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The Department of Computer and Information                Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information        SEREL
Sciences (CIS) at Florida A&M University is more          Science is designed for students who plan to seek         Software Engineering Research and Education
than 35 years old. Established in 1967, CIS is one of     advanced degrees in computer science. The student         Laboratory (SEREL) consists of SUN Ultra
the thirteen departments in the College of Arts and       takes Calculus (I, II, and III), Numerical Analysis and   workstations, and X-windows display terminals. This
Sciences. Over the years, CIS has evolved into one        the Physics sequence (I and II).                          laboratory supports faculty and student research in
of the most successful undergraduate programs of its                                                                software engineering, and upper level courses
kind. Additionally, it offers one of the most                               GRADUATE                                requiring programming in C, C++, Java, COBOL,
innovative graduate programs in Software                  CIS also offers a Masters degree in Software              and ORACLE.
Engineering Science.                                      Engineering Science (MSES). This degree program
                                                          is based on a curriculum from the Software                Graphics & Visualization Lab
                                                          Engineering Institute. It is designed to teach            This lab, with Silicon Graphics workstations,
                                                          principles in software engineering, computer science,     supports faculty and student research in tools and
                                                          and information engineering. Students are required        technologies related to simulation and visualization.
                                                          to complete a thesis in an area of their interest.        Research topics include image compression,
                                                          Graduates from this program will meet the software        simulation    of    fire/smoke,   distributed/parallel
                                                          engineering employment needs in private enterprise        computing, integration of spoken language into
                                                          and government agencies.         This program also        simulation.
                                                          prepares students to pursue a Ph.D. in computing.
                                                                                                                    High Performance Computing Lab
                                                                  COMPUTER RESOURCES                                This laboratory was established in conjunction with
                                                          CIS maintains six-computer laboratories with over         the Army High Performance Computing Research
                                                          120 computers that are used for research and/or           Consortium (AHPCRC) to further research leading to
                                                          teaching. Five of these laboratories are located in the   the development of computational tools for
The success of the department is reflected in the         Benjamin Banneker Technology Building A and one           addressing defense technology issues. Supports
quality of its faculty, the enrollment of CIS alumni in   in the Frederick S. Humphries Science Research            faculty and student research in database clustering
graduate programs, and the successful employment of       Building.                                                 and performance analysis and optimization for high
its graduates.                                                                                                      performance computing

             UNDERGRADUATE                                                                                          Distributed Computing Lab
CIS undergraduate program has two major objectives:                                                                 The Center for Research in Engineering, Science, and
(1) To produce graduates who can enter the                                                                          Technology (CREST) laboratory was established to
workplace and make an immediate contribution as                                                                     further research efforts in distributed computing.
computer programmers, systems analysts, and other                                                                   Faculty and students use this lab to conduct research
information systems professionals; (2) To encourage                                                                 in real-time systems, heterogeneous distributed
and prepare students to pursue graduate degrees in                                                                  databases, and formal architectural specification,
computer science and other related disciplines. To                                                                  design of real-time distributed systems, and software
accomplish these objectives, CIS provides students                                                                  testing.
with a choice of two degree options.                      CIS Lab
                                                          This open laboratory consists of fifty-four Pentium       Teaching Lab
The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer                class microcomputers configured as a NT Local Area        This dedicated teaching lab consists of high-end
Information Systems is designed to provide students       Network (NT LAN) providing access to University           Pentium class microcomputers configured as an NT
with extensive experience in the development of           computing resources and to the Internet.                  LAN.     The teaching lab provides a computer
business applications. The business courses included                                                                classroom environment for hands-on instruction.
in the curriculum are: Accounting, Management,
Marketing, and Business Communication.           The

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