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Lost Script 9 by daet

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									Episode #: 609

“The Disciples”

LOST “The Disciples” #609 TEASER 1 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY The body of JOHN LOCKE still lies in the sand next to the cargo case that brought it to the Island. Nearby, ILANA sits alone, watching it carefully. SUN KWON walks up to her, following her gaze to the coffin. ILANA It's funny. He's the one who brought us all here, and he's just lying there. SUN So, that's why you came here? To deliver the body? Ilana looks over at Sun pensively. Not entirely. from Jacob. ILANA I'm on a mission 1

SUN What are you supposed to do? ILANA I'm looking for something. Sun looks at Ilana, confused, but Ilana says nothing more, silently communicating to Sun that her mission is a secret. SUN Well, if you need any help . . . Of course. ILANA Thank you. (CONTINUED)

2. 1 CONTINUED: 1

Sun smiles faintly, getting up and taking a stroll along the beach, leaving Ilana alone again. 2 INT. THE STAFF – MAIN HALLWAY – SIMULTANEOUSLY 2

HUGO “HURLEY” REYES sleeps soundly on the floor, until he is awoken by JAMES “SAWYER” FORD. HURLEY Sawyer? SAWYER Come on, Jerry Garcia. of here. We're out

Hurley nods, getting up and following Sawyer out of the station. 3 EXT. THE STAFF – HATCH ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING Hurley and Sawyer emerge from the Staff to find JACK SHEPHARD, KATE AUSTEN, RICHARD ALPERT, and DESMOND HUME waiting for them. SAWYER The gang's all here. JACK Not for long. Desmond and I are going to stay here with Penny until she recovers. HURLEY Won't that take a while? DESMOND Not on this Island. Hurley nods, turning to Kate and Richard. HURLEY So, it's just us going back? (CONTINUED) 3

3. 3 CONTINUED: KATE Yeah. Kate walks over to Jack, kissing him lightly on the cheek. Sawyer and Hurley take note of this, but say nothing, walking over to Richard instead. SAWYER So, let's get going. RICHARD I'll lead the way. Richard sets off into the jungle, Sawyer, Hurley, and Kate following him. Jack and Desmond remain in front of the Staff. Once the rest of them have left, they head back inside, shutting the door tight behind them. 4 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMUTANEOUS 4 3

Ilana stands at the shore, carefully removing the bandages on her arm as she lets the waves slowly lap against her feet. As she finishes and looks down at her undamaged hand, she smiles, looking out to the ocean and closing her eyes. She breathes in an out, clearly happy to be on the Island. After a few moments, she realizes someone is behind her. She turns around to find VINCENT sniffing at the back of her pants. ILANA Hello, there. Ilana turns around, kneeling in front of Vincent and patting him on the head. Vincent wags his tail, then walks around Ilana, going to whatever was in her pants. Ilana looks at Vincent curiously, then reaches around, pulling out from her back pocket: A SMALL GLASS BOTTLE. Corked. with some sort of ash. Filled nearly to the brim (CONTINUED)

4. 4 CONTINUED: ILANA (CONT'D) How did you . . . Ilana looks back at Vincent, who sits on the sand, eager to sniff and examine the bottle. Ilana slowly brings it to him, allowing him to get a feel for it, as the flashback WHOOSH starts up, taking us to: 5 INT. OLD SHIP – BRIG – EVENING – FLASHBACK Ilana stands against wooden planks, her arms in shackles above her head. Around her, other PRISONERS stand around, waiting for the inevitable. In front of them, the door opens, and a BRUTISH OFFICER walks into the room, proudly looking over his captives. He speaks with a harsh British accent. BRUTE It is a sight to see. The brute closes the door, walking more into the room, right up to the prisoners. He looks up at the shackles. BRUTE (CONT'D) You won't have to worry about those. We'll be at the colony soon and then you'll really start to have fun. (To Ilana:) And you . . . poor dear. You've been with us since the West Indies. Only one of your people who made it, isn't that right? The brute lays his hand across Ilana's chin, but she instinctively moves away, staring daggers at him. BRUTE (CONT'D) You don't want me to touch you? Well, what are you gonna do about it? It's you, and me, and I've got the keys to the chains right here . . . (CONTINUED) 5 4

5. 5 CONTINUED: 5

The brute takes out a small key, dangling it right in front of Ilana's face. Ilana looks at the keys for a moment, then lunges forward, grabbing them with her mouth. Mouthy. BRUTE (CONT'D) Now we're talking.

Ilana suddenly KNEES the brute in the groin, sending him falling to the floor in pain. Seizing her opportunity, Ilana looks up at the locks, craning her neck up to reach the lock with the key in her mouth. After some effort, the shackles unlock, and Ilana escapes just as the brute gets up, reaching for his pistol. Ilana jumps forward, swatting the brute's hand away and grabbing the pistol from his hands. She then quickly gets up, FIRING A FATAL SHOT through his heart before moving to the edge of the brig. As she reaches the door, she turns back to the rest of the slaves, nodding to them in sympathy before leaving the room. 6 EXT. OLD SHIP – DECK – A LITTLE LATER – FLASHBACK 6

Ilana peeks out of the hatch that goes down to the brig, looking around at the various officers milling around. None of them seem to notice her, as they are all facing the front of the ship, looking towards a great storm ahead. CREW MEMBER The captain doesn't know what the hell he's doing, taking us into that. Ilana doesn't seem to understand what the officers are saying, but she does see the storm clouds ahead. At the front of the ship, ONE OF THE OFFICERS turns around, barking out orders to the crew. Everyone! inside now! OFFICER The captain says to get (CONTINUED)

6. 6 CONTINUED: CREW MEMBER Why? OFFICER Because we're going into the storm, and he doesn't want any of you out here when we get there. (Off the crew's looks:) He's trying to protect you! The officer runs down the steps from the upper deck to the lower deck, ushering the reluctant and angry crew into the main cabin. Once they all leave, Ilana slips out onto the deck, walking slowly towards the CAPTAIN, a pistol in her hand. She slowly walks up the stairs to the upper deck, then gets right behind the captain, GRABBING HIM and POINTING THE GUN AT HIS NECK. The captain raises his hands slowly, and now that we can get a good look at him, we see that it is RICHARD consume see the just as ALPERT. And as we see him, a white light starts to the screen. Ilana looks up in fear as we PAN OUT to entire ship, spotting the ship's name on the hull the white light engulfs the screen: BLACK ROCK. FADE TO WHITE: TITLE OVERLAY: 1845 END OF TEASER 6

7. ACT ONE 7 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – DAWN We're back with BENJAMIN LINUS and CHARLES WIDMORE, right where we left off, Ben with a gun to Widmore's head. WIDMORE Are you going to kill me? BEN Probably. But first I want some answers from you. WIDMORE I think I deserve a few answers as well. Shall we start with how I got back here? BEN You can thank your son-in-law for that. I took him to the Temple and had him . . . bring you back. WIDMORE I didn't think that was possible. BEN You're wrong. Ben steps forward, gun still pointed at Widmore's head, his finger on the trigger and ready to shoot. WIDMORE So, you brought me back here to kill me? I thought that was breaking the rules. BEN We can't kill each other because we're each other's constants. But I don't think that's going to matter anymore. (CONTINUED) 7

8. 7 CONTINUED: WIDMORE And why is that? BEN Because everyone on this Island has a destiny that they're about to fulfill. And once that's over, our little rules won't matter anymore. WIDMORE So you want to finish this off before it's too late. BEN You killed my daughter, and I'm not very forgiving. Widmore steps forward, walking right into the gun as he leans in to Ben, getting right in his face. WIDMORE You're a worm. A thoughtless, spineless little worm. You don't have the strength to kill me. BEN I killed Jacob. Widmore's eyes widen in surprise at this news, his face falling as he absorbs Jacob's death. WIDMORE Why? BEN I had my reasons. WIDMORE You're even worse than I thought. (A beat, then:) So now you're going to execute me? (CONTINUED) 7

9. 7 CONTINUED: BEN Do you have a better way? WIDMORE I thought we had a gentleman's agreement. That would end in a duel. (A beat, then:) Or you could shoot me here and remain the coward you've always been. BEN You're no better. WIDMORE Maybe not. But I'm an economist. I was never meant to be a leader. Neither of us were, and now we've both run our course. (A beat, then:) So, the best we can do now is meet our end with some sense of honor. Ben glares at Widmore for several moments, dying to pull the trigger, but he is slowly persuaded by Widmore's words. He lowers the gun reluctantly. BEN What are your terms? 8 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY Sun sits with her husband JIN KWON on the beach, enjoying the scenery. SUN There's something about the ocean that makes me feel at peace. JIN I know what you mean. (CONTINUED) 8 7

10. 8 CONTINUED: 8

Jin looks back at the jungle to see Richard, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley emerging from it. Jin taps Sun on the shoulder, alerting her to the new arrivals. They get up, heading over to meet with the group. SUN (To Kate:) It's good to see all of you. KATE Thanks, Sun. Richard looks around the camp for someone, then sees Ilana's pack in front of the entrance to the statue. He sets off for it. JIN (To Sawyer:) Where's Jack? He's fine. SAWYER Back at the Staff.

Jin looks at Sawyer questioningly, but Kate steps forward, starting to tell the pair about what happened. 9 INT. TAWARET STATUE – JACOB'S CHAMBER – FOLLOWING 9

Richard walks into the main chamber to find Ilana examining the pyre. Richard immediately notices: RICHARD What happened to the body? ILANA I buried him while you were gone. I thought he deserved a certain amount of dignity. Richard nods, moving towards the woven tapestry and examining it. (CONTINUED)

11. 9 CONTINUED: RICHARD Can you imagine how long it would take to make this? ILANA Yes. Richard looks back at Ilana curiously, then moves over to the pyre with her. RICHARD What is it you're looking for? ILANA I'm not sure. RICHARD You know, we've known each other for a while now, and yet you've never really told me anything about yourself, or even why you're here. ILANA You haven't, either. Richard laughs to himself, charmed by Ilana's candor. Ilana however, continues her close inspection of the area, sighing after a moment and sitting back against the floor. ILANA (CONT'D) Nothing. RICHARD Nothing what? Ilana pulls the vial out from her back pocket once more, dangling it in the air for Richard to see. ILANA Nothing that looks like this. (CONTINUED) 9

12. 9 CONTINUED: 9

Richard stares at the vial curiously. He reaches out to take it, but Ilana pulls back, placing it in her pocket once more. RICHARD When did you get that? ILANA Years ago. (Off Richard's look:) You know something about this? RICHARD That bottle was filled at least sixty years ago. I thought it was lost after that. ILANA It was given to me. (Off Richard's look:) A lot can happen to you when you're 197 years old. And from Richard's reaction, the WHOOSH begins once more, taking us to: 10 EXT. OLD SHIP – DECK – DAY – FLASHBACK 10

Ilana's EYE opens, blinking in the sun. She sits up slowly, rubbing the back of her head in pain as she tries to get her bearings. She sits up, now realizing that she is on the deck of the ship still, right where she was when the white light took over. Ilana now stands up, frozen, looking ahead as she sees: A JUNGLE. The Black Rock has somehow landed in the middle of the jungle, the bottom of the ship digging into the dirt. Ilana steps forward slowly, taking in the entire scene around her, when:

(CONTINUED) 13. 10 CONTINUED: VOICE (O.S.) Oy! You! Ilana spins around in terror to find the crew member from before staring at her suspiciously. CREW MEMBER (CONT'D) Who are you? Ilana doesn't seem to understand what the crew member is saying, but before she can offer any response, the officer emerges from the main cabin, heading towards the crew member. CREW MEMBER (CONT'D) (To officer:) I think I found a native, sir. OFFICER No, that's one of our slaves. (A beat, then:) Well, the captain seems to have disappeared, so I'm ranking officer now. We're going to try and head for the beach, hopefully there's already a colony on this Island. CREW MEMBER How the hell did we even get into the jungle? The officer looks around at the trees suspiciously. OFFICER There's something strange in this place. Some sort of demon has brought us here. The crew member nods fearfully, and the officer leaves to round up the rest of the crew. As he leaves, the crew member stops him with: 10

(CONTINUED) 14. 10 CONTINUED: CREW MEMBER What about the rest of the slaves? OFFICER One's enough to deal with. the rest in the brig. Leave 10

The crew member nods, going back over to Ilana and ushering her away from the main deck. Ilana numbly acquiesces, still unable to believe what's happening. 11 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – LATER – FLASHBACK 11

The officer leads the crew through the jungle, keeping his eyes moving and his hand on his pistol. At the back of the line, the crew member leads Ilana, his pistol pointed at the back of her neck. The officer looks down at his compass but, of course, it isn't working. He grimaces as he checks his bag for something, pulling out a SMALL BOOK for a moment before dropping it back in. CREW MEMBER Do you even know where you're going?! Of course! the hour! OFFICER We should hit sand within

CREW MEMBER You said that hours ago! The officer turns around, marching back towards the crew member. OFFICER Do you think Mr. Hanso would have appointed me to this ship if he didn't think I'd know what to do? Don't question my plan.

(CONTINUED) 15. 11 CONTINUED: CREW MEMBER You don't know where the hell you're going, do you? The officer pauses, unsure of what to say. The crew member jumps on his hesitation, stepping forward angrily. CREW MEMBER (CONT'D) So, some light takes over the whole ship, we wake up in a jungle, the captain just happens to vanish, and now you expect us to trust you? The rest of the crew is now listening to the conversation, swayed by the crew member's words. OFFICER What else are you going to do? The crew member looks at the officer for a moment, then pushes Ilana aside, moving his gun and SHOOTING THE OFFICER POINT BLANK. Ilana falls to the ground as the officer lands next to her, dead. The small book falls out of his bag, and Ilana grabs it quickly as the crew member looks at his gun, then at his comrades. CREW MEMBER All right! I'm in charge now, and we're going toThe crew member is interrupted by a sudden CRASH to his right as the SMOKE MONSTER bursts through the ground, rising up into the air and hovering over the entire camp. The crew stare at the Monster in horror for a moment before taking out their pistols, firing on it repeatedly. But the bullets have no effect, and the Monster sweeps down, seizing several DECKHANDS and slamming them against the trees. Ilana crawls away quickly from the scene as the rest of the crew continues to fight the Monster. 11


Ilana runs through the jungle, ducking behind a tree. She presses herself up against it, breathing heavily as she tries to decide which way to go next. After a moment, she slowly steps out from around the tree, making sure the Monster hasn't followed her. As soon as she turns around, a HAND GRABS HER SHOUDLER, forcing Ilana around. The crew member, badly injured, grasps onto Ilana desperately. Help me. CREW MEMBER Help me!

Ilana tries to break free of the crew member's grasp, hitting him across the face with the book. He staggers back, releasing his grip on Ilana and allowing her to run back a few paces. As the crew member recovers, he stares at Ilana murderously. But before he can charge forward, the MONSTER returns, bursting out from under him and grabbing him by the waist, throwing him up in the air and slamming him down on the ground, killing him instantly. Ilana looks on in horror, then takes out, running furiously through the jungle in an attempt to outrun the Monster. JUMP CUT TO: 13 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – FOLLOWING – FLASHBACK 13

Ilana emerges into a small, empty clearing, looking behind her to see if the Monster is following her. VOICE (O.S.) Hello, there. Ilana screams in fright, spinning around to find: JACOB My name is Jacob.

(CONTINUED) 17. 13 CONTINUED: And off of Ilana's terrified, confused face, the WHOOSH returns, taking us back to: 14 INT. TAWARET STATUE – JACOB'S CHAMBER – DAY Ilana has gotten up, and is now reading the Greek writing on Jacob's wall, but Richard still remains on the ground, staring at her in confusion. RICHARD You're 197 years old. ILANA I thought you'd know that, considering you're the one who brought me here. (Off Richard's look:) The Black Rock? Maybe you don't remember. Once I left I never came back until now. RICHARD So . . . why are you back? ILANA A few reasons. Right now I'm trying to find something, so if you'll excuse me . . . Ilana starts to leave the chamber, but Richard puts up a hand to stop her. RICHARD Just what are you planning on doing? ILANA I'm taking the dog into the jungle. His sense of smell can help me find what I'm looking for. 14 13

(CONTINUED) 18. 14 CONTINUED: RICHARD You mind telling me what that is? ILANA Why, are you coming with me? RICHARD I am. (A beat, then:) So, what is it we're looking for? ILANA The volcano that's on this Island. RICHARD And why are we looking for that? ILANA Because I believe it's about to erupt. And off of Richard's reaction to Ilana's revelations END OF ACT ONE 14

19. ACT TWO 15 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH CAMP – DAY Richard speaks quietly with AMELIA, one of the Others. AMELIA Where are you going? RICHARD I have to check on something in the jungle. I shouldn't be gone long, but while I am, look after the camp. Amelia nods unquestioningly, and Richard heads towards the jungle. 16 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – FOLLOWING 16 15

Sawyer sits alone with Vincent, patting the dog on the head, as Ilana walks up to him. Sawyer looks up at Ilana, smiling his roguish smile. SAWYER What's the problem, Chiquita? ILANA I was hoping I could borrow Vincent here. SAWYER What for? ILANA I need him to find something for me. Sawyer looks at Ilana, clearly not trusting her intentions. SAWYER How about I come with?

(CONTINUED) 20. 16 CONTINUED: ILANA Fine, but we have to leave now. Sawyer gets up, surprised at Ilana's reaction. Meanwhile, Kate and Richard walk over from separate directions. KATE Where are you guys going? RICHARD Out. KATE Out where? ILANA To the volcano. Sawyer and Kate glance at Ilana, then over at each other. KATE Mind if I come? Ilana shakes her head, leading Richard, Kate, Sawyer, and Vincent out from the camp. 17 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH CAMP – FOLLOWING 17 16

CLAIRE LITTLETON walks along the beach, Hurley at her side. CLAIRE And now Penny's OK? Yeah. HURLEY I saved her.

CLAIRE So, what, now you're gonna become a phone-in psychic or something? Hurley and Claire laugh as they continue.

(CONTINUED) 21. 17 CONTINUED: HURLEY No. But I know what I'm meant to do now. I'm here to help people. CLAIRE Think you could help me? Claire stops, and Hurley looks at her, confused. HURLEY What do you mean? CLAIRE You remember what I told you before you left? (Hurley nods, so:) I still feel that way. I feel lost. HURLEY Maybe whatever's supposed to happen to you just hasn't happened yet. CLAIRE You're probably right. I just wish I had some guidance. A sign. Hurley nods, looking out across the beach in front of them, the ocean ahead. The waves rolling forward, standing over a deep abyss below. HURLEY Maybe I can help. CLAIRE How? Hurley turns back to Claire, gesturing towards the jungle. HURLEY I think I can bring someone to you. Someone who could tell you something. 17

(CONTINUED) 22. 17 CONTINUED: CLAIRE Who? Hurley shakes his head, walking up the beach excitedly. HURLEY I don't know! After a moment, Claire smiles and follows Hurley. 18 EXT. JUNGLE – STREAM – A WHILE LATER 18 17

Sawyer and Kate walk through the jungle, following Richard, Ilana and Vincent. The group comes to a small stream, and Ilana turns around. ILANA We should rest here for a minute. Sawyer and Kate nod, walking away from Richard and Ilana as they set down their packs. KATE So, how'd you get roped into this? SAWYER I'm keeping the dog safe. (A beat, then:) Why'd you come here, Kate? Kate looks over at Sawyer for a moment, then kneels down in front of the stream, filling up her water bottle. KATE I wanted to thank you for what you did at the other camp. SAWYER Oh. (A beat, then:) I just figured you two ought to have a shot together.

(CONTINUED) 23. 18 CONTINUED: KATE Right. Sawyer takes out his own water bottle, filling it up in the stream. SAWYER It wasn't your fault, what happened to her. Juliet made her own choice. Kate nods, grateful that Sawyer doesn't blame her for what happened. KATE I'm sorry, Sawyer. SAWYER Thanks. Kate smiles, sealing her now-filled water bottle and putting it back in her pack. She gets up, ready to leave, but Sawyer remains in front of the stream. SAWYER (CONT'D) You're good together. (Off Kate's look:) You and the doc. I'm happy for you. Kate nods in thanks, glad that she and Sawyer have reached a sense of closure. Sawyer rises, putting his own water bottle back into the pack, then looks over at Sawyer and Ilana. SAWYER (CONT'D) Think we ought to give them some privacy. Kate nods, staying where she is. Sawyer does the same. And now we JUMP CUT over to Richard and Ilana's conversation as they stand by the river, catching their breath. 18

(CONTINUED) 24. 18 (CONTINUED) RICHARD So, that's why you were looking for me. You remember me from the Black Rock. ILANA I think we must have been the only two who made it out of there alive. (A beat, then:) So, when did Jacob find you? RICHARD Same day I got here. That'd be over 430 years ago now. Ilana stares forward at Richard, confused. ILANA 430? The Black Rock came here in the 1800s. RICHARD I didn't come on the Black Rock. (Off Ilana's look:) The ship that brought me here was called the San Insula. ILANA Then why were you on the Black Rock? RICHARD Ilana, it's my job to bring people here when Jacob wants to see them, and he wanted to see you. (A beat, then:) And now I know why. ILANA Why? 18

(CONTINUED) 25. 18 (CONTINUED) RICHARD Because you're the second disciple. Some realization now dawns on Ilana as the WHOOSH begins again, flashing us to: 19 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – DAY – FLASHBACK 19 18

Ilana sits alone, watching the sea in front of her. Behind her, Jacob steps forward, carrying two sea urchin with him. He sits down next to Ilana. JACOB Hungry? Ilana nods, accepting the urchin gratefully. his in front of him, looking over at Ilana. JACOB (CONT'D) You know today makes it five years since you first came here. (Off Ilana's look:) I'm serious. (A beat, then:) So, how does it feel? ILANA It feels . . . the same. (A beat, then:) I guess if I'm never getting older, I should get used to that. And now we know: Ilana, like Richard, has been taken to the Temple and is now ageless. Jacob nods, looking back out to the ocean. ILANA (CONT'D) So, is today the day you're going to tell me why I'm here? JACOB That's for you to answer. Jacob keeps

(CONTINUED) 26. 19 CONTINUED: JACOB (CONT'D) But, if you want, I can tell you how you were brought here. ILANA How did the ship get into the jungle? JACOB This Island's always moving, Ilana. Chance would have it that it moved just as you were entering, bringing your ship into the jungle. (A beat, then:) One in a million shot, but I guess it had to happen eventually. Ilana smiles to herself, setting her urchin down. ILANA So, you didn't plan for that to happen? JACOB No. But I did plan to bring you here. I even sent my best man to ferry you. ILANA Why? Jacob looks at Ilana, then quickly eats his urchin, tossing it back into the ocean. JACOB I told you I was fighting a war here. What I didn't tell you was that I have . . . a second-in-command. (A beat, then:) But I'm realizing now that things aren't going the way I hoped they would. So I decided to get someone else. 19

(CONTINUED) 27. 19 CONTINUED: ILANA Me. Jacob leans in close, speaking very quietly to Ilana. JACOB If I want to succeed, I need two disciples, and I would be honored if you would be one of them. Ilana looks at Jacob for a moment, then nods, accepting the position. ILANA What do I have to do? Jacob smiles, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the book that Ilana recovered from the officer's bag. JACOB I want you to leave this Island, and head for Madagascar. Leave the Black Rock ledger there. ILANA Anything else? JACOB You should probably come inside for that. Ilana nods, helping Jacob up and following him into the base of the statue. END OF ACT TWO 19

28. ACT THREE 20 EXT. JUNGLE – SMALL CLEARING – DAY An EYE opens, a wrinkled eye of deep blue. And as we PAN OUT, we see that the eye belongs to ELOISE HAWKING. She sits up, looking amazed at the jungle around her. Suddenly, she is interrupted by the swiftly approaching FLOCKE, who emerges from the bushes, starting at Hawking with a broad grin spreading across his face. FLOCKE Eloise . . . Hawking looks over at Flocke, trying to put the pieces together. HAWKING John? Flocke walks over to Hawking and offer his hand. FLOCKE No. (A beat, then:) We have a lot to talk about. Hawking looks at Flocke's hand for a moment, then cautiously takes it, letting him help her up. 21 EXT. JUNGLE – FLOCKE'S CAMP – LATER Hawking sits with Flocke at his tent, trying to piece together what happened. HAWKING So, how did I get back? FLOCKE That is a very long story, but the basic idea is that I got Desmond Hume to bring you here. 21 20

(CONTINUED) 29. 21 CONTINUED: HAWKING Desmond? FLOCKE He used the Temple to bring his wife and son to the Island. HAWKING So, why am I here? FLOCKE He was told to bring the important people in his life. And he must have thought of you. (A beat, then:) I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few other people here. Fine. HAWKING Why did you want me? 21

Flocke smiles, choosing his words carefully before leaning in towards Hawking to explain. 22 EXT. JUNGLE – TREE CLUSTER – LATE AFTERNOON 22

Ilana, Richard, Vincent, Kate, and Sawyer tromp through the jungle. Sawyer looks behind to see the sun setting, then turns back to Ilana. SAWYER Hey, how far is this place? ILANA It'll be a while longer. SAWYER Then maybe we should camp out here. Ilana looks around at the swiftly darkening jungle, then nods, setting down her pack. The others do the same. As Ilana sits down, the WHOOSH begins, taking us to:


Snow falls hard on a jagged mountainside as a solitary figure moves up the mountain, trudging through the deep snow. We MOVE IN as this person turns a corner, reaching the top of the mountain. A single CABIN stands at the top of it. The figure removes the thick hood from her face and we now see that it is ILANA. She smiles as she sees the cabin, walking up towards an OLD MAN sitting in front of it. ILANA (Subtitled) Is this the house of the Shaman? OLD MAN (Subtitled) Why are you here?

It is.

ILANA (Subtitled) I wish to speak with him. (A beat, then:) Jacob sent me. The old man nods, getting up and bringing Ilana into the cabin. 24 INT. SHAMAN'S CABIN – MAIN ROOM – FOLLOWING – FLASHBCAK 24

Ilana moves past a woven tapestry to enter an ancient wooden room lit entirely by white candles. Curtains line the wall, each with symbols from different ancient languages: Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek and Latin characters, Gaelic proverbs. Ilana moves past these tapestries to the other side of the room, where the SHAMAN sits alone, making notes in a journal. He looks up as Ilana enters, rising in welcome. SHAMAN (Subtitled) We've been waiting for you.


(CONTINUED) 31. 24 CONTINUED: ILANA (Subtitled) It took me a long time to find this place. SHAMAN (Subtitled) One hundred years. We were not even born when our people started waiting, and now we are all that is left. Ilana looks back to the OLD MAN who welcomed her, nodding in thanks. He offers a toothy smile, then bows, backing out of the room and leaving Ilana alone with the Shaman. ILANA (Subtitled) Do you have it yet? SHAMAN (Subtitled) We have had it for many years now. ILANA (Subtitled) So, what is it? The shaman pauses, then gestures to one of the tapestries with Latin writing on it. SHAMAN (Subtitled) When Jacob first came to us, he gave us that as a gift. You know what it says? ILANA (Subtitled) What lies in the shadow of the statue? (The shaman nods, so:) What is the answer? 24

(CONTINUED) 32. 24 CONTINUED: SHAMAN Ille qui nos omnes servabit. ILANA (Subtitled) He who will save us all. SHAMAN (Subtitled) For a long time, I did not know what that meant. But now I believe I do. (A beat, then:) If you want to know, follow me. Ilana nods gratefully, following the Shaman deeper into the cabin. 25 EXT. MOUNTAIN RIDGE – A WHILE LATER – FLASHBACK Ilana walks back down the mountain, stepping carefully as she turns a corner. Suddenly, she reaches an icy patch, slipping and falling onto the edge of the ridge. As we PAN UNDERNEATH, we see that Ilana has landed on a patch of rock that is breaking away from the rest of the mountain. The impact of her fall shatters it, sending her crashing through and falling below. As Ilana lands hard on the ground below, we FADE TO WHITE: TITLE OVERLAY: RUSSIA, 1950 26 EXT. JUNGLE – TREE CLUSTER – NIGHT 26 25 24

Sawyer sleeps soundly, Vincent cuddled up next to him. A few yards away, Kate sleeps as well. But by one of the trees, Ilana sits by herself, wide awake. Richard walks up to her, sitting down across from her. RICHARD Can't sleep?

(CONTINUED) 33. 26 CONTINUED: ILANA No. I guess I'd appreciate some company. RICHARD Me, too. (A beat, then:) Can I ask you something? (Ilana nods, so:) Why have stuck with Jacob all these years? ILANA Why wouldn't I? RICHARD Jacob's idea is that we should have faith in people. But he's always proven wrong. And I've always wondered if he really is wrong. ILANA When I came here, I was locked in a ship on my way to slavery. I had no choice to do anything. And I had to kill a man just to gain my freedom. (A beat, then:) But here, I could choose whatever I wanted. I could come and go, be the person that I wanted to be. And if I failed, I always had a second chance. (A beat, then:) So I guess it doesn't really matter to me if Jacob is right or wrong. Because, for the record, I don't think people can be trusted. But I couldn't be trusted, and still Jacob gave me everything I wanted. Why would I walk away from that? 26

(CONTINUED) 34. 26 CONTINUED: Richard nods, amazed and entranced by Ilana's words. shakes his head in disbelief, smiling to himself. RICHARD I've never heard anyone . . . ILANA What? RICHARD I see why Jacob picked you. (Off Ilana's look:) You're special, Ilana, and I've never met anyone like that. Nothing. ILANA What do you mean? RICHARD You followed him without question, but you chose to. You're free from him. ILANA That's the point, isn't it? (A beat, then:) You don't feel that way? RICHARD Not until now. Ilana looks at Richard, confused, but Richard smiles again to himself, standing up. RICHARD (CONT'D) We should get some sleep. Ilana nods, allowing Richard to walk away. After he does so, she lies against the tree, trying to fall asleep. END OF ACT THREE He 26


Sawyer rubs his eyes as he trudges through the jungle behind Kate. SAWYER Why'd they have to get us up so damn early, anyways? KATE They must want to get there soon. In front of them, Ilana holds onto Vincent's leash as she and Richard walk through the jungle. Suddenly, Ilana stops, smelling the air around her. ILANA We're close. Ilana takes out the bottle, uncorking it and kneeling down in front of Vincent. ILANA (CONT'D) (To Vincent:) Come here, boy. Come here. Vincent eagerly sniffs the bottle. ILANA (CONT'D) I want you to find that, OK? Find it, go. Go.

Vincent takes off into the jungle, Ilana running after them, Richard, Kate, and Sawyer behind her. 27 EXT. VOLCANO – BOTTOM – A WHILE LATER 27

Vincent leads the others out from the jungle to find a large VOLCANO sitting in the field in front of them. Ilana looks at it happily, patting Vincent on the head. The others stare at it in awe.

(CONTINUED) 36. 27 CONTINUED: SAWYER Son of a bitch. RICHARD This must be where Jacob got the ash for the cabin. ILANA The ash around here buries one of this Island's greatest civilizations. (Off Kate and Sawyer's look:) Ancient Egypt. They came too close to the volcano . . . and paid the price for it. Kate and Sawyer stare in confusion at Ilana, but she turns around, walking quickly to them with Vincent. She gives Vincent's leash to Kate. ILANA (CONT'D) Will you look after him? I need to get closer to examine it and it won't be safe for him. Kate nods, taking Vincent's leash before looking up at Ilana in confusion. KATE You're going to go on top of that thing? ILANA No, of course not. (Off Kate's look:) I'm going to go inside it. Everyone, even Richard, looks at Ilana like she is insane, but Ilana remains firm, turning around and heading towards the volcano. SAWYER Yeah, I think we'll be good here! 27

(CONTINUED) 37. 27 CONTINUED: Richard follows Ilana towards the volcano. RICHARD I'm coming with you. Ilana nods in gratitude, leading Richard on their way and leaving Kate, Sawyer, and Vincent behind. As Ilana keeps her gaze on the volcano, the WHOOSH begins again, taking us to: 28 INT. RUSSIAN HOSPITAL – DAY – FLASHBACK From “The Incident”, Jacob sits in front of Ilana's bed, speaking to her softly. JACOB (Subtitled) I'm sorry I couldn't make it sooner. ILANA (Subtitled) I'm very happy to see you. Jacob leans in close, now speaking in English. JACOB I'm here because I need your help. Can you do that? (A beat, then:) Will you help me, Ilana? ILANA Yes. And now we continue the scene as Jacob smiles, taking out a SMALL FILE from his coat, placing it on Ilana's bedside table. The vial rests on top of it. JACOB In that case, I need you to find a team of people to come back to the Island. 28 27

(CONTINUED) 38. 28 CONTINUED: ILANA By when? JACOB 2007. (Off Ilana's look:) There are a lot of things I need to do before then. To prepare. (A beat, then:) Besides, I want you to choose this team carefully. Make sure they're quick, loyal, strong. They're going to save the Island. ILANA From what? JACOB From itself. Ilana opens her mouth, ready to ask something in response to Jacob's question, but decides against it, nodding lightly and accepting her mission. Jacob smiles, getting up. JACOB (CONT'D) You'll find everything else you need to know in that file. (A beat, then:) Did the Shaman tell you what he knew? (Ilana nods, so:) Good. Jacob heads out of the room, leaving Ilana alone. the WHOOSH starts up again, taking us to: 29 EXT. VOLCANO – BASE ENTRANCE – DAY Ilana and Richard reach a large rock at the base of the volcano. ILANA This is it. And now 29 28

(CONTINUED) 39. 29 CONTINUED: Ilana leans in, trying to move the rock away. moment, Richard steps in, helping her. RICHARD Guess this is what Jacob always wanted. His disciples working together. Ilana nods as she and Richard move the rock away, revealing a small passage. Heat waves emanate from it, and a red light is visible from deep within. Ilana moves to go in, but before she does, she turns back to Richard. ILANA Do you think the enemy has people like us? RICHARD I know one of them. (Off Ilana's look:) The column of black smoke that moves through the jungle. ILANA So, who's the other one? Richard shrugs, looking inside the passage as Ilana climbs inside, crawling into the volcano. After a moment, Richard follows her. 30 EXT. SECLUDED BEACH – MORNING 30 After a 29

Ben stands alone on the beach, gun still in his hand. As he looks towards the jungle, he remembers Widmore's words. WIDMORE (V.O.) Give me 24 hours to prepare. We can meet on the eastern beach, with guns. We'll have a gentleman's duel. Ben checks the bullets in his gun.

(CONTINUED) 40. 30 CONTINUED: WIDMORE (O.S.) Hello, Benjamin. Ben turns around to see Widmore, now with a pistol in his own hand, standing behind him. Ben nods to Widmore, walking forward until he is standing right next to him. BEN Are you ready? Widmore nods and the two men turn around. WIDMORE Ten paces. Ben and Widmore take ten paces away from each other. On the tenth, they both spin around, firing a shot. Ben's bullet goes through Widmore's arm, while Widmore's misses Ben. Widmore falls down onto the sand, dropping his gun next to him. Ben runs up to him, kicking Widmore's gun away and pointing his gun right at Widmore's head. WIDMORE (CONT'D) Well, you've got me now. BEN Yes. And you have no idea what I've gone through because of you. WIDMORE (Laughing) You're not going to kill me. BEN If you don't think that I've ever killed anyone, I wouldWIDMORE I know what you've done, boy. But when it matters, you haven't been able to do it. 30

(CONTINUED) 41. 30 CONTINUED: WIDMORE (CONT'D) You didn't kill Alex. You made sure her mother was out of the blast radius when you gassed the entire Dharma Initiative. And now, you're not going to kill me. BEN And why is that? WIDMORE Because Jacob needs me. BEN You don't know the first thing about what Jacob wants. WIDMORE This coming from his murderer. Widmore is starting to get to Ben, and he falters, lowering his gun a bit. WIDMORE (CONT'D) You've made your choices, and look where it's gotten you. Isn't it time for a change? And now Widmore's made his point, as he sighs heavily, lowering his gun completely and stepping away from Widmore. BEN Get out of my sight. Widmore nods, getting up quickly and walking away from Ben. Ben steps forward, throwing his gun angrily in the ocean. 31 EXT. JUNGLE – FLOCKE'S CAMP – LATER 31 30

Flocke stands alone, sharpening his knife, looking out the sleeping camp in front of him.

(CONTINUED) 42. 31 CONTINUED: WIDMORE (O.S.) Get up, Jonah. Flocke turns around to see Widmore with a gun aimed at him. Widmore. man. FLOCKE I guess you are Jacob's 31

WIDMORE Through and through. And now we know – Widmore was working for Jacob, one of the good guys. Widmore clicks off the safety. WIDMORE (CONT'D) You have three seconds to give me a reason not to kill you. (Flocke says nothing, so:) One. Two . . . A SHOT RINGS OUT. But Widmore's gun doesn't fire. Instead, blood starts to flow out around his own lapel, and he falls onto the ground, revealing HAWKING WITH A RIFLE behind him. FLOCKE Thank you, Eloise. WIDMORE Eloise . . . Hawking walks forward, now standing above Widmore. And as Widmore looks up at her, realizing who it was that shot him, the light goes out from his eyes, and he dies. Hawking regards him mournfully, then looks up at Flocke. HAWKING What are disciples for? And off the realization that Hawking is the second disciple-


Ilana and Richard climb up an old, rickety ladder, heading up a thin tunnel. Ilana suddenly reaches a ledge, climbing up onto 33 INT. VOLCANO – INNER PLATFORM – CONTINUOUS 33

Ilana and Richard emerge onto a small platform overlooking the swirling lava below. RICHARD God Almighty . . . Ilana bends down on the platform, looking down at the gasses billowing from the lava below. ILANA The gasses are rising quickly. It'll erupt within the next few weeks. RICHARD What'll happen then? ILANA It's hard to say. Depending on how massive the explosion is . . . the whole Island could be destroyed. RICHARD So, how are you going to stop it? Ilana looks back at Richard furiously. ILANA Stop it? What makes you think I know how to stop this thing? (Off Richard's look:) Jacob . . . he gave me a file. Years ago. Said I was supposed to come here and stop it. But it didn't say how.


Ilana gets up, walking towards Richard aggressively, now at the end of her rope. ILANA (CONT'D) And I thought . . . when I got here I'd know what to do. I've been going for over 50 years on the hope that when I got here, there would be some sign. But here . . . Ilana looks around at the empty platform, stepping forward, searching for anything. But she finds nothing. ILANA (CONT'D) There's nothing here! What was the point of me coming back?! What was the point of any of this?! Ilana looks back at Richard, looking for an answer, looking to regain the purpose she has suddenly lost, that has driven her for almost two centuries. But Richard has nothing. RICHARD I don't know. I've always said we should trust Jacob, but now . . . I don't know if that's true. (A beat, then:) I mean, I thought you did, but . . . I don't know why he brought us here. Ilana steps forward angrily, now standing right in front of Richard. ILANA So, you're telling me we can't save the Island? (Richard shakes his head, so:) Then why are we here? Richard looks at Ilana for a moment before leaning in, KISSING HER PASSIONATELY.

(CONTINUED) 45. 33 CONTINUED: Ilana stares at Richard angrily, breaking away from the kiss immediately. ILANA (CONT'D) What are you doing? RICHARD I don't know. But it feels right. Ilana appraises Richard for a moment, then steps back to him, kissing him again. The two come together passionately as the heat from the volcano rises around them. 34 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAY – SIMULTANEOUSLY 34 33

Hurley leads Claire through the jungle, looking around for something, hopeful for a sign. Claire trudges behind him, getting frustrated. CLAIRE Hurley, we didn't find anything yesterday. Why do you think we'll see something today? HURLEY I have hope. (A beat, then:) Come on, Claire. You've gotta believe that we're gonna see something. CLAIRE See what? HURLEY Charlie! Hurley stares in elation behind Claire. She turns around, seeing the ghost of CHARLIE PACE standing right in front of her. Claire steps forward to meet Charlie, unable to believe that he's really there.

(CONTINUED) 46. 34 CONTINUED: CHARLIE Hey, Claire. Claire smiles brightly, running forward and embracing Charlie tightly. Hurley smiles to himself, happy to see the pair reunited. Charlie looks up at Hurley, nodding in gratitude. CHARLIE (CONT'D) Hi, Hurley. HURLEY Hey, dude. Claire breaks apart from Hurley, looking up at Charlie, confused. CLAIRE Where have you been? Why haven't I seen you until now? CHARLIE Because you're not like the rest of us, Claire. (Off Claire's look:) When people are brought back on this Island after they die, we're here to advise and guide. But you have a destiny here. You have something to do. CLAIRE What is it? I don't know. coming soon. CHARLIE But it's probably 34

Claire nods slowly, now understanding what has happened to her. After a moment, however, she looks back up at Charlie.

(CONTINUED) 47. 34 CONTINUED: CLAIRE So, once I do whatever it is I'm supposed to do . . . will I be able to go? (A beat, then:) Will we be together? Charlie smiles softly, nodding to Claire. Tears well in Claire's eyes as she buries her head in Charlie's arms once more. CLAIRE (CONT'D) I love you, Charlie. CHARLIE I love you, too. Claire and Charlie kiss lightly, then turn back to Hurley. CLAIRE Thank you, Hurley. HURLEY Anytime, Claire. (A beat, then:) I'll leave you guys alone. Charlie and Claire nod in thanks, and Hurley sets off for the beach. And as he walks away, the classic episode-ending Giacchino theme from Season One starts up, taking us into a montage: 35 INT. THE STAFF – MAIN HALLWAY – SIMULTANEOUSLY 35 34

Jack walks down the hallway to see Desmond walking back into the recovery room. The two men nod to each other as they walk by. 36 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – BEACH EXTERIOR – SIMULTANEOUSLY Sun and Jin cuddle together on the beach, watching the waves go by. 36

(CONTINUED) 48. 37 EXT. TAWARET STATUE – JUNGLE ENTRANCE – SIMULTANEOUSLY Hurley walks out of the jungle, proud of what he has accomplished. 38 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAY – SIMULTANEOUSLY Charlie and Claire sit against the tree, catching up with one another. 39 EXT. VOLCANO – BOTTOM – SIMULTANEOUSLY 39 38 37

Richard and Ilana explain what happened to Kate and Sawyer, then lead them back into the jungle, a tail-wagging Vincent at their heels. 40 EXT. EAST BEACH – SIMULTANEOUSLY Ben walks down the beach alone, on his way to redemption. 41 EXT. JUNGLE – FLOCKE'S CAMP – SIMULTANEOUSLY Flocke finishes burying Widmore as Hawking sits by him, rifle in hand, thinking about what she has just done. 42 EXT. JUNGE – PATHWAYS – SIMULTANEOUSLY Kate and Sawyer lead Vincent through the jungle. behind them, Richard and Ilana walk together. RICHARD So, what are we going to do about the volcano? ILANA I don't know. Maybe there's still a sign coming to us. Richard smiles as he and Ilana continue on their way. a moment, Richard turns back to Ilana. RICHARD So, why else were you here? After A ways 42 41 40


Ilana pauses, choosing her words before answering Richard. ILANA Many years ago, I went to a man at the ends of the earth. 43 INT. SHAMAN'S CABIN – MAIN ROOM – NIGHT - FLASHBACK Ilana follows the Shaman deeper into the cabin. ILANA (V.O.) And there I learned a secret that took decades to uncover. 44 EXT. JUNGLE – PATHWAYS – DAY Ilana pauses, realizing something. ILANA Maybe that's the sign I've been looking for. (Off Richard's look:) What really lies in the shadow of the statue now? RICHARD A body. ILANA Exactly. (A beat, then:) I know how to resurrect John Locke. And when we get back to camp, that's what I'm going to do. And off Richard's completely dumbfounded reaction, off Ilana's steely resolve at her new mission, off the prospect of someone actually returning from death, we CUT TO BLACK: 44 43


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