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                                                                                                                 “Growing up in
Th                                                                                                             that environment
                                                                                                              really instilled the
                                                                                                                   importance of
                                                                                                                   giving back to
       Published by the Central Montana Foundation & Medical Center Foundation                                      community.”
                                        Summer 2008
                                                                                                                  - Brad Bergum
               Improving the quality of life in Central Montana!
- Book profits to go to
                             Brad Bergum is an advocate
  Winifred Endowment
  Page 1
- Rural Endowment
                             for his hometown of Winifred
                               Brad Bergum, author of “Photographs from
  Funds surpass $300,000!   Eaden: A Montana Story,” is a long ways from
  Page 2                    his youth spent in Winifred, Montana, popula-
- Class of „35 honored      tion 150. He and his wife, Dee, live in San
  Page 3                    Francisco, along with nearly 750,000 other
- Glenn Vogl Scholarship    people, where Brad works for Advent Soft-
  Page 3                    ware and moonlights as an author.
                               His first novel was published last year and is
- EMTs complete
                            set in the fictitious Montana town of Eaden,
  EMT-I/99 certification    which bears many resemblances to his boy-
  Page 4                    hood hometown of Winifred.
- Cardiac Run is June 14       The greater Winifred community has left an
  Page 4                    indelible mark on Brad—lessons of commu-
- Media Educational         nity activism, respect and a
  Center at CMMC            good work ethic. “There is
  Page 5                    such strong community
                            spirit in Winifred,” Brad
- FHS After Prom Party
                            explained. “Growing up in
  Page 5                    that environment instilled
- Crime Stoppers serves     in me the importance of
  vital role in the area    giving back—I learned
  Page 6                    that by example—that‟s
- Group plans for skating   something I feel strongly
  rink improvements         about.”                                                                  Brad Bergum
  Page 7                       So strongly, in fact, that                                              Author of
                            Brad earmarked all of the
- Calendar sales profits    profits for his first book
                                                                                               “Photographs from Eaden”
  help local hospice        for the Central Montana Foundation, desig-          Montana Foundation and the Winifred Endow-
  Page 8                    nated for the Winifred Endowment Fund.              ment.” He said there are many worthy causes in
- Relay for Life survivor      Supporting Winifred through the Foundation       the world, but he likes the Foundation‟s mission
  dinner granted funds      is a habit that 36-year-old Brad has been prac-     of helping the community that helped him.
  Page 8                    ticing for several years now. Brad took advan-         Brad stressed that each generation has a respon-
- MCF has new officers      tage of his last employer‟s matching gift pro-      sibility to offer a helping hand and encouragement
                            gram to help build the Winifred Endowment.          to the generation that follows.
  Page 9
                            For every dollar he gave to this community             “None of us got here by ourselves, no matter
- Kids Club is thriving     fund, his employer matched that amount.
  Page 9                                                                        how highly we think of ourselves, we had help. If
                               Brad is working with the CEO of his current      we‟re in a position where we can afford to donate a
- Donors‟ list              employer to implement a similar program and         little back, I think that it‟s the least we can do. When
  Page 10-11                said it should be in place by the end of the
- Vision 2000 Endowment     year.                                               Winifred author . . .
                               “I‟ve always been a supporter of the Central                                     (Continued on Page 5)
  Page 12
                                The Roundup - A Gathering of People Helping People

 Rural Endowment funds gifted $3,000 each
   In the 24 years since it was founded, Central Montana
Foundation (CMF) has stayed true to its mission: to improve
the quality of life in all of Central Montana.                          “Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest
   One very effective way that the CMF Board of Directors
                                                                         in ideas and people in whom they believe.”
found to do this was to offer guidance and financial support
to ten Central Montana communities with endowment funds                                                   - G.T. Smith
with CMF.
   Every year for the past nine, the Foundation has granted
$3,000 to each of the community endowments, and the com-              to improve the quality of life in their area.
munities just received their annual boost. There are no                   In the nearly 10 years since the first community endow-
strings attached to this annual gift, except that the funds are       ments were established, the fund totals have grown dramati-
to be spent during the year in which the gift was given.              cally. Some rural endowments have been blessed to have
   CMF President Mike Zacher explained that the Foundation            former residents give hefty donations to grow the funds, and
Board of Directors wants to make sure that the rural commu-           others are growing slowly, but steadily as their community
nities are deciding where Foundation funds will be best util-         understand an endowment can provide long-term help for
ized. “We don‟t make that decision for them,” he added.               financing worthy projects.
   The annual Foundation gifts have helped emergency ser-                In 2000, the community endowment funds totaled $67,906
vices, schools, cultural events and civic organizations.              and by March 2008, the balances of the ten funds surpassed
   In the meantime, each of the rural endowments have con-            the $300,000 mark!
tinued to build their endowment funds; with the principal                For more information on how to help a rural community in
remaining intact and the interest only spent on other projects        Central Montana, see the contact list below.              

       Community Endowment Contact List
           and Fund Balances as of March 31, 2008
    Judith Basin County/Stanford Endowment, $88,574                                     MONTANA
     G.C. Tucker Hughes, PO Box 194, Stanford, MT 59479 - Phone: 566-2619            FOUNDATION
                                                               A statue of a mother and her children will direct
    Moore Endowment, $34,378                                                          COMMUNITY
                                                               visitors to the Veteran’s Memorial Park circle of
     Roberta Belden, PO Box 76, Moore, MT 59464 - Phone: 374-2475
                                                               honor.                ENDOWMENT
    Winifred Endowment, $33,460
     Twila Lunde, PO Box 142, Winifred, MT 59489 - Phone: 462-5383                          FUNDS
                                                                                The circle of honor at Veteran‟s
                                                                              Memorial Park is nearing comple-
  Hobson Endowment, $18,093
   (Hobson Endowment-School, $5,549)
                                                                           The U.S. Coast Guard statue was
   Sara Stevenson, PO Box 321, Hobson, MT 59452 - Phone: 423-5443       placed on its pedestal in late 2006
  Grass Range Endowment, $27,001                                                                   $303,529
                                                                        and the U.S. Marine will soon be on
   Wayne Eickhoff, PO Box 144, Grass Range, MT 59032 - Phone: 428-2449 its way to its permanent home at the
  Denton Endowment, $32,634
                                                                           The Coast Guard statue is by Joe    
    Wayne Edwards, c/o Farmers State Bank, Denton, MT 59430 - Phone: 567-2226 of Choteau and the Marine is
  Garfield County Endowment, $16,908                                                IMPROVING
                                                                        the work of Tim Sullivan of Mis-
   Holly Harbaugh, Box 395, Jordan, MT 59337 - Phone: 557-2324          soula.
                                                                                   THE in the circle will
                                                                           The final statueQUALITY
  Judith Gap Endowment, $15,505                                                        OF (Prisoners of
                                                                        represent POW/MIALIFE
   Dean Peterson, Judith Gap, MT 59453 - Phone: 374-2244                War/Missing in Action) and is in
  Petroleum County Endowment, $16,786                                  production by IN OUR
                                                                                          Marvin DeBuff of
   Jim Johnke, Winnett, MT 59087 - Phone: 429-2311                      Lewistown. CENTRAL
                                                                           In addition, a statue of a mother
  Roy Endowment, $14,740                                                             MONTANA
                                                                        pointing to the memorial along with
   Shelly Willmore, River Route, Roy, MT 59471 - Phone: 464-7411        her two COMMUNITIES!
                                                                                 children, will be located in
                                                                                           the park area and be in place by the
                                                                                           4th of July. Rick Rowley of Lincoln
              Central Montana Foundation • P.O. Box 334 Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6130

  Class of 1935 honored as Friends of the Foundation!
   Several generations have come and gone since the Class
of 1935 graced the halls of Fergus County High School.
Seventy-three years later, the 2008 Fergus graduates have a
new world of technology at their fingertips and career op-
portunities that their great-grandparents, and grandparents
never dreamed of.
   What hasn‟t changed, however, is the value of a good
education. “I was brought up as a farmer in the dry 1930s
and didn‟t get to go to college,” said Rudy Hruska, who is
the chairman of the 1935 Scholarship Fund. “But, I believe
we need to help people get an education and become hon-
est, hardworking and trustworthy.”
   It was this conviction that led the Class of 1935 to estab-
lish a scholarship fund in 1985 following their 50th class
reunion, and the Foundation‟s Board of Directors is honor-                  Rudy Hruska                   Elliot Landheim
ing their vision and success by naming them as the recipi-           weather. He asked the boy to meet him after school and he
ents of the 2008 Friends of the Foundation Award.                    took him to the Hub, a long-time men‟s clothing store in
   Rudy credits classmate Bob Rolfness with the idea to set          Lewistown. He bought young Bob a winter coat, hat with
up the fund. He recalled that Bob spoke at the reunion ban-          earflaps, overshoes and heavy mittens to wear on this paper
quet about an experience he had as a youth working his               route. Bob told the man he didn‟t have the money to pay for
newspaper route in Lewistown. Bob was delivering papers
during a winter cold spell wearing only a light coat, and no
hat, gloves or winter boots. One of his customers met him            Friends of the Foundation . . .
at the door, appalled that he wasn‟t dressed for the cold                                                   (Continued on Page 6)

  Scholarship established by Glenn Vogl‟s family & friends
   Glenn Vogl was a man who knew          opportunities for kids just graduating,
the value of education, friends and       so we wanted this to be for students
family, according to his widow,           already in college,” Louise explained.
Louise.                                      Glenn was very active in the com-
   “Friends and family were impor-        munity, serving on the Brooks School
tant to him,” Louise said, adding,        Board and Lewistown School Dis-
“He liked to tease people and they        trict, Brooks Community Club, Nor-
loved it!” She said her husband was a     west Bank Board, Stockgrowers and
strong proponent of the schools and       Graingrowers Association, rifle
education because he understood that      clubs, Eagles Lodge and was a mem-
youth are the key to the future.          ber of St. Leo‟s Catholic Church.
   Glenn died unexpectedly on May            “They liked having him on boards
3, 2007. With the help of his former      because he tried to get along and was
classmates from the Fergus High           a good peace maker,” Louise said.
School Class of 1956, the Vogl fam-          Glenn and Louise met while both
ily set up the Glenn Vogl Memorial        were students at Montana State Uni-
Agriculture Scholarship with the          versity in Bozeman. They married in
Central Montana Foundation.               1959 and then raised seven children         Glenn Vogl and his grandson,
   “His classmates decided to do this;    on their Brooks area ranch. They had        Zachary Revenaugh.
he had a lot of friends and we were       18 grandchildren, and Louise was
pleased that the scholarship grew         waiting for word of the 19th grand-         was very helpful and it was easy to get it
quite big,” Louise said.                  child‟s arrival any day.                    set-up.”
   The fund is for an ag major already       Louise said working with the Cen-        The winner of this and other Foundation
attending a Montana college, univer-      tral Montana Foundation to estbab-          scholarships will be announced in the next
sity or vo-tech with a 2.5 GPA.           lish the scholarship was a pleasure.        Roundup newsletter.
“There are so many more scholarship       “Diane Lutz (Foundation secretary)                               

            Medical Center Foundation • 408 Wendell Ave. Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6309

  Local EMT’s receive training to provide
   life-saving medication to ambulance
   Five members of Central                                                                      Since 1996, Rick said
Montana Medical Center‟s                                                                    CMMC‟s Ambulance crew
ambulance crew, two from                                                                    has been able to do advanced
Harlowton and one from                                                                      airway procedures and defi-
the Roundup crew, recently                                                                  brillation, but being able to
completed their EMT-I/99                                                                    administer cardiac life support
training thanks to the Cen-                                                                 medications further increases
tral Montana Medical Cen-                                                                   a patient‟s odds of survival on
ter Foundation.                                                                             the ride to the hospital.
   The Medical Center                                                                           In addition, EMT-I/99 cer-
Foundation granted funds                                                                    tified personnel are also able
for the higher level training                                                               to give morphine to temper
which included 200 hours                                                                    pain.
in the classroom and 200                                                                        Rick explained that
hours of clinical time. The                                                                 CMMC‟s Ambulance Crew
classroom time was in the                                                                   often intercepts with area rural
CMMC Media Educational                                                                      ambulances. “It can be a
Center, using telemedicine                                                                  pretty long transport at times,
with Montana State Univer-                                                                  and for someone who had a
sity of Great Falls College                                                                 painful fracture or injury, we
of Technology.                                                                              couldn‟t do anything for their
   Having this certification                                                                pain.”
is significant, said Rick                                                                       Rick hopes more EMTs
Poss, who heads up                                                                          will be able to achieve this
CMMC‟s ambulance ser-                 CMMC EMTs Albert White (left) and Dan Bent.           higher level of education and
vices, because these EMTs                                                                   said it‟s a lot of work and time
can administer cardiac life support        survival for the patients that do go   commitment, but several are inter-
medications that “increase the odds of     down.”                                 ested.
                                                                                     The cost of the EMT-I/99 course is
       Cardiac Run/Walk set for June 14 this year                                 about $1,200 per student. “Without the
    The 4th Annual Bill Barry Memorial Run/Walk is set for Saturday, June         support of the Medical Center Founda-
 14 at Frank Day Park in Lewistown with proceeds going to the Central             tion, it would‟ve been very difficult to
 Montana Medical Center Foundation’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Scholarship           get this done. We really appreciate
 Fund.                                                                            their help.”
    This fund is for CMMC patients who have had a heart event (heart at-             “Our call volume is continually in-
 tack, stints, angioplasty, etc.), but are underinsured or not insured for re-    creasing,” Rick said. “We used to av-
 habilitation at the Cardiac Rehab center. Cardiac Rehab Coordinator              erage a call each day, and now that‟s
 Debby Lee said the department is instrumental in helping patients back to        averaging about a call and a half each
 a healthy lifestyle, with the focus on diet and exercise.                        day.”
    There will be a 10K run, 5K walk or run and one mile fun run on race             CMMC‟s Ambulance is always on
 day. In order to guarantee a t-shirt size, registration is required by June 1.   call, but at this point, is not a full-paid
 Race day registration is 7-8:30 a.m. at Frank Day Park and the race be-          service.
 gins at 9 a.m. The 10k race will start at the Fish Hatchery, while the 5k           “We appreciate the commitment of
 and 1 mile run races will start at Frank Day Park.                               our rural and CMMC ambulance crew
    “Last year we had about 100 participants,” Debby said, adding that they       members,” said MCF Coordinator
 hope to have at least that many this year. Laurie Spencer (Bill Barry’s          Ann Tuss. “The MCF Advisory Board
 daughter) is donating free tether balloon rides on race day, weather per-        was glad to help with this training.
 mitting.                                                                         Our crews perform life-saving services
    Call Debby at 538-6209 or 538-6222 at CMMC Fitness Center for more            and thanks to our donors, we were
 information or to register.                                                     able to help out.”                       

                                The Roundup - A Gathering of People Helping People

    Medical Center Foundation grants funds to
    furnish Media Educational Center at CMMC
   Central Montana Medical Center Foundation recently            “There‟s a lot of live program-
granted funds to help furnish the new Media Educational          ming we can tap into for con-
Center (MEC) and according to Laurie Ray, “We‟re just            tinuing education for our medi-
thrilled!”                                                       cal staff,” Laurie said.
   Educational Opportunities for Central Montana held               The patient channel has a
classes for nursing students in the basement of the Central      wide range of health-related
Montana Medical Center (CMMC) and since they owned the           programming, ranging from
furniture in the classroom, the classroom was virtually emp-     baby care, obesity, asthma, heart
tied when they relocated last year. CMMC decided to con-         disease, exercise and healthy
vert the space into a multi-purpose educational center. Con-     recipes—offered seven days per
ference tables, chairs and podium provide an ideal setting for   week, 24-hours a day.
CMMC meetings and trainings.                                        “It‟s the neatest program-
   In addition, the room is furnished with media including a     ming! It‟s similar to going shop-
projector, wireless internet, DVD, VCR and television.           ping at a big mall with so many
   MEC has hosted Disaster Emergency Services, EMS, fire         choices,” Laurie exclaimed. TIP
and other trainings and meetings and is available to the pub-    -TV is also accessible through
lic when not in use for medical-related meetings.                CMMC‟s website at
   Laurie Ray, RN and Patient Care Coordinator at CMMC, (click on
said one of the most exciting additions in the MEC is Train-     Patient Channel link).                  CMMC’s Laurie Ray
ing In Partnership (TIP)-TV, in conjunction with GE-                Laurie said they hope to add a
Healthcare and NBC TV. She explained that this was avail-        medical library to the MEC room and archive the TIP-TV pro-
able as part of the MRI Suite package, and is available in the   gramming.
MEC as well as all patient rooms. TIP-TV gives the medical          “We are so grateful that the Medical Center Foundation has
staff access to live training and programming from the likes     come alongside and partnered in this vision,” Laurie said. 
of Duke University and American Heart Association.
                                                                     FHS All-Night Party is safe place
                                     (Continued from Page 1)        Fergus High School‟s Jun-
Winifred author . . .                                            ior/Senior After Prom All-
                                                                 Night Party was attended by
money goes into the Foundation, good things happen!”             nearly 200 of 204 FHS stu-
   He jokes that his wife thinks he has an almost irrational     dents and was another great
attachment to Winifred, but he explains, “I just have a whole    success, said its chairperson
lot of respect for the people who live there and those who       Penny Uecker.
come from the area.”                                                Central Montana Founda-
   Following his graduation from Winifred High School,           tion has gifted funds for the
Brad earned an accounting degree from Montana State Uni-         party for a number of years.
versity and then lived and worked in Connecticut, Portland,      “We appreciate the Founda-
Billings and Northern California. He makes it back to Wini-      tion‟s generous donation,” Colin Patton and Felicia Steele won
fred to visit his family and friends a couple of times each      Penny said.“Thank you to all laptop computers at the Fergus After
year.                                                            of the donors who gave finan- Prom party.
   In order to strengthen the ties that bind, Brad also devel-   cial support and donated all
oped a Winifred website devoted to community events,             the great prizes.” A long list of prizes are given during the event,
news, history, business section and a message board. The         including two laptop computers, one for a junior and the other for
site is located at                    a senior. A prize was given every 30 seconds, added Penny, and
   “Photographs from Eaden: A Montana Story,” is available       every student received at least one prize.
from Don‟s Store in Lewistown and online from Amazon                Food, games, karaoke and bowling keep the students enter-
( For a sample of Brad‟s intriguing              tained until the early morning hours. “This event provides a safe,
book, visit his website, The first          alcohol and drug-free environment for the kids on a night that
two chapters of the book are online and the author of this       statistically has had more than its share of tragedy,” Penny said.
Roundup article predicts that if you read these chapters,        About 40 parents organize the event and Penny expressed her
you‟ll need to know what happens next and will buy the           gratitude to those who made this after prom party another great
book!                                                           success.                                                         

              Central Montana Foundation • P.O. Box 334 Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6130

Foundation supports Crime Stoppers‟ mission
   Central Montana Crime Stoppers is       of $20,000 in farm chemicals from a       someone has information to get these
funded entirely through donations and      storage facility in Lewistown. The        solved,” Bob said.
grants and its board members are all       thief was planning to resell the chemi-
volunteers, so the group is very appre-    cals to farmers. “He tried to sell them      “We‟re very protective of our infor-
ciative of the recent $2,000 grant from    to an upstanding citizen, but he was      mants, we don‟t want anyone not to
Central Montana Foundation.                suspicious and contacted Crime Stop-      make a call for fear of retribution,”
   The Foundation has granted funds a      pers; leading to an arrest and recovery   Bob said, explaining that the board
number of times, and according to          of all but about $100 worth of chemi-     doesn‟t know the informant‟s identify.
Central Montana Crime Stoppers             cal.”                                     A representative from the Fergus
board member Bob Long, “They help             Mickey said the reward is usually      County Sheriff‟s office and Lewis-
keep us fluid.”                            the incentive for people to come for-     town Police Department attend the
   Crime Stoppers involves the public,     ward with knowledge about a crime.        monthly board meetings and work
media and law enforcement in the           Central Montana Crime Stoppers            with the group.
fights against crime, and offers ano-      launched a website last year where           In addition to working towards solv-
nymity and cash rewards to people          informants can email information          ing crimes, the group is committed to
who furnish information leading to the     from the secure site. The site also in-   performing an important and life-
arrest and the filing of criminal          cludes information on unsolved crime      saving community service. Crime
charges against felony offenders and       in Central Montana. The website is        Stoppers used to conduct children
the capture of fugitives.               identification clinics and do finger-
   In 2007, Central Montana Crime             The organization has a 24-hour local   printing. Now, they give DNA kits to
Stoppers paid out $1,150 in rewards.       hotline, 538-2746; and a statewide toll   parents instead. Parents take a swab of
“A lot of our larger rewards have been     free number, 1-800-470-6107.              DNA with instructions on how to store
related to drug-related crimes,” said         Central Montana Crime Stoppers         it. The kits are given at several venues,
the group‟s vice president Mickey          has a number of crimes that have been     including the Central Montana Fair.
Johnson.                                   unsolved for years, including the dis-       All donations to Crime Stoppers are
   Bob said a recent crime solved from     appearance of Dorothy Smith and           tax deductible and can be sent to P.O.
a tip to Crime Stoppers was the theft      homicide of Joshua Haight. “We hope       Box 462, Lewistown, MT 59457. 

                                                                                                     (Continued from Page 3)
Friends of the Foundation . . .
the clothing, but the man assured him      vocational or trade schools. Elliot ex-   of the Class of 1935. The classmates
it was already paid for.                   plained that the classmates felt stu-     are now in their early 90s and dealing
   Bob told his classmates that they       dents going to technical schools          with losses of many of their long-time
should help youth, just as that gentle-    needed access to more scholarships.       friends. Anna Zellick died in 2002,
man helped him. Bob wrote a $100              A few years ago, FCHS Class of         Russ Dunnington in 2006 and remain-
check to start the scholarship fund        1935 Scholarship Fund had a tremen-       ing Class of ‟35 members were
and a committee was organized.             dous boost when their classmate John      mourning the loss of Amy Pound just
   Rudy, Elliot Landheim, Carl Park        Henderson left a gift of more than        days prior to an interview for this arti-
and Anna Zellick and others worked         $400,000, earmarked for scholarships.     cle in May.
diligently to build the fund. For years,      In the 23 years since it was estab-       Elliot listed six of the classmates
Anna sent out a Christmas letter to        lished, the Class of 1935 Scholarship     that live in Lewistown, including him-
their classmates updating them on the      Fund has grown from $100 in seed          self, Rudy, Paul Kropp, Lillian Kolar,
scholarship‟s growth.                      money to more than $527,000 in 2008.      George Jimmerson and Jean Wickens.
   The fund grew steadily through the         “The scholarship fund has grown        He also credits George Zellick (who
years, primarily through memorials         way past what anyone of us thought it     was a few years behind them in
for deceased family members or             would,” Rudy said.                        school) with helping them out.
classmates. The class placed the fund         “We awarded a record 21 scholar-          “We stuck together,” Rudy said of
with the Central Montana Foundation        ships of $1,500 each last year to stu-    his class. “We like to think that our
and the principal remains intact, with     dents going to technical or vo-tech       scholarships given through the years
the interest only used for scholarships    schools,” Elliot said.                    have made a difference for these
for Fergus High School graduates.             Rudy said there were 142 members       kids.”                                
Priority is given to those attending

              Central Montana Foundation • P.O. Box Ave. Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6309
             Medical Center Foundation • 408 Wendell 334 Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6130

  Lewistown Skating Association to make rink improvements
   The newly-established Lewistown Skating Association has set up a pass
through account with Central Montana Foundation with the hopes that
skating will catch on as a popular winter pastime.
   “We don‟t see a lot of kids outside in the winter,” said one of the organ-
izers, Chris Merker, adding that skating conditions at the rink at Frank
Day Park are pretty rough. The Skating Association plans to change that.
   The association has set some short and long-term goals to develop the
rink. This includes installing an industrial liner to allow the quick creation
of a base ice layer, a hand-held resurfacer to create a more even and
smooth surface, upgrading the shelter to convert it into a warming hut
with new wiring, wall-heater, doors and windows, storage and a porta-
potty; tree shelterbelt; dasher boards and improvements to existing light-
ing at the rink. The long-term goal is to have a refrigeration system in the
floor, a paved surface base and expanding to a full-size 80x200‟ rink with
full-size dasher boards, team benches and a roof.
   The upgrades will take time and money, but Chris touted the economic
benefits that would result from being able to host school athletics and vis-
iting tournaments. Figure skating and hockey are popular sports in other
similar-sized towns across Montana, Canada, neighboring states and the
mid-west. Chris said Glasgow has more than 200 kids participating in
                                                                                 The Lewistown Skating Association hopes to
hockey and figure skating. “Their rink is a focal point of their commu-          see more kids and adults enjoying skating as
nity,” he said. Lewistown‟s winter conditions would allow for an average         improvements are made to the Lewistown
                                                                                 rink. The group set up a pass-through ac-
                                                                                 count with Central Montana Foundation and
Skating Association . .                                                          all gifts are tax deductible.
                                                        (Continued on Page 9)

YES!                                  I want to give a gift to Central Montana!

Given By________________________________________________________ Amount $____________Date_________
Name of Person(s) Honored or Memorialized________________________________________________________
Send Acknowledgement Card to: Name_______________________________________________________________
         Central Montana Foundation                                       Medical Center Foundation
             (Community Funds)                                                    (Hospital Funds)
         ___General Fund                                                  ___General Fund    ___General Endowment
         ___Scholarship Fund                                              ___Hospice        ___Skilled Nursing Center
                 (please specify:___________________)                     ___Vision 2000 Endowment
         ___Other:_______________________________                         ___Other:______________________________

            Mail Community Donations to:                                 Mail Hospital Donations to:
             Central Montana Foundation                                    Medical Center Foundation
             PO Box 334                                                    408 Wendell Avenue
             Lewistown, MT 59457                                          Lewistown, MT 59457
Your gift will be acknowledged in our publications unless anonymity is requested. Your gift is tax deductible. Thank you for
your donation. Questions? Call CMF at (406) 538-6130 or MCF at (406) 538-6309.
 Please do NOT include my name on your mailing list (please  if applies).

                                The Roundup - A Gathering of People Helping People

It’s not too late to buy the 2008 calendar . . .
“Hospice” calendar of cancer survivors raises $7,500+
  The Judith Basin Calendar sales
to benefit Hospice of Central
Montana and the American Can-
cer Society have reached the
$7,500 milestone, but organizers
hope to sell all of the 2008 calen-
dars. When they do, $24,000 will
have been raised.
  The calendar features 15 men
and women from the Judith Basin
who “bared all,” in the delightful
“Calendar Girls” style pictures.
These cancer survivors are seem-
ingly nude, adding fun and humor
to a subject that can be terrifying.
Their stories of survival, along
with the fun photos taken by Cyn-
thia Derks, make the calendar a
keepsake, with the added benefit
of helping out a couple of great
                                       Cynthia Derks, Gerri Campbell, Julie Rooney and Marti Taylor were all smiles as they
  The calendar was the brainchild
                                       reached a $7,500 milestone from calendars sales.
of Gerri Campbell, who lost her        production.                                    Riverside Floral, Ballyhoo Printing,
father to cancer in 2006. She and        “Anything that can be done to support        CMMC Gift Shop, the Hospice office and
her husband, John, own Ballyhoo        hospice is appreciated,” said Hospice          Lewistown Art Center. Check Ballyhoo‟s
Printing and donated their time to     Nurse Julie Rooney.                            website for more information at:
design the full-color calendar and       Calendars can be purchased from                

CMMC Foundation grants funds for annual survivor dinner
   On July 12, Central Mon-                                                                        Last year, 32 teams partici-
tanans will come together to                                                                       pated and $63,500 was
celebrate cancer survivors                                                                         raised, but Jennifer said this
and raise money for the                                                                            year‟s goal is 35 teams and
American Cancer Society in                                                                         $65,000 raised for cancer
the annual Relay for Life.                                                                         research.
   As part of this celebra-                                                                            Each team is encouraged
tion, cancer survivors will                                                                        to implement this theme into
be honored at the survivor‟s                                                                       costumes, campsite decora-
dinner, thanks to a financial                                                                      tions, team slogans and even
contribution from the Cen-                                                                         their fundraising efforts.
tral Montana Medical Cen-                                                                          For many people who at-
ter Foundation.                                                     tend, one of the most moving parts of the event is the Cere-
   “We‟re very grateful for their support,” said Relay for          mony of Hope, where luminarias light the relay track. Some
Life Chairperson Jennifer Pfau. She said participation of the       luminaria celebrate the survivorship of people who have
survivors in Relay for Life “demonstrates hope to others            battled cancer and lived to tell the tale, while many com-
that people can and do survive cancer.”                             memorate the lives of those who have been lost to this dis-
   The survivors will open the Relay for Life by taking the         ease.
first lap. The event is 6 p.m.-6 a.m. at the Fergus County            For more information, to donate, or to register a team, go
Fairgrounds.                                                        to
   This year‟s theme is, “Be a sport, lend your support!”                                       

             Medical Center Foundation • 408 Wendell Ave. Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6309

   Karen Kuhlman and Debbie Kohler take the lead at MCF
   Central Montana Medical Center Foundation‟s advisory board is
now in the very capable hands of chairman Karen Kuhlmann and vice
chairman Debbie Kohler.
   Both have served on the board for several years. Karen stepped
from vice chair to the chairman position when Dale Longfellow de-
cided to retire from the board. “We are all going to miss Dale‟s enthu-
siasm and „can-do‟ attitude,” said MCF Coordinator Ann Tuss.
   “Chairing the MCF Advisory Board is an honor and a challenge,”
Karen said. “Dale Longfellow and Don Pfau before him, set a high
standard for the board in terms of positive advocacy for Central Mon-
tana Medical Center, health education and fund raising.”
   Karen is also pleased to have Debbie as her vice chair. The two co-
chaired CMMC‟s “Paint the Town Red” fundraiser to help furnish the
MRI suite last year—an event that was hugely successful.
   MCF‟s funds with Central Montana Foundation surpassed the $1
million mark recently and Karen thanked the “caring and generous
people of Central Montana who made this possible. This tremendous
achievement is a testimony to the vital role CMMC plays in the daily
lives, health and well-being of everyone in Central Montana.”
                                                                             MCF officers Debbie Kohler and Karen Kuhlmann

  Local kids enjoying their new “home away from home”
   The Boys and Girls Club of Lewistown has made the
transition to a new home in a former church building lo-
cated at 134 Park St., and according to the Club Director
Abby Hotz, “We love it here!”
   The community pitched in to raise $630,000 in funds to
secure the building and conduct minor renovations. An
anonymous donor generously gifted a $250,000 challenge
grant, and the community more than rose to the challenge.
The Club is still working on securing funding for a perime-
ter fence around the 30,000 sq. ft. of outdoor play space and
for playground equipment and a storage shed.
   The club had outgrown the old location and were forced
to turn kids away last summer due to lace of space. In 2007,
there were 250 members, an increase of 12.5 percent.
   The new facility has multiple classrooms, offices, kitchen
and open dining/recreational area, and auditorium. The              The staff and children at the Boys and Girls Club hosted a
Club has a permanent fund with the Central Montana Foun-
                                                                    surprise birthday party recently for their much-loved volunteer
dation. All donations are tax deductible and can be sent to
Central Montana Foundation, P.O. Box 334, Lewistown,
                                                                    and benefactor, Margie Wilkins. The Club is always seeking
MT 59457.                                                          volunteers. Call Abby at 535-2257 for more information.

Skating Association . . .                                                                                  (Continued from Page 7)

90-day skating season with proper man-         “It‟s a great sport and with a reliable     where this will lead!”
agement.                                     sheet of ice, it could turn into some-           All donations to the Lewistown
  Skating association member Jacques         thing that kids and adults enjoy all          Skating Association pass-through ac-
Rutten agreed, noting that previous gen-     winter long.”                                 count with Central Montana Founda-
erations in Lewistown grew up skating,         Chris said they have already re-            tion are tax deductible and can be sent
but there are fewer and fewer people         ceived some monetary and in-kind              to P.O. Box 334, Lewistown, MT
who know how to ice skate today.             donations. “We‟re excited about               59457.                              

            Medical Center Foundation • 408 Wendell Ave. Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6309

  Memorials, Tributes and Donations - Thank You!
  Medical Center Foundation              In Memory of Wayne Southworth             In Memory of Fay Watson
         Donations Given                 Mr. & Mrs. Marian Beeman, J. &            Alan & Stephanie Shammel
                                         Cheryl Gillen, Dick & Rosemary Koch,      In Memory of Ruth Gajewski
        March – April 2008
                                         Martha & Dee Boyce, Chester Duffy         Bernice Watson
           Vision 2000                   In Memory of Nancy Pfaff                  In Memory of Ralph Rowland
Contributions                            Mary Rickl, Alice Estes, Cheryl Vezey,    J.& K. Joyce, Jeanne Rowland
David Wood, Nell Blair, Sharon           Art & Janet Barkhoff, Shirley Bristol     In Memory of Betty Kaaro
Brown, Vickie Dengel, JoAn Estes,        In Memory of Ernest Pool                  Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of
Rhonda Gallagher, Deb Hinz, Andrea       Lloyd McGuire                             Foreign Wars #170
Melton, Linda Mempa, Barb Sanford,       In Memory of Ardith Woodworth             Correction from the Spring Roundup:
Dennis Stanley                           Dick& Marilyn Butler, Bob Kasala,         In Honor of R. Brumley
                                         Mr. & Mrs. John Nesovic, Bill & Pat       Delayne Brumley
      Skilled Nursing Center
Contributions                            Dengel, Glen & Bete Rindal, Dennis &                  Hospice House
Julie Reiman                             Deb Grue, Linda Reitten, Julie Bullard,   In Memory of Thelma Walker
In Memory of Tami Kolar                  Larry & Jane Story, Glen & Linda          Ben & Cheryl Fry, Tony & Daisy Tuss,
Marie Jones, Irvin & Laverne Sweat       Ephrom, Marcella Boling, Lynn & Ken       Mary Beth Roy, Bob & Barb
In Memory of Harriett Sebek              Franz, Clara Allen, Terrence & Sandra     Martinson, Larry Jennings, Ken &
Sonny & Pat Moline, Pat Sweeney,         Holst, Lil Lindstrand, Jeanne Quigley,    Anne Turner, Kirby & Karen Durbin
Don & Shirley Cahill, Karlene Weeden,    Lorraine Bauer, Tom & Ruth Girvin,        In Memory of Irvin Cook
Amy Bertus, Dick & Marlene Hassler,      Roger & Rebecca Woltermann, Bob &         Gloria & Bob Keller
Fred & Katie Hassler, Beryl Colver, Rd   Margo Parry, Joan Orley, Shirley Bar-     In Memory of Sherry Hilt
& Wanda Grinde, Tom & Karla Trask        rick, Kathleen Jorgensen, Rod &           George & Janet Poertner, John & Sally
                                         Wanda Grinde, Mark & Anita Smith,         McBurney, Robert & Gloria Keller,
                Hospice                                                            Georgia & Ron Mitchell
Contributions                            Wayne & Alta Pallett, Nell Boucher,
                                         Alan Clark, Ted & Dorothy Swift,          In Memory of Cliff Harchenko
Dr. Ron Skipper                                                                    Chuck & Marilyn Fuselier
In Memory of Marilyn Rahn                Mike & Carla Wente, Donna Dengel,
                                                                                   In Memory of Harriett Sebek
Anonymous                                Greg & Amber Pinski, Mary & Ed Alt-
                                                                                   Joan Flesch, Robert & Gloria Keller,
In Memory of Thelma Walker               hoff, Mary & Larry Lund , Mark Rickl,
                                                                                   Georgia & Ron Mitchell
George Trask, Elton Owens, Molly         Marval Manuel, Lorene Williams,
                                                                                   In Memory of Ardith Woodworth
Flansburg, Mark & Shirley Rogers,        George Trask, Nancy Warfel
                                                                                   Robert & Gloria Keller, Georgia & Ron
Marlene Haack, Merril & Penny Klak-      In Memory of Cliff Harchenko
                                                                                   Mitchell, Lorren Story
ken, Leann Horacek, Liuna Local 1686,    Dick & Marilyn Butler, Bob Kasala,
                                                                                   In Memory of Craig Gossack
New Horizons Assisted Living             Mr. & Mrs. McColly, bob & Lena            Robert & & Gloria Keller
In Memory of Jack Jelinek                Oldenburg, Helen Fries, Lee &             In Memory of Mel Gore
Lance & Susan Davis, Jeff & Sandy        Lorraine Amundson, Ruth Girvin, W.        Kathleen Gore
Mikeson, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cham-        & June Newton, Francis & Dorothy          In Memory of Marie Barker
berlain, Jim & Alice Strouf, Georgia     Weinheimer, Maxine Lechner, Evelyn        Larry & Margaret Gatz
Hamill, Judith Vejtasa,                  Tuss, Kathleen Jorgensen, Marjorie        In Memory of John Chalmers
In Memory of Ken Wise                    Cork, Jason‟s Twirlers, Joan Orley,       Jim & Josie Chalmers
Lorraine Berg, Ed & Joanne Lamb,         Wayne & Linda Andrews, Jim &
Kirby & Karen Durbin, E.D. Jones-                                                            MCF General Fund
                                         Kathy Walsh
Rolly Nelson                                                                       Gift In Kind In Memory of Ken Smith
                                         In Memory of Harriett Sebek               Bev Smith
In Memory of Diana Pennell
                                         Jeanne Quigley                            In Memory of Sherry Hilt
Ken Rickert, Ed & Joanne Lamb, H.
Jackson                                  In Memory of Sherry Hilt                  Jerry & Deb Hinz, Sie Schindler,
In Memory of Dorothy Fritz               Bob& Fay Kasala, Martha & Dee             Margy & Bill McLendon
Marian May, Mary Eklund, Allen Han-      Boyce, Dale & Carol Huffine, Mr. &                   Ambulance Fund
sohn, Daryl Dohm, Phil Berndt, Ernest    Mrs. D McRae, Candy & Bruce Bow-          In Memory of Cliff Harchenko
Willner                                  man, Ron & Carole Sanford, West           George & Lavonne Wilson, Mary & Ed
In Memory of Esther Hinther              Feeds, Bill & Pat Dengel                  Althoff
Jack Drew, Leland & Donna Garrison,      In Memory of Gladys Thatcher              In Memory of Ardith Woodworth
Chuck & Karen Thomas                     Ernest & Bernice Harrison                 Dick Brown

              Central Montana Foundation • P.O. Box 334 Lewistown, MT 59457 • (406) 538-6130

Central Montana Foundation                      Lewistown Bowling                 & Kay Collins, Shane & Holly Har-
        Donations Given                       Association Scholarship             baugh, Joe & Sandy Gibson, Vic-
     March 11-May 9, 2008                Lewistown Bowling Assoc.                 terene Sensiba, James Gibson
  Central Montana Foundation                    Lewistown Gateway                        Moore Endowment
         General Fund                           Property Acquisition              In Memory of Charles Hala
In Memory of Diana Pennell               Hi-Heat Industries Inc.                  Karl & Marion Hertel
William & Donna Larson                                                            In Memory of Dorothy Fritz
                                               Lewistown Ice Skating              Bill & Roberta Belden
  Central Montana Foundation                        Association                   In Memory of Jim Stratton
          Scholarship                    Christopher Merker                       Gary & Sharon Greenwood, Bill &
In Memory of Kenneth Wise                                                         Roberta Belden
                                                  James Schultz
Family of Kenneth Wise                                                            In Memory of Sherry Arntzen Hilt
                                              Agriculture Scholarship
        Central Montana                  In Memory of Jim Schultz                 Gary & Sharon Greenwood, Margaret
                                         Jessie Schultz                           Wiley, Bill & Roberta Belden, Clara
      Historical Association
                                                                                  Allen, Reese Hilt, Harley & Norma
In Memory of Russell Dunnington, Sr.
                                             Frank & Patty Thompson               Jean Ebbert
Larry Garibaldi & Marilyn Sola
                                                                                  Petroleum County Endowment
    Central Montana Jaycees              Frank R. Thompson
                                                                                  In Memory of Inez Sluggett
      Playground Project                       Glenn Vogl Memorial                Bob & Pat Weingart
Albertsons‟                                                                       In Memory of Jon Ulen
                                                  Ag Scholarship
        Central Montana                  Alan & Sandra Vogl                       Winnett School Employees
        Shooting Complex                                                          In Memory of Ruth Busenbark
                                                 Denton Endowment                 Ruth & Nancy Freburg
In Memory of J. Scott Koetting
                                         In Memory of Crystal Gilkey
Dave Ruzicka                                                                           Winifred Endowment
                                         Howard & Doris Donaldson
                                         In Memory of Ralph Rowland               In Memory of Sherry Arntzen Hilt
         Central Montana                 Charles & Dolly Lee                      Craig Lunde Family, Dave & Betty
         Youth Mentoring                 In Memory of Scott Koetting              Wickens, Bruce & Cheryl Udelhoven,
James & Josephine Chalmers, Patrick      Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Barkoff, Richard      Wilson & Nancy Stulc, Bob & Dar-
& Mary Schelle, Heartland Construc-      Barber, Larry & Rita Surber, Marion      lene Rich, Fred & Lorraine Schell
tion, Sylvia Dirkson                     Wambach, Douglas & Kristine Camp-        In Memory of Charlie Phillips
                                         bell, Lennis Ziesemer, Rod Boling,       Tom & Dorothy Thompson
     Hands Around Montana
In Memory of Corrine Fredrickson         Claude & Coleen Deck, Charles &
                                         Juanita Vogel, J.E. & Doris Sanderlin,                   
William & Cathy Holmes, Steven &
Deborah Tucker, Nancy O‟Brien,           Jr., Kathleen Geralts, Ray Betts &
David Salvi, Douglas & Cynthia           Julie Kendall, Eugene & Katherine
Smith, Doug & Devney Welsh, Clyde        Vogel, Tristan Colonna, Bernard &
& Eunice Frank, Marian Seilstad, L.R.    Esther Koetting, Mary Koetting, Kris
& Kathryn Wiechman, Robert &             & Paul Hesch, Katherine Koetting           Central Montana Foundation
Cheryln Bierman, Jerome & Laura          In Memory of Dorothy Lee                      and Central Montana
Dalebout                                 Carla & Russ Allen, Chuck & Dolly
                                         Lee, Marilyn Hamer, Marcia Eddins,                Medical Center
      Judith Gap Centennial              Marcella Boling, David & Pam Linker           Foundation could not
Basin State Bank of Lewistown, BNSF
Foundation, D.H. Blattner & Sons Inc.,     Garfield County Endowment                   fulfill their missions to
Invenergy Wind Finance Co.               Badlands Medical Inc. - Daniel A.           improve the quality of life
                                         Muniak, PAC, Victerene Sensiba,
                                         James Gibson                                   In Central Montana
NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTORS                    Garfield County High School               without the support of our
       Stories & Design:                           Scholarship                           generous donors.
      Carrie Mantooth                    Earline Lawrence, Ansel & Patsy            To all of you, we say
                                         Krum, Ryan Grocery & Processing,
            Printing:                    James Ryan, Vaughn & Norma                      Thank You!
   Lewistown News-Argus                  Newland, Tim & Cheri Hafla, Edward

                                              The Roundup - A Gathering of People Helping People

    Central Montana                        Vision 2000 Endowment Fund is a plan for the future                                   Medical Center
                                       Central Montana Medical Center‟s Vision 2000 Endowment Fund is a great ex-                 Foundation
    Foundation Board                ample of good planning. Vision 2000 campaign was launched in 1995 with the in-
Mike Zacher — President             tent that it would provide a means for structural and design alterations that will be        Advisory Board
                                    needed for an aging CMMC, and by March 2008, the endowment had grown to
Dean Comes — Vice President                                                                                                 Karen Kuhlmann, Chairman
                                    $320,048, thanks to the generosity of its donors.
Diane Lutz — Secretary/Treasurer       Medical Center Foundation Coordinator Ann Tuss noted that a number of CMMC           Debbie Kohler, Vice Chairman
Mickey McMillan—Financial Advisor   employees have contributed to Vision 2000 through payroll deductions. Gifts to the      Carl Seilstad   Renee Sano fsky
                                    Vision 2000 Endowment held with Central Montana Foundation are eligible for the         Valerie Carr    Sarah Stevenson
Robyn Bakkedahl Carl Seilstad
                                    Montana Qualified Endowment Tax Credit.                                                 Oron Jacobs     Carol Swanby
Doug Flament      Wayne Edwards        For nearly 100 years, CMMC has been delivering healthcare to the people of           Ray Brady       Nancy Schultz
Gary Landers      Charlie Brown     Central Montana. “Access to quality healthcare is vital to this community,” Ann
                                                                                                                            Pam Higgins
Sonny Comes       Renee Sanofsky    stressed. “CMMC provides that service, with an added benefit of providing jobs and
                                    economic stability.”
Mike Holmberg                          For more information about giving to MCF and/or the Vision 2000 Endowment               Ann Tuss—MCF Coordinator
                                    contact Ann at 538-6309.                                                           

       Contact Central Montana Foundation by calling (406) 538-6130 or emailing,
        Contact Medical Center Foundation by calling (406) 538-6309 or emailing,

Central Montana Foundation                                                                                                                  PRSRT STD
Medical Center Foundation                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE PAID
408 Wendell Avenue                                                                                                                    LEWISTOWN MT 59457
                                                                                                                                           PERMIT 181
Lewistown, MT 59457


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