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                                                                                         Volume 5, Issue 6
                   Flock on a Rock?                                                         June 2011

                                                Well, May was a bit of an odd month. That volcano came back
                                                which may partially account for all the weirdness. We won’t
                                                talk about the weather at this point, as we have already com-
                                                mented on ‘the spring swamps’ inside this issue. But it’s June
                                                now, and we have already managed to get to the beach - if on-
                                                ly once! The flip-flops have been dusted off, we’ve found the
                                                swimming gear and there are tourists roaming the streets.
                                                Town is still pretty laid back at the moment, but the summer
                                                shops and restaurants are now open. As we say every year,
                                                June is a great time for long lazy lunches by the seafront and
                                                gentle strolls before high season really kicks in. We’re going
                                                to make the most of it while we can!

June Highlights
Festivals and flags feature in this month’s edition, as does Midsummer, of course! You’ll also be able to
read about the traditional craft of Cretan finger lace. There are a couple of fabulous recipes that involve
strawberries, our almost world famous puzzles, updates on news, views and community events from
around Rethymnon and much, much more!

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                                             Around Town

Walking on the Beaches….
As of June 1st and until the end of September, lifeguards will be patrolling the
beaches in Rethymnon. The official ‘Rethymnon’ coast line has been drastically ex-
tended since the Kalikrates legislation, and now stretches from Episkopi (West) to
Skaleta (East). There will be 15 lifeguard towers in total. In addition there will be
lifeguards on patrol with quad bikes. Due to the financial situation of the municipali-
ty, the lifeguards will be on the beaches from 10.30am-5.30pm only. As many people
go to the beach late afternoon, this situation is obviously not ideal but the town just
can’t afford to pay for these additional hours.

                                                    Blue Flags
After a drop in Blue Flag awards to beaches in the Rethymnon area last year - partly due to
some ill-advised sewage works in a Natura 2000 area in Adelianos Kampos! - 2011 now
sees a welcome increase in the number of beaches with this award. The ones that had lost
their award in 2010 regained their flag (sewage works have been halted), but there are also
another two that received a Blue Flag for the first time.
On the North coast the beaches with the Blue Flags are:
Aquila Porto Rethymno, Pearl Beach Hotel, Steris Hotel, Creta Palace Misiria, Rethymno
Beach (Adelianos Kampos), El Greco (Pigianos Kampos), Creta Star (Skaleta), Minos Mare
(Platanias), the beach in Perivolia, Panormo Limni, Bali Livadi, Bali Varkotopi and Lianos
Kavos (Hotel Creta Panorama). And on the South coast the beaches with the award are: Damnoni, Plakias, Souda,
Rodakino and Agia Galini.

                                                    Loo Blues
There are four public toilets in the centre of Rethymnon. They are to be found at the Fortezza, Mikrasiaton Square,
Four Martyrs Square and by the entrance of the Old Harbour. Using them has not been and is not an experience that
one would want to repeat: the toilets are dirty, smelly, vandalised etc. The municipality has acknowledged that it is
unable to look after them properly. So the search is on for a contractor that would maintain a happy loo service on a
24/7 basis. This would of course no longer be free, but it should cost no more than 50 cents to spend a penny.

Sporting Life
                          Let’s start with the local team still in competition: AGOR. May was the worst period of the
                          whole season for our men’s basketball team. They lost three times on the trot (bad weather
                          vibes?) but somehow they still managed to hang on to the second place in the league. It’s
                          in their own hands now to go for promotion; two games left, two wins would do nicely.
                         OKA Arkadi, the women’s basketball team, played their last game in the National League.
                         After a very difficult season in which they did not manage to win a single game, it is back
                         to the regional competition for next year.
OPER, the women’s volleyball team, is waiting on the side-lines to find out if there might be an opportunity for pro-
motion to the A1 division after all. The financial crisis is also hi ing sports teams and some of them are finding it
more and more difficult to get the sponsors to fund the budget. So there are teams that are pulling out, and OPER
might replace one of them. Nothing for sure just yet though. We’ll keep you posted.
PER, the men’s football team is one of those sports teams hit by the financial crisis. People had high hopes that the
merger of three local teams before the start of the last season would consolidate sponsors and fans alike. But the re-
ality has been very different. Let’s just say that the future of men’s football in Rethymnon is not looking very rosy.
Some future sporting events to look forward to:
11-18/07 - International Chess tournament, Rethymnon. 13/07 Vardinogiannia International Athletics meeting.
                                              This Month

Hard to believe when you’re still recovering from all those Christmas parties, but
Midsummer is nearly here! (You can read more about some of the traditions associ-
ated with the summer solstice on the following page). We’re almost halfway
through 2011! As you might expect, there will be plenty of events in and around
town during the summer months. In this issue you’ll be able to read about just a few
of them. As ever, though, many of the ‘happenings’ here tend to be last minute, But,
don’t forget, you can check out our websites / Facebook group (see details on our
Sources and Resources Page) for regular updates in between Bugle issues.

                              Agio Pnevma: Festival of the Holy Spirit
On Monday 13th June we celebrate Agio Pnevma—the Festival of the Holy Spirit (Whit Monday). This festival,
which takes place fifty days after Easter is one of the more important religious festivals in the Orthodox calendar -
marking the descent of the holy spirit to the disciples. It is a public holiday, schools, offices, banks and many shops
will be closed. Many of the villages that have a church dedicated to Agio Pnevma will be hosting panigyri (fiestas),
where all are welcome to come and eat, drink, dance and be merry! In our region, the panigyri at Agio Pnevma near
Spili is possibly the best known. The holiday also gives many people here the opportunity to have a long weekend
break (except those who are working in the tourism / catering business, obviously!). So if the weather is good, expect
the beaches to be busy!

                                   Fishermen’s Festival: Agia Galini
The Cultural Association of Agia Galini is organising a 3-day Fishermen’s Festival
on the weekend of 11-13/06.
On Saturday evening one will be able to taste some delicious sea food and there will
be a free concert with Stelios Bikakis and Band.
On the Sunday there will be a fishing competition in the harbour, starting around
6pm. Fishermen will demonstrate how to cook kakavia (fish soup) and the evening
ends with a concert by Shima Logou, performing entechno and folk music.
On the Monday you can join a small excursion by fishing boat to the area where the
fishermen usually cast their nets..

Pan Cretan Exhibition, 2011
                                The Rethymnon Chamber of Commerce has commissioned the organisation of a
                                Commercial Exhibition in a marquee in the Marina from June 18th until June 26th.
                                Local businesses will be promoting their products, with the emphasis on Home
                                Supplies and Equipment, Food and Beverages, Cars and Motorbikes, Agriculture
                                and Tourism.
                                The exhibition will be open to the public on Monday to Saturday from 6pm-11pm,
                                and from 11am-2pm and 6pm-11pm on Sundays.

                                SEE NEXT MONTH’S BUGLE FOR FURTHER INFO!
                                           This Month Too

The Festival of ‘Litha’
This month we say many thanks to John Larsen for giving us this great perspective
on the background to the pagan Midsummer festival of Litha. John writes:
‘We have now reached the month of June and the pagan festival of Litha, also known
as Midsummers day / night, which marks the summer solstice. This falls on or near
the 21st June. There are, of course, many legends that explain darkness triumphing
over light. In one the darker brother kills the lighter brother, and the brother who
dies resides in the underworld until it is time for him to return and slay the darker
brother again—at Midsummer, to rule for the next six months. The stories of Lugh
and Goronwy, and the Oak King and the Holly King are some of these legends.
The Christian religion also adopted this holiday by decreeing June 21st the birthday of John the Baptist, and making
this day his feast day. The other Saints in the Church are only remembered on the day they died (usually by being
martyred) so it is odd that St. John the Baptist is the only one recognized on his birth day.
Remember, also, that the original birth of Christ was moved from late Spring when he was actually born, to Decem-
ber 25 to coincide with the birth of all the other ʺSunʺ Gods. The Christian religion has therefore rotated to the Pagan
cycle of the Earth, with their births lining right up with the pagan Festivals. This is the natural cycle, known as the
Wheel of the Year.
The Full Moon in June is called the Honey Moon, as this is the time to collect the honey from the beehives. Mead is
an excellent brew made from honey. Mead is the traditional drink for the Summer Solstice for that very reason.
As the Grand Union between the Goddess and God happened in May, during Beltain, the belief was that it was un-
lucky to have mortal weddings during the same month (May). Also many couples found that after their May Day
frolics, they were ʺexpectingʺ so June became the most popular month for weddings, and still is today.
Since the June Full Moon is called the ʺHoney Moonʺ, can you see why that term is still used today for the time right
after the marriage ceremony.’

                 Friends of Kissamos - Fund Raising Summer Fête: 24th July
Friends of Kissamos will be holding their fund-raising Summer Fête on Sunday 24 July from 12 noon – 6.00pm.
Here the Friends of Kissamos tell us more about this event: ‘We are a group of Greek and non-Greek people who live
around the Kissamos area who are organising a Summer Fête in Kissamos on Sunday July 24th. It will be held on the
seafront, just past the football stadium. We have spoken to the Dimos, who have given their permission and support
and have offered to help us with publicity.
We are raising money to purchase an automatic defibrillator for the Kissamos ambulance as they do not have one,
we have discussed this with the Director of the Health Centre and he welcomes our efforts. A local doctor has
checked out suppliers and we can buy one, along with the necessary training for 3 people for approximately €2,500.
Any excess that we raise will be given to Kissamos Old Peopleʹ Home.
A table space to sell your goods will cost just €15 for the day, you will need to provide your own table, chair and
probably an umbrella. This is a great opportunity for you to have a clear out, make some money for yourself, and
have a fun day out. We have about 150 spaces for sellers and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
The local Traderʹ Association have promised us their support and will be publicising the event amongst their mem-
bers, as we will be looking for donations as prizes in the raffles. We would like local artists etc. to join us.
There will also be raffles, cakes, food, a pig roast, music, tombola and a white elephant stall – and we need your do-
nations and volunteers on the day to run these. If you want to make a donation for our fund-raising stalls, please let
us know and we will discuss collection.
Please put the date in your diary and come along to make this a successful day in support of our local community.
For more details, to book a space or to volunteer – please contact us at kissamosfriends@yahoo.com or phone Avril
on 28220 83325 (after 10 am). We also have a Facebook Page – Kissamos Friends.
                                    Sources and Resources

Bugle Outlets and Contact Details
Printed copies of the Bugle are distributed at a variety of locations in Rethymnon
and environs. These include: International News - Mini Market (Square of Unknown
Soldier), Tapas y Vinos (Melissinou 14), Galero Bar (Rimondi Fountain), Mediterra-
neo Bookstore (Paleologou), Octopus (Tsouderon 13), Stella’s Kitchen / Olga’s Pen-
sion (Soulion Street), BioRythm (K. Giaboudakis 32), Taverna Plateia (opposite the
Hotel Ideon), Restaurant Novecento (Platia Evangelou Fraghiadaki 3), Zacharoplas-
teio “Laura” (Police Station Square), Friends of Animals Charity Shop in Pigi, ACT
Property Management in Adele (opposite the Town Hall) and The Terrace in
Platanes. Further away from Rethymnon you can also find copies of the Bugle at
Sinatra’s Bar in Georgioupolis (just off the main square), Art Café in Vamos, Café / Restaurant ’Harokopos’ in Plaka,
‘Apicorno’ café / pub in Kalives, the Plakias Lending Library and Muses Taverna, Plakias. Copies are also available
at the Rethymnon CIC coffee morning which takes place at Bistro 22 on the first Monday of the month (you can find
out more about the coffee morning on our Community Page).
The Bugle is available online at www.rethymnonnews.com – all previous issues have been archived on the site.
You will also find a link from the www.rethymnon.biz website and via our Facebook group (which, surprise, sur-
prise is called the ‘Rethymnon Coffee Morning Bugle’ group!).
To contact the Bugle, please phone Kate Brusten on 28310 54594 / 694 263 5515 or email editor@rethymnonnews.com
The deadline for the next issue is 21/06/11.

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                                             Avrio in Apokoronas
‘Avrio in Apokoronas’ is a great newsle er that gives lots of information about events in the Western part of our re-
gion. At the moment the newsle er is e-mailed out via a mailing list but a website is under construction. To find out
more, contact Maggie Gibson via email at avrio@creteforyou.com

                                                Now Heraklion!
Here is a gentle reminder about the www.nowheraklion.com website which is also a valuable resource for those of
us who love this island. The website provides a comprehensive guide to the capital city along with listings and news
and reviews. The site is the creation of Clive Birch, an Englishman with a design and marketing background, now
residing near Gouves. Clive says: “I’ve always been frustrated at the lack of any central topical information which is
why I created the website. There is so much going on that people are unaware of and my aim is for NowHerakli-
on.com to be the No. 1 listings guide for the city and surrounding area!” Clive added: “Heraklion is a vibrant capital
city which I greatly admire and I’m constantly surprised by the wide variety of activities available to suit a whole
range of tastes, for citizens and visitors alike!” For more information please contact: Clive Birch at
clive@nowheraklion.com or phone him on 6979 395 287
                                               Out and About

June Blooms!
                                  OK, so Northern Europe got its revenge. On Christmas Day - when everyone else in
                                  the world seemed to be snowed in with the big freeze - we were enjoying the lovely
                                  sunshine. But after that….Put it this way, it was the we est winter and dampest
                                  spring that we can ever remember on the island. For a while we kept saying ‘’But
                                  we’ll be grateful for all this the water in the summer”.
                                  Then, as the reservoirs began to overflow we started to
                                  call on Zeus to stop playing silly games. We finally lost
the plot when one of us got a message on Facebook saying “it’s lovely and sunny in
North Wales right now” as we were mopping up the leaks from the roof. But, of course,
there is at least one marvellous plus side to all of this. As you can see from these snap-
shots the flowers are in their element right now. And it will be a wonderful summer!

                                                    Kastellos Diaries
This month Tim Saville writes: “No plough stands still just because a man dies”
This is an old Flemish proverb which is often used to describe Pieter Breughelʹ
painting ‘Landscape with Fall of Icarus’ (c.1558).
Breughelʹ painting is a visual representation of the wri en word within Ovid’s
Metamorphosis (eidetikos).
The ploughman, the shepherd and the fisherman go about their business ignorant of
the calamity.
Breughel reduces Icarus’ death, as a consequence of human folly, to the minimal
(just legs protruding from the water). However, in the foreground, Breughel has emphasized the ploughman to
stress the constancy of man and nature’s renewal in spring time. Kastellos goes about its daily business at a pace that
is in tune with the seasons .The land beneath the olive trees has undergone its perennial scarification and cleaning,
ensuring a rich harvest later in the year; the red/ochre soil a perfect complement to the olive green.
All is harmonious about the land. The sheep in ragged flocks roam over the patches of grass land, still green after the
long winter rains and the shepherd stands patient, leaning on a staff.’

Visual Arts Crete: Spring and Summer Art Sessions
     Visual Arts Crete - Spring and Summer 2011 Drawing and Painting Groups
                 Join us to draw and paint in the Cretan Landscape or the Old Town of Rethymnon!
                 From May 9th we have been offering courses of two-hour drawing and painting sessions which take
                 place from Monday to Friday at the following times: 10.30-12.30, 14.00-16.00 and 17.00-19.00.
               Landscape groups meet in the village of Kastellos, which is 10km South of Rethymnon, just off the
               Spili road. (Transport can be arranged.) ‘Old Town Rethymnon’ groups meet at the Po ery Café (65,
               Tzane Bouniali Street) where you can also come to make your own pots.
Tuesday Kastellos Group Course 5: NEW DATES FOR JUNE! From Tuesday 14th June we will be running a six week
landscape and drawing course which will take place in the Old School House, every Tuesday from 11 am - 1 pm.
Experienced and qualified visual arts tutors will guide you whatever your level of experience and all materials will
be supplied. For further details / bookings please contact Janice Hunter or Tim Saville
phone + 30 28310 41403 or 6945 846800 or 6946 293733 and please tell us your preferred location.
Email: ja_nice_hunter@hotmail.com or timhuntersaville@hotmail.com
For more information about Visual Arts Crete visit our website www.visualartscrete.com
“Learning to draw is really a ma er of learning to see, to see clearly that is, which means a great deal more than merely looking
with the eye”. Kimon Nikolaides
                                           The Green Page

Feel interractive? Cretan Herbs and their Uses: Part Two
Following on from last month’s great pieces, Giorgos and Giannis from Interract Landscape Design (see their adver-
tisement in our classified section) give us ‘Part Two’ of their article about Cretan herbs. On this page they start off
by writing about the many diverse properties and uses of chamomile and sage. On the following page you will able
to read about some traditions and culinary uses associated with oregano - along with some really great gardening
tips for June. Many thanks! Giorgos and Giannis write:

           Matricaria chamomilla (Greek: Chamomili)
The word ‘Chamomile’ is derived from the Greek words for ʺgroundʺ and ʺapple,ʺ
because it grows close to the ground and its strong aroma is very like fresh apples.
The ancient Greeks believed Chamomile to be a sacred herb and associated its use
with the sun god Apollo. It has been used in Crete as an herbal tea for centuries,
mostly for gastrointestinal complaints. This practice continues today.
Chamomile was supposedly dedicated to the sun by the Egyptians because of its
curative value in the treatment of ague. It is used in various parts of the world as a
table tea. It is splendid for kidneys, spleen, colds, bronchitis, bladder troubles, to
expel worms, for ague, dropsy, and jaundice. The tea was believed to make an excellent wash for sore and weak
eyes and also for open sores and wounds. Chamomile was used as a poultice for pain and swellings. It was also
used to treat hysteria and nervous diseases, in the prevention of gangrene, and to combat typhoid. In combination
with ‘bi ersweet’ it has been used to alleviate bruises, sprains, calluses and corns. Chamomile is a stimulant, bi er,
tonic, aromatic, anodyne, antispasmodic stomachic. It is used externally to spur wound healing and treat inflamma-
tion and internally for fever, digestive upsets, anxiety, and insomnia. It is used as a fragrance in herbal skin care
products. It has also been used in shampoos because of its property to add lustre to the hair.
Chamomile tea: Place dried or fresh chamomile flowers in a tea infuser and drop into boiled water. Steep for about
three minutes and stir in honey if desired.
The chamomile plant is generally not sold in local nurseries but chamomile seeds are available. Always choose na-
tive seeds and avoid hybrids that can “pollute” native species. Dried Cretan chamomile is sold in local herb stores.
                                 Salvia officinalis (Greek: ʹ         )
                                  On Crete, Sage is often used in the process of smoking sausages and “apaki”-
                                  smoked pork, and while baking the traditional hard bread of Crete named Dakos,
                                  by inserting Sage twigs in a wood-fired oven. Sage tea is also a popular drink on
                                  Crete and is said to ease menopause related ailments. Ancient Greek physicians,
                                  such as Dioscurides and Hippocrates, were very familiar with the medicinal and
                                  therapeutic qualities and applications of sage. Folk medicine in many parts of the
                                  world also considers Sage to be a ʺcure allʺ medicine.
                                  The name Salvia comes from the Latin verb salvare, ʺto heal or redeemʺ.
                                  The aromatic sages strengthen the lungs and can be used in teas or tinctures to pre-
vent coughs. As a herb, sage is considered to have a slight peppery flavour and should be used sparingly in cook-
ing. Small amounts of sage leaves are often used in cooking meats and poultry. Sage goes very well with pork, sau-
sages and bacon.
Sage tea: Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat and put a spoon of sage in the water. Let it steep for about 3-5
minutes. Strain, pour in cup, add lemon and honey, if desired. You may drink sage tea hot or cold.
A lot of different Sage varieties are sold in the local nurseries and in some you can even find native varieties.
Dried Cretan sage is sold in local herb stores.
                                       The Green Page Too

Cretan Herbs and their Uses: Continued
                                  Origanum vulgare (Greek: ʹRiganiʹ)
The name ʺoreganoʺ translates as ʺjoy of the mountainʺ and has its origins from the
ancient Greek words ʺorosʺ (mountain) and ʺganosʺ (joy).
It is said in Greek mythology that the sweet, spicy scent of oregano was created by
the goddess Aphrodite as a symbol of happiness.
In Ancient Greece, bridal couples were crowned with garlands of oregano. Oregano
plants were placed on tombs to give peace to departed spirits.
It is the flowers and the surrounding leaves that are used in cooking, and the dried
herb is often more flavoursome than the fresh plant. The influence of climate, season
and soil on the composition of the essential oil is very important and that’s why
even the same variety of oregano can differ from place to place.
Oregano is essential in Cretan cuisine, where it is used for tomato sauces, fish, cheese “feta”, egg dishes, salads with
vegetables including tomatoes (especially Greek salad), fried vegetables and grilled meat. Oregano can be effectively
combined with olives and capers. Unlike most Cretan herbs, oregano even harmonizes with hot and spicy food.
Oregano is also used to prepare a tea that is believed to be a treatment for indigestion, coughs, and to stimulate
The oregano plant is sold in local nurseries. Dried Cretan oregano is sold in local herb stores.

                                             June Gardening Tips
                          Here are the June gardening tips from Giorgos and Giannis: The temperatures are ge ing
                          higher but it still rains almost every week! This is good for saving water but various pest
                          problems and diseases benefit from the rain, humidity, together with high temperatures. If
                          you have plants that you suspect that may be facing a pest problem,
                          bring in a representative sample to your local county agricultural ex-
                          tension agent and they will help diagnose the problem and recom-
                          mend the appropriate solution. June can be a hazardous month…
                          Don’t sit back. Check all plants, especially newly planted ones and
                          those in containers for water on a regular basis. As the weather gets
                          dryer, your plants may need daily watering especially if they are ex-
                          posed to the sunlight. Water deeply and thoroughly as needed after
                          long periods without rain. Itʹ not too late to reseed or over-seed the
                          lawn. Be certain to keep newly seeded areas well watered. Fertilize
and aerate established lawns.
After plants’ leaves become yellow and dry up, remove dead foliage. Divide and transplant spring bulbs. Pinch back
annuals (Geraniums) or other plants that might be ge ing a li le leggy.
Rose tip: Deadhead and lightly prune roses regularly throughout the summer. Prune a small amount off the stem
after each flower has finished, to encourage more blooms. When pruning, always remember to cut above a stem with
five leaves.
Mathioulakis Giorgos - Agronomist, Landscape Architect
Lambrinos Giannis - Agronomist, Landscape Architect
Tel. 6972346344, 6974340970
e-mail: interract@gmail.com web: www.interract.gr
                                      The Green Page Three

Recycling in Rethymnon
Aside from using the standard blue and yellow bins for recycling household waste
other items can be recycled as follows:
Broken electrical goods: There is a depot just outside town which will take anything
‘that had a plug on it’ (including washing machines and fridges). Drivers, take the
National Road towards Heraklion in Misiria. Turn off the highway after about 100—
150 metres, hang a right and you should soon see recycling bins etc. The depot is
open from 6am to 3pm on weekdays, and from 6am to 12 noon at weekends. For
further information call 28310 57940. For large objects that need collection call 195
from any phone.
Telephones / small telecoms items: There is a bin in the main OTE office on Kontouriotou Street.
Ba eries: Various locations including OTE, DEI, Germanos, Marinopoulos and Champion.
Mobile Phones, Ink cartridges: Germanos in Market Street will take mobile phones and computer ink cartridges.
Old cars: DRAKOS on the left hand side of the National Road a short way out of Rethymnon (going towards Hania)
take cars for scrap. They will give you money for spare parts. Phone: 28310 32251.
Used cooking oil: Four containers for used cooking oil have now been placed in Rethymnon. They are located at: the
entrance to the industrial port (near old harbour); the South entrance to the municipal park; Agios Giorgos Church
(Kallithea) and Kapodistriou street (also in Kallithea). Just open the lid on the top and pour your used oil into the
container. The recycled cooking oil will go towards producing bio-fuel and soap.
If you know of any additional locations in the area where recycling takes place, please get in
touch with us and we will publicize them in future editions of the Bugle.

                                  Gut Feelings: The Typical Intestine!
Once again we are grateful to Uta Wagner our local nutrition expert for providing us
with this extremely informative piece. Uta writes: ʺWhy can my friend eat so much
and never gets fat?ʺ ʺWhy is it that the drug prescribed to me is not as effective for
me as it is for my friend?ʺ Many of us have asked ourselves such questions.
Scientists have now found one of the possible answers. In the gut of every human
there are over one billion microorganisms. The most famous members of the ʺgut
floraʺ ecosystem are the lactic acid- and bifidobacteria. They help you to digest the
nutrients, to form vitamins so that your body can use them.
In a global study it was determined that there are different compositions of these intestinal microorganisms. Just as
people have different blood groups, they also differ in their gut flora. The researchers were able to identify three
different types. Within an intestine-type group, the composition of the microorganisms in the intestine flora is very
                       similar. The gut types do not arise by chance and they are independent of sex, age, race and
                       geographic location!
                       The intestinal flora also helps to influence what an effective dose of medication might be and
                       also how many calories are absorbed from food. Because the intestine is also our biggest im-
                       mune system in our body the gut flora also affects our bodyʹ defences.
                       Food plays a crucial role in the colonization of our interior. We can decide with our selection
                       of food if there are positive or negative effects on the ecosystem. The best diet to maintain our
                       intestine flora healthy - and this applies to all three types! - are: lots of fresh vegetables and
                       fruits, herbs, nuts, milk products like yogurt and cheese, cold-pressed oil, fish and just a small
                       amount of meat. Does this sound familiar? Well, yes of course! These foodstuffs make up all
                       the characteristics of the famous Cretan diet!’
                                           Gourmet Goodies

Strawberry Fields Forever!
                    For June, our creative cookery consultant Dominique De Roeck gives us two great recipes using
                    strawberries. Dominique writes: ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’….This amazing song from the Beat-
                    les was released in 1967 (find it on YouTube at the following link: h p://youtu.be/yYHrjg5rJyQ ).
                    It was around this period that my grandfather still had the real thing concerning strawberry
                    fields. I was just a child but I still remember the overwhelming smell of a warehouse full of fresh
                    picked strawberries. A strawberry is not just a strawberry...there are about 600 different varieties.
The most common cultivated variety in Greece is the Camarosa strawberry. Always treat strawberries like the palm
of your hand. Fresh strawberries are a shiny red, the crown must be green. Avoid buying strawberries after heavy
rainfall because raindrops bruise the fruit. If you want to wash the strawberries do this briefly under a thin trickle of
water. Remove the crown after rinsing to prevent the fruit from absorbing too much water and losing its flavour. For
this month’s recipes we are going to give the strawberries the company of Vodka and white chocolate..

                                            Strawberries Romanov
In culinary terms the ending ‘Romanov’ stands for several classic recipes which were created and named in the early
20th century after the Russian imperial family. Strawberries Romanov is a quick and elegant strawberry dessert
made with fresh strawberries and an irresistible cream sauce. It looks as good as it tastes!

          Ingredients for 4 people:             Preparation:
½ kg strawberries                               Wash the strawberries, remove the crown and divide them into two or
100 gr granulated white sugar                   four pieces according to their size. Mix the granulated sugar with the
40 ml Vodka                                     lemon juice, Vodka and the Cassis and pour this over the strawberries,
                                                let marinate for about one hour. NOT MORE than one hour because
40 ml Cassis
                                                otherwise the strawberries become a kind of pink colour and they
A few drops of lemon juice
                                                don’t look tasty anymore. Mix the cream and the icing sugar and turn
250 ml fresh cream                              this into whipped cream. Arrange the strawberries on a plate / in
Icing sugar according to your taste             glasses and put the cream on top. Decorate with the nuts. Serve with
Some chopped pistachio nuts                     ice-cold Vodka.
                                           This is my own variation of the recipe, but you can also use Cointreau,
Grand Marnier, Mandarin Napoleon (I don’t know what the Romanovs would think about that!) in combination
with orange juice.

Strawberry and Chocolate Candy
Ingredients for 4 people:
16 nice, big strawberries (or more if you like!), 200 gr white chocolate.
How to prepare:
Wash the strawberries but don’t remove the crown. Make sure you dry the strawberries very gently but thoroughly
in a clean kitchen towel. Divide the chocolate in small pieces. Place some baking paper on a tray. Create a bain-
marie: take a big casserole, fill it with water, bring it to boil and put another smaller casserole in the water. Make
sure the water can not run into the small casserole. Lower the heat until the water is just simmering. Put the choco-
late in the casserole and let it melt. White chocolate is a li le bit difficult to prepare because
it doesn’t contain cocoa bu er and it can only stand a temperature of up to 28 °C. Always
work with small quantities of chocolate. As soon as the chocolate has melted take the cas-
serole out of the water and dip the strawberries completely or halfway in the chocolate.
Put the coated strawberries on the baking paper. Place the candies for about 10 minutes in
the refrigerator. You can also make these sweets with dark or milk chocolate. Dark choco-
late can stand heat up to 36°C. Milk chocolate can stand heat up to 32°C. Enjoy !!’

‘Dessies’ - Cretan Finger Lace
We are immensely grateful to Kath Walls and Mari for the following contribution.
Kath writes: ‘My friend, Mari, who is 94 and lives in Hania, does ‘dessies’ (Cretan
finger lace). She is hoping to be able to have an exhibition of her finger lace pictures
this summer - they were in an International Lace Federation exhibition in Hania
about four years ago. She is, as far as I know, unique in that she has taken a very tra-
ditional Greek craft and used it in a modern way. Dessies is the macramé-like edging
that you find on woven goods, traditionally kno ed from the warp threads but it can
also be a ached to bought goods. Many of the older ladies designed their own
pa erns as these items were used as gifts or in dowries for weddings.
The exhibition will be in Agia Roumeli, end of the Samaria gorge. I know that this is not quite Rethymnon (also I
                       donʹ have many details yet) but I thought that this would be worth flagging to anyone who is
                       remotely interested in new things on Crete - especially as the new mayor of Sfakia is evidently
                       renovating the Cultural Centre there and this will be Agia Roumeli’s first exhibition. The
                       mayor seems to be a lively soul (well, newly elected so watch this space!). Heʹ evidently
                       cleaning up the gorge leading down from the Kalikratis area (there are several gorges in that
                       area as well as the one thatʹ had the new road). This is the place where many Griffon Vul-
                       tures nest and he wants to put in a bird watching hut. My more cynical friend hopes that the
                       hut is more than a rifle shot away from the nests!
                       Mari has been trying for this since the Hania exhibition and is fortunately still fit and well
                       enough to be able to enjoy it when it happens. Here you can see a couple of photos, one is of
                       ʹbookmarksʹwhich shows different traditional ‘dessie’ pa erns, the other is one of Mariʹ owns
                       personal interpretations of the craft.’

                                   Puzzle Competitions Leader Board
                                 We say so many thanks to Trevor and Linda Sanders and Jack and Wyn Tomlinson
                                 for keeping the faith and sending us their entries for the May puzzles. Full marks all
                                 round (7 points each: 5 for the crossword, 2 points for the logic problem)! Solutions
                                 to the puzzles are on our Fun and Games Pages. Trevor and Linda now head the
                                 leader board with 34 points, Jack and Wyn are not far behind with 29 points.
                                 Our crossword competition guidelines go as follows:
                                 Submit your entries to us by the copy deadline and each month we will publish a
                                 tally of the top scorers. At the end of the year, the top scoring contestant(s) will win
a meal for two at a restaurant in Rethymnon courtesy of the Bugle. This year we have added a couple of new twists
to the contest. Anyone who manages to do the logic problem along with the crossword is going to get bonus points
and whoever spots the typing error of the month on the puzzle page (because, try as we might to proof read there
generally is a typo) may also win points. Alternative answers that make more sense than the ones we have given
might also be accepted, depending on how we feel.
Keep those entries coming in and even though it’s June, it’s still not too late to enter!
Remember There will be several runner - up prizes too. We haven’t decided what these are going to be yet, as it is
only June. But they are going to be really, really great!

                      John Larsen gives us this quote for June:
 ʺThe way you are living your life right now is the result of many years of practice.
   Change is the result of action; itʹ the result of practice.ʺ – – don Miguel Ruiz
                                               Fun and Games

OK, this is really pushing our luck a bit, but some of the words in this month’s crossword might also be common
English surnames. But then again, perhaps not. The solution to last month’s crossword is below, and the solution to
last month’s logic problem is on the following page. You’ll find guidelines to our crossword competition and details
of our current leader board on our Lifestyle Page. Prizes, prizes, prizes….Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

                              CLUES                                              CMB CROSSWORD #53, June 2011
              ACROSS                               DOWN
1: Aye aye Captain!                 1: Small bird
5: Not blunt!                       2: Please Turn Over
9: People to look up to             3: Elegant Hedgehogs
11: Religious person                4: Consults a book
14: Competent                       5: Mexican beer
15: British Airways                 6: To hoist
16: Sun god                         7: American Samoa
17: Filipino punk band              8: Fruity
19: Enzyme Commission               10: Red Blooded Squirrels
20: Habitual course of action       12: Adansonia genus of tree
21: Area of open ground             13: String
22: Oriental Brewery                15: Biblical city
23: No Key Required                 18: Unravel
24: Caretaker                       21: Warm and damp
25: Symbolic object                 26: Search for a guy
27: Irrigation Association          28: Ornamental band
29: Los Angeles                     30: Looks after the horse?
31: David Cassidy’s family bird?    31: Pennsylvania
35: American Whitewater             32: An honour
36: Any                             33: General Electric
37: Outdoor Research                34: Tidal bore
38: Air Conditioning                39: Bashful
40: River in Ireland                41: Extinction Level Event
                                    42: Dutch tree?
43: Part of an airplane
                                    43: Italian river
45: Unstable emotionally?
                                    44: Happens in a theatre
46: A storm

SOLUTION TO CROSSWORD #52: ACROSS 1: Braid, 5: Theca, 9: MBE, 10: Nog, 12: AA, 13: FC, 15: Shebeen, 17: Pro,
18: Bludgeon, 20: Sashay, 23: Acid, 24: Tip 26: Ugi, 27: UNA, 28: Scarf, 30: Cut, 31: EAN, 32: Iota, 35: Argo, 36: Weave,
38: Ebony, 40: Impi, 41: Le, 42: RO, 43: GG, 44: Malar, 46: Bulge, 47: Henna. DOWN 1: BB, 2: Resistant, 3: INE, 4: Dobby,
6: Handcuff, 7: EA, 8: Afro, 9: Moisturizer, 11: Gel, 14: Conditioner, 16: EUA, 17: Pedicure, 19: Gig, 21: HI, 22: Apse, 25: Tan,
29: Cat, 33: Annul, 34: Hem, 35: Avian, 36: Wig, 37: APME, 39: Bob, 41: LAA, 43: GE, 45: NL.

                                        Beard Sculpting Championships
Remember our piece about ‘please grow a beard for Belgium until it has a government’?
No? Oh well, to cut a long story short (OK, perhaps ’cut’ isn’t the best word to use in this
context) Belgium still doesn’t have a government and the beards are still growing. Any-
way, here is another news item gleaned from the ever informative BBC website that we
thought might make some of you smile. A German hairdresser has won the title of worldʹ            s
best beard at the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Trondheim, Norway.
Elmar Weisser, 47, won by sculpting his beard into the shape of a moose. It is not the first
time he has done this kind of thing. His previous creations include beards styled to look
             s                                 s
like Berlinʹ Brandenburg Gate and Londonʹ Tower Bridge. Elmar explained ʺWhen my
beard isnʹ styled, it goes down to my waist. It is sort of folded up.ʺ
PS: the picture in the right is not of Elmar, nor is it one of a moose. It’s just a generic clip art
picture of a man with a beard.
                                          Fun and Games Too

Driving Excuses
Those of us who have moved to Crete from Northern Europe may occasionally find
driving here a bit of a challenge (to put it mildly). Some people say that prayer helps
when a empting to cope with traffic as a road user on the island. The editor is not
entirely convinced about this. But this may have something to do with the fact that
she was once involved in a minor head on collision (as a passenger) involving pick
up trucks that were both being driven by priests during olive picking season. It’s a
long story, best saved for another time, and anyway not much physical damage was
done (though the shouting match in the middle of the road between the two men of
the cloth had to be seen to be believed) and she lived to tell the tale.
In any case, before those of us brought up in a ‘different road - safety culture’ point the finger it should be noted that
it is not just on Crete where driving is sometimes erratic. In Dorset UK, police have put together a list of excuses that
motorists have given for ignoring traffic rules. Here are just a few that they highlighted: One woman stopped for
speeding told police: ʺI have to get to the shops as I donʹ have any bread at home.ʺ Another woman, when asked
why she had not made sure that the three children in the back of her car were wearing seatbelts replied: ʺTheyʹ notre
my children.ʺ (This may or may not confirm some stereotypes that some people might have about the English, love
of children, animals etc.). Then there was the man who was stopped for using his mobile phone while he was driv-
ing. He was asked by the police officer whether the call was an emergency. The driver said: ʺActually, no - my wife
was calling me to remind me to get a cucumber.ʺ We could comment on this, but we’d be er not.

                                     Logic Problem # 53: Literary Works
                                                                                       For the June logic problem we wax
                                                                                       lyrical. Four authors have wri en
                                                                                       some really rather strange books. From
                                                                                       the clues below, work out what type of
                                                                                       book each author wrote, the unlikely
                                                                                       hero of the book, where the work was
                                                                                       set and how the book later became
                                                                                       famous / notorious.

                                                                      Arturo’s masterpiece ended up being the subject of
                                                                      some cult graffiti. The hero of Balthazar’s book was
                                                                      Bernie the clown. Camilla wrote a children’s story.

                                                       Desdemona set her work in Maastricht. The literary piece centred
                                                       around Milton Keynes was later turned into a Broadway musical.
                                                       Gavin the tortoise was the love object in the romance.

                                        The person who used Calais as a se ing aroused such public controversy that
                                        questions were asked in parliament - this was not Balthazar. Mervin the alien is
                                        not a character in a children’s story, nor is he in the spy thriller.

Finally, neither the historical novel nor the spy thriller were set in Siberia (come on, that would just have been way
too easy!). You will of course, be delighted to know that after becoming famous, these authors went on to encourage
fledging writers with the words ‘Anything is possible!’

                                              SOLUTION TO LOGIC PROBLEM # 52
1: Billy, Andros, Nikos, Fortune Telling, Animal Sanctuary. 2: Gillie, Aegina, Manolis, Arithmetic, Village Park.
3: Millie, Astipalea, Dimitris, Weather Forecaster, School Pet. 4:Tilly, Amorgos, Georgios, Tap Dancing, Farmer’s Field.

Rethymnon CIC Meetings in June and July
The Rethymnon branch of the Cretan International Community holds its meeting on the
first Monday of every month from 11am at Bistro 22 - Pepi Studios - in Tsouderon St in the
Old Town. The June meeting will take place on 06/06/11, the July meeting will take place
on 04/07/11. Everyone, regardless of membership status is welcome at the meetings. The
CIC meetings are a great way to get to know people from the area, to exchange news and
views and to find out about up-and-coming local events in the region.
The local coordinator for the Rethymnon branch of the CIC is Anna Capernaros - you can
contact her via email at capernaros@ret.forthnet.gr or by phone on 28310 57305 / 6938
708410. The President of the CIC is Albert van Elst - his phone number is 6983-265715.
You can find out more about the CIC online at the www.thecic.eu website. To get to Bistro 22 / Pepi Studios: Coming
in to the Old Town from the Big Gate ‘Porta Guora’ at Four Martyrs’ Square follow the shopping street towards the
Rimondi Fountain. Tsouderon St is about two thirds of the way down on the right hand side and has a pharmacy on
the corner. Bistro 22 is a few steps along on the right hand side, close to the National Bank of Greece.
Additional CIC Coffee Morning in Georgioupolis - Every 1st Tuesday of the month
There is now an additional Coffee Morning that takes place in Georgioupolis on the first Tuesday of every month at
Sinatra’s Bar from 11.00 am until 12.00 noon. Sinatra’s Bar is located in the centre of Georgioupolis – coming from the
National Road – go round the central square and take the left turning and it is a few metres along on the right hand
side opposite the butcher’s shop. Contact at Sinatra’s is Kate 6942817043 or Anna at CIC VP 6938708410.

                           Midsummer Barbecue at Camping Elizabeth!
                   The CIC will be holding its annual Midsummer Barbecue at Camping Elizabeth on Saturday
                   June 25th from 8.00 pm.
                   No pre-booking required – just turn up early for a swim and watch the sunset.
                   This is a ‘pay as you go’ event. The campsite is in Missiria, just East of Rethymnon (heading to-
                   wards Heraklion) on the old road and is clearly signposted.
                   For any further information call Anna – 6938708410 or email Vicepresident@thecic.eu.

                           Car Boot Sale….Flohmarkt….Παζάρι in Pigi
Thanks to Christine for providing us with this information. Christine writes: ‘A car boot sale / table top sale takes
place in Pigi on the first Sunday of every month at the Kri Kri Warehouse in Pigi from 9am to 2pm. The price to rent
a table is 10 euros, proceeds go towards helping our stray animals. For more information please phone 28310 72977.
If you have any unwanted bric-a-brac etc. donations would be more than welcome!

  Is there anyone interested in driving to St Thomas at Kefalas (C of E Church near Vamos) on a monthly basis and
       sharing petrol costs to a end the 11am Sunday services? If so, I would be very pleased to hear from you.
                                Please telephone Merope Capernaros on 28340 52007

                Alcoholics Anonymous                                   Emergency Phone Numbers
 Rethymnon Old Town. Group Meeting, in English.              National Freephone       Rethymnon Area
 Mikri Panagia Church, Old Town Mondays at 3 p.m.            Ambulance:       166     Hospital:        28310 87100
There is also now a new discussion group that will take      Police:          100     Police Station: 28310 25247
  place in the Mikri Panagia on Thursday from 3pm.
                                                             Fire Brigade:    199     Fire Brigade:    28310 35288
                                                             Coastguard:      108     Coastguard:      28310 22276
Sheila — tel 6941558722 or Graham - tel 6938757767
(English). Hans-Juergen — tel 28310 91073 (Deutsch).
                                                                Europe-wide number for Emergency Services: 112
                                           Community Too

Cancer Support Group in Georgioupolis
                   A Cancer Support Group has been formed for people who have been through or who are under-
                   going treatment for cancer and also for those who have recently lost significant others to this dis-
                   ease. These are the needs of the current group. It is a diverse and flexible group, and different sub-
                   groups can be formed later on an ʺas neededʺ basis. This is a support group not a therapy group,
                   and confidentiality is a given. There is no fee. Meetings will be held on the first Monday of every
                   month in Georgioupolis, from 11am - 1pm. Carpooling available from Rethymnon.
                   For more information about the group please contact Chris Parnassus, phone: 6977559644 or
                   email her at cparnassus@hotmail.com
                   We now have a website! www.cancersupportcrete.com
More news - we also have practical support available! We have a lending service of items which have been donated,
for example, an air ma ress, slide sheets etc.
Bereavement Group: A group is now available for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. For more information,
please get in touch with Chris as above.

          Plakias Lending Library: Opening Hours, Events and Surplus Books!
                                 The Plakias lending library - ‘The most southerly lending library in Europe’ is home
                                 to over 6,000 books in fifteen different languages. A recent addition is a DVD li-
                                 brary, which now has over 1,000 titles in its collection. It really is a fantastic commu-
                                 nity resource! The library also hosts a variety of community and charity events
                                 throughout the year. For example on the first and third Sundays of every month
                                 there are ‘fun days’ which start at around 12.30 pm, and include a selection of free
                                 nibbles prepared by Femke. All the librarians and support team are unpaid volun-
                                 teers, so running costs are able to be kept to a minimum; however, to help pay for
electricity and running costs a membership fee of just €2 a month is requested.
DIRECTIONS: For those of you not familiar with this part of Crete, Plakias is on the South Coast, easily accessible by
road from Rethymnon (about a 40 minute drive, passing through some stunning scenery). When you get to Plakias
follow the signs to the Youth Hostel. Once you get to the Youth Hostel continue along the path towards the Old Mill
for approximately 400 metres. The library is on the right, inside a fenced compound.

SUMMER OPENING HOURS: our summer opening hours will last until we celebrate St Jeromeʹ Day, this year on
Sunday 2nd October. Opening times are 09:30 to 12:30 every day except Saturday; 18:00 to 20:00 on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday evenings. The Monday evening session will coincide with the weekly charity bazaar hosted
by Caroline in aid of PAL - the Plakias Animal Lifeline.

BOOKS GALORE: In preparing for the influx of summer visitors, the Plakias Lending Library team faces, once
again, the agonizing choice of which books to keep on the shelves and which must be released to make room for
new titles. There is space for only 6,000 books in all – 3,200 in English, 1,500 in German, 500 in French, 300 in Dutch
and a further 500 in a variety of other languages. Every year it receives donations of a couple of thousand books and,
having eliminated duplicates and damaged items, it has to make room on the shelves for about 1,200 new titles. The
surplus books are usually given to one of the local animal care charities, but even they are now becoming heavily
overstocked. If you can find a good home – or a worthy cause – which would benefit from free books, please email
Eddie at alaneddy@otenet.gr with some idea of how many, in which languages, you would like. To give you a rough
idea a supermarket carrier bag accommodates 20-24 paperbacks It would be appreciated if recipients could collect
from the Library (possibly joining Luc and Kate on one of their visits to our regular Funday Sundays). Otherwise, it
should be possible to arrange a rendezvous in the main car park in Rethymnon one Saturday morning to transfer the
books from car to car.
                                        Community Three

A Heartfelt Thank you from the Hellenic Red Cross!
                                 We are grateful to Bob and Eveleen Wright for providing us with the following:
                                 The coffee morning at our house was once again a most pleasurable success. Over 90
                                 guests came and we raised 820 euros, which was split equally between the Samarites
                                 Rescue Group and the Sisters of the Rethymno branch of the HRC. Our special
                                 thanks goes out to all who came, made such delicious cakes and helped on the day.
                                 This money will be spent locally both to help in the safety of our community and to
                                 assist families in need.
                                  Eveleen and I helped at Easter with the packing of 200 food parcels containing both
dried and fresh food to known needy Rethymno families, whilst Ann & Ian Clayton helped the Chania branch dis-
tribute 250 parcels. All four of us were saddened to see very well dressed Greek gentlemen quietly coming into the
HRC offices to see if their families could also be added to the list of those in need. We can all understand that this
must take both courage and desperation. Some of our friends now regularly buy an extra item each time they go to
the supermarket, so that by the end of the month, they can bring us a box of food. Clearly all of us are finding rising
fuel and food prices worrying, but perhaps we can consider those in worse circum-
stances than ourselves.
We started fund raising for the Rethymno branch of the HRC in November 2005,
and with contributions from the CIC Christmas fairs in Chania, trips, concerts, and
our coffee mornings, the total sum raised by us all has reached

       13, 504 euros........................................ Woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bob and Eveleen Wright, Villa Estia Maroulas 28310 71221 bobandev@otenet.gr

                        Friends of Animals Car Boot Sale: Sunday July 3rd
Friends of Animals Rethymno are hosting their Car Boot Sale at Georgopoulis on Sunday, 3rd July 10.00 - 3.00 pm in
the football pitch, near the harbour, next to Eden Park.
Car Pitches are 10 euros. For reservations please contact the people below:-
Rita      6979148652, Clodagh 6945170226, Isabel       28250 71154
For any donations of books, clothes or household items for our Charity Stalls, please contact us at the above tel. nos.
Please come and join us for a great day out!!!Friends of Animals Rethymno, Reg. Charity No. 195/1006/ME/183/2000

A new, recently formed multi-national choir in Rethymnon is looking for additional members to join with us.
We sing vocal jazz and contemporary pop through standards and show tunes under the guidance of a top Maestro.
You are never too young or too old to start singing. If you’ve never tried to sing in a choir now is the time to start.
Do not worry if you can’t read music, as most of us have learnt by ear. Our weekly rehearsals take place on Monday
afternoons from 3 -5pm in the music room below the minaret in the old town. Just come along and listen, join in, to
see if this is for you. Further information can be obtained from: Kristina: - telephone 6944711725, Eric: 69341115248

                            Publicizing Community and Charity Events
We are more than happy to publicize community and charity events FOR FREE in the Bugle. Obviously, the earlier
you can get the details of your event to us the be er! If you are planning an event for the beginning of a particular
month, try and get the information to us in time for the previous month’s issue. For example if you are planning
something for the beginning of August, let us know by the end of June so that it can go in the July edition. Thanks!
                                        Enterprising Locals

Crete Kennels: June Update
                                   Peter and Kimberley from Crete Kennels write: ‘First, the good news: Bonnie has
                                   now been adopted by Chris, Jo, Poppi and the cat. Six months after being dumped
                                   here this is really great! As a business, we can’t keep unpaid guests, and twice we
                                   have had to make a decision as to ‘going to the vets’ with Bonnie – thankfully, each
                                   time we have put this off as she was such a pet. Our thanks to all those customers
                                   who canvassed and nagged their friends to help Bonnie. In the photo to the left you
                                   see the two new friends taking a rest after tearing around the grass for an hour!
                                   The next bit of good news was, YES, we did have our three day break in Elounda
and Spinalonga. With the new road open, it was a gentle three hour drive to the hotel, which overlooked the island.
‘English’ breakfast and Dinner (warm, not hot – the Greek way) but good quality/quantity. After reading ‘The Is-
land’ and ‘Yiannis’ (in our opinion ’Yiannis’ presents a be er reality of the island), Spinalonga had more for us to
explore, including the burial tower used for the lepers (there was limited space in the graveyard). This is roped off,
but no problems. If you are going to the island, don’t wear flip-flops if you want to see it all. The terrain is not flat!
We finished off by having a fish meal at the Delphini taverna – friendly service, great fish and an explanation about
which was local fish. Many of the new tavernas in Plaka sell frozen fish as it is cheaper - be warned. We visted Malia
(on the way back) and what a difference this place was to its public image – more 60-
70’s than 18-30’s at this time of the year! Then, of course, it was back to work.
When’s the next break? Watch this space.
Like many of our clients’ owners, Kimberley was phoning each day to see how Kris-
ta was and if she was missing her – and like so many customers, we have to say that
Krista didn’t miss us as she was enjoying herself too much. Thanks to Martin for
stepping in and following in our footsteps and appreciating why we have our high
standard of care for all the guests.
So, as we said earlier, then it was back to work. with eight new customers this
month, once again we have been full! Our guests were every shape and size imaginable (up to Rufus, a Rhodesian
Ridgeback) and, as has happened in previous months, some have never been away from their owners before. It usu-
ally takes a day or two to win their trust, but then we can have the big dogs si ing on us - as lap dogs! As usual for
the summer, we have a new paddling pool for those guests who like to have a soak. How long this one will last we
don’t know – we do have Daisy the Lab in and it was Rupert & Jacob who saw the end of last years’ pool!
As May is over we are into the hot weather (?!), so cooling down the runs throughout the day is in order. However,
most guests like a bit of sun-bathing, then into the cool bedroom for a while – then back out in the sun. In June, we
will be helping Red & Daisy (who have been with us for seven months) and Prince to fly off to their owners in the
UK – part of our service is organising the myriad of forms, faxes and emails that go with this, and the safe delivery to
Heraklion . By the time we get to next month’s edition we will have said our sad goodbyes to all three of them.’

    Crete Kennels                                                                The Dog Hotel
            Armeni, Rethymno, 74100, Crete.**                     Short and long term boarding care for your dog
                     Tel: 28310 41140                             Limited to 10 kennels for our personal attention
               Or 6949688722 / 6949784183                                 Over 7000 sq m of exercise area
            Email Cretekennels@hotmail.co.uk                            Wet weather exercise and play area
                  www.cretekennels.com                                  Personal diets and needs catered for
        Please phone Kimberley or Peter for details                          Full security for your pets
                                  Enterprising Locals Too

Ge ing Married in Crete!
                                Have you ever thought about organizing your wedding abroad?
                                It has been 4 years since two young German ladies opened their office MOMENTS,
                                which is based in the picturesque town of Rethymno. Over the years weddings in
                                Crete have became more and more popular. Compared to other Greek islands Crete
                                has a lot of advantages. It has easy accessibility because of daily flight connections
                                with chartered or scheduled flights, a big variety of different hotels & villas to suit
                                every taste, children friendly sandy beaches and much more! Couples from all over
                                the world choose this beautiful island as their personal wedding destination. Some
couples wish an intimate legal civil ceremony, others bring family and friends for an unforge able holiday experi-
ence, anything is possible based on the couple’s budget. The wedding planners from MOMENTS are well known for
their personalized services and their a ention to detail in order to guarantee a stress free and unique wedding day.
Very good language skills, education and experience in tourism and passion are the basis of the successful idea the
two ambitious young businesswomen have had. Weddings can take place over the whole island. A romantic beach
wedding, a fairy tale Greek farm wedding or a Mamma Mia style wedding, the possibilities are endless! Imagine
yourself renewing your wedding vows on a Venetian fortress with breathtaking sea
views or celebrating your symbolic ceremony during a sunset cruise on a private
yacht. Let your wedding dream come true!
What couples say about MOMENTS:
Laura and Chris from U.K. married 2010 in Rethymno:
…We would absolutely recommend hiring Annika and Caroline, they made our
whole wedding and holiday stress free. They went above and beyond the level of
service we expected. It was ours and our guests’ best holiday ever and a really per-
fect, relaxed wedding and that was exactly what we wanted it to be. We are still talking about it now!...
For more information see our advertisement in the classified section, call in to our office (3, G. Papandreou St.,
Rethymno, Crete), call +30 28310-27305 or view our website www.bestmoments.gr

Beeraria: The House of Beer
                                    BEERARIA - BEER CAFÉ / RESTAURANT ʺTHE HOUSE OF BEERʺ
                      In February 2010 this new tastefully decorated Beer café / restaurant opened in Rethymno.
                      Beeraria is on the beach road in our city, close to hotel Porto Rethymno (Sof. Venizelou 47).
                      Every day of the week we can visit BEERARIA to enjoy a draught beer freshly poured from
                      the barrel or an imported bo led beer from either Belgium, Germany, Netherlands or Eng-
                      land. You will also be able to sample popular brands such as Heineken and Amstel, and from
                      Greek breweries Mythos, Alfa and our very own local Rethymno Beer.
                      If you start to get hungry.... Beeraria serves a very nice Meze menu with a choice of meat and
                      vegetarian dishes. When important sport matches are on you can also watch your favourite
                      team playing on a big screen. Wireless internet is available, so bring along your laptop. Just
                      some of the foreign beer brands for sale at BEERARIA are listed below. Have a look at the
                      prices! Because the brothers Takis and Giannis Davarias import the beers themselves, they can
                      keep the costs very low.

     DUVEL 330 ml. 5,90 // LEFFE BLONDE or BRUNE or RADIEUSE 330ml. 4,90 KWAK 330 ml. 6,90 // ORVAL
     330 ml. 6,70 // TRIPEL KARMELIET 330 ml. 6,40 TRAPPISTES ROCHEFORT 330 ml. 7,90 // TIMMERMANS
     KRIEK or FRAMBOISE 330 ml. 5,70 // GROLSCH 330 ml. 3,90 //CARLSBERG 330 ml. 2,80 NEWCASTLE
     BROWN ALE 330 ml. 4,50 // Mc FARLAND RED ALE 330 ml. 5,50 COORS LIGHT 330 ml. 4,50
                                Enterprising Locals Three

     Welcome to Novecento: Italian and Mediterranean Cuisine
This month we welcome the team from Restaurant Novecento (Restaurant 900) to our Enter-
prising Locals section. Restaurant Novecento is to be found at Platia Evangelou Fraghiadaki 3,
in the Old Town of Rethymnon (see the advertisement below). The restaurant brings a mod-
ern approach to Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, while maintaining the quality and tradi-
tional flavours that have always been associated with the Mediterranean kitchen. Therefore, as
you would expect, the emphasis is on making the best use of fresh seasonal ingredients. On
the menu you will find a variety of salads, antipasti using the best Italian cheeses and cold
meats (such as prosciu o) and pasta dishes cooked to order. There is a good selection of main
course meat and fish options, some delicious desserts, real Italian coffee and an extensive and
reasonably priced wine list. However, you will find some more unusual options on the menu
too. For example, as a starter, why not try the home-smoked myzithra cheese?
Directions to Novecento: Platia Evangelou Fraghiadaki is on Salaminos Street in Rethymnon Old Town. Salaminos
                            Street is at the north west end of Arkadiou (i.e. the Venetian Harbour end), Arkadiou
                            being the street that runs parallel to the sea front in the Old Town. Approaching Sala-
                            minos from Arkadiou, you will find the Platia a short way up on your right hand side.
                            Novecento is the restaurant at the back of the square, in between olive trees.
                            For our Bugle friends we have a special ‘happy hour’ (apperitivo Italino) offer from
                            18.00-20.30. For 7 euros you can enjoy a big variety of starters and pasta along with
                            your aperitif. Enjoy your meal!

                                           Lovely Ligres Beach!
If you are planning a ‘get away from it all’ break, where be er than Ligres Beach?!
This unspoilt beach on the South Coast of Crete has to be one of the most beautiful
places in Europe.
At the friendly family - run Ligres Beach taverna you will be able to enjoy some
great Cretan food in a relaxed ambience. Fresh fish caught from the family’s own
boat, traditional meat and vegetable dishes, meat from the grill….
The Ligres beach taverna offers well equipped rooms, with showers, air conditioning
and balconies. As if all the above delights weren’t more than enough to tempt you,
you can also bring your mind and body into harmony with an Ayurvedic massage
on the beach (information available at the taverna).
How to find Ligres beach: From Rethymnon take the road towards Agia Galini. A few kilometres south of Spili take
the turn off towards Kerames. From Kerames you will find that Ligres is clearly signed. The contact details for Ligres
Beach Taverna are given in the advertisement below, you can find out more online at the www.ligres.gr website.
Primary Business Address

Your Address Line 2

Your Address Line 3
                              COFFEE MORNING BUGLE

Your Address Line 4


                           Contact: ads@rethymnonnews.com—phone: 28310 54594 / 6946 694948

                                                  Shark says:
               “rolling for Beethoven, Moving over for mozart”

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