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									the source
                                                                                                        fall 2007

     breast cancer resource center
       providing education, information and support

bcrc                                                      the financial burden of
happenings                                                breast cancer: where
BCRC is a non-profit program of the YWCA                  to look for help
Princeton dedicated to to providing information and
support to women and families affected by breast          A diagnosis of cancer is never easy, but it can be even
cancer and to increasing awareness of the disease in      more stressful when you’re struggling to pay for costly
the community. Programs and services include sup-         treatments and medications. For some patients, the finan-
port groups, a wig & prosthesis bank, a wellness          cial burden is apparent at diagnosis, while for others, it
program, a peer support network, a telephone              builds up over the course of years of treatment. If you’re
helpline, a resource library, and community outreach      not sure where to turn for financial help, read on. There
activities. Watch this section to keep “abreast” of       are government, non-profit and private resources available
BCRC happenings.                                          - and people who can help you sort through the options.
                                                          The major expenses of a cancer diagnosis and treatment
2nd Annual Yoga Inspires Raises                           include the charges for hospitalizations, clinic visits, med-
                                                          ications, tests and procedures, home health services, serv-
Breast Cancer Awareness and Funds
                                                          ices of doctors and other professionals, and treatment (sur-
for BCRC                                                  gery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy).
The 2nd annual Yoga Inspires open-air mass yoga           Insurance, managed care, or public programs pay the
session was held Sunday May 20 in celebration of          major part of these costs, but families also face many indi-
National Women’s Health Week. Over 50 partici-            rect costs or "out-of-pocket" expenses. These expenses can
pants of all ages came together to focus on their         be for travel (gas and parking), places to stay, meals dur-
health and well-being and to enjoy a morning of           ing admissions or clinic visits, extra child care costs, long-
total relaxation. Local officials including Princeton     distance calls to doctors, friends and relatives, special
                        Borough Mayor Mildred T.          foods and nutritional supplements, and special equipment
                        Trotman and Exercise              or clothing. Also, cancer treatment can mean the patient
                        Specialist, Dr. Rita Musanti,     has to quit a job or take an extended leave of absence.
                        supported the event by            Of course, costs increase as treatment is extended, if
                        encouraging women and men         there is recurrence of the cancer, or if there are treat-
                        to take control of their health   ment complications.
                        by staying active and taking
                        advantage of                      Most families find it hard to turn to others or to agencies
                        the programs and services         and funds for financial help. Families generally take pride
                        organizations like BCRC           in standing on their two feet and providing for their own
have to offer. A 1-hour session of gentle yoga, lead      needs. The extra expenses of cancer may be the first time
by Debra Leong (who has taught BCRC’s Gentle              a family has had problems with money. Families should
Yoga for Women Living with Breast Cancer class for        remember that their problems in such a situation are short-
the past two years and was the catalyst for the 1st       lived and not unique. In the future, they may be the ones
annual Yoga Inspires in 2006) was the highlight of        in a position to offer help to others. There are many pos-
Yoga Inspires. Participants were also treated to the      sible sources of help for families who need some extra
musical stylings of the Princeton University              financial support at this time:

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     BCRC Happenings continued from page 1
                                                                    from the director’s desk
     Wildcats, an all-female a cappella group, as well
     as singer/songwriter Robin Renée, featuring                    I am continuously inspired by
     Karttikeya on drums. Healthy refreshments, a well-             women who offer to share their per-
     ness expo, mini-massages, gift bags and prizes round-          sonal experiences with breast cancer.
     ed off the relaxing and rejuvenating event. $400 in            Whether it is one-on-one in a peer
     proceeds was raised to benefit the Breast Cancer               supporter role, or to a large group as
     Resource Center’s support and information programs.            a peer educator, it takes courage to
     We thank all who participated in Yoga Inspires and             share memories of what can be a dif-
     acknowledge the generosity of our supporters:                  ficult and challenging time. But in
     Arbonne International, Brown Dog Marketing, Debra              recent months here at BCRC, many
     Leong, FastSigns, Herbstone Graphics, KartStar                 women have done just that - stepped forward and offered to
     Productions, Life Photography by Katherine,                    speak to others about their physical and emotional journey
     McVicker & Hersh, LLC, Nancy Fabius of YWCA                    through breast cancer. BCRC’s woman-to-woman network,
     Princeton Massage Therapy, The Princeton University            community outreach program, and support groups have all
     Wildcats, Princeton Borough, Robin Renée, Small                presented survivors and supporters with the opportunity to
     World Coffee, Triangle Copy of East Windsor,                   share their stories. They have helped women who are coping
     Wegmans, and Whole Foods.                                      with hair loss, facing metastases, making treatment decisions,
                                                                    and recovering from mastectomies. They have talked about
     New “Lunch and Learn” Program                                  screening mammograms, the importance of family support,
     Connects Survivors                                             and being proactive about seeking out quality healthcare.
     Since January, BCRC has been hosting lunchtime                 I hear many of you say that you share your experiences to
     gatherings to offer breast cancer patients, survivors          help others, “so they get their mammograms”, “so they don’t
     and caregivers the opportunity to listen to Telephone          go through it alone”, or “so they know what to expect.” But
     Education Workshops presented by CancerCare and                as I reflect, I wonder if you realize the true gift you are giv-
     Living Beyond Breast Cancer. The teleconferences               ing? The healing power of a story should not be underesti-
     feature expert panelists from the nation’s premier can-        mated – it is comforting, inspiring and empowering, and it
     cer centers discussing a wide range of issues related          can change a life! I know those women who have listened to
     to breast cancer including treatment options, survivor-        and benefited from hearing about your experiences would
     ship issues, clinical trials, nutrition, and much more.        join me to say thank you for your courage and your compas-
     Over 40 breast cancer survivors and caregivers have            sion. We all look forward to continuing to be inspired.
     enjoyed their lunch while listening in on these month-
     ly teleconferences. A lively discussion follows each
     workshop as survivors share their thoughts, opinions,
     and experiences with the issues presented. Visit the
     BCRC website to see details of                  Kara Stephenson, BCRC Director
     upcoming sessions.

     Creative Healing Workshop Series
                                                               so many ways to give
     Offered by Artist Nanci Hersh                             As a program of the non-profit YWCA, BCRC relies a great deal on the
     Breast cancer survivor and local New Jersey artist,       generosity of individuals, groups and businesses in the community to
     Nanci Hersh, taught a Creative Healing Workshop           support our programs and services. But just as every woman or man
     Series for BCRC members on March 26 and April             with breast cancer is different, every BCRC supporter is different and
     20. Ms. Hersh is an accomplished artist, book             contributions come in all shapes and sizes! In this section, we highlight
     illustrator, and teacher, and her work has been dis-      just a few of the many contributions we’ve received recently, and say
     played in galleries across the country and the            thank you to all of those whose kindness has touched our hearts.
     world. In each workshop, participants used differ-
     ent mediums to explore and express emotions               In another effort to support BCRC, Norma Jean DeVico (who you may
     regarding their breast cancer experiences. In the         remember as hiking the Appalachian Trail last summer) has established
     collage/mixed media workshop, participants used           the Breast Cancer Card Project. She has gathered together 10 very talent-
     tree “cookies,” or cut-offs, to create shrines            ed women affected by breast cancer to produce a set of stunning note
     addressing their own physical “landscape” which           cards adorned with original paintings, sculpture, prints, a poem, a mosaic,
     has been altered, excavated, shifted, and recon-          a drawing and photography. Each woman also contributed a moving
     structed. The mono-prints workshop used collage           statement about breast cancer and creativity, which is printed on the back.
                                                               50% of profits from card sales will be donated to BCRC. To date, over
     Continued on page 4                                       $150 has been raised. To view or purchase cards, visit
                                                      or drop into BCRC.

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                         volunteer                          research
                         spotlight                          NSABP B 42: A Femara® Clinical Trial
                                                            Patients are currently being enrolled in a clinical trial at University
                                                            Medical Center at Princeton, to determine the efficacy of five
     Volunteers are the heart and soul of BCRC.
                                                            years of letrozole (Femara®), compared to a placebo, in patients
     They bring energy, enthusiasm, knowledge,
                                                            completing five years of hormonal therapy consisting of an
     experience, passion and compassion to the
                                                            Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), or tamoxifen followed by an AI, in pro-
     organization. They are survivors and support-
                                                            longing disease-free survival in postmenopausal women with hor-
     ers, women and men, young and old, from all
                                                            mone receptor positive breast cancer.
     walks of life and we could not do what we do
     without them. In this
                                                            Women may qualify for the study if they are postmenopausal with
     section we recognize,
                                                            ER and/or PR-Positive stage I, II, or IIIA invasive carcinoma of
     thank and celebrate our
                                                            the breast and have completed 5 years of hormonal therapy consist-
                                                            ing of either 5 years of an AI or up to 3 years of tamoxifen fol-
                                                            lowed by an AI (for a total of 5 years). Entry into the study must
     Mary Palacio is a
                                                            be within six months of completing the initial adjuvant therapy.
     Bilingual Public
     Health Representative                                  Additionally, there is an optional letrozole program for patients
     for the New Jersey
     Cancer Education &                                     Continued on page 9
     Early Detection Program in Trenton. She
     works diligently in the area of cancer pre-
     vention and education to uninsured and                            Pastry Chef and owner of Angel Food Deserts,
     underinsured populations, especially target-                      Mickey Graham donates her time and talent to bake
     ing the Spanish-speaking community                                delicious cakes, muffins and cookies for BCRC’s
     through outreach in their churches, clinics,                      meetings and gatherings. Here she shares her
     and at health fairs.                                              secret for an easy and healthy date bread perfect
                                                                       for breakfast or an afternoon snack!
     Mary’s support for BCRC has been signifi-
     cant. She has provided translation for the
     Women of Wisdom program, and has acted
                                                     Angel Food Desserts Easy Date Bread
     as a panelist herself several times. She        •   2 cups chopped dates                  •   3/4 cup sugar
     takes every opportunity to recruit Latina       •   1 cup orange juice                    •   1 tablespoon butter, melted
     panelists and to refer Latina breast cancer     •   1 cup light cranberry juice           •   1 large egg, lightly beaten
     patients and survivors to BCRC programs         •   1 teaspoon baking soda                •   1 1/4 cups all purpose flour
     and services. Debra Raines, BCRC’s              •   cooking spray                         •   1/2 teaspoon salt
     Community Outreach Coordinator, spent           •   4 teaspoons all-purpose flour
     some time with Mary to learn more about         1. In 4 cup glass measuring cup heat orange & cranberry juice to boiling in
     her role as a BCRC volunteer.                      microwave (around 2-3 minutes) Add baking soda & stir.
                                                     2. Place dates in large bowl, cover with juice mixture. Cover with plastic
     D: You are not a breast cancer survivor,           wrap & let stand several hours or overnight
     however your dedication to volunteerism         3. Preheat oven to 325F
     with BCRC and other breast cancer groups        4. Coat 2 (8 x 4") loaf pans with cooking spray & dust each with 2 teaspoons
     is quite impressive. Why do you volunteer          of flour. Add sugar, butter & egg to date mixture. Over a mesh sieve, add
     your time and services to BCRC?                    flour & salt to date mixture, stirring just until blended. Divide batter
     M: Because my work allows me to meet               evenly between loaf pans.
     many women through programs of the              5. Bake for 45 minutes or until loaf is just pulling away from sides of pan.
     state, I’m able to refer them to the services      You will see a very thin space between the loaf & the pan. Remove
     that they need. That’s what interests me in        immediately from oven & let cool at least 10 minutes in pan. Remove
     becoming a volunteer – working with                loaves gently & let finish cooling on a wire rack that has been covered
     women from different backgrounds. When             with wax or parchment paper.
     you volunteer, you want to feel proud of        6. Enjoy! This loaf can be stored in the fridge or frozen. It is delicious
     what you’re doing and you want to help.            toasted & buttered.
                                                     Angel Food Desserts Mickey Graham, Pastry Chef 609-240-7667 or
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BCRC Happenings continued from page 2
elements to create unique prints with plexi-glass, ink, found objects,     in the news
and an assortment of papers on a small tabletop press. Participants        New Drug Combats Chemo Brain in
then used the images to create accordion-style handmade books to use
as journals. One participant noted that the workshops were “very
                                                                           Breast Cancer Survivors.
                                                                           At the annual meeting for the American Society of
empowering” and she was “happy to be able to express herself cre-
                                                                           Clinical Oncology (ASCO), held in Chicago June 1-
atively in a warm, supportive environment.” BCRC would like to thank
                                                                           5, 2007, a novel strategy to combat chemo brain was
Nanci Hersh for delivering such superb and inspiring workshops!
                                                                           reported. The study conducted by Dr. Sadhna Kohli,
                                                                           assistant professor at the University of Rochester's
BCRC Receives Susan G. Komen for the Cure                                  James P. Wilmot Cancer Center, was the subject of
Central and South Jersey Affiliate Grant                                   ASCO merit award and selected for oral presenta-
When trying to educate women about                                         tion— an honor reserved for only the best research at
breast cancer, hearing from a woman                                        the national meeting. Her study enrolled 82 women
who has survived the disease can be                                        undergoing treatment for breast cancer and measured
extremely powerful. Understanding the                                      fatigue, speed of memory and attention.
impact of such sharing, the Breast
Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) of the                                       In the first phase of the study, patients received
YWCA Princeton developed the Women                                         modafinil over four weeks with 88% showing
of Wisdom Breast Cancer Education                                          improvement in fatigue and cognitive function. Five
Program in 2006 and has been awarded                                       patients dropped out because of adverse events relat-
a $25,000 grant from the Susan G.                                          ed modafinil, and one patient had to be excluded
Komen for the Cure Central and South                                       because she had become pregnant. A second phase
Jersey Affiliate to support its continued implementation in 2007/08.       of the study took patients who had shown improve-
Women of Wisdom presentations are held at local meeting places such        ment during the four week test and randomized
as community centers or churches and are targeted to underserved           patients to modafinil or placebo.
women 40 and older, living and/or working in Mercer County. A panel
of real women who have who have fought and conquered breast can-           In all groups that took the study agent there was an
cer, or who have helped a loved one or patient through the disease,        improvement in fatigue, speed of memory and power
share their inspiring stories, and BCRC’s Outreach Coordinator offers      of attention. “This is a landmark study that rigorously
important information about risk factors, symptoms, and screening.         studies the benefits of the treatment of cognitive toxi-
Each participant receives linguistically and culturally sensitive infor-   city related to chemotherapy,” said Luis A. Diaz,
mation in a Breast Health Toolkit, and a voucher entitling them to a       MD, Assistant Professor of Oncology and Director of
$25 Wal-Mart Gift Card when proof of screening is returned to BCRC.        Translational Medicine, Ludwig Center for Cancer
With the generous support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Central       Genetics & Therapeutics, Johns Hopkins Kimmel
and South Jersey Affiliate, the Women of Wisdom Program aims to            Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Larger studies are
educate 300-400 women about the importance of early detection, and         needed to confirm the results, and the ability to gen-
encourage at least 25% of those to receive screening.                      eralize this data to all patients receiving cytotoxic
                                                                           chemotherapy must be tested including patients of
Wellness Program Targets Stress and Nutrition                              varying socioecomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds.
BCRC’s Wellness Program strives to provide women affected by               Nonetheless, it is an exciting first step in treating an
breast cancer with ways to maintain and/or improve quality of life         under recognized and likely common side effect of
during and after treatment. Several new activities have been added         chemotherapy and will be the focus of significant
to the program recently, with very positive results. In February           research in the upcoming years.” The full study is
2007, BCRC began to offer Tai Chi classes taught by Donna M. Liu,          published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2007
a student of Master Won Park of the WuWei Tai Chi School in                ASCO Annual Meeting Proceedings Part I. Vol 25,
Princeton. Practicing Tai Chi helps participants reduce stress,            No. 18S (June 20 Supplement), 2007: 9004.
increase stamina, and improve posture. In April 2007, BCRC
offered Food for Life, an 8-week series designed to empower breast         Source:
cancer survivors and their caregivers to make healthy, satisfying
meals using foods that are high in fiber, low in fat, and loaded with
antioxidants and phytochemicals. Instructed by Christine
Waltermeyer of the Cancer Project, Food for Life covered a variety                   Breathe. Let go. And remind
of cancer-related nutrition topics, such as finding dairy alternatives,             yourself that this very moment
                                                                                     is the only one you know you
Continued on page 7                                                                 have for sure. - Oprah Winfrey

        he Dat
 Save T
    3rd annual “in the pink” fashion show
    & silent auction
       Friday, September 28, 2007, 6-9 pm
       The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village

       Join BCRC to launch Breast Cancer Awareness Month in style! The
       3rd Annual “In the Pink” Fashion Show & Silent Auction is an inspira-
       tional event which celebrates the strength, beauty and spirit of breast
       cancer survivors, and the courage and compassion of their support
       network. Stunning fall fashions will be modeled by breast cancer sur-
       vivors, their husbands and children, doctors, nurses and social work-
       ers—a moving reminder of the unified team that supports each
       woman as she battles this disease. In addition to the fashion show,
       guests will enjoy a reception, a ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch
       Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and both silent and live auctions. Proceeds from this event support
       BCRC’s free education, information and support services.
       Tickets: Adult $75, Friend $200, Patron $300, Benefactor $500, Table $750.
       For tickets contact BCRC at 609-497-2100 ext. 349.
       Opportunities for event sponsorship and program book ads are still available. For details contact BCRC
       at 609-497-2100 ext. 346.

     So Many Ways to Give continued from page 2                   Find out how to purchase a Pam Cutler Designs original
                                                                  by visiting
     BCRC was honored to be named a beneficiary of several
     different events in recent months. The first ever Head to
                                  Toe Women’s Expo hosted by      On June 13, 2007, pastry chef Mickey Graham, owner of
                                  Mercer County Woman             Angel Food Desserts, held the 5th Annual Lunch for
                                  Newspaper donated $180          BCRC in her home. Over 20 women attended the event
                                  from the proceeds of their      which raised $1825 to support BCRC’s programs and
                                  silent auction to BCRC;         services! The delicious main dishes included roasted
                                  Women & Wine At One With        salmon with lime/hoisin sauce, grilled chicken with
                                  the Vine presented BCRC         mango sauce, fiddlehead salad with prosciutto and pine
                                  with a check for $50 raised     nuts, and couscous with raisins and pumpkin seeds.
                                  during their event at           Topping off the gourmet menu were lemon tarts with
                                  Unionville Vineyards; and the   berries, chocolate flourless torte, and apricot clafouti. The
                                  Machestic Dragons Breast        hostess also provided goodie bags to her guests which
                                  Cancer Survivor Team gener-     included breast self-examination cards. BCRC extends a
                                  ously donated $2,500 from       “sweet” thank-you to Mickey and her guests for their gen-
     their inaugural Paddle for Pink Dragon Boat Festival held    erous support.
     on Sunday June 10, 2007 at the Mercer County Park            Guests at a 60th birthday celebration for Mrs. Carol Shum
     Marina in West Windsor (for more details on Paddle for       honored her request to give donations to BCRC in lieu of
     Pink, see the BCRC Happenings section of this issue).        gifts and made contributions totaling $1350.
     BCRC received a generous donation of $360 from jewelry       If you would like to make a donation, organize a fundrais-
     designer and breast cancer survivor Pam Cutler, represent-   er, or support BCRC in some way, please contact us at
     ing 5% of her sales between April –June. Pam continues       609-497-2100 ext. 346/349 or
     to offer her stunning line of jewelry at regional craft      Your generous contribution would mean a great deal to the
     shows and has pledged to continue supporting BCRC            women and families affected by breast cancer that BCRC
     through donating a percentage of her proceeds.               serves each and every day.

        body, mind                                          Volunteer Spotlight continued from page 3

        and soul                                            Volunteering allows me to continue to help other women. I’m a
                                                            referral system for organizations like the BCRC which I feel
        For some cancer survivors,                          proud to be able to volunteer for.
        treatment has an upside.
                                                            D: I know that you do a great deal of volunteer work outside of
        Acting like an exfoliant,
                                                            BCRC. To what other organizations do you give your time and
        radiation sometimes leaves
        skin smooth and blemish-
        free. But for others, chemo’s battle                MP: In addition to my work with the BCRC, I volunteer with
        wounds land squarely on their faces (and            Living Beyond Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society
        often necks and chests, too). Wrinkles;             (ACS) doing training, referring breast cancer patients and
        red spots; and dry, itchy patches are               recruiting volunteers. I am also a translator for The Latin Team
        among common complaints. Here are                   of South Jersey, a support group of African American and Latina
        tips to help combat these problems.                 breast cancer survivors who meet at Cooper Hospital in South
                                                            Jersey. I bring in and introduce new survivors to the group, and
        Facial Cleansers                                    when we have guest speakers I translate for the newcomers - it
        Cleanse skin with a mild soap or gel (not           helps them to feel welcomed and valued as new support group
        a harsh antibacterial soap) that is per-            members.
        fume-free. Liquid soaps and body wash-              D: Mary, you’ve been working in the public health arena for
        es, in general, are less drying. Use warm           over 35 years. What is it that you enjoy most about your work
        water when washing your face, and make              –what motivates you to remain an active volunteer?
        light, circular motions. Periodically, try
        a hydrating mask and a cool compress                MP: It’s simple. I enjoy promoting the early detection message
        (by placing a washcloth in ice water then           and educating the community - the Latinas, African Americans,
        applying the cloth to your face for 15              the uninsured and underinsured. My participation with the
        minutes).                                           BCRC has helped to increase diversity in the programs. My
                                                            support of the Women of Wisdom program has enabled Latina
        Moisturizers                                        breast cancer survivors to share their experience with others.
        Use alcohol-free lotions and face creams
        fortified with anioxidants, such as vita-           D: What have you gained from your volunteer experience with
        mins C, D, and E, which help rejuvenate             the BCRC?
        damaged skin. Moisturizing creams that              MP: I receive more than I could ever give. I think that the
        contain a higher percentage of oil than             opportunity to be able to serve others as a volunteer is priceless.
        water preserve moisture.                            To see the courage, the strength and the desire to live is an inspi-
                                                            ration to me. I am inspired beyond belief whenever I have an
        Sunscreen                                           opportunity to serve others. I think that anyone who has free
        Wearing sunscreen (with a sun protection            time or wants to volunteer goes into the field knowing, and if
        factor – SPF – of 15 or higher) every day           not knowing then quickly learning, that volunteerism is a small
        and reducing the amount of skin exposed             sacrifice of your time compared to the time, compassion, and
        to the sun will help combat further wrin-           caring that you receive in return. When I use half an hour or
        kling and discoloration.                            part of my day to volunteer my services, it’s a small sacrifice
                                                            compared to the large reward that I receive as a result of my
        Source: Beyond, Fall/Winter 2006 issue
                                                            contribution – a card, a hug, quickly reminds me of the many
                                                            reasons why I volunteer. The love and compassion is priceless
think pink                                                  and timeless. It is a gift to be able to serve other people – espe-
                                                            cially breast cancer survivors. Although I’m not a survivor, I am
Starting your Christmas shopping early? Why not make        honored when they share so much of themselves; their sorrows
     your purchase through Join              and their concerns – that’s a gift, their gift to me. I value every
    (it’s free!), designate BCRC as      minute of service to these women.
                 your cause, and a portion of your pur-
                 chases will be donated to BCRC. For a
            limited time, each new supporter who joins
                                                                    in loving memory
     and makes a single purchase                 We remember and honor the lives
           within 45 days of joining receives an extra $5           of the friends we have lost.
donation for her selected cause!
                                                                    Theresa Dellaquila, Sharon Bonitz, Rhonda Berry.
     BCRC Happenings continued from page 4                           q&a
     immune-boosting foods, and maintaining a healthy                Q. I am two years past cancer treatment. My husband was
     weight. BCRC would like to thank the Cancer                     very supportive during the diagnosis, the lumpectomy, radia-
     Project for hosting the series, as well as Whole Foods          tion therapy, and the chemotherapy, but once I stopped regu-
     Princeton for donating the use of their kitchen.                lar treatment (evidently tamoxifen doesn't count!) he seemed
     BCRC Welcomes New Community                                     to think everything was going to go back to the way it was.
                                                                     I'm not sure what to do, and I'm not sure if he wants to talk
     Outreach Assistant                                              about what he feels. - Anonymous
     BCRC is happy to welcome Gloria Soto-Eisenberg to
                            the team, as the new Community           A. This is an extremely common phenomenon. When women
                            Outreach Assistant. Gloria holds         are newly diagnosed and going through "active" treatment,
                            a Master’s Degree in Public              everyone, including the woman herself, rallies to get through
                            Health and a Bachelor’s Degree           the ordeal. However, once the transition to survivorship has
                            in Health Education from the             begun, well-intentioned friends and loved ones may think and
                            University of Puerto Rico, and is        want to believe that a woman is feeling better, and may desire
                            a member of the American                 things to get back to normal. During this time and beyond, a
                            Public Health Association. She           woman continues to experience the medical and psychological
                            has extensive community health           repercussions of her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
                            experience, as a health educator         Some women may feel even worse than they did (initially and
                            in the Puerto Rican public school        during active treatment), from a psychological standpoint.
                            system for ten years, and as a           Having breast cancer is a life-altering experience for most
     hospital education program coordinator for seven                women. It is difficult to move forward with the new uncertain-
     years. She also hosted a radio call-in show featuring           ty that breast cancer survivors must face, not to mention the
     various health topics. Gloria says of her new position,         new body, etc. I recommend to my patients and those who care
     “I’m very happy to be part of BCRC’s innovative                 about them that they recognize this, and try to move forward,
     health education programs and look forward to spread-           perhaps more slowly than before in their "new normal" lives
     ing breast cancer awareness to the Hispanic communi-            and bodies. Sometimes, personal counseling or couples coun-
     ty.” Gloria lives in Robbinsville with her husband and          seling can be of benefit. There is also an excellent videotape
     two children.                                                   that discusses this very issue available through the American
                                                                     Cancer Society about Moving Beyond Breast Cancer (1-800-
     Breast Cancer Survivors Discuss                                 4-CANCER). - Ann Partridge, MD, MPH. Ask the ASCO
                                                                     Expert Series “Cancer Survivorship: Living Beyond Cancer.”
     New Perspectives
     Breast cancer survivors now have a unique forum in
     which to discuss and learn to cope with the changes
     in perspective and priorities that often come with a
     breast cancer diagnosis. BCRC’s monthly New
                                                                click on it
     Perspectives Meditation Group is facilitated by psy-       Patient Advocate Foundation
     chologist Pat Vroom, and uses meditation and dis-
     cussion to help survivors explore questions like
     “Who am I now?”                                            Navigating the managed healthcare system is not
     and “What am I learning from this experience?”             always easy, especially for cancer patients. The Patient Advocate
     Participants also learn how to use meditation to           Foundation (PAF), a national non-profit organization, works to advo-
     boost immune system function and to positively             cate for patients’ rights and provide effective assistance to their access
     alter coping styles and information processing. This       to care, maintenance of employment, and preservation of their finan-
     group is open to all breast cancer patients and sur-       cial stability. PAF serves as an active liaison between the patient and
     vivors, whether they are new to meditation or use it       their insurer, employer and/or creditors to resolve insurance, job dis-
     regularly. For those who want something different          crimination, and/or debt crisis matters relative to their diagnosis
     from a traditional support group, New Perspectives         through case managers and attorneys. Through printable brochures on
     is an excellent alternative with less talking and more     its website, PAF helps patients understand terminology of insurance
     “doing”! The New Perspectives Meditation Group             plans, and find financial resources.
     meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:00 –
     8:30pm, in the YWCA Princeton Bramwell House               The Patient Advocate Foundation's Co-Pay Relief (CPR) Program also
     Living Room.                                               provides direct co-payment assistance for pharmaceutical products to
                                                                insured patients who financially and medically qualify. The CPR Program
     Continued on page 8                                        offers personal service to all patients through the use of call counselors
                                                                who assist patients throughout the entire application process.

     Feature continued from page 1

     Medicaid: - Medicaid provides health insurance for low-income individuals and
     families who meet its requirements. Programs operate differently in various states.
     Social Security: - Patients with cancer may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Not all can-
     cer patients are considered disabled, but those with advanced cancer are sometimes considered disabled by Social
     Security’s definition.
     CancerCare: - Offers limited financial assistance for homecare, childcare, transportation, hor-
     monal and oral chemotherapy, pain and anti-nausea medication, and lymphedema supplies through the AVONCares and
     Linking A.R.M.S.™ programs. In addition CancerCare social workers can help patients find assistance beyond
     CancerCare, including resources from state agencies and state-run treatment funds.
     Patient Access Network Foundation: - An independent non-profit dedicated to
     assisting insured patients who cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs associated with their treatment needs. A specific
     breast cancer fund is established.
     Partnership for Prescription Assistance: - A partnership of pharmaceutical companies,
     health care providers and advocacy groups which helps patients without prescription coverage obtain low-cost and
     free medicine.
     Rx 4 NJ: – A voluntary partnership formed to help people across New Jersey gain access to over 250
     free and low-cost prescription medicine programs that include over 1800 different prescription medicines.
     Christina S. Walsh Breast Cancer Foundation: - A New Jersey based non-profit
     that provides financial assistance to patients who need help covering costs of medications, tests, purchase of wigs, hos-
     pital stay incidentals (meals, phone, parking, transportation) etc.

     The organizations listed above are only a few of many possible sources of financial assistance. For help in finding addi-
     tional resources, contact BCRC.

     BCRC Happenings continued from page 7

     Dragon Boat Festival Turns Mercer County Park Marina Pink

     The inaugural Paddle for Pink Dragon Boat Festival, hosted by
     the Machestic Dragons, was held Sunday June 10, 2007 at the
     Mercer County Park Marina in West Windsor in support of
     BCRC. The Machestic Dragons, New Jersey’s first breast can-
     cer survivor dragon boat team, are in their sixth season of pad-
     dling to help raise breast cancer awareness and to demonstrate
     that women living with breast cancer can lead full, active lives.
     Paddle for Pink was a spectacular success, with over 200 pad-
     dlers and 100 spectators participating in the days’ activities.
     West Windsor Township Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh was on hand to
     kick off the event with words of welcome and encouragement,
     and he joined paddlers and spectators for the traditional Eye-
     Dotting Ceremony to wake the dragon boats, and the Pink
     Carnation Ceremony to honor those who have been affected by
     breast cancer. Teams from Washington DC and Camden, NJ joined the Machestic Dragons for three races in the Breast
     Cancer Survivor Division, and teams from Rutgers University, New Jersey Hospital Association, YWCA Princeton,
     Merrill Lynch, and Mid-Jersey Chinese School were joined by smaller groups and individual paddlers for four heats in
     the Community Division. The Machestic Dragons presented BCRC with a check for $2,500 to help support wellness
     programs that will encourage women affected by breast cancer keep surviving and thriving! For more information on
     dragon boating and the Machestic Dragons, visit

     bcrc wants to hear from you!
     Please check all appropriate boxes:

     q   I would like to be a BCRC volunteer! Please send me a volunteer application form.
     q   I would like to make a donation.*
     q   I’ve moved! Please change my address.
     q   Please add me to the mailing list.
     q   Please remove me from the mailing list.


     Address ________________________________________________________________________________________

     City__________________________________________ State____________________Zip______________________

     Telephone (      ) _____________________________ Email_____________________________________________

     Please return to: Breast Cancer Resource Center, YWCA Princeton, 59 Paul Robeson Place, Princeton, NJ 08540,
     609-497-2100 ext 346/349, or email

     *To make a donation, kindly write a check payable to YWCA Princeton Breast Cancer Resource Center. If you
     would like to make a contribution in memory/celebration of someone else, please include the person’s name as well
     as an address to where we may send the donation acknowledgement card.

     a good read                                                  • The Hope Tree – Kids Talk About Breast Cancer,
                                                                    by Laura Numeroff and Wendy S. Harpham, M.D.,
     The Year My Mother Was Bald                                    illustrated by David McPhail.
     Written by Ann Speltz                                        • Our Mom Has Cancer, by Abigail and Adrienne
     Reviewed by Lindsey Colanduoni, age 12                         Ackermann.
                                                                  • Will I Get Breast Cancer? Questions & Answers
     My name is Lindsey and my mom has breast cancer.               for Teenage Girls, by Carole G. Vogel.
     When I first found out that my mom had breast cancer, I      • Helping Your Children Cope with Your Cancer – A
     was very upset and I thought the world was going to col-       Guide for Parents and Families, 2nd Edition, by
     lapse on me. But when I started to read “The Year My           Peter Van Dernoot.
     Mother Was Bald,” it answered a lot of my questions,         • Can I still Kiss You? Answering Your Children’s
     and described the emotions that I was feeling. For exam-       Questions About Cancer, by Neil Russell.
     ple, the little girl in the book was getting mad and impa-   • When a Parent Has Cancer. A Guide to Caring for
     tient all the time, and that’s what was happening to me. I     Your Children, by Wendy Schlessel Harpham.
     didn’t realize that I was feeling that way because my
     mom had breast cancer. Another way that the book
     helped me was that it told me what is going to happen to        Research continued from page 3
     my mom while she is in treatment. So, if your child has
     all these different emotions and wants to know what             who have taken a minimum of 2 years of hormonal ther-
     might happen to you during treatment, then I recom-             apy with tamoxifen or an AI. These patients may be
     mend this book.                                                 offered letrozole for the duration of their initial adjuvant
                                                                     hormonal therapy and then screened for eligibility into
     For other books that will help you and your children deal       the study.
     with your breast cancer diagnosis, why not visit the            For more information on this trial, or others being con-
     BCRC Resource Library. Look for these titles:                   ducted at University Medical Center at Princeton, please
     • Our Family Has Cancer Too!, by Christine                      contact Susan Wall, Oncology Research Nurse, Cancer
       Clifford, illustrated by Jack Lindstrom.                      Program, University Medical Center at Princeton, 609-
                 breast cancer resource center
                    YWCA Princeton, 59 Paul Robeson Place,
                     Princeton NJ 08540

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             Editor: Patricia Orr
             Production: Barbara Curtis
             Printing: Mastergraphx

      the many faces of bcrc

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