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Sun Jun 18 16:28:57 2000 -0400
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This is exactly the project I have been waiting for. I'd contribute to
but I'm already working on a sprite system for Microwindows. Perhaps
code will one day be of some use to you guys, probably not. Still, I
to thank you for your work and to wish you all the best.

I have a laptop with 64 megs and I am a student. I will not be able to
update the laptop for a long time, I have to make that 64megs work for

Since the web browser is the single biggest peice of software I use, I
believe, what I need is a smaller web browser. A smaller Xwindows would
nice too, course, I'm already working on that project :)

With either of these, I can do more with my laptop. Furthermore, a
better designed, faster web browser is what I think computer users need
everywhere. And not just internet connected ones. I often read html
and scientific papers on my laptop, as well as on my handheld. A
faster, more efficient web browser is a godsend!

When LinuxCE is finished ported to the handheld, X Windows is not going
work, so they will use nano-X. Then, of course, Netscape isn't going to
fit. So they will use, no doubt, Dillo.

Erik Hill

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Wed Oct 11 00:23:34 2000 -0300
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I recently downloaded and installed dillo-0.2.4 on my Linux system.
I must say that I am very happy with this browser: it is fast and it
is able to show a lot of pictures.
I also tried "armadillo/gzilla", which seems to be a competitor to
To my opinion, however, dillo is far superior in speed and performance.
With "gzilla" it was even impossible to work with the search-engine
"google": "gzilla" only displays the first character of the google-logo
and then stops.
On my RedHat 5.1 distribution (with libc5 and without changing dns.c,
and even without praying !) dillo works well, but it is not really small
because I had to install the most recent versions of gtk+ and glib.
Up to now, I was not successful in downloading programs via dillo, but,
of course, after having seen the address, I can download via ftp.
I also tried "mnemonic", which is also based upon gtk+.
However, it seems that this browser can only be installed by hackers.
For me it is no realistic option at the moment.
I wish you lots of success with your development of dillo.
I will gladly follow your progress.

Jan de Groot

Sat Jun 24 14:25:11 2000 -0400
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-rwxr-xr-x       1 bridgett mdev2   147656 Jun 22 23:19 dillo

wow! Very, very impressive - especially considering how small it is,
unfortunately not working with /. yet :-)


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Wed Jul 5 13:50:15 2000 -0400
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 My dear friend:
     I am a chinese student.and my English is low level.
     I known you and your Dillo from Internet.I like your mini-browser
     much,and often browse something by her.But,there are some questions
     that I'll question you: How can I change her to fullscreen?
because my mointer is a TV.The other question is: Can I modify her?
If it's ok.Would you offer me some frame class of the Dillo?!
                                  your worshiper


Thu Jul 13 18:57:02 2000 -0400
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my dear jcid sir:
           How do you do?
           I am a chinese boy, I like to write software.but I am a poor
           At one time, I found your browser "Dillo". I very like it.
but I find that some HTML tag is not joined in .such as "Table" and it's
attribute "center".
           I want to add "Table" and it's attribute(center,left,right)
Dillo. But I don't know how to begin. jcid sir,would you like to give me
some advice about it ?

           Best wish to you for ever!!!
                                      yours a chinese boy

Sat Aug 5 16:50:55 2000 -0400
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I love your browser! But I want to ask you show text only after <
Some servers have certain text (script & CSS) before it and it's shown in
browser :(
I also wait search on the page and option "Copy to clipboard" in context
in the document window.


Andrey S. Cherepanov

Fri Sep 8 13:35:18 2000 -0400
Return-Path: <>

Hola Jcid:
    Aqui te mando un pequeño parche para que se interpreten bien las
secuencias de escape como %3A = ':' y %2B = '+', cuando se trate de
locales. Puede parecer una pijada pero es necesaria en ciertos casos
el mío). Solo afecta al fichero 'file.c'.
    Aprovecho para agradecerte tu esfuerzo en este programita, que me
muy bien para consultar la documentación on-line mientras programo, sin
gastar los recursos de los que mi portátil no va sobrado.
    Un saludo,
Agustin Ferrin Pozuelo

Sat Nov 4 23:31:54 2000 -0300
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Thanks for Dillo, an interesting project. But is there a way to catch
pre-versions (after 2.4) by CVS or other ?

Sat Dec 2 19:43:49 2000 -0300
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I just wanted to thank you guys. I recognize dillo being work in
but is so fast it is wonderful and compared
to things like netscape 6 on linux it is lightning fast.

can=B4t wait till tables are supported by dillo.
keep up the good work!!!



Thu Dec 28 21:26:05 2000 -0300
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Greetings Jorge

Just a positive feedback to encourage you to continue with your DILLO
I really love Dillo which is sweet, small and indeed fast.


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Thu Dec 28 21:27:52 2000 -0300
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I suggest to make an arrow button pointing upward in the middle of the
Left and Right button.

The button should point to the top of current document, or even better
to the last used link in the document's table of contents. As it is
today the Left buttons goes one document back. As is now, it is annoying
when reading a large document, as you need to use the schroll bar to go
back to top of page.

Sorry that I am not a programmer, else I should have joined the team.
Dillo is the fastest browser I have ever used.

The center tag and the table, and then :-))

Thanks for supplying GPL software.

Thu Dec 28 21:30:17 2000 -0300
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Hoy me entero de la existencia de 'Dillo' por
Funciona con una rapidez (el 'DNS resolving' es insolito) no
para quien solo conoce Netscape.
A partir de ahora, Dillo sera mi 'browser' favorito, cuando no necesite
Espero, con mucha ansiedad, las proximas versiones que complementen mas

Linux necesitaba un 'browser' como 'Dillo', ya que las otras alternativas
a Nestscape no son aceptables (Konqueror requiere la instalacion del
K-Desktop, Galeon requiere el elefantizo Mozilla).

Felicitaciones de un argentino, desde el muy frio Londres!!

Mario Jose Medjeral


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Sun Jan 28 12:44:07 2001 -0300
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just writing to say, I really like the dillo project, its great to see
such a fast, efficient browser. Keep up the work !



Wed Feb 7 01:40:11 2001 -0300
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> Jon,
> > I tryied the Dillo browser on my P75 Libretto, and it a quick
> > little bugger..
>   Mmmmm.... !
>   Well, I don't understand exactly what you mean. Please explain
> me what a "quick little bugger" is.

Well, the browser, starts up very fast, almost no thrashing the hard
As opposed to Netscape which thrashes the hard drive for about 1-2
before it comes up. To view a webpage it is the same, thrashing the hard

Dillo runs alot cleaner.

Sun Feb 11 19:43:41 2001 -0300
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  Hola.Hace un tiempo bajé el navegador Dillo 3.0 y realmente me gustó
bastante.Todavía falta mucho por hacer,es cierto,pero el proyecto se ve
muy prometedor.Es ligero,rápido y visualmente agradable.
  He pasado mucho tiempo buscando un navegador para linux eficiente,que
haga lo que tiene que hacer sin consumir grandes cantidades de memoria y
recursos.Parece que Dillo va por la dirección correcta.
  Sólo quería felicitarlos y darles las gracias por su trabajo,esperando
  que el
proyecto cada día mejore más.

Thu Mar 1 23:23:54 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>

 I am a ph.d. student in molecular biology and free-time simpleton
programmer (
 I just wanted to say that dillo rocks. It is the fastest browser I
ever tried on my 486 laptop, sometimes even faster then w3m (when I'm
browsing the gtk+ documentation, for example). Of course, it would need
tables to gain the basic functionality -- but for an alpha release, it is
great, stable and all. I especially like the idea of a gtk+ based
aplication *not* requiring GNOME. This is something annoing me immensly
with most of the modern GUI application: they rely on heavy shots like
or Gnome. I hope I will be able to add some patches to your project. Good
 January Weiner

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Thu Mar 1 23:24:17 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>

Dear Jorge,

 I would like to thank you for the use of your dillo (0.3.2)
browser. It compiled without event. and works well and quickly. I needed
this to
install a browser on my 50mhz 16meg 486. It even ran without quarrel on
that machine. (netscape, wordperfect, and netraider all fail on that
machine). There is one problem, however, I'm not sure if this is truely a
bug, so I hesitate to list it on the bug tracking system. Under VNC on my
pentium desktop I get the following:

** WARNING **:    unable to find a suitable visual for color image display

followed by:

** CRITICAL **: file dw_image.c: line 718 (Dw_image_get_cmaps): assertion
`image_info->visual != NULL' failed.
Segmentation fault

Would you have any suggestions? Please forgive my not investigating the
source code for clues, but I know just enough c to get into trouble. Any
assistace would be appreciated!


Thu Apr 5 11:56:45 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>

jorge spanish boy! hehe
soy de argentina. congratulations for your navigator.
It is small, fast, and good! It it doesn't use mozilla source code!

Fri Mar 23 12:00:22 2001 -0400
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Hello, I've been using dillo for the past couple of months. The dillo
browser is absolutely great, it does not crash, and it is very fast on
machine I run it on. I beleive the 0.4.0 version is more stable then my

I just thought I'd put in a good word for the browser because I like it
alot. One thing I'd like to see, although, is a way to use the mailto:
command. I use Balsa GNOME email client, it has a command to just bring
a 'new message' and let you compose. The command is 'balsa' the entire program does not come up, just the
message' window... Would it not be easy enough to add this feature to
dillo, allowing to write a responce to a mailto:?

Thanks again for creating the dillo browser!

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Thu May 31 16:29:16 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>

Hi Jorge, first off all   i realy love a project like Dillo (nice,small
and fast)
I know it is alpha but just a few things that does not work
1/ preferesis ctrl E does nothing.
2/ Add bookmark is missing.
3/ ctrl X is not always working
Keep up the good work and have a nice day!

Groeten / Regards, Rene Blokland                                     -o)
1073KA 13ii the Netherlands                                          /\\
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Thu Mar 22 16:06:17 2001 -0400
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You seem to be the man in charge...

Below is a quick, _clean_ addition to the UI that is half of what Dillo
missing. It adds four lines to the
file menu.c,
function a_Menu_popup_new,
line 177:

This adds Ctrl-H and Alt-H as Back and Forward hot keys:

   Menu_add(menu, "Back", "<
            a_Commands_back_callback, bw);
   Menu_add(menu, "Forward", "<
            a_Commands_forw_callback, bw);

This was a 'quick' fix and took at least several hours to track down.
NOT figure out how to get that fscking BackSpace key to work so I used
instead. Hint hint :-)

The other thing that is needed from a basic UI perspective is for the
Web page
position to be stacked for recall upon return. Really hate it when I have
1/4 meg web page up, am half way down it, hit a link and then have to
where I was all over again after a Back operation. I would contemplate
fix it, but in view of how long it took just to add a couple of
you guys will have it fixed before I could even figure it out. But all
of this
is just a
_minor_ quibble.

Really Fine Work! This is what a browser is supposed to be. Don' need no
steenkin' key clicks, this is fast enough to make its own sonic crack
7.05 [7.0+2.2.18 kernel] 233Mhz PIII, 64 Meg RAM). Keep up the good work,
the speed, and the small size and...oh what the hell, _keep_ producing a
Terry Loveall

Sat Jun 30 00:17:53 2001 -0400
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        Guys thank you for the *wonderful* work you are doing with dillo.
I am working with the guys of the familiar distribution
( and dillo is becoming the best choice for
use in a limited storage device like the ipaq.

        I have just made a package for dillo out of today's snapshot,
and I must say It is just *GREAT* .

        here is the .ipk package of dillo for the ipaq using
the familiar GNU/Linux distribution.

And here is the screenshot of dillo on an iPAQ displaying slashdot:

        I am leaving for a 10 day break now, but when I am back I
hope to start contributing more to the dillo web browser! :)

        Thank you all!
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Fri Jul 20 20:03:29 2001 -0400
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I'm one of those XFce users who've been following Dillo's progress and I
wanted to say that the newer cvs builds with the table support are great!
I've been browsing most of the night and am really pleased with it.
It's too bad that sites like LinuxToday and Slashdot can't remember me,
but perhaps cookie support would slow it down too much and so that is a
sacrifice I"m willing to make.
I personally love using Dillo in that really compressed, everything on
one line, mode.
Great work.



Wed Aug 1 12:32:39 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>


Jorge Arellano Cid writes:

>   dillo-0.6.0 has just been released!!!!

  Wow! Great stuff! This thing just gets better and better. I
specially like the new tables... I've rolled around the Internet and
found that the tables are working alright. There are still some
glitches here and there (see the background in, and
the missing gray border that should surround the main page in, but there are very usable!

     Any chance of getting frames done too? :)

     Livio <>

Wed Aug 1 12:32:41 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>

On 01 Aug 2001 04:14:08 -0300, Livio Baldini Soares wrote:
>   Wow! Great stuff! This thing just gets better and better. I
> specially like the new tables... I've rolled around the Internet and
> found that the tables are working alright. There are still some
> glitches here and there (see the background in, and
> the missing gray border that should surround the main page in
>, but there are very usable!
>   Any chance of getting frames done too? :)
I had here my greetings to the dillo team.
This just rocks and shows that it is possible to have a nice
browser times lighter than what the others provides.
Good luck and keep on going with the same quality.
Dillo will just be THE browser to use around :)
 Xavier Ordoquy, Aurora-linux
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Wed Aug 1 19:00:40 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>

You guys (dillo developers) are my personal heroes. I've
been using it since 0.3.2, I think, and I was impressed with
how well things were going with 0.5.1. Didn't prepare me
for 0.6.0, wow! It's really, really getting there.

If I had a vote, which I don't... I'd go for https or
possibly multiple "tabs" (pages) like opera 5. Or maybe
... Oops, I'd better shut up.

Take care and thanks!

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Fri Aug 17 04:23:31 2001 -0400
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Just wanted to write and thank you for dillo!

I didn't use it for local browsing before, because of the lack of tables.
I've replaced the 'w3m | gless' oneliner I used to use with dillo. It's

I got tired of clicking through LT's newsite just to read the story and
a script the other day to go there direct -- and load it into dillo.
Actually, since I set up the rc file, I think much of today I've been
it on the net too. No cache, so places like fm load quite slowly, but
if I were to turn on a caching proxy other browsers would benefit too.

FWIW, I'm using mdk8.0 with a beta kde and glibc. It compiled out at
1meg and stripped it is 207k, dillo 0.5 was 177k. I have a

I see you have your eye on the ipaq/agenda/yopy/exillion/whoknowswhat
so I guess dillo will stay light and quick.

-    Wheel mouse works fine in dillo.
-    Very happy to find the middle click worked on links
-    Space bar won't advance by page
-    No back/forward on context menu

After table cleanup, maybe you could do like w3m and just render frames
tables? I think that would be fine for everyone. I think frames
deprecated anyhow. Background image wouldn't hurt, but hardly matters
much. Less for java (everyone I know hates to wait for java). Java
has its moments though.

Sorry to ramble; Even if you never make another release, I'll be using it
a general html reader for a long time :-)

Thanks again for this nice app!

Regards, Paul Evans

Sat Aug 11 13:00:25 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>

i just installed 0.6 and i think it is great! thankyoufor all of your


John L. Utz III

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Sat Sep 15 12:26:33 2001 -0400
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       No se que le hizo al dillo, pero la version 0.6.1 anda impecable.
La he probado en slack 8.0 con kernel 2.4.9 y el linux con kernel 2.0.35.
Debo felicitarte, anda muy estable, no se me cae, navego horas y horas y
lo que más me gusta es lo rápido que es.

       Como consejo, trata de que exista alguna interacción con el
mientras trabaja el dns. Es posible que funcionen los <
tení' ganao' el cielo ... !!

         Bueno, tuto time.. de ahi te escribo m=E1s!

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Fri Sep 21 13:55:25 2001 -0400
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Since XHTML documents are required to have an XML definition at the top
dillo's HTML parser considers <
visible in dillo's HTML view. This patch makes dillo treat <
since it doesn't know what to do with <
document displays correctly.

Thanks very much to all the people who've worked on Dillo; it's a really
piece of software, and is now getting used as my default browser.

Adam Sampson <>                   <URL:>
Mon Oct 8 18:13:27 2001 -0400
Return-Path: <>

I just joined to say what a spiffy little browser you guys have
created. Good work, looks really nice with AA font's too. Looking
forward to using it more often once the table rendering gets a little

Oh ya, I was thinking the other day, Gnome Transfer Manager is a pretty
spiffy download program, since you guys are are going to make it a
plugin type browser anyway, this might be a fairly simple solution for
handling downloads. Just a thought.

Keep up the great work!



Thu Nov 1 11:53:06 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>

Have been trying different web browsers on my Debian workstation to find
something that is light and fast to work on a P133 laptop I have been
given. I normally keep well away from alpha stuff but thought I would
try it since I was so disappointed with everything else I have tried.
I'm very very impressed, Dillo is fantastic and just what I have been
looking for it's really fast compared to anything else I've found. It's
light with the basic functionality I want ,open multiple windows, open
new window clicking on window, renders tables and graphics with most
operations able to be done from the keyboard. This is just to say
thanks your work is really appreciated and I will definitely be keeping
an eye on developments. There are far too many bloatware web browsers
round now this fills a gap for sure.

I noticed there is a bug report regarding viewing items on eBay, is
there anything I can do to help with this? I don't know anything about
C, but I do development for HTML and Zope if there is anything I can do
regarding testing etc. let me know.

Thanks again and have a fantastic day.

Your Solutions Ltd, +44 (0)207 473 1004, London, UK IT Technical services

Wed Oct 31 18:50:26 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>

Good   Morning

Benn using Dillo for a   bit over a week.
Trying Dillo is a fun    experience.
I was reading the bug    trak ..many are more features than bugs and it's
by reading them
than noticing anything   that i have a lil beef..

Many of the feature enhancements requests mentioned would make dillo just
like any browser.
What's fun right now about dillo is this.It dosent support JAVA ,it has
NO plugins
it dosent animate ,dosent support cookies and there aint a thing wrong
with this.

What is missing is downloads,frames and text cut and paste from/to the

Why did i download Dillo ? Fast, no frills.
If i wanted frills id get Mozilla which i trashed and dont use.
If i need a reasonably fast browser with pulg in support for fun pages
and downloads
i use Opera.

Traditional   browsers are a pain.
Mostly they   do many things and do them bad.
I see Dillo   as the alternative to bloated,slow large and inefficient
traditional   browsers.

See if i need a page real quick i use Dillo
If i could have a fast no frils browser that supports keep
it .
I dont need cookies , animations, flash when i want to get information

I beleive Dillo has acheived this.
Fast to the point and no frills.

Downloads,frames and cut and paste of text, that would be it for me .If
you put in cookies
a way to disable them totally.
Once Dillo is at that point ill put it on archive and keep it .

Nice   work .
It's   a great lil   browser as it is, cant   wait   to see what's up next.
best regards

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Wed Nov 21 19:56:56 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>

Cookies work. Yes indeed, they work well. The fact that I am sending
this message from dillo proves it (i am away from my home box, and am
using OpenWebMail on my mail host). This needs cookies to work, and it
is working. So, any plans to merge this in to cvs? Woo, now I never have
to leave dillo (I don't go anywhere that uses frames anyway). My one last
reason for using anything other than dillo is gone :-) !

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Fri Nov 23 16:39:33 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>


first of all I have to say thanks for your work. The Dillo is absolutely
super. Maybe I found small problem, which I believe is not difficult to
The problem is with &nbsp. When I used "&nbsp" in my page I expected to
empty space but I saw string "&nbsp" instead. I tried it in Netscape and
Mozilla and there is behavior proper (one empty space). Bellow is simple
code demonstrating this. Can somebody fix it, or give me clue which part
source I can fix it myself.

Thank you and best regards

PGP Key : 0xA983E45F
Thu Dec 13 01:49:15 2001 -0300
Return-Path: <>

on Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 07:47:23PM -0300, Jorge Arellano Cid wrote:
>   Yes, that's exactly the idea, but I'm afraid there's still much
> road ahead...

no problem, Im sure it will be worth the wait.

>   (sorry for this late answer)
No problem ^2

Dillo is one of the most amazing programs I've seen in a long
time. Well done + keep it up !

  -- mallum

Tue Jan 8 01:06:27 2002 -0300
Return-Path: <>


Here is an email that was sent to me. I am forwarding it to the list
because it talks about Dillo, rather than just my Japanese support patch.


Bob Thomson.


Rough translation:

  How do you do, my name is Imamichi.
  I found Dillo's record at freshmeat, and
  eventually I found the Japanese patch with google.
  I usually use Mozilla, but Dillo's lightness was exciting.
  Keep up the good work please!


Tue Jan 22 00:00:28 2002
Return-Path: <>

It works like a dream :-) thanks very much, Dillo is amazing! I am using
Darwin 5.2 (MacOS 10.1.2) with XFree 4.1 and XDarwin


Wed Jan 30 13:47:53 2002
Return-Path: <>

hi there, doesn't show 0.6.4
even not after using reload-button 10 x
(i'm not using proxy)
is it my ISP's cache ?
or it is your site ?

thanks for working on a fast lightweight browser :)

kind regards,

Wed Jan 30 13:47:32 2002
Return-Path: <@Sun.COM>


I've just downloaded and compiled dillo-0.6.3 on my Ultra 60
workstation on Solaris 8 and was pleasantly surprised at how
good it is. It compiled perfectly out of the box with
gcc-2.95.3 and is extremely fast!

It's one of the best pieces of Free Software I've seen in a
long time.

Well done, and keep up the good work.


Sun Dec 23 22:23:42 2001
Return-Path: <>
Hello, Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy using Dillo. I
I've tried, and cursed, just about every browser out there for years but
well remember my first reaction upon loading Dillo. It went something
"HOLY SH*T,it's loaded already!". I knew then and there that I had hit
gold. The only thing faster is maybe lynx.

I use Dillo everyday, It is my primary browser of choice. I still keep
Netscape 4.7 and mozilla around for emergency viewing of troublesome
(image maps,java,persistent cookies and the like) but it is a last resort
that will make me fire up anything else. I look forward to a new version
Dillo like a 6 year old looks forward to Christmas.

Thank you very much for all your hard work, it is deeply appreciated.
Gotta go, Ive got a proggy to compile (0.6.3 is out).

Dan P.

Mon Jan 07 15:58:03 2002
Return-Path: <>

Hallo from Greece
Bravo for your faster Browser !!
But i need your help to see Greek sites on Internet .
I have install windows fonts with my Mandrake 8.1 Pro Suite Distro and
Dillo was on RPM type
Athens Greece
George Panagiotopoulos

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Wed Jan 16 11:02:07 2002
Return-Path: <>

I love Dillo. I use it daily and dread the times when I am forced to
up the diesel engine called Mozilla for programs that require cookies,
ssl, java, flash, etc. (which is rare by the way) Before Dillo was
into my lap I was using a script written by Hobbit (l0pht) powered by
netcat! The extra crap is cute and all but hardly worth the wait.   With
Dillo I don't have to sacrifice speed for legibility.

I haven't looked at the cookies patches because frankly I haven't been
able to get any of the patches people have put out to work (except the
forms patch which is great!). Is it possible (I'm sure the answer is
to include "imaginary cookies support?" To just placate the web servers
and accept the cookies but just hold them in memory (ccache.[ch]) until
Dillo is closed. There is really no need to keep them. Web pages don't
require that you have the cookie already, just that you are willing to
accept them.

Maybe this has been covered before and you can all fill my inbox with
mail if I'm beating a dead horse. But, why doesn't Dillo support the
html code? It seems to me that that should be a primary concern. For
instance the <
haven't done any gui programming.

I love Dillo. I appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into it to
make it the fine browser it is. Because of the extensive documentation
and attention to detail I am learning a great deal about all aspects of

-Paul (

Mon Jan 14 17:14:21 2002
Return-Path: <>

Hi folks,

I won't be able to contribute development work. I' just like to say a big
thanks for Dillo!!! And for the way you implement it!

As a user of an "excotic" platform (Motorola 68040/68060 based), I very
much appreciate that Dillo is purely written in C, and its small size and
high efficieny! Great that libs like GNOME are not required.

Of course I am hoping for new features, but I'd also like to state from a
users point of view that Dillo is already useful right now!

Great work! Please continue the development! Thanks a lot!


Sun Feb 03 19:02:49 2002
Return-Path: <>

Thank you for your reply, your tips, and copy of the note from Olivier
F. I was on the road when I first got your email; was away from my own

The largest problem with xfce upgrades is lost links to menu icons.
I'll not go through digging those out from obscure places again, for it
takes too long. Olivier's suggestions may cover the problem. I'll
investigate and, if need be, get in touch with him.

I've used rxvt for quite a while, both with Linux and Cygwin. Some
application was having fits with rxvt, though. I tried the simpler
aterm, and that solved the problem. I'm typing this on the NT side of
the machine, and cannot recall just now what application was causing
difficulties. Some ncurses-based thing, I suppose.

I've done just enough programing to appreciate the labor that goes into
something like dillo. Lots of work and plenty of pitfalls, too. Pretty
neat when things come together.

Tue Feb 05 23:36:17 2002
Return-Path: <>

        thank you for the dillo; recently i was looking for a light,
fats html browser. i think i've finnaly found one.

Lukasz Grabun
GM d+ s: a-- C++ UL P L++ E---- W-- N++ o? K- w-- O@ M@ V- PS+
PE+ Y PGP t-@ 5@ X++(+++) R tv-() b+++ DI+ D- G++ e++ h! r++ y+

Mon Feb 18 17:38:19 2002
Return-Path: <>

I just wanted to take a moment to say what an excellent
browser you and your Dillo team have put together. I found
out about Dillo from the XFce site.

With the help of some documentation from a newbie site, I
was able to compile Dillo after loading a few libraries,
and was surprised at how easy the process was. Dillo IS a
very fast browser. Dillo and XFce make my old Pentium I
machine usable again, and my Pentium III is really fast
with the two of them.

I was surprised at the functionality of said
version 0.6.4 is alpha code, but for viewing and navigating
web pages, it is very stable and (again) fast! The
about:splash screen and the dillorc file make configuring
Dillo easy.

Again, many thanks to the Dillo team for a most excellent
project. Please keep up the good work.


Thu Feb 28 12:34:52 2002
Return-Path: <>

>     Thanks for the good comments about this patch; we had worked on
>   several related issues before, and finally I took a piece from
>   several works, added some code and glued it together into a
>   patch that fixes several things (BUG#244, BUG#179, BUG#291). You
>   can get the CVS and look at the changes.

Thanks, Jorge!

Dillo looks like a great project, and (after I get my way through
midterms...ick), I hope to be sending in more patches.

Best of luck,
Mark Schreiber

Sun Feb 17 00:04:44 2002
Return-Path: <>

hi....i just used the dillo briefly and fell in love with it...:)
nice work!

being a native korean speaker, i tried a thing to display korean
characters on
html file properly.
I changed the line 247 and 252 in dw_style.c as below;

sprintf (fontname, "-*-%s-%s-%s-*-*-%d-*-75-75-*-*-iso8859-1",
sprintf (fontname, "-*-%s-%s-%s-*-*-%d-*-75-75-*-*-iso8859-1,
and 252;
font->font = gdk_font_load(fontname);
font->font = gdk_fontset_load(fontname);

and in result, i could view the korean characters on web pages
of course, the korean font must be pre-installed to work....

thanks for your efforts to make web-surfing a lot faster and thus, more

Khi H. Kim, Command Post ToyBox, Toronto, ph:(416)585-9995 Ext.#430

Sat Mar 30 19:55:22 2002
Return-Path: <>


i downloaded dillo the other day and installed it and have been playing
around with it. And i have to say thats its a damn fine browser. And i
to congradulate you and whom ever contributed to it to a job well done.
it really needs is java and java script support and some support for
and shockwave and this browser will make a damn fine alternitive to
and netscrape netrape. As it is now it is still a very good replacement
those who dont want a browser that comes with all that BS, and a browser
that runs longer then 5 minutes with out crashing. YOU HAVE ME SOLD!!
Keep up the good hard work cuz this is one damn fine peice of software.



Mon Feb 18 17:38:13 2002
Return-Path: <>

I thought I would mention it, as the only browsers available
so far appear to be Emacs, konqueror, and Lynx.


I just did a "./configure; make" and it built and works!

Very nice - what a nifty little browser, and IMHO much
more pretty than Lynx! Possibly the ultimate lightweight browser,
and on a 715/80 you need all the speed you can get!

Test System: HP 9000 715/80 with Debian "testing"

Mon Mar 11 16:44:15 2002
Return-Path: <>

To all developers of dillo,

Good work. I can't even remember the first time that I used dillo(must of
been a one year-two years ago).
Each release that i've tried has been getting better and better. Up until
now however using dillo wasn't
really all that realistic for most of my browsing. However, with this
release, it has been quite pleasant with
its stability and speed. I usually use Opera/Netscape combination but now
I'll be using Dillo/Netscape.

Stephen Young

Sat Apr 06 12:45:21 2002
Return-Path: <>

You guys are making a fantastic browser!
John Andrews

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Sat Apr 27 15:06:35 2002
Return-Path: <>
Hey people

Yeah I just compiled your latest version of Dillo 0.6.5 in Mandrake 8.2
it works fine. Im a member of a group called computer bank NSW ( ); basicaly we use Linux and old computers
donated by corporations to reduce the digital divide and tools like
Dillo make our life easier because often the machines we have are very
under resourced.

So thanks and hope you guys go onto better things

Billy G - If I had a dollor for every time Windows has crashed !!... OOH
!! I do already.

PS one great thing about Windows XP is it wont run well on PII machines
at all, We must be the only Linux people who love it when Microsoft
releases a new version.


Fri Apr 26 21:40:03 2002
Return-Path: <>

waw, what a speed :-)

like your browser,
reporting running smoothly on linux alpha glibc 2.2.4



98. What the hell!?

          --Top 100 things you don't want the sysadmin to say

Fri May 24 16:36:49 2002
Return-Path: <>

    I wanted to thank you all for your help, and congratulate you on a =
job well done.
    This browser is a little gem.
    RedHat 6.0 allowed me to compile Dillo, no update was necesary.
    I'll see if I can learn to use RPM well enough to make an .rpm =
binary out of my compilation, because I couldn't find an up to date one =
on the web.

Wed May 29 02:19:10 2002
Return-Path: <>

>   -----Original Message-----
>   From:
>   []On Behalf Of Hurwitz
>   Justin W.
>   Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2002 3:30 PM
>   To:
>   Subject: [Dillo-dev]The PNG that would not load
>   First off, to those who make dillo possible- great work with
>   it! I've been
>   wonderfully impressed. It's a bloody shame more programers aren't as
>   intentional with how they program as you all are. Your work
>   should help to remind us all that programming is an art.

Don't forget Jorge's outstanding leadership qualities: I've been trying
participate to many open source projects and abandoned most of them
of the people being unreliable. It's really Jorge that makes Dillo that

>   Now, on to my problem. I'm working on an embedded tool to
>   monitor our RLX
>   based clusters ( RLX has a web based
>   management/monitoring solution (Control Tower 2) that works
>   great. I'm
>   running dillo on an iPAQ as part of our monitoring tool. It
>   works great.
>   Bu there are two problems- one aesthetic, and one functional. The
>   functional one it the more important:
>   Load the following URL in both Netscape and dillo:
>   D=1&p=0|1|2
>   In Netscape there is a big PNG picture at the top-center of
>   the page. It
>   is generated by chasis.php. Dillo does not display it. This
>   makes me very
>   sad. More importantly, it prevents me from being able to
>   "look inside" the
>   chasis (if you click on the image in Netscape, you'll see
>   what I mean-
>   pretty cool, eh? ;)
>   I've begun looking into why this image does not display in dillo, and
>   think I might be making some (very slow) progress. Due to
>   time constraints
>   (and possible ailment- I fear I will be spending the next few
>   days sick in
>   bed, sigh), I doubt I'll be able to properly fix this
>   problem, if I can
>   fix it at all. If anyone has ideas where to start, or what's
>   wrong, I'd
>   love to hear them- saving me a few dead-ends would be a great help. Of
>   course, if anyone has an immediate patch, I'll gladly let
>   them take the
>   glory for fixing this problem, too :)

I think it's because dillo doesn't support Image Buttons in forms yet
problem in There is a bugtrack entry for that. If you
feel like implemnting this feature, you could use an image map (server
in your page instead.

>   The second problem, which I'm sure is a common one, is that
>   &nbsp tags are
>   displayed- which makes pages look a bit wrong :) But that's of minor
>   importance.

IMHO the correct syntax for entities is like this: &nbsp;
Dillo is actually right when displaying &nbsp if the semicolon is

> Many thanks for any help offered.
> --Gus

Sun Apr 21 23:35:15 2002
Return-Path: <>


I've just seen dillo for the first time and I'm really impressed.
After all the bloat it's paradise regained! Please keep it lean.
I think lot's of things can be done with it, here is a patch to include a
"Back" item into the context menu. Keep up the good work.



Vladimir Klebanov   --
RADICALISM, n. The conservatism of to-morrow injected into the
affairs of to-day.

Fri Aug 30 19:06:25 2002
Return-Path: <>

Hello ;
My name is Dave. I have downloaded and installed Dillo on my Red Hat 7.3
system running on a Compaq 2700T laptop. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!! It's fast , it's simple , it's easy to install. Thank
you so much for your efforts!!!!!.

Sincerely , Dave T.

Fri Sep 06 15:57:34 2002
Return-Path: <>

Thanks Jorge, said:
>   It looks like you have problems with your include headers.
>   For instance, it should be including:
>   /usr/include/sys/stat.h
>   and not
>   /usr/local/include/sys/stat.h
>   And, as stat.h is part of your OS core, the problem is not of
> dillo

I was able to fix the error messages for /usr/include/sys/stat.h only to
more from some other files. It is seldom that I am able to install from
In the meantime I found a dillo-0.6.6-1.i586.rpm opened it and by gosh
impressively fast and I am used to opera and lynx. Dillo beats them both.

Any plans to include a feature to load or not images from websites?

Keep up the good work!

Sun Jun 30 20:47:05 2002
Return-Path: <>

Hi Jorge,
I use dillo everyday for all my web browsing, after i broke my mozilla :)
Thankyou it's great, i love having spare memory!!!

Simon Burton

Fri Aug 09 17:46:07 2002
Return-Path: <>

Hello there,

Just wanted to tell you that Dillo is something I've been looking for a
time. Small and efficient.

Best regards,

Jukka Mikkonen,

Wed Sep 25 13:13:19 2002
Return-Path: <>

as a long-time user of Lynx & recent user of Galeon + broadband,
i'm very impressed with Dillo, which shows great promise!

surely, your icon sb an armadillo: you need to get someone to draw one.

SUPPORT     ___________//___, Philip Webb :
ELECTRIC   /] [] [] [] [] []|   Centre for Urban & Community Studies
TRANSIT    `-O----------O---'   University of Toronto

Tue Sep 17 13:07:10 2002
Return-Path: <>

I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for your work with dillo. I've
got a reasonably low end system, and doing html editing can be annoying
when mozilla takes so long to load up. It's nice to find a functional
slim graphical browser to supplement my net use (and it's pretty).

I'm interested in seeing a few features though:

- A commandline feature to let dillo load a URL in a current dillo
window, as with:
dillo -current /foo/bar.htm
This would let me edit a file (in nedit), and call on dillo within that
editor to do a preview of the file.. without bothering to surf around
within dillo to load the file, and without bothering to have dillo
called up for a second instance.

and two little features
- alt-left/right to hop back/forward in the history
- ctrl-r for refresh

Again, fine work.. =)


Sat Sep 14 15:28:03 2002
Return-Path: <>

i'm literally just taking a break from some research that i have to
eventually make sense of, but the fact that i've been intimately all
the world that i need to touch, extracting so much of the knowledge i
need to
achieve my immediate goal and getting to much of it with the current deb
dillo, i felt moved to leave a note to say thanks. i wish i had the
skill to contribute. if you should ever have need of a copy editor, send
a word. i would love to help, but that's the only talent i can offer.

the bottom line is

thank you very much
Tue Oct 29 15:35:17 2002
Return-Path: <>


soy usuario de Dillo desde antes que existiera como tal,
en los tiempos de gzilla, sobretodo para browser local
en mi Debian de casa. Los progresos han sido espectaculares.
Te debo pues esta sincera felicitación. Poco puedo contribuir
a su desarrollo, ya que mis conocimientos de programación
son para lenguages de alto nivel (awk, Perl, Python, etc).

No estoy subscrito a la lista, aunque de vez en cuando
voy mirando los mensajes via el (poco amigable) geocrawler.

De lo poco que puedo hacer, ya he votado en,
y también sugerirte que, si no lograis contactar con los
administradores de cipsga, quizás el servicio savanah de
gnu, un spin-off de sourceforge, podria ser un buen lugar
para el cvs. Como está basado en sourceforge, tendríais
conocimiento de todas sus herramientas. para software oficial gnu para otros proyectos libres

Una vez más, enhorabuena por esta pequeña obra maestra.
Lo voy enseñando orgulloso a todo quisqui que se me acerca.


Fri Dec 06 13:30:15 2002
Return-Path: <>


First of all, wow really a neat browser!

And it works just fine!! I'm using Vector Linux 2.0
with 16 megs of RAM, and an old Cirrus Logic
video card, and it does just fine!

I tried Netscape.....I could retire if I had to load more than
one graphic per page (turtle slow), I tried the Lynx Browser
I can do it, but I would have to RElearn how to do stuff, and
I did do it and can if need be.

However, by chance I came across your website and browser
and just had to give it a try!   And it is eXactly what I needed!!

thanks a bunch!!

Stu Wilcox
Madisonville, KY

Mon Dec 09 13:18:40 2002
Return-Path: <>

Hello out there!

This morning I read a short note about dillo and I'am really
about it. I like compact coding and am really impressed by its speed:
good work, thank you!

I will use it as much as possible and I hope that I will find some time
have a look inside it. The most important thing I'am missing are more=20
keyboard shortcuts. But even without this feature: I like it very much.


Sun Dec 15 14:02:33 2002
Return-Path: <>

Just mailing to say thanks for working on Dillo - it's great :-)
Recently upgraded to a machine with 256Mb RAM running Debian and was
rather shocked at quite how much memory Mozilla used - it's pretty but
I'm not sure that it's worth the memory and dillo runs _much_ faster
work as simple web browsers I think Dillo is my only realistic choice.
One little question (and if I wasn't buried alive under coursework I'd
try it myself) are you going to support several pages within the same
window - I found the tabs feature in Opera and then Mozilla really handy
for fast browsing - is it likely to appear in Dillo?

Keep up the good work :-)

Sweet Dreams,
 - Martin

"Season's change, things come to pass"

Fri Dec 20 18:46:18 2002
Return-Path: <>

Catch the boat !

I've been listening the old list for months and like to congratulate
all the dillo developpers for such a nice browser.

ML changes (unsubscribe old and subscribe new) goes fine.

Keep up the good job !


Sat Feb 22 21:24:44 2003 -0300
Return-Path: <>

Done a 3-color bold pixmap theme for dillo 0.7.
tarball contains pixmap.h & the individual xpm's with a Makefile.
Public Domain. Do with what you will
--Trent Buck
PS: Love your work.

Thu Feb 27 14:39:40 2003
Return-Path: <>

Hi there,
 I'm writing to express how happy I am with Dillo. I'm a HUGE fan of
that is light-weight and Dillo would have to be the smallest, functional
I've ever used. I find that it is especially useful for browsing
that's saved as a stack of HTML pages on disk. I mostly use it for
reading the
GTK API docs. when developing GTK applications. Anyway, before I'm done I
just wondering if future versions of Dillo might make tabs available
for multiple
Once again, keep up the good work and please extend my happiness to the
of the development team.

Owen Klan

Free POP3/Web Email, File Manager, Calendar and Address Book

Mon Mar 10 21:23:29 2003
Return-Path: <>


since a few month I use dillo for "daily surfing". Formerly I have used
Netscape 4.x with disabled JavaScript on my old 60MHz SPARC machine -
neither very fast nor very stable, but useable.

But now with dillo:
The small size and lightning fast startup (1s even on my ancient
machine) makes me really happy! Thanks for writing this nice little
piece of code (The world don't need bloated things like Mozilla).



Linux - May the source be with you!
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HTML content are no longer accepted!

Fri Jan 31 01:21:58 2003
Return-Path: <>

i want to share with all of u this article.. sorry if it was already

by the way, dillo is a great, great browser.. is the one i use all time..
Wed Jan 15 01:59:26 2003
Return-Path: <>

Happy New Year to all of you out there on Dillo.

Since 1995 I use Linux for 100%. And still, I'm looking for good software
or programs to do the job. But not for a small and fast browser. I use
Now I have a new site. Has nothing to do with Linux.
Still I put a link category up for Linux. So I can tell the world what
is good.
Very good. You have found a new spot on the web. Feel free to check it
out @

Best regards,

PS : Keep up the good work.

Using Linux since 1995. Registered user #87267
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or @ where you can
     find the best portal about cycling
     and register for free to participate

Fri Feb 21 14:04:23 2003
Return-Path: <>

I notice I am getting messages from this list
( and from
Which list should I use for general questions about Dillo?

By the way, Dillo 0.7.0 is great! It's a perfect companion for browsing
html-mail with my email client, Sylpheed.


Fri Mar 28 17:12:24 2003
Return-Path: <>
yes really. i just installed it on NetBSD on P133 machine and it's:

a) fast
b) fast!
c) easy to configure to make real use of my screen area for web pages,
instead of icons and buttons and titles! (see screenshot)
d) nice looking...

the question is - will character encoding be supported? now it's just
unusable for Polish WWW pages.

frames would be useful too but that's not THAT important.

BTW i'm quite scared seeing in "todo" list porting to GTK2.
i think GTK 1 is enough slow, which is easy to see that dillo spends more
time in this library than with real rendering!!!! (see time needed to
redisplay already rendered page after desktop switch or deiconify).

Wed Apr 30 13:28:40 2003
Return-Path: <>

Love it! It even picks up my mouse-wheel on the bottom scrollbar,
Galeon and Mozilla would never do that!

I love you guys!

Oh, but one little thing, it would be nice to be able to middle-click
on the browser to load a URL, but I'll wait for that, hell I didn't
even look for a TODO.

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 16:43:23-0700 Kelson
Vibber<> wrote:

>   On Tuesday 29 April 2003 03:24 pm, Jorge Arellano Cid wrote:
>   >   Dillo-0.7.2   is   ready for download at the website. The
>   > announcement is delayed one day or two to give enough time for
>   > the .deb (and maybe a .rpm) to be already packaged when it goes
>   > public.
>   RPMs for Red Hat 7.3 and 9 are up at
>   --
>   Kelson Vibber

Wed Apr 30 13:28:34 2003
Return-Path: <>

Guys and Gals,

I posted a note here about beyond linux from scratch (blfs) a few minutes
then re-read the digest. Seems some of you might need to know how to
libpng from sources - and where to get 'em. I recommend the blfs book
common sense instructions on this and other source builds.

Although designed for the 'Linux From Scratch' (lfs) pseudo-distribution
a book on how to build a leading-edge linux using sources alone), the
instructions work for many other distros too.

Just don't ask 'how to's' on their lists unless using lfs! :-)

I want to add my thanks to El Cid, too.   Let's have Moor! :-)))

Cheers, Richard

Thu May 08 19:12:41 2003
Return-Path: <>

Konqueror is an excellent browser. However is main disadvantage is that
t is=20
a slow starter. Therefore I appreciate dillo very much. I use it for
local .html, especially documentations, and as an super quick internet=20
viewer. Therefore I configured dillo as browser for my mail client,
and many more programms.=20

Wed Apr 30 13:28:23 2003
Return-Path: <>


It has probably been said a million times (however I could only find 1)
but I like to thank all of you guys for writing Dillo.

It is a great piece of work, that makes the internet actually look

Thanks again


Wed Apr 30 13:28:24 2003
Return-Path: <>

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 21:58:32 -0400
Bas van Besouw <> wrote:

> It has probably been said a million times (however I could only find 1)
but I like to thank all of you guys for writing Dillo.
> It is a great piece of work, that makes the internet actually look
> Thanks again

I second that :-)

- Victor

Tue Apr 22 14:11:23 2003
Return-Path: <>

I folks,

It is just to tell you that it is really a decent piece of software that
you have written. It is lean, fast and free.

For web browsing and writing of simple html texts, I use mozilla. But I
was looking for a reader for documentation written in html, and loading
mozilla takes far too long for that. So - congratulations. Should you
decide to inflate dillo to a full fledged web browser, stuffed with all
kind of gizmos, please keep offering a small, fast version such as the
actual one.

Frank Hrebabetzky       Tel.:     +55 / 48 / 235 1106
Florianopolis                     +55 / 48 / 9998 7686
Brazil                  email:

Mon Jul 21 22:40:14 2003
Return-Path: <>

Dillo: the ***fast*** browser I was awaiting for ...
No boring stuff like other browsers, all is so simple and easy-to-use!
I just come to compile the last version (0.7.2) with a customized toolbar
(pixmaps.jg.h), this is now PERFECT :)
I don't find u really have to add something (even if I need Javascript
for online shopping sometimes, & I've to launch another browser

POST-IT: just a remark about the PNG support, and the alpha channel:
once the browser has loaded the picture, if it's used again -on
a different zone- the background (which should be 'transparent') remains
with the first
background color...a cache pb?

LAST WORD: Thank u !!!!

Fri Jul 18 16:45:01 2003
Return-Path: <>


First of all, sorry for my english :) , I want to thank you and other
developers of the Dillo browser, for all that you're already done.
I've got a 486 DX4 75Mhz , 24Mo RAM, 3Go HD, on a 640x480 TFT display
Debian Sid.
Under Xfree 3.3.6 with the fluxbox window manager, Dillo is what i use to
see the web because it's really fast even on my old laptop. I know links
and lynx, but i prefer see the web with colors fonts and pictures.
Dillo widgets seem to be based on GTK1.2, it's slower than lesstif but
reasonnably responsive, and good looking.

I tried fresh GTK-2 apps like gftp, and even with simple fonts (no AA,
etc.) it's incredibly slow. I don't know if it will be as fast as GTK-1.2
in the future, but now i can't use GTK-2 based apps on this machine. So
i hope Dillo will stay with the fastest libraries.

Another wish, i like CSS 1 and 2, XHTML and hope to see a good standard
css engine on Dillo ! :)

What do you think about tabbed browsing, and a possible tabbed one in
is it hard to do ? Or a sort of arborescent menu in the middle click of
a page

[close current tab]
[open new tab]
[open bookmarks in new tab]

Just an idea like that, if i middle click on the current page, this sort
of menu appear, i click on [open bookmarks in new tab] the current "tab"
(main window) is cleaning and bookmarks appear, now i middle click again
and one field is added

[close current tab]
[open new tab]
[open bookmarks in new tab]

the littles [<

[Tab 1:]
[Tab 2:]
[Tab 3:]
[Tab 4: Bookmarks]
[close current tab]
[open new tab]
[open bookmarks in new tab]

that's simplier, now i click on [Tab 2:], the main window
this one, and i can middle click on it and choose [close current tab] ...

[Tab 1:]
[Tab 2:]
[Tab 3: Bookmarks]
[close current tab]
[open new tab]
[open bookmarks in new tab]
Maybe a close button near each field will be more fast

[Tab 1:][X]
[Tab 2:][X]
[Tab 3: Bookmarks][X]
[open new tab]
[open bookmarks in new tab]

I know middle click menu need two clicks to go to another tab, opposed
to mozilla or firebird which need only one in apparent tabs, but in the
middle click navigation menu, you don't need to move the mouse to far.

I don't know what can you do with those ideas, i'm not a developer, but
i'd like to see that in dillo if possible, but it's not essential.

Thank you


Nicolas Beuzeboc

Thu Aug 07 13:29:54 2003
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I discovered dillo yesterday because I was looking for a light browser
for my old laptop. I think it's a great job, and I congratulate you and
the other authors.

I hope this project will stay so active.

Thanks a lot !


Thu Aug 14 20:25:58 2003
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Congratulations! I have been using Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 and it is very
disappointing that it takes half a minute to start on my good old P1-200
with 64 MB RAM. Even when it is running, it runs really slow and uses a
lot of memory. I tried the new dillo 0.7.3 and, wow, it started in one
second and it renders 90% of the pages I visit everyday quite good and

I really look forward to watch this browser grow more mature but stay
small and fast.

Best wishes,


Wed Sep 01 20:50:03 2004
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Hi I'm new to Linux and have been reading about all the clever things
you can do with it. I wanted a lightweight browser to put on my laptop
and my friends PC. I tried Dillo and was blown away by the speed and
simplicity. Its absolutely perfect for our needs. Please thank the team
for the excellent work!

Many thanks

Tony Sutton

Sun Nov 28 16:07:03 2004
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Hi Jorge!

I managed to compile Dillo on my SGI Indy running IRIX 5.3,
by commenting out G_DNS_THREADED in dns.c. The only other
problem I had was with vsnprintf(), which doesn't exist in
every OS.

You're using glib-1.x, and you already called g_snprintf()
instead of snprintf(), so why not g_vsnprintf()? The attached
patches fix that.

I like Dillo very much! A fast, modern and compact browser,
which makes surfing on my 100MHz R4000 fun again. Before I
used Netscape 4.08 (the most recent Netscape for Irix 5.3),
which is slow and crashes every few minutes.

Wishing you all the best with your project, and hoping to see
a version which supports frames and CSS! :)

   _   Frank Wille (
_ //
\X/    Phx @ #AmigaGer

Wed Dec 22 11:54:36 2004
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Dillo is a classy piece of software. Thanks for the hard
work, and thanks for sharing.

Aaron Ferris
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Boston University

Fri Jan 07 17:06:15 2005
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Thanks once again for dillo, I use it everyday and really love it.

I think my favourite use is in my ~/.mailcap for viewing html emails in
mutt, eg

text/html; dillo -f -l %s ; nametemplate=%s.html

dillo opens and loads so quickly, and renders pages so much more nicely
than something like w3m or lynx, in fact, all mutt users should add this
to their mailcap :)

But I also use a lot of hardware with limited resources where dillo
makes web browsing usable, I dread to think how long it would take
before some of those systems started thrashing if I started up firefox or
something! dillo just blows everything else out of the water for
required resources to features ratio.

------------------------------------- | finger me for my gpg key.

Tue Jan 11 20:16:08 2005
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  I want to say thanks for your great work on dillo. It's really
great to use the efficient browser dillo is. And even greater to
see that there are people caring about software efficiency and
reaching out to the people who can't or don't want to buy new
computer hardware. The whole point of view behind dillo gives an
extra good feeling when using it. Altough I still have to
overcome my distrust on paying over the internet, I hope I'll
donate once to you.

Friendly greetings,

Gunnar from Belgium

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