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Quest of the Holy Grail


									 The Quest of the Holy Grail
     "Queste du Graal"
  Dijon, Bibliothèque Municipale, ms 527

  Deluxe facsimile edition:

   • original format 32 x 41.5 cm, 326 pp
 • Limited edition of 987 copies
 • A co-production of the Bibliothèque
   de la Ville de Dijon & Ediciones Grial
 • Euro 2,400 (please call for OMI price)

                                     adventures impregnating the         amongst the knights, the
                                     literature with a profound          chosen one to initiate and
                                     religiousness. Chrétien de          conclude with success the
                                     Troyes did not finish his story     quest for the Holy Grail. The
                                     and many successors                 knights who start out from
                                     developed his initial theme.        Camelot with Galaad on this
                                     Around 1220 one or more             quest will come across a
                                     authors, in a successively          multitude of adventures on
                                     collective work, came up with       their way, as well as
                                     the most beautiful cycle of         unbelievable dangers, but
                                     medieval literature. These prose also the mystic guidance of
  The literary cycle around the
                                     geniuses, even anonymous            the Holy Cup, a symbol
  mythic Holy Grail produced
                                     ones, wrote what is known as        which will supply them with
  one of the most beautiful prose
                                     the "Vulgata" or the "Great Holy    the interior strength needed
  texts of all times, in which
                                     Grail". The vulgata is made up      to conclude such a
  fantasy is combined with
                                     of three parts: "Lancelot", "The    fascinating adventure. One of
  spirituality in such a way that
                                     Quest or Demand of the Grail",      the most beautiful
  it became the basis for the
                                     and "The Death of King Arthur". manuscripts of the Holy
  chivalresque novels to come
                                     Without a doubt, "The Quest for Grail Cycle is under the
  later. "The Story of the Holy
                                     the Holy Grail" is the most         custody of the old chapel of
  Grail" is the best known work
                                     impressive and best written of      the Jesuit School (now in the
  by Chrétien de Troyes. A new
                                     the trilogy. In this manuscript     Bibliothèque Municipale),  an
  spiritual tendency colored
                                     the knightly and courteous          early 15th-century codex
  with Christianity is added here
                                     virtues are transformed into        containing over 50
  to the legends of King Arthur
                                     Christian virtues and they are      miniatures, rich capital
  and his knights. Not by
                                     colored with the spirit of reform   letters and a profusion of
  accident it is the moment of the
                                     and purity of faith which the       ornamented borders
  Third Crusade. The knights,
                                     Cistercian Order upholded. The decorated with exquisite
  now horsemen at God's service,
                                     banner of this new spirituatlity    details.
  will give a much more
                                     will be Galaad, the knight
  trancendental sense to their

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