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					                    INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
                                                                                                         College of DuPage
                                                                                               International Education Office, IC 3116
                                                                                                425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
                                                                                                Phone 630.942.3078 fax 630.858.1603

                  Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

                                                                                              Vol. 15, No. 1 November 2005


December 1           Youth and Rights:                         January 25 to             Global Flicks 2006
                     A Presentation of                         March 15, 2006
12:30 - 3:30 pm      Documentary Films from the                                          Featured films:
SRC 2800             U.S. and the Middle East                  Arts Center,              Jan 15 Brazil: The Motorcycle
                                                               Room 153                         Diaries
                     Contact:                                                            Feb 1 France: A Very Long
                     Eva Maria Raepple                         Wednesdays at                    Engagement
                     942-3983                                  12:15 p.m.                Feb 8 Germany: Downfall
                     Scott Boyd                                and 7:30 p.m.             Feb 15 Russia: House of Fools
                     942-2064                                                            Feb 22 China: Postmen in the
                                                                                         Mar 1 Finland: The Man
                                                                                                Without a Past
December 12          China                                                               Mar 8 Japan:Taboo
                                                                                         Mar 15 Turkey: Head On
Chicago Council on   Professor Guy Alitto
Foreign Relations    Associate Professor in History and East                             Contact:
                     Asian Languages and Civilizations,                                  Michelle Moore
                     University of Chicago
7 - 9 pm                                                                                 942-2793
SRC 2800             Contact:
                     Education Office
                     942-3078                                  March 1 - April 1, 2006   Tibet Program

                                                               March 27 - April 1        Creation of a sand painting
                                                                                         in the gallery

                                      Happy Thanksgiving!
                                                              INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
        Page 2
                                                            Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

                                                       . Among the guests who came
                       VISITORS                                 to celebrate the Center’s birthday were Gene Hallongren,
                                                                Walt Packard, Consul General of India Arun Kumar,
                                                                Consul General of Korea Wook Kim, Deputy Counsel
On October 20, 2005 a group of 36 Japanese dental hygiene
                                                                General of Japan Hachiro Ishida, and Donna Videtich.
students, 3 Japanese dental hygiene professors, the Director
                                                                Special greetings and a toast to Betty, Peter, and Roger were
of Dental Hygiene from Hokkaido College of High-
                                                                sent in a letter from Professor Ray Olson who helped
Technology, Eniwa, Hokkaido, Japan, and the Japanese
                                                                launch Asian Studies at COD.
liaison from Hu-Friedy Dental Instrument Company came
to observe and exchange information with COD Dental             On October 18 engaging lectures were given by Roger
Hygiene Program instructors and students. In the U.S. dental    Ames on Confucianism as an Alternative Religion and Peter
hygienists focus on preventative treatment modalities and are   Hershock on Engaging Buddhism: Poverty Alleviation and
licensed to perform many intraoral procedures. Japanese         the Karma of ‘Facing the World, Going Crosswise.’ Special
dental hygienists are limited in the types of treatments they   guest Robert Orr, President, Boeing Japan, presented The
can perform and focus mainly on treating the elderly            Koizumi Revolution and US-Japan Relations. 15 faculty
population.                                                     attended a Humanities workshop facilitated by Roger and
The dental hygiene full-time faculty shared different aspects
of the didactic and clinical portions of the COD program        The Regional Center is a tribute to the efforts of dedicated
with the Japanese faculty and staff. Patty Wellner and          Asian faculty and administrators at the college who have
Shingo Satsutani hosted the visitors.                           given of their time and talent over the past decade and
                                                                continue to do so today.
On October 17, 2005 the Global Connections Tour,
sponsored by Jubilee Freedom Network, brought Wahu              Keith Yearman hosted the Mexico Solidarity Network's
Kaara and Kusfiardi St. Majo Endah to COD to share              Immigrant Rights Tour campus on October 13. Miguel Ríos
views about the global need for debt alleviation. They          Guzman and Abigail Thornton discussed day laborers and
focused their presentation on ways that poverty impacts         community organization in Chicago. Miguel is treasurer of a
issues such as health, trade, and human rights in               democratically-elected committee at a day-laborer's center in
impoverished nations. Wahu Kaara, a 2005 Nobel Peace            Chicago that helps workers advocate for equal rights in this
Prize nominee, has written extensively on the problems of       country. Abigail works with MSN's Chicago office,
global poverty and economic injustice. She retired from         organizing tours and working on grassroots mobilization.
teaching in the 1990’s to concentrate on human rights,
governance and gender issues. Kusfiardi “Ardi” St. Majo                              STAFF NEWS
Endah is coordinaor of the Anti-Debt Coalition (Koalisi Anti
Utang – KAU) in Jakarta, Indonesia. The mission of KAU is
to free Indonesia from dependency on foreign debt and to        The college welcomes Peggy Bradford, Associate Dean,
stop harmful economic conditions imposed by creditors on        Social Sciences. She earned her Associate of Arts Degree at
Indonesia’s economy.                                            Shawnee College; Bachelor and Master degrees from
                                                                Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in Administration of
                                                                Justice; Juris Doctorate at the University of Iowa, Iowa City;
On October 17-18 the college’s Regional Center for Asian        and Educational Leadership Doctorate at Northern Illinois
Studies Development celebrated its 10th anniversary.            University. She is a licensed attorney and has practiced for
Marking the occasion were Roger Ames, Professor of              more than twenty years in educational, corporate and
Philosophy at the University of Hawaii and Co-Director of       criminal areas. She taught at Black Hawk College, Southern
the Asian Studies Development Program at the East West          Illinois University, Elgin Academy College Preparatory High
Center, and Betty Buck, Director of the Center’s Education      School, Benedictine University, and most recently served as
Program. Together with Peter Hershock, Coordinator,             full-time faculty member and coordinator of the Criminal
Asian Studies Development Program, they continue to             Justice Department at Aurora University. She also held the
provide dynamic guidance and leadership at the Center.          positions of General Counsel and Vice-President of Human
Roger visited a number of classes, including those of Nancy     Services (Human Resources) at Elgin Community College.
Conradt, Julia DiLiberti, and John Modschiedler. The
                                                                During her spare time she served on the Board of the
banquet on October 17 featured a welcome from President
                                                                Directors for the Elgin Daycare Center, YWCA, Fox Valley
Chand, Roger Ames, Peter Hershock, Betty Buck, and
                                                                Girl Scouts, Illinois State Bar Association Education
Keith Krasemann. Zinta Konrad shared memories of
                                                                Committee, School District U-46 Strategic Planning
the Center’s establishment and a brief history in a
                                                                Committee, and serves on the Steward Board at St. James
slide presentation which will be soon available at
                                                                A.M.E. Church.
                                              INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
                                                                                                                  Page 3
                                            Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

Her research interests include leadership, juvenile justice,       Initiative, which she founded in 2002. The by-invitation-only
tribal and traditional courts, and learning colleges. Currently,   event entitled First Annual Rising Voice of Woman was
she is working on an article about the structure of tribal         sponsored by International Women Associates, Inc. (IEA), a
courts and updating her dissertation on Learning Colleges for      non-profit organization founded in 1978. A lawyer by
publication. She has presented and participated in various         profession, Robinson noted that law is an instrument of
legal and educational conferences at Oxford University             social change. While in the Senate she helped legalize the
(UK), Montreal and Toronto, Canada, New Orleans, and               sale of contraceptives in Ireland. Robinson observed that
Nassau, Bahamas. In November 2005 she presented at the             when mothers rock the cradle, they in fact “rock the system!”
Kappa Delta Pi International Education Honor Society in            In the early 1990’s she was president of Ireland and always
Orlando, Florida on School Violence Trends and Civic               kept the light on in the private kitchen of the presidential
Education Aim.                                                     palace to symbolize that she was awake, thinking, planning,
                              ***                                  and working to make a difference.
Dr. Joseph Collins came to COD in March of this year as            Mayor Richard M. Daley proclaimed September 27 to be
Associate Vice President, Academic Planning and                    Rising Voice of Woman Day in Chicago.
Assessment. Prior to coming to COD, Joe was a dean at                                           ***
Kirkwood Community College. Joe went to England last
                                                                   John Frazier, Assistant Professor in Humanities, holds a
year as part of a CCID professional development
                                                                   Bachelor degree in Chemistry and African Studies from
program hosted by Bob Keener of Sinclair Community
                                                                   Colgate University and a Master degree in Art History from
College in Dayton, Ohio. The trip focused on the educational
                                                                   Indiana University where he is currently a PhD candidate in
system of England, and in addition to spending the requisite
                                                                   African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art, writing a
time in castles and pubs, the group visited schools and
                                                                   dissertation on the Haitian Vodun community in Chicago.
colleges in the midlands section of England. Joe places a
                                                                   John has taught at UIC, Columbia College, Aurora
high premium on the value of international experiences in
                                                                   University, Marian College, and Indiana University. His
shaping his perspective on life and work.
                                                                   teaching repertory includes Art History, Art Appreciation,
                              ***                                  African Art, Diaspora Art and Culture, Modern Art, World
Shaheen Chowdhury, instructor in Sociology, comes from             Pop Art, Latin American Art and Culture, Egyptian Art and
Bangladesh and is on a one year full-time assignment at the        Culture, Performing Art and Masquerade Around the World.
college. She earned her PhD in Sociology from Southern             John has also served as executive director and lead teacher of
Illinois University, Carbondale. Her research interests            The PEACH Club in Chicago, helping at-risk students
include gender issues in the workplace and she conducted           develop a lifelong appreciation of the arts, and was
and analyzed a survey on Barriers to Scholarly Productivity        administrator and coordinator of teacher and student
for Women Faculty in Bangladesh. She is certified in 24 hour       programs at the Field Museum in Chicago.
Crisis Intervention (Carbondale) and in Monitoring and             Over the past decade, John has studied, lived and taught in
Evaluation Methods and Techniques (Bangladesh). She has            Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti, and Mexico. Among his
traveled extensively in Europe, Thailand, Singapore, India,        many humanitarian efforts, John helped create an arts
and Pakistan and is fluent in Bengali. She has taught at the       program for the UNICEF Refugee Camp for Rwandans and
college since 2003.                                                Somalis in Kenya, a program designed to use artistic
                              ***                                  expression to help children and adults cope with the horrors
                                                                   of ethnic cleansing. As part of a National Endowment for the
Olfat El-Mallakh, Adjunct Faculty in Religious Studies,            Humanities grant, John co-designed an interactive CD ROM
was invited to read a paper at the Oxford Round Table at           to help high school and college teachers introduce students to
Oriel College at the University of Oxford from August 7-12         the complexities of contemporary African cultures.
on Religion, Education and the Role of Government.
The topic of her paper was In Search of a Religious                John is a member of the African Studies Association, the
Curriculum for the Global World at the University in which         Arts Council of the African Studies Association, the
she argued that, “We are at a point in time where studying         American Association of Anthropologists, and the National
religions is not an option. Not studying religions is in fact      Board of Multicultural Education. He is the author of several
disastrous.” She has been invited to participate in the Round      articles on African art and has numerous lectures and
Table again next summer.                                           presentations to his credit.
On September 27, 2005 Olfat was invited to attend a lecture                                     ***
by Mary Robinson in Chicago. Robinson was the first                David Goldberg, Assistant Professor in Political Science,
female president of Ireland, the former United Nations High        spoke at a League of Women Voters meeting on the impact
Commissioner for Human Rights, and is currently the                that unilaterism in US global policy has on women. He will
director of Realizing Rights: The Ethical Globalization            offer a class on US foreign policy for the first time at COD
                                                                INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
         Page 4
                                                              Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

next semester as well as a class on comparative politics in       juxtapositions between the body and the environment. The
the Honors Program. He attended a conference in June at Mt.       work is on display in the glass showcase outside the
Allison University in Moncton, N.B., Canada on democracy          International Office, IC 3116, through Fall semester 2005.
promotion efforts in the Americas and is working on a                                         ***
chapter for an edited volume on the same theme.
                                                                  David Leary, Associate Professor in Fine and Applied Arts,
                             ***                                  earned a Master’s degree in the History and Theory of
Zinta Konrad, Director of International Education,                Architecture while on sabbatical at McGill University in
presented at the Association of Community College Trustees        Montreal. He also completed the course work for the
at their fall conference in Seattle on Study Abroad: New          doctorate degree in that field.
Wine in a New Bottle. She gave the keynote address at             The research trajectory of his dissertation proposal, At the
Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, GA on                       Threshold of Eternity, a Consideration of the Sacred in Late
Internationalizing the College during their Faculty               Twentieth Century Western Architecture: The Lineage from
Development Day.                                                  Le Corbusier to John Hejduk, necessitated his journey to
                             ***                                  Montreal. Alberto Perez-Gomez, internationally renowned
                                                                  architectural theoretician and scholar, heads the History and
New faculty member Kris Kowal, Assistant Professor in
                                                                  Theory Program at McGill, and was a good friend of the late
Communications, teaches English Composition and
                                                                  John Hejduk, former dean of The Cooper Union for the
Literature. He earned his PhD in English at UIC with
                                                                  Advancement of Science and Art in New York City. Hejduk
specializations in Language, Literacy, and Rhetoric and his
                                                                  left his archives to Montreal’s Canadian Center for
Masters in Applied Linguistics, University of Southern
California, Los Angeles. He lived in Taiwan for 9 years and
taught at Tamkang University, as well as in rural Bavaria,                                    ***
urban Chicago, Georgia and sunny Southern California. He          Tom Montgomery-Fate is on leave Fall Semester teaching
loves solitude, learning from the behavior of cats and feels      at Canterbury Christ Church University College through
blessed to be at the College of DuPage.                           ICISP (Illinois Consortium for International Studies and
                             ***                                  Programs).
Marina Kuchinski, Associate Professor in Art, asked her                                       ***
students in Landscape Drawing 1800 to research the artwork        Carol J. Riphenburg, Professor of Political Science and
of contemporary artists from different international              Middle East Studies, had an article on Electoral Systems in
backgrounds who deal with landscape as a theme. They              Divided Societies: The Case of Afghanistan accepted for
explored how conceptions of nature are embedded in visual         publication by the BRITISH JOURNAL OF MIDDLE EASTERN
art forms by these artists. Each student selected an artist and   STUDIES.
explored his/her approach to place and environment in terms
of form and content and looked critically at the images they                                  ***
created.                                                          John Santiago, Assistant Professor in Philosophy/Religious
Following their research, the students created their own          Studies, came from the University of Texas Pan-American
artwork and wrote an artist’s statement. David Beeching           where he was Assistant Professor of Philosophy. He holds a
explored the work of Shirin Neshat, a 43-year-old artist          BFA in Graphic Design and a PhD in Philosophy from UIC.
born and raised in Iran. He investigated how images of            John’s institutional experience includes teaching at state
nature and the body translate into political and moral            universities, a suburban private liberal arts college, and an
agendas. Meaghan Kevil researched the work of Sigmar              urban community college. His teaching experience includes
Polke, German Pop Artist, born in 1941. She explored the          Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Social/Political
fragile nature of perception and the inherent problem of          Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Logic, Professional
trying to convey fixed meanings of an image or space.             Ethics, Ethics of Race and Gender, and Racism, Sexism and
Gregory Masciola investigated the work of Hiroshi                 Personal Identity. In the classroom, he encourages students
Sugimoto, a Japanese photographer, born in 1948. He               to draw from their diverse backgrounds to apply course
explored the artist's commitment to combine the conceptual,       material to their daily affairs. He also uses art, music, and
sensual, and metaphorical. Michael Metz researched the            film to introduce students to philosophy.
work of Gabriel Orozco, a Mexican artist born in 1962.            John’s primary area of research is contemporary notions of
Metz explored Orozco's choice of objects placed in an             personal autonomy and authenticity, using the experiences of
environment as an interpretation to how we conceive nature        marginalized people to challenge dominant notions of
and landscape and how we order and structure reality. James       agency. His article, Personal Autonomy: What’s Content Got
Wilson explored the work of British installation artist           to Do With It, recently appeared in SOCIAL THEORY AND
Antony Gormley, born in 1950. He investigated Gormley's           PRACTICE.
                                            INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
                                                                                                                 Page 5
                                          Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

Richard Simmons, Professor in Education, traveled to
Nigeria and Ghana with a group that spent 6 days in Lagos,                                MPDC
Nigeria touring the city, bartering in the markets, visiting
museums, and meeting the people. They were warmly
received in Accra, Ghana where they made several trips to       The following faculty were awarded funds by the
the Slave Castles and visited numerous villages where they      Multicultural Professional Development Committee for their
participated in Naming Ceremonies and other cultural            proposed international projects:
traditions. The trip was sponsored by The Africa Ministry at        Carol Riphenburg, Political Science, will attend a
Trinity United Church of Christ. Over the past 15 years this        CIEE seminar.
ministry has sponsored numerous trips to different countries        Patricia Somers, Psychology, will attend the
in Africa. Trinity Church has a relationship with several           International Congress of the International Association
churches there and provides financial support for medical           for Cross-Cultural Psychology on the Isle of Spetses,
facilities as well as other essential needs. Richard looks          Greece, July 11-15, 2006.
forward to returning there soon.                                    Lynn Mackenzie, Art, will conduct research in Port-au-
                            ***                                     Prince, Haiti, on contemporary Haitian fiber artists and
                                                                    production strategies for international markets.
Jane Wu and Harry Hou helped organize the Annual China
Syposium 2005 on October 29, 2005, co-sponsored by the          The next competition will be in January, 2006. All faculty
college and the US China Peoples Friendship Association-        (full and part-time), classified staff, and administrators are
Chicago Chapter. About one hundred people attended this         encouraged to submit applications. These funds are for
event. The participants were greeted by Roger Noback,           professional development activities which promote learning
President, US-China Peoples Friendship Association-             about other cultures, peoples, ways of perceiving and
Chicago Chapter; The Hon. Xu Jinzhong, Consul General,          understanding our changing world. For information about
Chinese Consulate in Chicago; Ms. Jane Wu, Chair, COD           these awards and the application process, please contact Joe
Asian Forum; and Dr. Sunil Chand, President, College of         Mullin, 942-4278, or Zinta Konrad, 942-3079.
There were concurrent sessions on Arts and Philosophy;                    CCFR PRESENTS AT COD ...
Commerce; and Science, Technology, and Society. The
symposium invited twelve scholars and experts from local
universities and corporations who made presentations on         College of DuPage, in its 4th year of partnership with the
Chinese Civilization; Principles of Chinese Painting and        Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (CCFR), brings a
Calligraphy; Chinese Literature Overview: History from          wide and interesting array of speakers who are experts in a
Past to Present; Love of Learning in Early Confucianism;        variety of global issues to the western suburbs. This year’s
Acquisitions in China-Business Aspects; Acquisitions in         focus on Global Transitions: Shifting Power Centers
China-Legal Aspect; Tax Matters in China Business; Real         commenced with Mia Bloom speaking on The Future of
Estate Issues in China; Chinese Agriculture: Ingenious          Suicide Terrorism on September 26 and Khedija Arfaoui
Repositioning to High Margin Products for WTO; Women in         on Tunisia and Islam on October 6. On November 14, 2005
China; The One China Policy and The Anti-Secession Law;         Sunil Khilnani, professor and director of South Asia Studies
and Stem Cell Research in China. In addition, a photo exhibit   Program at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced
focusing on the COD Field Studies trip to China and Inner       International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University
Mongolia was on display during the symposium and                discussed The Rise of India, and on December 12, 2005 Guy
reception at the end.                                           Alitto, Associate Professor in History and East Asian
                            ***                                 Languages and Civilizations at The University of Chicago
                                                                will speak on China.
The International Education Office welcomes Tarah Voss as
the new administrative assistant. Tarah graduated from the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor
degree in Psychology and Spanish and studied abroad in
Seville, Spain. She also studied French and would like to
learn more languages in the future. In her spare time she
enjoys running, traveling with her husband, and volunteering                                      L to R: Tarah Voss, Zinta Konrad,
at World Relief working with refugees in DuPage County.                                           and speaker Mia Bloom
                                                                                                  at the CCFR program on
                                                                                                  The Future of Suicide Terrorism,
                                                                                                  September 26, 2005
                                                                     INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
         Page 6
                                                                   Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

          GERMAN STUDENTS AT COD                                                   CONFERENCES & EVENTS

The College of DuPage is                                                November 29, 2005: The Importance of Jewish/Muslim
hosting two talented and                                                Dialogue: Judaism and Knowledge in the Abrahamic Faiths,
delightful German students                                              Chicago-Kent College of Law. For information contact
from the Congress                                                       Gwen Osborne, 312-906-5251.
Bundestag Youth Exchange
Program (CBYX). Christin                                                January 5-7, 2006: Japan Studies Association Conference,
Ziegenhorn is from                                                      Tokyo Pacific University Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. For
Schafstaedt, Germany and                                                information go to or contact Dr.
has worked in Public             L to R: Tobias Buechler and Christin   Michael Steinder,
                                 Ziegenhorn at the Study Abroad
Administration for 4 years.      Showcase on November 15, 2005
She loves sports and is                                                 January 14, 2006: Globalization and Education: A
already a devoted Cubs fan. Her host mom is Dr. Peggy                   Community Resource, free web conference to discuss how
Connolly, former COD Trustee and current Student                        global processes affect education at University of Illinois
Research Director at IMSA. Tobias Buechler is from                      Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. For more information, go to
Pohlheim, Germany where he works as a personal banker         
and financial advisor. He enjoys snowboarding in the winter
and has participated in COD rock-climbing and spelunking                February 11-14, 2006: Taking your International Programs
trips. His host parents, Margot and Arthur Zwierlein are                to the Next Level, CCID ANNUAL CONFERENCE,
retired and volunteer extensively in the community.                     Jacksonville, Florida. For information, go to
Tobi can be found most days working in the Berg Annex for     
Chris Picard and Heidemarie Wing. Both Christin and
Tobi were recently selected for a Washington DC internship              February 17, 2006: International Women’s Issues and
program where they will be assigned to the offices of Rep.              Globalization: Education’s Responsibility in Ensuring
Hastert and Rep. Hyde. This is the third year the college’s             Women’s Rights and Progress, Truman College, Chicago,
CBYX students have been selected for the Washington DC                  Illinois. Sponsored by The American Association of Women
internship program!                                                     in Community Colleges (AAWCC). For more information
                                                                        contact Nadia Swerdlow,

                  INMP IN SPRING 2006                                   March 31, 2006: Educating Global Citizens, Mount Mary
                                                                        College, Milwaukee, WI. Focus on educating women for
                                                                        global leadership and citizenship. For information go to
The International Negotiation Modules Project (INMP) will     
be launched in February 2006. Students from three ICISP
institutions including College of DuPage, Moraine Valley,               April 4-7, 2006: The Role of Education in Forming Ethnic
and College of Lake County College of DuPage will                       and Civil Identity, VII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE,
participate in an online simulation that allows students to             Pedagogical University of Russia. Topics include
negotiate in real time a series of timely and relevant global           Globalization in Sphere of Culture and Education and
issues. Each class of students will choose a country and                Identity Crisis; Identity as a Personal Characteristic;
research that country’s views and perspectives so that they             Correlation of Ethnic, Religious and Civil Identity:
can propose solutions to cross border security, national                Educational Context. Sponsored by UNESCO Chair in
identity, democracy, and the environment.                               Sciences of Education, The Institute of Nations of the North,
The simulation was designed and adapted to two year                     and Department of Ethnoculturology, Saint-Petersburg,
colleges in a FIPSE grant developed by Prof. Joyce                      Russia. For information contact or
Kaufman, Professor of Political Science at Whittier College,  
CA. On two separate occasions Dr. Kaufman conducted
workshops for Illinois faculty interested in participating. At          July 6-8, 2006: 5th Global Conference on Business and
COD, David Goldberg, Christine Kickels, Kris Kowal,                     Economics, sponsored by the Association for Business and
and Cathy Stablein will participate in the pilot year. For              Economic Research, Cambridge University, UK. For
information contact Zinta Konrad, 942-3079, or David                    information, email
Goldberg, 942-3722.
                                              INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
                                                                                                                  Page 7
                                            Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

   INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK                                   the end of my time there, we were more or less best friends.
                                                                  During “Bond Week”
The College celebrated the 5 Annual International                 (orientation) there were no
Education Week with a full complement of activities and           classes, just plenty of events
performances. In addition to the Study Abroad Showcase and        to sign up for to meet new
Passport Program, two new programs this year highlighted          people, such as surfing
the importance of studying world languages and showcased          lessons, skydiving, sailing,
musical traditions throughout the world. Accompanying this        etc. By the end of the week
potpourri of events was a special menu of international           I had established a group of
dishes prepared by Dining Services throughout the week.           friends with whom I shared some of the most amazing
The schedule of events included:                                  experiences of my life. My favorite part of attending Bond
                                                                  was its very international student body; only fifty-one
Nov 14:          Musical Journey Around the World                 percent of the school is Australian. The rest come from all
                 11 am - 1 pm, SRC 2800                           corners of the world, everyone with different backgrounds
                 Cafeteria Special of the Day: West African       and interesting outlooks on life, views on politics, etc.
                 Stew and Ethiopian Honey Bread.
                                                                  At an international school there are many opportunities to get
Nov 15:          Study Abroad Showcase                            out and see other parts of the world. In an International
                 11 am - 1 pm, SRC/IC Walkway                     Relations class an optional trip to Taiwan and Vietnam was
                 Cafeteria Special of the Day: Paella             offered. On this trip, we had the opportunity and honor of
Nov 16:          Year of Languages Celebration                    meeting ambassadors from embassies in Hanoi, and NGO’s
                 10 am - 12 pm, SRC 2800                          such as Oxfam and The World Bank. The rest of the time
                 Cafeteria Special of the Day: Chinese            was spent absorbing the local culture and making new
                 Stir-fry                                         friends. The side trip turned out to be one of the best times of
                                                                  my life where I made great friends whom I visited again
Nov 17:          Passport to the World
                                                                  when they came to New York.
                 11 am - 1 pm, SRC 1450
                 Cafeteria Special of the Day: Bratwurst          The big lesson that I learned from my time abroad is that
                 with Sauerkraut & Boiled Red Potatoes            there is more to the world than what we see inside of our
                                                                  borders. I think it’s sad that so many Americans never get
For details contact the International Education Office, IC        out and stay in another country for an extended amount of
3116, 942-3078.                                                   time. It makes for a very sheltered reality that can only be
                                                                  fixed by experiencing another culture and completely
                                                                  immersing yourself in it. This entire trip caused a big
                                                                  paradigm shift in my mentality. I now keep track of what is
                                                                  happening in other countries and take more of an interest in
                                                                  United States global policy.
                              Guy Frankam singing traditional                                Since attending Bond and
                              Cameroonian songs at the Passport                              traveling to Asia for the first
                              to the World on November 17, 2005
                                                                                             time, I traveled to Indonesia
                                                                                             where I visited a few islands, the
                                                                                             most interesting being Jakarta
          COD STUDENT IN AUSTRALIA                                                           where I stayed with a Muslim
                                                                                             family. Many of the children had
Brian Lapse studied at Bond University in Queensland's            never seen a white person before. My memories of being the
Gold Coast, Australia for a year on a program sponsored by        first white person who some of the villages had ever seen
CCIS (College Consortium for International Studies). He           will remain with me as long as I live. There are certain
writes:                                                           events that shape who we are. That experience is definitely
                                                                  one of them.
“On my trip to Australia, there were many unknowns. It was
my first time to be on my own and to be across a vast ocean       I had such an excellent time on my study abroad experience
from my family and friends. As I stepped off the plane, there     to Australia that I have decided to move back and enroll in a
was a driver from the school holding a sign for Bond              bachelor degree program. I am scheduled to fly back in
University students. I immediately felt at home. Since I knew     December 2005 after a two week stay in Bangkok on the
no one else at the school, I was randomly paired with an          way there.”
Australian roommate. This worked out very nicely and by
                                                               INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
        Page 8
                                                             Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

                                             FIELD STUDIES PROGRAMS

February 19-March 9, 2006                                          May 20-28, 2006
Antarctica Adventure 2006                                          France: Wine and Gastronomy Adventure
Cost: $7,560                                                       Cost: $3,295
Contact: Terri O’Donnell, 942-2800 ext. 51099                      Contact: Chris Thielman, 942-2720

March 16-25, 2006                                                  June 2-13, 2006
Ireland/Holland: International Leadership Exchange                 Spain: A Gastronomic Culture, The Basque Country
Cost: $1,850                                                       Cost: $2,900
Contact: Robb Frank, 942-2356                                      Contact: George Macht, 942-2315

March 17-26, 2006                                                  June 29-July 18, 2006
Croatia: Philosophy, Science and Spirituality                      Crime and Punishment-English Style XII
Cost: $1,410                                                       Cost: $3,543
Contact: Werner Krieglstein, 942-2170                              Contact: Dennis Hudson, 942-3360

March 17-25, 2006                                                  July 25-August 14, 2006
Italian Experience                                                 China: From Ancient Times to the Present -- The Silk Road
Cost: $2,630                                                       Cost: $3,696
Contact: Gino Impellizzeri, 942-2553                               Contact: Jane Wu, 942-3402

March 17-26, 2006                                                  October 5-16, 2006
Japan: Cultural Tradition                                          Mexico: A River of Raptors-Veracruz, Mexico
Cost: $2,199                                                       Cost: $2,599
Contact: Shingo Satsutani, 942-2019                                Contact: Hal Cohen, 942-2356

May 19-June 3, 2006
Art of Italian Cuisine
Cost: $2,950
Contact: George Macht, 942-2315


The following program costs include: round trip airfare, room & board, classes and some excursions. C.O.D. tuition is additional.

              Costa Rica - Language and Culture                                      Italy - Language and Culture
              May 30 - July 1, 2006 in San José                                      June 1 - July 3, 2006 in Siena
              Program based at Forester Institute provides                           Program based at Societa Dante
              intensive language study, family home stays                            Alighieri in Siena provides intensive
              and weekend excursions.                                                language study and afternoon and
              Cost: $2,599 + tuition for 7 credit hours                              weekend excursions.
              Contact: Sandra Anderson, 942-2174                                     Cost: TBA
                                                      Contact: Gino Impellizzeri, 942-2553
                       Edith Jaco, 942-3332                                          

                 Germany - Language and Culture                                      Japan - Language and Culture
                 June 5 - July 8, 2006 in Munich                                     May 23 - June 29, 2006 in Kyoto
                 Program based at InLingua in Munich                                 Program combines intensive language
                 provides intensive language study, family                           study, independent cultural projects, field
                 home stays and weekend excursions.                                  trips, and after-school activities.
                 Cost: $3,899 + tuition for 7 credit hours                           Cost: $3,499 + tuition for 7 credit hours
                 Contact: Rudolf Strahl, 942-2009                                    Contact: Shingo Satsutani, 942-2019
                                             INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
                                                                                                                 Page 9
                                           Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

                         PROGRAM                                                    TWO REVIEWS

India Summer 2006: Let’s go to Goa!                             Hearts and minds. Gauging the effects of the Iraq and
May 30th - July, 2006                                           Afghanistan wars through the personal stories of
                                                                teachers, clerics and minorities
Spend two weeks immersed in Indian culture and society in
beautiful Goa, located on the western coast of India. This is   Two reviews by Tom Montgomery-Fate reprinted from
an unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the             the September 26 BOSTON GLOBE SUNDAY BOOKS section.
geography, culture, and languages of India.
Courses will be taught in English by both COD and Indian        Night Draws Near: Iraq's People in the Shadow of
faculty members, and students will receive credit upon          America's War
successful completion of the course. COD will handle            By Anthony Shadid, Holt
organizing the accommodations, meals, transportation in
India, and airfare to and from Chicago.                         The Wake of War: Encounters With the People of Iraq
                                                                and Afghanistan
    Estimate cost: $2,600 (Includes: airfare from Chicago to    By Anne Nivat, Beacon
    India, room and board, meals, tour of Mumbai, and
    transportation in India)                                    Two and a half years after the United States initiated a new
    Location: 1/2 mile from Goa’s sunny beaches along the       war in Iraq, two gifted reporters have written searing insider
    Arabian Sea                                                 accounts of its physical, psychological, and geopolitical
    3 credit hours for Introductory Anthropology                devastation. Both Anthony Shadid, in NIGHT DRAWS NEAR,
    Introduction to Hindi language                              and Anne Nivat, in THE WAKE OF WAR, resist the embedded
    Additional outings and excursions                           stories that most journalists see in the military contingents to
    Opportunities to meet with Indian college students          which they are assigned. They find their stories not looking
    COD tuition not included in price                           over the shoulder of a US Marine, or in the Green Zone of
For more information please contact: Prof. Richard Furlow,      Baghdad, but in the still-smoking shells of homes and
Anthropology Dept., 942-2495,               hospitals, and on the streets of towns where people are still
                                                                waiting for the electricity and water to return. In the end,
                                                                both journalists seem to wonder if an occupier can ever bring
        PEOPLE EDUCATING PEOPLE                                 ''liberation" to Iraq.
                                                                An American of Lebanese descent, Shadid, a Pulitzer Prize
                                                                winner with The Washington Post and formerly with The
Join People Educating People (PEP) Volunteer Program            Boston Globe, has been reporting on Iraq since 1998. His
from College of DuPage as a volunteer classroom aide.           fluency in Arabic and ability to move in all kinds of religious
Aides help adult students learn English as a Second             and political circles afford him a perspective that other US
Language (ESL), reading, writing or basic math. Volunteers      reporters in Iraq simply don't have.
work once or twice a week for two to three hours. Day,
evening and weekend classes for ESL and GED are held            Nevertheless, he begins his book by considering the seeming
throughout DuPage County. Bilingual skills are needed only      impossibility of his task: ''How does a journalist convey the
for Spanish GED.                                                ferocity of violence without losing meaning in a mind-
                                                                numbing array of adjectives? How does one cover war from
PEP also needs friendly volunteers to help new ESL students     a professional distance when, as someone reporting from a
complete registration forms and to proctor placement tests      city under siege, one has no distance? Perhaps we simply
for new GED Preparation students, including Spanish GED.        surrender to the ambiguities and embrace what is ghamidh
Fluency in Spanish or another language is a plus but not        [mysterious, obscure]. Perhaps we simply tell stories."
required. Volunteers work for three hours in a morning or
evening on January 4, 5, 9 or 10, 2006. A brief orientation     In NIGHT DRAWS NEAR Shadid moves deftly between
is provided. For more information and an application, call      revealing, exemplary, close-up personal stories and a wide-
Joan Morris at (630) 942-3788.                                  angled historical analysis that is remarkably engaging and
                                                                accessible. One of the best examples of this style is his
                                                                review of the complex relationship between Iraq's newly
                                                                disempowered Sunni minority and the newly empowered
                                                                Shiite majority in the south. In a chapter titled The Blood of
                                                                Sadr, Shadid focuses his lens on the poor Shiite community
                                                                INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
         Page 10
                                                              Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

in Baghdad's renamed Sadr City as a way of exploring how          The chapter A Turkoman Family includes one of Nivat's most
tightly religion and politics can be knotted in the Iraqi         revelatory interviews. Nidret, a 40-year-old Turkoman
imagination.                                                      English teacher, explains what teaching is like for her in the
At a mosque in Baghdad he first interviews Ali Shawki, a          new Iraq. In so doing she reveals the paradox of modern Iraqi
Shiite cleric: ''With the collapse of Saddam, the people have     life.
turned to the clergy," Shawki claims. ''The Americans should      ''The slogans glorifying Saddam have been eliminated, and we
not neglect the place of the clergy." Shadid notes that the       just received new English manuals without Saddam's official
men around Shawki all carry AK-47s and have a stockpile of        photo on the flyleaf. . . . We used to spend several hours every
rocket-propelled grenades ''just for an emergency."               Thursday morning assembled in the schoolyard singing to the
Shadid opens up this personal story with a wide historical        glory of 'our beloved leader.' [Children are] now made to
lens, recounting how the Shiites and Sunnis came into being       chant verses from the Koran; I don't know if that's any better. .
in the seventh century AD due to a dispute over which of          . . And let me add, at a more down-to-earth level, that the
Mohammed's four disciples should succeed him. He then             teacher's chair I sit on, composed of four concrete blocks piled
traces centuries of Sunni-Shiite battles up until Saddam (a       one on top of the other, has not been replaced, and the
Sunni) and the 1991 Gulf War, when the Shiite majority            students still shiver from the cold."
finally rose up against the Sunni leadership, assuming then       The chapter ends with Nidret's critique of US foreign policy
President George H. W. Bush would save them. (He didn't,          and the same haunting question that both Nivat and Shadid are
and the Shiite rebels were crushed by Saddam's Republican         struggling to answer. ''The new enemies are the Americans,"
Guard.)                                                           Nidret says. ''They indecently supported Saddam until the
Shadid then moves to Saddam's execution of activist Shiite        invasion of Kuwait. Before that, they intentionally incited him
leader Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, and finally to the heart of        to start the war against Iran to weaken us. Saddam was an
the chapter: how Sadr's youngest son, Muqtada, was thrust         abomination, but now we're under occupation by individuals
into power as a Shiite figurehead challenging both US             who obviously don't understand us. Is that any better?"
authority and the revered Shiite leader Ayatollah Ali Sistani.    Tom Montgomery-Fate is a professor of English at College
At chapter's end Shadid again clicks down his lens -- moving      of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Ill., and the author of STEADY AND
from political and historical overview to personal interviews     TREMBLING, a memoir from Chalice Press.
-- with Muqtada al-Sadr and several of his followers.
The frequent shifting between anecdotal and analytical
perspectives is compelling rather than confusing in part                          CULTURAL MISCUES
because the book is a tightly constructed chronology (divided
into sections titled Before, The American Invasion,
Aftermath, The Occupation, and The Insurgency). But                On a music teacher’s door:
perhaps the style also suggests the best way for a journalist      Out Chopin.
to read a war -- from widely divergent points of view
allowing multiple interpretations of ''the facts," collectively    From a menu in Japan:
forming one writer's truth.                                        Fried fisherman.
The truth that Nivat constructs in THE WAKE OF WAR is
equally compelling. Nivat is perhaps best known for her            Pepsi advertisement in Chinese:
reporting on Chechnya, where she disguised herself as a            Pepsi’s “Come Alive with the Pepsi Generation” was
Chechen woman to evade a ban on journalists. Her new work          translated into “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from
is no less courageous. She arrived in Iraq shortly after the US    the Grave.”
takeover in April 2003. While she doesn't speak Arabic and
doesn't look as systematically at Iraq as Shadid (part of her      In the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian
book deals with travels in Afghanistan), the stories she           Orthodox monastery:
collects offer a compassionate perspective on the struggle of      You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous
ethnic minorities (the Kurds and Turkomans) and their fight        Russian and Soviet composers, artists, and writers are
against ''Arabization." She also focuses more on family life       buried daily except Thursday.
(there are contrasting chapters on Kurdish, Turkoman, and
Shiite families) and includes more voices of Iraqi women.
Since these are areas to which Shadid gives little ink, the
books nicely complement each other.
                                            INTERNATIONAL DATELINE
                                                                                                           Page 11
                                          Volume 15 No. 1 November 2005

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