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Mount Kilimanjaro Nova Scotia


									                JuST fOR C     a   n   a   D       i          a            n

may/June 2009

                                           life + leisure

                             climb to the roof of Africa
                             Mount Kilimanjaro
                                     sail the coast of
                                    Nova Scotia
  the wine
  of Portugal

  San Antonio
  revved up                                                              Enter to
  at Targa                                                               win a
  Newfoundland                                                           $225
  sizing up your                                                         Tilley
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                                                                                    JuST fOR C         a   n    a    D     i    a     n

                                                                                   doCtors                                 life + leisure
                                                                                                                                            May/June 2009                                      Contents
                                                                                  MAY/JuNE 2009

                                                                                     Editor and Art Director Barb Sligl

                                                                                          Editorial Assistant Adam flint

                                                                                              Contributors Dr. Dara Behroozi
                                                                                                           Dr. Susan Biali
                                                                                                           Dr. Mel Borins
                                                                                                           Dr. George Burden
                                                                                                           Dr. holly fong
                                                                                                           Dr. Marlene hunter
                                                                                                           Tiffany Jarva
                                                                                                           Dr. Stan Kutcher
                                                                                                           Dr. Chris Pengilly
                                                                                                           Dr. Neil Pollock
                                                                                                           Manfred Purtzki
                                                                                                           lisa Richardson
                                                                                                           Dr. Kelly Silverthorn
                                                                                                                                                                                  21 14
                                                                                                           Corey Van’t haaff

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                                                                                  Advertising Sales Manager Ruth findlay
                                                                                                                                            14 lessons from the mountain
                                                                                   Senior Account Executive Monique Mori
                                                                                                                                                    A physician tackles the trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro
                                                                                         Account Executive Teri Richardson

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                                                                                                                                                                                  May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS      3
 from the editor

                                                   family adventure
                                                       ypically vacations are with family.    the conference) and while strolling
                                                       That’s the whole point—to travel       through the old town sightseeing.
                                                       with the people we love, and to             Perhaps the best type of family
                                              explore places together, share experi-          escape is a romantic one, like Dr. George
                                              ences and create new memories.                  Burden’s sailing adventure off the coast
                                                    And travelling with family can add        of Nova Scotia with his wife (yes, some
                                               immeasurably to a trip, offering insight       “rocking” was likely involved). A leisurely
                                               and personal growth. This is what              getaway with a partner—away from the
 Travelling                                     Dr. Stan Kutcher found out when he            usual domestic worries—can work
with family                                     climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with his            wonders (page 21).
   is a great
 adventure.                                     son Matt (page 14). As he puts it, the             Dr. Kelly Silverthorn took on a more
      from top                                   mountain taught him many lessons.            challenging adventure with his wife: the
    Sitting in                                        I fondly remember a trip with my        Targa Newfoundland rally-car race (page
  an outdoor                                     sister, Dr. wendy Sligl, to Brussels,        12). They survived unscathed with a new-
   café in the
  old town of
                                                  Belgium. She attended a medical             found respect for each other (and as navi-
 Brussels (me)                                    conference and I tagged along, ex-          gator and driver). when’s the next race?!
 and taking in                                     ploring the beautiful city while she            Another challenge: sky-diving out of
 the beautiful                                     presented work and networked with          a plane thousands of feet above earth. Dr.
architecture of                                    colleagues (I relished the glimpse         George Burden tackled this leap with his

                                                                                                                                             w. sligl; B. sligl
la Grand Place
     (my sister).                                   inside her professional life). our        teenage niece (page 18). unforgettable.
                                                     bond grew—both during the stress              Take on a family adventure!
                                                     of travel (including a hellish bus                               Barb Sligl, BA, MPub
                                                     ride from Brussels to Prague after        

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        for General Practice & Specialists

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  4    JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS   May/June 2009
                                             what/when/where > may/june
           books | food | shows | festivals | places | getaways | gear…

                                        The Convento Cloister at Mission Concepción
                                        is a tranquil, shady spot shielded from the hot Texan sun in the midst
                                        of San Antonio. Thick walls hold hundreds of years of stories from
                                        the days when the mission was one of five (including the far-more-
                                        famous Alamo) built in Spanish territory in the 1700s. Today the                          place
                                        church is an active parish, a tourist draw in a National historic Park,
                                        and a beautifully preserved example of Spanish Colonial architecture.
                                        Sit still and imagine the missionaries, vaqueros (cowboys) and tejanos
                                        (Texans) of days gone by (and see some modern-day ones).
B. sligl

                               For more on San Antonio, see page 25 and go to —B. Sligl

                                                                      May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                  5
mix       may/june

      brate        D-DAY
     65 years later
     This June is the 65th
     anniversary of D-Day,
     when the beaches along
     the Normandy coast of
     France were stormed
     by Allied troops during
     WWII. Celebrations and
     some of the last remaining
     veterans—will take place at
     the Britsh-, Canadian- and
     American-led landing spots
     (Gold Beach, Juno Beach,
     Omaha Beach, Utah Beach).
     And on the evening of June
     5th 25 fireworks displays will
     be set off simultaneously
     along 50 miles of coastline,
     illuminating this spectacular,
     stark and pathos-filled
     landscape. —B.S.;                      clockwise from top left The remains of Mulberry “B” harbour dot the coast off of Arromanches, where Allied soldiers unloaded after D-Day. • German gun batteries at                       the Longues-sur-Mer clifftops. • Memorial sculpture at the Canadian Juno Beach Centre. • Over 9,000 graves overlook Omaha Beach at the American Cemetery.

     charity         getting to better on a wing, a prayer,
                     and 4571 hours of volunteer time
     Hope Air provides 2470 free flights a year to get Canadians to medical treatment
     D Sweeney was bornwitha giant
      avid                                          RonaldMcD    onaldHouse. “It was a very                       T      ent
                                                                                                                   reatm for D    avid’s tracheotom y              resource, m   akingit easier for patients to
     om  phalocele, oneof theworst cases            scary, roughyear,” says his m   other, Tracy           canonly bedoneinC       algary, 527km                   beassessedfor lungtransplant.”
     his doctors hadever seen. Hewasn’t             Sweeney. O D n avid’s release, they m   oved           away. For helpgettingthere, the                               A23year oldnational charity, Hope
     expectedtolive.                                toSaskatoontobecloser tom        edical                Sweeneys turnedtoHopeAir.                               Air has providedover 56,000freeflights
           Hespent thefirst 14m   onths of          care, leavingbehindfam support
                                                                              ily,                                  ut
                                                                                                                  O ontheeast coast, over 500                      toC  anadians across thecountry, totrans-
     his lifeinintensivecare, underwent 7           networks, jobs anda housethey had                           ilies
                                                                                                           fam fromAtlanticC         anada turnedto                port themtom      edical carewhenthey
     surgeries, anddevelopedseveretra-              barely slept in.                                       HopeAir last year, too.                                 can’t affordthetransportationcosts.
     cheobronchom    alacia, for whichhehad              Illness doesn’t necessarily strike                         r.
                                                                                                                  D LianneSinger is them     edical                      Its founders, twovolunteers ina
     tobeairliftedtoCalgary for treatm   ent.                     e,
                                                    closetohom or closetom         edical                  director of thelungtransplant program                   Torontocancer caredepartm saw     ent,
           His parents spent theyear livingin       treatm  ent.                                           at TorontoGeneral Hospital, where                       howexhaustedpatients arrivingfor
                                                                                                           theworld’s first lungtransplant and                             ent
                                                                                                                                                                   treatm werejust fromgettingtothe
                                                                                                           first doublelungtransplant took place.                  hospital. They m   arshaled56freeflights
                                                                                                           “W havea lot of patients for lung                       oncorporatejets for non-em         ergency
                                                                                                           transplants fromtheAtlanticprovinces                    m  edical treatm  ent.
                                                                                                           becausethereis nolungtransplant                               In2008, 50%of HopeAir’s 2470
                                                                                                           servicethere.”                                          flights werefor childrenneedingm          edical
                                                                                                                  Says D Singer, services likeHope                         ent.
                                                                                                                                                                   treatm For thosefam just like ilies,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      fRoM ToP: B. SlIGl (4); CouRTESY hoPE AIR

                                                                                                           Air “area hugehelptopatients because                              ily          avid
                                                                                                                                                                   thefam of littleD Sweeney, Hope
                                                                                                           otherwise, they’dhavetoget hereby                       Air isn’t just anairline, it’s a lifeline.
                                                                                                           som other m
                                                                                                                e          eans, andthey’realready                                           —Lisa Richardson
                                                                                                           facinghugeother pressures. Anything                     HopeAir assists clients ineveryprovince,
                                                                                                           that caneasetheburden(that patients                     andcaneventurnyour RBCRewards
                                                                                                           arefacing) is a great thing. Hope                       Points intofreeflights. For information
     Felix, age 6, and his mom en route from Northern Ontario to The Hospital                              Air im  proves access toa very lim ited
     for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto on a Hope Air volunteer pilot flight.                                                                                 visit www

 6    JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                       May/June 2009
                                                                                                                                                                 may/june                       mix
                                  rocky retreat
                 “The tourists go to Banff, the locals go to Kananaskis,” claim many Albertans. So do G-8
                 leaders. They held their Canadian summit at Kananaskis Village’s Delta Lodge in 2002, because,
                 as Sales & Marketing Director Reto Nigg puts it: “We have a strategic location, beautiful
                 surroundings, an advanced communications system and all the amenities.”
                       They also have a track record, having hosted the APEC
                 Finance Minister’s Conference four years earlier, as well as
                                                                                      Where DOes
                 plenty of CME events.                                                The NAMe COMe
                       K.C., as the locals affectionately call it, is a 4,200-square- FrOM? It was
                 kilometre multiple-use and recreational area consisting of           Captain John
                 one ecological reserve, five Wildland Parks and five Provincial      Palliser, on his ex-
                 Parks. Thirty-one years ago, Premier Peter Lougheed officially       ploration through
                 dedicated the largest of them, a 500-square-kilometre area           the area 150 years
                 around the Kananaskis Lakes that now comprises Peter                 ago, who gave the
                 Lougheed Provincial Park. Located just half an hour west of          river and surround-
                 Calgary on the southeast slopes of the central Rockies, the                                      aerial of highway 40leadingintoKananaskis Country
                                                                                      ing area its Cree
                 area offers hiking trails and backcountry camping, mountain
                                                                                      name, Kin-e-a-kis,
                 biking, downhill and cross-country skiing, horseback riding
                 and golfing in phenomenal mountain settings. You can’t find a
                                                                                      after he heard
                 better place for relaxation and recreation.                          about a Cree
                       Built in 1987, Delta Lodge seems to be in the centre of        warrior who had
                 Kananaskis country. Hiking, biking and X-country trails extend       survived an axe
                 like wheel spokes with the hotel at its hub. Looming over all        blow to the head.
                 of this are the 10,000-foot peaks of the Rockies. Nakiska, built
                 for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games, offers uncrowded skiing five minutes away, two
                 legendary 18-hole golf courses are within a short distance, and a five-minute drive leads to
                 Boundary Ranch.
                 a trail runs along it
                 The Ranch employs over a hundred sure-footed, obliging horses. Take the 2-hour trail ride,
                 which climbs up to the ridge over narrow, steep trails, to deliver mile-high mountain views
                 before dropping into verdant forest trails. Now combine that with the Ranch’s Western style
                 barbecue and enjoy a little luncheon of steak, baked potato, beans, and corn, followed by
                 homemade pie.
                      And then, combine it yet again with a little surf. The Boundary Ranch offers a full day     trail ridinginKananaskis Country                    Kananaskis Country Golf Course
                 “Surf and Saddle” adventure that rounds out your day with a little white water rafting.
                 a river runs through it                                                                          hikinginPeter LougheedProvincial Park
                 And on another day, two renowned side-by-side 16-hole golf courses await your irons. Will
                 it be Mt. Kidd, Mt. Lorette, or both? At 1,500 metres, these mountain courses are overlooked
                 by their namesake mountains, but not by “gourmet” golfers. The Kananaskis River is an
                 ubiquitous presence in the courses’ combined 243 hectares of fairways, bent grass greens and
                 bunker bliss.
                 a road leads to it
                 Now you might be ready to head back to the Delta’s Signature Club, a separate hotel wing with
                                                                                                                                                                                                 trail, river, road
                 its own restaurant, concierge, and lounge with honour bar and hot and cold hors d’oeuvres. If
                 it’s a “spring rolls” day, you won’t need dinner. In the mornings, a complimentary continental
                 breakfast awaits you, with yogurt, fruits, muffins and killer cinnamon buns.
                        The Lodge is also a popular conference venue, with 65% of its business coming from
                 conferences. “Last year we hosted the doctors’ I Care Network,” says Nigg. “Another annual
                 conference is the University of Calgary’s Cabin Fever.” (A three-day professional development
                 conference for rural and regional preceptors, organized through the Faculty of Medicine,
                 and the largest event of its kind in Canada.) “In Kananaskis venues and attractions are easily
                 combined to vary the scene for conference delegates, and that’s a real boon for organizers.”
                 For those who like their pleasures on the rocks, Kananaskis is the getaway. —Cherie Thiessen

                 MORE INFO;
                 GOLFING LODGING

                                                                                                                                   May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                       7
d o c t o r o n a s o a p b o x d r . c h r i s p e n g i l ly

                                                                            Dr. Chris Pengilly is Just for Canadian Doctors’
                                                                                  current affairs columnist. Please send your
                                                                                 comments to him at

too much news?
we’re inundated and oversaturated with news

     am a family physician. As such, of           does one have to hear the heartrending             judgment is questionable, and in some
     course, I see a wide variety of illnesses.   recording of Mrs. Dziekanski crying and            remote part of the world 20 people were
     Two diagnoses that seem to be                sounding inconsolable?                             killed in a bus accident.
coming up more and more frequently are                what is the news value of watching                  having thought about this I tried a
311—depression—and 50B—anxiety.                   Australian families distraught as they look at     limited unblended clinical trial. I suggested
     I began to ask myself why this is. Am        the smouldering remains of                                               to patients that they listen
I over-diagnosing the condition or is the         their houses?                                                            to the news just once a day
incidence truly increasing? I think it’s the
latter. So then I asked myself what is causing
                                                      Is there any relevance
                                                  of a bus crash in Venezuela
                                                                                     There is                              (that should be enough to
                                                                                                                           make sure that the world
this increase. If we have some idea of the
cause, then maybe there is a way of treating
                                                  resulting in 20 deaths?
                                                      finally, the frequency.        excessive                             hasn’t stopped spinning). I
                                                                                                                           also told patients to never
it without prescriptions for Prozac and
                                                  we should not be ostriches
                                                  burying our heads in the           hyperbole                             watch the news; preferably
                                                                                                                           they’d get news from a

                                                                                     in news
     I don’t think there is any one answer; the   sand. on the other hand, to                                              print medium, and pick
one which I will focus on here is that I think    be told this news every hour,                                            and choose from headlines
we are over-saturated with news. I suggest        on the hour (and in some                                                 on only those matters they
there is excessive hyperbole in its delivery.
It’s often too graphic in its presentation—
                                                  commercial radio stations
                                                  every half an hour) amounts
                                                                                     delivery                              wanted to be informed
                                                                                                                           about. Any electronic
and it’s presented in excess.                     to brainwashing. There                                                   media should be used only
     News presenters have never shied away        are radio and television stations entirely         to play recorded music, audible books or
from using hyperbole. And the current             dedicated to the news.                             good escapist movies.
economic chaos has really given them an               Every hour a person can be regaled                  It worked. This is not for everybody, but
opportunity! The fact that the unregulated        by the fact that the world finances are            it has certainly worked for several of my
banks in the uS have precipitated a               plunging, our national police force’s              patients. It could be classified as modifying
correction in an overinflated economy—a                                                              lifestyle, like getting the overweight and
little more than is comfortable—is                                                                   unfit to exercise more and eat less. In this
presented with such terms as spiralling                                                              case, getting the mentally stressed to
down, plummeting, catastrophe. A readiness                                                           modify the information they receive and
to report on the days the stock markets are                                                          then have to deal with. It is so simple and
falling is matched by a reticence on the                                                             yet effective.
days when there is “green on the screen.”                                                                 I had the gratifying experience of a
     Nowhere are there reports or                                                                          nurse asking me what I had done
comments concerning the positive                                                                             for her housebound aunt. She had
aspects of this correction. The                                                                              no prescription for tranquilizers or
falling Canadian dollar can only be                                                                           antidepressants but became much
good for an exporting country like                                                                             more tranquil.
Canada. The more realistic real                                                                                      This is one of the joys of
estate prices have enabled several                                                                                 medical practice. There are
of my younger patients to enter                                                                                     still areas in which one can
the housing market. This would                                                                                       experiment. There is still the
not have been thinkable six                                                                                           opportunity to practice and
months ago. The falling cost                                                                                           develop the art as well as the
of oil has put dollars back                                                                                            science of medicine.
into most households that                                                                                                    I would be very interested
own a car. likewise the cost                                                                                            if any other readers have had
of transporting goods is less                                                                                           a similar experience in this or
prohibitive.                                                                                                             other fields of medicine.
     No matter what the rights

or wrongs of the situation at
the Vancouver International
Airport, how many more times

8   JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS            May/June 2009
                                                                aqueous humour dr. dara behroozi

                              Dr. Dara Behroozi is Just for Canadian
                              Doctors’ humour columnist. He practises
                              medicine, plays soccer and enjoys single-malt.

         bedside manners                                                                                                     walk
                                                                                                                              the !
         we’ve softened—from crusty old docs to young, iPod-toting ones

                 s I walk the wards with the             Sitting at the end of the bed, they
                 young residents these days I am         would say things like...”It’s not looking
                 always impressed by how polite          good old chap…er…I wouldn’t start
         they are—even to the most difficult,            reading War and Peace...You know...
         personality-disordered patients. A far cry      get your affairs in order.” And with
         from when I trained, when the Gods who          that they would be up and off,
         ran the teaching hospitals would talk           before the patients had any time
         down from their pedestals to the patients,      to express “excessive” emotions or
         or dispense wisdom to us students,              ask unnecessary questions. of course,
         laced with sarcasm and disparaging              a nurse was quickly dispatched to deal
         remarks about our intellectual prowess.         with the quivering unfortunate in the
         In England, where I trained, the medical        bed. The ward was run by a Sister or chief     fight against the Nazis.
         hierarchy has long nurtured a reputation        nurse who was constantly telling patients           Back to that hypercalcemia episode.
         for humiliating the next generation of          to “Pull yourself together,” when they did     It happened on a wet November day, on
         doctors.                                        not meet pain or bad news with a stiff         a ward round in my forth year of medical
             once you have been destroyed in             upper lip.                                     school. God settled his eyes on me and
         front of your peers and patients for not            Things are much better now…or              asked for five causes of hypercalcemia.
         recalling the five most common causes of        are they? well, we are much nicer to           I could only come up with three. I was
         hypercalcemia, you never forget it.             everyone, even when there is nothing           then asked to “walk the plank,” as we
             The crusty old docs out there will          wrong with them. we treat everyone with        minions called it. That was when the
         remember the characters I am talking            respect. what could possibly be wrong          Professor sent you home to read up, since
         about. They would march imperiously             with that? Nothing, except you don’t get       you obviously did not know enough to
         down the ward, followed by a flock of           far using a carrot alone.                      be on his ward round. It was worse if it
         fawning (or at least frightened) students,          we no longer judge (rightly so) but        happened at the end of the long Victorian
         residents and nurses.                                                  rather hold hands       wards, as you would have to walk
         They would pause                                                       while patients          shamefaced like a latter-day oliver Twist
         before a recently        Once you have                                 drink, drug, gamble,    past all the inquisitive glances of the
         admitted patient,
         who just played a
                                  been destroyed                                philander, or
                                                                                malinger their way
                                                                                                        patients, cleaning staff and care aids.
                                                                                                             from that day on I could—and
         supporting role in
         the theatrical drama,
                                  in front of your                              through life. like a
                                                                                priest, we are there
                                                                                                        still can—recall All the causes of
                                                                                                        hypercalcemia, and hypocalcaemia, and
         and wait.                peers and patients                            for them; but unlike    many other much more obscure facts.
             one of us would                                                    the priest, we are to        I have often asked my residents the
         stutter out the          for not recalling                             be silent witnesses.    hypercalcemia question. Sometimes I
         history and then God                                                   of course, for some     get a couple of causes, and occasionally
         would examine the        the five most                                 this can be too         none can be recalled. however, today’s
         patient. “who made
         this wound?” he          common causes                                 much. An old doc,
                                                                                long gone, who
                                                                                                        residents quickly remind me that all
                                                                                                        these things can be looked up in a matter
         would say looking at
         the appendectomy
                                  of hypercalcemia,                             I had met in my
                                                                                youth, was telling
                                                                                                        of seconds and no longer have to be
                                                                                                        committed to memory like a parrot. True
         scar. we all looked
         at the quickly
                                  you never forget it                           me of a patient who
                                                                                had come to him
                                                                                                        enough, but what sits in the memory is
                                                                                                        like an old friend who is much easier to
         reddening senior                                                       yet again to pad        reconnect with.
         resident. “what’s the matter Dr. Smith,         a car accident claim with “pain diaries,”           Just like the pendulum that has swung
         can’t you cut straight? Did you have too        and whiney complaints…eventually               too far to one end and needs to be
         many beers the night before?” After a           my old friend had had enough: “what            centred, we too need to find something
         quick patronizing pat on the patient’s          exactly makes you think I am in the least      between the sociopathic doctors of the
         head, we would be off to the next bed.          interested in every twinge and ache that       past and the enabling, iPod doctors of the

             watching the crusty old docs trying         besets you?” To add effect, he tapped          future.
         to break bad news was distinctly painful.       his pen on his glass eye, a souvenir of his

                                                                                                 May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS        9
the wine doctor dr. neil pollock

                                                Dr. Neil Pollock is a member of the Wine Writers’ Circle of Canada; visit his website
                                                  on wine at or send feedback to
                                                           He practises no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy and infant circumcision.

beyond port                                                                          +        green wines                Vinho Verde translates as
                                                                                           “green wines,” but these wines didn’t get the name from
                                                                                           their standard yellow to golden colour. They’re green
                                                                                           because the grapes need to be consumed young, while
There’s a Portuguese wine renaissance going on                                             fresh with bright flavours. Besides crisp acidity and vivid
                                                                                           fruit flavours, Vinho Verde wines also have some fizz. Before
                                                                                           the advent of modern winemaking techniques, the wines

         s a medical student I backpacked           herbs—and they can age
                                                                                           underwent a slight secondary fermentation in the bottle.
         through Europe and toured the              exceptionally well.                    Locals consider any Vinho Verde without carbonation
         beaches of the Algarve along                     Quinta da Cortezia               flawed. Vinho Verde is white or red, but the whites are
Portugal’s coast. I remember motoring along         2005 (about $18) is deep               much better—and true bargains that range from $6 to
rough roads on a moped with the hot sun             in colour, showing tons of             $10. They’re the perfect accompaniment to shellfish, mild
and warm wind on my face, searching for the         fleshy plum. It ages 300 days          cheese, fruit, pasta, salads and other summer fare.
next beautiful beach to set camp on. I also         in french-oak barrels and
remember being totally unimpressed with             120 days minimum in the
Portuguese wines. But that was 25 years ago         bottle. with a nice layering
and I’m amazed at how things have changed.          of spicy aromas, its structure
     for hundreds of years Portugal has             is firm and powerful. It’s best
preserved its rich heritage of indigenous           served with fine meats and
grape varieties to become the world’s               strong-tasting cheeses. Also
eighth-largest wine producer. And now a             from the Douro is Quinta
new generation of winemakers is marrying            dos Quatro Ventos (about
modern winemaking technologies with                 $20)—deep purple, per-
traditional craftsmanship to produce wine           fumed with spice, coconut
that is making the world’s wine connoisseurs        and oak aromas, and laced
take notice.                                        with sunny black fruits. It’s
                                                                                          left Thewineterraces of theD   uorovalley inPortugal, longknownfor port but
     I met Marcio ferreira, North American          soft with a seasoned texture
                                                                                          nowalsofor its wine. right Thetownof Pinhãocom tolifeduringtheannual
marketing manager for Viniportugal (a trade         and a rich-yet-dry aftertaste.                                    n,
                                                                                          grapeharvest intheautum attractingpickers fromall over Portugal.
association promoting Portuguese wines), at         The Meandro Douro Rd by
a recent wine-tasting event showcasing close        f. olazabal filhos (about $15)
to 50 of Portugal’s top wine producers to           is also dark in colour with a
prove that the country’s wines are undergo-         saturated blueberry and licorice nose. with              minerals. This robust red finishes smooth and
ing a renaissance. As ferreira puts it, “Portugal   lots of blueberry, blackberry, black current,            fruity with good tannic structure and is best
has a great advantage because its wines are         chocolate liquor and vanilla on the palate, it’s         paired with a braised meat dish.
undervalued at all price points.”                   clean, rich and powerful.                                      At the wine tasting I also met Domingos
     Two well-established wine regions (from              In Southern Portugal, the Alentejo region          Alves De Sousa. This affable man epitomizes
a long list) are the Douro and Alentejo. wine       is a vast rural area of flat planes and occasion- today’s Portuguese winemakers. his family
terraces have tamed the slopes of the Douro         al low hills marked with cork, oak and olive             has been making wines in the Douro for
valley for centuries. one of the wildest wine-      trees. The soil here is rich lime with granite,          generations, but now, instead of selling wines
growing landscapes in the world, its soil is        schist and marble. Popular grape varieties are           in bulk to the major port houses, he’s produc-
schist—poor, rocky soil with low yields. The        Roupeiro, Aragones and Trincadeira. Alentejo             ing, bottling and marketing wines under his
main grape varieties are Touriga Nacional,          was the source of Portugal’s wine revolution,            own label. The Alves De Sousa name is one to
Tinta Roriaz (Aragones) Touriga franca and          adopting modern wine-growing methods                     look for, especially on higher-end bottles like
Tinta Amarela. Despite the rocky soil, these        with impressive results and international                Abandonado 2005 (about $65). Domingos
vines flourish and sink their roots deep.           acclaim. It’s best known for red wines that are and I did a lot of smiling and nodding at
     Port may be Douro’s most famous prod-          full-bodied, fruity and suitable for aging.              each other; I couldn’t speak Portuguese and
uct, but its table wine is produced in greater            Esporao Reserva 2005 (about $20)                   he couldn’t speak English, but after clanging
quantities and is capturing consumers with          is a deep-red wine matured one year in                   glasses filled with his top vintages more than
its dark colours—inky, opaque, ripe blackber-       American oak barrels and another year in the             a few times, it didn’t matter much.
ries—and notes of rockrose. Touriga Nacional        bottle. with blackberry flavours and a tarry,                  whether you’re a Portuguese wine virgin
                                                                                                                                                                        fRoM lEfT: RuI CuNhA; João PAulo

is the dominant and best-appreciated red-           savoury element, it’s best paired with any               or avid collector, there’s a bottle to please
wine grape variety here. Growers all over the       stewed, braised or roasted red meat or fish              your palate. This new wave of Portuguese
country have discovered its potential. The          dish. lush, with an evident oak footprint, this          wines is proof that great quality is still avail-
grapes are small with a high concentration          agreeable red comes from the well-respect-               able at great prices. Instead of reaching for
of sweetness, aroma, extracts, tannins and          ed herdade winery. Also from the Alentejo                familiar varieties from france or California, go
colour. Its wines are aromatic, bursting with       region, Cortes de Cima Chamine 2006 by                   for the Douro or Alentejo. Saude!
dark berry fruit, with floral notes of violets      Casa Agricola (about $17) has sweet blue-
and rockrose pine with eucalyptus and               and-black fruits with mellow oak and earthen

10    JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS              May/June 2009
                                              t h e f o o d d o c t o r d r . h o l ly f o n g

                                             Dr. Holly Fong is a practising speech-language
                                             pathologist with three young children who is
                                             always trying, adapting and creating dishes.

                 it’s lobster season
                 Time for some drunken lobster and mangos

                        pring is one of my favourite seasons.              Maritimes, coinciding with an abundance
                        The days are longer, the weather                   of mangos and the first peas at the farmers’
                        is warmer and who isn’t                                         markets.
                 happier with the abundance                                                     lobster, in season, is
                 of yellow, purple and pink                                                    priced comparably with
                 flowers in yards and                                                             other meats, and given a
                 public spaces? It also                                                             choice between steak
                 heralds the return of                                                                and lobster, I’ll choose
                 some of my family’s                                                                  the latter. As long as
                 favourite foods. The                                                                  I can serve it shell
                 big spring lobster                                                                    free (or I’ll find myself
                 fishery opens in the                                                                  constantly peeling
                                                                                                      shells at the table
                                                                                                     for my ravenous two-
                  lobster mango salad                                                              year-old twins while my
                  (serves 4)                                                                    own dinner goes cold).
                                                                                              Removing raw lobster from
                                                                                          the shell is very difficult and
                  1 garlic clove, minced
                                                                                     not recommended—trust me, I’ve
                  1 tablespoon fresh tarragon, chopped
                                                                           tried; it’s much easier to remove meat from
                  zest of 1 lime, grated
                                                                           boiled lobsters. But I find boiling renders
                  juice of 1 lime
                                                                           the meat tough and dry compared to stir-
                  1 tablespoon of honey
                                                                           frying. The solution: the Chinese cooking
                  1 teaspoon of dijon mustard
                                                                           method for a succulent and moist “dunked”
                  ¼ cup of olive oil
                                                                           or “drunken” bird. Put the lobster into a big
                  salt and pepper
                                                                           pot of boiling water flavoured with carrots,
                                                                           onion and celery. when the water returns to
                  1 package of baby spinach, 5 oz
                                                                           a roiling boil, cover the pot and turn off the
                  2 large ripe ataulfo mangoes (flat, yellow
                     mangoes)                                              heat so that the lobster cooks gently in hot
                  4 lobster tails, cut into 1 inch rounds                  water (a two-pound lobster will cook in 18
                                                                           minutes). Cut up immediately or cool under
                  C binethefirst 7 ingredients for thesaladdressing
                   om                                                      ice water to stop further cooking.
                  ina largem   easuringcupor bowl. Whisk toem    ulsify.       An added bonus of this cooking
                  Addsalt andpepper totaste. Refrigerateandre-             method is that I get two meals from one
                  em  ulsify beforeusing.                                  lobster. The tail meat combined with
                        Peel them  angos. O a largebowl, scorethe
                                           ver                             mango and spinach makes a colourful
                  m angoes lengthwiseinto5 strips by cuttingtothe          salad for a light lunch. And I use the lobster
                  central pit. Thenscorecrosswiseinto8 or 9 slices.        shells to make stock for a delicious risotto
                  Sliceoff thechunks fromthecentral pit. Toss with2        containing peas and the remaining meat.
                  tablespoons of saladdressing.                                when serving these dishes during
                        Rinseanddry baby spinach. Toss with2               lobster season, splurge by serving
                  tablespoons of dressing. D spinacham
                                              ivide            ongst 4     champagne or go with a more economical
                  plates. Put thelobster tail slices inthecentreof the     accompanying wine like a well-balanced

                  spinachoneachplate. Scatter thedressedm       ango       Chenin Blanc. Try the 2005 vintage by
                  chunks over thelobster andspinachoneachplate.            the Raats brothers from the Stellenbosch
                                                                           region of South Africa. This Chenin Blanc
                  D Holly Fong’s lobster risotto recipeis on
                    r.                                                     has intense pineapple, citrus and honey
DR. hollY foNG

                  page37; her dunked lobster recipeis at                   spice flavours with a well-balanced acidity
                                      to cut the richness of the lobster. It’s elegant
                                                                           without overpowering fruit and has a finish
                                                                           that lingers. Enjoy.

                                                                                                                        May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS   11
motoring                     d r . k e l ly s i l v e r t h o r n

                                                                                                 Dr. Kelly Silverthorn is a radiologist
                                                                                                  and Just for Canadian Doctors’
                                                                                                                   automotive writer.

rocking The Rock
Targa Newfoundland newbies tell all

        or years I’ve yearned to tour                   the Equipped class. Thus, our
        the Granite Planet. The ideal                   Giannou Motorsports Porsche
        Newfoundland CME event just never               944 Turbo had a rally computer
presented itself. when the CME approach                 secured to the navigator’s side of
falters, my fallback is to find a motoring              the dash. The computer’s odom-
event. Targa Newfoundland had long                      eter reads to the tens of metres,
captured my imagination on
TV. I’d assumed the event was
beyond my scope of (motoring)
practice. A little web surfing and
two quick phone calls later, I was a
bewildered Targa Newfoundland
     The modern Targa format
debuted in 1992 in Tasmania.
Since then, the Australian, New
Zealand, and Newfoundland
events have offered intrepid
motoring adventurers competi-
                                            clockwise from left D Silverthornsits over
tive tarmac rallies. They traverse                                                                                                have further safety
                                               a seafood-chowder lunch(his second
1,500 – 2,000 km of transit stages,       bowl of“thebest I’veever had”) withrace                                                 equipment, including full
and an additional 500 – 700 km of course workers. • The amazing scenery and                                                       roll cages and five-point
closed-road Targa stages. In the            twistingroads of theG    ranitePlanet and                                             safety belts. To encour-
Targa stages teams of drivers and        Targa Newfoundland. • A bonus of the race                                                age vehicle diversity, the
co-drivers (navigators) compete            experience: C  hildrenwholinethetransit                                                various Targa classes have
against the clock (one car starting             routes, cheering, seekingcom   petitor                                            handicapped closed-
every 30 seconds).                               “cards”(think of a hockey card, only                                             road target times based
     My expectations for our                bigger) andteamautographs.“However                                                    on: i) car age, ii) engine
                                           hum your car or driving, you’reaT     arga                                             size/induction systems,
mid-September week at Targa
                                                             star,”says D Silverthorn.                                            and iii) modifications
Newfoundland were lousy
weather, friendly people, interest-                                                                                               from stock.
ing roads, and an occasional adrenaline-                as do the stage notes (actually diagrams                 The twisty roads chosen for the event
infused spat with my recalcitrant co-driver/            called “tulips” that the navigator translates to    rarely allow 200 kph. The fastest cars are
wife. As less of a gearhead than I, Michelle            the driver: “left in 30 metres and into crest       the professional gravel rally teams from
was ambivalent about co-driving from the                over square right in 50 metres, don’t cut…”).       Subaru, Mitsubishi and Audi. factory teams
outset. I may have undersold the nature of                    Touring division target speeds and time-      from lexus and Dodge (460hybrid and
the event just a little. her suspicions were            arrival windows start out slow and easy and         Challenger respectively) are also quick.
heightened by the two sets of crash helmets progress to fast, precise and unobtainable…                     Though, thanks to the handicap system, the
and fire suits she found in the luggage.                even for fellow Targa Newfoundland rookies          overall 2008 Targa Newfoundland winners
     Normally, Michelle refuses to read maps            and Canada’s first-ever formula one driver          were, again, in an old privateer BMw from
while moving, and is barely tolerant of my              Eppie wietzes. Eppie and wife Barb are              the Nixon era.
penchant for press-on driving. But the lure             competing in their speedy Porsche 996 C4S.               To curry favour with the spectators, most
                                                                                                                                                               CouRTESY TARGA NEwfouNDlAND

of touring Newfoundland won out. She has                we all become fast friends.                         closed-road stages utilize some residential
no regrets about her Targa experience, and                    The 15 cars making up the Touring             segments. The tightest, in Brigus, is primarily
excelled in the job. our event expectations             division are an eclectic mix of old and new,        one-lane alleyways meandering through the
were exceeded with: sunburns, amazing                   cheap and expensive, including Porsche,             Victorian-era village. Even the veterans were
roads, real Canadiana, the welcoming Targa              BMw, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, lotus, American            anxious about Brigus. I overhear three-time
community, a sense of accomplishment, and muscle, and Japanese econoboxes.                                  overall winner Bill Arnold warning one of
a stronger partnership. And no spats!                         Starting each stage after the Touring         his teams that they have to be millimetre
     As first-time Targanauts, we chose                 division are 50 teams in the Targa classes.         perfect just to fit through the alley widths.
the more accessible Touring division in                 These cars must be both street legal and                 A third of the way into the Brigus stage

12    JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS               May/June 2009
                                                                                                             ta l e s f r o m t h e t r e n c h e s

                       we’re in trouble. Michelle is lost tulip-wise.   Dr. Neil Pollock writes about wine
                       Paroxysms of laughter echo through               for Just for Canadian Doctors.
                       the car but our pace is undiminished.            See his column on page 10.
                       Between guffaws I mutter, “I can’t believe

                                                                        road to Rwanda
                       this is legal…every gearhead should get
                       to do this once.” I’m still giggling as we
                       exit the stage. I thank the local course
                       marshal effusively for sharing his amazing
                       community.                                       A physician shares his work in sub-Saharan Africa
                           The faster, non-residential, portions
                       of most stages feature many elevation

                       changes with blind corners and crests,                     ever doubt that a small group of           ceptance of infant circumcision (pain, viable
                       dips, or gravel just where you don’t want                  thoughtful, committed citizens             technique) softened once people saw and
                       them. Mistakes here come with enhanced                     can change the world. Indeed it’s          learned about the new options for infant
                                                                        the only thing that ever has.” The truth of          circumcision presented by the BCCDC team
                                                                        this quote (by anthropologist Margaret               of doctors. “My contribution was to teach

                        I can’t believe this                            Mead) was confirmed for Dr. Neil Pollock
                                                                        after a recent trip to Rwanda with a team
                                                                                                                             my African colleagues a 30-second virtually
                                                                                                                             bloodless, painless surgery with anesthetic,”
                          is legal…every                                of physicians assembled by the BC Centre
                                                                        for Disease Control (BCCDC) and its project
                                                                                                                             says Dr. Pollock. “They were using a 20-minute

                         gearhead should                                partner, family health International (fhI).
                                                                             Statistics can be grim: An estimated 1.9
                        get to do this once                             million people were newly infected with
                                                                        human Immunodeficiency Virus (hIV) in
                                                                        sub-Saharan Africa in 2007 (for a total 22
                       consequences. five Targa division cars           million). Two thirds of the global population
                       have You Tube-worthy offs—both rookies           with hIV live in this region, with 75% of the
                       and past champions. fortunately, no in-          world’s AIDS deaths in 2007.
                       juries are sustained (Targa Newfoundland              But there’s also hope: Studies in Africa
                       has an unblemished safety record to date).       show that circumcised men are up to 60%
                            we survive to finish the six-day event      less likely than uncircumcised men to con-
                       despite many mechanical gremlins. we             tract the AIDS virus from heterosexual sex
                       drive as fast as we are comfortable and          with an infected partner. The world health
                       have a blast. Apart from one Mulligan in         organization and the uNAIDS program now
                       Gander, we have no close calls (missed           recommend adult male circumcision as part
                       the turn completely and slid harmlessly          of comprehensive AIDS reduction programs.
                                                                             Dr. Pollock wanted his participation in this      r.                                 cised
                                                                                                                             D Neil Pollock holds anewlycircum babyboyat KingFaisal
                       under red tape!). The days are long, from                                                             Hospital inKigali, Rwanda. Herecentlytravelledtotheregiontoteach
                       before 6 am to around 8 pm, not counting         mission to add to the positive stats. having
                                                                                                                             local surgeons his virtuallypain-free“M  ogen”circumcisiontechnique.
                       vehicle servicing or navigator homework.         done over 30,000 infant circumcisions using
                                                                                                                             This childnowhas asignificantlyreducedchanceof contractingthe
                       fortunately, there’s a fair bit of idle time     the Mogen technique (developed in 1954 by a               S
                                                                                                                             AID virus as anadult, accordingtostudies conductedinAfrica.
                       within each day, where one gets to bond          rabbi in New York), Dr. Pollock devised his own
                       with the larger Targa community.                 teaching models. Before travelling to Rwanda,        scissor/scalpel technique with sub-optimal
                            At Targa Newfoundland’s closing it’s        he asked the head of King faisal hospital in         anesthetic, if any, requiring sutures.”
                       easy to tell that every competitor has ap-       Kigali to choose two top physicians and book              what’s more, for Dr. Pollock, this trip
                       preciated the challenge, cultural exposure,      20 babies a day for three days so that he could      made an impact in reducing mortality. “I took
                       comradeship, and scenic beauty of the            pass on his surgical technique to physicians         this little thing that I do, which is circumci-
                       event. (I’m holding back a tear as I type        who could then use it themselves and be              sion—a small, relatively insignificant thing in
                       this.) we all plan to return.                    skilled enough to teach it to other physicians.      the whole scheme of medical technology
                            You could complete the Touring side              he prearranged everything from home.            today—to another country, and that small
                       of the event with a rental car, $20 worth        “You think it’s hard to book a surgical schedule     intervention will reduce the risk of AIDS trans-
                       of stopwatches/calculators and a strong          in Canada? Try doing it when you’re in Canada        mission by about 60%. As doctors we dream
                       sense of adventure. Although installing a        and booking it for Africa,” says Dr. Pollock. “My    about having an impact—to improve the
                       $600 rally computer adds enormously to           colleagues all said, ‘You’re going to do what?!’”    quality of life for people and help save lives.”
                       the experience…The racers amongst us             he pulled it off and ended up with a big group            Africa had an impact on Dr. Pollock too.
                       are now thinking of putting roll cages into      watching each procedure while he focused on          on his road to Rwanda, he found the African
                       a Porsche GT3 (Eppie) or Nissan Skyline          teaching the two physicians. They’ve followed        people invariably happy and smiling, despite

                       GTR (me) and chasing Targa glory. But            up to tell Dr. Pollock that the Mogen clamp is       less-fortunate living conditions—whether
                       how does one slide either of those into          in good use and that there have been no com-         in the city, countryside or jungle. And in
                       the luggage, past a wife, unransomed?            plications. The Rwandan Ministry of health           the jungle, Dr. Pollock had another nice
                                                                        also announced that it was making infant             surprise…he literally rubbed shoulders with
                                                                        circumcision a priority in its fight against AIDS.   a huge silverback. Even the gorillas were
                                                                             Potential barriers to widespread ac-            happy and welcoming. —B. Sligl

                                                                                                                   May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                        13
travel the world

    son moun                                                                          from

 Les        tain                  cras

                                           h co

                                                               the s

                                                            in lif
                                                                                 it of M
                                                                             stor y
                                                                   e fo             + ph                   anjar
                            Karibu                                       r thi           otog
                                                                                              r aph                 o is a
                    (“welcome” in Swahili). That                                s ph               y by
             is the greeting of the sun, slapping warmth                               ysic             Dr. S
                                                                                                              ta n K
           on my weary shoulders at the mountain’s top. That is                             ian                     utch
           the salutation from uhuru peak, at 5,896 metres above sea                               and                   er
           level, the highest freestanding mountain in the world—
           the roof of Africa.
                                                                     and green-
                                                                     tree hills, sharing
               My son and I have summitted, and are standing on
                                                                               backgrounds,             joking
           the snow-capped ridge of Kilimanjaro. Thirty years of
                                                                               together, telling stories, mixing
           age separates us. one young and fit and just beginning
                                                                               climbing partners, learning local knowledge.
           to explore Africa. one older, much less fit and enjoying
                                                                               The miles fly by. The faster climbers drop back to help
           continued exploration of Africa. A shared challenge and
                                                                               the slower ones. Matt carries my extra pack. And has the
           now a shared goal realized. five days of steady climbing.
                                                                               good grace not to comment on his father’s slower pace. All
           five days of father-son bonding. five days of lessons from
                                                                               for one and one for all.
           the mountain.
                                                                               Lesson 2 The world is a small place and groups
           Day 1 A long bumpy and red-dirt dusty ride over                     of strangers can work together to achieve a common
                                                                               goal. We all become stronger as we help each other.
           winding rural roads bound by a narrow band of mud-
           wattle and then thatched buildings, produce sellers, water          Funny how sometimes that truth seems so hard to
           carriers and constantly moving people. Villages merge into          grasp.
           villages. Each is filled with scores of young children, running,
           laughing, waving at our jeep convoy. No shoes. Some wear            Day 3 My legs are aching. My lungs are not providing
           flip-flops. Most are barefooted. All are caked in the choking       enough oxygen to the muscles. The path is steep,
           red dust. But everywhere is laughter. Excitement. Grins from        crumbling shale. Always upwards. Vast expanses of broken
           ear to ear.                                                         volcanic rock stretch to the horizon. Broken rock is studded
                out of the jeeps for lunch. Everyone in our climbing           with patches of brilliant white flowers. like vanilla yogurt
           group consumes more calories in our pre-packed lunch                drippings on our granite kitchen counter. how do they
           boxes than any family we passed along the road would eat            grow in such a harsh and barren place?
           that day. “Terrible sandwich and the banana is so bruised,”              My backpack is getting heavier as we go higher. I
           is overheard from a climber in a sister group. “Can’t they          am sweating in the cool air. The trail leads steeply up—
           provide better food?” Meanwhile, little faces watching.             disappearing into the clouds. The young and more fit seem
           Noses running. we share our chocolates and fruit. Smiles            to be doing better. Matt comes by frequently to check on
           and shouts of laughter as little feet run off to hide with their    “the old man.” lots of jokes between older and younger
           treasures.                                                          climbers. I begin to shuffle as I climb. I should have trained.
                                                                               fewer glasses of Bordeaux and more time on the jogging
           Lesson 1 We have so much yet take it for granted                    trail. Should have spent more time exercising and fewer
           and complain. Be appreciative and share. I need to                  hours at the desk.
           live that, not just think that.
                                                                               Lesson 3 Be prepared. The mountain, like life,
           Day 2 Thick frost and cold wind welcome us before the               requires readiness.
           sun rises to warm. It seems Matt and I have come to Africa
           to escape the heat of Canada. our climbing group sleeply            Day 4 Cold crisp day—brilliant sun again. The flower
           stumbles to break camp. we come from many places—                   patches give way to rock and gravel. occasional volcanic
           Canada, uK, the uS—and are parent-child pairs, husband-             lava tubes, lava caves, extinct for centuries. The greens are
           wife pairs and singletons; 11 climbers and four Tanzanian           gone. Browns and blacks are now the dominant colours,
           guides. It’s a full day of thorn-filled scrambles through scrubby   often wrapped in a soft off-white green mist of clouds. The

   14   JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS            May/June 2009
above   Trekkers tent camp on the low slopes of Kilimanjaro. below Dr. stan Kutcher and his son Matthew at the summit.
travel the world
                                                                              dust is swept by the wind, blurring the shapes of the hills. Barren.
                                                                              Silent. An occasional raven appears in the sky. wild dog droppings
                                                                              dot the trail. No sight of any other life. Desert. The sunset pinks the
                                                                              dirt. Now we are above the clouds—in violets and blues. higher
                                                                              there’s a clear indigo sky, crowned by a full moon. water freezes in
                                                                              the washing bowl. A stark and barren beauty.
                                                                              Lesson 4 There is beauty everywhere. Learn to see it.
                                                                              Day 5 we are up at midnight. fumbling, dressing in the warm
                                                                              tent while outside the temperature is well below zero. we make
                                                                              sure the water bottles are full and tucked inside the down. Time to
                                                                              leave Kibo hut camp—ours is the last of five groups departing on
                                                                              the night push to the top. we joke and wisecrack as we set off, like
                                                                              teenagers at a first dance. Excited and uncertain.
                                                                                  Now we are all moon shadows moving. flashlights help
                                                                              smooth out the rough rocks. our route is straight up into the
                                                                              darkness. Blinking stars and headlamps from those who left earlier
              above saying goodbye—the guides, porters and trekkers at
                                                                              point the way ahead. Shouts and far-off calls in the night. “Pole,
           the trip’s end. below The saddle of Kilimanjaro. bottom Dr. stan
          Kutcher and his son at the glacier-laced shoulder of Kilimanjaro.
                                                                              pole” (slowly, slowly) says Meke our guide. we think we can push
                                                                              faster. No, asserts Meke—“pole, pole.” Then there are the casualties
                                                                              of the mountain. Some of those who left before us are slumped by
                                                                              the trail or being helped down the dark slides. The altitude can kill.
                                                                              one man is delirious—fighting with those who only wish to help.
                                                                              A young girl is having trouble breathing—lung gurgles. She’s been
                                                                              pushed beyond her limit by her overbearing father. hopefully she
                                                                              gets down in time. The altitude can kill.
                                                                                  “Pole, pole.” Now we scramble over rocks—big rocks—like by
                                                                              the ocean at our home. I lag a bit behind. will I be able to make
                                                                              it? Meke’s words echo—“pole, pole.” Set your own pace. Sunrise
                                                                              appears in a crimson sky; crayoned and paint-spilled reds and
                                                                              blues. we’re well above the clouds, like glaciers floating and soft
                                                                              amidst sand and rock. And finally the fullness of the sun. A final
                                                                              push from Gilman’s Point. The sky is white, blue, silver. with an arm
                                                                              over Matt’s strong back, I make the peak. The world is at our feet.
                                                                              Lesson 5 Slow and steady wins the race. March to the
                                                                              beat of your own drum.
                                                                              Day 6 we’re down and breaking camp again. Thank you to the
                                                                              guides. Thank you to the porters. Thank you to each other. African
                                                                              songs are sung by a male choir with the snows of Kilimanjaro as
                                                                              the background. The track descends steeply. Desert gives way to
                                                                              forest. Dust to damp.
                                                                                  My right foot pains with every step. There’s blood in my boot.
                                                                              I dare not take it off. But more than that is the feeling of success,
                                                                              of pushing past my limits. There’s the freedom of new friendships
                                                                              and the collective of shared participation. And most of all, the
                                                                              privilege of watching my son take on the challenge. Not only the
                                                                              challenge of the mountain, but the challenge of watching over a
                                                                              slower, older climbing partner. Respectfully and quietly.
                                                                                  he met these challenges. he set his own relationships with
                                                                              climbers, guides and partners alike. he reached the summit. he
                                                                              helpfully hovered when necessary and moved at his own pace
                                                                              when not. he stood well. The mountain was his.
                                                                              Lesson 6         I have grown up to be father to the man.
                                                                              Kwaheri, safari salama (goodbye, travel well).
                                                                              Dr. Stan Kutcher lives and practises in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has
                                                                              served as the Associate Dean of International Medical Development
                                                                              & Research with Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Medicine. At
                                                                              Dalhousie, he has been chair of the Department of Psychiatry.

   16   JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS           May/June 2009
                                                                                                                           Lesson 4:
                                                                                       earn to see
                                                                            erywhere. L
                                                                 s beauty ev
                                                          There i

above   Breaking camp above the clouds—it’s cold out here! below left The summit glimpsed through clouds. below right The summit ahead—days of trekking to go.
prescribing r & r

                                                     Dr. George Burden is a general practitioner in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. He’s also an avid travel writer; he
                                                      won a merit award for his travel feature in Just for Canadian Doctors September 2008 issue in both
                                                      the Family Travel and Cruising categories of the North American Travel Journalism Awards this year.

taking a dive                                                  by dr. george burden
A physician defies eons of genetic conditioning and hurls himself out of a plane

  Y                                                                                                           +
           ou don’t really feel the rush until the    Association. wilson, the Canadian record-
           aircraft’s door opens at 10,000 feet.      holder for the most jumps in 24 hours
           Then reality hits. There’s nothing         (an incredible 150!), was working on                              if you dive
  between you and the ground but two                  parachuting from every skydive-site in the
                                                                                                                     skydive AtlanticSchool of Skydiving
  miles of empty space. The air rushing past          country. Rumour has it that he’s done a few                    >>
  the door seems a sentient force, struggling         of his dives au naturel. But not this one.           
  to rip you from the cockpit. Rather than                 our pilot, Ron, welcomed us aboard the                    find out more CanadianSport
  fighting it, you embrace it, hurling yourself       single-engine aircraft. As it climbed skyward,                 ParachutingAssociation> >
  into the void. You arch your back and for           the Annapolis Valley unfolded below. To              
  the next 40 seconds plummet in free-fall,           the east the Atlantic glistened blue and in
  effectively weightless.                             the west were the brown waters of the Bay
       I hadn’t really expected to be falling         of fundy with its monumental tides, the
  from a plane at 120 miles per hour that             shores of New Brunswick visible beyond it.
  afternoon. The week-long camping holiday            Alex and I began to get some appreciation
  with my family was drawing to an end.               of exactly how high 10,000 feet was.
  As we passed the waterville Airport in                   Alex graciously allowed me to jump
  Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, I noticed           first. “Don’ worry,” Dave reassured me. “If the
  a sign advertising the Atlantic School of           chute doesn’t open you‘ll get a full refund.”
  Skydiving…and doing a parachute jump                     The biggest shock comes when the
  has always been on my “bucket list” (things         door pops open. overcoming eons of
  to do before you “kick the bucket” in case          genetic conditioning, I lean forward and
  you missed the movie.)                              throw myself out of the exit. hurtling
       “hey, Alex” I said to my 19-year-old niece,    downward, I arch my back and throw
  “how would you like to go sky-diving?”              my arms backwards as Dave had
       “Are you serious uncle George? heck            instructed. And, of course, he’s right
  yeah!” she exclaimed.                               there to remind me.
       The sky was crystal clear, not a cloud in           Adrenaline surges through my blood
  sight, a perfect day for parachuting.               stream and I let out a whoop as the air
       we drove down to the end of a row of           whistles past me during freefall. This is
  hangars and spotted the school. A mock-up           probably the closest thing to weightlessness
  of the plane that students use to practice          you can experience without leaving the
  dives stood near the main office. owner             planet. After the best part of a minute Dave
  Dave williamson approached, looking like            releases the chute; our rate of descent
  a youthful Einstein with his unruly locks.          moderates and we glide at a leisurely pace
  Yes, he could accommodate us both for a             back toward the airport.
  tandem dive that afternoon. Dave explained               I’m surprised to find that today’s                                                    r.
                                                                                                                                               D Burden’s
  that he had been parachuting for over 33            parachute is far different from the old round                                            nieceAlex drifts
  years and had done about 6,000 dives,               ones we picture from old war films. It’s                                                 back toearth
  almost 1,000 of them in tandem.                     more like a small glider and descent can be                                              via parachute.
       A tandem dive involves the novice              controlled very precisely. I expect to land                                              inset Alex

  being securely harnessed in front of an             with a jolt but Dave floats us in so softly I                                            practises her
  experienced diver. It allows the first-timer to     barely realize we’ve touched ground. Alex                                                     p
                                                                                                                                               jum out of the
  enjoy a higher altitude, free-fall dive without     has a similarly soft landing, punctuated by
  extensive training and experience—the               slightly more screaming and squealing.
  best choice for Alex and me, given that                  And all this is caught on video; Dave
  neither of us had ever sky-dived before.            films students during the whole dive. After
                                                                                                                                                                  DR.. GEoRGE BuRDEN

       Dave had one other customer that               the chutes are gathered up Alex and I
  afternoon, at entirely the other end of             head back to the office to pick up our DVD
  the experience spectrum, Jim wilson, a              recording of the descent, ready to relive our
  director of the Canadian Sport Parachuting          exciting afternoon any time we want.

18   JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS             May/June 2009
                                                               t he wealth y doc tor m an fred pur tz ki , c .a .

                                 Manfred Purtzki is the principal of Purtzki &
                                 Associates Chartered Accountants. You can
                                 reach him at

         retirement nest-egg
         how much do you really need?

                      hen you graduated from medi-              Assume you estimated an annual              are currently at an all-time low (ranging
                      cal school, your ticket to success    before-tax retirement income from your          from 12.5% to 16.5% depending on the
                      was pretty much guaranteed,           balanced portfolio of $100,000 for 30           province), you should invest your practice
         and your confidence to create wealth dur-          years. According to the table you will need     surplus in the corporation. only take funds
         ing your career was well founded. There            $1,376,483 (inflation and CPP/oAS are not       from the corporation to fund your personal
         was no question you would build up the             considered).                                    and living expenses. You will need to deal
         financial resources to continue the same                                                                            with the personal taxes
         lifestyle in retirement that you enjoyed                                                                            when you eventually
         while working.
                                                                                    APIT  U
                                                                                   C ALREQ IRED                              take an income from the
              But the reality is, according to surveys,           Annual         Equity8%     Balanced6%        G 4%
                                                                                                                 IC          corporation, but there are
         that less than 20% of physicians can                 incom needed
                                                                   e                                                         many tax-saving strategies
         actually retire and maintain their preferred                                                                        available to minimize the
         lifestyle without worrying about money.                 $50,000         $562,889      $688,242        $864,602      cost of withdrawal.
         The remaining 80% are concerned that the
         current investment climate won’t allow
                                                                 $75,000         $844,334     $1,032,362     $1,296,902     Similar to stepping on the
         them to build the nest-egg they hoped                   $100,000        $1,125,778   $1,376,483     $1,729,203     scale to check whether
         for. Many physicians are now experiencing                                                                          the weight-loss program
         a significant drop in their net worth and               $125,000        $1,407,223   $1,720,604     $2,161,504     is working, you should
         are compelled to take a more proactive                                                                             periodically prepare a net-
                                                                 $150,000        $1,688,668   $2,064,725     $2,593,805
         approach in managing their money.                                                                                  worth statement to check
              You have known for years how
         important it is to plan for your retirement,
         but where do you begin?
                                                           Prepare a net-worth statement to check the
         sTeP 1 Project your retirement
         expenses                                          progress of money-accumulation efforts
         You need to estimate how much income
         you will require to fund your retirement.
                                                                                                            the progress of your money-accumulation
         Start with your current income and reduce          CAse sCeNArIO
                                                                                                            efforts and decide what remedial action you
         it by the cost of expenses for which you will      Dr. Peter—53 years old and married with
                                                                                                            need to take to get back on track to ensure
         no longer be responsible, such as mortgage         adult, financially independent children—just
                                                                                                            a healthy financial future.
         payments and university financing. Then            paid off his mortgage. his only investment is
         adjust the budget to your specific situation       a combined $400,000 RRSP. his corporation
         and include, for example, the cost of travel       pays him and his wife a salary of $100,000
         or any part-time income.                           and $30,000, respectively. Dr. Peter wants
                                                            to retire at age 60. Assuming maximum
         sTeP 2 Pick the retirement date
                                                            RRSP contributions for the next seven
         how long do you plan on being retired?
                                                            years invested at 6%, and factoring in a 2%
         The longer your retirement, the more years
                                                            inflation rate, his annual after-tax income
         of income you need to finance it.
                                                            will be $52,000. If he requires $80,000 of
         sTeP 3 Determine the size of your                  retirement income, then he would need to
         retirement nest-egg                                save $4,000 per month outside the RRSP
         The amount of income you draw from your            until age 60.
         investments will depend on the size of                  Alternatively, he can work until age 66,
         your portfolio. use the following factors to       to receive $80,000 per year without saving
         determine:                                         the extra money.

                      EquityInvestor – 8%                   TIPs TO sPeeD UP yOUr

                      Balancedinvestor 6%                   reTiremenT saVings
                                                            Always save in your medical corporation. To
                     G /bondinvestor – 4%                   take advantage of corporate tax rates, which

                                                                                                  May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS           19
techworks                        c o r e y va n ’ t h a a f f

                                        Corey Van’t Haaff is a Vancouver-based writer and the owner of Cohiba Communications.
                                              She writes about technology for Just for Canadian Doctors. She can be reached at
                                   and welcomes ideas for future columns.

what’s old is new
Negative pressure wound therapy is back and better

         verything old is new again. It’s            Dyke, Director of American operations for              “It’s about 60% less expensive. There’s
         certainly true with fashion as styles       Talley Group.                                     a huge pent-up demand for this but very
         re-appear with new twists. And it’s             The technology, he explains, uses an          little market penetration [because of the
equally true with adages like “do more with          existing drain attached to the system. The        other company’s domination]. There has
less,” which is as timely now as it has ever         drain is placed in the base of the wound,         been no other alternative,” he says. “It’s like
been.                                                the gauze is wrapped around the drain and         a generic drug. The physician or patient
     It’s also true with wound care—and              the dressing seals the entire thing.              now has the ability to obtain a similar result
negative pressure wound therapy (NPwT)                   “The drain is attached to a collection        that isn’t so costly.”
in particular. Some physicians may recall            canister which is attached to a vacuum                 The success rate for the Venturi is quite
relatively unsophisticated wall suction              pump so that excess blood or chronic              high, he says, but nothing is 100%. The
being used in hospitals. Then, a company             infection is sucked constantly out and            Venturi shouldn’t be viewed as a definitive
patented the                                                                       the dressing is     answer but it does work in the majority of
technology                                                                         changed every       cases and usually works better than doing
to move from             A highly effective                                        48-to-72 hours,”    nothing at all.
wall suction to                                                                    he said.                 “It doesn’t work in every case. A prudent
a pump. The              method of chronic and                                          The Talley     clinician, if they are not seeing results, will
technology                                                                         Venturi, he says,   try something else.”
worked fine but          acute wound healing                                       uses software            Negative pressure wound therapy
the problem for                                                                    control, not just   helps acute wounds to heal by themselves,
some was the cost.                                   a vacuum pump, to deliver a low level of          including fresh skin grafts or flaps. At the
     A lawsuit over the patent was launched          vacuum. It cycles on and off to maintain          other end of the spectrum, chronic wounds
about five years ago. The Court ruled that           optimum levels. The vacuum range is               that have existed for a year or more can
the patent was valid for the proprietary             between 40 and 120 mm, which is sufficient        oftentimes be closed within a month or
foam and suction tube, but not for the               for all types of wounds.                          two with NPwT, or at least reversed to the
actual vacuum system and technology.                     There are other benefits as well. The         point where surgery can be used to further
The process went through appeal and very             collection canister is sealed from the            close the wound.
recently it was decided that other vacuum            factory. There is no risk of spillage as it            “There are a lot of uses for negative
systems did not infringe on the patent.              cannot be opened. The Venturi marries the         pressure wound therapy but many were
     In stepped Talley Group limited, an             electronics to the pump so the system will        afraid to use it as it was so expensive, so
England-based company that had been                  shut off when the canister is full, preventing    it was used only as a last resort,” says Van
in the business of wound care, treatment             aspiration of fluid into the pump.                Dyke. “It’s a highly effective method of
and prevention for 53 years. The Talley                  Perhaps best of all, says Van                 chronic and acute wound healing that is
Venturi, an advanced vacuum system                   Dyke, is the cost.                                     available now that wasn’t before. we are
for the application of negative pressure                                                                           providing an alternative with such
wound therapy, received fDA clearance in                                                                             cost savings that many more
July 2008 and a health Canada license in                                                                              patients can be treated.”
february 2009.
     The process for NPwT, a concept where
dressing is applied to acute or chronic
wounds along with a drain, is three-fold.
first, it drains excess fluid from the wound.
It also draws blood into the surrounding
wound to enhance the healing process.
lastly, it applies dynamic pressure on the
tissue bed to improve healing time for post-
surgical, traumatic or chronic wounds.
     “The wound dressing consists of a
dressing set from us or supplied from most
facilities. Typically, it is sterile gauze, a non-
permeable top dressing and a drain such as
a Jackson Pratt type of drain,” says Jack Van

20    JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS               May/June 2009
                                                                                        travel at home

                                       on blue waters

                                          Off the shores of Nova scotia, a
                                          physician indulges in the sailing lifestyle
                                          by Dr. George Burden

                                                                 May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS   21
travel at home

                                                                                                         y an interesting coincidence the hour and
   more sailing…                                                                                         date slated for the departure of our cruise
   along the cradle of New France                                                                        ship, Caledonia, coincided with the precise
                                                                                                         time of the arrival of hurricane hannah.
   and the villages of the saguenay                                                                      fortunately by the time hannah reached
                                                                                                         the port of halifax, Nova Scotia, the cooler
   Tall ship sailing along the historical st. Lawrence                                                   north Atlantic waters had pacified her
   and sagenuay rivers is a lovely way to discover                                                       into what was barely a tropical storm.
                                                                                                         Nevertheless, Captain Kim Smith, paced
   coastal old-world Québec villages.                                           the bridge of his sailing vessel, a three-masted barquentine, like
   sailing by the Notre Dome du saguenay statue of Lady Madonna                 a jungle cat. he told us that it irked him to delay leaving port, but
   on a remote soaring cliff top, it feels fitting to arrive in the village     he nonetheless re-scheduled sailing until the next morning.
   of Tadoussac by tall ship: it is here that, struck by the steep cliffs
                                                                                     when cruising in a sailing vessel, even a 60-metre one sporting
   and flickering waters of the saguenay Fjord, Jacques Cartier first
   dropped anchor in 1535. A member of the Most Beautiful Bays                  a 1,500-hP diesel engine, flexibility is the key word. happily, while
   in the World Club, Tadoussac, east of Québec City, is a charming             this flexibility is necessary to avoid weather that a large cruise
   village steeped in history. Canada’s first trading post in 1600, the         ship can ignore, it also allows Caledonia to anchor or dock at tiny
   village lies at the mouth of the fjord, where the saguenay feeds             coves and fishing villages, Caribbean islands and Pacific atolls
   into the st. Lawrence estuary and where beluga and humpback                  that bigger vessels could never dream of approaching.
   whales come to play. Unique in North America, the saguenay is                     This was precisely the reason my wife Krista and I booked
   part river and part fjord, where fresh water meets salt. In addition to      a one-week cruise around our home province of Nova Scotia’s
   the whales, it’s home to Atlantic salmon, common seal and sea-run            scenic and historic South Shore. Newly and luxuriously refitted,
   brook trout.                                                                 the Caledonia allowed us an exotic venue departing a mere
        Colourful sea kayakers congregate on the beach before heading
                                                                                45-minute drive from our home.
   out on to the fjord. hikers take advantage of over 100 kilometres
   of extensive trails. Walk along the slightly uphill, winding road from            our delay was put to good use when the ship’s purser issued
   the beach to the whitewashed walls and red roof of the hôtel                 everyone complimentary tickets to the Maritime Museum of
   Tadoussac, well known for its cinematic appearance in The Hotel              the Atlantic. Documenting Nova Scotia’s nautical history, it’s
   New Hampshire based on John Irving’s book. Across from the hotel             renowned as the home of a variety of artifacts from the Titanic,
   is The Little Chapel of Tadoussac (left), the oldest wooden church           most found when Nova Scotia-based vessels participated in the
   in North America, built in 1747 by Jesuit missionaries. Nearby,              rescue of the doomed vessel’s survivors. And, by an interesting
                                                       dunes, massive           coincidence, Caledonia’s designer, Bill Graham, was sailing with
                                                       raised beaches

                                                                                                                                                        ThIS PAGE: TIffANY JARVA; oPPoSITE PAGE: All PhoToS, CANADIAN SAIlING ExPEDITIoNS (CSE), ExCEPT BoTToM lEfT, DR. GEoRGE BuRDEN
                                                                                us, just as Bruce Ismay, the designer of Titanic, was aboard his
                                                       left over from the       vessel.
                                                       last great glacier,
                                                                                     The parallels ended however, as hurricane hannah fizzled out
                                                       offer breathtaking
                                                       views and a bird         into a splendid sunny afternoon, leaving us clear sailing for the
                                                       observatory.             rest of the week. Departing Monday morning we commenced a
                                                            Then sail to        10-hour voyage to Port Mouton (locally pronounced “ma-toon”)
                                                       L’Anse-saint-Jean,       in a heaving swell left over from hannah. Caledonia proved to
                                                       a cosy village that      be stable and seaworthy, and by late afternoon we’d anchored
                                                       borders the southern     in sun-dappled blue waters off a white sandy beach near Port
                                                       bank of the fjord.       Mouton.
                                                       Visiting this village         During the cruise I made the acquaintance of a number
                                                       is truly like stepping   of fellow passengers, easy enough to do when the vessel’s
                                                       back in time: gem-
                                                                                passenger capacity was a cozy 77. Jason and Julia, honeymooning
                                                       green pastoral fields
                                                       seem to flow into        graduates of the famed American naval academy at Annapolis,
                                                       the water. The Great     were aboard to experience something different from their
                                                       Falls is an easy         usual nuclear submarines and massive aircraft carriers. Mark, a
                                                       biking destination       honolulu-based anesthetist and his wife Sarah, were seeking
                                                       as you breeze past       a change of scenery, while Rob, a Toronto pharmaceutical
                                                       the 1929 covered         marketing executive was accompanying his lady love back to her
                                                       bridge (pictured on      home province for a first visit.
   the $1,000 bill for almost 40 years), past outdoor bread ovens and                At the first stop we had the option of touring the historic
   freshly-hung laundry blowing on outdoor lines. —Tiffany Jarva                ship-building town of liverpool and visiting Thomas Raddall
   IF yOU GO > Canadian sailing expeditions;                                    Provincial Park with its seal colonies and remains of native; 1-877-429-9463 > Departures                  Mi’kmaq settlements. Krista and I decided to spend the afternoon
   from Québec City in June and september sTAy > Begin or end                   combing the long, pristine beach in search of sand dollars. we
   your trip in the historical district of Québec City at a charming            returned in time to join the other passengers for drinks and hors-
   european-style hotel, set under Québec’s ramparts. Québec
                                                                                d’oeuvres on the stern deck, mixed with spirited conversation.
   City; hotel Le saint-Paul, 229 ½, rue saint-Paul; 1.888.794.4414;
                                                                                Then supper, a choice of pan-fried trout with green salad or pork > Tadoussac hotel (seasonal, from May to
   October) 1 800.561.0718; MOre > The Most                  medallions seared with lemon butter and fresh basil. I chose the
   Beautiful Villages of Québec offers multi-day tours departing from           trout, washed down with a glass of excellent and reasonably
   either Montreal or Quebec.; 1-418-652-8150               priced french Sancerre. well fed and pleasantly fatigued, Krista
                                                                                and I retired to our suite. Some say the gentle rocking of an

   22    JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS             May/June 2009
May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS   23
destination                                                                                  travel at home
                                                                                      anchored sailing vessel has aphrodisiac properties…
                                                                                           Next morning, after a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, home-
                                                                                      baked muffins and prodigious cups of coffee, Captain Smith
                                                                                      announced that we would weigh anchor and head north to
                                                                                      the town of lunenburg, a uNESCo world heritage Site and
                                                                                      birthplace of the famed Nova Scotia racing schooner, Bluenose.
                                                                                           Caledonia has an open bridge policy so I stuck my head into
                                                                                      the pilot house and asked Captain Smith if I could climb the
                                                                                      60-metre foremast of his vessel. Before I knew it I was wearing
                                                                                      a safety harness and climbing the rat-lines skyward under the
                                                                                      coaching of Erica, a member of Caledonia’s sailing crew. Soon I
                                                                                      was staring 60 metres down to the deck and wondering at what
                                                                                      point during the trip I’d taken leave of my senses. Erica expertly
                                                                                      coached me downward and, adrenaline flushed, I finally reached
                                                                                      the deck, where Mark congratulated me on having more guts
                                                                                      than brains.
                                                                                           we docked in lunenburg and Krista and I grabbed two
                                                                                      bicycles (complimentary of CSE). lunenburg is a town of fine
                                                                                      old buildings. Churches and homes date back to the mid-1700s
                                                                                      when the town was settled by 2,000 “foreign Protestants,”
                                                                                      hardworking German, Swiss and french settlers who turned
                                                                                      a patch of woods into one of the world’s major ship-building
                                                                                      towns within less than 100 years. lunenburg’s fishery Museum
                                                                                      is a must for anyone who wants to develop an understanding of
                                                                                      the town’s history and the fishery’s role. Several kilometres out
                                                                                      of town, the little fishing village of Blue Rock rivals the far-more-
                                                                                      known Peggy’s Cove.
                                                                                           Departing lunenburg the next morning we headed towards
                                                                                      the town of Chester. wind conditions en route were perfect
                                                                                      and Captain Smith took this opportunity to set every sail the
                                                                                      Caledonia possessed—for the first time in the vessel’s history.
                                                                                      The ship quivered like a living thing as her sails billowed and she
                                                                                      heeled over about 15 degrees, making walking down the vessel’s
                                                                                      inner passageways both awkward and humorous. Arriving at
                                                                                      Chester, we anchored off shore, relying on Caledonia’s zodiacs
                                                                                      to ferry us back and forth to town. The shady streets are ideal
                                                                                      for a leisurely walk; the town has long been a favourite place for
                                                                                      wealthy Americans looking for a more temperate place to pass
                                                                                      their summers and sail their yachts.
                                                                                           we left Chester later that afternoon and set course back to
                                                                                      halifax. here we spent a night anchored in the city’s mansion-
                                                                                      studded back harbor, the Northwest Arm. As we sailed down
                                                                                      “the Arm,” sipping french wine and enjoying smoked salmon
                                                                                      I thought that I could certainly get used to this lifestyle. Alas,
                                                                                      the next day Caledonia returned to her berth on the halifax
                                                                                      waterfront and we disembarked. while my vacation was
                                                                                      ending, Caledonia was about to have a six-week holiday of her
                                                                                      own, going for a refit before heading south for a winter in the
                                               Pedal and Sea Adventures, a            Caribbean.
                                               9-year-old Nova Scotia Adventure
                                                                                      Dr. George Burden is a general practitioner in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia,
                                               company, is in the business of         and an award-winning travel writer. Read his other story on braving
                                               making dreams come true. Our           skydiving on page 18.
                    Pedal and Sea Adventures   creative tours are near and dear

                     Hubbards, NS B0J 1T0      to our hearts, and our clients love
                                               the passion we bring to our work.
                                                                                                       if you go
                   Reservations 1.877.777.5699
                       Fax 1.902.858.2004
       Our only mission is to impress. We
        offer hiking, biking, and adventure                  Sail withCanadianSailingExpeditions this
                                               tours through Cape Breton, Nova                          m
                                                                                                   sum er andfall onCanada’s east coast,
              Scotia, Canadian Rockies, Italy, Newfoundland, Ireland, PEI, Costa                   includingalongtheSt. Lawrence(seesidebar)
              Rica, Croatia, Greece and Norway. You’ll stay at historical country                  andthecoast of Newfoundland; Canadian
              inns, eat fresh food prepared with care and artistry, and savor local                SailingExpeditions; 1-877-429-9463or 902-
              wines and ales of uncommon complexity. The memories you’ll                           429-1474;
              make will be rich, and unforgettable. Come play with us!
                       1-877-777-5699 •
           san antonio / amsterdam / istanbul / baltimore … | c a l e n d a r                                                                                                           cme
           a n intern ation a l guide to CONTINUING MeDICA L eDUCATION

                                                                                                                 san antonio
           spr ing 20 0 9 + beyond

                                  this texas gem has plenty to discover and savour. (cme events in san antonio are highlighted in blue)

            Texas is astateof m (as JohnSteinbeck oncesaid), and         theSanAntonioRiver andexploretheRiver W alush,   alk,              (yes, hot, but fabulous) intheoriginal 1909trainstation.
            SanAntoniom just beoneof thebest spots todiscover            green, tunnel-likesecondcitybelowstreet level (top,                     n                    alk,
                                                                                                                                               O thescenicRiver W gotoBoudro’s (
            it. What beganas acom unityof fiveSpanishcolonial            m  iddle). Thissum er it’sexpandingfromthreeto13m
                                                                                            m                                        iles   andorder theguacam             ade
                                                                                                                                                                   ole—m freshinfront of you—
            m                                               e
               issions alongtheSanAntonioRiver is nowhom tofive          toconnect SanAntonio’s m      issions withcultural districts       andthepricklypear m    argarita(above, far right).
            universities, fivem ilitarybases, andathrivinghealthcare     andm            s
                                                                                useum liketheSAMA( The
                                                                                                                                        STAY/PLAY TheW LaCantera is set am liveoaksidst
            andbioscienceindustry(em              uch
                                         ployingm of theSan              Sm                          useo       eda
                                                                             ithsonian-affiliatedM Alam depicts thestoryof             andanoldlim     estonequarry(hugestones withoriginal
            Antonioworkforce). It’s alsoahugetourist draw.               Latinos intheAm    ericas. Just openedin2008, thestunning            arks ain;
                                                                                                                                       drill m rem above, far left) atoponeof San
            SEE/DO TheAlam is SanAntonio’s biggest claimtofam         e.                                      im
                                                                         filigree-likeexterior (top, right) m icsthelookof pressed-    Antonio’s highest points at theedgeof Texas Hill C ountry
            O of thefivehistoricSpanishm        issions (seepage5), the                                                 i
                                                                         tindecorativeHispanicart (liketheiconat M TierraCafé;                                   om
                                                                                                                                       ( C efor business (over 39,000sq.
            sm  aller-than-you-m   ight-think building(above, right)     top, far left).                                               ft. of m eetingspace) ANDleisure(sixpools, threehot tubs,
            has 300years of historyliterallyetchedonits thick walls,     EAT/DRINK Am                       i
                                                                                         ust-dinespot isM TierraCafé(m    itierracafe. healthclubandspa, tenniscourts, restaurants, and36holes
            fromlong-gonesoldiers’ graffiti tom fromrifleand             com) inM  arket Square, afam  ily-runbakeryandeatery          of golf, includingthe18-holecham    pionshipResort C ourse,
            m  usket balls. TheSAMA(SanAntonioM            useumof Art;  sincethe’50s, withcolourful original décor (top, left).                                 er).
                                                                                                                                       designedbyArnoldPalm Thensit back inTio’s Lobby
            sam  useum is housedinthehistoricLoneStar Brewery Sam real M
                         .org)                                                ple      exicanhot chocolate(withm                                                    reat
                                                                                                                    ounds of whip Lounge—areplicaof theG Roomat thefam King             ous
            (built in1884). Seeoneof thebest antiquities collections cream) andthefirst fajitas (startedright here). Take              Ranch—andexperiencethat Texas stateof m — B.S.ind.
B. SlIGl

            intheSouthwest, as well as contem      porarypieces likeDale am  argarita-m akingclass at Aldacos at Sunset Station
                                                                                                                                       For more on San Antonio go to:
            C hihuly’s glass art (above, left). C thebanks of
                                                    ruise                                                  ade
                                                                         ( andsipyour self-m jalapenom        argarita

                                                                                                                               May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                         25
c m e whenl e where r
       ca nda
                                                            topic                                               sponsor                    contact           website
                                                                                                                Canadian association
                                         Vancouver                                                              of aesthetic medicine
                               Jul                                                                                                                           aestheticmedi-
                                         British            XVii World Congress Of aesthetic medicine           and the union              604-685-0450
                                         Columbia                                                               internationale de
                                                                                                                médecine esthétique
      aesthetic medicine

                               Jul       alaskan                                                                                           888-647-7327      seacourses.
                                                            anti-aging & aesthetic medicine                     Sea Courses Cruises
                               19-26     Cruise                                                                                            See ad Page 26    com
                               Jul       amsterdam          17th Annual Scientific Meeting Of International
                                                                                                                iSHRS                      800-444-2737
                               22-26     netherlands        Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (iSHRS)
                               Sep       Seattle                                                                american academy of
                                                            Level 1 Board Certification                                                    310-944-1790
                               11-13     Washington                                                             aesthetic medicine
                               Sep                                                                              DLS administrative                           dlsconference.
                                         District of        Diabetic Limb Salvage: a Team approach                                         337-235-6606
                               24-26                                                                            Headquarters                                 com
                               Jun       Baltimore          Current Concepts in Complementary &
                                                                                                                Johns Hopkins university   410-955-2959
      alternative medicine

                               11-12     maryland           alternative medicine
                               Sep       Baltimore                                                              institute for functional                     functionalmedi-
                                                            applying functional medicine in Clinical Practice                              800-228-0622
                               21-25     maryland                                                               medicine                           
                                                            Psychopharmacology & The Health food Store:
                               Oct       Big Sur
                                                            integration Of Pharmaceutical & nutraceutical       Harvard medical School     617-384-8600
                               11-16     California
                                                            Treatments 2009

                               Jun       San antonio                                                            Dannemiller educational
                                                            56th anesthesiology Review                                                     210-641-8311
                               13-16     Texas                                                                  foundation

                               aug       mauna Kea                                                              Dannemiller memorial
                                                            2009 Hawaii anesthesiology update                                              800-328-2308
                               02-07     Hawaii                                                                 educational foundation

                               Sep       Salzburg           28th annual Congress Of european Society Of                                    011-41-22-908-
                                                                                                                Kenes international                
                               09-12     austria            Regional anaesthesia                                                           0488

                               Sep       Hershey            Healthcare Quality, Patient Safety, & Risk          northwest anesthesia
                               12-13     Pennsylvania       management                                          Seminars

                               aug 30-   Sydney             12th Congress Of The World federation for                                      011-61-2-9958-    wfumb2009.
                               Sep 03    australia          ultrasound in medicine and Biology (WfumB)                                     7655              com

                               Oct                          8th international Congress On Coronary artery                                  011-41-22-908-

                                         Czech                                                                  Kenes international                
                               11-13                        Disease                                                                        0488
                               Dec       San Diego          49th annual meeting Of The american Society for
                                                                                                                aSCB                       301-347-9300
                               05-09     California         Cell Biology

                               Dec       indianapolis       entomological Society Of america, 2009 annual       entomological Society of
                               13-17     indiana            meeting                                             america

                                                                          The only decision you need to think
                                                                          about is where you will cruise next.
     ALASKA                                        Jun 27 - Jul 4                                                            ALASKA                         Jul 19 - Jul 26
     Management Lower Extremity Conditions                                                                                   Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

     ALASKA                                        Aug 22 - Aug 29                                                           EUROPE                         Aug 31 - Sep 13
     Psychiatry at Sea
                                                                               1-888-647-7327                                Respirology, Cardiology, Infectious Diseases
                                                                                                 CARIBBEAN                      Nov 27 - Dec 7
      We also offer more CME cruises to
          Dubai         New England                                                                                          Women’s Health, Chronic Pain, Infectious Dx.
                                                                          Companion cruises FREE
          Baltic        South East Asia                                                                                         A good way to refresh your knowledge
          Caribbean Panama Canal                                                                                                and your mind. Benny Chan MD

    26                       JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS              May/June 2009
cme                      when      where            topic                                             sponsor
                                                                                                                                contact          website
                         aug                                                                                                    888-523-3732
                                   alaskan Cruise   Continuing education Vacations: Cardiology                                         
                         02-09                                                                                                  See ad Page 29

                         aug 31-   monte Carlo      XVith World meeting Of The international union    Publi Creations-Partner   011-377-9-797-   aim-internation-
                         Sep 04    monaco           Of Phlebology                                     of aim                    3555   
                         Oct       nice             14th annual meeting Of The european Council                                 011-44-20-
                         09-11     france           for Cardiovascular Research                                                 8979-8300
 Clinical Pharmacology

                         Jul                        2009 British association for Psychopharmacology                             011-44-1223-
                                   united                                                             BaP                              
                         26-29                      (BaP) Summer meeting                                                        358-421
                         Sep       istanbul         22nd european College Of                                                    011-32-2-779-
                                                                                                      Colloquium Brussels              
                         12-16     Turkey           neuropsychopharmacology Congress                                            5960
                         nov       London           British association for Psychopharmacology        British association for   011-44-1223-
                         11-13     england          masterclasses in Clinical Psychopharmacology      Psychopharmacology        358-421
                         Jul                        84th annual Conference Of Canadian
                                   British                                                            advance Group             604-688-9655
                         01-05                      Dermatology association

                         aug       Chicago                                                            american academy of
                                                    Practical approaches To Patient Problems                                    866-503-7546
                         22-23     illinois                                                           Dermatology
                         Sep       Rhodes           11th Congress european Societies Of Plastic                                 011-30-210-
                                                                                                      Zita Congress & Travel           
                         20-26     Greece           Reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery                                        664-1190
                         Oct       Berlin           18th Congress Of The european academy Of                                    011-322-650-
                         07-11     Germany          Dermatology and Venereology                                                 0090
                         Oct       monterey         endocrinology 2009: new & future Therapies for
                                                                                                      uC Davis Health System    866-263-4338

                         03-04     California       Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease
                         Oct       montreal                                                           international Diabetes                     worlddiabe-
                                                    World Diabetes Congress                                                     32-2-5431631
                         18-22     Quebec                                                             federation (iDf)                 
                         Jun       San antonio                                                        Scott & White
                                                    emergency medicine Coding Workshop                                          800-724-7280
                         11-12     Texas                                                              Healthcare
                                                                                                      The Center for
                         Jul       Las Vegas        national emergency medicine Board
                                                                                                      emergency medical         800-651-2363
                         13-16     nevada           Review
                                                                                                      education (Ceme)
 emergency medicine

                                   Thredbo Ski
                         aug                                                                          Learning and Leisure      011-61-8-8267-   learningandlei-
                                   Resort           Trauma Conference
                         23-28                                                                        Pty Ltd.                  6660   
                                   Whistler                                                           uBC Continuing
                                   British          St Paul’s emergency medicine update Conference    Professional              604-875-5101
                                   Columbia                                                           Development
                         Oct       Vienna           22nd annual Congress Of The european Society                                011-32-2-559-
                         11-14     austria          Of intensive Care medicine                                                  0355
                         Oct       atlanta                                                            The Difficult Airway                       theairwaysite.
                                                    Difficult Airway Course: Emergency                                          866-924-7929
                         13-15     Georgia                                                            Course                                     com

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                                                                  anytime - anywhere

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7X2.5_canadian_family_physicians1 1
                                                                                                          May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS               27
                                                                                                                                                 3/15/07 9:28:25 AM
c m e whenl e where r
       ca nda
                                                            topic                                                  sponsor                        contact          website
                                 Jul       Seattle          Hot Topics at Sea: multidisciplinary management        Johns Hopkins university

                                 10-17     Washington       Of Hepatic, Pancreatic & Biliary malignancies          School of medicine
                                 aug       Winnipeg                                                                university of manitoba &
                                                            internal medicine                                                                     204-789-3660
                                 24-28     manitoba                                                                Travel manitoba
                                 Oct       La Jolla         4th annual frontiers Of Clinical investigation
                                                                                                                   university of California       858-534-3940
                                 08-10     California       Symposium
                                 Jun       San antonio      San antonio internal medicine Board Review             american College of
                                 18-21     Texas            Course                                                 Physicians
                                 Jul                                                                               medical education
                                           British          neurology for The non-neurologist                                                     800-421-3756
     General & family

                                 09-11                                                                             Resources

                                 aug       Seward           most useful Topics in mental Health issues for                                                         mceconfer-
                                                                                                                   mCe Conferences                888-533-9031
                                 03-05     alaska           Primary Care                                                                                 
                                 aug       San Diego                                                               Scripps Conference
                                                            Primary Care Summer Conference                                                        858-652-5400
                                 07-09     California                                                              Services
                                 Sep       San Diego                                                               Scripps Conference
                                                            New Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Disease                                            858-652-5400
                                 12-13     California                                                              Services
                                 Jul       Barcelona        7th annual meeting Of international Society for
                                                                                                                   iSSCR                          847-509-1944
                                 08-11     Spain            Stem Cell Research
                                                                                                                   The Learning institute,
                                 Oct       Toronto          3rd World Congress On Disorders Of Sexual
                                                                                                                   Hospital for Sick              416-813-8911

                                 12-14     Ontario          Development
                                 Oct       Daegu            7th annual meeting Of The international                                               011-34-971-
                                 15-17     South Korea      federation for adipose Therapeutics & Science                                         910-075
                                 Oct       atlanta          65th annual meeting Of The american Society for
                                                                                                                   aSRm                           205-978-5000
                                 17-21     Georgia          Reproductive medicine
                                 Jul       Saratoga         15th annual asthma, allergy & immunology
                                                                                                                   albany medical College         518-262-5828
     immunology &

                                 30-31     new york         update

                                 Sep       istanbul         9th european School Of neuroimmunology                 eem international              011-39-06-519-
                                 01-04     Turkey           Course                                                 Congress Services              3499
                                 Oct       Honolulu         59th annual meeting Of The american Society Of
                                                                                                                   aSHG                           301-634-7300
                                 20-24     Hawaii           Human Genetics
                                 Jul       Porto            8th european Society Of Clinical microbiology &                                       011-41-61-686-
                                                                                                                   Congrex Switzerland                   
                                 11-17     Portugal         infectious Diseases Summer School                                                     7711
         infectious Diseases

                                 aug       Winnipeg                                                                university of manitoba &
                                                            infectious Diseases                                                                   204-789-3660
                                 11-14     manitoba                                                                Travel manitoba
                                 aug       St John’s        assessment and action for Healthy Settings             atlantic network for
                                 27-30     newfoundland     Conference                                             Prevention Research
                                 aug 31-   mediterranean                                                                                          888-647-7327     seacourses.
                                                            Respirology, Cardiology, infectious Diseases           Sea Courses Cruises
                                 Sep 13    Cruise                                                                                                 See ad Page 26   com

                                                                                                                                   UPCOMING CME COURSE
                                                                                                                                  UPDATE IN PULMONARY
                                                                                                                                  AND CRITICAL CARE
      Hands-on teaching                                  best of Hopkins cases                                                    MEDICINE: 2009
      workshop for advanced
      bronchoscopy and                                   radiology competitions                                                   August 1 – 5, 2009
                                                                                                                                  Bar Harbor Regency
      ultrasound-guided                                  practical and clinical                                         
      procedures                                         board review questions                                                   Bar Harbor, Maine
      Perfect for pulmonary                              one-on-one faculty access
      and critical care                                                                              REGISTRATION & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
                                                                                                     Via Phone: 410-502-9636
      medicine and internal
      medicine physicians                           WWW.HOPKINSCME.EDU                               Via Fax: 866-510-7088

    28                         JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS            May/June 2009
cme              when                 where            topic                                            sponsor
                                                                                                                                     contact               website
                 Jul                  Lisbon                                                            national education           866-685-6860         neiconferences.
                                                       medical errors (Part 1 & 2)
                 02-05                Portugal                                                          institute                    See ad Page 27       com
                 Sep                  florence                                                          Cont. Professional                                conferences21.


                                                       Pan europe medical & Legal Conference
                 15-22                italy                                                             education Pty Ltd            3331                 com
                 Oct 29-              Baltimore        40th annual meeting Of The american academy      american academy of
                 nov 01               maryland         Of Psychiatry and The Law                        Psychiatry and the Law
                 aug                  new york                                                                                                            columbiacme.
                                                       Renal Biopsy in medical Disease Of The Kidneys   Columbia university          212-305-3334
                 05-08                new york                                                                                                            org

                 Oct                  Hannover                                                                                       011-49-761-
                                                       falk Liver Conference                            falk foundation e.V.                    
                 15-18                Germany                                                                                        15140
                 Oct 27-              San Diego        american Society Of nephrology Renal Week
                                                                                                        aSn                          202-659-0599
                 nov 01               California       2009
                 Jul                                                                                    american association of
                                      District of      managing Coding & Reimbursement Challenges                                    847-378-0500
                 17-18                                                                                  neurological Surgeons

                 aug                                   mTBi 2009 – an international Conference On       Canadian academy of
                                      British                                                                                        604-685-0450
                 12-15                                 mild Traumatic Brain injury                      medical education
                 Sep                  Düsseldorf       25th Congress Of The european Committee for                                   011-41-61-686-
                                                                                                        Congrex Switzerland                     
                 02-12                Germany          Treatment & Research in multiple Sclerosis                                    7711
                 nov                  Southeast                                                         Continuing education,        800-422-0711         continuingedu-
                                                       neurology and Pain management
                 09-21                asian Cruise                                                      inc./university at Sea       See ad Page 39
                 Jul                  new Orleans      2009 annual Conference Of The Society for        Society for nutrition
                 11-15                Louisiana        nutrition education                              education
                 Sep                  Brussels                                                                                       011-44-20-           mahealthca-
                                                       1st international Conference Obesity 2009        mark allen Group
                 02-04                Belgium                                                                                        7501-6762  

                 Oct                  Bangkok                                                                                        011-662-
                                                       19th international Congress Of nutrition 2009    asia Congress events                    
                 04-09                Thailand                                                                                       9600141
                                                       6th World Congress On Developmental Origins
                 nov                  Santiago                                                                                       011-56-2-354-
                                                       Of Health & Disease: from Developmental          DOHaD Society                           
                 19-22                Chile                                                                                          6898
                                                       Biology To action in Health
                 Jun                  melbourne        2009 Annual Scientific Meeting Of Australian                                  011-61-2-9967-
                 04-06                australia        Gynaecological endoscopy Society                                              2928
                 Jun 28-              Portorose                                                         fetal medicine               011-44-20-           fetalmedicine.
                                                       8th World Congress in fetal medicine
                 Jul 02               Slovenia                                                          foundation                   7034-3070            com

                 aug                  niagara falls                                                     medical education
                                                       issues in Women’s Health                                                      800-421-3756
                 06-08                Ontario                                                           Resources
                 Sep 19-              mediterranean                                                                                  888-523-3732
                                                       Continuing education Vacations: Women’s Health                                           
                 Oct 03               Cruise                                                                                         See ad Page 29
                 Oct                  athens to                                                         Continuing education,        800-422-0711         continuingedu-
                                                       Women’s Health
                 17-31                Rome Cruise                                                       inc./university at Sea       See ad Page 39

                                                                                                                                 from 1729
  Excellent vacation and
  education opportunity.
  –Dr. D. Receveur
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               (expires June 30/09)
                                                               ALASKA                                                         August 2 - 9, 2009
                                                                                                                      Topic: Cardiology Update • up to 18 CME hours
                                                                                                                                  Ship: Celebrity Mercury

                           MEDITERRANEAN $4019                                             from
                                                                                                                             Sep. 19-Oct. 3, 2009
                                                                                                                    Topic: Women’s Health Update • up to 28 CME hours
                                                                                                                                 Ship: Celebrity Summit

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                                                                                                            May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                      29
c m e calendar
   cme                  when      where            topic                                              sponsor                    contact          website
                        Jul       edmonton         18th international Symposium On                    international atomic

                        12-17     alberta          Radiopharmaceutical Sciences                       energy agency
                        Jul 31-   mauna Lani                                                          Stanford university                         stanfordhospi-
                                                   Stanford 3rd annual Gi Cancers                                                650-724-9549
                        aug 02    Hawaii                                                              medical Center                    
                        Jul       Boston                                                              Hippocrates Glaucoma       011-31-20-679-
                                                   2009 World Glaucoma Congress                                                         

                        08-11     massachusetts                                                       foundation                 3411
                        Sep       Glasgow          2009 British isles Paediatric Ophthalmology &      northern networking        011-44-1355-
                        23-25     Scotland         Strabismus association annual meeting              events Ltd                 244-966
                        Dec       Rome             8th international Symposium On Ocular                                         011-44-22-533-
                                                                                                      Paragon Conventions               
                        03-06     italy            Pharmacology & Therapeutics                                                   0948
                        Jun       Saskatoon                                                           university of
      Pain management

                                                   Headache Conference                                                           306-966-7795
                        05-06     Saskatchewan                                                        Saskatchewan
                        Jul       Sydney                                                              national education         866-685-6860     neiconferences.
                                                   acute Pain management in Primary Care
                        19-26     australia                                                           institute                  See ad Page 27   com
                        nov       Scottsdale                                                          american Headache                           americanhead-
                                                   Scottsdale Headache Symposium 2009                                            856-423-0043
                        06-08     arizona                                                             Society                           
                        Oct       Shanghai                                                            Chinese medical            011-86-10-
                                                   13th Asian Pacific Congress Of Pediatrics
                        14-18     China                                                               association                8515-8150        cn

                                  maui                                                                university Childrens
                        13-19                      Pediatric Potpourri: State Of The art 2010                                    323-361-2752
                                  Hawaii                                                              medical Group
                                                                                                      Johns Hopkins
                        aug       Bar Harbor       update in Pulmonary and Critical Care medicine:                               410-502-9636
                                                                                                      Continuing medical                
                        01-05     maine            2009                                                                          See ad Page 28

                        Sep       Beijing          2nd Asia Pacific Region International Union        Chinese anti-              011-86-10-
                        09-12     China            against Tuberculosis & Lung Disease                tuberculosis association   8313-3118
                        nov       amsterdam        medical aerosols: ins and Outs Of inhalation       european Respiratory       011-41-21-213-
                        12-14     netherlands      Therapy                                            Society                    0101
                        Jun       Copenhagen       european League against Rheumatism - annual                                   011-41-44-716-

                        10-13     Denmark          2009 Congress                                                                 3030
                        aug       Singapore        10th annual meeting Of The Singapore and           national Healthcare        011-65-6496-     conferences.
                        14-16     Singapore        malaysian Societies Of Rheumatology                Group                      6850   
                        Dec       Bali                                                                                           011-62-21-       pharma-pro.
                                                   indonesia - Japan Rheumatology forum               Pharma-Pro
                        01-04     indonesia                                                                                      5596-0180        com
                        Jul 29-   Big Sky Resort   Wilderness medicine: 2009                          Wilderness and Travel      888-995-3088     wilderness-

                        aug 02    montana          Summer Big Sky                                     medicine                   See ad Page 30
                        Oct       Tanzania         african Wildlife Safari and Optional Kilimanjaro   Wilderness and Travel      888-995-3088     wilderness-
                        04-18     africa           ascent                                             medicine                   See ad Page 30
                        for feedback, requests or to have your course featured please email
                                           or submit your course via

   30 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS
    39828_WildernessMed_3 ol.indd 1
                                                           May/June 2009
                                                                                                                                                  4/30/09     9:36:39 AM

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                                                                                                                          and enjoy life in Ontario’s
                                                                                                                         beautiful Kawartha region.


                                                                                                  Enrich your career. Enhance your
                                                                                                  quality of life. Practice medicine
                                                                                                  in rural British Columbia, Canada.
                                                                                                  Variety and challenge. The chance to make a difference in people’s lives.
                                                                                                  A lifestyle most people only dream about. These are just a few of the
                                                                                                  advantages enjoyed by BC’s rural physicians. With its natural beauty,
                                                                                                  recreational opportunities, clean air and affordable housing, British
                                                                                                  Columbia offers a quality of life that is envied around the world.

                                                                                                  Create your future in rural British Columbia. Competitive
                                                                                                  compensation and benefit packages may include signing bonuses,
                                                                                                  relocation travel, fee premiums, retention bonuses and continuing
                                                                                                  medical education assistance.

                                                                                                  For more information and to register, visit
                                                                                                  our website. Our experienced recruitment
                                                                                                  consultants can help you match your skills
                                                                                                  and lifestyle interests to the many exciting
                                                                                                  opportunities available.

                                                                                                  Register today:

                 Health Match BC is a province-wide, physician, registered nurse and allied health recruitment service funded by the Government of British Columbia, Canada.

                                                                                  JOB # H104-9864
Choose New Brunswick!
       Be Successful in Your Profession
       Achieve balance in Your Life

                                                       opportunities Keyword: physicians

Choisissez le Nouveau-Brunswick!
                Ayez du succès dans votre profession
                et un équilibre dans votre vie
       Mot-clé : médecins

                          Plot your course for
                         Southern Georgian Bay
                                  Midland/Penetanguishene, Ontario
                                         Only 90 minutes north of Toronto.

                  Ongoing opportunities in Family Medicine and                             To learn more contact:
                  Internal Medicine with various practice models                                   David Gravelle

                  including a Family Health Team.                                   Physician Recruitment Officer
                  Create a flexible career by combining a family                  
                  practice with Emergency or Hospitalist positions.
                                                                                        1-705-526-1300 Ext 3135
                  Financial incentives and relocation costs provided
                                                                                                Fax 705-527-2007

                                                              SOUTHERN GEORGIAN BAY
                                                                                        Physician Recruitment
                                                                                       Recrutement de médecins

                 Image by Diane Soward -  
locums / vacation properties / practices / positions |                                                                                     clas s ified ads
   positions available   positions available      positions available
  W          N, N          ily
     ALKERTO O - Fam Health T seeking fameam             ily   colleagues on island.Contact: tel-250-7150789, e-mail;        O UITLAM, BC- Seeking F/T or P/T fam physician to
                                                                                                                            CQ                                          ily
  physicians to work in a collaborative team/ supportive       m                                          join the Nasseri Medical C   entre located in new m, odern
            ent                        ily
  environm with 6 other fam physicians, along                                                                               facility 30 m inutes fromVancouver. Flexible schedule, no
  with nurses, nurse practitioners, & other health care             INA,            ily
                                                               REG SK – Fam physician required to join busy                 on-call, obstetrics or adm  inistrativehassles. Planningfor
  providers. Fam mily edicine practice can be com     bined    Q uance East Medical C in Regina, located inVictoria
                                                                                        linic                                  R
                                                                                                                            EM inthefall.Practicecanbecom         binedwithhospitalist/
  with ER, obstetrics, or anesthesiology. New m       edical                           e,         e
                                                               Square Mall. Full-tim part-tim or locum basis. The           ER shifts if desiredat twonearby hospitals. Ideal for M  D
  clinic opening in early 2010. Fam friendly com unity
                                     ily            m          clinic is well established. Regular and walk-in patients     wishing torelocate their existing practice or wanting to
  with m churches, schools, recreational & cultural                        ou
                                                               accepted. Y canbeas busyas youwish.W         ell-equipped,                            ffice
                                                                                                                            start a new practice. O hours are Monday-Thursday
  opportunities.Thecapital townof BruceC     ounty- aneasy     individual offices with Internet access, and pleasant                       ,
                                                                                                                            9am to 5pm but Fridays and weekends available if
  drive to m southern O
             ajor             ntario urban centers. Contact:   and efficient staff. Excellent potential for building your                    ore
                                                                                                                            desired. For m inform         ation contact lili@drnasseri.
  walkertondocs@gm                                  practice. Contact: Lana C                    ail
                                                                                           heshenchuk at em suitlana@       com  .
                                                      or call 306.545.5868.
   ANC UVER ISLAND BC - Full tim physician required
  V O                 ,              e                                                                                      G           N
                                                                                                                              UELPH O - Are you looking for work-life balance?
  to join teamof two other doctors in full fam practice           HM ND
                                                               RIC O , BC - Modern G                 ily
                                                                                            roup Fam Practice/W    alk-     No overhead? The G            HC
                                                                                                                                                 uelph C is seeking an energetic
  office. Y run your own practice, and a non-profit co-
           ou                                                               R
                                                               In with EM allows for excellent work/ life balance .             ily
                                                                                                                            fam physician to full a 1 year locum position. D    ates:
  operative provides the prem and adm            inistrative   Congenial Male/Fem D  ale octors looking for another                                 our edical training/experience
                                                                                                                            July 2009 – July 2010. Y m
  support. pacificrimhealthservicescoop@gm           Fam Dily octor to replace a long term Associate leaving      will be put toexcellent use, workinginour collaborative,
                                                               for a residency re-entry position early June 2009. 70%       m                          ent.
                                                                                                                              ultidisciplinaryenvironm Benefitsincluderegularly
     T                   ,
  SAL SPRING ISLAND BC - Solo practice available.              Split. The group covers Monday-Friday 9am    -5pm with       scheduledhours, com  petitivesalaryrange, paidvacation/
  Amazing lifestyle on the most popular of the Gulf Islands.   double coverage 4 days and triple coverage one day.          personal leave, excellent health benefits for em  ployee
  Fee for service, with Rural Retention incentives and                                                         .
                                                               Shared Saturday single coverage of 10am- 4pm Please                  ily em
                                                                                                                            & fam m bers, full adm         inistration support. New
  hospital support on island. Rewarding work with city of                               .m
                                                               see our website at www Em to ail                             e                        e
                                                                                                                            graduates/ part tim applicants are welcom to apply.
  Victoria 30 minutes away by ferry, shared by 9 other G  P    m                   .ca. el:604-448-9595
                                                                 edicalclinic@shaw T                                             ail:
                                                                                                                            E-m Fax: 519-821-6148

                                         Classifieds: fax 604-681-8149 • tel 604-681-1811 • email
cl a s s i f i ed ads                                             | positions / vacation properties / practices / locums
                                                                          record storage          equipment for sale
                                                                                 RETIRING MO, VING or CLO                   ily
                                                                                                              SING your fam practice?             RTH          O           ffice
                                                                                                                                               NO VANC UVER, BC- O equipment in excellent
                                         sudoku 2 harder solution                  O
                                                                                 D CUdavit Medical Solutions provides FREE patient             condition 20-40% off catalogue price or best offer. For
                                                                                 recordstorage with nohidden costs. C   ontact SidSoil at                                              e
                                                                                                                                               details call tel. 604-986-6716. Best tim tocall between
                                          2 4 5 6 1 8 9 7 3
                                                                                 D CUdavit Solutions today at 1-888-781-9083, ext.105          10am-12pm     .
     march/april 2009 contest

                                          9 3 8 5 4 7 6 1 2                              ail                     . e
                                                                                 or e-m W also provide great
                                          6 1 7 2 9 3 4 5 8                      rates for closingspecialists.
                                                                                                                                                 office space for sale
          solution from

                                          5 2 3 4 8 6 1 9 7
                                          7 6 4 9 2 1 8 3 5                                                                                       MO N,             ell
                                                                                                                                               ED NTO AB - W established lucrative m          edical
                                                                                  vacation properties                                                                                     ple
                                                                                                                                               practice in NorthEast Edmonton for sale. Am scope
                                          8 9 1 3 7 5 2 4 6                                                                                    for expansion. Unbelievablylowoverhead. D octor plans
                                          1 8 6 7 3 4 5 2 9                                                 e
                                                                                 Vacation properties in prim B.C. locations. KELOWNA:
                                                                                                                                                                pen                  r.   .
                                                                                                                                               to retire soon. O to offers. Phone D M. F Alamat
                                                                                 Prime lakefront/ Sunset Blvd 2bed/3bed. SUNSHINE
                                          4 7 2 8 5 9 3 6 1                      C AST: O
                                                                                  O       ceanfront cottage 2bed. WHISTLER: Ski in-out,
                                          3 5 9 1 6 2 7 8 4                      1bed+loft, sleeps4. Book directly andsave! rkrentals@
                                                 Puzzle by
                                                                                                                                                     Reach 32,000+ Canadian
                                         sudoku 1 easier solution                TO , BC- Beachfront vacation home on spectacular
                                                                                    FINO                                                               physicians in Just For
                                         8 2 5 1 7 9 6 4 3                       Chesterm Beach. 3 bedroom 2 baths, fully equipped
                                                                                           an                ,                                      Canadian Doctors magazine
                                         1 4 9 3 6 5 8 7 2                       with surfing, beachcombing, hiking, biking, fishing,               Complimentary classified ads to practising
                 solution from page 37

                                         3 7 6 4 2 8 5 1 9                       whalewatchingandstormwatching. C   ontact hali007@                  physicians in these categories: positions
                                                                                                                                    available, locums wanted, practice/
                                         4 3 1 2 5 7 9 6 8                                                                                         equipment for sale/rent and office space. All
                                         9 6 2 8 3 4 7 5 1                       GREECE – Twohouses torent onthe same property ina                               other classifieds:
                                         7 5 8 6 9 1 3 2 4                       quiet inland village on the Greek island of Corfu. Avail-             1 inch - $95 | 2 inch - $120 | 3 inch - $145
                                                                                 able April-O ctober. D etails at or
                                         2 9 3 7 1 6 4 8 5                                                                                                      (15% discount for practising physicians)
                                                                                 contact anaism
                                         6 1 4 5 8 3 2 9 7
                                         5 8 7 9 4 2 1 3 6
                                                 Puzzle by
                                                                                           Classifieds: fax 604-681-8149 • tel 604-681-1811 • email

d octor s ’                                m ar k e tp l a c e

                                                                                                                                     Bangkok Chiang Saen Chiang Rai Ban Meo Mae Ki Chiang Mai Bangkok

    36                         JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                   May/June 2009
                                         diversion                                                                                              the food doctor
                                                                                                                                                                  Continued from pAge 11

                                                                                         lobster risotto
                                                                                         (serves 4)

                                         sudoku                                          lobster stock
                                                                                         shells from 4
                                                                                            lobsters, rinsed

                                         do you sudoku?
                                                                                         2 leeks, cut into
                                                                                            1-inch chunks
                                                                                         3 carrots, peeled
                                                                                            and cut into
                                         Solve puzzle #2 for a                              1-inch chunks
                                         chance to win a $225                            1 large onion,
                                         Family Getaway Gift                             4 large garlic cloves,
                                                                                            peeled and cut
                                         Pack…Tilley Style.                                 in half
                                                                                         1 fennel bulb,
                                         Sudoku is simple enough that anyone
                                                                                            washed and
                                         can play, yet difficult enough that                quartered
                                         anyone can improve at it.                       3 celery stalks,
                                         Each Sudoku puzzle has a unique                    washed and
                                                                                            cut into 1-inch
                                         solution that can be reached logically
                                         without guessing. Fill in the grid
                                                                                         12 peppercorns
                                         so that every row, column and 3x3
                                                                                         2 large sprigs of
                                         square contains the digits 1 through 9.            fresh thyme
                                         winner of last issue’s sudoku contest:          2 tablespoons salt
                                                                                         4 quarts of water
                                         Dr. Jamal Aboujamra, Toronto, ON                                                                            Peel anddicetheshallot. Heat oliveoil ina
                                                                                                                                                m                             m
                                                                                                                                                  ediumsaucepot until shim ering. Reduceheat to
                                                                                         4 lobster claws for garnish
                                                                                                                                                m        .
                                                                                                                                                  edium Addscallionandrice. Stir continuously for
                                                                                         meat from 4 lobsters, cut into small pieces
                                                                                                                                                2m                                   m
                                                                                                                                                    inutes. Add1 cupof stock andsim er, stirring
                                                     1                            3      2 tablespoons minced chives
sudoku 1 easier solution on page 36

                                                                                         2 cups arborio rice
                                                                                                                                                until thebrothis alm absorbed(about 4 m      inutes).

                                            4      9 3 6               8                 1 shallot
                                                                                                                                                Add1 cupof brothat a tim stirringuntil absorbed
                                                                                         2 tablespoons olive oil                                beforeeachnewaddition. C    ontinueuntil thericeis
                                          3 7      6              8        1             approximately 8 cups lobster stock                     tender andthem                  y,
                                                                                                                                                                 ixtureis cream about 25 m   inutes.
                                                                                                                                                Inthelast 2 m inutes of cooking, addthepeas. T urn
                                                   1 2 5          7                      1 cup shelled peas or frozen peas
                                                                                         —                                                                                          eat
                                                                                                                                                off theheat andstir inthelobster m until warm     ed
                                               6   2                7 5                  salt and pepper                                        through. Addchives. Seasontotastewithsalt and
                                                                                                                                                pepper. Serve.
                                                     6 9          1 3                     om
                                                                                         C bineall theingredients for thelobster stock ina
                                                                                                                                                D Holly Fong’s lobster mango salad recipe
                                               9     7              4 8 5
                                                                                         largestockpot. Bringtoa boil. Reducetheheat tolow        r.
                                                                                         andlet sim er for several hours or overnight. The      is onpage1 her dunked lobster recipeis at
                                                   4   8          3 2 9                                          ore
                                                                                         longer it sim ers, them flavourful it will becom
                                                                                           iscardlargeshells andstrainthestock througha fine

                                          5                       2                      sieveintoanother largepot. Bringtoa boil andkeep
                                                       Puzzle by           warmover lowheat.

                                          1                       2
sudoku 2 harder solution in next issue

                                                                                      entry form (please print clearly):
                                               9             3         1 4            name: __________________________________________________________________
                                                                                      address: _______________________________________________________________
                                               3               4     7                city, province, postal code: _____________________________________________
                                          3                  4 7 5 8 9                e-mail: ________________________________________________________________
                                                                                      tel: ______________________________ fax: _________________________________

                                                                                      sudoku puzzle contest rules: 1. entry form must be accompanied with solved puzzle.
                                          6 8 7 3 5                               4   only correctly solved puzzles will be entered into random draw. 2. Send puzzle & entry form
                                                                                      to Just For Canadian Doctors, 710 – 938 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1N9 or by fax
                                          4     8                          9          to 604-681-0456. entries must be received by June 15, 2009. 3. prize: tilley endurables family
                                                                                      getaway gift pack. odds of winning dependent upon number of entries. winner will be contacted
                                            7 1   6                        2          by telephone and announced in the July/august 2009 issue.
                                                                                      4. contest can be changed and/or cancelled without prior notice.

                                                7                                 3   5. all entries become property of in print publications. employees of in
                                                                                      print publications and its affiliates are not eligible to participate.
                                                       Puzzle by
                                                                                                                                  May/June 2009 JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS                        37
s m a l l ta l k    doctors share their picks, pans, pleasures and fears

                    From sausages to sutures…Dr. Gordon Chapman read The History of Surgery
                    at 14 years of age…and never looked back. This New Brunswick-based physician
                    has an affinity for choral music, soy milk, Sophia Loren and his table-saw.
                    My name: Gordon M Chapman            to help people…I considered            movie: Flashdance
                                                         orthopedics, then became                                                    My
                    I live and practise in: Saint                                               My must-see TV show:
                                                         intrigued by the challenges                                                 secret to
                    John, New Brunswick                                                         Currently NCIS—a great diversion.
                                                         of anaesthesia and the instant                                              relaxing and relieving tension:
                    My training: london university,      gratification of a response within     My favourite music: various
                                                                                                                                     Choral music—listening to it and
                    uK, Bachelor and medical             a few circulation times…plus           solos by Kiri te Kanawa
                                                                                                                                     singing in a choir.
                    degrees; Anaesthesia training        the challenge and satisfaction of      My first job: As a teenager,
                    at Nuffield Dept in oxford,          caring for people at a critical time                                        A talent I wish I had: A voice like
                                                                                                making sausages and delivering
                    uK; ffARCS, which became             in their lives.                                                             Pavarotti.
                                                                                                meat for a butcher in my
                    fRCA; fellowship at harvard in                                              hometown.                            My scariest moment: Going off
                    cardiology and ICu.                  My last trip: on a river steamer
                                                         down the Mekong river in                                                    the edge of a ski trail at Jay Peak,
                                                                                                The gadget or gear I could not
                    Why I was drawn to medicine:         Cambodia and Vietnam.                                                       Vermont, head-first down a steep
                                                                                                do without: My computer, or my
                    I read The History of Surgery when                                                                               pitch among trees.
                                                         The most exotic place I’ve             table-saw…
                    I was 14 and was fascinated—                                                                                     My fondest memory: holding
                    never looked back—and knew           travelled: The Angkor region           My favourite room at home:
                                                              temples in Cambodia.                                                   my first daughter soon after birth.
                    I wanted                                                                    Study-cum-library
                                                               The best souvenir I’ve           My car: Mercedes C230                A big challenge I’ve faced:
                                                               brought back from a              Kompressor                           Surviving a divorce.
                                                               trip: Paintings by teenage                                            One thing I’d change about
                                                                orphans in Cambodia.            My last purchase: Energy-
                                                                                                efficient Kodak printer/copier/      myself: I’d lose 50 lbs.
                                                                 A favourite place that         scanner/fax                          The word that best describes
                                                                 I keep returning to:                                                me: Eclectic
                                                                 My cottage on Prince           My last splurge: A MacBook
                                                                  Edward Island.                Pro—a convert, at last!              I’m inspired by: Personal
                                                                                                Most-frequented store: home          achievement in the face of
                                                                  My ultimate dream                                                  adversity.
                                                                  vacation: To visit the        Depot
                                                                  lakes and mountains           My closet has too many: old          My biggest ego boost:
                                                                   near Srinagar.               shirts, pants and ties I seldom      finishing my first novel.
                                                                    If I could travel to        wear.                                My biggest ego blow: Persistent
                                                                    any time, I’d go to:        My fridge is always stocked          humiliation by a misguided
                                                                             mid-19th-          with: white wine, vanilla soy milk   department head.
                                                                             century Vienna     and Becel…                           I’m happiest when: I’m among
                                                                            My favourite        My medicine cabinet is always        close friends and family.
                                                                            book: The last      stocked with: Ibuprofen              My greatest fear is: Making a
                                                                            one I read…         My guilty pleasure is: Sleeping      fatal mistake…
                                                                            usually a           late, then reading the paper in
                                                                            biography.                                               A cause that’s close to my
                                                                                                bed.                                 heart: Prevention of chronic
                                                                            My favourite        My favourite exercise/               diseases through lifestyle choices
                                                                                                              activity:              My motto is: Patience and
                                                                                                              landscaping,           perseverance.
                                                                                                              renovating—and         A cause close to my
                                                                                                              sailing.               heart: Promotion of fair and
                                                                                                                                     honest behaviour in large
                                                                                                                My favourite         organizations—government,
                                                                                                                sport to watch:      industry, universities.
                                                                                                                Track and field
                                                                                                                events, figure       Something I haven’t done yet
                                                                                                                skating              that’s on my must-do list: See
                                                                                                                                     Mount Everest.
                                                                                                                                                                            CouRTESY DR. GoRDoN ChAPMAN (4); APPlE

                                                                                                               My celebrity
                                                                                                               crush: Sophia         If I wasn’t a doctor I’d be: A civil
                                                                                                         loren—when I was a          engineer.
                                                                                                                                     from top Dr. Gordon
                                                                                                           I’d want this item
                                                                                                            with me if stranded      Chapman cracks
                                                                                                             on a desert island:     macadamia nuts in Hawaii;
                                                                                                              A solar-powered        With his wife Ellen in
                                                                                                                                     Hawaii, giving the local
                                                                                                                                     “shaka” greeting; At a hotel
                                                                                                                                     near Rome; Holding his
                                                                                                                                     youngest grand-daughter,
                                                                                                                                     Rose; And his latest splurge,
                                                                                                                                     the MacBook Pro.
                   38   JuST fOR CanaDian DOCTORS           May/June 2009
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                                                             time and resources.
                                                            Combine Live CME &
                                                         Personal Renewal time with
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August 7, 2009 Neurology                                                                            Featured Destinations
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                   October 17, 2009 Women's Health
  7-Night Alaska Cruise from Vancouver, BC                                          14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
  Celebrity Cruises Millennium                                                      14-Night Cradle of Civilization from Piraeus(Athens),
August 8, 2009 Family Medicine: Sports Medicine and                                 Greece to Rome, Italy on Holland America's ms Rotterdam
Orthopaedics with hands on splinting/casting and joint                              November 9, 2009 Neurology & Pain Management
injection models                                                                    14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                   12-Day Southeast Asia Explorer Hong Kong to Singapore
  10-Night Best of Europe, Southampton, England to                                  Holland America's ms Volendam
  Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy
  Celebrity Cruises' Equinox                                                      October 17, 2009 Emergency Medicine Today
September 5, 2009 Dermatology for the Primary Care                                 14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
Practitioner                                                                       7-Night Greek Isles Cruise Conference
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                  Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas
  7-Night Canada/New England from Boston                                          November 7, 2009 Pediatric Review 2009
  Holland America's ms Maasdam                                                     14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
September 6, 2009 Infectious Disease                                               7-Night Hawaiian Islands from Honolulu
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                  Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America
  7-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Conference from Rome                       November 15, 2009 Mental Health Issues for Primary Care
  Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas                                         with a focus on Drugs and Behavior
September 28, 2009 Women's Health                                                  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                  7-Night Southern Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  Black Sea and Holy Lands Cruise                                                  Holland America's ms Westerdam
  Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas                                            November 29, 2009 Oral Health and Mucosal Disease
October 6, 2009 Communication Skills for Health Care                               14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
Practitioners                                                                      14 Continuing Dental Education Credits
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                  7-Night Mexican Riviera Cruise
  10-Night Western Mediterranean from Rome, Italy                                  Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas
  Holland America's ms Noordam                                                    January 20, 2010 Primary Care Dermatology and
October 10, 2009 Allergy and Immunology                                           Oral Dermatology Review
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                  18 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for
  7-Night Hawaiian Islands Cruise Conference                                       14-Night Australia/New Zealand from Sydney
  Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America                                         Holland America's ms Volendam
October 17, 2009 Emergency Medicine Today
  14 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ AAFP Applied for                                     We can plan or joint sponsor / accredit
  7-Night Greek Isles Cruise Conference                                                          your next meeting
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                                                New Home.
 Only minutes from the new
 Calgary South Health
 Campus, the southeast
 community of Cranston
 awaits you.
 Perched high on a ridge overlooking the
 meandering Bow River, imagine the
 spectacular Rocky Mountain sunsets as your
 backdrop. Views at their finest, with
 amenities, as well as work, close at hand in
 this family friendly surrounding. Whether
 you want a home that’s ready to go, tailored
 to fit, or a completely custom approach,

 Baywest Homes is the one builder who can
 accommodate all three.     Ask about our
 award winning Red Pen Program that
 empowers you to make personal design
 changes and even structure modifications to
 our standard floorplans.

 Baywest has a 20 year reputation for the                                         Announcing Baywest’s all
 ultimate in flexibility, catering to                                             new French Estate Collection
 professionals with unique demands and                                            in Cranston, a stunning and
 busy schedules.
                                                                                  elegant series of premier
 The result? Getting exactly what you want                                        homes in revival style
 within a process that suits YOU.                                                 architectural themes.

SHOWHOMES | 257 Cranarch Circle SE, Calgary, Alberta
PHONE | 403.257.1366

      R E A D Y- T O - G O H O M E S                   TA I L O R E D H O M E S   CUSTOM HOMES

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