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					        Quotes from Principals, Regional Officers,
            Leading Teachers and Teachers.
These quotes (some taken from emails, some from evaluation
sheets) are evidence of how my own use of technology has
enhanced the way I work with colleagues.

I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I left feeling inspired by what you have achieved. It’s even better
that you hold these sessions to pass on the ideas. I want to start setting up some podcasts.
Paul D. Teacher

 Just a short note to thank you for last night, it was sensational. You have been a hot topic of discussion
today (all good). Many of our staff are asking me, "when do we start?"
 It is great isn't when teachers can share their knowledge and understandings to improve what happens in
the classroom.
Again great stuff!!!
Gary F
Assistant Principal,

The workshop was nothing short of FANTASTIC!
Margaret F.
ICT eLearning Project Officer,

You are a dynamic and interesting teacher leading the way for the rest of us in the Podcasting arena. Thank
- you for your energy and your presentation last week. We are inspired!
Dianne B.

As a result of your conference presentation, we now have a Podcasting Program with students creating their
own Podcasts. Teachers are also becoming more aware of this exciting tool and I am heading off to see our
VCE Biology Teacher with your Podcasts ready for him! Apart from Podcasting, I am very grateful to you
for mentioning MS SharePoint. Your presentation "planted the seed" and this year we have finally
introduced the Scholaris Learning Gateway which runs on SharePoint. I can't help but think that if I hadn't
have been fortunate enough to participate in your Knowledge Bank presentation, our school would not be
involved in these two significant projects. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lucy B. :)
eLearning Curriculum Support,

I just wanted to say thanks again for last Wednesday. We really appreciated your time and enthusiasm in
sharing with us, ideas and information that we may hopefully use to better our IT culture at Alexandra
Secondary College. We all left ... feeling excited at what we had seen.
John H
Head of PE.

Thank you very much for your contribution to the recent Hume Region’s eLearning Conference. The
evaluation sheets handed in by participants indicate a very high degree of satisfaction, with an overall
average rating for the Conference of 4.9 which equates to “Very Useful” on the Evaluation sheet. 16
participants handed in evaluation sheets for your activity, titled, Podagogy-creating a virtual classroom,
giving an average rating of 5.5. This means that they found the activity Excellent.
Brendan O
Senior Programs Officer - eLearning

I was at one of your VITTA presentations and found your ideas outstanding. Thanks Andrew. You are
great. If there were only more like you. Don’t let them tire you …remain the torch bearer for this type of
work. I’ll try to follow your lead.
Wilma W.
eLearning Manager

Thanks Andrew - a brilliant PD. And a surprisingly enjoyable afternoon at the end of the day! (Not to say I
didn't think it would be enjoyable but it is a tough job at the end of the day to engage a group of teachers). I
loved the way it was presented and though I think the vodcast is great, this would be my preferred method
of learning. THANK YOU - one of the very best short workshops I have attended.
Andrew H - Teacher

This was just terrific. I cannot wait to use it!
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

Fantastic Douchy - thanks. Tremendously useful and felt very comfortable (ie not talked down to!). You
are a marvel.
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

The PowerPoint stuff was excellent and I learned a lot from the session. Douchy’s presentation was great
and he made it all as simple and straightforward as possible - almost idiot proof. Probably the best ICT in-
service I’ve done. 10/10 for the presenter. I’ll definitely use this tool in my classes.
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

The PD I have done on website and powerpoint this year have been awesome. Now I need to put this into
practice and then I'm sure I will have more questions for you.
Thanks Heaps
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

Your PD was fantastic!! I enjoyed very much and I need to practice myself. So if I need (I probable need)
your help, please help me again. It is because my language level prevent to follow all the skills. Thank you
very much again, Andrew. You rock!
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)
Terrific job once again, Douchy. I like the way you don't assume any prior knowledge, as I don't have a
lot! Thanks again for giving up your time.
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

Great Douchy, just what i needed thank you muchly!!!!!!!! What you have done is great.
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

Excellent - knew a fair bit about PowerPoint already, but was looking for some new tricks. And Douchy
didn’t let me down.
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

When I floundered because I couldn’t find things as quickly as I needed to, you made me feel
comfortable(not foolish) in asking to stop proceedings to catch me up. So I could continue and eventually
got right on top of what you were showing us. Thanks for that!
Teacher (from anonymous evaluation sheet)

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