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InsideOut is a monthly magazine for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.
Edited, printed and published in Scotland
Issue 10a - July 1996

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The most accessible guide to Scotland's lesbian, gay and bisexual scene
- and it's free! Inside, we take a quick preview of Edinburgh's
Festivals aand list all the pubs and clubs, bookshops and cafes, where
arll the new talent will be hanging out. Just in case, however, we also
carry Scotland's tastiest selection of box ads, our world-spanning Meet
Market ...


In this issue:

      The Edinburgh Festivals
      Quicky Festival Guide
      Scene News from Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinbugger and Glasgow
      Boxes - The ScotsGay Meet Market


It's Edinburgh, it's August, the place is stowed out with bloody
tourists: it's Festival Time!

And not just any old Festival, but, in fact, rather a lot of them with
some celebrating their 50th anniversary. Apart from the International
Festival, the Fringe Festival and the Film Festival (all 50 years old)
there's a TV Festival and The Edinburgh Mela - a newish ethnic
celebration that is attracting more and more people each year.

It's my 20th Festival - and things have changed a lot since the days
when I used to sleep rough in the city whilst managing to go to a
dazzling array of artistic events over the three weeks. Whilst I'm now a
little too elderly for that sort of thing, fun tho' it was, and I now
live in Edinburgh anyway, my perception of the Fringe is that it is now
much more professional and much of the raw edge of youth and amateur
groups is missing. That's a shame. A lot of the missing university and
school groups (now that there's little finance floating around for a
week's holiday/educational trip) were superb - often making up what they
lacked in experience by their sheer enthusiasm.

From a queer point of view, we've always been represented somewhere on
the programme: be it by Alan Melville (before my time but the record is
superb), Gay Sweatshop, Mark Bunyan or Karen Dunbar.

This year, the International Festival continues its love affair with
Mark Morris - his dance group is collaborating in a production of
Gluck's opera Orfeo ed Euridice - probably best known to most through
the late Kathleen Ferrier's recording of the aria 'What is Life?'. They
are also dancing the world premiere of a work specially created to
celebrate the Fiftieth Festival to music by Monteverdi - it's titled,
somewhat imaginatively, New Work.

Houston Grand Opera are doing Four Saints in Three Acts, the landmark in
20th century theatre music with music by Virgil Thomson and libretto by
Gertrude Stein - neither of whom were of the marrying kind! At least it
should be better than the dire Nixon in China which was Houston's last
production at the Festival.

The Film Festival has the world premiere of A Bit of Scarlett - Andrea
Weiss's survey of the history of homosexuality in UK film and TV,
there's the international premiere of Tattoo Boy - a tale of two
prostitutes Sam and Rebecca and the child prostitute they team up with,
and the world premiere of The Sun, The Moon, The Stars - an Irish rites
of passage film which includes the incredibly talented and heterosexual
Jason Donovan in its cast. There's the UK premiere of My Friend Joe, a
touching Czech children's film about the unusual friendship between two
boys. Probably most interesting is The Pillow Book - in order to
persuade a gay publisher to print her new book, Nagiko writes the text
on her lover, Jerome (Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor) - Director Peter
Greenaway will be talking about his film at one of the showings. Also
worth watching are: Fetishes - a portrait of a US S&M parlour!, The
Incredibly True Adventure Of Two Girls In Love - a US lesbian short,
Steve Buscemi's Trees Lounge - the lives and loves of the regular
drinkers in the Trees Lounge, and Plump Fiction - a piss take of Mr
Tarantino's works with Tim Roth as Forrest Gump.

But it's the Fringe Festival which, as   usual, has the most shows and
the most queers. On the next page I'll   be presenting our 'pull out and
keep with your Fringe Programme' Guide   to all that's worth parking your
bum on a seat for at the greatest arts   festival in the world!

John Hein



c o m e d y :

Corky and the Juice Pigs - History of Comedy. A gay romp through the
history of comedy from pre-history to the space-age. (Assembly Rooms V3,
10.10pm Aug 10-24)

Dyke comedienne Sandi Toksvig is doing a one woman show in the Assembly
Rooms - it's called Rambling and no doubt is. (Assembly Rooms V3 6pm Aug

Julian Clary is part of the BBC Radio 4 season where he's sharing his
idiosyncratic choice of his best loved prose in a literary version of
Desert Island Discs entitled With Great Pleasure. It's a free show too!
(Pleasance V33, 1pm Aug 27).

Bert Tyler Moore of Gaytime TV will hopefully have a better script for
his show - Bert & Will in Sorted for Teas and Bics - than the one he had
on telly. It's billed as a tip-top sketch show and also stars Bert's
friend Will Smith who is allegedly of a heterosexual disposition.
(Pleasance V33, 6.20pm Aug 7-12, 14-26, 28-31)

Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club present a comedy entitled
Rent. Bondage and rent boys. Jolly good show. (Pleasance V33, 2.05pm
various dates).

Star of stage, screen and Portobello, Rhona Cameron, does stand up at
the Assembly Rooms. Hope it's not as embarrassing as her interview with
kd lang! (Assembly Rooms V3, 7pm Aug 25-31).

Last year's Perrier finalist Scott Capurro is a very funny Yank who is
playing a new character this year - a San Franciscan radio psychologist
with advice for everyone. (Pleasance V33, 9.45pm Aug 9-9-12, 14-19,
Then there's our very own Karen Dunbar (silly name, she's never out of
the bars) who's appearing at CC Blooms along with Derek Douglas. Sadly,
she seems a bit too originally ethnic for the London based journos who
do all the festival reportage on the telly. But, if Billy Connelly can
make it, I don't see why she shouldn't - after all, she's butcher and
funnier!. (CC Blooms V78 8pm Aug 11-17, 25-31).

The extremely gorgeous and talented (and straight) Richard Herring (and
I did so want him to have my babies) has a one man show - Punk's Not
Dead. He's also appearing with his co-star from BBC2's Fist of Fun,
Stewart Lee (the man who gets his gags from evangelical bookshops of a
type picketed by Edinburgh pooves). On at the Pleasance with a one night
special in the Queen's Hall. (Pleasance V33, various times and dates,
Queen's Hall V72, 10.30pm Aug 25).

Graham Norton escapes from Carnal Knowledge to prove that he can be a
very funny man indeed. The smiles of Kilroy and the thighs of Oprah.
(Assembly Rooms V3, Aug 9-26, 28-31).

My favourite is of course The Old Man of the Fringe - Earl Okin.
Definitely straight tho' pretty gay friendly, Okin's brand of light
music and humour is not to be missed. (Hill St Theatre V41 8.10pm every
night and Southside V82 4.15pm - some afternoons).

d a n c e :

Side By Side Theatre Company present Being There. Two gay men - one
HIV+. Their relationship portrayed through dance. Moving stuff. (St
Bride's Centre V62, 6.15pm Aug 26-31).

m u s i c :

As usual, David Hume, fiddler extraordinaire and director of
Philomusica, presents a massive season in St John's Church (V127), St
Mary's Episcopal Cathedral (V91) and St Mark's Unitarian Church (V125).
All good tuneful stuff - none of your modern shite here! And lots of
local musicians too!

Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group, a camp and subversive lot if
ever there was, perform Murder at the Savoy. G&S slaughtered in the best
possible taste. (Chaplaincy Centre V23, 7pm Aug 18-24).

t h e a t r e :

Aiming The Rifle have two productions of queer interest. Wardrobe uses
film, visual imagery, puppetry and text and includes a gay son in a
dysfunctional family. (10.45pm Aug 25-31). The Burning/Freezing
Abusement Park explores misogyny and child abuse by women. (10.15am Aug
27-31). (Rifle Lodge V101).

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde's masterpiece, returns with Bare
and Ragged Theatre who got very good reviews last year with the same
show. (South Bridge Resource Centre V123, 3pm Aug 26-31).
David Benson, after five years (and four Fringe Firsts) with the
Grassmarket Project, celebrates the life and times of a comic genius in
Think No Evil Of Us: My Life With Kenneth Williams. (St John's Church
Hall V126, Various times and dates).

The vastly underrated Jonathon Hall has two plays performed by Bradford
Playhouse Touring Company - Buy (life in a supermarket) and Behind The
Aquarium At The Last Pizza Show (a gay couple who find that wanting and
having are not always the same thing. (Southside V82, 2.15pm alternating
daily from Aug 10-24).

Lady Bracknell Was A Lesbian is an award wining exploration of prejudice
and its victims set against a backdrop of Northern Irish politics and
the armed forces' ban on homosexuality. Performed by The Broken Dream
Theatre Company. (C, V19, 7.45pm various dates from Aug 7-31).

Gagging With Mince and Tatties is John Binnie's latest excuse to get
dragged up with his friends - it's Clyde Unity's 10th excursion to the
Fringe and like the last bus from Glasgow, not to be missed! (Theatre
Workshop V20, 10.30pm Aug 12-26).

Cygnet Theatre are putting on Boy Actor - part history, part fantasy. A
scullery boy is found in one of Queen Elizabeth I's gowns. (Pleasance
V33, 2.10pm Aug 7-18).

Capital Theatre Company's one woman show. Join Janey Ferguson on a
voyage of discovery with her newly gay son. (Diverse Attractions V11,
7pm Aug 12-17).

Fiona Knowles and The MsFits, bring their hilarious and moving show
about women to Edinburgh after its sell out at Mayfest - Let's Play
Murder. (Diverse Attractions V11, 8.45pm Aug 19-24).

Tangerine Productions are doing the ever entertaining Entertaining Mr
Sloane - Joe Orton's superb dark comedy of interesting sexual
entanglements. (Gilded Balloon V38, 2.15pm Aug 9-31).

Stormin' is another entanglement - this time of love and homophobia. A
very funny new play by Martin Green performed by the Love Theatre
Company. (Gilded Balloon III V12, 2.15pm Aug 9-25).

Another Kenneth Williams tribute is Kenny Carries On. A one act play set
on Williams's final birthday performed by HH Productions. (Diverse
Attractions V11, 3pm Aug 9-24 not Suns)

Late Returns is a play dealing with sex in our public schools. A cruel
but comic assessment of male relationships - from Impending Theatre
Company. (Moray House Studios V169, 8.15pm various dates Aug 8-30).

No Holes Bard Theatre Company present an Elizabethan tale of adultery
and dark love with a bisexual at the heart of things. (Rifle Lodge V101,
Various times and dates)

The Picture of Dorian Gray again - this time by Optimism. (C, V4, 4.30pm
Aug 8-31, not 18).

Back once more is Pantomime Productions with Chloe Poems: Liverpool's
gingham diva, socialist poet transvestite and healer. Probably beginning
to suffer from overexposure, but if you haven't seen her before, worth
trying. (Pleasance V33, 11.45pm Aug 7-12, 14-25, 27-31).

Prominent Features present Making Love. Six people and sex in Edinburgh
- looking for love in cafes and cruising grounds. (C V19, 11pm Aug 7-31
not 15,22,29).

More Wilde, this time Salome. Intrigue and incest performed by The Regal
Boon Dogglers. (C V19, 6.45pm Aug 7-17).

Trial Run, from Shocking Pink Productions, is the tale of a woman's life
from first sexual fantasy to being chucked out of the army for being a
dyke. (Theatre Workshop V20, Various times and dates).

Another production of Wilde's Salome - this time a new physical
interpretation by Strangefruit Stageworks. (Marcos V98, 5pm Aug 11-24).

Theatre Paradiso is presenting Charlie's Angel. 'Beneath Charlie's
laddish bravado lies an inability to accept his gay twin - a heartfelt
plea for men to accept love between men.' And so say all of us! This one
got good London reviews. (C V19, 9.45pm Aug 7-31 - not 29).

At the Traverse, Ian Brown's last production as Artistic Director is
Shining Souls. Nine characters in search of their souls, sex and a new
wardrobe. In Here Lies Henry, Henry is gay, smug and superficial - a
play full of puns, wordplay and recurring themes. Starving Artists (USA)
Mark Pinkosh and Godfrey Hamilton return to the Traverse for Viper's
Opium - two innocents at large under a Los Angeles Moon. (Traverse V15,
Various dates and times).

West Yorkshire Playhouse With Stars & Angels present Jean Fergusson as
Hylda Baker - trail blazing comedienne. (Pleasance V33, 6.15pm Aug 7-11,
13-18, 20-25, 27-28, 30-31).

And finally, we mustn't forget the Caledonian Beer Festival - a haven
for Real Ale Perves! It's free (but you'll have to buy your own beer -
50 to choose from - you can buy me one too!). There's music every night
varying from Scottish ceilidh to jazz and blues. (Caledonian Brewery
V183, 11am-11pm, Aug17-25).

Well, that's just a few shows - there are many more and maybe I'll even
see you out and about as ScotsGay will be reviewing a few of them for
our issue which should be out about half way through the Festival.

John Hein


Salutations from the City of Roses!

Captain's log - Stardate 204014

These are the continuing voyages of the USS Caberfeidh Its continuing
mission to seek out new life and fresh meat, to encourage it to flaunt
itself shamelessly at the club at least once a week, to boldly go where
many a cock has gone before but with ATTITUDE. To seek out old Queens
and get them back on the scene.

So dust off that frock, polish up those Leathers and settle back with a
big one ( drink I mean - you have got a one track mind haven't you?) and
let's see what's been going down since the last

Well things have really blossomed since the departure of Miss Minerva to
Glasgow. The sun's come out and the clouds have cleared giving way to a
new and more positive day, although I hear it's been quite cloudy in
Glasgow, nothing to do with the arrival of Minerva I'm sure!

There have been a few happenings in the city since my last column, there
have been some closures and one big opening (there you go again with
your innuendos) but more about this later.

First I would like to share a few thoughts with you.... Well I'm going
to anyway cos it's my column. It struck me whilst I was sitting on
Glasgow Green admiring the passing trade and revelling in our new found
attitude of gay pride that it was all good and well blowing our whistles
and proclaiming our undying pride and unity but what about when we all
go home - will our voices still ring so loud?

I know it's not so easy on your own turf, but it's not impossible so
what can we do to keep this new feeling of self-pride alive in ourselves
and our community?.......

First off we should support our local clubs and organizations, OK there
is only one exclusively gay venue in the city and we all moan that there
isn't anywhere else to go but if there was would we support it? Or
would we end up with the sort of rivalry we saw during the time that the
Pink Flamingo was open? We have to put our money where our mouth is and
say what we mean. Then perhaps local businesspeople will be encouraged
enough to take the risk and open another venue.

Secondly all the bitching and back stabbing needs to stop, if it isn't
acceptable for the straights to slag us off then isn't it completely
unacceptable for us to do it? We can get enough of this from the Hetero
community without having to add to it, we should be showing a united
front after all there is strength in numbers. United we stand divided we
fall! Nuff said.

Anyway lecture over I guess you want to know what's been going down,
what of these closures and openings?... well the city's local Internet
Cafe has been forced to close its doors due to the loss of their late
license which is a real shame as the venue was home to many a good night
and was very gay friendly and had been known to display ScotsGay's
website on their monitors from time to time.

At the time of this going to press word had it that this is only a
temporary thing and the cafe hopes to open again in a few months time,
rumour has it that plans are under way to buy the building and re-open
bigger than ever and rumour also has it that should this come off that
there will be a gay night on the cards. Time will only tell as we all
know how these rumours tend to go - watch this space for further

Well the start of the month saw the opening of Aberdeen's newest and
biggest club 'THE WORKS' which although not a gay venue is very gay
friendly. The club houses the latest in air conditioning and lighting
and sound technology. The Ministry of Sound in London has been working
closely with the club and will be sending up regular guest DJ's to play
at the club. The decor of the club has to be seen to be believed - it
is on two levels and has two bars (the staff are decked in head to toe
army fatigues - yum!) The actual decoration of the club is all done in
corrugated iron and has a very underground feel to it (should appeal to
all those into S/M). There also is word that a possible gay night is
being seriously discussed at the moment and word has it that our own
Allan Saddler has been approached as possible DJ for the evening. The
evening looks like it will most probably take place on either a Monday
or Tuesday night - watch this space!

The nights taking place at the moment are as follows:

Wed - Classic House, Thurs - Rap, Hip Hop and Jungle vibes, Fri -
Uplifting Garage, Sat- Kicking House, Sun - Salsa night (get those
Carmine Miranda hats out girls!)

Yours truly managed to get his hands on a VIP pass for the press night
and duly togged up and hit the club to see if it would live up to all
the hype. The evening was excellent with plenty of hunky bodies to look
at and kicking sounds emanating from the DJ booth. The highlight of the
evening was the live set by Rude who supported Alanis Morrissette on her
recent tour. The venue promises to be something else but don't take my
word for it go along and support the place, let them see the power of
the pink pound and who knows, perhaps the rumour will come to fruition.

Well things have been picking up at the Club Caberfeidh which is a very
positive sign for the city. On the last few visits to the club I have
noticed quite few new faces popping up, giving us old uns something
fresh to look at and chase after, zimmer frames allowing! The club has
also started letting out the venue on a Monday night for Private
functions and this is proving very popular with the local clientele.
Also returning to the Caberfeidh are the very popular karaoke nights on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10pm - 11.45pm, so dust off those sequins and
studs and get along and let your alter ego loose. Also a Malibu night
to promote the new Individual drinks is soon to be launched, I am
reliably informed there will be plenty of freebies on the go. The date
hasn't been confirmed yet but watch the notice board in the club for
more information or ask Jacqui or Elaine.

I have to say there is a distinct lack of Bears and leather folk on the
scene nowadays, what's happening guys? Where are all you guys going and
what happened to the Bear club? There were plans to have it in the
Caberfeidh, is that still on the cards? Drop me a line and let me know,
my e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.

Anyway if you are interested in hiring the Caberfeidh for a private
function contact Jacqui for more details : 01224 212181 or pop into the
club on an evening.

Anyway punters that's all for now I'm off to practice my 'Disco Queen'
for the karaoke night.

So until next time; Fuck hard and Fuck safe.


Doug AKA Little Bear



There's nothing worse than waiting for the phone to ring sometimes. The
only thing that is worse is when it does ring and our dear Editor's
dulcet tones reveal themselves enquiring as to whether his copy is ready
and you think 'where the hell has the last month gone and what on earth
am I going to write as absolutely nothing has changed!'.

A Saturday In The Life Of A Dundonian. Thrilling stuff, I wonder when
Spielberg is going to make the movie. It goes something like this ...
First stop, Deva's. A few drinks to set you up for the evening.
Actually, things have definitely heated up, the warm weather has
attracted the hibernation crowd who have woken up to the fact that there
is a gay pub in Dundee and it has been increasingly busy at the weekend.
The women's pool competition is being held every second Wednesday, the
next one is on 7th August from 8pm. This has been a successful event
with decent prizes to keep everyone interested. Still no sign of any
alterations being made to the premises, however.

And so, on to Liberty Nightclub, before midnight if you want to get in
for a quid less which makes the entrance fee extremely good value for
money. The club is still going from strength to strength. I haven't been
given details of upcoming events but they did have a comedienne one
Friday night recently which unfortunately I was unable to attend. Still,
it's nice to see a gay club considering its female clientele. Now if
they managed to get Rhona Cameron from Gaytime TV they would really pack
the place, I'm sure. Please?

Well, maybe they could just make one of those 'short' film! The Women's
Disco at Sinatras is on Friday 16th August from 8pm. A new women's group
has been running for a couple of months now and are organising all sorts
of events. They hold regular meetings and I will get more info for the
next issue.

My apologies to Liberty's for the photo not making last month's column
because of a postal strike. Hopefully it will appear this time (subject
to our Editor's eccentric filing system (which, er, seems to have
swallowed it whole... Ed.)). For now, I'm away to watch the Olympics on
the telly, and to think I was panicking as to what I was going to do
when Wimbledon finished!




Hi! From Embruh! And another new columnist for ScotsGay as Marcc takes
one too many weekend away and the Editor becomes rude and dismissive!

What's been going on? Well, quite a lot really!

Sadly, the days of Drondale in the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Centre in
Broughton Street are numbered - they've given notice to their landlords
that they're giving up the business there after fifteen years or so. It
seems that the forced move downstairs was the last straw. Although they
haven't been seen around much recently, Bill and Marion Drondale put an
awful lot into the Centre and SHRG in the early days and their
contribution should not be allowed to go unrecorded. It'll be sad too
not to be able to pop in for a gossip and a slag with Terry. There are
supposed to be new tenants who want to move in, but whatever happens,
with the cafe shut until September, it means that the Centre won't be
much of an advertisement for our movement during the festival.

Up the road, Over The Rainbow may soon be in the hit parade. Manager
Peter is about to cut a track in aid of charity and it's likely to be on
the tape stands within weeks. Perhaps he should be kept to the confines
of the kitchen as his dish clanging is said to be more melodic than he!
Joking apart, he's pretty good and, believe it or not, he is also a
qualified music teacher as well as being an ace trumpeter.

Alan and Maggie are now the proud parents of the born again JOY!. It was
quite a complicated labour, but they got there in the end. The nation's
housiest gay shindig has re-emerged after a six week break with a fresh
feel. It frequents the Royal Chimes Nightclub on Royal Terrace which
puts the club near the Capital's homo-triangle - nice and handy for the
likes of Route 66 CC's and Cafe Kudos.

Speaking of CC Bloom's, they are now checking ID on the door in order to
stop under 18s getting in. Could be a disaster for members of the Youth
Group, but it's the law and one which the local polis have suddenly
taken an interest in. Rumour has it that disgruntled competitors are
quite jealous of the packed houses that Bloom's has been getting. I do
feel, though, that the management should invest in better air

The New Town Bar is still as popular as ever with a good mix of
clientele. Downstairs is always an experience with its dark corners and
labyrinth of corridors. And there are always a few good guides to help
you through if you get lost!

Sakred, the gay Saturday nighter at the Honeycomb (Blair Street), is
pulling a fair crowd in. The venue is tops and the music excellent. It
has a number of ex-JOYites amongst its customers too.

With the festival coming on, it looks like it might be time to get out
of town and what better than A Weekend in the Country? It's a joint
fundraiser run by Moray LGB Switchboard and Rank Outsiders and takes the
form of stalls, raffle, food (BYOB), a fun night and sleepover at
Courage Farm, Auldearn. Tickets are ukp5. For further information, phone
Bobby on 01343 542928.

Back in Edinburgh, Lothian Switchboard have announced their post
festival Grand Ceilidh in the Assembly Rooms on Friday 20th September.
Tickets (ukp8/ukp6) are available from Route 66, West & Wilde and the
Assembly Rooms. This is sure to be a popular event - so book early.

During the festival itself, apart from the vast amount of totty
wandering the streets, most of the pubs and clubs will be putting on
some form of attraction even if it's only the extra boozing hours - look
out for the posters. JOY is doing 3 extra Sunday nights (11th, 18th,
25th August) in The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street.(11pm-4am ukp5).

Catch you all next month and remember - a condom isn't just for National
Condom Week!




Oh well, that time again. Time for me to gather up all the bar flyers,
ciggy packets, Sadie Frost menus and other bits of paper I scribble
notes and observations down on while out on the Glasgow scene, and get
this months column written. Was supposed to be having a night out at
Madges tonight, but came home earlyish, cos tonight (morning now) is
the only chance I'll get before copy deadline. It actually takes a
couple of hours to get all the bits of paper together, write the column
then change it all around again!!.
Well wasn't that some slagging yours truly got from the new Aberdeen
SceneQueen last issue!!. Me a sad old queen indeed!!. Puhleez!!. Not
sad, as for old, at least I've still got all my hair, as for being a
queen, if you think being short fat and bald equals MACHO, get a grip!!.
As for God helping all the Minervas of the World, don't need any help,
Minerva is the Goddess of Wisdom, for those who didn't know it!!

All SceneQueens now on Internet, so now you can let me know what's gonna
be happening so I don't miss it, send me some HOT GOSSIP, exchange
recipes etc. His Editorness wants all e-mails routed via ScotsGay, cos
he likes reading other peoples mail. Internet is not really as sad as I
first thought, although I've had to buy a pair of open toed sandals,
corduroy trousers and a cardigan to feel comfortable. Still got to get
the nerdy specs. Can now be contacted via e-mail through Having to use the boyfriends computer though,
cos mines not compatible. What's wrong with a ZX80 and 300/300 modem??

Some really awful sights around in Sadie Frosts on hot afternoons. Why
do the people with the worst bodies wear the naffest shorts and skimpy
T-shirts?. Still, at least they've got the light bulb in the Gents bog
fixed. Sometimes feel like going into Sapphos in drag to get a game of
pool. That's one thing I miss about Aberdeen, do none of the poofs down
here play the great game?.

Club X seems to be busier than usual on Mondays, despite being the only
place to go. It's a good place to go for a cheap night out, cheap entry
and cheap drinks all night on Monday.

Finally got up to Atlantis. During the day it's very straight, but you
can sit at the tables outside and watch the talent go by. A bit gayer at
night, but I'd really have to describe it as a mixed cafe-bar. Nice
place to go for a meal with the other half, but if you're out on the
prowl for a bit of trade, then this is not really the market they're
targeting. Staff are friendly, service is good, and the Scoobysnacks are

Bennetts is still closed for refurbishment, building still covered in
scaffolding, Couldn't help but laugh at the signs outside, saying it's a
'Hard hat area'. Remember when people used to wear them back in the 70s,
Village People had a lot to answer for?. Guess which sad scene
correspondent gets off on their music, SAD, SAD, SAD!!!. No, it's not

Gay and Lesbian Centre seems to be doing O.K. Whenever I've been in,
there've been quite a few people there picking up their copies of Boyz
etc. If you find that the bars are out of free copies of ScotsGay
magazine, you can always get down there and BUY one!!.

Austins still doing O.K. This is another good place to go in the
afternoon, and also has a happy hour in the early evening.

Delmonicas is as busy as ever, and definitely not the place to go for a
quiet drink after work. Early evening Happy Hour packing them in, and if
you're looking for a bit of trade before heading off home, then this is
where to go!!.

Unfortunately, due to copy deadlines, I wasn't able to report on Pride
for last issue, but I'd like to spend the rest of this column on some of
the sights that were down on Glasgow Green that fabulous Saturday

Firstly, raspberries to all those who couldn't be bothered to attend.
More raspberries to those who spent the afternoon in the pub, and to
all those who think it is somehow fashionable to make a point of not
attending, may all your camels go lame, and suffer the curse of eternal

Saw quite a few familiar faces from the Grotty City. Glad you made the
effort. Anybody else notice the 2 pensioners who had obviously wandered
on to the site by accident?. Think it was Phyllis and Percy from Corrie.
Anyway, they were just siting there totally bemused by the whole affair,
no animosity, just total bewilderment!. (My typing's getting crappier,
must be the sherry). Heard a few complaints about the music not being
audible away from the stage. As we all know, Glasgow Green is a highly
residential and agricultural area, and we must have legal constraints to
ensure that 6000 fairies and dykes don't make a lot of noise that will
wake up little old ladies in their sheltered housing, or scare the
horses. O.K, so the beer tent ran dry, but only 3000 people were
expected. This is a good sign, hopefully next year the organisers will
project for an attendance of 8000, and it will still run dry! Same
argument applies for those moaning about the queues for the bogs,
although I hope that next year, Edinburgh city fathers base the bogroll
requirement on Kms per Hectare instead of numbers expected. This years
Scottish Pride was not a victim of poor planning, it was a victim of its
own success, and no bad thing!!. Got my autographed pix of Mr Gay U.K. ,
Whoar!!, whatta hunk, and nipples you could lunch on for a week!!.
Talking of lunch, howzabout more veggie food next year, the carnivores
were well catered for with plenty of
brutallybredandsadisticallyslaughtered meat products, but QuornQueens
and TofuTarts had a choice of veggieburgers, eating the grass or raiding
the Botanic Gardens!. Didn't realise how many gay people have kids, lots
of dykes and (surprisingly) guyz down there that afternoon with their
offspring. Being Scottish Pride, it was nice to see lots of people
wearing tartan. Must wear my kilt next year!. Quite a few in mini-kilts
too, fancy one myself, but the other half thinks they're a bit slutty,
course they are, that's the point!!. Who else saw His Editorness's
sunburnt bonce?. Heard that Air Traffic Control at the Airport had
planes mistaking it for a landing beacon!!.

Because the Glasgow scene is so big, His Royal Heinous has pandered to
my ego and decide to let me have my own Website, so you'll be able to
see what's going on day by day, without having to wait for the monthly
issue of ScotsGay. It will soon be available for surfing at

Well, it's taken me 2 hours to write and rearrange this, And half a
bottle of scotch, and my typings gone to shit. Hopefully His Editorness
will correct all the speling mistakes (dont bother, let thek think I'm a
lush). If you want to see some really crap typing, take a lok at Blobbys
raw copy. I can do better strapping a hand of bananas on my knob and
bouncing it off the keyboard. Gotta go to bed before I fall asleep, see
you next issue Luv, Minerva......ZZZZZZZZZ



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Lonely Lesbian

25 year old lonely lass, boyish/butch enjoys nites-out, loves nites in.
Seeks fem lass who needs lots of TLC and romance, with GSOH. Photo if
possible. Box SG10111.


Dirty Med Student

Looking for big daddy type to take me into hand. I've been a very
naughty boy and need to be punished. I'm 20, 5'9", slim smooth with big
brown puppy-dog eyes and golden locks. ANYTHING goes!!!! Box SG10102.


Gay guy (30), straight acting, dark haired, boyish looks, honest,
genuine, horny, caring, seeks guy aged 18-25 for a good friendship,some
good horny fun, and hopefully for a one-one relationship. I can
accomodate and I promise discretion at all times. Bi's and those who
are a bit curious are also welcome. Please write or if you prefer you
can e-mail me at Box SG10103.

Married Bisexual

Seeks plump gentleman (with emphasis on gentle) for casual, discreet and
clean fun. Me mid thirties, slim, 6ft and inexperienced. You plump,
sympathetic and funny. Must possess swagger and poise, style and grace.
Jocky Wilson need not apply. Glasgow/ Edinburgh area. Box SG10104.

Edinburgh - East Lothian

I'm 32, bi and inexperienced. would like to meet someone for first time
introduction to bi-experience. Can accommodate or travel. Box SG10105.

SW Scotland

New to SW Scotland looking for company and more! Happy, optimistic 26
year old, 5'8", based near Dumfries, wonderful place, missing you! I'm
into drama, food, sailing, more sailing and need to believe that I'm not
the only gay south of Glasgow. Tell me I'm wrong! Box SG10106.

Looking for other GORGEOUS boy

Cute boy, 20, dark hair/eyes, slim, smooth, WLTM similar 18-25 year old
guy for fun, sincere friendship, possibly more. Would like to spend fun
nights out and in. ALAWP. PS: 1. No photo no reply, sorry! 2. Must be
sincere and honest! Box SG10107.

Are you 18-25 living in the Edinburgh area? Looking for some fun and
maybe more. Write to me. I'm 19, inexperienced but willing to learn.
ALA. Box SG10109.

Bossman required

6'4", 39, 97kg/16st, biker, ex-top, into weights, leather, heavy stuff.
Londoner but travels. Bearded, cropped, most colours. Very good shape
looking for same. Serious tops needing challenge only please. E-mail: or write to Box SG10110.

Edinburgh Festival

You: young, student type perhaps, likes the company of older guys. Me:
mature (40), would be glad to take you out to some shows. Box SG10117.

Glasgow - Edinburgh

Professional guy, 48, slim with tache, w/e, s/a, seeks 30+ for fun,
friendship and possible 1-2-1. Box SG10118.


Sub skin into black yellow needs hard man to give him a hard time. Come
and strap me down. Photo and phone number gets reply by return. Box

Manchester Guy Loves Scottish

Single, 1953 HIV+ model, 154lbs, tache, short crop, blue eyes, GSOH, in
love with accent, hairy and vwe guys up to 45 for fun times. No strings,
own place, can travel. Box SG10120.

Tayside - Central Scotland

40 year old into keep fit, hill walking, massage, seeks non smoking
friend who is preferably firm bodied/well built. GSOH. ALA. Box SG10122.


Modular 5'10", blue eyes, seeks romantic dedicated lover. Generous.
Likes toys, videos, used underwear. To learn more, send me a pair with
photo for eternity, Love ensures reply with love. Box SG10123.

Edinburgh - Fife - East Scotland

Male, 64, with hair and small beard. Non scene. Non smoker. Looking for
nephew figure to support emotionally, not financially. Must have GSOH.
Interests in opera and music a bonus. ALAWP. Caring and affectionate a
double bonus. Box SG10124.

Anything Goes

Write to me and tell me what you're into. Explicit letters with photo's
will be answered with same. Don't be shy. Let's get together soon. Box

Free in Ibiza

Holiday accommodation offered to outgoing gregarious camp young man by
ageing juvenile. Own room. No strings. It's your company I seek. Late
August. Box SG10126.

Glasgow - Argyll

Retired guy seeks ship-mate to help crew my small motor cruiser. At
present on Loch Lomond but anticipate towing her south from time to time
to explore the English waterways. No boating experience necessary but a
clean driving licence needed to share towing on long journeys. Friendly
relaxed companion with GSOH and liking for good food and drink and
seeing things would be ideal. Box SG10127.

Edinburgh - Scotland

Guy, 34 years, 5'5", non scene, looking for genuine friend or friends.
non smoker that likes to have safe fantasies, fun in our leathger gear -
nothing too heavy. Genuine replies please. ALA. Box SG10128.

Rubber - Denim - Leather

Guy, 32, cropped, into rubbber, denim, leather, DMs, seeks like minded
guys w/s, poppers, for fun times inside or out. Skins, bikers, most
welcome. ALA. Box SG10129.


Writer, works mornings, wltm horny guy to unwind with in afternoons -
drinks, chat, hot cummy sex! I'm 30's, dark, tall, Glasgow. Rude letter
please! Box SG10130.

Aberdeen - Edinburgh - Glasgow

Good looking 35 looking for spankings, beltings on bare. Give or take
both ways. Role play and limits respected. Young or older people - makes
no difference. Photo helps. ALA. Box SG10131.

Tayside - Anywhere

Biker, 27, dar hair, slim, into leather gear, pubs, clubs. Looking for
fun times etc. 20-35. Box SG10132.

Telephone Collector

Would like to hear from others who share his interest. From 200 type to
746. Also Strowger exchange equipment. Box SG10133.

Edinburgh - Fife
Slim and fit cross dresser, late 40's, seeks slim TV companion for fun
meetings. Any age. Your place or mine. ALA. Box SG10134.

WE Glasgow Man

47, stocky, 5'9", No 1 crop, beard, active, seeks 30+ man for good times
and more. If you're affectionate, sensual and randy, we could enjoy
life. Box SG10135.

Small Cormorant Wanted

38 year old with puerile sense of humour would like to shag similar
18-21 year old. Box SG10136.


Gay male, living on Welsh borders, 36, attractive, tall, friendly, s/a,
many intereests, all kinds of music, composes a bit, countryside, books,
socialising, a bit isolated, wlth from guys 18-30. Box SG10137.

Glasgow Uncle Seeks

Hunky Nephew

I'm fifty, slim and fit. You are young, muscular and under six foot.
Let's meet. Let me adore and fun wrestle your wondrous physique. Let's
laugh, play and enjoy. ALA. Box SG10138.

Glasgow Asian Guy

Good looking Asian guy, 23, 5'8", GSOH, seeks other Glasgow gay guys
23-30 for fun leading to 1-2-1. Fed up with meeting shallow people.
Prove me wrong! ALA. Box SG10140.

Aberdeen - Scotland - Anywhere

Gay guy, 5'10", 34, 'O' crop, pierced, tattooed chubby seeks active skin
type for fun, friendship. I'm willing to experiment in yellow, mild CP
and shaving. i love sucking and rimming. So if you're interested, why
not drop me a line with (un)dressed photo. Can accommodate weekends.
ALAWP. Box SG10141.

Lanarkshire - Glasgow

Gay guy, 36, just moved from south, looking for friends poss 1-2-1. into
most things. 20-50. Like clubbing, pubbing. smoker. ALA with photo.
Write soon. Box SG10142.

Scotland - Newcastle - Anywhere

Male, 34, inexperienced, 'O' crop, tattooed and overweight wearing 501s,
DMs, Fred Perry and flight jacket seeks active type for initiation into
piss, verbal, gob, spanking, shaving, fucking and boot licking. any
offers? Detailed letter with undressed photo guarantees reply. Can
accommodate. Box SG10143.

Glasgow - Anywhere

23, very good looking, slim, dark, s/a, clean shaven, horny,
considerate, GSOH, sexually normal, seeks young slim male, SOH and
imagination matters more than looks, willy size, etc. Box SG10144.

Bear Seeks Playful Mates

30 year old bear, 5'10", dark cropped hair, bear, moustache, seeks
similar (older?) for cuddles, bear hugs, safe horny times. can
accommodate or travel. ALA. Photo if possible. Box SG10145.


23 year old guy, 5'10", slim tanned body, very fit, dark cropped hair,
blue eyes. interests: gym, martial arts, swimming. Looking to meet guys
any age uner 45 years for friendship and maybe more if unlike most gay
men they can be faithful. Discretion assured. Photo with letter receives
mine. Box SG10146.

Scotland - Anywhere

Stocky/XL build hairy, passive guy, 'O' crop, pierced, tattooed, 34
seeking active type for fun, friendship, etc. ALAWP. Box SG10147.

Glasgow - Scotland - Anywhere

Fed up spending Christmas alone? So am I. Why not be my guest at a
Blackpool hotel this year. All I ask is your company. If 18-30, this
mature ex-schoolmaster, early retired, will fill your stocking and maybe
more. send frank letter with photo and phone number. ALA. Box SG10148.

Wanted - A Son

Glasgow - Scotland

Is there a boy 18+ who would like a dad. this mature ex teacher will
'adopt' you, reward you when good, spank you when naughty, love and
cherish you. My ideal son will be humourous, like Ally McCoist or a
Stuart McCall lookalike but mostly charismatic like Brian Laudrop. Apply
now with photo and phone number. Box SG10149.

Glasgow - Paisley Area

Young 40, OK looks, gentle affectionate nature, seeks slim (skinny?)
younger guy with nothing to prove, for cheerful companionship and
exploration of the avant-garde and the great Scottish outdoors. Box

Edinburgh Lad

Where are all the real blokes? I'm sick of pretentious poofy queens on
the scene and want somebody tall dark muscular and hung. Me 5'11",
blond, cute(ish) and available. Condoms provided. Box SG10151.

Small Is Beautiful

Are you 5'7" or under? Under 26? Clean shaven and smooth? Then this 5'6"
honey monster would like to hear from you. Who said size was important?
ALAWP. SG10152.

Seeking Young Guy

Gentle guy, very hairy, 40, would like to meet young student type (or
perhaps somebody going to uni next term) who wants to explore their
sexuality in a supportive atmosphere. Can accommodate. Total discretion
and safety assured. Box SG10153.



Male sincerely seeks Scottish lesbian for fun and friendship. Box


Bi Guy (26) looking to meet anyone who is vaguely interesting (male or
female) for fun, friendship and possibly other words that begin with 'f'
:) Usual interests and acronyms, plus pagan and veggie. Box SG10108.


Gay male seeks bi-female for fun, friendship and hopefully 1-2-1. Box

Bisexual Married Couple

Mixed couple, early forties, would like to meet similar or genuine
sincere men and ladies of same orientation. Genuine advert, so genuine
replies please. Box SG10113.


Tall guy, slim, 33, GSOH, with many wondrous and varied interests too
boring to cite here, seeks female to explore other wild interesting
things. Box SG10121.



19 year old seeks modelling work. Nude shots not a problem. Artistic
shots free. Please write for more info. Box SG10114.

Central Scotland Photographers - Help!

Does anyone have a darkroom they can let me use? Young B&W photographer
seeks time to print nude material. Can photograph or model in exchange.
Box SG10115.


Does anybody know the whereabouts or a telephone number of Keith
Adamson, formerly Glasgow and volunteer with Strathclyde G&L
Switchboard? Need to get urgently in touch with him and would appreciate
a message by phone 01856 850522 (ansaphone connected, so please speak)
or by e-mail:


Glasgow Waterloo Pub 31st June

You: John: pierced navel. Me: Clive: one of the leather guys from
Manchester. Spoke briefly, didn't exchange phone numbers. Please contact
if still interested. Box SG10116.



GWM Chubby, 40, 6+; 350 lbs., salt-pepper hair, tache, hazel eyes. I'm
a BIG boy; mega butt, thunder thighs & gut (58" waist), big pillow soft
tits with enlarged sensitive nipples, moderate body hair. "They" say
I'm handsome; have great bedroom eyes!! 3rd generation native of San
Francisco, California. Have a penchant for burly stout hairy men (have
a wanking kilt fantasy) , although my tastes are rather eclectic. Am a
basic bottom; fill me up!! HIV negative. Have been gay since age 10.
Thank you Boy Scouts of America. Looking to correspond with others into
Bear - Chubby scene. Have friends in the UK & get over at least once a
year. Write: Craig Bartel, 1524 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
94109 (or) send E-male to:


57 Year old Southern California guy looking to correspond with other
bi-sexual, gay guys to establish good friendships. Please only serious
and sincere guys. I do not consider myself good-looking nor well built.
I am 5'8", 220#, brown hair, brown eyes, hairy chest and back but no
beard. I am warm and affectionate. I am a good friend to those who are
sincere and really want good friendships. You can e-mail me at Or you can write me: John Coyle, 2121
Vanderbilt Lane, #3, Redondo Beach, CA 90278.

Germany Calling

I'm Thomas, a 38 year old German guy. I live in a small town close to
Dusseldorf. I'd like to get in touch with a Scots guy around the same
age as a real penpal and for mutual visits and for more which maybe
turns out of that! I'm 1.84m tall, 77kg weight, middle blond hair and
blue eyes, clean shaven, slim build, sportive body. I like: reading,
films, music (from pop to classic), socialising, visiting occasionally
pubs. And I'm a roller skater. Please write with photo to: Thomas
Piotrowski, Klippe 49, 42555 Velbert, Germany or give me a call or send
a fax to 00 49 2052 82328. Hope to hear of you very soon!!!


I am a boy of 20 years. How are you? I hope you are fine as I am here
now. I want to have gay friends - about 100 gay friends. Hobbies: Music,
TV, video, sex, photos, music. Ankaima Kwasi, PO Box 259, Berekum B/A,

Israeli Visiting Glasgow

56 year old Israeli guy visiting Glasgow 2-5 Sept. 165 cms hairy chest
and back, don't consider myself good-looking or well built but sincere,
affectionate, warm and good lover. Looking for gay or bi guys for fun,
no matter age, but not feminine or queeny. E-mail: or write to: Arie D. Frenkel, P.O.Box 5956,
Beer-Sheva, Israel.


Male, aged 20 years. Hobbies: beach, sports, dancing, photography, etc.
Seeks replies from both sexes and all ages. Please enclose photo. ALA.
Justice K Martin, PO Box 1364, Sunyami - B/A, Ghana.


Female, aged 18 years. Hobbies: culture, meeting new friends, etc. Seeks
replies from both sexes and all ages. Please enclose photo. ALA. Janet
Adekpo, PO Box 1364, Sunyami - B/A, Ghana.


Masseur - Edinburgh

Chubby masseur gives great relaxing massage at the best possible cost.
Phone Kenny on 0131-665 0313 anytime.

Masseur - Paisley

Relaxing aromatherapy massage. Reasonable rates. Paisley area. Phone
Tony on 01505 324561. Give yourself a treat.

Accountancy Services

Tax problems, accounting, auditing, business plans, call Marios on
0131-228 9757. Members of the Chartered Association of Certified
Accountants and Registered Auditors. Personal and confidential service.

Aussie Rules Football Shorts

Featured in Boyz. Black only. Waist 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. Send cheque/PO
for ukp15 to: Jimmy Marvel, 71a Beechmount Avenue, Hanwell, London. W7

Boudoir Noir

The non-fiction Leather-Fetish-Consensual SM Magazine. Box 5, Station F,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4Y 2L4. Phone: 00 1 416 591 2387. Fax: 00 1
416 591 1572. E-mail: Sample $10. Subscription $24
($50 outside North America). Member Canadian Magazine Publishers
Association. Check out our Web Site at

Company Formations

Why pay more? For only ukp90, Cosun Limited will supply a freshly formed
Scottish, English/Welsh or Northern Ireland Limited or PLC with your own
choice of name. For a free copy of our "Guide to Limited Companies":
Freephone 0800 526421. Gay Business Association Member. E-mail: Http://

Contacts in USA and France

Voluntary Group for holiday exchange, penpals, etc. Covering USA and
French-speaking countries. For sample bulletin send 3 International
Reply Coupons to: Recontre France/Amerique, 350 Nature Trail Lane,
Murrysville, PA 15668, USA.

French/German Tuition

Offered by qualified teacher. Glasgow West End. Telephone: 0141-334

Genuine Phone Dating

For Gay Men

The Dating Line that has it all! Instant Messaging, VoiceMale Dating and
'Traditional' Phone Dating. 0891 556655. 39p/min cheap, 49p/min other.
TBO, Box 425, PE25 2RQ. CALL NOW!

Get Wet
Leather, rubber & PVC clothes for men & women, leather & rubber
harnesses, silicone and latex toys, lubricants, SM equipment, wholesale
available. Send ukp5 for catalogue or sae for price list to: Get Wet, BCM
3564, London. WC1N 3XX. Tel/Fax: 0171-627 0290.

Pen Friends

Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexuals ages 16+, non profit organisation, members
nationwide and worldwide, membership ukp6 p/a or ukp3 p/a concessionary.
Write, enclosing 2 stamps to: LGB National Pen Pals, PO Box 2000,
Horwich, Lancs, England. BL6 7PG.

Stories To Order

Our stories enliven those parts others cannot. Why? Because they are
created especially for you and only you. Read about whatever you wish by
using our definitive fantasy service. Intrigued? Then why not send a
stamp for full details of our truly individual service to: TTS, PO Box
1846, Bath. BA1 3TJ.

The Cellar

The CELLAR is for Leather-Rubber-Denim-Uniform guys wishing to contact
others with similar likes. For full info please send an sae to:- THE


English to German and German to English. General business and personal
translations undertaken by native German speaker. Details: Phone Colne
(01282) 862351.

Worldwide Penfriends

Regular lists. Make friends, exchange holidays, improve your languages.
For general and music lovers' lists send ukp3 to "The Penpal List", c/o
221B Merton Road, Southfields, London. SW18 5EE.



Photo Processing

6"x4": 24exp ukp6.00, 36exp ukp7.00, extra set ukp4.00. 7"x5": 24exp
36exp ukp8.50, extra set ukp6.00. Please add ukp1.00 p/p per film.
Chq/PO: A2Z
Trading Co., 501 International House, 223 Regent Street, London. W1R
8QD. Discretion assured. Overnight service.

Just 18
Nude photo sets, sample set ukp15 from BM Ferrari, London, WC1N 3XX.
Cheques and postal orders payable to 'M Bentley'. Models required. Send
photo to above address.


Ardbeg House

Ardbeg House Hotel, Dervaig, Isle of Mull. Welcome breaks, two nights or
more, ukp27 per person per night, Dinner B&B (some en-suite rooms with
four poster beds). Scenically situated. Beautiful period country house
full of character, home comforts and good food. Phone Neil on 01688

Beside the Seaside ...

Roseland Guest House, Ayr. Ron invites you to enjoy Bed and Breakfast in
his quiet, centrally located Victorian townhouse. For that totally
relaxing break. (Not exclusive). Please Tel/Fax 01292 283435 for current

Birmingham, West Midlands

Sebastion Guest House. Telephone: 0121-455 9459. Large Georgian house
located in the city centre, close to the gay village, all rooms colour
TV, double beds, tea/coffee, communal lounge, sun room and large


Regent Hotel. Telephone: Blackpool (01253) 22787. Recently refurbished,
Late Bar, Happy hour daily, En-Suite available, Flamingo's concessions,
Mid-week specials Mon-Fri ukp44 B/B, Fri-Mon B/B (excluding Bank
Holidays). Single nights available. Call Ernest NOW to avoid


Shalimar Hotel, 23 Broad Street, BN2 1TJ. Exclusively gay in centre of
gay village. Most rooms en-suite. Four poster for that special occasion.
Full English breakfast. Tea/coffee. Fridge. Hairdryer. Colour
Television. Clock Radio/alarm. Telephone. Residents’ bar. Phone or Fax
Kevin or Lawrence - 01273 605316.


Women's guesthouse.   Fantastic value accommodation from ukp11pp in a
friendly atmosphere   next to the sea - and you don’t have to get up
early! Leaflet: The   Only Alternative Left, 39 St Aubyn's, Hove, Sussex.
BN3 2TH. Telephone:   01273 324739. Scotland-Brighton direct train!

Capital Accommodation
Want a gay stay for a holiday or just a change of scene?!!! Aries Guest
House offers a warm, friendly welcome to Edinburgh. Ten minutes from
Princes Street, close to theatres, cinemas, shops and restaurant, clubs
and bars. Telephone: 0131-229 4669.

Central Private Hotel

Mixed clientele, Junction 28 M1, short distance to Nottingham, Derby,
Sheffield, ALTON TOWERS, Sherwood Forest, Rooms En-suite, Licensed
Restaurant, vegetarians, laundry service. Own front door key, no
restrictions, Massage & Sunbed room. Weekend rates available. Phone:
01623 552373/Fax: 01623 443106.


Set in the heart of historic Edinburgh and close to the city's gay bars
and clubs, the Linden Hotel occupies a fine early 19th Century 'A'
listed terraced building. Internally modernised, the hotel provides 20
rooms plus a large bar and 70 seat Thai restaurant, and also includes
Tommy Thai's Bar. So, for a midweek or weekend break, enjoy the warmth
of a real Scottish welcome. All credit cards accepted. 9/13 Nelson
Street, Edinburgh. Tel: 0131-557 4344. E-mail:

Fife - Scotland

B&B Private Residence - central situation - convenient public transport
- parking if required. Good facilities, relaxed friendly. Businessmen,
UK tourists, overseas visitors, welcome - guys only. Telephone: Vic -
01592 201985.


Berkeley Hotel, 63 Berkeley Street, G3. Phone: 0141-204 5470 or 0141-221
7880. Central, gay friendly, TV room, pool room, self catering
facilities, shared and doubles. Special midweek rates.

New Zealand Accommodation

SIGMA - South Island Gay Managed Accommodation, a network of
accommodation for gays and lesbians visiting the South Island of New
Zealand. For a free list, write to: Ron Harris, Shag Point, RD2
Palmerston, Otago, NZ or phone 00 64 3-465-1742.

Scarborough Hotel

Interludes, "Holiday Which" recommended, welcomes gay men/women.
Friendly, peaceful atmosphere. Licensed. Unique theatre theme. Elegant,
en-suite, non-smoking seaview bedrooms (double, twin, 4-poster). ukp24pp
B&B with 5% discount for 4 nights and 12.5% for 7 nights. Phone Ian/Bob
01723 360513.

Oscars Hotel is a gay family run hotel in the heart of Torquay's English
Riviera. Single, Double & Triple rooms available all year round. Very
comfortable 2 star accommodation and candlelit cellar restaurant. Call
Ricky or Allan for details. 01803 293563. 10% discount on stays of three
nights or more offered to ScotsGay readers!

Want a friendly B&B?

Balnacrive Guest House, Dulnain Bridge, by Grantown-on-Spey. Anne and
Mary warmly welcome you to the Scottish Highlands. All sports and
recreation available from walking to ski-ing. Please phone 01479 851228
for brochure.


Pauleda House Hotel, 123 Clifton, York. YO3 6BL. Enjoy superb
accommodation centrally situated only minutes away from all the historic
attractions. All rooms en-suite. Satellite TV, some Fourposters.
Parking. B&B from ukp20 pppn. Family run. Gay Friendly. Tel: 01904
Fax: 01904 621327.





Shoe Lane. Tel: (01224) 625010. Fax: 01224 625777. Mon-Fri 9.30-4pm.
Where the women hang out. Lesbian group meets Wednesday 8-10pm.


9 Hadden Street. Tel: (01224) 212181. Tue-Sun 10pm-2am.   Disco - tends
to be quiet midweek but busier at the weekends.


Exodus (upstairs), Triplekirks, Schoolhill. Tel: (01224) 624288. Fri
10pm-2am. Weekly house night with the JOY DJ's from Edinburgh.



75 Seagate. Tel: (01382) 226840. Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight. Formerly the
Gauger, Dundee's long established gay bar. Something for everyone! Pool


124 Seagate. Tel: (01382) 200660. Thu, Sun 10pm-2.30am. Fri, Sat
11pm-2.30am. Good atmosphere, very popular disco with wide selection of
sounds. Thursdays and Sundays are quieter. WWW:



57/61 Blackfriars Street. Tel: 0131-557 6136. Mon-Fri 12.30pm-2.30pm and
6pm-10.30pm, Sat 12.30pm-10.30pm, Sun 6pm-10pm. Superb little vegetarian
restaurant. Friendly staff. Mixed clientele. Good value lunch menu.


1 Barony Street/36 Broughton Street. Tel: 0131-556 2788. Popular
lesbigay cafe/bar complex. The Cafe opens Daily 11am-1am. The Buzz Bar
is open Nightly 5pm-1am, and the new Pool Room is open Nightly 5pm-1am.


60 Broughton Street. Tel: 0131-556 0152. Tue-Sun 11am-9pm. Due to open
soon in the old Eat Out space as an upmarket bun shop selling sticky
German buns (baked on the premises) and continental coffee.


22 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131-556 4349. Daily Noon-1am. Food Noon-9pm.
Fresh, stylish and always crowded. WWW: http:/


13-29 Nicolson Street. Tel: 0131-662 1112. Generally 10am-10pm but hours
vary according to performances. Mixed bar attached to the Edinburgh
Festival Theatre. Full of luvvies and their friends!


23 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131-556 9331. Daily Noon-3am. Bar/diner
serving superb food in the Hole in the Wall restaurant
(Noon-2.30pm,5-9pm). Karaoke on Thursday and Sunday. Male strippers Sun
at 4pm. Disco every night from 10.30pm.


19 Blair Street. Tel: 0131-220 0125. Mon-Sat 11am-1pm, Sun
11am-Midnight. Not as outrageously mixed as it used to be, but still
seriously conventional.

33-39 Market Street. Tel: 0131-226 4224. 1st Sun of each month.
11pm-4am. Club run by the Gay Preservation Society.


25a Dundas Street. Tel: 0131-556 0079. Beauty and Body Therapist.


88 Hanover Street. Tel: 0131-220 4403. Daily 11am-10pm. Friendly mixed
cybercafe with friendly mixed gorgeous staff (says Seumas). WWW:


60 Broughton Street. Tel: 0131-556 1471. Open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat
Noon-7pm, Sun Noon-6pm. At the front of the Edinburgh Lesbian Gay and
Bisexual Centre. Undoubtedly the largest gay shop north of Manchester,
with a large selection of magazines, cards, toys, underwear, swimwear,
leather and rubberwear. Well worth a visit even if only for the cute
staff (if you like that sort of thing). But you'll have to be quick
because they're closing soon!


58a and 60 Broughton Street. Owned by OUTRIGHT Scotland. Houses Calosa
Publishing Limited, Drondale Limited, Cafe Streuselkuchen and Plakativ.
Provides meeting and noticeboard space for many lesbigay organisations.
Private mailboxes available.


8b Drummond Street. Tel: 0131-557 8336. Mon-Sat 10am-9pm. Sun Noon-9pm.
Scotland's ONLY licenced SEX shop where you'll be made welcome by the
very bearish Vince (who's straight) or Paddy (who isn't). Toys galore,
video rental too!


The Honeycomb, 36-38a Blair Street. Tel: 0131-226 7651. New monthly club
- 2nd Wednesday 11pm-3am.


26b Dublin Street. Tel: 0131-538 7775. Big Beary Bulky Boys have their
own club at Intense in the New Town Bar on the 4th Friday of the month.
8-10pm - bar opens to non members 9pm-1am.


89 Rose Street Lane North. Tel: 0131-225 7651. Mon-Sat Noon-1am. Sun
1pm-1am. After a period as Maggie Rayes, this old favourite has reverted
to the old name and the old management has returned. Never a dull
moment. Karaoke Tue & Fri.


Royal Chimes Nightclub, 3 Royal Terrace. Tel: 0131-556 6918. JOY Info
Line: 0131-467 2551. Fortnightly from Sat 20th July. 11pm-3am. Joy has
found a new home just on the edge of the gay village. Downstairs: Maggie
and Alan. Upstairs: Trendy Wendy's disco room. Plus chill out lounge.


43 Assembly Street, Leith. Tel: 0131-555 0005. Mon-Sat 6pm-2am. Sun
12-Midnight. Mongolian barbeque. Mixed.


Old Craighall Road, Millerhill, near Dalkeith. Tel: 0131-660 1211.
Mon-Sat Noon-2.15pm and 6-9.30pm, Sun 12.30-2.45pm and 6-9pm. Mixed
establishment specialising in Portuguese cuisine. Vegetarian menu


26B Dublin Street. Tel: 0131-538 7775. Daily Noon-1am. Especially
popular with Bears, but has wide clientele. Intense, the sub-basement
leather and fetish bar is open Thurs-Sun 9pm-1am - men only.


18 Albert Place. Tel: 0131-553 3222. Mon-Sat Noon-10pm. Sun 2-10pm.
Sauna club for gay gentlemen - run by a couple of straight Dykes! Now
open on Sundays!


32c Broughton Street. Tel: 0131-557 8969. Daily 11am-1am. Not quite as
camp as it used to be, but still attracting a mixed crowd.


6 Baxter's Place. Tel: 0131-556 5991. Sun-Fri 3pm-1am. Sat Noon-1am.
Food served all day. Discos Fri and Sat. Real Ale.


The Honeycomb, 36-38a Blair Street. Tel: 0131-220 4381. Sun 11pm-3am.
Weekly mixed members' club with DJs Fisher and Price. Visitor's passes
from West & Wilde.


24 Greenside Place. Tel: 0131-557 2142. Mon-Sat Noon-midnight. Sun
12.30pm-11pm. Basically straight, this Real Ale bar (formerly a Gas
Board Showrrom) in the middle of Edinburgh's Gay Triangle attracts a
fair number of queers for an off-scene pint before heading for nearby


33-39 Market Street. Tel: 0131-226 4224. 3rd Sun of each month.
11pm-4am. Women's Disco run by those awfully nice Gay Preservation
Society people.


Linden Hotel, 9-13 Nelson Street. Tel: 0131-557 4344. Daily Noon-11pm.
Quiet bar attached to Edinburgh's biggest gay hotel. Superb Thai
restaurant. Owned by London's Philbeach Hotel. E-mail: WWW:

WEB 13

13 Bread Street. Tel: 0131-229 8883. Mon-Sat 10am-8pm, Sun Noon-8pm.
Informal mixed cybercafe with homely and approachable staff (says
marcc). WWW:


25a Dundas Street. Tel: 0131-556 0079. Tue-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun Noon-5pm.
Scotland's only lesbian and gay bookshop. Lots of books and quite a few



16 Grahams Road. Tel: 01324 613644. Mon 11am-3pm and 5pm-11.30. Tue-Thu
11am-3pm and 5pm-12.30am. Fri-Sat 11am-1am. Sun 7pm-Midnight. Straight
bar used by a few discrete local gays.



4 Green Street. Tel: 01896 757667. Mon-Tue 10am-5pm. Wed-Sat 10am-10pm.
Mixed. discreet trendy cafe/bar. Regular meeting place for all Border
Town lesbians, gays and bisexuals. Closed Sundays.



22 Cambridge Street. Tel: 0141-333 1375. European style cafe/bar
welcoming people whose sexual orientation is not a big deal.

183a Hope Street. Tel: 0141-332 2707. Mon-Sat Noon-Midnight, Sun
12.30am-Midnight. Friendly and busy basement pub. Food lunchtimes (until
5pm). Entertainment every evening.


80-90, Glassford Street. Tel: 0141-552 5761. Currently closed for
extensive refurbishment. WWW:


68 Virginia Street. Tel: 0141-552 4803. Daily Noon-Midnight. Food
Noon-7pm. Busy pub with backroom area (not THAT kind of backroom!). DJ:
Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat. Bingo: Tuesdays. Games/Quiz: Wed. Karaoke: Sun.
Happy hours: 5-7 and 9-10 every night. Mondays: Becks at ukp1.15 all
night. Soap Sunday features all day breakfasts and cheap bevvy all day
whilst you watch the TV soaps ...


Centre for Contemporary Arts, 350 Sauchiehall Street. Tel: 0141-332
7521. Centre open Mon-Wed 9am-11pm Thur-Sat 9am-Midnight Sun
Noon-10.30pm. Bookshop Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sun Noon-5pm. Galleries Mon-Sat
11am-6pm Sun Noon-5pm (admission free). Two galleries, two performance
spaces, cafe bar and bookshop. Lesbigay friendly place bustling with
life, the universe and everything. Wheelchair accessible apart from
upstairs performance space.


GGLC, 11 Dixon Street. Tel: 0802 771857 or 0468 404996. Mon Noon-6pm.
Tue-Sat Noon-8pm. Sun Noon-6pm. Lesbigay bookshop in the Centre.
Something for everyone. New catalogue available - send A4 sae. WWW:


25 Royal Exchange Square. Tel: 0141-204 4599. Tue-Sun 11pm-3am. Large
basement club, popular with young crowd. Wednesday nights are straight
(though still quite mixed). Not as busy as it used to be.


69 Hutcheson Street. Tel: 0141-552 2463. Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight, Sun
8.30-11pm. Small bar beside former Sheriff Court. Straight until


11 Dixon Street. Tel/fax: 0141-221 7203. Daily 10am-10pm. Glasgow's
community centre for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. Cafe, book shop
(Centre Books) and Gift shop (PJ's). Other businesses in the centre
include Asset Mortgages, Calosa Publishing, and Maya Vision. Two large
meeting rooms available for hire. E-mail: WWW:


GGLC, 11 Dixon Street. Tel: 0141-204 5418. Mon-Sat 10am-11pm. Sun
10am-5pm. The eaterie for the Glasgow Gay and Lesbian Centre. Now
licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages.


239 North Street. Tel: 0141-221 8447. Mon-Fri 8am-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm,
Sun Noon-11pm. Popular cybercafe. Mixed clientele. WWW:


26 Cheapside Street. Tel: 0141-204 4606. Tue-Sun 9pm-3am. Large club.
Features regular PAs, and theme/party nights.


GGLC, 11 Dixon Street. Tel: 0141-226 9977. Gifts for all.


8-10 West George Street. Tel: 0141-332 8005. Mon-Sat Noon-Midnight, Sun
7pm-Midnight. Bar meals Mon-Sat Noon-7pm. Newly refurbished with no
expense spared. Friendly staff who compliment the upmarket decor. WWW:


8-10 West George Street. Tel: 0141-332 8005 (ask for Jane). Glasgow's
first all woman bar. Very popular. Inside Sadie Frost's.


106 West Campbell Street. Tel: 0141-221 9184. Mon-Fri Noon-Midnight, Sat
12.30pm-Midnight, Sun 8pm-Midnight. Long narrow intimate basement bar,
DJ Sun, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri & Sat. Packed at the weekend. Nightly happy
hours 11pm-midnight (all night Sun).


157-159 Bridgegait. Tel: 0141-552 6040. Mon-Sat Noon-Midnight, Sun
12.30pm-Midnight. Basically straight, but justly popular with real ale
queens and dykes.


306 Argyle Street. Tel: 0141-221 7359. Daily Noon-Midnight. Popular,
crowded, down to earth gay drinking shop. Scotland's oldest gay bar -
what more can we say?



Glen Mhor Hotel, Ness Bank. Tel: (01463) 234308. Wed and Fri 9-11pm.
Smart relaxed bar popular with local gays especially on Wednesday and
Friday nights (9.15pm onwards). Mixed clientele.



27/29 London Road. Tel: (01563) 523623. Straight pub - the lounge is
used by some local gays on Mondays evenings.



3 1/2 Barnton Street. Tel: (01786) 461698. Mon-Thur 10.30am-11.45pm,
Fri-Sat 10.30am-12.45am, Sun Noon-11.45pm. (Food: Day and early
evening). Near to railway station, Mixed, busy, bohemian and friendly
bar/bistro. Popular with students and Sons/Daughters of the Rock alike.
Good food. Real Ale.


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haven't had sex with most of the people who appear in the magazine, so
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