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LLC Entities by docharv


									Suggesting reading links for more information on LLC Entities.

Provided by the National Society of Accountants
Prepared by Bill Parrish for attendees of the 2009 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums

Tax Issues of an LLC Single Member LLC and Employment Taxes,,id=158625,00.html

Do Disregarded Entities Need a New EIN?,,id=98011,00.html Passive Activity Losses and an LLC,,id=146843,00.html Employment Tax Filing Requirements for a Single Member LLC,,id=188629,00.html Application Procedures for a Single Member LLC Instructions for Form SS-4 Application for Federal Identification Number Self Employment Tax Issues for a Single Member LLC,,id=98846,00.html Choosing a Business Entity Structure,,id=183918,00.html Publication 555 – Ownership of LLC Entities in Community Property States Form 8832 – Entity Classification Application

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