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 This Month’s Theme

        Cold Salads
       hors d'oeuvres

Hot Pepper                                                     May 2008
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 3     (Continued)
       The Critter’s Corner
       The Critter’s Corner
                                                            Prez Sez
4      Casino Night                         The Bayou Boogaloo is right around the corner! One of our
                                            biggest and most popular events of the year, June 20, 21 &
5      Membership Update
       Special Events                       22.

 6     Pepper Lovers Restaurant
                                            There will be a Top Hab meeting in May to begin planning

 7     All About Peppers!
                                            and coordinating our volunteers. The Top Hab meeting is
                                            open to all members and your participation is always most

 8     From The Throne Room
       Treasurer’s Report
                                            welcome. We’ll be combining our Monthly Restaurant
                                            Review Night with the Top Hab meeting. Hope to see some
 9     Best Dish
       The Marketplace
                                            new faces join us!

10     The Photo Album
                                            Everyone did an outstanding job in April with the Country
                                            Cookin’ theme! There were some amazing, country-fied
                                            recipes. It’s great to see more and more folks entering such
                                            creative dishes each month.            At the April meeting, we talked about sampling some recipes
         CLUB EMAILS:                       and bottling a “Pepper Lovers Club’ Hot Sauce. In addition              to our scheduled theme in June, we’ll also have a HOT                      cook-
                                            SAUCE cook-off. A separate table will be set up for Hot
                                            Sauce entries and judging will be open to the general
Email your articles for the newsletter to   May is Cold Salads and hors d'oeuvres and the spotlight             pepper for May is the Jalapeño.

                                                                                     Madame Prez
   The Critter’s Corner

       By Michele Edgell                                                      PET OF THE MONTH!
                                                                                  Heidi – 1 year old
                                                                                Suffolk Animal Control

 Thank you all for your donations! Let’s try to do better and load my truck!
Suffolk Animal Control: Suffolk needs the following items as well as volunteers. If you are
interested in volunteering, please contact them at: 514-7856

   •   kitty litter
   •   towels
   •   blankets
   •   animal carriers

CHESAPEAKE HUMANE SOCIETY: BINGO!!!!!....Every Saturday...12:00pm...Suburban
bingo Hall in the Southern Shopping Center on the corner of East Little Creek Road and Tidewater
Drive! Join Us !

Norfolk Animal Management NEEDS YOUR DONATIONS!
Even if you aren't in a position to adopt an animal or volunteer, you can still contribute to the well-
being of the animals. They can always use, and greatly appreciate, donations of the following:
   • durable dog toys (tennis balls, tug ropes, frisbees)
   • cat toys (jingle balls, catnip toys, feather dancers)
   • grooming tools (brushes, scissors, flea combs, matting rakes)
   • towels and blankets, soft washable pillows
   • dog and cat treats
   • as an extra special treat, our dogs would be most appreciative
       of the donation of a Kuranda Dog Bed.

Portsmouth Humane Society: Portsmouth is in desperate need of cat litter. Also,
please see the attached flyer for a fundraiser in June. Food as well as cash
donations are needed and appreciated. If you happen to know of a restaurant
or caterer that might want to help please let me know.
Virginia Beach SPCA:
May 17, 2008 – Open House, Seatack Community Recreation Center
(10:00am – 5:00pm)

May 17, 2008 – Southeastern Virginia Mustang Club Spring Show,
Pembroke Mall, proceeds benefit the VBSPCA (12:00-3:00pm
Virginia Beach Animal Control:                           Volunteer Opportunity

The Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control is seeking motivated
volunteers who would like to assist the animals in our shelter find new
homes and they need your help.
Applicants must meet Volunteer Requirements established by the City of
Virginia Beach, submit to a criminal background check and must never
have been arrested, charged or convicted of any animal-related crime in
any jurisdiction.
Volunteers are needed to photograph animals in our shelter for display
on PetFinder, exercising and walking dogs in our kennels, spending time
with and comforting cats and participation in public events where our
pets will be available for adoption.

            All animal lovers are welcomed and encouraged to apply.
           Visit Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control on the web!
        Visit these links to see more about puppy mills and pet stores.
               Please remember that animals don’t have voices.
   They rely on the love and compassion of humans to report animal cruelty!
Have a great month and remember…when you come to a meeting and don’t bring a dish, your
$5.00 entry donation goes to help these critters. Please keep bringing in food, shredded paper,
newspapers, old towels, plastic toys, treats, kitty litter, etc. and as always, monetary
donations are not only accepted, they are GREATLY appreciated. Remember, this club is not
just about Hot Peppers, it’s also about helping our charities!
         Save This Date…..
        Saturday, June 21st
      For Portsmouth Humane
           CASINO NIGHT
The Kick-Off Fundraiser Of Our Capital Campaign To Build A
                       NEW Shelter

              ♠ Tickets $25.00 Per Person
                 ♣ “MUTT Cash Bar
                ♥ Light Hors D’ Oeuvres
                      ♦ DJ Donnie
             ♠ Silent Auction/Raffle Prizes
               ♣ Guaranteed Good Time!
       ♥ 100% of Proceeds Benefit The Animals!
    ♦ More Information Can Be Found On Our Web Site

                As It Becomes Available
                 Membership Update
     MONEY (OR A CHECK) TO THE NEXT MEETING! If you are not sure if you
     have paid, the sign-in sheets will be listed by paid and non-paid members.
     So, if you are on the non-paid, please let me know if you want to remain a
     See you Tuesday!

                     Special Events
The first St. Patrick’s Day CORNED BEEF THROW-DOWN was a
tremendous success. A heart-felt thanks to all of you who made this a
successful event. Who knew you could have so many different kinds of
Corned Beef- kicked up a notch or 10?
In addition to the 7 Corned Beef entries, there was Irish Stew, and
Irish soup and some great desserts, not to mention some adult beverages
to wash all this down with.
I think Terry self proclaimed his Jerked Corned beef the winner, but
that is only his vote, Russ thought his was the best… I think the beer
and the company were the big overall winners.
We are looking forward to doing this again next year…however how about
another throw-down of some sort…summer-time crab cakes perhaps? Let
us know at the meeting if you would be interested.
Need to start thinking of the Bayou Boogaloo. June 20th through the
22nd. Start asking those restaurants you visit if they would be
interested in donating gift certificates.
Be sure to mark these dates on the calendar so you can volunteer and
have some fun at the Boogaloo!
                                                                    Stay Hot!
       Pepper Lovers Restaurant Review
                                                                               205 23rd Street
                                                                               Virginia Beach, VA 23451
                                                                               (757) 422-0081

I’ll preface by saying this review will be biased, for several reasons. Tautog’s has long been a loyal
supporter of the Pepper Lovers Club and already has a strong fan base among our members. They also
had an edge since they knew we were coming to do the review. With that in mind, the overall scores
may be high, but I can honestly say they earned them with their fresh ingredients and subtle flavors.
12 club members joined us for Restaurant Review night. Tautog’s is located in a cozy little cottage just
off Pacific Avenue at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.
We called in a reservation for 10, and our table was ready and waiting upon our arrival. When the
majority of the group was seated, the chef brought out a surprise appetizer, (thanks to Mel) created just
for the Pepper Lovers Club! It was a thinly sliced NY Strip, marinated, seared, cooled, and served with
a Duck Jalapeño demi-glace, and thinly sliced blood oranges topped with fresh rosemary and served
with toasted bread points. DELICIOUS!
Menu items ordered included: Stuffed flounder with oyster stuffing and mashers, Shrimp and Rice,
Herb Encrusted bread, Steak, Chicken Wings, Empanada appetizer, Sirloin tips. Lots of positive
comments from the group about their entrée selections. High marks all around for freshness, quality,
presentation, and taste. The only area that was a bit disappointing was the lack of heat in several of the
dishes that were requested to be made “extra spicy.” Then again, this is a tough crowd when it comes
to heat.
           The Club Members who attended were provided with a Restaurant Review form. Here are the results:
                             Average cost per person        $18.00 - $23.00 (without Beverage)
                                  Extensive Wine list       Prices varied

                                          Overall experience: 4 out of 5 rating
                                      95% would recommend this restaurant to a friend.
                                   Food was fresh and hot                            100%
                                   Variety                                            91%
                                   Quality                                           100%
                                   Tasty                                             100%
                                   Beverages                                          92%
                                   Heat                                               70%
                                   Friendly service                                   98%
                                   Overall service                                    90%
                                   Overall Good Value                                 94%

       •   Great food, great service, great all around old style, seafood, fine dining.
       •   Love this restaurant, always a great variety of food.
       •   Needs heat.
       •   Great atmosphere, not a typical tourist trap
       •   Steak appetizer was OUTSTANDING, and the chef came to our table to explain how it was prepared.
       •   Shrimp was good, a bit on the sweet side and not as spicy as I asked for.
       •   Extremely accommodating.
                      Watch you email for the next Pepper        Lovers Restaurant Review night!
   All About Peppers!
                  All About Peppers! is a monthly article to highlight the agonizingly wonderful world of chili peppers.

                               This month:

The Scotch Bonnet (Capsicum chinense) is a variety of chili pepper similar to and of the same
species as the habanero. A cultivar of the habanero, it is one of the hottest peppers in the
world. Found mainly in the Caribbean islands, it is named for its resemblance to a
Scotsman's bonnet. Most Scotch Bonnets have a heat rating of 150,000–325,000 Scoville
Units. For comparison, most jalapeño have a heat rating of 2500 to 8000 on the Scoville
These peppers are used to flavor many different dishes and cuisines worldwide. Scotch
Bonnet has a flavor distinct from its Habanero cousin. This gives Jerk dishes (pork/chicken)
and other Caribbean dishes their unique flavor. Scotch Bonnets are especially used in
Caymanian and Jamaican cooking, though they often show up in other Caribbean recipes.
Fresh ripe Scotch Bonnets or Habaneros change from green to colors ranging from pumpkin
orange to scarlet red. Ripe peppers are prepared for cooking by cutting out the seeds inside
the fruit which can be saved for cultivation and other culinary uses.
Scotch Bonnets look almost identical to a similar pepper called the "seasoning pepper", often
eaten whole and raw, but this species has much less spice, and is used for its flavor, not heat.
Eating whole, raw scotch bonnet peppers is not advised for those unaccustomed to eating
very spicy food. Eaten raw, these peppers are known to cause dizziness, numbness of hands
and cheeks, and severe heartburn.

        Information Courtesy of Wikipedia. All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. (See Copyrights for details.)
             Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit charity.
                                                       Privacy policy ♦ About Wikipedia ♦ Disclaimers
                                                                  2008 Membership starts
  From the                                                        in January which means
                                                                     2008 dues are due!!
 Throne Room                                                       Our membership is still
Greetings fellow Pepper Lovers, as they say "APRIL
SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS" so I wonder if this will
help us get ready to plant our Pepper Patches? I guess so,         $36.00 for a couple
makes tilling easier…
                                                                    $24.00 for a single
For those of you that put Humming Bird feeders out, IT'S         Some of you who joined in
TIME. Last year the first Hummer was noticed around the
end of April (on the Peninsula), so I decided to put out my El   Oct-Dec are paid through
Cheapo ones early this year (April 18th) and sure enough
there was a Rudy Throated flying jewel sucking down sugar
                                                                     2008. Check with
water on the 20th.                                                membership if you have
For those of you that have never done this, it's as easy as
                                                                      any questions!
pouring a beer. You go to your local Home emporium, buy a
plastic feeder & skip the instant nectar (I use 1 cup sugar to
4 cups of water, food coloring NOT needed) bring it to a boil
                                                                       See Ron Malone or
and let it cool. Hang your feeder, where you can see it and               Russ Roland
you will be rewarded with bunches of the little suckers.
                                                                  if you need a new name tag
Speaking of "SUCKERS", thanks to those that showed up to
suck down some BEER to fight cancer. Over $ 1,000 was
raised. They had a Belgium Cherry Beer there that was real
yummy. Hey Chris, how was that Chipotle beer?

                                          Queen Lou              The Pepper Lovers Club
                     Always eat your Dessert first.
                                                                 meets the 2nd Tuesday
                             - J Buffett
                        Grow old disgracefully.
                                                                     of each month
                        - Capt Tony (age 90)
                                                                      at the VFW
                                                                    on Bartee Street
                            Treasurer’s                            (Just off of Military
                              Report                                Highway, behind
                                           Front Door - $80.00
                                                                  Lone Star Steakhouse
                                               Raffle - $80.00
                                              TOTAL $160.00           & Toys R Us)
                   Bring some new Pepper Lovers as a guest!
Tell your friends about the club, bring them to a meeting and have them join the fun. If you have friends who
hear about the club but just never make it out, have them come and volunteer with us at Special Events!

                           April’s Best Dish Winners
                            1st Place - Toe Dan - Beans and Corn
                         2nd Place - Mel Dionne – Country Pot Pie
                           3rd Place - Mel Dionne – Mac ‘n Cheese
Great job all you aspiring chefs! Y’all can cook some country. We had
eleven dishes and they were all great – some serious stick-to-your-ribs
cookin’. Be sure to bring y'alls best game. This month’s theme is Cold
Salads and hors d'oeuvres! Keep it Hot!!
                                                            Grey Tuten

         The Marketplace
If you have goods to sell, a service to offer, or if there’s something you need…here’s the place to let the club know what
                      it is. Just e-mail the Webmaster and it’ll be in the next month’s newsletter.

Looking for some good, quality spices? Check out I’ve ordered from them
before and have always been pleased. Great selection of dried chili peppers, powders and liquid
additives. If you only need a couple ounces, not a ¼ lb of one of the spices, we can put together a
bulk order, which is generally cheaper. Interested in ordering? Email me at or see me at the meeting.

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