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									                                                                  First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church
927 N. Carroll Street
PO Box 681
Carroll, Iowa 51401                                   927 N. Carroll Street                            309 S. Idaho Street
                                    Carroll, Iowa 51401                              Glidden, Iowa 51443
                                                   (712) 792-2146                                    (712) 659-3721

                                            The naming of a child is an important part of the passage in Matthew 1:18-25. In fact,
                                            there are two important names given, both belonging to the same person, but each helping
                                            us to know more about him.

                                            He shall be called Jesus. The passage tells us that even before Jesus was born, an angel
                            appeared to Joseph in a dream, telling him that the child Mary was carrying was conceived by the Holy
                            Spirit, and that he should not be afraid to take Mary as his wife. The angel told Joseph that the child’s
                            name is Jesus.

                            Jesus was a common name, just like John and Bob are today. Thus, the child whom God sent to be the
                            Saviour of the world was given a common name for the time and place, one that did not set him apart
                            from the rest of the world. But, while it was a common name, it was not without meaning. Jesus means
                            “God is salvation.” The angel alludes to that when Joseph is told to name him Jesus, for he will save h is
                            people from their sins. This child was given a name that would be a constant reminder of the saving
                            grace of God.

                            They shall call him Emmanuel. Matthew provides us with another important part of Jesus’ name. A
                            name that fulfilled something Isaiah had written about earlier. “Look the virgin shall conceive and bear a
                            son, and they shall name him Emmanuel” (Isaiah 7:14). In its original context, the name referred to the
                            fact that Judah would be delivered from the threat of invasion by the time a particular young woman
                            gave birth to the child. Matthew knew Jesus was a fulfillment of prophecy, meaning “God with us.”

                            As we enter Christmas 2007, we have a lot to be thankful. But most important is the fact that in Jesus
                            Christ, our Lord and Saviour, God is with us. The message of Jesus’ symbolic name is not that God is
                            everywhere, even though that is true, but that God is here with us in our pains and joys that the season
                            brings to us. What it comes right down to is, however, we are probably less concerned with the fact that
                            God is everywhere than we are knowing that God is present where we are-in whatever actual situations
                            we may find ourselves.

                            Thus, the naming of Jesus reminds us that there were to be two powerful testimonies to remind us of how
                            God comes to us, if we would only open our hearts and soul to the love and grace of God. May God’s
                            presence with you be present in 2007.
Blessings, Pastor Mike
                                           Carroll Youth Christmas Program
                                  Our Christmas Program will be held on Sunday,                          December 5th - Grandparent’s Night      Please bring your grandparents or church member
                                                                                                                        Cooks: Vasquez’s
                                                    December 16th
                                         during our 10:30 worship service                                December 12th - Mexican FIESTA!                                  Wear Red,Green and White
                                  (Children need to be at the church at 10:00 in                         Cooks: Schettler’s
                                                                                                         December 19th - Christmas Celebration                             Parent’s night – Special
                                                  Practice Sat. Dec. 8                      12:00-2:00   guest                  Cooks: Marvin

                               1:45 We will try on costumes and mark for adjustments                                            December 26th – No LOGOS – Holiday break

                               Practice Sat. Dec. 15th 4:00-6:00 with pizza afterwards                                        Carroll December Sunday School Teachers
                                                                                                         December 2nd                                                   December 9th
                                                              Please wear costume                        K-2 Rachel/Steph                                               K-2 Kristen
                                                                                                         3-5 Christy                                                    3-5 Christy
                                                                                                         6-8 Peggy/Hannah                                               6-8 Peggy/Hannah
                         Glidden Youth “Live Nativity”
                         December 16th ~ 9 am service                                                    December 16th                                                 December 23rd
                                                                                                         Christmas Play                                                K-2 Kindra
                                                                                                                                                                       3-5 Jen
                                                                                                         December 30th                                                 6-8 Peggy/Hannah
                         Youth Group Movie Night ~ Christmas Party                                       K-2 Rachel/Steph
                                   All Jr. & Sr. High Youth invited                                      3-5 Christy
                                         December 9th ~ 5 pm                                             6-8 Peggy/Hannah
                                            326 E 4th Street
                                        Glidden (kristen’s house)
                                   Enjoying movies, snacks, & supper.                                             We will be putting up a Memory Tree at the Carroll church, in the
                                             For more information                                                 hallway for everyone and anyone to bring a special ornament, picture or
                         (if you need a ride, want to bring something, etc…) contact
                                                                                                                  memento of a loved one either no longer with us or unable to be here
                                               Kathy Schuette
                                                                                                                  for the holidays. Having names on them would also be a nice. Any
                                              (712) 659-2114
                                                                            questions see or call Paul Marvin 792-2627.
                                                                                                   Ushers and Greeters: Ed & Mary Walkup
                                                                                                   Lectors: 1st and 2nd week – Linda McClellan
Communion Sunday Servers                             Acolytes                                                     3rd and 4th week – Jr./Sr. High
9th Bob Woodhouse & Paul Marvin                2nd   Rebba & Cheyenne                                             5th week – Joyce Conner
Youth Readers                                  9th   None- Communion                               Acolytes: Oliver Conner
 2nd Josh                                     16th   None-Play
 9th Taylor                                   23rd   Lexi & Kylee
16th None                                     30th   Matt & Mollie
23rd Hayden
30th Stephanie
                                                                                                   Sunday School Times in Glidden
The head usher should be at the church by 10:05 am (except for special service times – ex.
Joint services). He/She will be responsible for handing out bulletins, taking a count of the       School is off and running in Glidden. Grades 2-6 are co taught by Heather Mueggenberg
congregation, collecting the offering, and putting the money away with one of the offering         and Stacy Determann. They are using the One Room Sunday School curriculum. Marlys
collectors.                                                                                        Conner is teaching the PreK-Third Graders using One Room curriculum that is suitable for
Head Usher                                                 Offering Collectors                     younger age groups. Mrs. Conner is also providing a time for singing and the Congregation
 2nd John Zimmerman                                         2nd Chad & Angie Jensen                can expect some wonderful new songs in the near future!
 9th Paul Marvin, Sr.                                       9th Lucille Marvin & Sandy Vennink
16th Paul Marvin                                           16th Diana Marvin & Vickie Worley
23rd LaVonne Baumhover                                     23rd Harry Baumhover & Verna Frank      Jr/Sr High is on the Amazing Bible Race. This curriculum’s focus is reading the Bible, cover
24th Lanny Dvorak                                          24th Suzanne Dvorak & Jolene Meyer      to cover, inside of 2 years. We are currently ‘racing’ with students across the nation. Daily
30th Bob Running                                           30th Tony Schettler & Janice Huisenga   lessons are completed, quizzes taken and point awarded. ‘The Wildcats’ are represented on
If you cannot usher or help collect offering on your assigned Sunday, trade with someone else
or get someone to substitute for you. If you make a change, leave a message for Tracy at the       the Amazing Bible Race website,, where participants log in to
church office (792-2146) by Wednesday so she can print the correct information in the bulletin.    answer quizzes and can blog to other team members.
                                                                                                   Anyone wishing to race with us is welcome! We are sharing the daily readings by giving a
Greeters                                                                                           short report on the chapters read and answering quiz questions and thought provoking
A rotation list has been established for greeters. If you cannot greet on your assigned Sunday,
trade with someone else. Call the church office (792-2146) by Wednesday to let Tracy know if       questions for daily living.
you have traded with someone, so the correct information can be printed in the bulletin. You       We are currently watching “The Ten Commandments” to enhance our understanding of the
should be at the church by 10:05 am.                                                               Book of Exodus.
2nd Warren & Kindra VanVeen
     Lexi & Kylee
9th Tracy Petersen                                                                                       Deacons Christmas Coffee                                Carroll Guild
     Cody, Joshua, Draven, & Paige                                                                       December 2nd                                        December 10th ~ 6 pm
16th Gordon & Penny Wade                                                                                                                                     Going out to eat then to
23rd Peggy & Hannah Fitzsimmons
24th Dale & Deon Rowedder
                                                                                                         Deacons Meeting                                      Bonnie Christensen
30th David & Carolyn Wade                                                                                December 5th ~ 4:15 pm
     Melissa & Nicholas
Joint Session News
At the joint session meeting on November 13th the following items were approved:
    1. Finance Committees will schedule a joint finance meeting to discuss terms of
       call. Including the pastor’s salary split and the secretary salary split.                                 Soup Supper
    2. Repairs to the Glidden organ could cost as much as $6,000-$7,000 but no action                   December 8th ~ 4 pm to 8 pm
       taken at this time.                                                                              Swan Lake Conversation Center
    3. Regarding the sale of the Glidden manse, the biggest concern heard from                   Benefits go to Northern Ireland Mission Trip
       congregation members has been what will happen to the money if the manse is              Soup donations would be deeply appreciated.
       sold. The manse is the property of the Glidden church and proceeds will remain       Please call 792-2146, if you would like to make soup.
       with the church.
    4. November 20th was Erin Bence’s last day as Youth Coordinator. Jenn Vasquez
       will be the new contact for the Carroll Christian Ed committee. Child and Youth
       Protection Policies will be distributed to all Sunday school teachers to be
       reviewed and signed and kept on file per Presbytery procedures.
    5. The Nominating committee will meet to find nominees for 2008 session. A
       congregational meeting will then be scheduled to present nominations.
    6. The session voted to increase the secretary’s hours to 20 per week through the
       month of January 2008.                                                                                    The Candy Cane
    7. The 100th Anniversary of the Glidden church building dedication will be                          It’s just a little Christmas treat,
       celebrated on January 13, 2008. Cake and coffee will be served after worship                        But also (did you know?)
       service.                                                                                             It refers us to our Savior
The 2007 annual meeting is scheduled for January 27, 2008 as a joint meeting with                               Born so long ago.
Carroll. Service will be at 10:00 a.m. in Glidden, followed by a potluck.
                                                                                                              The shape is like a “J”
                                                                                                            To symbolize His name.
                                                                                                             The white is for His life
                                                                                                              Holy without blame.
 Presbyterian Women will collect socks and mittens at the Wednesday, December 5th PW                          And the stripe of red
 gathering to be held at Glidden church ~ 7 pm. Everyone is asked to bring socks, caps, &                        Is for His blood
              mittens. They will be donated to New Opportunity in Carroll.                                  So Pure and freely given
                          Hostess & Devotions Afternoon Circle.                                          That we might spend eternity
             No Glidden PW luncheon in December because of this gathering!                                 With our Lord in Heaven.
                                Thank you for all the prayers and cards that you provided during
                                my gall bladder surgery and my kidney stones. Your thoughts and
         1st Lora Reever        prayers have been deeply appreciated.
        3rd Harry Reever
        6th Larry DeVries       Thank you to all the Youth in the church. Thank you for the cards
         6th Paul Marvin        and prayers during my surgery. Also Thank you for the poster and
        8th Sue Johnson         candy for pastor’s appreciation!
     10th Shirley Seaman
                                Pastor Mike and family
       12th Bob Wagner
    12th Charley Newman
    12th Ethan Determann
      13th Gordon Wade
       13th Tami Burdine
     13th Weston Conner
    17th Elizabeth Promes
        17th Judy Reever
      18th Phyllis Bender
     21st Kirsten Stidham
                                 To the Glidden Presbyterian Women:
       25th Roger Bence
     26th Janice Huisenga        Thank you so much for making the wonderful lunch. My
      26th Sharon Ohde           sister and I both thought the food was very good.
      28th Lillian Draves
       28th Shelly Strahl        The Family of Ward Salisbury
      31st Tony Schettler

                                    A BIG “thank you” to everyone for the generous
                                    donations for the Glidden PW Pledge Drive. Your
  15th Darrell & Sandy Lohman       contributions will help us to continue our mission
18th Mike & Peggy Fitzsimmons       projects. We have raised almost $1,800 and donations
   30th Bob & Jeanie Running        are still coming in.
     30th Tim & Lora Reever
    30th Dick & Cleo Tilton         Glidden PW Ladies
      Pastor Mike,
      Thank you for the opportunity to discuss our programs at the
      community Thanksgiving service.

      We received $288.61 in donations and food. Thank you!!!                                                                12th Annual Christmas Light Display
                                                                                                                                  at Swan Lake State Park
      We still need more food so we would appreciate-keeping the table                     Carroll County EMS Association, the volunteers of Carroll County, again is sponsoring a drive through Christmas
      up for a while.                                                                    Light Extravaganza including over one million lights. The festival includes many animated displays of your holiday
                                                                                         favorites and music broadcast into your car’s radio. This year, we will be offering a couple of live Nativity scenes
      Thanks again!                                                                      on December 1st and December 15th. Donations from the Festival of Lights will help volunteers stay current with
                                                                                             an every changing health care field and assist with the purchase of equipment and supplies for each town’s
      Chad Jensen
                                                                                                                     responding group. The Lights will be on each night from
                                                                                                                        5 pm to 10 pm November 23rd through December 25th.

To my Presbyterian friends,
 Thank you so much for the plant and card you sent me in the hospital. I am back at
 the Health Center now and feeling much better.

           George Slocum

                                                                                      We discovered we are missing tables and chairs from Carroll fellowship hall. If
                                                                                      you have borrowed tables and chairs and haven’t returned them, please do so.
                                                                                      Thank you for your help.

                       A Christmas Tour of Homes
                          Sunday, December 2nd
                               1 pm to 5 pm
                              6 Homes - $15
                Tickets on sale at: C.C.S.B. – Hyvee Bank
                     Special Moments – Perk Center
                         St. Anthony Coffee Shop
                           Breda Savings Bank
                        Templeton Corner Station
               Sponsored by St. Anthony Hospital Auxiliary

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