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									RFM Flare Gas Meter
The Roxar Flow Measurement (RFM) FGM 130 has been developed to        Operating principle
measure flare gas in pipes where low pressures, a wide range of
                                                                      The RFM FGM 130 measures gas velocity based on the time-of-flight
velocities and large pipe diameters represent a problem. Roxar Flow
                                                                      technique. The ultrasonic transducers are mounted at an angle to the
Measurement offers world-class flare gas meters characterised by:
                                                                      pipe. Both transducers transmit and receive pulses and the transit time
   Optimised signal processing and acoustic sensors enabling          is measured.
   flow measurement up to 100 m/s
   Improved signal processing                                         When gas is flowing in the pipe, the pulse travelling against the flow
   Sensor with better acoustic properties                             takes longer to reach the opposite transducer than the pulse travelling
   Minimum interfacing                                                with the flow. This time difference is used to calculate the velocity of
   Simplified field installation                                      the flowing medium.
   One flow computer handles up to three pairs of transducers
   Low maintenance                                                    Installation
   Compact system                                                     RFM FGM 130 has specially designed jigs for fast, economical and accurate
   Low power consumption                                              mounting of transducer holders. These holders are welded onto the pipeline
   Serial interface based on Modbus protocol                          at an angle suitable for each different pipe size.

   Non-intrusive design for all pipe sizes
   Widest velocity range on the market
   High measurement accuracy throughout entire range
   Unique signal processing ensures high accuracy at low flow rates
   Fast response time
   BASEEFA-certified for operation in hazardous area
   No calibration required after installation
   Rapid installation gives reduced costs
   Low maintenance requirements
   High reliability

   Measurement of flare gas, characterised by a large velocity
   range, low pressure and large pipe diameters
   Flare gas density calculations for gas composition indications
   Leak detection and loss calculation for mass balance in
   process plants
   Accurate measurements of very low flow
   rates in flare systems
              RFM Flare Gas Meter

                                    System performance and characteristics
                                    Pipe size:                6-in. diameter minimum, 72-in.
                                                              diameter maximum
                                    Velocity range:           0.05–70 m/s for 72 in., 0.05–100 m/s for
                                                              36 in., 0.20–100 m/s for 8 in.
                                    Uncertainty at 95%
                                    confidence level (fully                                                  Normal operating pressure:        0.8–10.0 barA
                                    developed flow):          2.5% of measured value in range up to 25 m/s   Weight:                           10.5 kg each, excluding valve
                                                              5% of measured value in range 25–100 m/s                                         and socket
                                    Resolution:               0.01 m/s (36-in. pipe)                         Dimensions:                       Length 0.7 m (transducer unit)
                                    Repeatability:            Better than 1% of volume flow with velocity    Signal transmission:              Via optical-fibre cable
                                                              0.3–100 m/s                                    Electrical safety:                Intrinsically safe (zone 0)
                                    Calibration:              0.3–70 m/s with fully developed turbulent      Safety class:                     EEx ia IIC T6
                                                              flow profile                                   BASEEFA approval:                 Cert. no. Ex 86B2411, Ex 872089
                                    Turndown ratio:           2000:1
                                    Installation:             10D upstream and 5D downstream                 Input/output
                                                              major obstructions
                                                                                                             Flow computer
                                    Mechanical and electrical components                                     Flow computer and signal processor mounted in 19-in. rack with
                                                                                                             power supplies. An Ex-d version is available.
                                    Mains supply:             +24 V DC,110/220V AC, 50–60 Hz
                                    Power consumption: 75 VA maximum                                         Input
                                                                                                             Velocity:                         Signal from transducers via optical-
                                    Front panel
                                                                                                                                               fibre cable.
                                    Mounted in 19-in. rack, with alphanumeric display and data                                                 One computer supports three system
                                    entry/function keyboard. Eight-digit, non-resettable LCD counter.                                          sensor pairs
                                    Display functions:        Volume flow rate, Sm3/hr                       Temperature:                      4–20 mA or HART comm.
                                                              Total volume,    Sm3                           Pressure:                         4–20 mA or HART comm.
                                                              Mass flow rate, kg/hr                          Specific gravity:                 4–20 mA (optional)
                                                              Total mass, kg                                 Output
                                                              Temperature, ˚C                                The FGM 130 has eight analogue 4–20 mA output channels that can
                                                              Pressure, barA                                 be programmed to any of the following: standard volume flow, actual
                                                              Specific gravity/density, kg/m3                density, actual volume flow, molecular weight, mass flow, alarm low,
                                                              Velocity, m/s                                  alarm high, density (standard conditions), temperature or pressure.

                                    Spanish text and US units available upon request.                        Additional connections for:       Counter
                                    Ultrasonic transducers
                                                                                                                                               Serial-port communication
                                    Operating temperature:               -70 to +150˚C
                                                                                                                                               based on Modbus protocol

                                    For further information contact:
                                    Solheimsgaten 9, PO Box 2364, Solheimsviken, N-5824 Bergen, Norway
                                    Tel: +47 55 59 95 55 Fax: +47 55 59 95 00
                                    Email: rfm.support@roxar.com or rfm@roxar.com or visit www.roxar.com

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