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					ISSUE 52, SEPT 2006

<<               GENERAL ASSEMBLY BRINGS                                                     NEXT STOP ...
<<               FOCUS ONTO FUTURE                                                           SPS/IPC/DRIVES
                                                                                                              PI would like to invite you see the
 PI News                                                               have to adapt. “PROFIBUS will
                                                                       continue to be the most successful
                                                                                                              very latest and best of
                                                                                                              PROFIBUS and PROFINET at
  P1       General Assembly                                            fieldbus ever,” he said, going on to
       brings focus on future                                                                                 what is fast becoming one of the
                                                                       predict that 30,000,000 PROFIBUS
  P1              Next stop ...                                                                               best events in the worldwide
                                                                       devices will be installed by 2011.
  P1     Supporting PROFINET                                                                                  automation calendar ... the SPS/
  P1    Process Management                                             He warned: “PROFIBUS growth            IPC/DRIVES show in Nuremberg,
                      Academy                                          will eventually flatten so we must     which this year is taking place
  P2             Certification:   The 2006 PTO (North American         face those challenges now.”            from November 28th to 30th.
               what it means      PROFIBUS organization) General
  P2          PNO welcomes                                             Mike also predicted a shakeout of
                                  Assembly meeting took place in
             Chinese friends                                           Ethernet solutions within 5 years,
        Questions Answered        Scottsdale, AZ, in August. Over 50
  P2                                                                   with just 3 serious contenders
                                  members and representatives
                                                                       remaining and said that PROFINET
 PICC World                       listened to wide ranging
                                  discussions about technical and
                                                                       has moved from being a fieldbus
  P3           PICCs and PITLs                                         technology to an ‘automation
                                  marketing issues, and the future
         meet in Switzerland                                           technology’, with all that entails.
              Italy PICC begins   strategy of the PTO and its parent
       Certified Training soon    organization, PI.                    He concluded by announcing a
  P3    North American PICC:                                           new mission statement for PI, the
              new name, even      PTO Chairman and PI Deputy
                                                                       international organization of which
              broader support     Chairman Mike Bryant (pictured)
                                                                       PTO is part: “We are and will
  P4       Phoenix PROFINET       said that being market leader
         Competence Center                                             remain the world’s leading
                                  posed some challenges: “We must      automation organization for

 PI World                         watch out for new technologies
                                  and paradigm shifts, and we
                                                                       communication solutions, serving
                                                                       our users, our members and the         Interbus and PNO will be
  P6                    China     must never forget that               press with the best solutions,         exhibiting side by side once
  P6                    Japan     our competition is always            benefits and information.”             again with a joint booth and
  P6              South Africa
                                  biting at our heels,” he said
  P6                       UK                                          For more details and less formality    hospitality suite. On the PNO side
                                  “Complacency could be
  P6              Netherlands                                          visit the PROFIblog for Day 1and       about 40 co-exhibitors will lead
                                  our biggest enemy.”
                                                                       the PROFIblog for Day 2There’s
                                                                                             .                you through topics such as IO-
 Applications                     The broadening technical scope of    also an experimental podcast by        Link, PROFIBUS and PROFINET.
                                  the organization - now ranging       Carl Henning. Or, read the latest
  P5        User experiences
           impress at General     from sensors to IT - means we        North American newsletter here.
  P5      Brazil/Sugar+Ethanol

 New Products                     SUPPORTING                           has promised future support

  P4                Interfaces
                                  PROFINET                             for PROFINET in its system.
                                                                       More on back page                      One of the highlights will be a huge
  P4              USB Adapter     Three major Japanese Companies

                                                                                                              PROFINET presentation, but there
  P4       Spur Line Repeater     - Toshiba, Hitachi High-Tech
                                                                                                              will be something for everyone,
       Fiber-Optic PROFINET IO
                      DP Slave
                                  Trading and Fuji Electric Systems
                                                                       MANAGEMENT                             whether end user, manufacturer,
                                  - expressed support for PROFIBUS
  P4        Linux PROFINET IO     and PROFINET as JPO members
                                                                       ACADEMY                                developer, integrator, maintenance
                                                                       PI will support the Process            engineer, or ‘decider’. PNO will
  P4              PROFIBUS IO
                                  at a recent Japanese press event.
  P4             Temperature                                           Management Academy at Neuss,           answer all questions and deliver
                                  Toshiba said that PROFIBUS                                                  what for you could be a crucial
  P4                 Training                                          Germany, Jan 22-24, 2007. The
                                  fits its target because it covers    event is organised by ARC              insight into the exciting and

  PI Network                      both factory and process
                                  automation while Fuji Electric
                                                                       Advisory Group. PROFINEWS 53
                                                                       will give details. More here.
                                                                                                              dynamic world of PROFIBUS and
                                                                                                              PROFINET automation. More here
ISSUE 52, SEPT 2006

        PI News                       and PROFINET devices are                devices. Details of the                   Questions
                                      checked in a certification test,        PROFIBUS certification can be             Answered
CERTIFICATION:                        which is performed by experts           found here.
                                                                                                                    More questions? Use the free
                                      in special PI Test Labs (PITLs).
WHAT IT                               Only certified devices guarantee
                                                                              The device manufacturer first         Forum at http://
MEANS                                 worldwide conformity in an
                                                                              contacts a PI Test Lab (PITL) for
                                                                                                                    Q: Can you summarise the
                                                                              a certification test. The defined     differences between Industrial
PROFINET and PROFIBUS                 automation facility with products
                                                                              test cases are practically            Ethernet and PROFINET?
devices of different types and                             from
                                                                              oriented and reflect the industrial   A: PROFINET is based on
manufacturers perform different                              different                                              Industrial Ethernet. Only in
                                                                              requirements. Therefore, only
tasks in the automation process.                             manufacturers.                                         those parts where Industrial
                                                                              those test cases are checked          Ethernet is not able to provide
In order to do this correctly, they                          For                                                    satisfactory results was it
                                                                              which might arise daily in a real
must exchange information over                               PROFIBUS                                               necessary to extend standards
                                                                              installation.                         to meet the requirements of end
the bus as specified in the                                  devices,                                               users (e.g. for real time
corresponding standards.                                                      The certification test is             behavior). PROFINET is
                                                                              structured as follows: Test of        standardized under IEC61158.
Basis for the certification is                                                                                      With PROFINET, it is extremely
                                                                              the hardware automated state          easy to match an application to
the framework for testing and
                                                                              machine test; simulation of           an automation task: PROFINET
certification of PROFIBUS /                                                                                         IO is optimized for fast data
                                                                              diagnostics and alarms;               exchange with decentralized
PROFINET products and the test
                                                                              interoperability test; inspection     peripherals; PROFINET CBA
specifications as well as the                                                                                       (Component Based Automation)
                                                                              of the GSD file. Once a device        shows its strength when an
relevant standards. The
                                      certification is strongly               has passed all tests, the             automation plant is seen as just
documents can be found here                                                                                         a collection of functions,
                                      recommended by PI and                   manufacturer can request              enabling modules of
at ‘Downloads’ on the PI
                                      demanded by many end-users.             certification from PI.                functionality (i.e. components) to
Website. Thus, users can get                                                                                        be easily and quickly connected
                                      For PROFINET products,
the necessary security for                                                    SUPPORT, TOOLS AND                    together; components can also
                                      certification is mandatory.                                                   be re-used as often as needed,
error-free functionality during                                               USEFUL LINKS                          cutting engineering time
the common operation of devices       THE PROCESS OF                          > PITLs for PROFINET

of different manufacturers.           CERTIFICATION                                                                 Q: Software implementation of
                                                                              > PITLs for PROFIBUS                  PROFIBUS DP. Possible?
Similarly, the certification          The certification process (see
                                                                                                                    A: As PROFIBUS is
ensures the standard compliant        graphic) is designed to ensure          > PI has accredited a global
                                                                                                                    standardized in IEC61158 it is
behavior within a PROFIBUS or         reliable, interoperable and safe        network of PI Competence              no problem to implement
                                                                              Centers, where engineering            PROFIBUS DP in software
PROFINET network, as defined          operation for users and is similar                                            running at up to 1.5Mbs. Using
by IEC 61158. Both PROFIBUS           for PROFIBUS and PROFINET               support like product                  higher transmission rates you
                                                                              development, trouble shooting         will run into problems. But,
                                                                                                                    because of the low costs of
                                                                              or similar is offered, seminars       existing PROFIBUS ASICs it is
                                                                              and training courses are held,        much more time saving to use an

PNO WELCOMES                          The staff of                                                                  available ASIC. In combination
                                                                              and experts answer technical          with an existing software
                                      CPO learned
CHINESE                               about the
                                                                              questions.                            interface PROFIBUS is from the
                                                                                                                    user’s viewpoint just a dual-
FRIENDS                               success of                              > PICC for PROFINET and               ported memory where the user
                                                                                                                    can read and write the required
In August, 2006, both Zhang           PNO and PI in                           PROFIBUS                              data.
Wei and Zhang Dandan, two             terms of                                                                      Q: Is PA Profile V3.0 GSD a
                                                                              > Helpful software and free
members of staff from the             workflow, technology promotion                                                specific GSD File, or is it built
                                                                              tools like an XML Viewer,             into the manufacturer’s GSD?
Chinese PROFIBUS User                 and events organization,                Ethereal (Wireshark), a test tool
                                                                                                                    A: A PA Profile 3.0 GSD is a
Organization (CPO), were              experience that will prove highly       for PROFINET CBA, a Component         basic GSD for all devices which
invited by PNO in Germany for         beneficial to CPO and its               Editor, a GSD-Editor, an I&M          are possible to run in a profile
one month to learn about the          members. This will enable CPO                                                 mode. There are different
                                                                              Functions Demotool, etc. can be       profiles available like
workflow of PNO and exchange          to better develop the Chinese           found on PI’s website here.           Temperature, Level or Flow.
ideas. They received not only a       market, strengthen the                                                        These GSD-Files are specified

warm welcome from PNO but             leadership of CPO in the                WHERE TO FIND                         in the ‘PROFIBUS Profile for
                                                                                                                    Process Control Devices,
also much detailed information        PROFIBUS world and extend the           CERTIFIED PRODUCTS                    Version 3.0’. You can find the
                                                                                                                    profile GSD-Files on the PI
about training and other aspects      influence of PROFIBUS and               > Certified products are listed in    Website here
of PNO.                               PROFINET in the Chinese market.         PI’s online product guide here.
ISSUE 52, SEPT 2006

    PICC World                       given on PROFIBUS and                 tests fulfil the same standards       ITALY PICC
                                     PROFINET, IO-Link, PROFINET for       worldwide.
PICCs AND                                                                                                        CERTIFIED
                                     Process Automation, Explosion
                                                                           Close cooperation between
                                     Safety, Installation,
PITLs MEET IN                        Troubleshooting, and other
                                                                           PICCs and PITLs ensures that
SWITZERLAND                                                                                                      SOON
                                                                           information is exchanged quickly
                                                                           and regularly, and that all centers
PI Competence Centers (PICCs)                                                                                    INN.TEC Srl., the Italian
                                     Quality assurance was an              worldwide offer the best
and PI Test Labs (PITLs) from                                                                                    PROFIBUS and PROFINET
                                     important topic of the meetings:      support. Many people believe
Switzerland, China, Czech                                                                                        Competence Center, has
                                     quality of services agreements        that this close cooperation in PI’s
Republic, France, Germany,                                                                                       traditionally offered PROFIBUS
                                     guarantee that a PICC has the         global network (that is the
Ireland, Italy, Japan, the                                                                                       and PROFINET training courses
                                     know-how and equipment to             Regional Associations,
Netherlands, Poland, South                                                                                       for both beginners and experts.
                                     provide competent advice and          Competence Centers, Test Labs,
Africa, US, and United Kingdom                                                                                   At the end of 2006, it will begin
                                     services, and that qualified          and of course over 1,400
sent delegates to the recent                                                                                     offering the globally-recognized
                                     training courses are offered.         member companies worldwide)
Competence Center and Test                                                                                       ‘Certified PROFIBUS Engineer’
                                     Strict regulations for the PITLs      is the real differentiator for our
Labs Meetings at Winterthur,                                                                                     training course in collaboration
                                     form the basis of PI’s device         technology.
Switzerland.                                                                                                     with PROCENTEC Netherlands.
                                     certification system (see Page 2)
                                                                           Soon, choosing a seminar will be      A valuable certificate is gained
Technical presentations were         and ensure that the certification     even easier: PI has decided to        after successfully passing an
                                                                                          certify PI Training
                                                                                          Centers. The next
                                                                                          PROFINEWS will tell
                                                                                          you more about this
                                                                                          new aspect of PI’s
                                                                                          global support

                                                                                                                 exam at the end of the course.

NORTH                                Also available now is a PROFINET      House Industrial Ethernet
                                                                                                                 INN.TEC. continues its normal
                                                                                                                 activities of engineering support,
AMERICAN                             IO Development Kit, for PROFINET      Classes are on the increase.
                                                                                                                 product development and
PICC: NEW                            IO devices using standard             PROFIsafe Developers Classes
                                                                                                                 troubleshooting. More than 30
                                     Ethernet ASICs. More information      and PROFIsafe Seminars are
NAME, EVEN                           on ASICs and kits can be found        popular. On-Site Installation and
                                                                                                                 companies contacted INN.TEC.

BROADER                              here.                                 Troubleshooting Visits are also
                                                                                                                 in the last year, to access know-
                                                                                                                 how and practical experience.
SUPPORT                              The PIC continues to publish its
                                                                           handled. A total of 68 events
                                                                           took place, which 1641 people         INN.TEC. will be at BIAS2006 on
The PROFIBUS Interface Center        Connection newsletter twice per
                                                                           attended. The PIC also develops       20th – 23rd September (Pad/
recently changed its name to the     year. This year an additional issue
                                                                           its own tools, for example            Stand(s): 11/F41 G50). BIAS is
‘PROFI Interface Center’ to more     on PROFIsafe was produced to
                                                                           PROFINETCommander.                    the most important automation
accurately portray current           coincide with a training event
                                                                                                                 fair in Italy. Visitors will meet the
activities, which include both       preceding the PTO GA Meeting          The PIC team consists of Ron
                                                                                                                 experts from the Italian PICC and
PROFIBUS and PROFINET                in August (see page 1).               Mitchell, Mike Hales, Karsten
                                                                                                                 will see the products that are
technologies now.                                                          Schneider, Hunter Harrington,
                                     The majority of time is spent on                                            distributed: the ProfiTrace family,
                                                                           and John Swindall. “It’s been a
The PIC is still quite active in     promotional activities, mostly                                              ProfiHub and Nettest II.
                                                                           very busy year and we
PROFIBUS support. PROFINET-          focused training events for           anticipate an equally busy next       The PROFIBUS and PROFINET
centered activities have increased   areas such as Automation,             year,” says Ron. “If you have         laboratory of INN.TEC. Srl. is
rapidly during the past year.        Process, Installers, Certified        any PROFIBUS or PROFINET              located at the University of
Telephone support is provided as
                                     Network Engineer for PROFIBUS         questions, need to schedule           Brescia, Department of
well as occasional field trips.
                                     and PROFINET. There are also          customized training or simply         Electronic for Automation. Inn.
The PIC has increased support for    Customer In-House PROFIBUS            need installation advice, please      Tec. +39 030 3384030 or
PROFINET IO developers, including    and PROFINET Events. PROFINET         e-mail us at                 or
for ASICs and Development Kits.      IO Developers Classes and In-”   
ISSUE 52, SEPT 2006

    PICC World                        New Products                           FIBER-OPTIC                                 PROFIBUS IO
                                                                             PROFINET IO                                 Ci-800DP
PHOENIX                             INTERFACES                               IM 151-3 PN FO

                                    PBpro is a single-                       with integrated
                                                                             POF interfaces
                                    channel PCI card
                                    with its own                             uses SC RJ

                                    micro-controller                         cabling and makes
                                                                                                                         specific Remote I/O
                                    supporting                               it possible to
The main area of activity of the                                                                                         such as Remote Process Cluster
                                    PROFIBUS data                            interface the SIMATIC ET 200S product
                                                                                                                         transmitters, Remote Thermocouple
PHOENIX PROFINET Competence         rates up to 12                           family to a fiber-optic PROFINET
                                                                                                                         Cluster transmitters, & Remote
Center is the service: As well as   Mbs. It’s designed for use with both     network. This, in turn, makes it possible
                                                                                                                         Digital I/O. Each has a basic compact
                                    3.3V PCI systems and classical 5V        to operate standard modules and, for
telephone consultations, on-site                                                                                         I/O module with an integrated
                                    systems and complies with the ‘low       the first time, fail-safe PROFIsafe
servicing and training courses                                               modules on the ET 200 with a direct FO
                                                                                                                         PROFIBUS DP Slave port. Modules
                                    profile’ format defined in PCI 3.0. A
are taking place, the training                                                                                           are software configurable and
                                    special feature is a very large buffer   connection. Existing modules can still
course topics being PROFINET        memory. Changing from PROFIboard         be used, protecting user investments.
basics in theory and practice.      PCI to PBpro PCI is very easy, says      An integrated 2-port switch enables line
                                    its maker. Softing: +49 89 45656 0 or    topologies. Siemens:
The practical part takes place at or  or                TEMPERATURE
                                                              Ascon Corporation has introduced
training stations using PROFINET
                                                                                                                         DeltaDue temperature modules with
components from different
                                    USB ADAPTER                              DP SLAVE                                    an optional DX DIN rail mount
manufacturers.                                                                                                           PROFIBUS Gateway Manager. The
                                    This adapter provides the                ProSoft Technology’s
                                                                                                                         DX module stores a backup copy of
                                    tools required to quickly                PROFIBUS DP-V0 Slave
                                                                                                                         connected modules and operator
                                    and easily create a                      Module seamlessly
                                                                                                                         parameters. All modules feature ‘hot
                                    reliable connection                      integrates PROFIBUS DP
                                                                                                                         swap’ capability and true single loop
                                    between a laptop or                      Master devices with
                                                                                                                         integrity. Thus, when a replacement
                                    PC and PROFIBUS                          ControlLogix networks
                                                                                                                         module is inserted, the DX module
                                    devices. PROFIBUS DP Master/             directly over the backplane.
                                                                                                                         can instantly download all
                                    Slave DP-V0 Class 1 & 2 and DP           The MVI56-PDPS module
                                                                                                                         configuration and operator parameters
                                    Master DP-V1 Class 1 & 2 are             possesses auto baud detection at all
                                                                                                                         to the new module without operator or
                                    supported, as is FDT 1.2 for             valid PROFIBUS DPV0 rates, user-
An extra feature is the PROFINET                                                                                         engineer intervention. Ascon
                                    engineering tools such as PACTware       configurable data mapping capabilities
starter kit for each participant.                                                                                        Corporation:
                                    or FieldCare. It’s a quick and easy      and DP port operation for optimal power
The PROFINET starter kit            solution to configure, set parameters,   and ease of use. This single-slot module
                                    diagnose and troubleshoot                supports extended diagnostic data, up       TRAINING
components is used for further
                                    PROFIBUS devices. Also new is the        to 244 bytes of I/O data, with 400 byte     Canada-based Automation Training
training or as the basis for a                                                                                           has just added a 2 Day PROFIBUS
                                    IP20 BradControl Block I/O system        maximum, freeze/sync capabilities, 125
project preparation.                which comprises a network adapter        node addresses and multiple modules         DP course to its schedule. It’s
                                    and up to 32 expansion modules for       in a single rack. Prosoft:                  available on Siemens Step 7 as well
However, service personnel are                                                       as AB-ControlLogix Woodhead’s SST
                                    up to 512 channels. Woodhead:
trained in on-site workshops                                                                     communications networks. On
regarding those topics important                                             LINUX PROFINET IO                           successful completion, the student

for them. Here, training            SPUR LINE                                Two Linux adaptations
                                                                                                                         shall be able to describe the function
                                                                                                                         and capabilities of PROFIBUS, install
comprises the efficient usage of    REPEATER                                 for PROFINET IO
                                                                                                                         simple networks including interface
                                                                             are available from
the diagnostics via Diag+,          PROCENTEC                                                                            modules, software and cables,
                                                                             InES (Institute of Embedded
network diagnostics including       has launched the                                                                     configure remote IO, apply some
                                                                             Systems), based on the Siemens
                                    ProfiHub B5 for                                                                      communication blocks and
the visualization of network                                                 PROFINET IO Stack V2.1. The first is
                                    IP20 applications.                                                                   troubleshoot and repair networks.
topology and a device exchange                                               designed for powerful platforms and the
                                    ProfiHub is a network component                                                      Automation Training:
                                                                             second can be ported to low-cost
using the integrated LLDP           for PROFIBUS DP to implement long                                          
                                                                             platforms. PROFINET Isochronous
function. Phoenix Contact:          multi-device spur lines and backbone
                                                                             Real Time is supported. Both utilize the
                                    structures with star/tree segments. It
+49 5235 3-19954                                                             most recent Linux Kernel (Gentoo).
                                    has the functionality of 5 isolated           repeaters. This allows network
                                                                             InES: +41 52 267 75 09 or
                                                                    Separately, a board-
                                                                                                                             New Products   structures with extended spur lines
                                    and a maximum of 31 devices with a
                                                                             level product called SINUS has been                Online
                                    length equal to the main bus.            developed based on the Linux platforms
                                                                                                                            More than 2400 PROFINET
                                    ProfiHub B5 has a metal housing and      for implementing device applications in
     MORE INFORMATION                                                                                                       and PROFIBUS products
                                    is ‘perfect’ for EMC sensitive           a short time frame. BIC Siemens:
             ABOUT                                                           +41 585 583 123 or                            can be found online here
                                    environments, says its makers.
       PICCs AND PITLs              Procentec:                     in our product guide.
                                    profihub or           or
ISSUE 52, SEPT 2006

   Applications                        saves huge amounts of                Cirque du Soleil show ‘KA’. The
                                                                            show involves non-stop action,
                                                                                                                    down a bit until things come
                                                                                                                    back on track,” said Jim.
                                       engineering time and effort.
                                                                            both on-stage and front of
USER                                   The plant uses 21 PLCs, with
                                                                            house, with complex motion of
                                                                                                                    12 months advance testing of

EXPERIENCES                            extensive PROFIBUS and AS-                                                   the KA system took place at a
                                                                            stage parts and flying
                                                                                                                    Canadian base before the show
                                       Interface networks. The
                                                                            apparatus. 32 PLCs, 186 drives
                                       benefits, said Michael, are                                                  was set up in Las Vegas.
GENERAL                                shown by simple mathematics:
                                                                            and 206 coordinated axes are
                                                                                                                    This user experience was a
                                                                            employed. Safety is tightly
ASSEMBLY                               using conventional programming,
                                                                            integrated via PROFIsafe and,           stunning demonstration of the
End user presentations at the          it takes 80 hours to develop                                                 power of PROFIBUS and we
                                                                            once begun, the show rarely
PTO General Assembly meeting           code for each machine and 4                                                  hope to bring you a more
                                                                            stops even if a major problem
in August (see also Page 1)            hours to replicate it for each                                               detailed case study shortly.
                                                                            develops ... “we just slow it
covered applications in tobacco        other machine, resulting in over
                     and, believe it   300 hours of effort for the 63
                     or not, the       machines in the plant, plus a
                                                                            BRAZIL/ SUGAR+ETHANOL: The              very useful characteristics had
                     theater.          modification time of 10 hours
                                                                            Alto Alegre Sugar and Ethanol           become available:
                                       every time something has to be
                     Michael                                                Plant, Floresta unit, in Presidente
                                       changed. Using the component-                                                >> maintenance is no longer
                     Darnell, (left)                                        Prudente city had an unusual
                                       based approach, the code takes                                               limited to control loops.
                                                                            challenge: apply new technology
                     of system
                                       the same time but replication is     where efficiency was already
                     integrator and                                                                                 >> New information about field
                                       reduced to minutes, giving a total   high. Ethernet proved to be an          devices is reached.
                     PTO member
                                       of about 90 hours. Furthermore,      answer, using Smar System302
Prism Systems, spoke                                                                                                >> Device replacement time and
                                       each modification takes only         function blocks and linking device
enthusiastically about                                                                                              plant downtime are reduced.
                                       minutes and only has to be           technology which establishes local
PROFINET’s ‘component based’                                                or external links with other Ethernet
                                       performed once because it is                                                 In addition, the simplicity of the
capabilities, which were put to                                             field devices.
                                       automatically made available to                                              installation is helping keep up
good use in a plant making                                                                                          efficiency. It also brings easy
                                       all the others. Among the            38 field devices
hundreds of different cigar                                                                                         maintenance and reduced
                                       advantages are easier project        using 4 to 20
products. The plant is highly                                                                                       footprint.
                                       management and the ability to        mA / HART
automated mechanically but
                                       test and prove programs off-         were replaced                           Wilson de Souza Castro Jr.,
lacked ‘electrical’ automation,
                                       site.                                by PROFIBUS                             Instrumentation Manager from
so the owners decided to bring                                              PA devices,                             Alto says that the update time of
things up to date and create a         The 4500 man-hour project was
                                                                            including                               field data is reduced through the
‘show place’ for the industry,         implemented in 5 months and
                                                                            pressure, level and density             use of OPC. “This is another
all to a tight time scale.             showed a reduction of 20% in         transmitters, valve positioners         successful application where an
                                       labor hours and 30% in labor         and current converters.                 already-efficient plant could
The plant comprises many
                                       costs. “With component-based                                                 achieve further benefits using
identical machines and was                                                  The new DF73 Master Controller
                                       PROFINET,” said Michael, “we                                                 System302 features and Smar
ideally suited to the component-                                            headed the PROFIBUS PA
                                       were able to ‘eat the elephant’                                              Technical Support Services. Alto
based approach, whereby one                                                 architecture and field devices
                                       easily!”                                                                     Alegre Sugar and Ethanol Mill is
automation module (it can be a                                              were distributed in six PROFIBUS
                                                                                                                    getting the best
machine, a fieldbus network or                                              PA networks, using Pepperl+Fuchs
                                                                                                                    of its process
a single device) is defined as a                                            couplers, gateways and
                                                                                                                    day by day.
                                                                            powerlinks. All devices were
‘component’, placed in a                                                                                            Smar should be
                                                                            configured by PROFIBUS View, the
computer library and then re-                                                                                       very proud”, said
                                                                            Smar configuration tool. System
used as often as needed.                                                                                            Wilson.
                                                                            302’s Process View is now the
Using simple click and drag                                                 plant’s supervisory system and all
techniques components are                                                   field devices were configured and
                                       Jim Tomlinson (above) of the
placed into an on-screen               MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in        commissioned using a new tool                    Online
drawing and the communications                                              called Instrument Panel.
                                       Las Vegas fascinated the                                                           More PROFINET and
paths are configured by simply         audience with a detailed             After startup, the user found the           PROFIBUS case studies
joining up the inputs and outputs      explanation of how PROFIBUS          plant operated at the same high                   are online here.
on-screen, a procedure that            and PROFIsafe are used in the        efficiency as before, but that other
ISSUE 52, SEPT 2006

                                                                                                                                     PI Network
          PI World                          NETHERLANDS                              importance of Lifecycle Costs as
                                                                                                                               Australia - Mr. John Immelman
                                                                                     a criterion in opting for                 Tel: +61 3 9761 5599; Fax: +61 3 9761 5525
                                            On 27 June over one hundred              PROFIBUS. The benefits were
                                            guests from the process industry         explained using three practical           Belgium - Mr. Herman Looghe
                                                                                                                               Tel: +32 2 706 80 00; Fax: +32 2 706 80 09
                                            converged on the Carlton Oasis           examples: the new Gargill                 Email:
On Sept. 4, 2006,                                                                                                    
                                            hotel in Spijkenisse to enjoy a          production plant in Russia, the
CPO (Chinese                                                                                                                   Brazil - Mr. Cesar Cassiolato
                                            breakfast courtesy of PROFIBUS           Grolsch brewery in Hengelo and
                                                                                                                               Tel: +55 16 3946 3519; Fax: +55 16 3946 3595
PROFIBUS User                                                                                                                  Email:
                                            Netherlands, PI and eleven                                               
Organization) held                                                                   the new production control at Triton
                                            associated companies. The aim                                                      China - Mrs. Wang Jun
a successful                                                                         Kappa in Coevorden. The                   Tel.: +86 10 62 02 92 18; Fax: +86 10 62 01 78 73
                                            was to learn about latest                                                          Email:
press conference in Beijing on                                                       breakfast ended with a lively   
                                            developments. One speaker was                                                      Czech Republic - Mr. Zdenek Hanzalek
technology updates for PROFIBUS                                                      discussion! Guests used red and           Tel.: +420 2 2435 7610; Fax: +420 2 2435 7610
                                            Dr. Hasso Drahten, general
                                                                                     green cards to respond to                 Email:
& PROFINET, as part of PI’s Road            manager of NAMUR, a major                                                
                                                                                     controversial statements such as          Denmark - Mr. Kim Husmer
Show in Asia. More than 60 media            international organisation for                                                     Tel.: +45 40 78 96 36; Fax:+45 44 07 77 36
                                                                                                          ‘Important           Email:
and journalists attended, including         process industry                                                         
3 major national TV stations! The           users which                                                                        Finland - Mr. Taisto Kaijanen
                                                                                                          are frustrated       Tel: +35 8 9 5307259; Fax: +35 8 9 5307360
conference was hosted by Mrs.               focuses on the                                                                     Email:
                                                                                                          by managers
Wang Jun, the Secretary General             specification and                                                                  France - Mrs. Christiane Bigot
                                                                                                          with a bean
of CAMETA (China Association for            testing of field                                                                   Tel: +33 1 45 74 63 22; Fax: +33 1 45 74 03 33
                                                                                                          counter              Email:
Mechatronics Technology and                 equipment.                                                               
                                                                                                          mentality’. (The     Germany - Mr. Peter Wenzel/Mr. Volker Oestreich
Application). Keynote speakers              NAMUR has made                                                                     Tel: +49 721 96 58590; Fax: +49 721 96 58589
                                                                                                          audience             Email:
included Mr. Edgar Kuester,                 a number of                                                              
                                                                                                          agreed with that
Chairman of PI (PROFIBUS &                  recommendations                                                                    Ireland - Mr. Hassan Kaghazchi
                                                                                                          one                  Tel: +353 61 202 107; Fax: +353 61 202 582
PROFINET International), Mr. Lee            relating to                                                                        Email:
                                                                                     wholeheartedly!) Once again, it 
BaiHuang, the Chairman of CPO               fieldbuses. Herman Suselbeek
                                                                                     was stressed, long-term profits are       Italy - Mr. Maurizio Ghizzoni
                                            spoke on behalf of WIB, a similar                                                  Tel: +39 030 3384030; Fax: +39 030 396999
and Mr. Tang Jiyang, Director of                                                     being missed through short-term           Email:
                                            international organisation which                                         
CPCC (China PROFIBUS                                                                 thinking. The PROFIBUS Breakfast
                                            works closely with SWE, EXERA in                                                   Japan - Mr. Shinichi Motoyoshi
Competence Center), who gave                                                         was organized in association with
                                                                                                                               Tel: +81 3 54 23 86 28; Fax: +81 3 54 23 87 34
                                            France, SIREP/EI in UK and                                                         Email:
presentations on IO-Link,                                                            ABB, Bayer Technology Services, 
                                            NAMUR itself. He compared EDDL                                                     Korea - Mr. Cha Young Sik
PROFIsafe and PROFINET.                                                              Endress & Hauser, Imtech                  Tel: +82 2 523 5143; Fax: +82 2 523 5149
                                            (Electronic Device Description                                                     Email:
                                            Language) with FDT/DTM (Field            Automation Services, Krohne,    
                                                                                                                               Netherlands - Mr Dolf van Eendenburg
                                                                                     MTL, Samson, Siemens, Turck
                                            Device Tool/Device Type                                                            Tel: +31 33 469 0507; Fax: +31 33 461 6638
                                            Manager). In his presentation, Dolf      and WIB International Instrument
The Japanese                                van Eendenburg emphasised the            User’s Association.                       Norway - Mr. Ivar Sorlie
                                                                                                                               Tel: +47 2272 8972; Fax: +47 904 05509
PROFIBUS                                                                                                                       Email:
                                           SOUTH AFRICA
                                                                                                                               Poland - Mr. Dariusz Germanek
                                                                                     key applications were presented.          Tel: +48 32 371365; Fax: +48 32 372680
(JPO) organized                                                                                                                Email:
                                                                                     Hosting the function on behalf of
a press                                    The PROFIBUS                              PUGSA were Dieter Dilchert of Lapp        Russia - Mrs. Olga Sinenko
conference in Tokyo on Sept 7th at         User Group of SA                          Cable/Integrate & Autom8 and Edwin
                                                                                                                               Tel: +7 095 742 68 28; Fax: +7 095 742 68 29
which Mr. Küster of PI explained how       (PUGSA) recently                          Bauer of ABB.                   
                                                                                                                               Slovakia - Mr. Richard Balogh
PROFINET will cover process                held a technology                                                                   Tel: +421 7 6029 1411, Fax: +421 2 6542 9051
                                           update on
applications in the future.   Mr.                                                                                    
Motoyoshi of JPO described the             wireless communications in                                                          South-East Asia - Mr. Volker Schulz
                                                                                                                               Tel: +65 6490 6464; Fax: +65 6490 6465
status of PROFIBUS and PROFINET.           Johannesburg. Engineers and               PROFIBUS UK has announced a new           Email:
Seven members of the media were            Technicians from around the country       seminar for technicians and engineers
                                                                                                                               Southern Africa - Mr. Dieter Dilchert
present. One major topic was the           attended, completely filling the main     involved in the design, operation and     Tel: +27 11 201 3200: Fax:+27 11 609 5950
announcement that three major              auditorium. The speakers were Josef       maintenance of modern process   

Japanese companies have expressed          Schmitzer of Siemens, Peter               plants. Addressing key practical          Sweden - Mr. Peter Bengtsson
                                                                                                                               Tel: +46 4 51 49 460; Fax: + 46 4 51 89 833
                                           Engelhardt of Phoenix Contact and         aspects arising from the use of digital   Email:
their support for PROFIBUS and                                                                                       
                                           Thomas Schildknecht, CEO of               fieldbus communications in process
PROFINET as JPO members. These are                                                                                             Switzerland - Ms. Karin Beyeler
                                                                                                                               Tel: +41 32 672 03 25; Fax: +41 32 672 03 26
                                           Schildknecht. Discussions centred         and hybrid industries, it covers the
Toshiba, Hitachi High-Tech Trading and                                                                                         Email:
                                           on PROFIBUS, PROFINET and                 use of PROFIBUS PA in applications
Fuji Electric Systems. Toshiba explained                                                                                       UK - Mr. Bob Squirrell
                                           PROFIsafe. The speakers made a            such as Pulp and Paper, Chemicals,        Tel: +44 20 7871 7413; Fax: +44 870 141 7378
that PROFIBUS fits its targets                                                                                                 Email:
                                           particular effort to emphasise the        Utilities, Pharmaceuticals and Oil and
because it covers both factory and
                                           important differences between             Gas. A downloadable registration form     USA & CANADA - Mr. Michael Bryant
process automation. Hitachi                                                                                                    Tel: +1 480 483 2456; Fax: +1 480 483 7202
                                           current commercial wireless networking    can be found here. Meanwhile, a call      Email:
explained the expected benefits of         solutions and the very special needs
                                                                                     for papers has been issued for the        Addresses of PI Competence Centers and Test
using PROFIBUS and PROFINET in             of industrial wireless communications.    Third International PROFIBUS              Labs can be found at and
its system while Fuji Electric reported    Immunity to interference, determinism     Conference, which will be held at         Editor: Geoff Hodgkinson
on its marketing of PROFIBUS during        and reliability were also subject of      Coombe Abbey on June 26/27 2007.          1 West St, Titchfield, Hants, UK PO14 4DH.
                                                                                                                               Tel: +44 (0) 1329 846166; Fax: +44 (0) 1329 512063
the past 2 years and promised future       robust debate as delegates familiarised   ‘How to’ papers are sought, for 

support for PROFINET in its                themselves with the potential of          PROFIBUS and PROFINET.                    Published by: PNO
                                                                                                                               Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
systems.                                   wireless communications. A number of      Contact:                  D-76131 Karlsruhe, Germany


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