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If your Post has received a donation or grant from a company, corporation or Foundation then you have an obligation to publicize their generosity. Here are a few easy ways to thank the donor for their contribution. 1. Thank You Letter: Write an immediate thank you letter to the contact person at the corporation or Foundation that has given you the donation or grant. Briefly mention how their generosity has made an incredible difference. Perhaps, you might want to buy a thank you card that your Post members can sign. 2. Photos: A few snapshots can go far in showing a donor that your event, program or project was a huge success. Moreover, before-and after photos of a project demonstrate that their contribution has really made a difference. 3. Press Release: A company or Foundation (unless they request anonymity) loves to see their name in a positive way in your local newspaper. Additionally, radio and television stations are other outlets for acknowledgment. After all, that’s free publicity for your donor and advertising that they didn’t have to pay for! If you need assistance in writing a press release please contact me. 4. Letter to the Editor: Another way to publicize a donation is to simply write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. Explain the donation and how your VFW Post was able to complete the project or event because of the generous support of the company or foundation. 5. Outside VFW Post Sign: If your Post has an outdoor sign, place a short thank you message like: “Thank You Wal-Mart for your donation!” Take a photo of the sign and send it to the donor (in this case Wal-Mart). You might also hang “thank you banners” in and outside of the Post building. 6. Present a Certificate of Appreciation: For a minimal amount you can purchase a certificate to frame or plaque of appreciation that can be presented to the donor.

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