Pandemic and Avian Flu Brochure by Arizona


									                               How will Pandemic Flu affect you?
What Is an                     An influenza pandemic will disrupt our daily
                               lives. Certain precautions should be taken
Influenza                      before an outbreak and many precautions           Information
                               and restrictions may be in place during an
Pandemic?                      outbreak.

A pandemic is a global         Necessary precautions during an outbreak       Pandemic
disease outbreak.
An influenza pandemic
                               may include:
                                    Restricting large gatherings
occurs when a new

                               •    Restricting travel
                                                                              Avian Flu
influenza virus emerges
that humans have little or     •    Closing schools and child care centers
no immunity to, it begins to   •    Voluntary Isolation and Quarantine
cause serious illness and      •    Wearing a mask
then spreads easily person-    •    Working from home
to-person worldwide.
                                    Additional preventative and planning
                                        information is available at
History of                 
Major Flu                                                                         Provided by the
Pandemics:                                                                     Coconino County
                                                                               Health Department
1918: Spanish Flu—
Killed more than 500,000                                                      Toll free 1-877-522-7800
people in the US.
1957-58: Asian Flu—
                                   Coconino County Health Department
approximately 70,000
                                          2625 N. King Street
deaths in the US.
                                          Flagstaff AZ 86001
1968-69: Hong Kong
flu—killed approximately
34,000 people in the                                     7/06
United States.
What is Avian Influenza                      Is an Influenza Pandemic                                 Individual and Family
(Bird Flu)                                   a Real Possibility?                                          Preparedness
                                             Pandemics have occurred periodically                  Protect yourself and your family...
Avian influenza - commonly called "bird      throughout history, every 30 years on average.                  Have a Plan
flu" - is an infection caused by influenza   Past pandemics have varied in their severity      During a pandemic, you or your family
viruses that occur naturally in birds.       but history shows that pandemics can result in    may need to stay at home for several
Wild birds can carry the viruses, but usu-   many deaths and social disruption. While          weeks. Make a plan with family and
ally do not get sick from them. However,     there is no way to determine when a pandemic      friends that includes:
some domesticated birds, including           may occur, advanced planning is important to      • Who could help with food and supplies
chickens, ducks, and turkeys, can become     ensure our community is prepared in the event         if you and your household are ill.
infected, often fatally.                     of an outbreak.                                   • The telephone numbers of people who
One strain of avian influenza, the H5N1                                                            live near you, as well as your doctor’s
virus, is occurring in Asia and has spread                                                         phone number.
                                                                                               • Check with your employer to find out
into Europe and Africa. H5N1 is one
subtype of highly pathogenic avian influ-                                                          if you can work from home.
                                                                                               • Create an emergency supply kit that
enza. This strain of avian influenza has
not yet been found in North America.                                                               includes a supply of food and water,
                                                                                                   prescriptions and medications, flash-
Strains of avian H5N1 influenza may          What is the status of vaccine                         light, portable radio, supplies for your
infect various types of animals, including   development and production?                           pets, toilet tissue, diapers, etc.
wild birds, pigs, and tigers. Symptoms in
birds and other animals vary, but highly     Vaccines effective against a pandemic virus                Protective Measures
pathogenic strains can cause death within    are not yet available. Vaccines are produced      One of the most important protective steps
a few days.                                  each year for seasonal influenza but will not     during a pandemic is avoiding infection.
                                             protect against pandemic influenza. Although      You can help prevent the spread of infec-
                                             a vaccine to protect humans from the H5N1         tion by:
                                             virus is under development in several coun-       • Washing hands frequently.
How do people become                         tries, no vaccine is ready for commercial pro-    • Using hand sanitizer when washing
infected?                                    duction and no vaccines are expected to be            your hands is not possible.
                                             widely available until several months after the   • Covering your cough.
Direct contact with infected poultry, or
                                             start of a pandemic.                              • Cleaning surfaces such as door han-
surfaces and objects contaminated by
their feces, is presently considered the     Antivirals are medications that destroy or in-        dles, phones, and computer keyboards.
                                                                                               • Getting a seasonal flu shot to protect
main route of human infection. To date,      hibit the growth of viruses. Antivirals are in
most human cases have occurred in rural      short supply and should not be stockpiled due         yourself from the seasonal flu and to
areas in Asia where many households          to shelf life limitations and may not be effec-       keep your immune system healthy.
keep small poultry flocks. The virus is      tive against ever-changing influenza viruses.
not transmitted to humans through            Also, taking antivirals when they are not
properly cooked food.                        needed may reduce their effectiveness for
                                             when you really need them.

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