Multi-Touch G3 Plus

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					             Multi-Touch G3 Plus

  •	 True Multi-Touch (Detects up to 32
     points simultaneously)
  •	 No Ghost Point
  •	 Low Cost

PQ Labs Multi-Touch Overlay
  PQ Labs multi-touch overlay is Plug-and-
  play solution for both developers and end-
  users. Exceptional durability and accuracy.

PQ Labs Multi-Touch Wall
  PQ Labs 100" - 250" (20 ft wide)
  interactive wall was designed to fit
  presentations and broadcast uses. It
  delivers remarkable impression not found in
  traditional large scale solutions.

Multi-Touch OEM Components
  Designed for a wide range of screen sizes.
  Exceptionally reliable solution supporting up
  to 32 touch points
                                   Multi-Touch G3 Plus

SPECIFICATION   Available Sizes:
                                            32", 40", 42", 46", 50", 52", 55", 57",
                                            60", 65" (Custom sizes available
                                            upon request)

                                            3 m m t e m p e r e d g l a s s (Custom
                                            versions available upon request)

                                            Piano Black or Black powered-
                Frame Color:                coated. (Custom colors available
                                            upon request)

                Touch Points:               Detects up to 32 points simultaneously

                Touch Technology:           PQLabs LED Cell Imaging

                                            Finger, gloved hand or any other
                                            pointer. Stylus minimum 6mm tip.
                Touch Method:
                                            Object shape recognition (Palm, fist

                                            Aluminum, tempered glass, printed
                                            circuit boards

                Luminous Transmission:      Better than 95% with glass

                Touch Activation Force:     No pressure required

                Finger Touch accuracy:      ±1.5mm

                Touch Durability:           Unlimited

                Touch Response Time:        7ms - 12ms

                                            Operating temperature: 0°C to 55°C;
                                            Storage temperature: -25°C to 85°C
                                            Operating humidity: 10% to 90%
                                            RH, non-condensing; Storage
                                            humidity: 10% to 90% RH, non-

                                            USB Powered (for screen size ≤ 52")
                Power Supply:               Dual USB Powered (for screen size ≥

                                            USB 2.0 (Full speed), compatible
                Interface:                  with USB 1.1 port, HID compliant,
                                            plug-and-play compatible

                                            Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows
                                            7, Mac OS X

                Connection Options:         USB Series A

                Warranty:                   1 year parts and labor


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Description: Touch Screen allows users to just use your fingers gently touch the computer screen or text on the icons on the host OS can be achieved, so get rid of the keyboard and mouse, make computer interaction more straightforward. Hall is mainly used in public places, information inquiry, leadership office, video games, song a la carte, multimedia, tickets / ticket pre-sale and so on. Products are mainly divided into capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and three types of surface acoustic wave touch screen.