not here.
[12:56] <jussi01> Hobbsee: he should be back soon, I was just peaking to
[12:56] <Hobbsee> ah, good
[12:56] <jussi01> s/peaking/speaking
=== zul_ is now known as zul
[12:59] <zul> morning
[12:59] <Fujitsu> Hi zul.
[12:59] <Hobbsee> guten tag
[12:59] <zul> jambo
[13:19] <blueyed> Does the following desktop file look sane: ?
[13:20] <Yagisan> O_o um - evince is doing bad things on gutsy
[13:20] <persia> blueyed: Are you sure those are all valid Categories?
[13:21] <Yagisan> 7568 yagisan    15    0 7882m 1.7g 4472 S   7 84.5
6:35.45 evince
[13:21] * Yagisan is watching it eat almost 8gb of swap and 2gb of ram
[13:21] <Fujitsu> blueyed: I have no idea what KleanSweep is. A better
name is probably `KleanSweep File Cleaner'
[13:21] <persia> Also, I'm not sure about the polish encoding: do you get
the a correct display locally?
[13:21] <Fujitsu> But what is a file cleaner?
[13:21] <pkern> -- /me
goes beating up someone.
[13:21] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 26426 in yaboot "yaboot cannot handle
kernels and/or initrds >6MB uncompressed for netbooting"
[13:21] <Fujitsu> Are my files dirty?
[13:21] <pkern> I guess I should turn to Debian instead.
[13:21] <norsetto> blueyed: also I would say "comment: find your unused
[13:21] <persia> Fujitsu: probably
[13:22] <persia> norsetto: unused?
[13:22] <norsetto> blueyed: but that will screwup translations ....
[13:22] <blueyed> persia: is there a list with valid categories? I
haven't touched those.
[13:22] <pkern> Ubuntu, you don't facilitate my living. Not on the
ThinkPad, not on the iBook.
[13:22] <blueyed> Fujitsu: it finds duplicate, obsolete, ... files, so
you can remove them.
[13:22] <persia> blueyed: desktop-file-validate has the official list in
the source: just run it against your .desktop
[13:22] <Fujitsu> blueyed: Right, so cleaning my filesystem, not my
[13:23] <blueyed> persia: it validates fine.
[13:23] <persia> Getcher fresh clean files, fresh from the magneto!
Completely clean: guaranteed free of incriminating data!
[13:24] <norsetto> onna stick ...
[13:24] <persia> blueyed: Then they are correct.
[13:24] <blueyed> Fujitsu: You have a point there.. does somebody else
agrees here to rename the comment?
[13:24] <persia> Bah. Mediterraneans, always wanting things on sticks:
you'd think they'd get sick of impalement
[13:24] <norsetto> inna bun ....
[13:26] <persia> blueyed: Hrm. I'd like to agree with changing it, but I
prefer to have the translations in sync. On the other hand, none of the
languages I can read seem to say the same thing, so that may be a lost
[13:27] <blueyed> persia: I've just added "de" myself. What says the
french one?
[13:27] <norsetto> blueyed: file cleaner
[13:27] <persia> Cleaner of files
[13:28] <blueyed> What would "Filesystem cleaner" be?
[13:28] <blueyed> I think the german one ("Aufräumen von Dateien") fits.
[13:28] <Fujitsu> That's cleaner of files too.
[13:29] <norsetto> blueyed: you better ask a french, here is one fresh
from lunch
[13:29] <proppy> hi
[13:29] <norsetto> proppy: how do you say filesystem cleaner in french?
[13:30] <persia> blueyed: I claim that Dateien doesn't help me understand
that I'm trying to remove cruft from the system, rather than adjusting
[13:30] <proppy> norsetto: nettoyeur de systeme de ficher ?
[13:30] <persia> Err. It doesn't clean the filesystem either: that's
[13:30] <proppy> norsetto: but i's kinda wierd
[13:31] <pkern> proppy: encore des accents?
[13:31] <norsetto> proppy: yes, also in italian I wouldn't know how to
say that
[13:31] <persia> proppy: What about nettoyeur de fichiers ?
[13:31] <proppy> persia: supa strange
[13:31] <pkern> blueyed: Deletion isn't really "aufräumen" IMHO.
[13:31] <persia> blueyed: OK. At least english, french, and polish are
broken :)
[13:31] <proppy> persia: that suggest that clean the file one by one
[13:32] <persia> Right. All the languages are bad then. There need be
no fear of adjusting the comment or generic name
[13:32] <norsetto> just remove the bloody thing from the archive :-)
[13:32] <norsetto> ops, it cleaned itself ....
[13:32] <proppy> ahah
[13:32] <persia> proppy: Yes, which is closer to what it actually does,
but simply doesn't parse easily
[13:32] <proppy> filesystemcleanercleaner
[13:33] <proppy> persia: what is the purpose of the tool ?
[13:33] * persia looks to blueyed for an answer
[13:33] <norsetto> proppy: dh_cleanfile
[13:34] <proppy> proppy@nekun:~$ man dh_cleanfile
[13:34] <proppy> No manual entry for dh_cleanfile
[13:34] <blueyed> It helps with deletion. It finds empty files/dirs,
broken symlinks/execs, orphaned files (based on package system), dead
menu entries, obsolete thumbnails and duplicated files.
[13:34] <proppy> which package ?
[13:34] <proppy> blueyed: you should call it filesystem girlfriend :)
[13:35] <blueyed> proppy: kleansweep
[13:35] <norsetto> thats a good one :-)
[13:35] * persia decries it as likely to be considered sexist
[13:35] <pkern> hot-babe
[13:36] <persia> pkern: We don't have that either (I think)
[13:36] <proppy> persia: filesystem control freak ?
[13:36] <proppy> less sexist
[13:36] <proppy> it can also be a man
[13:36] <persia> proppy: less sexist, but implies an AI function
[13:38] <norsetto> I would call it "backup your hd before running"
[13:39] <proppy> filesystem sweeper
[13:40] <blueyed> proppy: I like that.
[13:41] <proppy> "balayeur du systeme de fichier"
[13:41] <persia> blueyed: Regarding "duplicated files", is it going to
make a lot of noise about duplication in /usr/share/doc ?
[13:41] <proppy> ramasse miette (garbage collector)
[13:41] <proppy> filesystem garbage collector sounds good
[13:41] <blueyed> persia: I don't know. It's running in ~ here currently.
Have not tested it on the whole system.
[13:41] * persia likes "balayeur du systeme de fichier" better
[13:41] <norsetto> proppy: you really use that for garbage collector? Its
[13:42] <proppy> norsetto: yep too cute
[13:42] <proppy> norsetto:
[13:43] <DaveMorris> is there any reason why I'd get a shlib-with-non-
pic-code with i386 debs but not amd64 ?
[13:43] <proppy> norsetto: or more I-Tech version http://www.brison-
[13:43] <norsetto> proppy: ours is cuter, its red with a rolling brush,
real high-tech
[13:43] <persia> DaveMorris: architecture-specific compilation flags?
[13:43] <DaveMorris> not that I'm aware off, but I'll check
[13:44] <proppy> norsetto: like this
menager/brosse-miettes.jpg ?
[13:44] <norsetto> proppy: thats the one!
[13:44] <proppy> norsetto: actually it seems it's called a brosse-miettes
(never heard that before))
[13:44] <blueyed> proppy: can you please translate the comment "Utility
which finds unneeded files", too?
[13:45] <norsetto> blueyed: you should rephrase it with an imperative
verb (according to the HIG)
[13:45] <proppy> HIG ?
[13:45] <blueyed> norsetto: "Utility to find unneeded files"?
[13:45] <norsetto> Human Interface Guideline
[13:46] <Fujitsu> Something like "Find and remove unneeded files"
[13:46] <persia> "Sweep the filesystem"? That doesn't sound as good.
Perhaps "Inspect the filesystem for cruft"?
[13:46] <norsetto> blueyed: yes, the comment field
[13:46] <proppy> Trouver et effacer les fichiers inutiles
[13:46] * persia likes Fujitsu's suggestion
[13:46] <persia> OK, we just need polish: anyone can help?
[13:46] <norsetto> for those interested:
[13:47] <persia> Alternately, if any other languages want translation,
now's the time :)
[13:47] <proppy> Trouver et effacer les fichiers inutilis'es, ('e means
[13:48] <Nafallo> persia: ?
[13:48] <blueyed> proppy: Trouver et effacer les fichiers inutilsés?
[13:48] <Nafallo> persia: Fujitsus line?
[13:48] <persia> Nafallo: Yep.
[13:48] <proppy> proppy: Trouver et effacer les fichiers inutilisés
[13:49] <proppy> blueyed:
[13:49] <Nafallo> persia: Hitta och ta bort onödiga filer
[13:49] <proppy> but I'll be more confident if I get an ACK from another
french guy on this
[13:49] <proppy> norsetto: can you ask your wife ?
[13:49] <Nafallo> persia: sv
[13:49] <norsetto> proppy: she is at work
[13:49] <blueyed> for now:
[13:49] <persia> blueyed: Please include sv
[13:50] <blueyed> Nafallo: can you translate the other fields, too?
[13:50] * nand` is french.
[13:50] <persia> blueyed: Shouldn't it be "Balayeur" ?
[13:50] <proppy> nand`: go go go
[13:50] <persia> Also, I still think the Polish is broken
[13:50] <nand`> proppy: I'm reading the logs...
[13:51] <blueyed> persia: yes. pl is only broken in the webapp.
[13:51] <persia> nand`: everthing you need is on
[13:51] <Fujitsu> blueyed: The name should be more useful. See `Rhythmbox
Music Player'.
[13:51] <proppy> blueyed: fixed
[13:51] <persia> blueyed: OK. We still need GenericName[pl]
[13:52] * persia looks for Hitta och ta bort onödiga filer
[13:52] <Nafallo> blueyed: doing
[13:52] <Fujitsu> Are we getting a sane translation mechanism for
.desktops in the foreseeable future?
[13:52] <persia> Fujitsu: There's a spec...
[13:52] * norsetto thinks that there is nothing like a .desktop file to
stir some good reactions
[13:52] <Fujitsu> persia: How old?
[13:53] <blueyed> Fujitsu: the spec uses just "Mozilla" for Name, too
[13:53] <Nafallo>
[13:53] <nand`> persia: ok
[13:53] <persia> Fujitsu: Umm.. I think it was feisty when I was first
told to wait for the spec to be implemented before adding more...
[13:53] <Fujitsu> persia: Oh, great...
[13:53] <Nafallo> hehe. should have started a gobby :-{
[13:53] <Nafallo> :-P
[13:53] <Fujitsu> blueyed: Which spec? fd.o?
[13:53] <blueyed> yes.
[13:53] * Fujitsu prefers to obey the GNOME HIG.
[13:54] <persia> Does anyone write in languages other than German,
French, English, or Swedish? Would you be willing to help?
[13:54] <Fujitsu> persia: Surely you do?
[13:54] <persia> Fujitsu: Erm. I don't trust my grammar, but I can try a
[13:54] <pkern> Debian supports the esoteric ppc netboot. <3 <3 <3
[13:55] <persia> norsetto: You've surely a translation to contribute, no?
[13:55] <norsetto> persia: yes, I'm stuck on the GenericName
[13:55] <nand`> I'll say "Trouve et efface les fichiers inutilisés"
[13:55] * Fujitsu heads to bed, leaving an ARM stage-two debootstrap
[13:56] <joumetal> persia Finnish "Etsii ja poistaa tarpeettomia
[13:56] <persia> Fujitsu: Thank you :)
[13:56] <Fujitsu> persia: I finally found a kernel that works, and it
seems to be going OK.
[13:56] <persia> joumetal: Two phrases: "Hitta och ta bort onödiga filer"
and "Filsystemsrensare"
[13:56] <nand`> et "Nettoyeur du systeme de fichier"
[13:57] <norsetto> rospo_zoppo: have a look at this:
[13:57] * persia jumps for joy and imagines running teg on the train
[13:57] <Fujitsu> teg?
[13:57] <nand`> proppy: "Trouver et effacer les fichiers inutilsés" &&
"Nettoyeur du systeme de fichier" ou "nettoyeur du disque dur". What do
you think?
[13:57] <Rospo_Zoppo> norsetto: you mean last line?
[13:57] <proppy> nand`: "Trouve et efface les fichiers inutilisés" ACK
[13:57] <norsetto> Rospo_Zoppo: yes, does it make sense to you?
[13:58] <Rospo_Zoppo> norsetto: actually I don't know the meaning of
"ramazza" :)
[13:58] <nand`> proppy: le second est plus ambigu
[13:58] <norsetto> Rospo_Zoppo: its too bad the verb scopare has such a
double meaning in italian ;-)
[13:58] <joumetal> persia other is "tiedostojärjestelmän siivoaja" it's
quite long
[13:58] <nand`> oups
[13:58] <Rospo_Zoppo> norsetto: lol
[13:59] <persia> joumetal: long is fine: it's finnish :)
[13:59] <proppy> nand`: nettoyeur vs balayeur ?
[13:59] <Rospo_Zoppo> norsetto: should we do something about that ?
[13:59] <norsetto> Rospo_Zoppo: well, can't find anything better than
[14:00] <proppy> blueyed: s/Trouver et effacer les fichiers
inutilisés/Trouve et efface les fichiers inutilisés/
[14:00] <proppy> blueyed: If you want something Imperative
[14:00] <Rospo_Zoppo> norsetto: what a funny .desktop file :)
[14:00] <proppy> blueyed: just like nand`suggested
[14:01] <nand`> proppy: nettoyeur sounds nicer to me
[14:01] * persia gives up on grammar
[14:01] <blueyed>
[14:01] <proppy> nand`: what about ramasse miette ?:)
[14:02] <nand`> proppy: :D To me, it refers to a garbage collector!
[14:02] <proppy> nand`: It's kinda like a garbage collector :)
[14:03] <proppy> nand`: it goes throught your filesystem and collect
garbage :)
[14:03] <blueyed> joumetal: I'll add finnish from you..
[14:04] <persia> nand`: Does nettoyeur not make you think of fsck?
[14:04] <nand`> proppy: Hmm... It's really a strange word to describe a
computer program!
[14:04] <norsetto> nand`: you should see some of his programs .....
[14:04] <nand`> proppy: Not at all.
[14:05] <nand`> persia: no.
[14:06] <proppy> (02:34:14 PM) blueyed: It helps with deletion. It finds
empty files/dirs, broken symlinks/execs, orphaned files (based on package
system), dead menu entries, obsolete thumbnails and duplicated files.
[14:06] <proppy> (
[14:06] * blueyed notices that finnish is in as "sv", correct?
[14:06] <Nafallo> blueyed: what?
[14:06] <Nafallo> blueyed: fi != sv
[14:07] <nand`> proppy: Ok... I'd definitely use the word "nettoyeur"
[14:07] <blueyed> ok. But then we have no "fi" yet.. Thought so.
[14:07] <proppy> nand`: ok :)
[14:07] <nand`> proppy: "balayeur" sounds like it involves the use of a
balai :)
[14:07] <proppy> nand`: and ramasse miette refers to another computer
function ?
[14:08] <Nafallo> 13:56 < joumetal> persia Finnish "Etsii ja poistaa
tarpeettomia tiedostoja"
[14:08] <Nafallo> blueyed: ^
[14:08] <nand`> proppy: so "Nettoyeur de système de fichier" ?
[14:08] <persia> Nafallo: (23:03:57) blueyed: joumetal: I'll add finnish
from you..
[14:09] <nand`> proppy: The only time I read of a "ramasse miette" was on
one of the java doc translations :)
[14:09] * Nafallo still thinks we need gobby server
[14:10] <proppy> nand`: de systeme de fichier vs du systeme de fichier ?
[14:10] <Nafallo> persia: he just said we have no fi yet :-)
[14:10] <joumetal> blueyed ok You can add if it isn't already there.
[14:10] <Nafallo> anyway. you guys have me confused now, so I'll go back
to hiding ;-)
[14:10] <blueyed>
[14:11] <blueyed> (sorted and with finnish)
[14:11] * persia still wants GenericName[pl], but acknowledges that the
necessary data is missing
[14:11] <nand`> proppy: "du" will mean "cleaner of *the* filesystem",
"de" will mean "filesystem cleaner" in a general sense. IMO Both are
[14:12] <blueyed> persia: maybe Comment[pl] is also slighty fuzzy now.
But better than nothing IMHO
[14:12] <proppy> blueyed: s/Balayeur du/Nettoyeur de/
[14:12] <persia> blueyed: I'll agree to that, but unless you want to
troll #ubuntu-pl, I think we'll have to live with it.
[14:13] * nand` finds translating french to english not as easy as he
[14:13] <proppy> blueyed:
[14:13] * persia wonders if someone wants a new upstream to package
[14:14] <blueyed> proppy: thanks.
[14:14] * nand` wonders if there is not a more effective way to
translate a .desktop file :)
[14:14] <persia> nand`: The thought patterns differ considerably :)
[14:14] * blueyed checks #ubuntu-pl
[14:14] <persia> nand`: Not yet. There's a spec...
[14:15] <nand`> persia: A web based one, I hope.
[14:15] <persia> nand`: An extension to Rosetta
[14:15] <persia> (can be web-based, or not, depending on translator
[14:16] <nand`> I'll show you all what is a french garbage collector!
[14:17] <persia> nand`: That's a nice one
[14:18] <gene6482> persia: what was that link you sent me last night,
about bitesize bugs?
[14:18] <nand`> hehe
[14:18] <persia> Hrm. Does this work...
[14:18] <persia> !bitesize | gene6482
[14:18] <ubotu> gene6482: A list of bugs that are considered easy to fix
and good for beginners to attempt can be found at:
[14:18] <proppy> nand`: I-TECH one http://www.brison-
[14:19] <gene6482> persia: thanks again
[14:19] <persia> gene6482: No problem. Thanks for helping.
[14:19] <DaveMorris> I've just noticed that in the software I'm
packageing, i386 builds by default with -O2 where as amd64 uses -O3 -
fexpensive-optimizations Whats the standard for pacakges in ubuntu?
[14:20] <persia> DaveMorris: We usually build most things with -O2,
although there are hundreds of exceptions due to compilation behaviour or
package-specific needs.
[14:21] <persia> (possibly even thousands)
[14:21] <nand`> proppy: wohoo. They still sell these things!
[14:21] <DaveMorris> ok, should I change it with a patch then or should I
leave it?
[14:22] <persia> DaveMorris: It depends on why it's there. If there's a
good reason, and you can work around the -fPIC issue, you probably want
to keep it. If it's just for fun, I don't see the point.
[14:27] <blueyed> Thanks for all your desktop-file help.. :) I'll wait a
bit, if I get a reply in #ubuntu-pl and then get it attached to the bug.
[14:30] <joejaxx> Good Morning All
[14:31] <proppy> norsetto: show me your code !
[14:32] <norsetto> proppy: in public!?
[14:32] <persia> blueyed: Thanks for asking: most .desktop files are in
only one or two languages.
[14:32] <proppy> norsetto: I don't give up so easily on (03:04:40 PM)
norsetto: nand`: you should see some of his programs .....
[14:32] <proppy> :)
[14:34] <norsetto> proppy: do you know any prolog?
[14:35] <persia> norsetto: don't poison his mind...
[14:36] <proppy> norsetto: No but I want to learn !
[14:38] <norsetto> proppy: it was a funny language actually, back when
people still believed that AI was not an oxymoron
[14:39] <proppy> norsetto: I want to learn what oxymoron means too !
[14:39] <joejaxx> custom AI languages ftw!
[14:39] <joejaxx> :D
[14:39] * joejaxx goes back to idle
[14:40] <proppy> joejaxx: you mean lisp ?
[14:40] <joejaxx> no
[14:40] <joejaxx> :P
[14:40] <proppy> joejaxx: custom lisp for everyone !
[14:40] <joejaxx> lolol
[14:40] <pkern> ('fun ('is ('fun)))
[14:40] <pkern> *cough*
[14:41] <proppy> ((('fun) 'is) 'funnier)
[14:42] <persia> norsetto: I'd suggest that determination of
oxymoronicity depends on the definition of "Artificial"
[14:44] <norsetto> persia: turing defined it pretty well,since his test
was based on human perception
[14:45] <persia> norsetto: Do you mean the "Turing test", as "tell me if
I am male or female when I am in fact a computer"?
[14:45] <norsetto> persia: the very one
[14:46] <persia> norsetto: Ah. It's been run once, you know. I was more
suggesting the possibility of machine intelligence, but likely not
through algorithmic intent.
[14:46] <joejaxx> persia: :)
[14:47] <norsetto> persia: Aren't we machines? still we demote ourselves
intelligent (well, not all admittedly....)
[14:48] <persia> joejaxx:
[14:48] <rexbron> Hobbsee: I was told you were looking for me?
[14:48] <persia> norsetto: That was my point. It depends on what one
considers "Artificial", rather than what one considers "Intelligence".
[14:49] <norsetto> persia: thats why I said the reference is human
[14:49] <Hobbsee> rexbron: yeah, but i think i found my answer. good
work on the international clock :)
[14:49] <persia> norsetto: Ah. Right.
[14:49] <rexbron> Thanks :0
[14:49] <rexbron> :)
[14:49] <Hobbsee> rexbron: the question was about which version to use
[14:49] <Hobbsee> rexbron: is it going to get into 2.22, btw?
[14:50] <persia> rexbron: You have an international clock tool? I have
an interest in knowing exactly when it's Monday.
[14:50] <rexbron> Hobbsee: No idea, I am not really a dev
[14:50] <rexbron> persia: look for intlclock on lp
[14:51] <Hobbsee> persia: did you want a i386 deb?
[14:51] <persia> rexbron: Ah. Not ready yet. Will it be able to answer
the question "is it Monday", or does it just report the current time for
a specified place.
[14:51] <persia> Hobbsee: Can't use it.
[14:51] <Hobbsee> persia: oh, amd64. right.
[14:52] <Hobbsee> persia: use for
the former
[14:52] <Hobbsee> persia: and the answer is the latter
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
[14:52] <rexbron> persia: the advantage to intlclock is that you can
associate people with timezones and locations and know exactly what their
local time is
[14:52] * persia grumbles about the lack of tools to determine Monday
and the lack of internal motivation to write one
[14:53] <joejaxx> persia: :P
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
[14:53] <persia> rexbron: Ah. That's actually somewhat interesting.
[14:54] <joejaxx> hello slomo :)
[14:55] <rexbron> persia: re: genpo, I may have accidentally uploaded an
old rev (not sure how...)
[14:55] <persia> rexbron: That's what it looked like :( It will likely
get in next week, as long as you can sort that out.
[14:56] <rexbron> sure
[14:58] <proppy> persia: is there an apt-get installable command line
interactive version of the turing test ?
[14:59] <persia> proppy: The URL I posted above is the only actual
research of the original turing test of which I've ever heard.
[14:59] <persia> proppy: I think there is some code there, if not the
researchers may be willing to share.
[15:00] <bddebian> Heya gang
[15:00] <persia> bddebian: Did you ever get conquest sorted?
[15:01] <bddebian> persia: I have a package but I need someone to look at
it and of course getting no response :(
[15:01] <persia> bddebian: Ah. Well then, I'm guilty. What's the URL
[15:02] <proppy> I think I'm in love
[15:02] <proppy> Human: are you a he or a she ?
[15:02] <proppy> ALICE: I am a female robot. Are you a man or a woman?
[15:02] <persia> proppy: If you like ALICE, you might also want to check
out what Mel McGee was doing with her plastic skeleton
[15:03] <proppy> Human: how old are you ?
[15:03] <proppy> ALICE: I am 11 in human years.
[15:03] <proppy> too bad :(
[15:03] <proppy> persia: thanks but let's stop procrastination :)
[15:03] <bddebian> persia: Well no one else responded either. :-(
[15:03] <persia> bddebian: If I used that excuse, I wouldn't have to do
much :)
[15:04] <bddebian> heh
[15:04] <persia> proppy: procrastination? I want you to get interested
so that I can stick an audio-interface computer in my pocket and have it
whisper useful things in my ear in a context-sensitive manner.
[15:05] <bddebian> heh
[15:05] <proppy> bddebian: "a real-time, multi-player space warfare game"
sounds good
[15:05] * persia flushes conquest through the standard REVU tests
[15:05] <joejaxx> lol
[15:05] <proppy> bddebian: "(curses client)" wtf ? :)
[15:06] <bddebian> Hey I'm just fixing up an existing package
[15:06] <bddebian> You might be more interested in the Thousand Parsec
packages I'm working on then :)
[15:06] <joejaxx> bddebian: what is that about?
[15:07] <proppy> persia: need Mel McGee screenshots
[15:07] <bddebian> Well it's really more of a client/server thing but
there are games built around it:
[15:07] <proppy> proppy: I mean real shot
[15:07] <proppy> bddebian: Is it also curse based ?
[15:07] <persia> proppy: ? photos? I thought you wanted the code.
[15:08] <bddebian> persia: No, they have clients in C, Python, and Python
[15:08] <proppy> persia: you told be about a wearable computer :)
[15:08] <bddebian> Err proppy
[15:08] <persia> proppy: Yep.
[15:09] <persia> bddebian: No, I want conquest because it's not getting
attention. At least someone has talked to you about Thousand Parsecs
[15:09] <bddebian> They have?
[15:10] <proppy> bddebian: "Thousand Parsec is a framework for turn based
space empire building games. " nice catch thanks for sharing
[15:10] <pkern> bddebian: You think you're getting old when you look at
[15:11] <bddebian> pkern: I can honestly say I'm twic the man he is. ;-)
[15:11] <bddebian> +e
[15:12] <proppy> persia: interesting, they write their textbot using a
search engine :)
[15:12] <persia> proppy: Isn't it? It changes the paradigm for the whole
context tracking thing...
[15:13] <persia> bddebian: I distinctly remember someone asking you to
look at it: perhaps I am mistaken.
[15:13] <bddebian> persia: Yeah Baby asked me to do it but that doesn't
mean anyone is helping me or looking at anything I do :-)
[15:13] <proppy> persia: oups they only referred this as a source of
improvment for the actual bot
[15:14] <pkern> bddebian: I couldn't buy alcohol in the US neither.
[15:14] <pkern> bddebian: Or rather I wouldn't be allowed to.
[15:14] * pkern opens a beer. ;)
[15:14] <persia> bddebian: Well, you're a general force for good. Were
it otherwise, you'd be tossed in a basket.
[15:15] <bddebian> pkern: You suck too ;-P
[15:16] <joejaxx> pbuilder ftw!
[15:16] <pkern> bddebian: <3
[15:16] <joejaxx> keeping my system clean from random build depends
[15:19] <persia> bddebian: That's just still a mess, and doesn't actually
use debhelper as much as it might. (although it's not nearly as
disturbing as it was previously). I can't do it justice tonight, but
I'll keep it around for when I have time.
[15:20] <bddebian> persia: Why a mess?
[15:24] <persia> bddebian: quick list that made me want to spend more
time: 1) lots of manual code in the maintainer scripts, 2) we have sgml,
but we aren't generating the manpages, 3) lots of changes outside
[15:25] <persia> OK. Maybe not "lots", but any at all seems non-
=== Aondo_ is now known as Aondo
[15:25] <persia> bddebian: Just to make it clear, it is now
comprehensible, whereas it was previously completely opaque.
[15:26] <persia> (e.g., previously I wouldn't have known how to start
without a complete repackaging)
[15:26] <persia> s/e.g./i.e./
[15:28] <joejaxx> why does dual screen on ubunt gutsy fail :(
[15:28] <joejaxx> ubuntu*
[15:28] <joejaxx> :P
[15:28] <SWAT> joejaxx, works perfectly here
[15:28] <bddebian> persia: Oh aye there
[15:28] <persia> joejaxx: It doesn't for everyone. Works for me
(although I had to play with three or four different control panels)
[15:30] <SWAT> meta-package question: is it 'nice' to use dh_make and set
the dependencies and then add files/changes to the package? (using rules)
[15:30] * persia stares wonderingly at
[15:31] <joejaxx> persia: are you using the open source drivers?
[15:31] <persia> joejaxx: No.
[15:31] <joejaxx> persia: :(
[15:31] <persia> SWAT: Could you rephrase that, or give an example?
[15:32] <SWAT> persia, meta-package for installing my desktop + certain
applications + default wallpaper etc.
[15:32] <joejaxx> persia: he did not say that it was a windows binary
[15:33] <persia> joejaxx: it's in the blog entry
[15:33] <Hobbsee> persia: what about it?
[15:33] * joejaxx REALLY does not want multiverse to become the next
[15:33] <SWAT> indeed, he conveniently forgot to mention that on the
[15:33] <persia> SWAT: I guess I'm not sure what you mean by "nice", and
don't understand how you will be adding the files
[15:34] <Hobbsee> joejaxx: especially seeing as we're supposed to be
inadvertantly supproting it
[15:34] <joejaxx> persia: i know but it still would have been nice to put
that in the direct view of read eyes
[15:34] <joejaxx> instead of on a secondary link
[15:34] <joejaxx> > While Progress Quest has a very permissive license,
its source
[15:34] <joejaxx> > code hasn't been made publicly available.
[15:34] <persia> Hobbsee: I'm just surprised that windows executatbles
would even be considered, but I suppose the lack of explicit mention in
the email may explain that.
[15:34] <Hobbsee> joejaxx: OTOH, that'll stop people downloading from an
outsider link, etc.
[15:34] <Hobbsee> persia: yeah well.
[15:34] <joejaxx> that makes it sound like it is a linux binary
[15:35] <joejaxx> as you could not run it on ubuntu even if the source
was open
[15:35] <joejaxx> unless someone ported it
[15:35] * persia has already published an opinion on
[15:36] <SWAT> persia, I was thinking about treating it as if I were
packaging a normal package and then do all the important stuff in the
rules (like copying files etc.). I'm very open to suggestions
[15:37] <persia> SWAT: So you're looking to build a -settings package?
[15:37] <rexbron> persia: I did upload an old version of genpo, sorry
about that :)
[15:37] <SWAT> persia, I guess so
[15:37] <Hobbsee> to be fair though, the way wine integrates is very
nice. why not go further?
[15:38] <persia> rexbron: No worries. Just reupload a newer one, and the
next review will surely be more positive.
[15:38] <rexbron> :)
[15:38] <joejaxx> SWAT: dh_make should be fine :)
[15:38] <persia> Hobbsee: Isn't that why wine-doors exists?
[15:38] <joejaxx> SWAT: you can use dh_install to copy files as long as
it does not modify/replace another package's files
[15:39] <persia> SWAT: You can certainly do that. I'd suggest using a
Makefile at the root for your basic installation, just to make
debian/rules clean, unless you're basing it off an upstream tarball.
[15:39] <SWAT> joejaxx, thanks, I was thinking about doing that (as long
as it's a good/nice way to do it)
[15:39] <Hobbsee> persia: true, but it's the question of which works
[15:40] <joejaxx> SWAT: a meta just a regular package with no source
[15:40] <joejaxx> SWAT: think of it that way :D
[15:40] <Hobbsee> this looks a lot like flashplugin-nonfree
[15:41] <persia> Hobbsee: Well, until someone fixes bug #130032, ubuntu-
specific packaging is better. Once that is closed, I'd think we'd see
better maintenance by collaborating between distros, rather than
packaging for specific distros, especially as we're looking to preserve
binary compatibility, rather than just source compatibility for that
class of programs.
[15:41] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 130032 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Wine-
doors" [Wishlist,Confirmed]
[15:41] <SWAT> wine-doors is, well, I'm not impressed. I haven't tested
it too well it, but afaik it doesn't have the support of the wine team
[15:41] <persia> Hobbsee: But flashplugin-nonfree is a wrapper to
download an md5sum certified binary from a vendor site. This is just a
blob that got uploaded.
[15:42] <Hobbsee> persia: i think it'd be worthwhile doing pq, if the
uploader is committed to be the maintainer - forever.
[15:42] <Hobbsee> and him be listed as the maintainer, and teh MOTU field
not being there.
[15:42] <persia> Hobbsee: How can we know what it is? How can we know
whether to trust it? Would you sign it?
[15:43] <Hobbsee> persia: the blob?
[15:43] <persia> Hobbsee: Or the package containing the blob?
[15:43] <Hobbsee> persia: i would have thought the fact that we werent
maintainer of it meant that we werent responsible
[15:43] <Hobbsee> that depends. do i have a probelm signing libdvdread3
for the same reason?
[15:43] <Hobbsee> no
[15:43] <persia> Hobbsee: MOTU is responsible for all of universe and
multiverse. We often delegate, but we cannot abdicate.
[15:43] <Hobbsee> and that's main.
[15:44] <persia> Hobbsee: from where does libdvdread come?
[15:44] <Hobbsee> er, debian originally
[15:44] <Hobbsee> the question is where libdvdcss2 comes from :)
[15:44] <persia> Hobbsee: libdvdcss2 is open-source. I don't see how
it's related.
[15:44] <Hobbsee> and how it's obtained.
[15:45] <Hobbsee> persia: are you sure? the dvd content descrambler?
[15:45] <Hobbsee> i thought that was illegal in most countries - unless
that's changed recently.
[15:45] <persia> Hobbsee: I compiled it locally.
[15:45] <Hobbsee> how did you get the source?
[15:46] <Hobbsee>
[15:46] <persia> Hobbsee: illegal to use without a content license (you
need to work for a movie company or equipment manufacturer, where
equipment may include software)
[15:46] <Hobbsee> ah right
[15:46] <persia> Hobbsee: No. I worked for a major motion picture
studio, and just didn't wipe my hard drive when I left.
[15:46] <Hobbsee> ahhh....sneaky?
[15:46] <Hobbsee> s/?//
[15:47] <persia> Not really different than Still, the
point is the code is available. Thats open-source, non-free. PQ is
closed-source free.
[15:48] <Hobbsee> oh, true, i guess you can actually get the source for
[15:48] <Hobbsee> fair enough
[15:48] <Hobbsee> i was thinking of wgetting the binary - and not knowing
fi they've chucked something else there instead.
[15:48] <Hobbsee> and not knowing if that would be the same, forever
[15:49] <persia> For a major vendor, (e.g. microsoft, apple, oracle,
adobe) the user can decide whether they trust the vendor, and we provide
cryptographic tools to demonstrate the code hasn't been modified. For
PQ, it's just an anonymous blob. The upstream forums don't lend an
attitude of trust either (and aren't family safe)
[15:49] <Hobbsee> true
[15:50] <persia> Hobbsee: if someone wgets a binary without checking the
signature, that's their risk, but I don't see the point of
institutionalising it.
[15:50] <Hobbsee> true
[15:50] <Hobbsee> . o O { we really should fix that, too }
[15:50] <joejaxx> sha512sum :D
[15:50] <joejaxx> :P
[15:50] <persia> We just need a policy. Someone should poke someone who
can make a decision.
[15:59] <rexbron> persia: Also on genpo, Is the lack of an icon going to
be an issue? If so I can look into either making one myself or getting a
community member to do so.
[15:59] <superm1> persia, i'm still not particularly sure why libdvdcss2
isn't in multiverse though. Items with questionable licensing such as
lame can sit there.
[16:00] <persia> rexbron: It makes the menus look ugly. If you can get
an icon, it would be better. If you can't, someone will make one before
hardy gets released.
[16:01] <rexbron> persia: is there a bug list for packages that need
[16:01] <persia> superm1: Because it's actually illegal for most people
to use in an active way, rather than the code not respecting a patent,
[16:01] <superm1> persia, ah i see.
[16:01] <rexbron> courtsy of the MPAA's legal dept.
[16:01] <rexbron> oh and the DMCA
[16:01] <persia> rexbron: No, but if you install the menu-xdg package,
the "Other" menu gets cluttered with lots of programs that don't have
[16:02] <superm1> that isn't made clear by a lot of the internet.
everyone just puts it off as they aren't sure about it.
[16:03] <persia> rexbron: No, it's not only that, it's also that they
keys are considered private information: it's not all that different from
my stealing your passwords and keyrings.
[16:04] <rexbron> persia: yes and no. I disagree with the idea that
someone can copywrite a number. To me, it seems like trying to claim a
copyright on the alphabet.
[16:05] <persia> superm1The difficulty is that nobody has come up with a
reasonable way to do key escrow in a legal manner. If there was a
libdvdcss2 compatible library that used a user-provided set of keys,
which the user could collect from somewhere (or just invent), and several
parties could release media differently encrypted, it would be legal.
[16:06] <warp10> Hi all!
[16:06] <joejaxx> hi
[16:06] <persia> rexbron: It's not about the copyright of a number. It's
about key exchange. You can't have my private key. If you steal it,
that's theft. It's not about my copyright on my key, it's about it being
my key.
[16:06] <joejaxx> warp10: Welcome to #ubuntu-motu
[16:06] <rexbron> persia: if I figure it out myself, is that still theft?
[16:06] * persia notes that this issue is extra confusing because the
use of the keys is considered copyright violation
[16:06] <warp10> joejaxx: thank you! :)
[16:07] <joejaxx> warp10: you are most welcome
[16:07] <persia> rexbron: No, but hacking me is a hostile act.
[16:08] <rexbron> persia: but lets say that you sold the lock that the
key goes into and I figure out how it works and tell people, suddenly
that becomes theft? Theft of what, intelectual property?
[16:08] <joejaxx> lol
[16:08] <persia> Just to be clear: I'm not attempting to defend the
secrecy of the keys, nor the current copyright regime, just to separate
the copyright violation (viewing a DVD without a device created by a
license holder) from the knowledge of the keys (holding someone else's
[16:09] <persia> rexbron: Yes, lock-picking is typically not considered a
wholesome activity, except under certain constraints.
[16:09] <rexbron> sure, but you were playing devil's advoate
[16:10] <rexbron> :)
[16:10] <joejaxx> a balanced view is always the best :)
[16:10] <persia> rexbron: No. I'm specifically not an MPAA advocate (or
I'd still work for a major motion picture studio), but wanted to clarify
that there are two distinct issues involved: one the inappropriate
ownership of the key, and the other the viewing of the content.
[16:11] <rexbron> What is your position on fair use? ie, being able to
have your legaly owned dvd's work with your linux based operating system?
[16:12] <persia> This separation is important to explain why libdvdcss2
is not appropriate for multiverse. It doesn't matter that it is only
useful to view encrypted DVDs, it's important that the keys are
considered private, and distribution of the keys is no different than the
locksmith making two copies of your housekey (his blank: the shape is
just information), labelling them with your address, and providing them
to anyone who requests it.
[16:12] * rexbron also gets anoyed when the DMCA gets abused
[16:13] <persia> rexbron: Personally, I think everyone should have the
ability to make a backup, and watch things on linux, but that has nothing
to do with the suitability of a specific piece of software for
[16:14] <rexbron> In so far as when we go from advocates to activists
[16:17] * persia apologises generally for the ranting about software
licensing, and goes to sleep.
=== keescook_ is now known as keescook
[16:47] <proppy> japan time, see you tomorrow
[16:48] <Hobbsee> bluekuja: ping
[16:53] <bluekuja> Hobbsee, yes?
[16:53] <Hobbsee> bluekuja: looks like you're the last uploader for
exaile - any plans to update it?
[16:54] <bluekuja> Hobbsee, wanted to do it yourself?
[16:54] <bluekuja> :)
[16:54] <Hobbsee> bluekuja: i could. but not when it's almost 4am :)
[16:54] <bluekuja> lol
[16:54] <bluekuja> :D
[16:55] <bluekuja> Hobbsee, new debian revision ready to be merged?
[16:55] <bluekuja> or new upstream release?
[16:55] <Hobbsee> no - just a new upstream
[16:55] <bluekuja> already in debian?
[16:55] <Hobbsee> no
[16:55] <Hobbsee> dont see a wishlist bug there either, actually
[16:56] * Hobbsee was just looking at it, and ntoiced it was out of date
[16:56] * Hobbsee wants to see if it actually works with her laptop keys
[16:56] <bluekuja> oh ok, well I can do it tomorrow or the day after
[16:56] <Hobbsee> cool
[16:56] <bluekuja> so we can have it updated for the weekend
[16:56] <bluekuja> I guess
[16:56] <bluekuja> :)
[16:57] <Hobbsee> :)
[16:57] <bluekuja> gonna update you as soon as the package is ready
[16:57] <bluekuja> thanks for updating me about its status ;)
[16:57] <Hobbsee> no problem. thansk for that :)
[16:57] <bluekuja> :)
=== jussio1 is now known as jussi01
[17:08] <superm1_> would another motu be able to do a revu/ack of any of
the mythtv-theme-** packages i have up on revu?
[17:08] <superm1_> osd
[17:15] <geser> superm1_: I just looked at the fist package. Shouldn't
the license text be included in the orig.tar.gz instead of the diff.gz?
[17:15] <superm1_> geser, they don't ship it
[17:15] <superm1_> so i didn't want to put it in even though i was
repackaging it
[17:15] <superm1_> they only mention it in the README.txt
[17:15] <superm1_> and link to it at the CC website
[17:24] <geser> superm1_: says that the
upstream tarball should include a verbatim copy of the license text
[17:25] <geser> is by-nc-sa considered free / ok for universe?
[17:26] <ion_> Probably not.
[17:28] <geser> superm1_: could you add the name of the licence to
debian/copyright so it's easier to see which licence it is?
[17:33] <pkern> geser: Of course it's not ok.
[17:33] <pkern> geser: As "nc" implys.
[17:34] <geser> ok, thanks
[17:36] <jeromeg> hello
[17:37] <jeromeg> does someone know if it's possible to ask a backport
for feisty from a hardy package ?
[17:41] <Amaranth> If a package is in feisty but got removed from gutsy
how can I get it into hardy?
[17:41] <Amaranth> It shouldn't have been removed, it got caught up in
the 'remove beryl' fun
[17:43] <StevenK> But why does Beryl need to be in Ubuntu ... ?
[17:44] <geser> Amaranth: like any other new package
[17:45] <Amaranth> geser: I don't want to do a new upload :P
[17:45] <Amaranth> Nothing has changed...
[17:45] <Amaranth> StevenK: it doesn't, emerald-themes does though
[17:45] <StevenK> Can emerald-themes be dragged against Compiz?
[17:46] <StevenK> You will need to re-upload it, too
=== rob1 is now known as rob
[18:07] <drsatyri> hello all
[18:07] <drsatyri> i have a question about a merge im trying to commit
[18:07] <drsatyri> er, do
[18:10] <drsatyri> nevermind :)
[18:13] <norsetto> drsatyri: if you don't ask your question its a bit
difficult to give you an answer
=== ThiefOfBaghdad is now known as tuxmaniac
[18:18] <mok0> When compiling a 32 bit app under amd64, where do I get
/lib32/ from? Can't find the package
[18:20] <Lutin> mok0: apt-file search lib32/ says that libc6-dev-
i386 contains usr/lib32/
[18:21] <Lutin> and libc6-i386 , /lib32/
[18:21] <mok0> Lutin: Thanks
[18:22] <mok0> I was using apt-cache, it didn't report anything (?)
[18:22] <Lutin> apt-cache searches for packages, not files
[18:23] <mok0> Lutin: You learn something every day :-)
[18:23] <Lutin> :)
[18:24] <mok0> Lutin: That means I need to make a Build-Depends: libc6-
dev-i386, but only when on amd64. How should that be handled?
[18:26] <Lutin> mok0: Build-Depends: package [amd64]
[18:26] <Lutin> mok0: it doesn't compile on amd64 ?
[18:27] <CyberMatt> could somone check over this for me
[18:29] <mok0> Lutin: no
[18:30] <mok0> There is both fortran and C code
[18:30] <Lutin> mok0: ok
[18:30] <Lutin> CyberMatt: the base package ames from unstable ?
[18:31] <somerville32> Okay.
[18:31] <somerville32> I downloaded xfce4-session from MoM and the patch
it uses has changes that I'm not sure where they come from.
[18:31] <somerville32> Maybe I should ask keybuk
[18:32] <somerville32> But he isn't around at the moment.
[18:33] <CyberMatt> no i saw it in the mentors interface it hadn't been
updated in like 4 months so i updated
[18:34] <Lutin> CyberMatt: you should try to get in touch with the
initial packager :)
[18:34] <CyberMatt> i did
[18:34] <CyberMatt> been a month
[18:35] <Lutin> somerville32: xfce4-session doesn't seem to be listed on
[18:36] <somerville32> Lutin, thats because I already merged it and
[18:36] <somerville32> But apparently it removed a patch that is not
obsolete and I can not find where that change was made except in the
patch the MoM applied to the package.
[18:37] <Lutin> weird
[18:39] <somerville32> The diff for the package is different than the
"patch" MoM has.
[18:39] <somerville32> I'm not sure how it is generated.
[18:39] <somerville32> And now it makes me scared that MoM has made other
changes that aren't so healthy
[18:40] <LaserJock> somerville32: you shouldn't just blindly use MoM
[18:40] <Lutin> well the patches MoM applies sure don't come from nowhere
[18:43] <somerville32> This is confusing. The diff between the old
package diff and the <old package>.patch is rather weird. Big delta.
[18:44] <LaserJock> somerville32: did you check the versions the diffs
are against?
[18:45] <somerville32> diff -Nur xfce4-session_4.4.1-1.diff xfce4-
session_4.4.1-1ubuntu4.patch > moo
[18:45] <somerville32> Oh
[18:45] <somerville32> That might be why
[18:46] <somerville32> one sec :P
[18:46] <somerville32> no delta
[18:47] <mr_pouit> this patch has been forgotten on all previous merges
[18:50] <somerville32> Looks like there is other stuff deleted too
[18:55] <somerville32> Ok, this is starting to make some sense.
[18:59] <somerville32> I officially want to stab mom in the face :/
[19:00] * LaserJock again wonders why somerville32 is looking at MoM :-)
[19:00] <somerville32> LaserJock, Why wouldn't I?
[19:00] <LaserJock> why would you? ;-)
[19:01] <somerville32> Mom has always done me well in the past.
[19:01] <LaserJock> MoM output is fine to look at
[19:01] <LaserJock> but when you want to actually do a merge you should
first look at the packages
[19:01] <LaserJock> then you won't be confused (or less so) by MoM
[19:02] <somerville32> Ok, the diff for the new debian package shows that
it added debian/watch
[19:02] <somerville32> And the patch generated by MoM removes it.
[19:03] <somerville32> None of the other diffs even talk about
[19:03] <LaserJock> if you've already seen the diffs then you'll have a
better understanding of what MoMs trying to do
[19:20] <drsatyri> how do i sign .dsc and .changes files after ive
checked all of the similar files for diffs in a merge?
[19:21] <StevenK> drsatyri: Use debsign <.dsc>
[19:22] <drsatyri> maintainer should be "Ubuntu MOTU Developers" in the
control, right?
[19:22] <geser> usually yes
[19:24] <rexbron> Hey everyone! Genpo has been updated (with the proper
revision this time) and is up for review.
[19:27] * somerville32 cheers.
[19:27] * somerville32 has overcome the MoM disaster of today.
[19:30] <huats> norsetto: hey
[19:31] <huats> I having a weird stuff
[19:31] <huats> I am looking to do a merge...
[19:31] <huats> and there is something I understand...
[19:31] <nxvl> huats: i was looking for you
[19:32] <huats> nxvl: really ?
[19:32] <huats> :)
[19:32] <geser> huats: how is understand something a problem?
[19:32] <nxvl> huats: the D Maintainer send me an e-mail. he want your
[19:32] <huats> nxvl: first time someone is looking for me
[19:32] <nxvl> huats: whats your e-mail to forward his?
[19:32] <nxvl> jajjaja
[19:32] <huats> nxvl:
[19:32] <drsatyri> when would you include the orig.tar.gz?
[19:33] <huats> geser: here is the pb
[19:33] <huats> I dont see the diff :)
[19:33] <huats> so I don't know why the merge is a pb....
[19:33] <huats> if you have an idea :)
[19:33] <nxvl> sent
[19:34] <huats> nxvl: great
[19:34] <huats> I will have a look
[19:34] <huats> thanks
[19:34] <nxvl> huats: he tell me to do it, but it's your work, so it's
better you to take the credit :D
[19:35] <huats> nxvl: it is no big deal...
[19:35] <huats> you could have done it
[19:35] <huats> but thanks anyway
[19:35] <huats> I 'll have a look at your mail
[19:35] <nxvl> huats: i know, but it's a good practice to do that way, i
prefer it :D
[19:36] <huats> nxvl: ok
[19:36] <huats> geser: have you spot my pb ?
[19:36] <nxvl> huats: just an advice, use uuencode for the image
[19:36] <huats> I think I did
[19:36] <huats> no ?
[19:37] <geser> huats: have you checked the amount of white space? or are
some tabs with white space replaced?
[19:38] <huats> geser: I will..
[19:38] <huats> geser: that was my guess
[19:38] <huats> but I was wondering if there was something I haven't seen
[19:39] <geser> I see no difference
[19:40] <huats> apparently the second line used a tab before while now
it is many spaces...
[19:40] <huats> geser: ok, so that part of the merge will be easy :)
[19:41] <drsatyri> i have a problem with a merge and signing the changes:
"clearsign failed: secret key not available"
[19:41] <StevenK> drsatyri: Compare the Changed-By line in the changes
file, and what name, comment and e-mail is on your key
[19:42] <drsatyri> my key?
[19:42] <StevenK> You don't have a GPG key?
[19:43] <drsatyri> i will shortly! :)
[19:43] <drsatyri> (ive never successfully merged before)
[19:44] <geser> drsatyri: signing is only important if you want to upload
the package somewhere
[19:44] <geser> for a debdiff signing isn't needed
[19:44] <drsatyri> oh. so i should just package this up and make a
launchpad bug?
[19:47] <geser> drsatyri: section
"Build, check and report"
[19:48] <huats> nxvl: I still haven't received your email
[19:51] <somerville32> Who wanted me to test gcompris last night?
[19:52] <nxvl> mmm
[19:52] <nxvl> huats: in junk?
[19:52] <huats> nxvl: :)
[19:52] <huats> nxvl: indeeed...
[19:53] <nxvl> :D
[19:55] <huats> nxvl: what do you want to send him exactly ?
[19:55] <huats> I have to admit it is a bit far away from me :)
[19:55] <nxvl> huats: he want your patch, the one you write for
[19:55] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 108746 in efax-gtk "no icon in kde menu"
[Wishlist,Fix released]
[19:56] <huats> ok
[19:56] <huats> I will send him
[19:58] <huats> geser: what do I do if I spot something stupid in the new
version I have to merge ?
[19:59] <huats> I mean two identical lines in a row...
=== nxvl_ is now known as nxvl
[20:07] <joejaxx> huats: link to merge?
[20:07] <joejaxx> MoM might have gotten a bit confused ;)
[20:08] <norsetto> huats: what lines?
[20:08] <huats> joejaxx:
[20:08] <huats> joejaxx: it was dad
[20:08] <huats> norsetto: hey
[20:09] <huats> norsetto: in the postinst file
[20:09] <joejaxx> huats: i see what you mean
[20:09] <huats>         rm ${CONFIG_EX} ${DEBIAN_CONFIG_EX}
[20:09] <huats>
[20:09] <huats> +       rm ${CONFIG_EX} ${DEBIAN_CONFIG_EX}
[20:09] <huats> so it means that now there are 2 identical lines in a
[20:10] <somerville32> huats, so get rid of it :P
[20:10] <huats> somerville32: that was my idea...
[20:10] <huats> by I wanted to be sure...
[20:10] <somerville32> :)
[20:10] <joejaxx> huats: look at the debian patch
[20:10] <somerville32> automatic merges aren't perfect.
[20:10] <norsetto> huats: that was one of the previous ubuntu changes
most probably
[20:11] <joejaxx> debian has it
[20:11] <joejaxx>
[20:11] <huats> joejaxx: yep
[20:11] <joejaxx> that line anyway
[20:11] <norsetto> huats: which has been done upstream or by debian, so,
no need to add it (and pls. delete it from changelog)
[20:11] <joejaxx> huats: ^ :D
[20:12] * joejaxx is getting better at the merges :D
[20:12] <norsetto> huats: yes, that was an old ubuntu change
[20:12] <huats> norsetto: it was indeed...
[20:12] <somerville32> Don't delete it from the changelog
[20:12] <somerville32> Just note that you removed the delta
[20:13] <huats> somerville32: I will note in the changelog that I have
removed it...
[20:13] <somerville32> huats, Awesome :)
[20:15] <drsatyri> ok now the manual says make two debdiffs...what should
those both be named?
[20:16] <norsetto> drsatyri: doesn't really matter as long as its clear
what is what
[20:16] <drsatyri> so one could have the XubuntuX and one not
[20:16] <huats> norsetto: always the right word
[20:17] <TheMuso> .c
[20:17] <TheMuso> uh
[20:17] <TheMuso> hey folks
[20:17] <ajmitch> hi TheMuso
[20:17] <huats> hey TheMuso
[20:17] <somerville32> drsatyri, What are you packaging?
[20:18] <drsatyri> hardware-manager
[20:18] <drsatyri> im posting it on launchpad no
[20:18] <norsetto> drsatyri: the name doesn't matter, use something which
makes it clear to which version is referring; for instance
ubuntu_vs_ubuntu.debdiff and ubuntu_vs.debian.debdiff
[20:18] <drsatyri> *now
[20:18] <drsatyri> cool ok
[20:18] <drsatyri> this all makes a lot more sense once you do one :P
[20:20] <norsetto> drsatyri: please check the size before uploading ....
check what is in the guide
[20:20] <drsatyri> yeah i saw that, ill make sure i do
[20:21] * norsetto still remembers the bug report with 5 10 MB patches
[20:29] <RainCT> Hey
[20:38] <drsatyri> hooray
[20:38] <somerville32> :)
[20:39] <drsatyri> i dids it.
[20:39] <drsatyri> my first merge
[20:39] <drsatyri> i feel so proud im gonna go do another
[20:39] <somerville32> :D
[20:39] <somerville32> You go girl!
[20:39] <drsatyri> .
[20:39] <drsatyri> now im not proud
[20:39] <joejaxx> LOL
[20:40] <drsatyri> < proud
[20:40] <joejaxx> somerville32: you need to whois before you sad that
[20:40] <joejaxx> say*
[20:40] <RainCT> hehe
[20:40] <RainCT> drsatyri: gratz :)
[20:41] <somerville32> joejaxx, Didn't you get the memo? Everyone on the
internetz is a girl now.
[20:41] <ajmitch> news to me
[20:44] <rexbron> zomg, teh girlz, on teh intarweb?
[20:48] * rexbron cowers in the silence
[20:49] <RainCT> lol
[20:49] <geser> is it already X-mas?
[20:49] * rexbron wants to make a law that there can be no christmas
ads/music untill december
[20:50] <Zelut> +1 rexbron
[20:50] * somerville32 is refusing to watch TV
[20:50] <rexbron> One of the dept stores near my flat had a xman display
up on Oct 30th. WTH
[20:51] <somerville32> rexbron, It is a rule.
[20:51] <somerville32> They were a little early though
[20:51] <somerville32> Should have been November 1st
[20:51] <rexbron> :P
[20:51] <Zelut> rexbron: the christmas "spirit" has been found to make
people want to spend money so businesses love it
[20:51] <geser> rexbron: add christmas sweets to that list
[20:52] <somerville32> Stop!! :P
[20:52] * somerville32 gets craving for Christmas sweets.
[20:52] <somerville32> Damn you.
[20:52] <rexbron> oh, i know all about what it does to people
[20:52] <ajmitch> rexbron: such music should only start on the 25th of
[20:54] <geser> somerville32: I've seen here the first christmas sweets
already in october
[20:59] <somerville32> What is the Chinese country code?
[21:00] <StevenK> somerville32: .cn
[21:00] <somerville32> thanks
[21:17] <bmk789> anyone here know PHP?
[21:18] * pkern shrugs.
[21:18] <somerville32> bmk789, As much as I know French
[21:18] <bmk789> how much is that?
[21:18] <ajmitch> you may have better luck in a php channel, if you have
a question
[21:18] <somerville32> I can read bits of it but I can't write much
[21:19] <bmk789> ok ill check #php
[21:19] <pkern> It's off-topic in here, too, if it isn't about packaging
PHP stuff. ;)
[21:19] <huats> It is a shame it is not french... I could have helped
[21:19] <huats> :)
[21:19] <somerville32> pkern, We're generally offtopic in here:P
[21:19] <huats> bmk789: if it not offtopic maybe I can help also in
[21:20] <bmk789> well its not packaging, its just a couple lines of code
arent doing what i need
[21:23] <norsetto> amazing what cheesy packages we have in revu
[21:23] <somerville32> norsetto, lol
[21:23] <somerville32> norsetto, Are you talking about my package? :P
[21:24] <norsetto> somerville32: :-)
[21:24] <somerville32> Oh crap
[21:25] <somerville32> Someone has uploaded it before me
[21:25] <somerville32> From August
[21:25] <somerville32> so all good
[21:25] <pkern> ajmitch: Christmas is evening of 24th here.
[21:25] <norsetto> somerville32: can you nuke it?
[21:25] <somerville32> norsetto, No need.
[21:26] <norsetto> somerville32: ah, you don't like fondue ....
[21:26] <somerville32> fondue?
[21:29] <norsetto> somerville32: litterally translated "fused cheese
which you can eat with bread on a stick"
[21:29] <somerville32> lol
[21:31] <somerville32> I'm going to need help with that package.
[21:32] <somerville32> I can't see where the desktop file is generated
and lintain complains about it
[21:32] <huats> norsetto: I am dure you enjoy fondues and raclettes
[21:33] <huats> somerville32: you are lucky, norsetto is the desktop file
guy... He loves them
[21:33] <somerville32> :]
[21:33] <norsetto> huats: doh?
[21:34] <RainCT> bmk789: still searching someone who knows PHP?
[21:34] <huats> norsetto: I can remember clearly that one day you told me
you had enough with fixing desktop files ....
[21:34] <huats> :)
[21:34] <huats> norsetto: so I was a bit ironic :D
[21:35] <norsetto> huats: no, I had enough of sponsoring them ....
[21:35] <somerville32> norsetto, I can't find it is gernated.
[21:35] <somerville32> norsetto, Can you help? :)
[21:35] <huats> norsetto: oh that was a direct punch in work so :D
[21:35] <huats> somerville32: which bug ?
[21:36] <somerville32> no bug
[21:36] <somerville32> On revu
[21:36] <huats> somerville32: ok
[21:36] <somerville32> I just uploaded a new version
[21:36] <somerville32> Should be available in a minute or two
[21:39] <bmk789> RainCT: yes
[21:39] <RainCT> bmk789: I might be able to help
[21:41] <somerville32>
=== d33p__ is now known as luisbg_
=== lamalex__ is now known as lamalex
[21:58] <somerville32> Can someone help me with my package? I can't seem
to find where the .desktop file is generated and lintian complains about
[21:58] <somerville32>
[22:02] <geser> somerville32: what error do you get?
[22:03] <somerville32> Creating new top level or something
=== jussi__ is now known as jussi01
[22:05] <geser> somerville32: does it really generate one and doesn't use
that one
0.2.4/data/cheese.desktop ?
[22:06] <somerville32> ...
[22:06] * somerville32 is a morong
[22:06] <somerville32> I need to improve my grepping skills
[22:07] * bddebian too
[22:07] <TheMuso> somerville32: In this instance, the find command would
have found what you were looking for.
[22:08] * somerville32 nods.
[22:08] <geser> cheese has an interesting requirement listed in
[22:09] <somerville32> lol
[22:11] <norsetto> geser: don't look at me, I haven't got any
[22:13] <pkern> geser: At least it's not embeded into the license.
[22:14] <pkern> Otherwise it would be non-free as it's a discrimination
against fields of endeveour(+spelling).
=== doko_ is now known as doko
[22:25] <kdub432> aside from bug hunting, how can I help out with ubuntu?
i'm finding that i can't really reproduce many of the bugs that are
listed on launchpad...
[22:25] <somerville32> Where is that list of universe packages compared
against sid?
[22:25] <pkern>
[22:26] <pkern> somerville32: Actually it's all of Ubuntu.
[22:26] <pkern> somerville32: i.e. all of Hardy since today
[22:27] <somerville32> Thats not the link I was given last night
[22:27] <geser> somerville32: that one ?
[22:27] <somerville32> yea
[22:28] <pkern> Not in Sid : 898 packages
[22:28] <pkern> Way to do for backmerging.
[22:29] <pkern> Debian is strucked by death of ftp-master currently
[22:30] <somerville32> ftp-master really died?
[22:30] <pkern> somerville32: 2 disks in a raid5 array, yuck.
[22:30] <somerville32> oh.
[22:30] <somerville32> I thought you meant a person
[22:30] <somerville32> :/
[22:30] <pkern> Haha. I already had that case, I should have thought of
[22:30] <pkern> I would have said "an ftp-master" then.
[22:30] <pkern> And added a sad smiley. \:
[22:30] <geser> pkern: that 898 packages also include packages that got
removed from Debian but not from Ubuntu yet
[22:31] <pkern> geser: Point noted.
[22:33] <superm1__> geser, it was intended to be headed into multiverse
[22:33] <superm1__> not universe
[22:33] <superm1__> geser, because of the 'nc'
[22:34] <norsetto> kdub432: have you checked ?
[22:37] <geser> superm1__: ok
[22:38] <superm1__> geser, other than having to repack COPYING in the
upstream tarballs, things ok?
[22:38] <norsetto> enough is enough, g'night folks
[22:41] <geser> superm1__: seems so, I should check it again (and a small
wishlist bug: add the name of the licence to debian/copyright)
[22:41] <superm1__> well i'm in good contact with the upstream, so i'll
see if i can get him to include the COPYING upstream and mention it there
and i'll just copy the whole thing verbatim (including that bit)
[22:42] <superm1__> its the same upstream for all those themes
[22:42] <bddebian> Later folks
[22:43] * somerville32 cries.
=== Spec is now known as x-spec-t
[22:43] <somerville32> The Xubuntu artwork guy is starting artwork
discussion on -devel :(
[22:43] <somerville32> And he wants all kinds of yucky changes, haha
[22:44] <geser> superm1__: I haven't checked, has your debian/rules a
get-orig-source target?
[22:44] <superm1__> geser, he ships .tar.bz2's
[22:45] <superm1__> so it has to be repacked either way
[22:47] <geser> therefore the question about get-orig-source which does
the repackaging for you?
[22:47] <superm1__> well assuming i still need to put the COPYING in, its
a moot point
[22:47] <superm1__> until upstream will do it.
[22:47] <superm1__> but once he does, then i'll be glad to add said
[22:47] <somerville32> Can someone review my package?
[22:48] <somerville32> Only needs one advocate.
[22:48] <RainCT> one question I've ever had.. what is the "attachment is
a patch" checkbox in LP for?
[22:48] <RainCT> for debdiff's, or patches without debdiff?
[22:48] <RainCT> or both? :P
[22:49] <superm1__> RainCT, sometimes some people attach logs
[22:49] <superm1__> so its for differentiating between the two
[22:49] <somerville32> RainCT, debdiffs, patches, etc.
[22:49] <somerville32> RainCT, It changes the mime type
[22:50] <RainCT> ah ok, thx
[22:56] <somerville32> superm1__, Do you have time to review cheese on
[22:57] <superm1__> somerville32, if its a short revu sure, but i dont
have my GPG, SSH , or REVU keys
[22:57] <superm1__> only needs one ack right?
[22:57] <somerville32> superm1__, yup
[22:57] * TheMuso is around if an uploaded is needed...
[22:58] <superm1__> somerville32, there are no acks on it right now?
[22:58] <somerville32> superm1__, No. It is an update so it only needs
one ack.
[22:59] <RainCT> good night
[22:59] <somerville32> RainCT, night :)
[22:59] <TheMuso> somerville32: Why don't you file a bug and attacha diff
and add to the sponsors queue?
[22:59] <somerville32> TheMuso, It is a new release.
[22:59] <TheMuso> Seriously, its easier.
[22:59] <TheMuso> Oh ok.
[23:00] <somerville32> TheMuso, I'll be sure to put just updates to the
package on lp from now on.
[23:00] <TheMuso> O.
[23:00] <TheMuso> ok
[23:01] <rexbron> I love this, the svn commit that fixed my build issues
for openlibs was 1337 :D
[23:02] <TheMuso> rexbron: lol
[23:03] <superm1__> somerville32, yeah this would be a lot easier if i
can see a debdiff
[23:03] <superm1__> against the current version
[23:03] <somerville32> There is one on revu :P
[23:03] <somerville32> or wait, thats just against the orig
[23:03] <somerville32> superm1__, You don't want a debdiff.
[23:04] <somerville32> It would be just full of software changes.
[23:04] <superm1__> somerville32, well i mean a diff of the two debian/
[23:04] <somerville32> Uno moment
[23:05] <somerville32> !pastebin
[23:05] <ubotu> pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't
flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at
(make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu
channel topic)
[23:07] <somerville32>
[23:08] * Fujitsu_ fails that debdiff.
[23:08] <Fujitsu_> You should be using the homepage field.
=== Fujitsu_ is now known as Fujitsu
[23:09] * somerville32 Fujitsu into a closet.
[23:09] <somerville32> Hmm..
[23:11] <rexbron> Does the Homepage and Vcs fields need X??- before them
[23:12] <Fujitsu> rexbron: No.
=== KC8TAD is now known as rrittenhouse
[23:12] <TheMuso> I don't think so.
[23:12] <TheMuso> I've seen several packages that use that field now.
[23:12] <TheMuso> When I've been lookig over merges etc.
[23:12] <rexbron> TheMuso: It was mentioned on the debian wiki
[23:12] <TheMuso> And, as we do package updates, we should to.
[23:12] <TheMuso> too
[23:12] <rexbron> but lintian/linda has not been updated to reflect that
[23:13] <Fujitsu> rexbron: Not in Gutsy.
[23:13] <Fujitsu> There is a backport pending.
[23:13] <rexbron> cool
[23:13] * rexbron is running hardy though. :)
[23:14] <Fujitsu> I uploaded the new lintian almost a week ago, and I
believe it built.
[23:15] <somerville32> superm1__, Feel free to poke it in if you'd like
[23:16] <superm1__> somerville32, i dont have linda/lintian right here,
but that homepage thing is the only thing that stands out from looking at
[23:16] <superm1__> somerville32, i'll poke closer later tonight when i
have access to gpg/ssh/revu
[23:16] <somerville32> superm1__, Well, it is linda/lintian clean.
[23:16] <superm1__> somerville32, if someone else doesn't
[23:16] <Fujitsu> somerville32: No it is *not*.
[23:16] <Fujitsu> Maybe on Gutsy.
[23:16] <Fujitsu> But not on Hardy.
[23:16] <somerville32> Fujitsu, I have lintian hardy installed
[23:17] <Fujitsu> It will complain about the homepage being in the
description, and probably a couple of others.
[23:17] * TheMuso uses a hardy chroot to run lintian/linda.
[23:17] <Fujitsu> Ohh, you didn't actually use the old homepage syntax,
so it won't pick it up (it would be looking for 'Homepage:' in the
[23:17] <TheMuso> Why use gutsy when theres a chroot available.
[23:18] <somerville32> TheMuso: I don't use gutsy?
[23:18] <somerville32> I'll make the homepage change and rebuild to make
sure it is clean.
[23:18] <somerville32> TheMuso, Will you upload after that?
[23:18] <Fujitsu> somerville32: Thankyou.
[23:19] <Fujitsu> Make sure you run with -Iiv.
[23:19] <TheMuso> somerville32: Ok. Whats the package name on revu?
[23:19] <somerville32> cheese
[23:19] <TheMuso> ok
[23:19] * Nafallo sees Fujitsu forgot something again
[23:20] <Fujitsu> Nafallo: Blah.
[23:20] <Nafallo> haha
[23:21] <blueyed> When is a SRU approved? the ubuntu-sru team is rather
small.. so either pitti or cjwatson have to comment with an ACK?
[23:22] <blueyed> Or is it approved once the "Gutsy task" has been
[23:23] <somerville32> Where does the homepage field go?
[23:23] <joejaxx> somerville32: in the control file
[23:23] <joejaxx> :D
[23:23] * somerville32 smacks joejaxx
[23:23] <somerville32> Which section?
[23:23] * joejaxx dodges
[23:23] <joejaxx> somerville32: the source package part
[23:23] <somerville32> And should I get rid of the homepage in the
[23:23] <joejaxx> i believe so
[23:23] <Fujitsu> blueyed: ubuntu-sru only does main/restricted.
[23:24] <blueyed> Fujitsu: ahhhhh.. That wasn't clear to me. I'm
subscribing them to all SRUs.
[23:25] <somerville32> joejaxx, so Homepage: %s
[23:26] <joejaxx> yeap the field then the website
[23:26] <joejaxx> just like the other fields
[23:26] * somerville32 pokes joejaxx in the eye.
[23:26] <somerville32> Thanks.
[23:27] <Fujitsu> blueyed: You are going to get lightly killed, probably.
[23:27] <Fujitsu> "This Policy applies for packages shipped in Main. For
packages in universe read StableReleaseUpdates#Universe."
[23:28] <blueyed> Fujitsu: half of them might be for main. Yes, I've just
taken a closer look at again.
[23:28] <joejaxx> somerville32: you are most welcome :)
[23:28] <Fujitsu> blueyed: Wait, you don't know which component they're
in? You should have a sponsor queued up...
[23:30] <blueyed> Fujitsu: mostly I check which component they are in, to
subscribe either ubuntu-main-sponsors or u-u-s. But IIRC I've always
subscribed ubuntu-sru for SRUs - because I've thought they could only
accept the "Nominate for release".
[23:30] <Fujitsu> ~ubuntu-dev can accept them for universe.
=== asac_ is now known as asac
[23:38] <blueyed> Fujitsu: is it OK to subscribe ubuntu-sru to bug
[23:38] <ubotu> Launchpad bug 131526 in "[gutsy]
OpenOffice crashes/hangs with some Gtk themes (e.g. Crux)"
[23:39] <Fujitsu> blueyed: If they aren't already.
[23:39] <Fujitsu> I'm surprised nobody else is working on that.
[23:43] <blueyed> Fujitsu: I've provided a patch for this now nearly two
weeks ago, have been flamed about it for uploading it to my PPA (omg ooo
builds) and now nothing happens... really sad - given the number of
crashes and bad experiences (and the easy fix). Hopefully calc puts his
planned upload together in the next days and includes this. Then again
some weeks and the fix may be available to users finally.
[23:46] <TheMuso> somerville32: Was the package acked, or does it still
require an ack/
[23:47] <somerville32> TheMuso, I'm making those changes you requested an
am currently rebuilding to ensure lintian and linda cleanliness
[23:47] <TheMuso> ok
[23:55] * Fujitsu is not encouraged by the new official stance on
community developers for Launchpad.
[23:55] <Fujitsu> They used to say they'd consider them... but I guess
it's good they're actually making it clear now.
[23:56] <TheMuso> Fujitsu: Whats this about exactly?
[23:57] <s1024kb> Fujistu: excuse me, may i ask you a question about
[23:57] <TheMuso> !ask | s1024kb
[23:57] <ubotu> s1024kb: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your
question :)
[23:57] <somerville32> TheMuso, SteveA said that they do not currently
have a process for non canonical-staff to help develop launchpad
[23:57] <TheMuso> Oh that.
[23:57] <TheMuso> Right.
[23:58] <s1024kb> When i try to set up my chroot, the error message was:
E: No such script: /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/gusty

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