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					                                     Name ______________________
          Directions: There are 9 optional activities listed below. You must choose 1 of the “7 Habits”
        activities AND 3 other activities to complete. Each activity must come from a different subject
        area. When you finish the activity in the square, have your parent sign that square.
                                         This packet is due Friday, December 2nd
                                   Spelling Test Week 11 is Friday, December 2nd

Challenge Reading                               Spelling                            Writing
Cut strips from colored paper. Write                                          Pretend you are one of the
  about events from the story Write         Choose 1 activity from the        Pilgrims. Write a letter to a
   about events from your story on        spelling contract on the back of family member back in England
  each strip. Glue them together to                  this page.            describing the journey, the hard
 form a story chain with links in the                                       times settling the New World,
same order as the events occurred in                                          and the first Thanksgiving.
              the book.
      The 7 Habits                              Reading                       The 7 Habits
       Complete a T-Chart-                                                  Make a calendar chart. Keep a log
“What makes a bad teammate?” and              Complete the attached         of all the “bread” or “grains” you
 “What makes a good teammate?”            “Nature” comprehension sheet                 eat each week.
What kind of teammate do you think         on drawing conclusions, and      Research the number of suggested
             you are?                            fact and opinion.          servings you should eat each day.
                                                                            Did you meet that requirements in
               Why?                                                                      one week?

     Social Studies                                 Math                           Science
                                                Metric Measurement          Our most recent unit in Imagine
Create a Venn Diagram to compare                  Study Link 4.9               it was “Nature’s Delicate
and contrast the life of a slave to the                                     Balance”. It had many science
  life of an indentured servant.                      ~ or ~                  connections! Brainstorm as
                                                                             many as you can think of, and
                                          Log onto Compass Odyssey and             illustrate each one.
                                           complete 3 activities from the    Example- The “Snowflake”
                                               Measurement folder.
                                                                              Story and The Water Cycle
                                              Must complete:
Read at least 20 minutes for 4 days this week and record them on this chart with parent signature.
       Date                  Book Title                         Author               Minutes       Pages
                                                                                      Read         Read

        Minutes read for the week __________________Parent Signature ______________________
1. Write each of your pattern words 3 times. Once in
  pencil, once in colored pencil, and once in crayon.

2. Play a game or take a test on,
   record your score and have your parent sign the box
   on the homework menu.

3. Create an acrostic poem for 3 of your pattern

4. “Backwards Words”: Write each of your pattern
   words. Then write each one again, but spell it

5. Create a “build-a-word” spelling pyramid with your
   pattern words.
    ex: a

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