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					        SBS proof viewing

SBS Proof Viewing Cabinets
VeriVide Side By Side Proof ViewingCabinets (SBS) were          The SBS cabinet features dual light sources, for viewing
created in collaboration with PIRA and in accordance with       transparencies and their reproductions, both incorporating a
British and International standards, BS 950: Part 2 – viewing   D50 light source with a high Colour Rendering Index (C.R.I.).
conditions for the Graphic Arts industry. Also to ISO 3664      Some applications for viewing may require additional light
standards – viewing conditions for Graphic Technology and       sources, for example a Point of Sale illuminant, TL84.
Photography. The exclusive SBS can be used with two             For more information please contact our Sales Department
different sizes of VeriVide Transparency Viewers, the VTV       or E-Mail
1812 or VTV 1824. Both models include nylon fibre
‘gentlegrip’ at the edge of the screen to hold transparencies
firmly without damage.

To optimise consistency of viewing conditions the unit
comprises of a unique VeriVide control panel, with optional
dimming feature, a specially selected white reflector
and electronic ballasts. A unique feature is our neutral grey
concave viewing deck that eliminates specular reflection,                           SBS proof viewing
allowing accurate colour and quality control. Proof
sheets can be held in place on the curved metal deck using
magnets provided.
                                                                                    cabinets DATA
                         SBS Proof Viewing Cabinets
           SBS proof viewing

 Below is an illustration of a typical product order code for a Proof Viewing Cabinet (SBS). To create your own product order code, simply fill in the blue boxes in
 Table 1 by following the quick step-by-step guide below, or visit where the process is fully automated within the product catalogue section.

 Typical Product Order Code

   Style              Size              Light                             Light                               Light                            Interior                   Voltage
                                       Source 1                          Source 2                            Source 3                           Colour

   SBS               150 - 1              D50                                   -                                 -                             G5574                      230v

 Table 1 – Your Product Order Code
   Style              Size              Light                             Light                               Light                            Interior                   Voltage
                                       Source 1                          Source 2                            Source 3                           Colour

   SBS                                    D50

 1. Select the cabinet Size you require from the table below, and specify in Table 1.

         Size (dimensions in mm)                                                                      Width                                 Height                      Depth

                      150-2                   Overall                                                 1560                                   1085                        620
                                              Usable Deck                                             855                                    985
                                              Transparency Screen (VTV1824)                            610                                   430

                      150-1                   Overall                                                 1560                                   1085                        620
                                              Usable Deck                                             1160                                    985
                                              Transparency Screen (VTV1812)                            305                                    430

                      120-2                   Overall                                                 1290                                   1085                        620
                                              Usable Deck                                             585                                    985
                                              Transparency Screen (VTV1824)                           610                                    430

                      120-1                   Overall                                                 1290                                   1085                        620
                                              Usable Deck                                             890                                    985
                                              Transparency Screen (VTV1812)                            305                                   430

                      90-1                    Overall                                                  900                                   1085                        620
                                              Usable Deck                                              500                                   985
                                              Transparency Screen (VTV1812)                            305                                   430

 2. All cabinets are supplied in a “Hammer Finish” grey but can also be supplied in a “Light Texture” grey, if required please add “LG” to Table 1 beside the cabinet
 size chosen e.g. 150-1/LG

 3. All cabinets are supplied complete with D50 lamps. If you have your own Light Source requirements or would like an additional light source to the typical
 selection given, please specify. Should you require any assistance with your selection, please refer to the Data Sheet/pdf - Lamp Options.

 4. If the standard or application you are working to requires a variable intensity of light, a Dimmable option is offered. If required, please add “D” to Table 1
 beside the relevant Light Source, e.g. D50/D.

 5. In order to view your samples objectively without the influence of surround or background colours, the Interior of the cabinets are finished in a neutral matt
 grey. All cabinets are normally supplied with the interior grey reference G5574, but can be supplied with an alternative Munsell N5 or N7. Please specify in Table 1

       Interior Colour                      Grey: G5574                                         Munsell Grey N5                                               Munsell Grey N7

 6. Please select the Voltage you require for your cabinet by specifying it in Table 1.

       Voltage                                          230v                                                    110v

 VeriVide offers a range of Accessories and Optional items. To see which accessories are available with the SBS range, please refer to Table 2 and Data Sheet/pdf –
 Accessories for more information.

 Table 2 - Accessories available for the SBS Proof Viewing Cabinets

                         Fixed Angle            Tilting                 Diffuser              Benches                 Cupboards                 Maintenance            Replacement
                            Table               Table                                                                                              Pack                  Lamps

 SBS   150   -   2             -                    -                                                                                                                   
 SBS   150   -   1             -                    -                                                                                                                   
 SBS   120   -   2             -                    -                                                                                                                   
 SBS   120   -   1             -                    -                                                                                                                   
 SBS   90                      -                    -                                                                                                                   

                                       VeriVide equipment is manufactured in the U.K. Company registered under BS EN ISO 9001: 2000. Certificate No. 3393.
                                                      VeriVide reserve the right to modify our equipment at any time. Issue No.2 August 2004

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