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					                                                                                        Euphorion's Spell database                             contact: andreas.marcinkowski@munich.netsurf.de

                                                                                      Spell Database by ~~~Euphorion~~~
                                                                       Server 1
                Name                     Type          Type2            Cost Turns Rank              Comments
                Animate Skeletons        Summon        Summon          2,500      1    Simple        Black's basic Summon spell. Gives a number of Skeletons
                Curse                    Battle        1 Enemy           700      0    Simple        Decreases Accuracy and Strength in Battle. Good for beginning black mages.
                Animate Zombie           Summon        Summon          5,100      1    Simple        Summons Zombies, not much else to say.
                Blacken Soul             Battle        1 Enemy         1,000      0    Simple        Kills a small portion of an enemy unit, and may paralyze.
                Fear                     Battle        1 Enemy           600      0    Simple        Attack power and Counterattack power is decreased. Not much different from curse.
                Shroud of Darkness       Ench.(Self)   300 mana       10,000      4    Average       Grants Protection from White Magic...although there are no offensive white spells out there, it'll defend
                                                                                                     against white battle spells.
                Summon Wraith            Summon        Summon         35,500      2    Average       Summons Wraiths to join your army. Good units for the cost.
                Animate Ghoul            Summon        Summon         15,600      2    Average       Brings Ghouls to join your army. Ghouls are ok because they can paralyze
                Battle Lust              Battle        All Yours      10,000      0    Complex       Increases damage power of all your units at the cost of defense and may lose some. Tough call
                Blood Ritual             Ench.(Self)   666 pop.       50,000      5    Complex       Lasts for 200 turns, and produces Ghouls each turn. Acts like a barracks for Ghouls. Since you cannot
                                                                                                     dispell it, better have a look at your pop....
                Foul Water               Battle        Your melee     20,000      0    Complex       Turns all of your melee units attacks to Poison. Excellent battle spell against non-black mages.
Nether spells

                Kiss of the Vampire      Battle        All Yours      20,000      0    Complex       Gives the Steal Life ability to all of your units for the battle. Useful for higher untis.
                Summon Lich              Summon        Summon         79,900      6    Complex       As the name implies, it brings the powerful Lich to your army.
                Summon Vampire           Summon        Summon         77,700      6    Complex       Calls Vampired to join your ever growing army of the Undead.
                Death and Decay          Ench.(Off)    2000 mana      10,000      5    Complex       Offensive Spell that will destroy the enchanted mage's land and population when they take turns. Very
                                                                                                     useful offensive spell.
                Gaze of Death            Battle        1 Enemy        30,000    0      Complex       Kills an enemy unit stack...won't kill all of it depending on resistances. Milder Disintegrate
                Night of the Living Dead Summon        Summon         20,000    1      Complex       Summons random Black units to you.
                Touch of Necromancy      Ench.(Self)   100 mana       50,000    10     Complex       A part of the slained enemy will rise from the dead and turn into mindless zombies and join your undead
                Blood Curse              Battle        All yours      20,000      0    Complex       Using your own blood as a medium, you lay a powerful curse on your weapon. Any wounds caused by the
                                                                                                     cursed weapons will only leave a never healing hole, with blood constantly oozing from it.
                Contract of the Soul     Ench.(Self)   6666 Pop.     750,000    10     Ultimate      This spell cannot be canceled nor dispelled nor tranquilized. Will summon Devils every time you attack. But
                                                                                                     beware, for this spell is practically suicide
                Black Sabbath            Ench.(Self)   666 Pop.      200,000      3    Ultimate      Great increase in mana production. The population will stop growing until dispelled, but the sacrificed
                                                                                                     populace will become Skeletons and Zombies.
                Black Death              Ench.(Self)   666 pop.     1,000,000   25     Ultimate      Epidemic, can be contracted by attacking/defending someone with it. Black Death is a spreadable Death
                                                                                                     and Decay with a limited duration. Nasty spell, but costly.
                Dreams of Seduction      Battle        Summon        200,000      0    Ultimate      Summons Succubi to fight for you. I think they stay with you afterward also.
                Corruption               Battle        All Enemy     500,000      0    Ancient       Turns enemy's Dom's, AA and Angels into Fallen ....
                                                                                           Euphorion's Spell database                               contact: andreas.marcinkowski@munich.netsurf.de

                                                                                         Spell Database by ~~~Euphorion~~~
                                                                          Server 1
                   Name                    Type          Type2             Cost Turns Rank              Comments
                   Summon Sprite           Summon        Summon           6,600      1    Simple        Summons the winged Sprites to your army
                   Fog Cloud               Battle        All Units          950      0    Simple        Reduces accuracy of all attacks, yours and opponents. Nice defensive spell for beginning blue mages.
                   Phantasm Magic          Battle        1 Enemy            800      0    Simple        Illuosinary attack on one enemy stack. Moderate attack spell for blue.
                   Summon Sylph            Summon        Summon           8,100      2    Simple        Calls the Sylphs to join you.
                   Sleep                   Battle        1 Enemy            700      0    Simple        Makes one enemy stack fall asleep....don't know how effective, but didn't seem to work much.
                   Double Time             Battle        1 Yours          3,500      0    Average       Increases attack initiative and accuracy of a random group of yours.
                   Confuse                 Ench.(Off)    300 mana         2,000      5    Average       Makes the target mage have a difficult time casting spells, upkeeping enchantments, and researching.
                   Mental Thrash           Battle        1 Enemy          3,500      0    Average       Attacks an enemy unit with a Psychic attack. Better than Shadow Magic.
                   Call Sirenes            Summon        Summon          24,500      3    Average       Brings the Sirenes to you.
                   Concentration           Ench.(Self)   300 mana        10,000      5    Average       This is the Blue mage's dream spell. increases research rate, and might affect spell power a bit. Most
                                                                                                        sought after enchantment.
                   Scrying Mirror          Instant       Any Target       5,000      1    Average       Gives you information on the target. Amount of info revealed depends on level, and their protection.
   Nether spells

                   Feet of Hermes          Battle        1 Yours          5,500      0    Average       Makes one of your units able to dodge attacks more easily.
Phantasm spells

                   Invisibility            Battle        1 Yours          3,000      0    Average       Turns one of your units Invisible until it attacks.
                   Mirage Monster          Battle        Summon          10,000      0    Complex       Summons Mirage Monsters for the duration of battle. Ok for defense, There are better spells though.
                   Steal Artifact          Instant       Any Target      20,000      2    Complex       Attempts to steal an artifact from target mage. Not always successful. At high levels, can steal multiple
                                                                                                        artifacts. Cannot steal Uniques.
                   Slow                    Battle        All Enemy        8,000    0      Complex       Reduces attack initiative of all enemy units. Blue's main Combat spell.
                   Paralyze                Battle        1 Enemy         10,000    0      Complex       The kiss of death for a 1-stack army. Keeps a random opposing unit from attacking or dodging.
                   Summon Mind Ripper      Summon        Summon          65,700    6      Complex       Summons Blue's powerhouse to your side.
                   Lovesick                Battle        1 Enemy          8,000    0      Complex       Makes an enemy unit not mount an attack.
                   Flight                  Battle        1 Yours         12,000    0      Complex       Grants the Flying ability to one of your units for the battle.
                   Laziness                Ench.(Off)    500 Mana        20,000    10     Complex       Will reduce effectiveness of the land, may destroy some farms/towns.
                   Temporal Stasis Field   Ench.(Off)    *S1* 1 turn     20,000    15     Complex       Everytime the target uses a turn it loses additional turn(s). You have to pay 1 turn as "upkeep".
                   Mind Bar                Ench.(Self)   1000 Mana       10,000    7      Complex       Grants Protection from Colored Spells on you, around 15-30% depending on Spell Level, and about 3
                                                                                                        times that against Blue spells. Also confers immunity to Illusions.
                   Fool's Gold             Instant       Any Target     100,000      5    Ultimate      Steals gold from the target mage, and they won't know it until they try to spend it. Steals about 2-10 million
                   Wish                    Instant       Self           100,000    1      Ultimate      Has Varied effects, including Mana loss, Gold gain, Population gain, Item gain, Item loss.
                   Hallucination           Ench.(Self)   1000 Mana      200,000    10     Ultimate      When you are attacked there is a percentage chance the enemy gets lost and the battle does not occur.
                                                                                                        Rumored to be between 20-40% depending on spell level.
                   Conjure Elemental       Summon        Summon          280,000   9      Ultimate      Summons one of three different types of Elementals to join you. Ice, Air, and Water.
                   The Wall of Silence     Ench.(Self)   500 Mana      7,500,000   20     Ancient       Makes Spell castings very difficult. Will also "infect" other countries when they attack you.
                                                                                      Euphorion's Spell database                             contact: andreas.marcinkowski@munich.netsurf.de

                                                                                    Spell Database by ~~~Euphorion~~~
                                                                     Server 1
                  Name                  Type          Type2           Cost Turns Rank              Comments
                  Summon Dryad          Summon        Summon          3,000     1    Simple        Summons the Dryads to you.
                  Wooden Soul           Battle        1 Yours           600     0    Simple        Increases the defense of one of your units.
                  Web of the Spider     Battle        1 Enemy           600     0    Simple        Slows down one enemy unit, may keep them from attacking if slow enough already.
                  Eye of the Eagle      Battle        All Elves        600      0    Simple        Increases accuracy and efficiency of all of your Elven fighters, which if you are Green, you should have
                                                                                                   plenty of. Pretty useless for other colors.
                  Animal Summoning      Summon        Summon          5,600   1      Simple        Hey Hey, they're the Monkeys...err..Gorillas!
                  Summon Nymph          Summon        Summon          7,900   2      Average       The Nymphs, The Nymphs
                  Summon Werebear       Summon        Summon         29,500   2      Average       Strong Werebears flock to your call.
                  Nature's Cure         Battle        All Yours       2,000   0      Average       Regenerates your units after battle, Doesn't do a great job of it though.
                  Stunning Beauty       Battle        All Elves       3,000   0      Average       Enemies have an attack penalty on elf units due to their attractiveness.
 Verdant spells

                  Enlarge Animal        Battle        All Animals     3,900   0      Average       Makes all Animal units more powerful that battle.
                  Sunray                Ench.(Self)   100 Mana       50,000   10     Complex       Sunray grants some Protection from Black and Blue spells, and causes Black and Blue creatuers to not
Nether spells

                                                                                                   fight as well.
                  Regeneration          Battle        All Yours      30,000     0    Complex       Regenerates your units after battle, but does a much better job than Nature's Cure.
                  Call Treants          Summon        Summon         34,600     4    Complex       The Trees, they are moving!!!
                  Summon Locust Swarm   Ench.(Off)    1000 Mana      20,000     4    Complex       Sends Locusts at target Mage. The Locusts will devour food, and kill peasants.
                  Weather Summoning     Ench.(Self)   400 Mana       50,000     8    Complex       Increases the productiveness of Farms
                  Plant Growth          Ench.(Self)   500 Mana       30,000     3    Complex       Increases the size of Treefolk creatures such as Treants for as long as the spell is in effect.
                  Rust Armor            Battle        all enemy      20,000     0    Complex        An acidic rain will corrode any normal metal items upon contact. Thus, making those heavily armored units
                                                                                                   a more easier prey.
                  Call Hurrican         Battle        all enemy      20,000     0    Complex       The spell will summon a violent thunder storm. Strong Gale blows and heavy rainfall pours from the sky,
                                                                                                   which makes it impossible for most fliers to take flight under such bad weather, thus making most fliers a
                                                                                                   much more easier prey.
                  Call Phoenix          Summon        Summon        300,000     8    Ultimate      Summons the Phoenix to join your crusade.
                  Tranquility           Instant       Any Target    100,000     5    Ultimate      Dispells all spells on target mage, beneficial or harmful. This is one reason why it's good to have a Green
                                                                                                   ally. (On S1: 50% chance)
                  Nature's Favor        Ench.(Self)   1000 Mana     100,000   8      Ultimate      Random Green units will join you and your population will increase faster while this is in effect.
                  Nature's Lore         Ench.(Self)   300 Mana      300,000   10     Ultimate      Gives you 1 acre per turn. While in effect it decreases gold and manaincome by approx. 10-15%
                                                                                        Euphorion's Spell database                                 contact: andreas.marcinkowski@munich.netsurf.de

                                                                                      Spell Database by ~~~Euphorion~~~
                                                                       Server 1
                     Name                Type          Type2            Cost Turns Rank              Comments
                     Blaze               Battle        1 Enemy          1,000   0      Simple        Attacks an enemy with a Magic Missile attack, always hits.
                     Call Lizardman      Summon        Summon           6,800   1      Simple        Brings Lizardmen to help you.
                     Force Bolt          Battle        1 Enemy            700   0      Simple        Makes the enemy unit not able to fight efficiently.
                     Flame Arrow         Battle        Your Missile       700   0      Simple        All of your missile attacks get the added effect of Fire.
                     Summon HellHound    Summon        Summon          24,400   3      Average       Hellhonds join the army.
                     Fireball            Battle        1 Enemy         30,000   0      Average       Does heavy fire damage to one group.
                     Summon Salamander   Summon        Summon          28,900   3      Average       Fiery Salamanders come to your call.
                     Giant Strength      Battle        1 Yours          3,000   0      Average       One of your groups gets extra strength and toughness in battle.
                     Lightning Strike    Battle        1 Yours         40,000   0      Average       Hits an enemy group with a Lightning attack and reduces its counterattack effectiveness.
                     Meteor Storm        Ench.(Off)    2000 Mana       20,000   8      Complex       Offensive Enchantment that will destory buildings each turn.
                     Flame Blade         Battle        Your Melee      20,000   0      Complex       Increases your melee units accuracy as well as making their attacks Fire-based.
Eradication spells

                     Chain Lightning     Battle        All Enemy       90,000   0      Complex       Inflicts Lightning damage on all enemy troops, very effective spell.
  Nether spells

                     Disintegrate        Battle        1 Enemy         40,000   0      Complex       Completely destroys enemy stack, with allowance for resistance to red magic.
                     Stun                Battle        All Enemy       14,000   0      Complex       Disorients enemy units, making them unable to fight effectively.
                     Summon Hydra        Summon        Summon          41,700   5      Complex       Hydras come to your bidding.
                     Summon Chimera      Summon        Summon          46,800   4      Complex       Chimeras join you.
                     Call Lightning      Ench.(Off)    2000 Mana       20,000   10     Complex       Will kill population each turn it is in effect.
                     Destroy Artifacts   Instant       Any Target      30,000   3      Complex       This is a sonic-based spell which causes an vibration within an area. It will not cause harm to organic
                                                                                                     creatures but is capable into shattering any normal items. However, magical items are more resistance to
                                                                                                     its attack.
                     Gravity Pull        Battle        all units      100,000     0    Complex       This spell doubles the gravity force within an area. Any flying creatures caught within the area of effect will
                                                                                                     fall from the sky. Even land creatures will have difficulty moving their legs, which is more heavier than lead
                                                                                                     under the doubled gravity.
                     Battle Chant        Ench.(Self)   500 Mana        50,000   10     Complex       The spell drives all armies in a state of frenziness for all the times. It squeezed the life force of the units out
                                                                                                     and enchanced their power and strength. The only drawback of the spell is the units will be exhausted too
                                                                                                     easily and will not be able to last long.
                     Summon Red Dragon   Summon        Summon         300,000   10     Ultimate      The nastiest of them all, the Red Dragon, flocks to your side.
                     Inferno             Battle        All Enemy      500,000   0      Ultimate      Will deal massive Fire damage to every enemy unit, ensuring death of any without Fire resistance.
                     Volcano Eruption    Instant       Any Target     200,000   10     Ultimate      Destroys land, population and economy of target mage, all without attacking, and instantly.
                     Flame Shield        Battle        All Yours      200,000   0      Ultimate       The spell creates a flaming barrier surrounding the target. It does not affect the target in any way, but any
                                                                                                     creature who strikes the protected unit with melee weapon will be burned by the fire.
                                                                                                Euphorion's Spell database                              contact: andreas.marcinkowski@munich.netsurf.de

                                                                                              Spell Database by ~~~Euphorion~~~
                                                                               Server 1
                       Name                      Type          Type2            Cost Turns Rank              Comments
                       Healing                   Battle        All Yours         500      0    Simple        Heals your units after battle, but not very well.
                       Bless                     Battle        1 Yours           700      0    Simple        Increases fighting efficiency of one of your troops.
                       Armor of Light            Battle        1 Yours           700      0    Simple        Gives one of your groups protection from black untis and black magic.
                       Protection From Missile   Battle        1 Yours           700      0    Simple        Protects one of your groups from all Missile attacks.
                       Summon Pegasus            Summon        Summon          6,300      1    Simple        Summons the Winged Pegasi to your army.
                       Dispel Magic              Uncastable    Uncastable          0      0    Average       Increases the effectiveness of the main page ability, Dispel.
                       Summon Angel              Summon        Summon         27,000      3    Average       Angels join you.
                       Protection from Evil      Ench.(Self)   300 Mana       10,000      5    Average       Grants your kingdom protection from Black spells.
                       Holy Word                 Battle        All Undead     10,000      0    Average       Destroys Undead units, very effective against a black mage.
Nether spells spells

                       Summon Unicorn            Summon        Summon         22,000      3    Average       Summons Unicrons to your side.
                       Platinum Hand of          Battle        All Yours       8,000      0    Average       Does a better job of healing all of your units than Healing does.
                       Resist Elements           Ench.(Self)   300 Mana        8,000    12     Complex       Will reduce the effectiveness of all Lightning, Fire, and Cold attacks, as well as those by Blue's Elementals

                       Sword of Light            Battle        Your Melee     20,000    0      Complex       Gives all of your melee units higher attack and the Holy attribute.
                       Locate Artifact           Instant       Self           10,000    2      Average       Locates an artifact for you. Has a chance to locate a Unique for you also.
                       Summon Archangel          Summon        Summon         52,000    5      Complex       Archangels are sent to help you.
                       Gate                      Summon        Summon         20,000    1      Complex       Summons random White units to your army, including ArchAngels, Angels, Paladins, Unicorns, Pegasi,
                                                                                                             and Knights.
                       Blinding Flash            Battle        All Enemy       3,500      0    Complex       Reduces effectiveness of your and enemy attacks. But enemiy will suffer more than you. Even greater
                                                                                                             influence on black units.
                       Resurrection              Battle        1 Yours        20,000    0      Complex       Best Healing spell, Resurrects most of your units after battle.
                       Love and Peace            Ench.(Self)   500 Mana      200,000    10     Ultimate      Increases HP of your units, gives Preachers to you each turn, increases population and gold rates, but
                                                                                                             decreases fighting ability. You can't dispel it.
                       The Holy Light            Ench.(Self)   100+ Mana      200,000   10     Ultimate      Enchanment version of Sword of Light, upkeep is variable based on your mana income (?)
                       Descent of Holy Being     Instant       Self           300,000   9      Ultimate      Gives you White's ultimate unit, the Dominion, but will also give you geld, population, and items also. (?)
                       Miracle                   Battle        All Yours    1,000,000   0      Ultimate      Will ressurect all of your units after battle, may increase attack effectiveness.
                       Heavenly Protection       Ench.(Self)   500 Mana       300,000   10     Ancient       Protects you from all evil magic.

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